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Welcome to Some Conspiracies are real

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There is a fair amount of information on this website. Feel free to look around.

Conspiracies are a normal part of the human experience. Any time that two or more humans get together and plan something, oftentimes

in secret, that constitutes a conspiracy. At times these can be quite complex with the idea that with smoke and mirrors they can perform it

in plain sight and no one will know the difference.

12 thoughts on “Welcome to Some Conspiracies are real”

  1. Well, yesterday I had a bit of a wakeup call. Seems that the Hacker Bots from St. Petersburg (yep, Russia) decided to play a little game on this new virgin site. Interesting that they should have an interest in this little blog site.

  2. I would like to pay tribute to a close friend and core team member Mark Dean. RIP my friend. Over the years since we met way back in the early 90’s we had a whole lot of fun together and got into a bunch of trouble too. You found out just how much our little group was watched when you made a comment on the events in the 70’s involving the talented channelers who were around back then, both the ones who were being experiments with ones like you who dodged around the recruiters. Next thing you know, you have Dr. Jack Gibbons, Clinton’s Science Advisor on the phone wanting to talk to you and Jacques Valle asking you to dinner. We both knew why. Life had never been boring for you, what with you relationship with Sheldon Nidle and others. Never forgot our great road trips out to the Utah Desert. Fast times in Ridgemont High my friend. Your memory will always be with me.

  3. This post is to discuss one of the biggest pains of this kind of research. One of the things that you will constantly run into in this line of inquiry is what I call “The Sappers” or rabid debunkers. I have had two major run ins with these types and it is disruptive, and in my opinion, by design. By design I mean that they are put into these positions for a purpose and that is to discredit you when you get too close. When they strike, they will often use distractions or actual threats to shut you up and it works. Oftentimes, there are those who have talked to you for years, who after the attack of one of these folks, will completely stop talking to you. In my opinion they are trained to do so.

  4. In around the fall of 1968 I made contact with one of these metaphysical schools and enrolled in their study group. I made a trip up there and visited with the leader of the school. During that trip, i had an epiphany which i have never forgotten. About a year later, after taking a two year leave of absence from Sacramento City College, I re-entered college life and transferred over the California State University-Sacramento, where I set my majors at Anthropology and Psychology. I spent the next four years working towards a dual major, and I graduated in the summer of 1974. I focused on Folklore and Fringe Religious Groups in Anthropology and Information Processing and Perception in Psychology. Following graduation, I did about a year of graduate studies in Anthropology. My two mentor professors, Dr. George Rich and Dr. John Conner had a tremendous effect on my outlook. I continued after leaving the university due to lack of funds to visit with them from time to time and actually made a presentation in one of Dr. Conners classes.

  5. I have come into this line of study quite a long time ago and it effected me for most of my adult life. I graduated from high school in 1962 and attended Sacramento City College in the fall of that year. Very soon, as I was very familiar with the downtown area of Sacramento, I discovered a wonderful bookstore called Beers bookstore on J Street. The owner of the store was very much into metaphysics, especially Rudolf Steiner, and he had a very large section in the store dedicated to the subject. I spent a lot of time cruising that place and especially that section. I rapidly became aware that the area of the country that I lived in had quite a bit of history involving UFOs, Bigfoot and Metaphysics. This was especially true of the Mount Shasta area and the Bay Area. My best friend and I had long frequented the Mount Shasta area skiing and over time I learned that there were a number if metaphysical schools up there that had been around since the early 1900s.

  6. Welcome to From the Ashes . This is a reincarnation of an old computer bulletin board that I had in my home back in the pre-Internet days in the late 1980s and the early 1990s. Back then, the site was dedicated to the study of UFOs, Bigfoot and Conspiracies. This place will be along the same lines. I dedicate this site to my friend and cohort, the late John Hadley. John has the senses of a Native American and could track down anything. Unfortunately, he was so good, it cost him his life. RIP my friend

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