“You and I are both going home tonight by a road we do not know” – This was spoken to Custer by his main Crow scout, Half Yellow Face, on the night before the Battle of the Little Big Horn. How Ego Overruled Good Judgement- Audio and Text

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Prior to the battle, the group of Crow Scouts that Custer had taken with him, advised him that the battle against such a large population was unwise. He did not listen.  Human decisions have, for centuries, been overshadowed by Greed, Ego, and a number of other Human flaws. Having those who act as scouts is not unwise, but not listening to them is often times fatal. as you cruise through this website, you will see a multitude of examples of this. In my humble opinion, this decision-making process can, and likely will being about the demise of this species.


by Gary ‘Z’ McGee

August 04, 2017
WakingTimes Website


Gary ‘Z’ McGee, a former Navy Intelligence Specialist turned philosopher, is the author of Birthday Suit of God and The Looking Glass Man. His works are inspired by the great philosophers of the ages and his wide awake view of the modern world.


“To fall in love

is to create a religion

that has a fallible god.”

Jorge Luis Borges

“Trickster god is god’s God,”
Crow says, peering from behind The Branches of Lost Time.

These branches are a metaphor for our misremembered synapses. They symbolize our having lost touch with both our own nature and with wild Nature, our forgotten link between cosmos and psyche, our misunderstanding of how we-the-microcosm makes up a vital aspect of We-the-macrocosm.

Crow is here to remind us. But Crow’s medicine is harsh. It is ruthless:

a tearing apart, a torn off Band-Aid.

For Crow is between worlds like no other creature.

His moon-eye sees the light. His sun-eye sees the dark. And his shadow is the grayest thing in the universe:

The Middle-gray, the Middle Way, casting itself over and above all things.

Smearing out yin-yangs, he reveals how nothing is separate; how everything is connected to everything else in a glorious melting down of black and white, dark and light, life and death, finitude and infinity.

Crow is here to remind us that we need to get over ourselves.

He is a black beacon in a room filled with blinding light. He’s the Dark Truth in the sugar-coated ointment. He is here to trick us out of unconsciousness. He is here to crucify the ego.

But more importantly, he is here to resurrect it as a mighty tool for the self-actualized Soul.

Ego Dissolution

“Buddha is dead. God is dead.

The path is littered with insufferable egos. Even your own ego has an enlightened sword penetrating through its self-righteous heart, and your soul is all the stronger for it.”

Seven Signs You May Be Unfuckwithable

Don’t worry so much.

Ego death doesn’t hurt. What hurts is realizing that you’ve been, as they say in Zen,

“tied to a post without a rope.”

What hurts is admitting that your ego is nothing more than a front for your multilayered self. What hurts is letting go of your expectations. What hurts is letting go – full stop.

Crow is here to help you let go. Crow’s medicine has just the right amount of humor disguised as honor and compassion disguised as courage to fill up the humble pie disguised as a red pill needed to get you past the blue-pill addiction of your un-mighty ego.

Sure, Crow shoves it down your unwilling and reluctant throat with a beak blacker than dark matter and harder than God’s Femur, but he gets the job done with a humor of the most-high.

He’s a necessary amoral agent:

Zeno’s Compass, Ockham’s hellraiser…

He’s here to flip your worldview on its head, to vivisect the animal of your knowledge, to cut what you think you know about the way the world works in half and pluck out the organs of all the things you take for granted.

He’s neither gentle nor comforting, but he is sincere in his exact fierceness. He must be, in order to reveal yourself to yourself. In order to transform your whiny, woe-is-me placation into a mighty self-overcoming revelation.

No easy feat, dissolving egos…

But Crow does so with pluck and aplomb, with molten mettle and mercurial moxie.

The letting go process is easier if you just give your ego over to him,

  • to chew-up (courage)

  • to digest (cocoon)

  • eventually shit-out (rebirth),

…but he doesn’t mind stealing it from you like a thief in the night either.

Actually, he would prefer pulling it out of you kicking and screaming and begging the gods to save you. He would rather stamp out the little light that blinds you so that you can finally see the bigger light that awakens you.

Don’t worry. On the other side of this beautiful annihilation is a soulful illumination:

A Three-eyed Raven.

He has come to carry you to a terribly exquisite juxtaposition:

the gloriously painful journey of self-overcoming.

Evolution of the Self

“Life is a process of becoming, a combination of states we have to go through. Where people fail is that they wish to elect a state and remain in it.

This is a kind of death.”

Anais Nin

At the fork of in the path, at the crossroads, where yesterday’s you meets today’s you in bardo-perfect juxtaposition, there is a psychosocial reckoning at hand.

There is an existential decision to make:

get busy adapting and overcoming, or get busy stagnating and succumbing.

The cliché phrasing is ‘get busy living or get busy dying,’ but on the Path of the Three-eyed Raven there is room for dying (rebirth) as a steppingstone for growth toward living life more profoundly, adventurously, and on-purpose.

So here you are, in a state of in-between, unmolded clay.

You’ve been rocked to your foundations with the realization that you are not your ego, that you’ve only ever been unmolded clay. You’re no longer that, and not yetthis.

You’ve emerged from your ego’s death with your soul bloody from a thousand and one cutting questions. Your ego is now a pulsing blister inside you, oozing indifference and apathy even as it begins filling itself with interdependence and empathy.

It leaps and bounds inside you, a terribly beautiful wound turned primordial womb that purges pettiness and superfluity even as it begins impregnating itself with the world.

Crow is satisfied, perched up high, licking his razor-sharp beak, filled to bursting with the rigid invulnerability of your ego bulging inside him.

But the Three-eyed Raven is anything but satisfied. He sees the Infinite Game being played out. He sees how you are an integral catalyst for the progressive evolution of your species. He is a symbol for your ego’s rebirth.

The most wide-awake aspect of you that invulnerably and soulfully flexes out; that individuates and self-actualizes as it perpetually overcomes the vicissitudes of self, and thus the vicissitudes of life.

With Crow’s medicine in one hand and your wide-awake ego in the other; with Crow on one shoulder and the Three-eyed Raven on the other,

  • you are ready to self-overcome

  • you are ready to existentially crush out

  • you are ready to bridge the gap between man and overman

Don’t be afraid of this vulnerable power, though it is both the scariest and most powerful thing in the universe, save for the power of a good sense of humor.

  • Embrace it.

  • Be fearless with it.

  • Use it as a tool to leverage wonder and numinous experience into your life.

  • Use it as medicine for a profoundly sick society.

You – the you not drowning in ego pettiness and woe-is-me religious placation – are the one the world has been waiting for…

by Steve Kelly

August 09, 2021

from PieceOfMindful Website

Spanish version

“I call this peculiar form of self-hypnosis Narcissus narcosis,

a syndrome whereby man remains as unaware

of the psychic and social effects of his new technology

as a fish of the water it swims in.

As a result, precisely at the point where

a new media-induced environment

becomes all pervasive and transmogrifies

our sensory balance, it also becomes invisible.

This problem is doubly acute today

because man must, as a simple survival strategy,

become aware of what is happening to him,

despite the attendant pain

of such comprehension.”

Marshall McLuhan

Playboy Interview


Wetiko is not only highly communicable but also self-replicating.

It persists, clandestine in our psyches…

Generally, human hosts, when confronted with questions about symptoms being expressed as behavioral abnormalities, vehemently deny that they are infected/possessed.

Some who have studied this psychic pandemic describe Wetiko as a form of cannibalism, but not in the common flesh-eating form.

This ubiquitous form consumes others’ spiritual energy as a means of securing elevated personal status, wealth and supremacy…

At bottom, Wetiko is a disease of the “I.”

The “I” thought is a precursor to “full-blown” Wetiko.

Without the I thought – attributing I to identification with thought and the world of appearances – Wetiko would not be possible.

See ‘Who Am I?‘…

Ramana Maharshi teaches to get to the root.

In other words, the absence of self-reflection leads to a pretentious sense of I (me, my, mine), which attributes an illusion of ownership to thought, therefore, the host perceives everything as “a thing,” an object to be possessed.

Wetiko is an AlgonquinCree word for,

a cannibalistic/parasitic spirit that is driven by greed, excess, and selfish consumption (in Ojibwa it is windigo, wintiko in Powhatan).

Cree is one of the major Algonquian-speaking tribes who inhabited the area from the Hudson and James bays to as far west and Great Slave Lake in what is now called Canada.

Wetiko deludes its host into believing that,

cannibalizing the life-force of others commands the host to consume far more than it needs in a blind, murderous daze of self-aggrandizement.

Spirit energy is kidnapped and consumed by the parasite.

This may explain the recent obsession with electro-magnetic field (EMF) research into,

  • frequency manipulation

  • behavioral manipulation,

…and other forms of environmental influences.

A full range of electromagnetic radiation is being incorporated into a widening spectrum of nanotechnology to increase the speed moving further away from nature toward a greater dependence on machine.

Mind, body, soul; some invisible (to us) form of lethal, alien force seems determined to use a full spectrum approach, including most recently nanoparticle applications enslave and control man, like a child operates drone aircraft, or a remote-controlled toy car or other robotic toy.

My question today:

Is the operator human, AI, a hybrid, or something completely unknown to us..?

Wetiko causes a blindness that hijacks the individual’s ability to see itself as an integrated/interdependent element of a delicately balanced universe.

This idea of separateness elevates the ego to grand, new heights, which creates a false, but convincing, illusion of separation of self from nature, which is expressed as greed, excess, and selfish consumption.

PAR’ASITE, noun [Latin parasita; Gr. by, and corn.]

  1. In ancient Greece, a priest or minister of the gods whose office was to gather of the husbandman the corn allotted for public sacrifices. The parasites also superintended the sacrifices.

  2. In modern usage, a trencher friend; one that frequents the tables of the rich and earns his welcome by flattery; a hanger on; a fawning flatterer.

  3. In botany, a plant growing on the stem or branch of another plant and receiving its nourishment from it, as the mistletoe.

Many spiritual traditions, including Buddhism, Sufism (the mystical branch of Islam), Taoism, Gnosticism, as well as many Indigenous cultures, have long understood the mind-based nature of creation.

These worldviews have at their core a recognition of the power of thought-forms to determine the course of physical events.

Various First Nations traditions of North America have specific and long established lore relating to cannibalism and a term for the thought-form that causes it:


We believe understanding this idea offers a powerful way of understanding the deepest roots of our current global polycrisis.

Wetiko can describe both the infection and the body infected…

A person can be infected by Wetiko or, in cases where the infection is very advanced, they can personify the disease:

‘a Wetiko.’

This holds true for cultures and systems; all can be described as being Wetiko if they routinely manifest these traits.

In his now class

Their minds rustle with million dollar bills
You say Silver burns a hole in your pocket
And Gold burns a hole in your soul
Well, uranium burns a hole in forever
It just gets out of control.
Buffy Sainte-Marie

“The Priests of the Golden Bull”

What we can say is that the
fingerprints of Wetiko-like beliefs can be traced at least as far back as the Neolithic revolution, when humans in the Fertile Crescent first learned to dominate their environment by what author Daniel Quinn calls “totalitarian agriculture”:

i.e., settled agricultural practices that produce more food than is strictly needed for the population, and that see the destruction of any living entity that gets in the way of that (over-)production – be it other humans, ‘pests’ or the natural environment – as not only legitimate but moral…

The point is that the epidemiology of Wetiko has left clear indicators of its lineage.

And although it cannot be pathologized along geographic or racial lines, the cultural strain we know today certainly has many of its deepest roots in Europe.

It was, after all, European projects, from,

the Enlightenment to the Industrial Revolution, to colonialism, imperialism and slavery,

…that developed the technology that opened up the channels that facilitated the spread of Wetiko culture all around the world.

In this way, we are all heirs and inheritors of Wetiko…

We are all host carriers of Wetiko now.

Our disassociation from nature, and our true selves, is nearly complete.

The Great Simulation has you, by the… you know what.

If you’ve wondered just what the actual “matrix is, look no further than the legal system you are caught in like a fly in a spider’s web.

But the source is not what you think!

For you are the temple.

You are the source.

You are the spoon.

Wakey wakey, good people of this beautiful earth.

Time to actually wake up…!

Systemic change begins with the mutations at the periphery, and we are the mutations we’ve been waiting for!

The necessary adaptation for survival has become the valuing of people over profits, relationships over stuff.

Abandoning the current paradigm (with love), adopting an attitude of forgiveness (everyone is always doing the best they can with what they have in the moment, nobody is to blame, everyone is response-able) are good first steps, and the journey ahead is a long one.

We are the variant the universe needs to achieve a higher level of human consciousness.

by Frank M. Wanderer

December 25, 2015

from PowerOfConsciousness Website

Spanish version


From the book

The Biggest Obstacle to Enlightenment: How to Escape from the Prison of Mind Games?

by Frank M. Wanderer

Frank M. Wanderer Ph.D is a professor of psychology, a consciousness researcher and writer. Frank is the author of the books “The Revolution of Consciousness: Deconditioning the Programmed Mind “, and several books on consciousness.

With a lifelong interest in the mystery of human existence, Frank’s work is to help others wake up from identification with our personal history and the illusory world of the forms and shapes, and to find our identity in what he calls “the Miracle”, the mystery of the Consciousness.


The question could emerge in many of us, whether the spiritual Ego is a supporter or an obstructer of the spiritual development.

Can it meddle in the process of spiritual development, and if yes, then how does it do it? According to us, the spiritual Ego can interfere with innumerable tricks in the life of the spiritual seeker. These spiritual tricks are manifested in various spiritual mind games.

Some of the most important ones are discussed below.

The Self-Developing Mind Game

The Ego-dominated mind says:

“Look for truth! Develop your personality to make it the most sophisticated possible! Be spiritual!”

The Ego-dominated mind keeps coming up with new and new programs:

“Do this! Do that! Then all your problems will be solved.”

You try to obey, but in the meanwhile you are wasting your entire life.

Personality development is one of the most dangerous traps on our Journey along the road. The more energy we invest into, for instance, the decoration of our spiritual mask, the more powerfully we will identify with it, and insist on it so desperately that we will be eventually unable to abandon it!

In this way, self-development only polishes the Ego shinier and more impressive.

In reality, it is the Ego that instigates the individual’s start a spiritual Journey on the road. It is a defensive mechanism of the mind! It diverts our attention from the possibility of a real internal change by adding an attractive new mask to our collection!

Be aware that Truth is already there in you, here and now in the present moment!

Search will only take truth farther away from you, as it either keeps seeking in the future, or presents old obsolete truths of the past to you.

The “I Want to Reach Enlightenment” – Mind Game

Nowadays we often hear about enlightenment, so the desire to reach arises in many.

We must, though, ask ourselves the question:

who is it that wants to reach enlightenment?

It is, obviously, the Ego!

The Ego, that has so far longed for power and money, now fell in love with an another idea:


It wants to be enlightened, intends to extend its power in that direction.

The desire to be enlightened arises in it, but that desire and want are exactly what take it away from enlightenment.

It is only possible to desire for something that is outside the Self of the individual, we therefore seek enlightenment outside ourselves, but we shall never find it there. Enlightenment is the innermost core of our Self, we are originally enlightened!

As the inner Self is already perfect, there is nothing to be added to it! What can we do then? As Egos, we must forget about enlightenment, as we are not enlightened as Egos!

We must deal with what we are: the Ego.

In the course our Journey we must understand the Ego, one layer after the other. It is only possible if we, as mature Egos, do not identify with ourselves, we give up ourselves.

As a result of our observations, we always find new and new layers of the Ego, we become more and more conscious of it, and we are able to shed the layers that have been identified. In this way we realize that desire is just one layer of the Ego. After we reveal the entire Ego, the moment will come when there is nothing left of it.

That is the moment of enlightenment!

Enlightening means that we are in harmony with the Existence, so also with the the present moment.

The “I Want Peace and Tranquility” – Mind Game

It is the Ego-dominated mind that longs for peace and tranquility. It wants to be peaceful and powerful so that its inner quiet can open a gate for the Formless.

The mind nurtures the unconscious hope that in the Formless it will be able to continue to exist somehow.

That is why so many seekers seek spiritual experience during their Journey.

In reality, however, inner quiet and Ego, unity and Ego are incompatible with each other. Where one is present, the other cannot exist.

The Ego-dominated mind is capable of creating some inner quiet and tranquility, a dead emptiness and, with the effort of the willpower, it is possible to sustain it for a while. But it is not the quiet of the pulsating alive internal silence, peace and tranquility saturated with the joy of Existence.

Only a mere image of that kind of peace, created and attempted to be implemented by the mind.

We are only able to recognize the quiet of the union, already present in human beings (as this is their real Self), if we are able to give up the expectations, desires, hopes etc. of our Ego-dominated mind.

Eliminating Mind Games

Consciousness is an indispensable condition for us to recognize the Ego and reach Awakening on our Journey.

Otherwise it is not possible to observe ourselves.

The witnessing, observing Presence should always be there.

The mind will never understand anything that reaches beyond it. But it tries. In this way, though, it will explain everything from the separate aspect that it currently occupies in the time-space continuity.

When one is able to reach beyond that separate focus point and identification with the mind, that the person will also recognize this conditioned state and will also be able to reach beyond that, too.

In that case, the individual will not identify with the mind, but increasingly with the Consciousness (Witnessing Presence).

The Presence will gain dominance over the mind to an increasing extent, and will be expressed through the mind.