Why I like the 5th Kind site on YouTube

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One of the things that is hinted at in the video is that for some reason the writers of these series are somehow “plugged in” to the knowledge base. Here is an example. It might sound familiar. I was skeptical until I heard about this from other sources. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RId0gU6nYZ0&list=PLSMgq-mghrkz–0zf7An7s4EqoaEFiYXP&index=3

One thought on “Why I like the 5th Kind site on YouTube

  1. I was skeptical of much of this material until I had heard from other sources that several alien bases where taken out here on Earth, the largest one that was located in the Bay of Bengal. A whole ot of very weird stuff supposedly happened also down in Antarctica. Much of this sounds like science fiction, but I am open to the possibility that it is for real, especially considering the documented fact that a number of VIPs have shown up down in what has long been considered a scientific research area of the planet. I am particularly intrigued by the story of a television crew that had some weird stuff happen to them down there.

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