Yes They are Real – The Bigfoot culture (and yes they have one) has co-exsisted with Homo Sapiens for a very long time – This video is from the excellent Bigfoot Case Files site

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Back when I was studying Anthropology and Psychology at California State University-Sacramento I spoke to both the Department of Fish and Game and Law Enforcement about their positions on killing Bigfoot.  Fish and Game said that they are considered an endangered species and are thus protected. Law Enforcement stated that if it were established that they were human or human-like, killing one would be regarded as a homicide. Over the past couple of years, there have been YouTube sites that have been utilizing what I consider “fear porn” to view these creatures, who oftentimes are protecting their homes and or their families. Like us, they are very protective and very much want contact on their terms only. They are curious about us, but fearful of us as well, and rightly so. We are the most dangerous species on this planet and they know it.