The Underground World – For Centuries Humans have gone underground to escape calamities – source – Audio and Text

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From ancient times when cultures built underground cities to escape global events like floods, ice ages, wars and a whole lot more. This has never ever stopped and world governments have a large number of them too. Battles occur within them too, as one of the following posts speculates. One post is a copy of a channels session on this subject with an alien group from Cassiopeia, who are supposed to look a whole lot like us. Another is a a group of articles by several researchers on the subject. I will add material later to this section.

Strange quakes – Good Guys against the Bad Guys?????

From the Cassiopeians channeled to Laura Knight-Jadczyk – This seqment gets steep and deep, both literally and figuratively

Researchers chime in


by Eric Blair
August 28, 2011

from ActivistPost Website

Spanish version

USGS Shakemap Image

My first thought upon hearing the news of the rare 5.9 magnitude earthquake in Virginia this week (August 2011) was that it was not a natural occurrence.

After all, no one has ever felt or even heard of such a powerful temblor happening in this area in a lifetime. As is usual for my cynical instincts, I hoped that I was wrong. However, several anomalies indicate that something is not normal with the Virginia quake.

First, I spend a lot of time in the “Ring of Fire” zone and have experienced numerous earthquakes.

By no means does this make me an expert, nor scientifically qualified to analyze earthquakes. But, as enthusiasts, we looked up every quake we felt over a five-year period – the size, epicenter location, depth, and so on, to get a general sense of placing how it “felt” relative to the official data.

I can categorically state that, of the dozen or so earthquakes that I’ve experienced, including a powerful 6.2, all of them started gently, none of them were over 50 miles away, all of them had depths of several kilometers, and the big ones seemed to have multiple aftershocks reported.

Again, I say this as an observer, not as a scientist, and I’m only providing this background simply to qualify my immediate skepticism.

Furthermore, curiously, the “Great Virginia Quake of 2011,” unprecedented in size and scope, should have grabbed the media headlines and discussion for weeks, but Hurricane Irene has all but wiped the earthquake off the weather map.

Even as all the storm measurements for Irene show that it will likely be a minor nuisance, maybe some flooding and power outages, multiple states of emergency have been declared, mandatory mass evacuations ordered, and the media is all too eager to spread the panic. You’d think the east coast of the United States was being invaded. It feels like a distraction, or perhaps a large but manageable live drill of some kind to make ‘heroes’ out of our politicians, and FEMA look like a ‘successful’ agency.

If this manic and surreal coverage of Irene is a deliberate distraction, the anomalies regarding the recent earthquake may have provided sufficient motivation for doing so.

Not to discount other establishment catastrophes that they may want to distract from at this critical time, like,

…but, if any discussion about the unusual nature of the earthquake was allowed one must ponder if some sort of manipulation was involved. The establishment will not permit such talk, apparently; hence the rapid about-face on earthquake coverage.

Below are six abnormalities about the Virginia earthquake that should warrant further investigation:

1 – Location

The location is the most obvious anomaly for such a powerful quake.

Although the area of the U.S. where the earthquake initiated sits on the edge of an ancient tectonic plate called the Craton Plate (below video), it is considered a relatively dormant or settled area.

In other words, it’s not a very active earthquake zone.


Therefore, any noticeable earthquake is unusual, let alone a 5.9 monster that was reportedly felt 500 miles away.

Furthermore, if one is inclined to believe that earthquakes can be manipulated, the epicenter occurring close to Washington D.C. (with all its sensitive military and government infrastructure) raises some suspicions.

Admittedly, that’s conjecture, but considering the following oddities it might be more believable by the end of the article.

2 – Unusually Shallow Depth

The initial hypocenter (depth) of the quake reported by the establishment media was, wait for it, wait for it, only 0.1 miles or about 528 feet (161 meters) deep.

That’s right, AFP announced the depth with certainty,

“The Pentagon, the US Capitol and monuments in the nation’s capital were all evacuated after the 5.9-magnitude quake, which was shallow with its epicenter only 0.1 miles underground.”

The depth was later adjusted to a more believable 3.7 miles (5.95 kilometers) beneath the surface.

Still, shallow-focus quakes usually only occur in areas abundant in seismic activity, like the ring of fire. And the depths of those shallow-focus earthquakes are usually in the tens of kilometers deep. The Earth’s crust in the Eastern U.S. where “the fault lines are more healed” is described by CBS News as “older and colder” than out West.

Which, according to Wikipedia, means it should have been a deep-focus earthquake with a depth ranging from 300 to 700 kilometers. Certainly not one barely below the Earth’s surface.

3 – Odd Seismograph Reading

A reporter from Press Core received an anonymous email from someone claiming to be in the U.S. Air Force that stated the Virginia earthquake,

“wasn’t a natural earthquake and not a HAARP earthquake.”

The reporter was instructed to find a seismograph of the Washington DC area earthquake and compare it to a past earthquakes and seismic readings of the alleged underground nuclear test by North Korea that resulted in a 4.7 magnitude tremor at a depth of zero.

Seismograph of Virginia quake in green

Washington and Lee University (85 miles from epicenter)

Press Core writes, the green lines indicate the blunt tremor that was felt in Washington D.C. and the black lines are a transparent overlay of a normal earthquake seismograph from a file from Virginia Division Mineral Resources on Earthquakes.

That file describes a typical natural occurring earthquake as:

When a fault ruptures, energy is released in the form of seismic waves. The first waves to reach the earth’s surface are primary or ‘P’ waves (Figure 2).

P waves are compressional waves that travel at a speed of about four miles per second near the surface – faster as depth increases. The next waves to reach the earth’s surface are secondary or ‘S’ waves.

S waves are shear waves that move at a speed of about 1.5 miles per second.

P and S waves are body waves that travel through the earth much like sonar waves travel through water. Surface waves, which are slower than S waves, travel along the surface of the earth much like waves at the surface of the ocean.

S waves and surface waves cause the most destruction at the earth’s surface.

The article concludes:

“What is missing from the seismograph for the Washington DC area 5.8 magnitude earthquake are the primary or ‘P’ waves. All earthquakes that are the direct result of fault rupture have these primary or ‘P’ waves. Nuclear detonations do not.”

4 – Distance Felt

As my introduction stated, I’ve never “felt” an earthquake whose epicenter was farther than 50 miles away. Of course, this doesn’t mean that it’s not possible, as clearly this was felt upwards of 500 miles from the epicenter.

The CBS article quoted above that referred to the crust as “older and colder” also uses that argument to explain why tremors were felt so far away:

“The East is far less seismically active – but when earthquakes do hit, that hard ground is far more effective at conducting the seismic waves. When you hit it, it rings like a bell,” said Christopher Scholz a professor of geophysics at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.”

This seems a bit contradictory given the shallow depth of the quake, but there may be some validity to the “bell” theory.

The fact remains, earthquakes whose effects travel long distances are uncommon, hence the reason for the CBS article about why the quake was so “widely felt.”

5 – ‘Remarkably Low’ Number of Aftershocks

Amy Vaughan, a geophysicist with the USGS Earthquake Information Center in Colorado told CBS News that,

“For the size earthquake that occurred, I think the number of aftershocks so far has been remarkably low.”

Don Blakeman, another geophysicist at the Earthquake Information Center, added,

“Typically, the larger the quake, the longer and the greater extent of aftershocks. Shallow earthquakes like the one in Virginia also tend to generate numerous aftershocks.”

The lack of aftershocks led the USGS to report that the Virginia quake may be just a foreshock of something larger to come.

A foreshock is an earthquake that occurs before a larger seismic event (the mainshock) and is related to it in both time and space. I’m not sure what this means other than it’s just another abnormality about this quake.


6 – Instantaneously Knocked Irene Off Course

Kevin Hayden and Glenn Kreisberg reported,

“Coincidentally, the time frame leading up to Virginia/DC/New York area experiencing freak seismic activity, Hurricane Irene begins to weaken and move off course, avoiding its initial path of Havana, inland Florida, the Carolinas, and eventually, the Washington, DC area.

The newly projected paths show that it may barely clip the eastern coast, if at all. Just as Ophelia did when it threatened the same region.”

Irene stalled and changed directions similar to Ophelia seen in the graphic provided below. Clearly, these types of drastic changes are not a natural path for hurricanes.

A few articles have speculated that HAARP earthquake weapons were to blame, in conjunction with manipulating hurricane Irene.

Indeed, when one knows even the basic capabilities of HAARP, this does not seem too far-fetched. Press Core seems to think the seismic data proves it was more similar to an underground nuclear detonation.

One thing is for sure, the mysterious characteristics of the Virginia quake seem to indicate that it was not a typical earthquake.

Underground Bases
Part I

This subject is rather “touchy” for a lot of reasons. The first time I was exposed to it, I rejected it outright as being pure “poppycock.” However, as I began to research in many other areas, particularly historical, I found that there are many things that not only tend to confirm this idea, but are explainable only in these terms. The historical work will be included in the “Grail Quest” series which is currently in process, so be sure to read all of it as it is posted in order to have a full background for all of the following information.

For the most part, this information was delivered during 1995 with a few of the last pieces in 1996 and 1997. We have not come back to the subject since that time, but we do plan to include it in a future session.

The material is presented chronologically (as it was received) and explanatory notes are inserted where necessary.

This was extracted from one of the earliest sessions in 1994. There were so many other issues on our agenda that we did not come back to it again for some time.

Q: (L) Why are there more abductions by the grays in the United States than in other countries around the world?

A: Government opened channel.

Q: (L) Are there alien bases in the United States?

A: Yes. New Mexico, Colorado, Off Florida, Appalachia, California.

Q: (L) Are these underground bases?

A: Yes. Also under water.

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Underground Bases
Part II

I did not necessarily believe the information about all these alien bases, but I was willing to suspend disbelief for the duration of the sessions if only to collect a large amount of data to analyze. About a year later, I had worked with some abductees who reported being taken to underground bases, or tunnel areas, where large laboratories were set up and some of the descriptions were so bizarre that I was pretty much incredulous. I had the idea that these were, in fact, screen memories to mask something much more prosaic. Some of the other group members were a lot more knowledgeable about the subject than I was, having read more extensively in the realms of UFO literature.

It seems that there was such a mass of confusing information on the subject that we wanted to just get to the “basics” and get “another opinion,” so to speak.

Q: (L) We want to know if there are really underground tunnels all over the place that many people have reported being taken to in alien abductions?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Do they predate humanity?

A: A few.

Q: (T) Are they equivalent of subway tunnels, to get from one place to another?

A: Okay.

Q: (L) How do they travel through these tunnels?

A: Electromagnetically.

Q: (T) Can individuals be transported through the tunnels without benefit of equipment? Or do they use some kind of gadgetry?

A: All of the above.

Q: (L) Who occupies these tunnels?

A: Various.

Q: (T) Are there still beings in there?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Are humans involved in this?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Were there humans involved in digging some of these tunnels?

A: Some.

Q: (T) Before that, there were other beings that were not human?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Are those other beings still down there?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Is this a worldwide network of tunnels?

A: No.

Q: (T) Where are most of the tunnels?

A: North America, since that is the “capitol” of STS, currently.

Q: (T) Are there other tunnel systems other than in North America?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Do any of the tunnels lead to Antarctica?

A: No.

Q: (T) Is there any way of getting to Antarctica through the tunnel systems even if you have to come to the surface occasionally?

A: Okay.

Q: (T) Is there some kind of underground base in Antarctica?

A: Yes. Eight.

Q: (T) Were any of those bases underground in Antarctica built by the Germans during World War II?

A: Sect. Remember, all is structured in cycles and circles. Circles within circles.

Q: (L) Masons?

A: One example of concept.

Q: (T) Jan and I have a friend who has told us about someone she knew who found entrances to tunnel systems in North America. One of the entrances was in the Airondacks, another was in the Mammoth cave system. Was what she was told true?

A: Yes, but there are thousands of entrances. Are you ready for a “shocker?”

Q: (J) Oh, you know we are always ready for a shocker.

(L) Sure!

 (T) Okay, give us the shocker.

(J) We’re ready!

A: There is a tunnel right beneath your feet!

Q: (J) I knew they were going to say that.

(L) How deep under our feet?

A: 2000 feet.

Q: (T) Is that tunnel being used?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Are there humans down there?

A: Have been, listen for sound anomalies such as loud sonic boom like noises and vague motorized sounds.

Q: (L) Is there any kind of electronic gadgetry down there causing my appliances to keep breaking down?

A: Maybe.

Q: (T) Is there an entrance to this tunnel underneath us somewhere in this area?

A: Near power plant.

Q: (T) Is that why the power plant is built there?

A: Related; old Nike base.

Q: (T) What direction does this tunnel run that is underneath us?

A: East – West.

Q: (T) The West ends at the power plant. Okay, where does the East end go?

A: Near Lakeland. Transfer point and redirector.

Q: (T) Is there another tunnel that comes into this tunnel, that intersects this tunnel?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Near Lakeland?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Is that what you are talking about; a transfer point?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Does that tunnel travel North/South?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Lakeland is in the center of the state.

(T) Where does it go? Are these side tunnels to a main tunnel that runs along the East coast?

A: All are interconnected.

Q: (T) So, it is like a subway or bus line? Is there a tunnel farther South of here?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) How far does the farthest South tunnel go?

A: Antarctica.

Q: (T) I was thinking about the military base.

(L) I would think that the tunnels bear no relationship to the structures under the surface except in certain instances.

(J) But, what got there first, the tunnels or the structures on the surface?

(L) Obviously the tunnels have been there for a long time, and perhaps, in certain instances a situation may be manipulated so that a specific structure is built to facilitate the tunnel usage, but the fact that Lakeland is built over it may not be relevant.

(T) There is no entrance to the tunnel system near Lakeland?

A: Yes. Phosphate plant. Mine.

Q: (J) Was the placement of this tunnel under our feet the reason Laura got this house?

A: No.

Q: (T) Does the placement of the tunnel underneath us have something to do with the channel?

A: Maybe.

Q: (T) Because of the greater EM underneath us; we are tapping into that EM energy?

A: Helps in offhand way.

Several months later we had a guest, my brother, who is retired from the Navy. He was curious about some strange experiences he had while on a “shake down cruise” of one of the new Aegis guided missle cruisers.

This series of questions led to some really STRANGE things…

Q: (L) Are all military personnel routinely abducted and studied by aliens?

A: No.

Q: (L) Are all military personnel routinely abducted and studied by the military itself?

A: No.

Q: (L) What is the classification that the person has to fall into in order to be abducted and studied by the military?

A: What makes you think “classifications” correlates with abductions?

Q: (TK) It’s not the classification, it’s…. It’s gotta be the type of person…

A: Yes.

Q: (TK) And how easy it would be to influence….

A: Of course. And many other factors.

Q: (TK) It would have to have something to do with what they could do for the abductors. I mean, they have to be in a position to help them…

A: Yes. STS. Vibrational frequency.

Q: (L) OK, so if the person has an STS vibrational frequency, that already predisposes them to abduction. Is that correct?

A: Some.

Q: (T) OK, that’s a factor. There’s more than one agenda involved with abductions. Are the military personnel that are being abducted, is that a specific agenda that is being followed?

A: Artificial classifications, such as military designations, are important to human groups only.

Q: (J) I’ve got a question. Isn’t it true that in order to become part of the military, you have to go through boot camp, the indoctrination to the point where you’re going to follow orders without questioning, and that that mind-set would lend itself more towards…

(TK) The Marines are about the only ones that even try to get people to follow orders without question any more. The Navy has all but given up on that.

(J) That’s interesting. I didn’t know that. I just assumed that all military.

(TK) Well, it’s not a time of war so it’s not necessary right now.

A: Yes. Some have always “faked” such blind allegiance anyway.

Q: (TK) I basically faked it, I…

A: You were not alone.

Q: (TK) Oh, yeah! There were a bunch of us. “Yeah, sure, tell us what to do. If it’s in our interest, if we’re going to stay alive, we’ll do it; if you’re going to kill us, forget it!” I used to tell them on the ship, that if those suckers ever catch me, I’m going to tell them everything I know. I said, they aren’t going to have to torture me long…

(T) Besides, when you torture me, I tend to scream a lot and not tell you too much, so I’ll just tell you and let’ s skip the torture.

(TK) So when I refused to go up for ESWIS, I was kind of an outcast, I wasn’t in the club anymore… Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist. This captain put it in such a way, he said, “Well, if you’ll work on your ESWS and get that pin, I’ll see to it that you get good marks and make chief…” , which to me was like saying, well, if you don’t do it, you’re not going to make chief. I said Sorry, bud! I don’t respond well to that kind of stuff.

(F) You would have set the service back a number of years.

(TK) That’s when I became an outcast from the club.

A: Not correct concept, not outcast, just deemed not SG material.

Q: (L) What’s SG?

A: Secret Government.

Q: (TK) Darn!

(J) You had your chance Tom, and you blew it!

A: There are several steps that must be followed to become part of the secret government. Viet Nam MIA’s, where do you suppose they are now?

Q: (TK) Have they been abducted?

(T) Some of them got blown up so badly that they couldn’t be found, so they were listed as MIAs, because they couldn’t mark them as KIAs (Killed In Action). Some of them are deserters, some of them… well, deserters would fall into several classifications, which I won’t bother getting into. Some of them went into the drug trade.

(TK) Some of them just decided they liked it better over there.

(T) Yeah, there’s that, and some of them, I would imagine, have been either abducted or swapped, moved into the secret government.

(L) Is all of this correct?

A: Yes. KIA’s… Are a Separate subject!! KIA’s, how many really were?

Q: (T) How many of the 60,000 really were killed? How many of them are listed as dead when they’re not? Intelligence…Are these some of the people working in these underground places?

A: Yes… Yes…Yes.

Q: (L) That’s where those personnel are coming from… their lives, they have died the philosopher’s death.

A: And many other places, times. etc…

Q: (TK) Wars all through the ages. How many are we talking about?

A: Since your imagination center is on low frequency tonight, suppose we have to spell it all out for you, W.W.II, 72,355, still alive where????

Q: (L) Is that the correct figure?…

(T) Now, wait a minute…

A: Yes.

Q: (T): That’s how many people the secret government has snatched up?

(TK) That’s out of something like 40 million casualties…

(F) Total People killed in W.W.II was 70 to 80 million…

(TK) Military casualties… . we’re not talking about just U.S. military, either, we’re talking about total, anybody….

(L) Still alive!

(T) That were supposedly killed in action…

A: Yes.

Q: (T): From all branches of the service.

A: Yes.

Q: (TK): These people aren’t aging; they’re still in action and ready to go…

A: Precisely, my friends!!!

Q: (J) OK, that’s just W.W.II…

(TK) How about Korea, Vietnam, etc…

(L) All right, what’s the figure from Korea?

(TK) What difference does it make?

A: 6,734.

Q: (TK) How about the Gulf War?

A: Yes. 55.

Q: (T): Yeah, there was about 55 thousand casualties in Korea, in the four years of Korea. Really it was 3 1/2 years in Korea. So 6,000, about a little over 10% of them aren’t really dead.

A: 23,469.

Q: (T) 23,000 of the 66,000…

A: Yes.

Q: (T): …are still alive?

A: Yes. Some are body duplicate soul receptacle replacements.

Q: (J) They have just around 100,000 with those three figures they gave us.

(T) Yes, we’re only asking about the U.S. How about others? Yes, you’re right, how about other military…

(J) We have no way of knowing. Have they ever released figures? We don’t know.

(TK) So, the underground bases, the Secret Government has a military right now, and it’s not just a military, these are elite. I’ll bet you, they’re elite. I mean, they’ve been recruited.

(J) They’ve been asked the question, and they said yes!

(T) Yes, this is not some guy hunking a gun in a foxhole just for the heck of it. These are specialists.

(TK) The CIA was siphoning people off in ‘Nam right and left.

(J) Oh, I’m sure they were.

(TK) This “New World Order” is about to come about. You know what, there isn’t any way to stop it. You can fight back and try to survive on your own, but there’s no way to stop the New World Order.

(T) The only way to get through this is the old Lao Tzu or whoever, the Chinese military philosopher, who said “The wheat stalk that survives is the one that bends with the wind.”

(TK): “Yes, I’ll do whatever you say.”

(T) There’s no way to stop it. All these people who are talking about going out and going to fight it, they aren’t going to fight it. They can’t. They can’t win.

(F) Well, they are already being diverted.

(TK) On top of everything else, these are the elite. I mean, these are the ones that have been recruited, and they are the elite. Now, most military organizations are going to fall right into this, because the government…. Admitted, there’s gong to be a lot of deserters from the military, I mean there’s some people, like, if I was in the m ilitary, and they started rounding people up in the U.S., I’d say, “Sorry, this is where I came in…”

(T) This is why this Koernke guy up in the Michigan militia group has been talking about the foreign UN troops, because the military, the government that’s ready to come into power, this one world government knows that you can’t subdue any country with their own troops.

(TK) It can’t be done.

(T) That’s why they’re sending American troops to all these other countries.

(F) And all the other countries are sending troops here.

(J) Well, what about the guy who wouldn’t put on the U.N. uniform?

(T) Yes, that was mentioned in the paper again today, in passing. This guy knew.

(TK) Well, really, the only thing a person can do is like you were saying, go with the flow… Basically, you’ve got to. Up to a point, at least.

(T) It’s easier to fight it by going with the flow than it is to fight it by going against it.

(F) Who is going to stand up in the line of fire and say “I refuse!” They’d blow him away…

(TK): What, if anything, can be done about this “New World Order?”

A: Too complex to answer, need specific questions.

Q: (T) Also, right now, if you’re considering survivalist groups, you have to keep in mind, they’re under attack right now.

(TK) Oh, yeah, the government’s after them.

(T) Between Oklahoma and this thing with Amtrak out in Arizona, militias are under heavy attack.

A: Being lead in to a trap.

Q: (L) I suspected that at one time. They’re all being led into a trap.

(T) Well, they’ve got guns right now…

(J) Maybe guns aren’t going to change anything…

A: Good intentions.

Q: (TK) Started off with good intentions… They’ve got to be infiltrated, and it’s been tainted at the very least.

(J) Maybe it’s the idea of putting all the ones together with the same mind set so you know where they are.

(T) Their usefulness to the One World Government people has come to an end. It brought the conservative grouping into power in this country.

A: Not yet.

Q: (TK) Their usefulness isn’t over yet, but…

(L) OK, in those terms, what is the single most important thing that we as individuals should focus on in order to prepare ourselves for whatever events may occur?

A: No single thing.

Q: (TK) Is what Terry was saying earlier, like the thing… with the reed bending and going with the flow, is that the idea?

A: Close. Watch, look, listen.

Q: (J) Got it, knowledge is power.

A: Alertness. Messengers are all around. Look, listen.

Q: (TK) Is it going to be necessary to stockpile supplies, or anything along those lines?

A: Third density.

Q: (L) Are there any Civil War individuals involved in this project, these underground tunnels or bases or whatever?

(T): KIA’s of the Civil War?

A: A few.

Q: (L) I think the point is who they are. Now, in the Matrix material, there’s a section extracted from the L. Ron Hubbard teachings that talks about technical abilities to jerk people’s souls out of their bodies, insert other souls, reprogram the memories, essentially that there is no congruency…

A: False.

Q: (L) OK, so the jerking out and the manipulating of souls as described by L. Ron Hubbard is false? In a general sense?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) OK, now, you said a moment ago that some of these bodies were used as receptacles, soul receptacles. When you say soul receptacles, do you mean soul receptacles for whom?

A: Replacements for dead bodies, i.e. duplicated.

Q: (L) So, in other words, they make replacements for dead people and put their souls in a replacement body, so that they can continue living on, is that it?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Do they ever use dead bodies and re-animate them and then put other souls in them?

A: No. For example: a soldier is KIA (Killed In Action), his body is duplicated, his soul is replaced into new body, then he is “reprogrammed for service” to aliens and S.G. (Secret Government)

Q: (L) Where does the new body coming from?

A: It is duplicate of old body. TDARM.

Q: TDARM is Trans Dimensional Atomic ReMolecularization

(T) Otherwise known in Star Trek as a ‘Replicator’.

(TK) Does somebody have to die in a certain way before they can do this?

A: No.

A: (TK): Is there a time limit on how long they can be dead?

A: No. Zero time.

Q: (T): Because there’s no time…

(L) They use the frequency vibration of the soul pattern, they take it into another density, use their TDARM technology to cause a molecular re-assembly; in other words, the atoms begin to whir and assemble around it in the pattern that it had before, and then it is a full-fledged body, and then they insert it back through the time doorway into 3D again. Is that correct?

A: Close.

Q: (T): Are all these KIA’s, are they dead KIA’s, when they go, that you were talking about? I mean, are they really dead?

(TK) Were they dead when this was done?

A: ?

Q: (T): OK, you said… let’s use Vietnam. You said there were 23,000 KIA’s of the 60,000 that actually were not killed in action. True? Yes?

A: Were killed, then reanimated.

Q: (L) We’re not talking about physical bodies here, are we?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) OK, there are some that were killed in action that the actual bodies were reanimated?

(J) As long as they weren’t blown up in a land mine, yeah.

(L) There were actually bodies that were actually reanimated, is that correct?

A: Some, but most were duplicated.

Q: (L) Now this leads to the immediate question: Is there some potentiality that is created by dying in a violent manner; i.e., in war, in an atmosphere of war, that makes one susceptible to this particular type of activity, as opposed to just people dying in an ordinary sense?

A: No.

Q: (T): No, because violent death like that, we have violent death all the time without being in a war; car crashes, fires, explosions…

A: War makes covert actions so easy.

Q: (T) Well, no, it’s not like car crashes, the violent part of it, I don’t think has anything to do with it. It’s just that the cover of a war, is easier to take the bodies.

(TK) They’re not wanting people to realize … They’re not wanting to just take them out of the graves, because if you did, it would be more noticed.

(T) These are real bodies, they were dead. In other words, the people were dead, they were taken, and reanimated, or…

(L) Were some of these bodies taken, like dead bodies of somebody who just died… were the bodies picked up, taken into another density for this remolecularization patterning?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) OK, so they had to have an actual body for the pattern.

(T) Was the original body…

(TK) Did they actually get the bodies before anybody actually…

(T) Before they were recovered, yes. Were the original bodies returned once the duplication was done?

A: More than one type of situation.

Q: (L) So, in other words, it could be sometimes, yeah, they were, and sometimes, no, they weren’t.

(J) It would be case by case.

(T) Were some of these supposed “killed in action’s” actually not killed? Were they still alive when they were removed?

A: All possibilities.

Q: (L) So this is in a sense a “crime of opportunity.”

(J) It’s a supermarket of opportunities.

(T) Some were just taken by the secret government when they were alive, some were dead and brought back in new bodies to continue on, and they were considered dead, but they’re all considered dead.

A: Taken by aliens, not SG. Secret Government aware to some extent, but not in control of operation.

Q: (L) OK, now this brings up the question about… We were told that there was, and this was… last week we asked about this thing about the death… and we were told that there was an impenetrable triple veil that prevents some of this “L.Ron Hubbard”‘ type of activity, that he describes happening. How can this be reconciled?

A: Time adjustment.

Q: (L) Does that mean that they know that they’re going to, and they go back in just before they die, or just at the moment of death, or…???

A: Close.

Q: (T): Now, what are the aliens doing with these bodies? With the humans that they replicate and duplicate and reanimate? What are they doing with them?

A: Serve them. Workers.

Q: (T) They’re slaves.

(L) Now, this leads me to a question that I have thought about asking on many occasions. In terms of finite numbers, how many of these STS aliens of any different group, or any combination of groups all together, do we have operating on this planet at the present time?

A: Specify.

Q: (L) OK, how many Lizzies are operating on the planet?

A: 300,000.

Q: (L) OK, how many Oranges?

A: 62,530.

Q: (L) How many grays?

A: 2,750,000.

Q: (L) This is not a pretty picture!

(J) No s**t.

(L) Are most of these inhabiting alternate dimensions or densities most of the time? I mean, it would be kind of crowded otherwise!

A: Back and forth. And others.

Q: (L) We have here some drawings of supposed alien servants. This one right here is called a Rigelian servant. It’s a proto-synthezoid, in other words, a cyber-genetic. Is this an accurate representation of this being, and does this being actually exist? Figure 1

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Well, that’s friendly. Now, this one here…

(T) Oh, lightning bolt man!.

(L) Does this one actually exist? This mutative clone form? (Figure 2)

A: Yes.

(Figure 2)

Q: (L) OK, now this one is a real pleasant looking fellow… (Figure 3)

A: Yes. Occupies Dulce base.

Q: (L) (Reading) “This is a cloned synthezoid form,” in other words a cybergenetic, “whose specific job is to act as controllers. They are plus or minus four feet tall.” This is, I think, your standard gray. It’s just that the drawing is kind of crappy- looking.

(T) Wait, the face… the eyes are smaller on the thing but the face is a lot like the one in the Autopsy film. OK, now, this is what they call a replica. (Reading) “They are proto-synthezoid form of human whose specific job is as a special outside agent. Observation: Face and body change shape at will.” This is like in the X-File thing where the guy… the shape changer. Is this a correct concept? Is this basically a… I mean of course you have to draw them in an ambiguous way… (Figure 4}

A: Close.

Q: (L) OK, these are the servants from Zeta Reticuli One… this is another version of the one. I would also assume that these are the servants at the Dulce base? (Figure 5)

A: No.

(Figure 5)

Q: (L) What are these guys?

A: Floaters.

Q: (L) OK, these are floaters.

(T) Floaters? As in how floaters?

(L) I would say it was like somebody in a job…

(TK) Trouble shooters, they go from place to place…

(L) OK, these are real friendly looking. .. I love these guys! The THROOB!

(T) Are these the little short stubby blues that Whitley was into…

(L) Plus or minus four feet tall… Yeah, I think so. It says here “They are originally from the Draco Constellation and their job is to complete research. They are plus or minus four feet tall. Are these accurately represented here, both in terms and drawing? (Figure 6)

A: Yes.

(Figure 6)

Q: (T): Are these the ones that Whitley Strieber has seen?

A: Maybe.

Q: (L) OK, now, the degenerative clone form, which is the bottom photograph, is this also an accurate representation? (Figure 7)

A: Close.

Q: (L) What is the color of the skin of these friendly- looking little guys?

A: Variable.

Q: (L) OK, I think there may be one more… Ha, ha! Are you guys ready for this one? This is a Cassiopaean!

(T) Well, I don’t think that’s a Cassiopaean!

(J) Let me see… Oh, lovely!

(T) Cassiopaea, I couldn’t find a star called Cassiopaea…

(L) There isn’t.

(T) Well, I know that.

(L) OK, this is one called a race of insectoids from Cassiopaea, whose specific job is genetic research. Is this an accurate description and drawing of this critter? (Figure 8 )

A: Yes.

Q: (T): Is Cassiopaea a star?

(L) No.

(T) What is Cassiopaea?

(L) It’s a constellation.

(T) I know it’s a constellation, but they say they’re from Cassiopaea. You can’t be from Cassiopaea…

A: Region.

Q: (L) Are these guys coming here?

A: All are already.

Q: (L) OK, hang on…

(T): What about the one below? What’s the one below?

(L) Well, that’s just a biological android. “The Nordics and Oranges normally use inorganic, high-tech servants.” Is this an accurate representation of an inorganic, high-tech… (Figure 9)

A: Yes.

Q: (T): What are all the hieroglyphics?

(L) It’s supposed to be one of their alien languages. What does this business say here?

A: Scrambled.

Q: (L) It’s scrambled. So it’s a combination of the various different languages they have back there.

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Somebody just put the various different symbols together, because it looks like two or three different languages. OK, well, that answered those questions.

(TK) Doesn’t seem to me like there’s too much to worry about…

(T) It’s all supposed to be fun!

(TK) Seems to me it’s something you’ve got to take as it comes, and deal with it!

A: Yes.

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Underground Bases
Part III

Q: (TK) Are we asking all the wrong questions here?

A: There are no such.

Q: (TK) But what can… are there questions you can ask, and answers you can get that will make a difference one way or the other?

A: Ask. Suggest more questions about the goings on at underground facilities. Jan and Terry were visitors involuntary when went to Albuquerque and Las Vegas!

Q: (J) Oh, really!

(T) We were in a front door of an underground base. We were in Carlsbad Caverns, and I know that there’s a government facility at the other end of it, and they won’t talk about it. You’re talking about Carlsbad?

A: Abducted.

Q: (T): When we were in Albuquerque?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) When we were in Las Vegas, also?

A: Met alien there. Barfly.

Q: (T): Ohhhhh…

(J) I know exactly what you are talking about.

A: Disguised humanoid gray species four. Rigelian. Orion union STS.

Q: (T) Why did he talk to us? Why did he approach us?

A: Spying on you and aural frequency reading, had you not been as strong, would have suffered permanent abduction because of your studies

Q: (L) What is there about strength that makes one inaccessible to permanent abduction?

A: Strength is of character, i.e. if STO candidate, not likely to be victim.

Q: (L) Not likely to be victim… OK, but what…. but what is the thing inside one that stops them… I mean, is this something that is a core ingredient of certain human beings? Is this like something inside them that blocks this manipulation and victimization?

A: Soul pattern.

Q: (L) So in other words, there is something about us, or within us, that literally they cannot touch or harm, is that correct?

A: Basically, but difficult to facilitate.

Q: (L) OK, in other words, this is something that is in us, that creates an inherent barrier, but not necessarily something that we can, at this level of density, reach in, grab out as a weapon, and wave around, as in facilitate?

A: Can, but intricate to do consciously.

Q: (L) Is this a state of focused awareness, whole body awareness, internal and external, basically whole body awareness…

A: Helpful.

Q: (L) Is there something we can do to develop this to the highest degree possible, while in these bodies, in this density?

A: Wait for 4.

Q: (L) Wait for 4? 4th density?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) It’s a “do”, it’s an involuntary, it’s there, it works when it needs to work. Is this the idea?

A: Network western experiences for learning purposes please. Knowledge is protection.

[Briefly, Terry related the story where he and Jan met the barfly at Vegas World, after having gone downtown to get their marriage license. They had taken a taxi to City Hall, and foolishly decided to walk back to the Strip, in 116 degree weather. They made it as far south as Vegas World, and stopped at the bar inside to cool off. Jan was close to heat prostration, and the barmaid gave her glasses of iced water and an iced towel to put on her neck.

They were getting ready to go back out and hail a cab back to Bally’s, when they were approached by the “Barfly,” who started asking all sorts of personal questions, and seemed to be acting drunk when he wasn’t really intoxicated. He became belligerent when Terry refused to show him his Florida drivers license, but switched to disorientation when Terry made the statement “We don’t have a problem here, do we?!” While staring the guy down and putting the force of his personality behind the question/statement.]

Q: (L) In this story that Terry has just recounted, what instant represents the turning point of resistance?

A: The statement.

Q: (T) “We don’t have a problem, here, do we?! Everything’s cool, everything’s OK! I’ll buy you a beer?”

A: Yes.

Q: (T): Because that’s when he got confused… He was escalating this to a point, and I don’t know, it just came to me that the best way to do this was to just stop it right there…

A: Grays and their associates are thrown off by energy flow diversions or thought pattern interruptions.

Q: (T) Another thing that comes to mind while I’m thinking about it, before it turned ugly, he was leading up to going someplace. He was leading up toward, “We ought to get together and go someplace.” I think that’s when I really shut the whole thing off.

(L) OK, now, in this episode where Terry and Jan were taken to an underground base, can you identify the location of the underground facility?

A: Socorro, NM

Q: (L) OK, what was done to them when they were in this underground facility?

A: Quick exam.

Q: (T) Which of the nights in Albuquerque was it we were taken?

A: Second.

Q: (T) We got there Friday afternoon, that would have been Saturday…

(L) Who was in charge of this base, this facility? What group?

A: Orion union STS.

Q: (T) Did we get taken to the base because we happened to be close by at the time when they grabbed us? Was it an opportunity for them?

A: Close.

Q: (T) Did they know we were coming out there?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Why did they follow up with a spy afterwards?

A: Test.

Q: (T) You mean that what they were looking at was to see whether we were STS or STO?

A: Partly.

Q: (L) And if they had been permanently abducted at that point in time, what would have happened to them?

A: Body part utilization.

Q: (TK) Basically, what that means is that you wouldn’t have been any good to them as a person, but the parts would have been all right.

(L) I do have an idea about that. Is this what Michael Topper was writing about in his article where he talks about the “obedience factor” of the STS? If they can get you to obey something, you have given your permission?

A: Close.

So, that was a lot of information to digest at one time. But, we came back to it again briefly not long after.

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Underground Bases
Part IV

Q: (L) The other night, when we were talking about the underground laboratories and the taking of the MIA (Missing in Action) and KIA (Killed in Action) individuals from W.W.II, that would seem to imply that the underground tunnel system and the alien activity has been going on there has been going on a lot longer than since 1947, is this correct?

A: Yes, but in much less intensive form.

Q: (L) OK, it’s gotten a lot more intensive since 1947 or thereabouts. Well, the thing that I want to know: is there any relationship between these underground laboratories and facilities and our cultural concept of Hell

A: Not in such a simplistic sense.

Q: (L) Well, I’m just curious as to whether the concept of Hell being underground, where people were tortured and worked on and all kinds of miseries going on arose from some people who escaped from, or psychically intuited…

A: Link, but not unified.

Q: (L) Is there a Hell?

Q: (L) What I want to know, is this tunnel that’s under the house, which you have said is straight down under my house, is it a tunnel… is there like a laboratory under the house, or is it just a tunnel that’s used for traveling from one facility to another?

A: Closer to latter.

Q: (L) Does the tunnel under my house go to Anclote base?

A: The base at Anclote is a Portal.

Q: (L) One of the abductees I worked with gave some interesting information under hypnosis. I suggested to here that she could travel a mind link to read the minds of the aliens, and ask them, or inquire of them what the purpose of the implants were, the response she got was that it was like connecting a bunch of speakers, and once all the speakers were connected, then the stereo was turned on. What does this mean?

A: Unit group mind. Activation.

Q: (L) So what will happen when they, as she said, turn on the stereo?

A: Wait ands See.

Q: (L) Well, earlier today I was thinking to myself that they way I feel right now must be very similar to the way animals in the forest feel on the opening day of hunting season. I mean, it’s like every so many thousands of years, it’s hunting season on planet Earth.

A: You are aware, 2nd density is not.

Q: (L) Is it still, in a sense, like hunting season? Are they just here… I mean, according to this Matrix material, they plan on decimating our entire planet, either with disease, or taking over their bodies…

A: Some is disinformation.

It was about six months before we came back to the subject, and again, my brother was a guest. And, again, the information was startling. We had another guest, a friend who had spent some time in Army Intelligence many years prior to this time. I have to say in advance here, that my level of “acceptance” of incredible material was stretched to the limit in both the previous session and this one that follows!

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Underground Bases
Part V

Q: (L) One of the things we talked about the last time Tom was here was the underground base issue and military interference in civilian affairs and civilian interface with military affairs. One of the questions we were dealing with was the use of warfare to create situations in which bodies could be taken…

A: Warfare has many “uses.”

Q: (L) Could you list for us some of the most common uses of warfare?

A: Generation of environment to facilitate inconspicuous replacement of gene pool. Factors in paradigm shift through stimulation of conception activity, replacement of key personnel according to frequency vibration pre-readings…

Q: (L) ‘Replacement of key personnel according to frequency vibration pre-readings…’ Okay: do you mean to say that war…

A: Creates “environment” for unnoticed genetic modifications because of greatly heightened exchange of both physical and ethereal factors.

Q: (L) What do you mean by “replacement of key personnel?” Key personnel according to whose definition?

A: 4th density STS.

Q: (L) Are these key personnel human?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) When you say replacement, do you mean something as simple as someone dying, such as a head of state, and being replaced by another person who comes to power? That would be the simplest scenario that would fit this explanation.

A: Your scenario is not simple.

Q: (L) I mean simple in terms of the machinations…

A: Both.

Q: (L) Would it also be that key personnel could also be replaced as in duplication as you have described previously?

A: Yes. And removing to secret activity realm. Enough wars have taken place to effectively create entire new “underground race” of humans, both from direct capture followed by “reeducation,” and spawning activity using these persons and others.

Q: (L) What do you mean by spawning activity?

A: Those captured have reproduced offspring, these never having seen your world.

Q: (L) Are you saying…

(TK) They have given birth and these children have never seen our world…

(L) How can an entire race of people, or groups of people, live under the surface of this planet, without the whole 6 billion of the rest of us on top, or at least a large number, realizing that there is anything going on? This is so wild an idea…

A: No. How much space exists underground, as opposed to that on the surface?

Q: (L) A lot, I suppose. You aren’t saying that the earth is hollow, are you?

A: No, not exactly.

Q: (L) Well, how deep is the deepest of these underground cities?

A: 3,108 miles.

Q: (L) That’s pretty deep! But wouldn’t it be too hot at that depth?

A: No. Temperature averages 68 degrees F.

Q: (TK) That’s pretty comfortable!

(L) How do they have light?

A: Magnetic resonance.

Q: (L) Well, aren’t they subject to being crushed by earthquakes?

A: No, earthquakes are not felt deep underground!!

Q: (TK) Is any of this under the ocean?

A: Yes.

Q: (TK) Well, we’ll never explore all of what is under the ocean.

(L) It just staggers the mind to think about it. What do they want these people for?

A: To replace you.

Q: (TK) And why? Because they can control them better. Right?

A: Completely.

Q: (L) Do these people being bred and raised in these underground cities have souls?

A: Yes, most.

Q: (TK) Are they just like us only raised differently?

A: More complicated than that.

Q: (L) How long have they been doing this?

A: 14,000 years, approximately.

Q: (L) If they have been doing it that long, obviously the ones they have taken at the beginning have croaked and are of no use to replace anybody on the earth unless they have been replacing people from time to time for various reasons…

A: No, their technology makes yours look like Neanderthal by comparison! Hibernation tubes… One heartbeat per hour, for example.

Q: (TH) That means that for every year we live, they would live 4200 years…

(L) Does any of this have anything to do with that crazy pit at Oak Island where you have said a Remolecularizer is buried?

A: In an offhand way.

Q: (L) How do we fit into all of this?

(TK) We don’t!

A: You have been the “preparation committee.”

Q: (L) What have we been doing? Is it part of the plan for us to destroy the planet, destroy the ozone layer, pollute the seas and so forth to make it more habitable for them?

A: Those things are inconsequential and easily repaired.

Q: (TK) With their technology, they can fix all of that.

(L) This is really horrible, you know! To think of all this…

(TK) Apparently, from what I am understanding, they can’t just come in and wipe us out and replace us, because the ‘rules’ won’t allow it.

A: Yet the natural cycles within the framework of the natural order of things will allow all these things to fall into place.

Q: (L) Is there some law within the realm of these beings, sort of like the law of gravity, that prevents them from just coming in and taking over?

A: No.

Q: (TK) I don’t think it is like the law of gravity…

A: What “law” is there that inhibits you from manipulating 2nd density beings at will?!?

Q: (L) Well, I don’t go out and deliberately hurt or manipulate anything or anybody.

(TK) Of course, in our handling of these ‘critters,’ we are conserving them in some ways so that we will have an ongoing food supply… I think there are rules to the game. It’s like a chess game. They can’t just come in and change things, it has to progress in some way. But, there are loopholes and they can sneak in and manipulate and get away with some things…

(TH) Then, there aren’t rules – there are just guidelines.

A: Two important points there: 1) When we said “you,” we meant 3rd density collectively. 2) You missed our statement about the natural cycle and order of things almost completely. We suggest you reread and ponder… Also, what if your race is manipulated to destroy yourselves, or, just hang around until the next natural cataclysm?

Q: (TK) Well, it seems like there is another side that is trying to prevent them from gaining control.

(L) Well, from what I understand, the only thing the good guys are able to do is, because of free will, they have to wait to be asked for help, and the only they thing they can really do is give information.

(F) Well, this is valuable if used by the right people at the right time.

(TK) You have to come up with the right questions, too. You have to have enough information to be able to come up with the right questions. I am sure the information is there. You have one group with all these people underground and they want to take over the planet. This group likes being 4th density – they don’t want to advance. They want to block advancement. Then, you have the group that want to advance, they want the natural order to proceed. This negative group wants to stay there and keep everyone they can there.

(L) And because they deplete themselves and diminish in numbers, they keep having to supply their needs and existence.

(TK) If, by some odd chance, the earth is the only place where people come to advance, then sooner or later it is going to stop, if these other guys take over, then it will just stop… implode.

(TH) I know! The earth is a 4th density theme park!

(L) We already thought of that… we all have an ‘E’ ticket ride! Is what I am saying close to the truth?

A: Yes. Total truth is elusive.

Q: (TK) So, what I said was the gist of what is going on here. So, we have to figure out what we are supposed to do so that the earth can be maintained…

A: You will do what you will do.

Q: (TK) This is true.

A: Do you, in general, control 2nd density beings on earth?

Q: (L) Yes.

A: So, what is “fair” about that?

Q: (L) Nothing.

A: Okay, so what is the difference?!?!???

Q: (TK) So, basically, we control 2nd density, and 4th density controls us. There are the good guys and bad guys.

(L) And we will do what we will do. Either we choose to align ourselves with the good guys, or with the bad guys.

A: It’s up to you.

Q: (TK) However, if too many people align themselves with the bad guys, then the balance tips in their favor, and there is no more advancement, so there has to be education so that people will know…

A: Tom, you are close, but you are missing the point.

Q: (L) What is the point?

A: The point is, there “has to be” nothing. You will do what you will do. You choose. We have told you this repeatedly, but you still suffer from self-centered perspective.

Q: (TK) Everybody is worried about themselves. They all want to be saved and not worry about others.

A: More to the point, everybody in an STS realm views themselves as somehow “special, chosen, or protected.” This is simply not so!!

Q: (TK) What is going to happen, is going to happen. The people…

A: The body does not matter. It is the soul that either progresses or digresses!

Q: (L) So, in other words, we could just sit around and live our lives and have a good time and not worry about a damn thing. It’s our choices?

A: Yes.

Q: (TK) The point is it’s going to happen…

A: But, nobody is there to intervene on your behalf as many would like to believe.

Q: (L) So, we are here on this planet, and we will either make it or we won’t, just like Dorothy and Toto in Oz, based on our own ability to figure it out, to overcome the odds, the witch, monkeys and soldiers…

(TK) Maybe what they are trying to do is give people the information, or make the information available so that people can make the choice, do they want to stay…

A: We are not “trying” to do anything. We are here to answer questions if asked. We cannot interfere.

Q: (TK) Yes, the non-interference idea is pretty clear and understandable. So, they cannot interfere…

A: And, even when we answer, you may not believe, it is up to you!

Q: (L) So, we are really on our own!

A: You always have been, and so have we, and all others, too!!

Q: (TK) I guess then, it is a matter of asking the right questions so that you will know what course of action to take. I mean, do you want to advance? Do you want to go to 4th density? Or do you want to go higher? Or do you want to stay here? How can you make an informed choice if you don’t know the true conditions and what your options are?

(L) Is it that the religions that have been generated and foisted on the human race, have been designed to give people a feeling of complacency or faith in something outside themselves, and that this prevents them from seeking knowledge, opening their eyes, facing the facts of their existence, and therefore keeps them in bondage?

A: It’s just obstacles, as always. You employ those too, for your 2nd density friends!!

Q: (TK) What state of mind do you have to have to want to advance?

(F) Well, you know you are on the path when you can see that the words don’t match the facts of life. Think of all the people you have met with whom you may have had a philosophical conversation. How many will say: Oh, all I need is the Bible. That’s all I pay any attention to.

(TK) I don’t have many philosophical conversations with people because I rarely agree with anything that is said.

(F) Well, you must have decided on this because you tried it and found it didn’t work.

(TK) I have a real problem… yes, the Bible has been around for a long time, and religion has been around for a long time… but I have a real problem believing something that is so obviously produced by humans with agendas of their own!

(F) But most people that you tell that to will say: Oh, no! People didn’t write the Bible, God did! Or, they could be a complete atheist and believe only in the religion of science.

(TK) I believe that a person is supposed to live by rules and treat people with respect and honor life… and some of the ideas of religion are good… but they just go over the edge.

(F) That is how they suck people in. Mix lies with the truth.

(L) Yes, a lie sandwiched between two truths makes it easier to swallow.

(F) Yes, if it was ALL false, the vast majority of people would have figured it out immediately. Or, very quickly.

(TK) The vast majority don’t care. They just want to be led like sheep. They don’t want any responsibility.

(F) And what happens to the vast majority of cattle? They munch away in their pasture until time to get in the truck to go to the butcher.

(TK) Well, after all my years in the military, I have gotten to the point that I just don’t trust anybody with authority.

(F) And, if you talk to the religious types, they will say: Oh, I don’t have any answers… I just follow the Bible.

(L) Not only do they not have any answers, they don’t have any questions, either. And, I think that is the clue. The people who are still asking questions after wading through all the religions and mystical mumbo-jumbo. The ones who think they have found the ultimate answer are – well – lunch!

(TK) The whole purpose of life, it seems to me, is to obtain knowledge and advance. You are stuck on this level until you figure it out. But what are you supposed to figure out?

(L) I think that the knowing is the doing.

(TH) “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” It’s in the Bible!!!

(L) Is the knowing the key?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) I think that knowing changes your frequency. Is that true?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) The acknowledging and the seeing?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) What did they tell us once… it’s not where you are, but who you are and what you see that counts.

(TK) So, we aren’t gonna change what happens. There is no way we can have any appreciable effect on the underground armies… it is just a matter of changing ourselves and whoever else we can share with.

A: Correct, the cow has no effect on the health of the livestock industry…

Q: (TK) The cow has no effect on the herd. One cow doesn’t… or even a lot of cows.

(F) But there might be one or two cows that follow one that breaks out of the herd.

(TK) Yes, you might be able to affect somebody else’s life, but not the whole group. So, worrying about the underground stuff, is immaterial.

(L) But, knowing about it is.

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Underground Bases
Part VI

This next extract is interesting because the guest present was an abductee/hypnosis client. This woman was, in fact, my “first” abduction case as described in “Amazing Grace.” At the time, as described, I was VERY skeptical of UFO/Alien possibilities. During the session, as it turned out, numerous flying black boomerangs were sighted in my area, including one that must have been right over my house.

After the session in question, P never scheduled another. She was so skeptical herself, even after hearing herself describe something anomalous on video tape.

Several years went by, and I had lost complete touch with her until one day I wanted to have some booklets copied and I stopped in a local print shop that I had often patronized. I was completely surprised to learn that P had recently purchased the business! We renewed our acquaintance and, since the booklets I wanted copied had to do with “alien” issues, we began to discuss it again. It was at this point that she revealed that her husband, who she had only previously described as “retired,” was a physicist who had been employed by the U.S. Government. P, herself, had been employed by the government as well and claimed to have had a security clearance of some sort.

After bringing her up to speed as to the events of our lives after the fateful night she was under hypnosis in my house, she asked to attend a session and the following is the result.

Q: (L) Now, with all of us here, we would like to ask why the black, flying boomerangs showed up on the night P first came for hypnosis? The first thing we thought about it was that this was a, if not necessarily rare, at least rarely observed type of craft, and the event itself was rare… is this correct?

A: It is rare.

Q: (L) If it is rare for it to occur in response to a hypnosis session, which person were the UFO’s particularly interested in?

A: It was not a person, but information that is hidden in the subconscious memory of P. To monitor what would be revealed.

Q: (L) They wanted to see if anything would be revealed about their abductions of her?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Okay, since she is here, can we ask who abducted her?

A: Grays.

Q: (L) How many times has she been abducted?

A: 4. Snow scene was only 3rd density abduction. Abduction which occurred there was strictly physical.

Q: (L) Okay, the abduction that occurred in the snow was a physical abduction. Perhaps the others were not.

A: The others were 4th density. 3rd density abduction only occurs rarely, and is of great import.

Q: (P) Was my son, who was accompanying me, also abducted?

A: Frozen.

Q: (L) Why did they want Pat so bad that they would take her physically?

A: Do you have any ideas?

Q: (L) Yes, I have ideas. Maybe Pat has ideas and knowledge that she could access that would expose these beings?

A: But real reason is more fundamental. Government proximities!

Q: (L) Oh! Someone was telling me earlier that people who are connected to someone working for the government tend to be abducted more. But, just because P was married to a scientist who worked at JPL doesn’t mean she knew anything. Does she know something?

A: Not what she knew. Because of proximity to Consortium activity. Implanted for possible future activation.

Q: (P) Was this related to what was going on under the mountain?

A: Not locator, personnel are factored.

Q: (L) Okay, it is not where you were so much as who you were in contact with.

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Was it her husband?

A: Perhaps.

Q: (L) Maybe that is why there is a higher rate of abduction among family members of government employees, so that they can be activated or controlled?

(P) But my husband wasn’t really working on anything secret.

A: He had access to sensitive facilities.

Q: (L) Did he have a security clearance or was he friends with others who did?

(P) I had a security clearance.

(L) So, P had an implant put in. An actual, physical implant. Where is it?

A: Behind sinus cavity.

Q: (L) What is this implant designed to do?

A: Activate behavioral control reflex and thought pattern generation and alteration.

Q: (P) Is that why I can’t remember anything?

A: Some.

Q: (L) So, can I say that this UFO appeared over my house on the night P was under hypnosis, to reinforce the implant so that she would not be able…

A: To monitor.

Q: (L) If P had revealed the details of her abduction, would there have been any repercussions?

A: Not in this case.

Q: (L) So, if P had gone to anyone for hypnosis, these craft would have appeared?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) You have already told us that this is extremely rare. What else was unusual?

(P) Does this have anything to do with Camp David?

A: Not the issue, its personnel!

Q: (L) Was it that she knew someone or interacted with someone in particular?

A: Many others!

Q: (P) Do the planes have anything to do with it?

A: It is up to P, the extent she wishes to retrieve and divulge, the many unusual experiences that were met, by P, with unusual indifference.

Q: (P) The first thing unusual was the geographic location of our house. Directly West of us was the mountain that housed all the communications to be used in the event of nuclear war. We were 13 miles North of Camp David. And, while we lived there, many, many things took place at Camp David that were of global significance. And, we built a barn in 1982 and had bought the house in 1976, and never, in all the years that I lived there, did I ever notice these planes until we built the barn. If I had a stick in my hand, I could have touched them, that’s how low they flew. Right over my barn. The same day every week. And there was always two of them, and they never had a single marking on them. And, they were propeller planes. And I wondered: what in the hell is this country doing flying planes, unmarked, propeller driven, and so low, over this area? This continued until we moved from that house. So, these planes came twice a week from 1982 until 1989.

(L) What were these planes? Well, after the first couple of times, I sort of just said: “Well, there are the planes.” So, what else is new?

A: Indifference.

Q: (P) I thought the planes had something to do with the mountain. Did they?

A: Maybe.

Q: (P) We knew they were flying under radar. Now, that I am thinking about this, nobody else ever talked about these planes. It was like we were the only people that ever saw them, or people who were at our house saw them too. My best friend who lived right up the road never saw them. I asked her: “Did you see the planes?” and she said “What planes?” I mean, she was seven acres away and nothing in between!

A: Unusual experiences mount!

Q: (P) V also noticed these things and he would always say – he was less indifferent than I was – he would say: “what in the hell are those planes and what are they doing?” Well, it didn’t affect MY life, except that I was damn mad that it upset my horses. But then, the horses got used to them too, and they became indifferent! [laughter] Well, they came so often, twice a week – “it’s Wednesday, the planes will be here!”

A: More… continue probing…

Q: (P) The planes came from East to West, and in the West was the mountain…

A: Catoctin.

Q: (P) That is the name of the mountain. The tunnel where all these facilities were… under Catoctin Mountain. Camp David is near, too.

A: And MUCH ELSE! Mount Weather, Virginia. And why did you live in area… helicopters?

Q: (P) Is it because of Fort Detrick?

A: What brought you to Maryland?

Q: (P) Fort Detrick.

(L) What does Mount Weather mean?

(P) The underground tunnel – everybody in town called it The Tunnel – but there was nothing around there to ever give anybody the slightest clue as to what it was. In fact, I lived there for quite a long time before I knew it existed. And, on top of the mountain there was a weather station…

(P) V was doing electron microscopy – cancer research.


Q: (P) It was a photographic lab.

A: Helicopters, Pat? We are asking you!

Q: (P) Well, the helicopters in Frederick went over our house every time the president was at Camp David. But, that was our house in Walkersville not in Emmetsburg. When we first moved to Maryland. Sometimes the helicopters were unmarked…

A: You see, P is resistant due to experiences, things don’t “phase” her easily, programming, etc.

Q: (L) So, all of these things happening around her, the planes, the mountain, the helicopters…

(P) But the helicopters, I knew it was the President either going to or coming from Camp David.

A: Resistant, not resisting.

Q: (L) Is the term “resistant” a clue?

A: All is a clue here!

Q: (L) Since P has only been abducted 4 times, can this mean that she is resistant to that?

A: No.

Q: (P) Isn’t that just my personality, that if it doesn’t affect me I don’t bother with it?

A: Yes.

Q: (P) I don’t get bothered about things that…

A: Shoot somebody in front of P, and she says: “Oh well, that’s life” so, to discover spectacular things, one must be patient and probe carefully, no hasty assumptions, please!! There is to be retrieved, revealed, studied.

Q: (P) Well, the helicopters went back and forth to Camp David. The President was supposed to be in them. And his entourage. There was only 3 helicopters.

(L) Are these the helicopters referred to?

A: No. Let P digest it, and report back later.

Q: (L) At the time we had all those sightings around here on the night we did that session with P, why did so many other people see them?

A: Window was “blasted.”

Q: (P) I would like to know about the apparitions of the Virgin Mary at Conyers, GA, as well as this book “Mary’s Message to the World” and all the other messages about the End Times that are coming out all over?

A: The forces at work here are far too clever to be accurately anticipated so easily. You never know what twists and turns will follow, and they are aware of prophetic and philosophical patternings and usually shift course to fool and discourage those who believe in fixed futures.

Well, needless to say, this whole session REALLY spooked P!

About a year later, the subject of underground bases came up again in a slightly different context.

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