We Are Entering A Hybrid World – As The Song Goes “Times, They are a’changing”- Audio and Text

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Whether You Like It or Not, We are Going Through Some Pretty Tumultuous Times.



From Plumbum to Aurum
June 26, 2021

from BitChute Website

With: Thomas Horn
Director: Ken Klein

Behind closed doors, scientists and corporations have been modifying and experimenting with the genetic codes that establish the individuality of all animal and plant species on earth.

Laboratories around the world are engaged in “Franken-science” whereby scientists are manipulating human and animal DNA in violation of established conventions on bio-ethics – all under the guise of “progress.”

The proponents claim the field of “Transhumanism” will change the world by eliminating sickness and famine.

At the same time however, governments and security contractors around the globe discuss super soldiers, super intelligence, and even super animals to maintain dominance and exercise militaristic control over the populations of the world.

We are engaged in a war for the mind of a generation and the soul of the human race.

Billions of dollars are at stake with corporations and powerful individuals looking forward to a post human world.

If we care about our humanity, then the time is NOW to stand up and understand where science and technology are taking us.

Our foods are already being genetically altered with devastating side effects which are now coming to light.

Will we allow experiments with genetic engineering to excel to a horrifying level where they create an unthinkable race of non-human entities?

What level of horrifying abominations have already been committed?




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The way I became acquainted with this whole exotic idea of transhumanism, I was doing research actually.

I was a writer and doing research for one of the largest US newspapers out of Oklahoma,
and this is maybe 20 some years ago, and doing research on the history of Halloween
of all things, and somewhere I came across the term that I had never seen before called Transgenics.

Now, I didn’t know what Transgenics was, but I could kind of put two and two together: trans, genes;
that somehow we’re talking here about genetic engineering, the altering of genes
and I became fascinated with this idea because back then, the science was brand new.

There was not, you know, biotechnology, nanotechnology.

These were not even terms that existed but it was following on the heels of the mapping of the human genome,
which then was giving both the birth to a promise and also to the sciences
that we are going to be able to do things with genetics. We’ll be able to heal our bodies. We’ll be able to make ourselves stronger.

There was a great deal of promise that was emerging quickly, and the science to back it up at least in theory.
And so, I started doing research in the Transgenics and that time, it wasn’t very easy to get information.

The internet was brand new. Certainly, the science wasn’t old enough for there to be much,
that had been published in peer-reviewed journals, and I wanted to know what is the good and what is the bad
and what is Transgenics.

And I came to understand that Transgenics was simply
the crossing-over of species barriers. This could be done at the level of just organisms.

This could be done all the way up to the level of sentient beings that you get literally blend one kind of a creature
with another creature. Why would we want to do that? What would be the purpose behind it?

That was what motivated me,
and quickly, I began to realize that both the military and also the pharmaceutical industry both had an interest
in Transgenics. The military because they thought they might be able
to create exotic new forms of materials that could be used.

For instance, one of the first successes was a project that was funded by DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, in which they created Transgenic goat spiders,
actually spider goats, and the reason that they did this was because they knew
that spider silk is amazingly resilient, lightweight but very strong and yet, it’s not very easy,
you know, to create a spider farm where you can milk spiders for their silk, but they knew that they could do this with goats,
and so one of the first successes in Transgenics was creating a goat which was part spider.
It could actually grow spider silk in its milk and then they could use this for making lightweight bullet proof vests.

They could use it for creating cargo nets but since that time until now, as we may discover later on in this discussion,
it has become far more sophisticated in terms of the military’s interest and the amount of dollars that are flowing into research
that grew out of those early forms of Transgenic Science. All the other side of Transgenics which is probably
the biggest part of where the funding is coming from today is in the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmaceuticals. Why? Because… The industry often has to labor with the FDA to try to get permission to do testing
of new drug therapies on human subjects, it’s very daunting, that task to try to get a promising new remedy
potentially for some kind of debilitating disease and then to be able to take and start trying that medicine
which is unproven on human test subjects is not easy to do.

What the pharmaceutical industry saw right away that they would be able to take animals and put human DNA into the animals, create a human animal chimera and then,
they could work around this problem with getting permission from Federal Agencies to do a human experimentation
and now they could test new drugs in human animal chimeras to see how the human elements of that creature might respond
in a way that they’re hoping for with these drug therapies.

That too has also grown a great deal
since those original Transgenic experiments in that now, of course,
what the public most usually hears about is human animal chimeras that are being created
for the purposes of developing stem cell lines and then stem cell lines can be used for testing new therapies
in hopes that we’re going to lead the cures for a variety of human diseases and ailments.

Anyway, it was the discovery of Transgenics and my interest in why we would have an interest in funding,
research and to crossing over species barriers that then led me to discover that behind these emerging fields of science
was a new cultural movement called Transhumanism, and transhumanists are made up today really of all walks of life,
everything from college kids to old hippies,
to academics and professionals. It has become a cultural movement and it’s quickly growing.

It’s international. Today, there’s a Christian Transhumanist Association. There’s a Buddhist Transhumanist Association.
There’s a Muslim Transhumanist. There’s a Mormon Transhumanists, and then there’s just a Transhumanist Transhumanist Association, and for whatever reason, I’ve had the privilege of somehow becoming connected with some of the leading figures in the world in this area.

In fact, Dr. James Hughes, who was the president of the World Transhumanist Association,
when he was still the head of the WTA, contacted me and asked if I would come on his indicated radio show,
which is called Change Surfer Radio. Dr. Hughes is a bioethicist. He teaches at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut.
He’s a sociologist. He was and is really the man, the top shelf if you will.

So, I agreed to do a show, and I went on a show and not very well prepared either,
but to debate the bio of the ethics of crossing over species in barriers
in ways that are completely unnatural and why would we want to do that.

Now, of course, as a Christian,
and I would probably still consider myself a conservative Christian, I believe in a divine order.
In other words, I believe that God was at the beginning of creation and God, for whatever reasons,
placed barriers between the species and ordered that each kind would only reproduce after its own kind.

So, in the back of my mind, of course I want to know what does God know that we don’t know. Why did he do that?

But then, I would say that even if you didn’t believe in divine creation, if you are an evolutionist,
what we are doing now was not allowed for by evolution either. Natural selection has not done what we are now doing.
And so, for me, it was a cause for alarm that they talk about throwing off the balance of nature.

We were talking about doing it in ways that a former generation could not even have imagined.
So, today, the World Transhumanist Association had an original cause.

It was really to bring international attention to the idea that through emerging fields of science,
we would soon be able to alter what it means to be a human, literally, rewrite our DNA,
alter ourselves by altering our genetic makeup, create humans Homosapiens 2.0.

The movement today is often called “h+”, which certainly means humans plus.

A transhuman is in a transitionary state of being. They are human.

They are wanting to transition into something else but ultimately, they want to become a post-human,
something that has become so radically altered from what we are today as to no longer even be considered to be human
and they imagine creating Homosapien 2.0 through the use of technology
from neuropharmacology to nanotechnology, genetic engineering, stem cell sciences,
robotic assistance, brain machine, interfacing, all of the new fields of science
that could have an application for human enhancement is important to the Transhumanist movement.

Now, the World Transhumanist Association had an original goal of bringing international attention to the movement
and there was a point at which they believed that they had succeeded in doing that and so, they dropped the World Transhumanist Association name and changed it to the IEET, the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technology.

Dr. Hughes is also now the CEO or the president of the IEET
and most of the most well-known names in the world that were also involved in Transhumanism
such as Nick Bostrom of Oxford University are chairs or members of the IEET.

So, somehow, I never set out to somehow become involved
as the nemesis, if you will, of the Transhumanist movement and have actually became friends with people like Dr. Hughes.

He has since been on my radio show and we recently did a series where we were talking about the question,
“Are we alone in the Universe?” which was raised by the Royal Academy of Scientist out of the UK,
and we have him come on and he talked about, you know, future space travel from a Transhumanist point of view
and how our bodies could be enhanced to make us more adoptable to zero gravity states and things like that.

So, but the movement is very serious and it’s being taken very serious in the world today from Academia to university studies,
and you’ll be surprised to find out the amount of revenue and literally in the tens of millions to the billions of dollars
that are flowing into this futuristic dream of Transhumanism now
and the adaptation of various fields of science which will be used in the very near future to alter
what it means to be a human. The science is being developed now according to the world’s best and government experts.

It’s being tested in laboratory settings and is slowly being adapted so that it can be used as a tool for actually altering
what it means to be a human.

With regards to who would be funding, who has an interest, that’s where it begins to become really surprising
and actually is not too difficult to verify even from secular but reputable news sources.

For instance, if you were to go to Google today and type in “Transhumanism”, you would find something like
250,000 web pages now around the world that are dedicated to both the study,
philosophy, about this world-new world view called Transhumanism.

However, if you were to type in “genetic engineering laboratories”, you’d find more than 24 million web sites in the world now dedicated to the subject of genetic engineering,
which is, of course, one of the sciences that the Transhumanists believe… aspire to believe
that this is going to be used to alter what it means to be human. Now, on the ground, what does it mean?

Here in the United States of America, you may remember where a few years ago, 2006, I believe,
George W. Bush in the State of the Union Address called for legislation to be enacted
that would prohibit the creation of human animal chimeras, and he wasn’t just talking about embryos for experimentation,
because he also talked about prohibiting the creation of exotic human life forms that could be patented.

Why would the president of the United States in a speech of record be calling for legislation that would prohibit this technology?
It’s because it’s emerging very quickly, and we know now that there are those rogue scientist wannabes,
the doctor Moreau’s, who are already raising this to full maturity, and we can come to some of those admissions in this interview as well.

For example, one of the first things that President Obama did at the executive level.

As soon as he became president, he overturned the restrictions that had been put in place by President Bush
which would have prohibited federal dollars, American taxpayer money flowing in to pay for experiments
to be done in human animal chimeras and other forms of science such as stem cell sciences which is also important to the Transhumanist movement, but what most of the public doesn’t realize when we’re talking about stem cell sciences we’re almost always talking about the creation of a human animal chimera from which those stem cells are being derived.

But now, tax dollars in the United States from the federal level are flowing into thousands of laboratories.

In the state that I live in Missouri, for instance, there is a farm that is raising transgenic pigs
that are part human. They’re using these pigs to actually grow organ in a test,
in hopes that these humanized organs in the pigs can then be transplanted into people who are on donor waiting list.

You know, years ago, they called this xenotransplantation, and they had hoped to implant entire pig organs inside humans
but the human bodies kept wanting to reject these pig organs.

Now, though, with human DNA actually growing inside of a pig, we may be able to create an organ that can solve this problem of organ donation.

That kind of funding from the federal level now is flowing into states in a way that had been prohibited
under the Bush administration, but it goes deeper. In 2006, a fantastic thing happened.

The Department of Health, which is the largest department in the United States of America, which funds research into health issues, provided $773,000 to Case Law School in Cleveland, Ohio,
for one reason, to develop over a 24-month period the guidelines that will be used,
according to their own press release, at Case Law School, used for creating policy for human enhancement
regarding the next step in human evolution.

Max Mehlman who is the law professor and a bioethicist at Case Law School
was given a responsibility of leading the team of 24 to 36 months’ field of study, if you will,
using actual test subjects, human subjects, according to the original press release, would be used
for devising how policy, government policy can be extended to human nonhumans.

Well, because it started in 2006, and we knew that the target ending date for the study
which was being done not just by Max Mehlman but law professors, bioethicists, genetic engineers,
people who work in the fields of genetic alteration, that within 24 months to 36 months,
this field study would be done. 2009 was the target date for the report to be issued.

So, I waited with bated breath in what way did Case Law School actually used human test subjects
to provide what the government wants, guidelines to be used for human enhancement to set the policy,
for how, for instance, will the constitution, how will the bill of rights be extended to a human nonhuman.

How much of a living entity has to be human before it can be protected under our laws,
must it be 90% human and 10% something else, 50% human. So, I wanted to know.

Well, the end of the test came and no public statements had been forthcoming
but what I noticed was that Professor Mehlam immediately at the end of the study
started traveling the United States giving lectures at universities and he’s giving two different lectures
and this is the title of his lectures. One is called “Directed Evolution: Public Policy
and Human Enhancement.”

And the second lecture he’s giving now is “Transhumanism
and the Future of Democracy”. And you can go to the Arizona State University
and that second lecture is actually available as a podcast. You can download the lecture unless they remove it from the time this film is made until the time somebody might go there to download it, but you can actually go and download it.

So, here, you not only have the president of the United States losing using federal funds to go into research on human animal chimeras, stem cell lines, various kinds of laboratory experiments on humans that could then be applied later on down the road through a Transhumanist philosophy, the use of those technologies, but it’s actually being funded through the US Department of Health to actually set the policy and guidelines for how the law will be applied to human nonhumans.
It even goes deeper.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, DARPA,
has, for over the last decade, been funding to the tune
literally of billions of dollars research into what they call the Extended Performance War Fighter.

They have since removed the document, the original document, on the Extended Performance War Fighter program
from the DARPA’s own website, but a person can Google and find the same articles
that were originally published being cached across the internet.

The interesting parts about the Extended Performance War Fighter is that it even includes literally altering the DNA of soldiers. The public may, more commonly hear this referred to
as super soldier technology. But it got interesting this year. The 2011 budget for DARPA,
which can be downloaded at Wired magazine, if a person wants to go and read the DARPA budget,
allows millions of dollars for what they are calling Biodesign. Biodesign is actually outlined in the budget.

The purpose of it has to do with immortalism.

The purpose of it is to literally discover
how cellular destruction occurs and why in regeneration of cellular decay
we as humans don’t wind up at 100% again and we begin to age,
and DARPA has an interesting figuring out how to get around the decaying process of cellular life and they used the term
“creating an immortal organism” but it’s more than just an organism. They consider it to be potentially a lethal force
that can be used in military application.

Wired magazine referred to it as a living breathing creature,
and DARPA admits that the force of this living creature,
this immortal organism, could be so potent that it ought to also have what they call a kill switch introduced into its organism
so that in case it gets out of hand, we could throw the switch and stop it, or if it became available to our enemies,
we could throw the switch and stop it.

So in the United States we know that from the federal level,
under Obama, revenue is flowing into this research. We know that from the US Department of Health,
revenue is flowing into this research, from the defense advanced research projects agency
and if a person wants to do their homework, they’ll find out that it’s also the Air Force, the Navy, the Army, all of our military laboratories
are funding now to the tunes of millions and billions of dollars research into fields that also include
the altering of their soldiers for the purposes of having total battlefield domination in the future.

But a person should also be aware that this technology is not just limited to the United States of America, in Australia,
in China, in Great Britain, all around the world literally tens of thousands of laboratories
are receiving both federal and private funding for this kind of research. In the United States, even when Bush had called for restrictions
on federal funding, it didn’t stop the research here. Simply, it was being done through private grants and private dollars.
There were no laws that were stopping people from doing human animal research here.

But now, it starts to get really interesting in that even the scientific community is making admissions
which of course I was suspicious of anyway for some time.

There was a Reuters article about six month ago called “Scientist Want Debate on Animals With Human Genes”,
and it turns out that the scientists that were being interviewed were the same scientist that 24 months ago
were involved in what was called a human embryology discussions out of Great Britain.

Laboratories wanted to receive federal funding, public money,
to finance their investigations and experiments which included
altering humans and altering animals at least at the embryonic stage and there was such public outcry in Britain about it
that the government decided to have a public forum and they allowed different people, ethicists, bioethicists,
even religions scholars to weigh in on the question of whether or not it would be ethical
to begin altering humans at, of course, in the beginning, the embryonic level,
but later on perhaps to full maturity.

At the end of those discussions, and there was very interesting things during the discussions by the way.

For instance, the Vatican had two bishops present during this discussion,
and the two bishops for the Vatican weighed in saying that if a woman participated in these experiments
by providing eggs or ovum and then later if she had a conflict of conscience and decided
that she wanted to raise this half-human half-animal as her own child that she ought to have the right to do so.

And I believe that the Vatican’s bishops were not really making that argument in sincerity
as much as they were trying to illustrate the tortured ethics, the kind of unanswerable questions about “do they have a soul?”
In Israel, some of the religious scholars in Israel have weighed in, talking about if we create a transgenic animal
or clone a transgenic animal, and it is part cow, how much of it would need to be human before it would be protected under our laws
and/or if the majority of it was cow, could we then offer it as a burnt sacrifice?

So, illustrating once again, that there really isn’t any way to wrap any kind of Judeo-Christian ethic around what we are now doing but it hasn’t stopped us from doing it. Well, those scientist who have been receiving funding now from the British government for the past 24 months are back,
and the Reuters headlines “scientists want public debate on animals with human genes” was very specific
in that they want to know how far the public now would be willing to let them go
and there were two things in this Reuters article that were very telling.

One, the scientists themselves admitting that among the scientists involved in this research,
they are comfortable now with up to 50% human-animal integration.

You see, the public mostly is still under the impression that this is being done at the embryonic level
and that the amount of human DNA in a transgenic animal is so minute as to be excusable
but what we learned in this article is it is up to at least 50% human animal integration
and that the scientist involved with it are comfortable. But where they want the debate to go now is,
“can we raise this to full maturity in the public’s knowledge?”

And experiment on part humans part animals that are fully grown
and by admitting that that’s now where they want the public to be comfortable with this research,
they also said that they knew that there are some rogue scientists out there that are not operating with federal dollars
and they’re getting ahead of them in this technology and it could even become a new kind of a weapon of mass destruction.

It could at a minimum become a molecular biological nightmare because now, by crossing over species barriers and ways
that neither evolution nor God allowed for that we are completely uncertain about, when this gets out of a box,
where it may lead us.

To answer the question what would be the benefits of Transhumanism
through the eyes of a Transhumanist, I can tell you because some of them are my friends
and I have had the opportunity to debate with them and when I say friends, I don’t mean that I share their world view whatsoever, but we have, you know, cordial conversations that’s diplomatic, and I believe in the sincerity,
for instance, of men like Dr. James Hughes.

Dr. Hughes would never advocate for anything, I think,
that he believed would be detrimental to the future of society. So, much of their ideas are altruistic in the sense
that they’re selfless and they’re perceived to be for the good of society as a whole. For instance, longevity.

One of the key objectives of Transhumanism is to extend our lifespan.

People who are either Transhumanist or who are friendly to the transhuman vision
such as Aubrey de Grey, who is a member of the Methuselah Foundation.

The whole commitment of which is to either through diet or even more advanced applications
such as genetic engineering, learn how to do things that will bring about the end of human suffering and disease
and therefore lead to a longer life spans. Learn how through genetic engineering, for instance,
to perhaps turn off what is happening when tumorous cancers are growing in our bodies.

So that not only do they intend to enjoy the benefits of longer life in the future as transhumans.

Aubrey de Grey is saying now that if you’re 50 years of age
when you’re watching this video, there is a very good chance you could live to be as much as 1000 years old
with how quickly this science and technology is advancing. But the transhumans don’t just want to extend life because,
you know, some people watching this might say, “You know what? Why would I even want to live to be 1000 years old?
I’m kind ready to get out of here now, you know, with the way that the world is going.”

So, the Transhumanist also considered that
and it’s not just the longer life but it’s a happier life, it’s a healthier life where we’re stronger
and we’ve been enhanced cognitively. Through neurosciences now, we’re learning things about the brain.

We’re learning the portion of the brain that leads to depression, also leads to euphoria, and if we could learn
how to control those portions of the brain, we may develop natural treatments for persons
so that they could be happier, so that they could escape from depression.

So, that would be one of their ideas, of course,
enhancing our bodies so that we’re stronger.

The elimination of pain, you know, right now,
I go out and dig a hole and within one hour, man, I’m ready for some cold tea in a place to throw at my feet,
but these future-enhanced bodies would be able to perform at levels that perhaps only 25-year-old weight lifters right now do it,
and we’d be talking about people who may be 150 years of age they can run for miles.

Also cognitive enhancement so that we not only eradicate diseases such as Alzheimer’s but we actually are able to modify
the brain in ways where it is enhanced to be able to think at a teraflops faster than we can now and also to be able
to even interface with computer systems of the future
sort of like the Matrix, you know, plug-in, download and all of a sudden I know kung-fu.

So, and these are perceived to be true benefits to humanity.

We have better lives and we’re better off as a result. Now, they also have some very exotic ideas about future humans
and why they would be happy in particular ways. For instance, among transhumans is a segment
that’s called postgenderism.

Postgenderism actually has grown out of the feminist side
of the Transhumanist movement and as you know, feminists have been at war with their gender identities and roles that, you know,
society placed on them for some time. Some among the feminist movement
also believe that it’s a little bit unfair that, you know, they get pregnant and they are the ones who have to carry the baby
and lose the shape of their body and then travail and give birth where the man can enjoy the benefits of sex
but he doesn’t have to go through this whole nine-month gestation period.

So, in Transhumanism, there are some very exotic ideas such as
post-genderism, the idea that we will be able to develop
androgynous beings, morphological beings who will take the best of what it means to be a man
and the best of what it means to be a woman, and actually have a new form of life that is both man and woman,
who can enjoy the benefits of things such as sex, which I mentioned a moment ago,
but without the burden of having to become pregnant, having to carry a child for nine months.

And so, if you… look into some of their ideas, you know,
where do babies come from and don’t these future humans want to have genetic offspring
and they’ve developed ideas around how all this could be done within their science.

You take genetic samples and this isn’t all together cloning but you take genetic samples from the contributors,
man woman A and man woman B or future marriages may be made up of multiple numbers.

It may be there’s 18 or 20 that have entered in to what we then think of a marriage contract
and those ones that want genetic offspring can all provide samples of their genetics
and then this is taken to a specialized pregnancy center or birthing center of the future
and through some form of super-invitro fertilization, those genetic samples are placed inside of an egg
with its nucleus removed, which is also probably donated from one of these man-woman.

It is treated with chemicals or with electricity like we do with cloning now and it jumpstart spindle formation,
cells begin to divide and a new man-woman made up of multiple partners begins to grow and becomes an embryo
and if that sounds incredible to you, in Britain, just this week the first baby from three parents was born.
Science has already been perfected. We’re already doing it. It’s not as if this is as futuristic as it may sound.

We’re at the beginning of a gate now but we’ve come through the door. The gate is open and we’re walking through it, and we’re moving that direction
and imagining how this science could be used in ways that in their mind is beneficial to humanity.

We no longer have the burden of gender roles. Now, what a psychologist, you know,
will say about a baby, how a baby is bonded to its mother while it’s growing up inside of its mother’ womb
is almost mystical. It’s metaphysical. We don’t understand it. A baby is born and even already knows the tone of its mother’s voice.

While Transhumanist have an answer for that too. Post-genderists believe that they also take genetic samples
from whichever of the man-woman want to play the role of the traditional mother and they grow a synthetic womb inside the birthing center
and it is hooked to an androidal system that also has the sound of the mother’s voice recorded in it
and this androidal system can stand up, sit down, move around, make natural movements that feels very natural to the embryo
that is growing up inside of it so that by the time of nine months later and even that is a question because this future humans
may not take nine months to gestate but if they do, you go to the birthing center and the switch is thrown,
the little baby is born.

It’s growing up inside its mother’s womb because it was taken from her genetics
and recreated in a laboratory. It is grown up listening to the sound of her voice and her heart beat.

All of which are part of this future system. Did you know that some of the early discussions actually
were around creating clones, who would then, be anesthetized? Not even aware that they’re alive and their wombs
would be used for gestating these children and then afterward, the clone if not legally defined as a human
could be discarded.

It would simply be a system for saving man-woman A from the burden of having to carry a child
but many, even within the Transhumanist philosophical community
simply couldn’t tolerate that idea and so they advanced it to growing a synthetic womb
which could then be used for the gestation period.

One of the other benefits that Transhumanist imagine actually
borderlines on the supernatural and this started really with Nick Bostrom, who is a leading Transhumanist in the world,
sits on the IEET’s board under Dr. James Hughes.

Nick Bostrom actually earned his prestigious seat at Oxford University
by writing his thesis on Transhumanist values, and thankfully, for the rest of us that Dr. Bostrom has been
kind enough to post his thesis and other works that he has done so anybody who would want to follow up on this could go
to nickbostrom.com, pull down the web site on the left side and click on “Transhumanist values” and go and read his original thesis which he wrote to earn his PHD and his seat at Oxford University.

It’s interesting because Bostrom doesn’t claim any kind of religious ideology
but he has diagrams in there that he uses when he gives his lectures at universities and also
at the transvision conferences which are taking place every year now
for about the past decade at leading law schools and universities around the world in which the arguments are being detailed now, worked out among law scholars on how the laws and policy of our government would be extended to protect transhumans of the future and future democracy
but if you click on it and you look at some of the charts that he has created, for instance, he has one that’s kind of a large rectangle and in this rectangle, he describes this rectangle as representing all possible modes of perception, modalities,
sensory modalities.

Down in the corner, he draws a small circle and he says
this circle represents humans. The limits of our perception, modes of perception or sensory modalities
our eyesight, hearing, taste, feeling and how far it extends into all possible modes of perception.

Then around that, he draws a larger circle and he says this is the animal kingdom. The animal kingdom not only has our level of perception
but other levels of perception. For instance, they can hear at higher decibels than we can.

Dogs at 40,000 Hertz, dolphins at something like 80,000 Hertz.

Some animals like bats can navigate using sonar. They also seem to be in touch with the earth somehow
in ways that were not. They can pick up vibrations. They’ll begin to move out of particular areas when they know
there’s going to be an earthquake or there’s going to be a volcano and they’ll begin to migrate to another area
and we’re not exactly sure how they do that.

The may be able to smell tumors and if it’s not smelling it,
it’s some other method by which sometimes they are aware that there is a tumorous cancer, something that is actually
degrading your DNA.

So, he talks about these fascinating things but then he says something that I think is of the most importance
and borderlines the metaphysical and that is when he points out that animals can also see into areas of the light spectrum
that we cannot see into, and that is viewed in Transhumanism
as a future benefit, and even one of the causal reasons we would want to merge ourselves with the animal kingdom
so that we can open these new modes of perception into realities that right now we are blinded to.

Perhaps one of the reasons we would want to merge ourselves with animals so that we too would be able to do this.

Why is this interesting to me as a Christian and as a researcher
and as a scholar of Biblical text is because we know
that at least some animals can see into what we think of as the supernatural realm
and it isn’t just extra-Biblical text that seem to imply this but even in the Bible, for instance, the story of Balaam’s donkey.

Balaam gets in trouble because he’s prophesying against Israel which he’s been ordered by God not to do,
and so now, he’s on his donkey and he’s going down the road. Well, the donkey can see something
that Balaam cannot see.

There’s a large angel standing in the middle of the road with its sword drawn
and is going to take off dumb Balaam’s head and Balaam doesn’t know why the donkey keeps turning out of the way
and so, he keeps kicking him to get him back on the road and the donkey’s trying to save his life. A great deal of extra-Biblical research has also been done
that seems to show that animals sometimes are responding to something that we can’t see and in fact,
probably the average person at least at one time in their life have seen their dog growling at something that isn’t there
as far as we can tell or maybe even behaving in a way.

You have a dog that’s vicious, it’s brave,
it’s not afraid of anything and then all of a sudden, a strange feeling comes over you and the dogs senses it too.

The dog may even run and hide into the bed. So, they seem to be reacting to something that we can’t see with our eyes,
and in the traditions and in the histories of the worlds, owls come and owls serve with the goddess Hecate,
the goddess of witchcraft.

Other areas of witchcraft were cats are used as mediums
through which we are communicating with the spirit world. That idea has been with humanity since forever but what made it real to me, of course
is the depiction out of the Bible at least in one illustration where an animal can see something the humans cannot see.

That is definitely in the back of the mind of many of the Transhumanists
and they are bravely wanting to go where no modern man has gone before in reaching that barrier
that is between us and them. This is so true that now, the Templeton Foundation,
which has been funding an entire series of lectures over the last several years at the Arizona State University
on Transhumanism and the future of democracy have played off of what Dr. Bostrom began talking about
many of what the university students are now asking about,

“How do we separate our humanity?” If we change ourselves physiologically,
we enhance ourselves to humans 2.0, do we also change our soul? Do we change our spirit?

Do we even have a spirit anymore? And as these questions are being entertained, Arizona State University began a brand new project.

You can go to ASU’s website and click on it. It’s called the Sophia Project, the goddess of wisdom.
The Sophia Project some believe even to be that feminine aspect of God, right?

And it describes exactly what the Sophia project is about. It is to verify and/or to make contact with,
and then they described it, the ghost of dead humans, aliens, angels, demons, a universal conscious, God,
they list all of it.

The whole purpose behind the project growing out of
Transhumanist conversation and debates and lectures being offered at the Arizona State University
and funded by the Templeton Foundation want to take this whole question of altering ourselves as humans forward to this next giant question
by doing so can we also now cross over. Can we start communicating with that unseen intelligence?

So, this too is viewed as a value among transhumanw,
many of them are spiritual and many of them see that as a benefit while some of these exotic ideas in Transhumanism, of course,
where it may be being viewed by them as a benefit may cause of lot of red flags to go up among other people
who also are interested in things supernatural.

There are some of the critics of course of Transhumanism who believe that their world view is a bit too positive,
that they view this as being a Utopian plan that’s going to take us into the future. We’re all going to live in a happy universe
and have enhanced lives but there are those who are also qualified to make criticisms based on the science itself
and what may it portend to do.

For instance, Dr. Leon Kass was the chairman
of the President’s Council on Bioethics during the Bush administration
and here is a man who had the full review of the science, the best reports on the science, testimony from experts
who are working in these fields of science and what they believed could actually develop out of transforming mankind,
and after Dr. Kass had served on that seat with the government, he resigned.

He wrote a book and in the introduction to his book, “Life, Liberty and the Defense of Dignity”,
he wrote how that in laboratories around the world, scientists are now honing their skills, polishing their skills,
looking forward to a post-human future and that humanity is on the operating table literally scheduled
for whole cell psychic and physiological redesign while on the streets, the evangelists,
he refers to them as not transhumans, the evangelists are quietly selling their message
and that we are in a war for the mind of a generation, and Dr. Kass believes we’re probably going to lose this war,
but he says that anybody who cares about their humanity, the time is now for standing up
and understanding where science is taking us and what it may portend for the future.

He’s not the only one, Professor Francis Fukuyama reviewed emerging fields of science and then the philosophy of transhumanism
and he wrote a white paper on it in which he considered the combination of those two to probably be
the most dangerous science and technological and philosophical concepts in the history of mankind, which he believes
could be very quickly lead to an extinction level event.

The Birkbeck Law School in Britain
is one of the most famous law schools on earth for teaching CSI students, crime scene investigators,
and they put out a press release about 18 months ago now, in which they said that they will need to design future classes
for crime scene analysis which has been perpetrated by something that is only part human.

The whole point was that everything we know about forensics, about profiling might not apply
if we’re trying to track down a serial rapist who is part wolf because he may have a blood lust.

He may have a difference. His mind set, his instincts everything about him may not fit anything that we understand and this is considered to be such a real possibility by the way, it isn’t just the Birkbeck Law School, this last year in California,
a house foreign affairs committee hearing in the state of California that was chaired by Democrat Brad Sherman,
who’s actually best known for his expertise in the spread of nuclear arms among terrorists
chaired this meeting.

A writer for a congressional quarterly, Mark Stencel,
attended the meeting and came out of it, flabbergasted because what the meeting was all about
is future terrorism conducted by transhumans and he said that the entire hearing, a congressional hearing,
he said sounded more like a pitch for a sci-fi movie than it did a sober discussion of scientific reality
because he said they were talking about super humans, super intelligence, artificial intelligence and super animals
that could soon be on the battlefield or even in our neighborhood for domestic reasons,
a lethal force for which we are not prepared.

The government is so concerned
about where transhumanism may take us in this regard that they consider this now to be the fledgling start of a new arms race.
In the way that in the past between the Soviet Union and the United States we were on an arms race over nuclear arms,
transhumanism is the near future arms race and it is considered to be of such importance
that the top scientific mind at the Pentagon, the JASONS, J-A-S-O-N, that’s the name of the top scientific minds at the Pentagon put out a press release recently
called, JASONS fear brain modified foes. In which they were talking about this technology in the hands of our enemies.

And what they were saying was we have to get at the forefront of this technology.

See, this is how we’re going to be forced into this. It’s not a matter of whether we should or whether it’s ethical.

We have to do it because if we don’t our enemies will and then they’re going to subjugate us to their will
and therefore because of that that’s why DARPA and other branches of the U.S. military and, of course,
SEPAC budgets, black budgets, things we don’t know anything about.

There are literally billions of dollars flowing now beyond congressional review into the development of super soldier technology
and other forms of exotic technology as a result of even what the JASONS are talking about.

So, there is this other side of this transhuman utopianism
that is very concerning to a lot of great minds and I can tell you that even on the ground now, already,
the parts that are already being played out are raising alarm bells.

For instance, the related science of genetically modified foods,
we are already finding out that by unnaturally crossing over species barriers
and creating potatoes that have moth genes in them and other variations of foods that these foods do things,
they have unintended consequences.

Test that are being done now in Britain where they’re raising
fields of genetically modified crops and down wind, the populations are developing respiratory diseases
that are unusual, that are starting to sky rocket. There had been suppressed scientific studies.

Arpad Pusztai is one famous case. His studies were supported by another independent scientist
by the name of Irina Ermakova, who was able to repeat what he did. What did he find?

He took rats and he forced these rats to eat genetically modified foods. They began developing tumorous cancers.

Their offspring came in at half weight and died at half life. This was all done in a laboratory setting
which was immediately being suppress by a giant corporation whose name I won’t mention,
but who literally stands to lose trillions of dollars in the future and therefore they are highly motivated to suppress these findings
and only because of Greenpeace and some others who have been involved in law suits
for over decade to force these documents to be made available to the public are we just now being made aware
of some of the things that are happening in the real world.

One of the test studies showed that they would put rats
in a cage and starve them and then they would place genetically modified potatoes here and natural organic potatoes here
and when they open cage doors the rats will run to the organic product and they won’t even eat the genetically modified crop
unless they’re starving and have no other options and then they’ll eat it, and you got to wonder what God’s little creatures know
about these products that we don’t know, but we very well could be opening a door to a molecular, biological nightmare.

To a crossover between humans and animals or genetic foods that probably, not for a decade will we really understand
what the impact on our health is going to be with some of this genetic modification.

But imagine now, extrapolate, what we already are finding about genetically modified crops
and there are many other stories that are now coming through into the news that show that genetically modified crops are leading to cancers in humans as well,
but where are genetically modified crops?

They’re everywhere. They’re in Kellogg’s cornflakes, genetically modified soyas
in food products in every store in the United States of America, this bear has already come through the door
and there’s no putting it back. So, now, we’re riding on the bicycle while we build it. The human population is the guinea pig.

We’re already doing the science and we’re waiting and see how it turns out in the future, but imagine when we now take that same approach to living sentient beings and now we have genetically modified animals
and genetically modified humans that are in the environment and they are crossbreeding
and interbreeding, one with each other, very quickly we could have a human form of mad cow disease.
If you’re sitting in a restaurant eating goat cheese that contains human DNA, we don’t know what the impact of that is going to be on a human. We certainly know what it did to cows and the kinds of brain diseases that it created in them
when they were eating their own DNA, when they were eating their own product. We just simply don’t know, prion contamination.

Wired magazine recently wrote a special article called “Pharm animals”,
P-H-A-R-M, Pharm Animals Crank Out Drugs, and the article was a positive spin on the developing pharmaceuticals
in transgenic animals. What the public doesn’t know is that the writer for Wired magazine
contacted me first and wanted me to be part of that special series at Wired magazine
because they had come across an article that I had written at WorldNetDaily, which was raising some cautions
about tinkering with God’s plan. So the writer, Elizabeth Svoboda contacted me.

I like what you have to say. “I want my article to be balanced for Wired magazine, would you be willing to send me some issues,
nutshells, some issues that you believe should be the cautionary side of this science.”

So, I did. I send it to Elizabeth Svoboda, about three weeks later when the article was published by Wired magazine
nothing I had said made it into the article. It was all positive about pharm animals. P-H-A-R-M.

So, I emailed Elizabeth and I said, “Well, I guess nothing I had said got written into the article.” She said, “No. Everything you said was in the article
and it got censored out by the editors at Wired magazine because they didn’t want the public to be bothered by these issues.

They wanted to put a positive spin on it.” Well, then I knew I went back and read the article and I knew she was telling me the truth because there was a particular line that I had used in which I said, “We might want to be careful tinkering with God’s plan.”

That’s a very specific phrase. When I went back and read the article I saw where a scientist by the name of Van de Lavoir said,
“Now, some people might say we shouldn’t be tinkering with God’s plan but…”
she said, “If we find a cure for cancer through a transgenic animal we won’t hear the public saying you shouldn’t be doing that.”

I didn’t do it but I wanted to email Ms. Van de Lavoir and say, “Have you watch the movie with Will Smith, ‘I am Legend’?”

Because that is exactly the scenario with which that film opens. You have a molecular biologist or geneticist
sitting in front of the television on somebody’s talk show saying, “We have found the cure for cancer.”

How did they find the cure? They merge human and animal DNA because some animals are more resilient to cancer
and out of that they created a vaccine and they vaccinated all of the earth and every celebrated
that we have found the cure to cancer. Now the scene changes and it’s two or three years down the road and almost all life on earth is dead, why?

The unintended consequence, a form of human rabies developed because something that was not natural to us,
now was bridged into our physiology by crossing over into the animal kingdom and by the way that is a very real
scientific possibility but it isn’t stopping anybody, we’re doing it anyway.

So, there definitely is two sides to this coin
in terms of what transhumanists are aspiring through the use of these new sciences, biotechnology, nanotechnology,
neuropharmacology they all have great ology names and ism names,
but what they may do is lead us literally in the fulfillment of biblical prophecy.