The Strange Case of the Alleged Apollo 20 Mission to the Dark Side of the Moon to Investigate what appeared to be a downed spacecraft- Audio and Text

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This is one very strange case. Supposedly, the crew of Apollo 20 gained access to the craft and discovered crew and they looked remarkably human-like. One was photographed and the pictures appear on the internet.


Exopolitical Comment #51
Did the USA/USSR Fly a Secret Joint Mission to the Moon in 1976

To Investigate a Crashed Extraterrestrial Mothership?
by Michael E. Salla, Ph.D
Kona, Hawaii
June 26, 2007

from Exopolitics Website


Luca Scantamburlo, an Italian UFO researcher, has published online an interview he conducted with a whistleblower claiming to be a former astronaut on a secret mission flown by NASA and the Air Force Space Command to the moon in August, 1976. The alleged mission was titled Apollo 20 and was a joint US and Soviet mission that followed by just over a year the joint Apollo-Soyuz 1975 mission. The Apollo 20 mission filmed the dark side of the moon where a very large extraterrestrial vehicle appeared to lie wrecked on the moon’s surface.

This ‘wreckage’ was first captured on film by Apollo 15 in 1971 which shows a moon panorama with what appears to be a large elliptical object on the moon’s surface in an official NASA photo.

blow up on right of AS15-P-9630 – original below

Apollo Image Atlas
Image Collection: Panoramic
Mission: 15
Magazine: P
Revolution: 38
Latitude / Longitude: 19° S / 117.5° E
Lens Focal Length: 24 inch
Camera Altitude: 117 km
Sun Elevation: 27°
Stereo Pair: AS15-P-9625
Film Type: 3414
Film Width: 5 inch
Image Width: 45.24 inch
Image Height: 4.5 inch
Film Color: black & white
Index Map

The alleged Apollo 20 mission comprised three astronauts:

  • William Routledge and Leona Snyder – both from Bell Laboratories and employed by the USAF but not officially part of the US astronaut corps
  • Alexei Leonov – first man to walk in Space and Soviet Commander on the 1975 Apollo/Soyuz Mission

The mission was launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. There was an alleged moon landing by Routledge and Leonov wherein the crashed vehicle was entered and found to be an ancient mothership. A dead EBE female was also found who was well preserved in some protected layering.

The whistleblower, “William Routledge“, began in April of this year to upload hours of film footage of the secret Apollo mission on to YouTube video. Scantamburlo investigated some of the videos and had them analyzed by Italian film experts who concluded they were authentic. He then contacted Routledge to conduct an interview by email correspondence.

Scantamburlo is a well respected writer/journalist in Italy that has commented on many UFO cases and conducted a number of investigations that have been published in Italian UFO magazines. My own knowledge of Scantamburlo is that he is a very competent and thorough UFO researcher who first came to my attention due to his efforts to verify the Vatican’s involvement in extraterrestrial affairs and discussions between Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan to form an alliance against a possible extraterrestrial threat.

Scantamburlo’s report on Routledge demonstrates a sincere effort to verify a number of the details provided by Routledge who supplied much information about the secret mission and his own background. Scantamburlo’s overall conclusion is that Routledge’s testimony and film footage are genuine, and that a secret Apollo 20 mission did indeed go to the moon.

I recommend that all take Scantamburlo’s analysis and conclusions very seriously. Scantamburlo’s report and interview can be read far below. I also recommend viewing some of the Youtube videos uploaded by William Routledge (see below).


The one to begin with is the following:


My own view at the moment is that it is very possible that such a secret Apollo mission went ahead to explore the wreckage first discovered in the Apollo 15 wreckage. It would have made sense for that to be a joint US-USSR mission, that followed the joint 1975 mission. Routledge’s account of his background as a Foreign Technology expert and recruitment by the USAF to fly on the mission is credible given the Apollo 15 photograph.


It would make sense that exploration of a crashed ETV would need to be investigated by someone with expertise in foreign technologies. Routledge has also given much information about his work background and credentials online for verification purposes. His background and credentials can be checked and the other individuals mentioned on the Apollo 20 mission can be interviewed for their responses to his allegations.

There are two inconsistencies I find in Routledge’s testimony. First, the Apollo 20 insignia that is shown in a number of his films only show the names of the three astronauts (Routledge, Synder and Leonov) and the name of the Apollo mission. This is inconsistent with the 1975 insignia of the joint Apollo-Soyuz mission which had both the ‘Apollo’ and ‘Soyuz’, and the names of the three astronauts/cosmonauts on them (image right).

The second
inconsistency concerns what was revealed by another whistleblower, Ingo Swann in his book Penetration. Swann revealed that he had been secretly recruited by a covert intelligence agency to remote view artifacts on the dark side of the moon in 1975. He discovered extraterrestrial artifacts and extraterrestrial entities on the moon. Swann deduced from what he had been told that there was a concerted effort to gather intelligence using remote viewing since physical access to the moon had been curtailed. Presumably, the extraterrestrials declared that no further moon landings would be allowed.


This according to Swann (and a number of other whistleblowers) is the real reason why the Apollo moon missions were quietly terminated after the 1971, Apollo 17 mission.

If Swann’s experience and conclusions are correct, then this does appear to be inconsistent with Routledge’s testimony that a secret Apollo 20 mission was allowed to go ahead and land on the moon to explore an extraterrestrial artifact. Combined with the first inconsistency, this could lead to the conclusion that Routledge’s testimony and videos are a sophisticated hoax to deceive the public.

On the other hand, if proven to be true, Routledge’s video evidence and testimony may be the final straw that breaks the camel’s back concerning UFO secrecy. His testimony, background and film footage can be confirmed. The Apollo 15 photograph of the alleged alien vehicle is genuine and does point to an object that could have been the focus of a joint US-USSR secret moon mission. The reasons for Routledge’s disclosure may be as he claims that he wants to divulge the truth for the “wonder of it all”.


He also commented that that UFO sightings will increase dramatically in September 2007 and this will speed up disclosure efforts considerably. Routledges comments and revelation suggest that he continues to have access to a benign faction within the extraterrestrial management system that desires official disclosure, and that events associated with September 2007 and 2012 will force disclosure.

If Routledge’s background, testimony and film footage prove to be true, and simple answers are found for the two inconsistencies above and any others found, then this will lead to an escalation of public disclosures. More officials will recognize that the secrecy system is imploding and will wish to be on the winning side of history as that part of the government that played a proactive role in preparing the public for disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence.


If Routledge’s testimony is proven to be a sophisticated hoax, this may nevertheless signify an attempt to raise the public’s awareness of extraterrestrial life through partially valid information.


I recommend considering Scantamburlo’s report due to the possibility that this is a genuine disclosure of a secret mission to investigate an ancient extraterrestrial mothership first identified in a photo taken during the Apollo 15 moon mission.





Update on Secret Apollo 20 Mission

From: Exopolitics
06/28/07 10:39:38
To: Exo-Institute-News; Exopolitics Institute;;
Subject: [exopolitics] Update on Secret Apollo 20 Mission

Update to Exopolitics Comment #51

It appears that William Rutledge (aka retiredafb) has used part of the audio feed from the Apollo 15 mission for the alleged Apollo 20 videos he uploaded onto the web. If you listen to the audio at the start of the following video concerning the ancient moon city uploaded by Rutledge you will hear the following words:

Presto chango; there’s the TV.
[Pause] Oh, beautiful, I’m glad to hear that.

These are identical words to part of a dialogue from an actual Apollo 15 mission. The Apollo 15 audio can be heard below:

The actual transcript is available at ‘Apollo 15 Lunar Surface Journal – Loading the Rover‘ (go to: 121:05:30)

It looks as though Rutledge has simply uploaded some genuine Apollo 15 audio on to his moon city video. That suggests that his videos and story are part of an elaborate hoax. For some, this discovery will suffice to dismiss the whole affair and conclude that the alleged Apollo 20 mission was entirely contrived. However, this does raise the question of what the underlying agenda of Rutledge is in performing such an elaborate deception? Is it merely to disinform the public or to direct the public’s attention to something important?

If we consider the second possibility, then the natural starting point is the elliptical object found in the Apollo 15 photo AS15-P-9630 below.

That is a genuine photo and may depict an extraterrestrial artifact as Rutledge claims.

Another thing to consider is the alleged date of the Apollo 20 mission in 1976, just one year after the joint Apollo-Soyuz mission of 1975. I have already mentioned the insignia problem for a joint US/USSR mission in my initial commentary that a joint mission insignia was not correctly depicted in Rutledge’s Apollo 20 videos. Rutledge is probably here suggesting that there may have been joint secret mission to discover more about the artifact depicted in the Apollo 15 photo, but its actual name was not Apollo 20 which would have signified solely a US space mission.

Confidence in the authenticity of the videos uploaded by Rutledge is significantly eroded by discovery of him using Apollo 15 audio for his alleged Apollo 20 video. There is nevertheless a possibility that something important was discovered during the Apollo 15 mission that justified a joint secret US/USSR mission to investigate.

Rutledge may be conveying this information by a combination of genuine information and deliberate deception.

Michael E. Salla, Ph.D
June 28, 2007

Further Update on Apollo 20 Mission

From: Exopolitics
Date: 06/28/07 15:49:58
To:; Exopolitics Institute;
Cc: Exo-Institute-News
Subject: [exopolitics] Further Update on Apollo 20 Mission

Aloha, more information is available concerning the alleged Apollo 20 mission. I received information that Apollo 17 also took photos of the elliptical object first depicted in the Apollo 15 mission that is allegedly a large crashed cylindrical extraterrestrial vehicle.

You can view these Apollo 17 shots below:



A number of Apollo 15 shots of the same object are available below:






Furthermore, Luca Scantamburlo has written an update on his website concerning what he believes is more confirmation that such an Apollo mission existed. He believes that the mixing of footage from an Apollo 11 launch for the Apollo 20 launch is due to Rutledge’s friends mistakenly uploading the wrong video sequences to YouTube video (see: New Evidences Provided by William Rutledge, CDR of The Apollo 20 Crew)

While this is a plausible explanation, it doesn’t satisfactorily explain how audio from Apollo 15 could be mistakenly added to Apollo 20 video. Also the flight insignia that Rutledge used was wrong for a joint US-USSR mission, compare with the Apollo-Soyuz 1975 mission:

That led to my re-evaluation of the Apollo 20 mission as most likely a hoax in my last update. I suspect that we are being given an important truth concerning the object in the Apollo 15 & 17 photos that is surrounded by a veil of fabrications. So discernment is necessary. My guess is that a covert mission did occur in 1976 but it probably didn’t use a Saturn V rocket nor was NASA involved. If the USAF has an antigravity fleet of vehicles as many suspect were built through reverse engineering of extraterrestrial technologies in cooperation with certain corporations, why would they use NASA personnel or launch vehicles that use outdated propulsion technologies and navigation principles?

That part of Rutledge’s story doesn’t make much sense given what others have said of the antigravity technology covertly developed in the 1950s/1960s and used for the construction of “Alien Reproduction Vehicles”. If a crashed extraterrestrial mother-ship was located on the moon, surely a joint mission would use the most advanced ARVs, rather than Apollo hardware.

Sources for the existence of ARVs include:

  1. Mark McCandish who claimed he saw in a secure Air Force facility at an air-show

  2. Gary McKinnon who learned about a Naval space fleet during his hacking ventures

  3. Nick Cook who describes the covert nature of antigravity research in The Hunt for Zero Point

Finally, I have received information from a source that I can’t confirm that a covert mission did occur to explore the elliptical object/crashed ETV, but it involved a multinational crew of several dozen. If true, that would suggest that the covert mission used antigravity technology capable of transporting such a large mission crew, something not possible with the Saturn V rockets used for the Apollo missions which had crews of three.
So the
Apollo 20 mission component in Rutledge’s testimony in my view is a fabrication.

That does not disqualify all the videos or the information Rutledge is sharing. Some videos of the crashed ETV may be genuine and come from the actual covert mission the details of which we do not have. We can suspect this was a joint US-USSR mission to explore a large crashed ETV on the moon. We have no way of being certain at this stage of how much of Rutledge’s information is accurate so there is plausible deniability for all concerned. Rutledge is likely educating us through a disclosure of genuine facts mixed with fabrications. He may be also seeking to prompt other whistleblowers to come forward to disclose what really happened.

Whatever the underlying agenda, great caution is needed in evaluating Rutledge’s material.

Michael E. Salla, Ph.D

The Apollo 15 Mission Found Out a Huge Object on the Backside of the Moon – Did Apollo 19-20 Missions Really Take Place?
New Evidences Provided by William Rutledge,

CDR of The Apollo 20 Crew
New and baffling video footages on YouTube

provided by W. Rutledge seem to corroborate his amazing story
by Luca Scantamburlo
Italian journalist
June 26, 2007

from AngeliSmarriti Website

A few weeks ago I interviewed a man by the name of William Rutledge, who has been claiming his identity: he would have been an astronaut during the ‘70s, employed by the USAF in collaboration with NASA during a secret Space mission. My interview was carried out by my YouTube Account/General Messages. William Rutledge registered himself on YouTube as a man of 76 years old (YouTube user: “retiredafb”), who now lives in Rwanda. He told me he is an American citizen, now civilian, born in Belgium in 1930 and employed by USAF as test pilot on various aircrafts.

According to his report supported by some outstanding videos uploaded on YouTube since April 2007, after the Apollo 17 (December 1972) and the “Apollo18-Soyuz” mission taken place in July 1975, there were other two missions on the Moon:

  1. the Apollo 19 (failed because of “a loss of telemetry, a brutal end of mission without data”, see the interview with W.Rutledge)

  2. the Apollo 20 (August 1976), which were both classified Space missions launched from the Vandenberg Air Force Base (California)

Officially many Apollo missions were canceled by NASA during the Project Apollo, included the Apollo 20 (canceled in 1970).

The goal of these two presumed secret joint space mission, result of an American-Soviet collaboration, was to reach the backside of the Moon (the Delporte-Izsak region, close to the well-known Tsiolkovsky crater) and to explore a huge object found out during the Apollo 15 mission. What the Apollo 20 crew found, it was a huge and ancient alien spaceship, “approximately 4 kilometers long” (W. Rutledge).

And as a matter of fact, some official NASA pictures archived by the LPI (The Lunar and Planetary Institute in Houston), which is “a research institute that provides support services to NASA and the planetary science community” (, show a strange and big object on the far side of the Moon. LPI is “is managed by the Universities Space Research Association (USRA)”.

Here you are some of the details of those NASA pictures which show that cigar-shaped object:

Details of Apollo 15 images

Apollo Image Atlas – Courtesy NASA/LPI



Regarding the video entitled “ALIEN SPACESHIP ON THE MOON flyover bef. landing APOLLO 20”, on YouTube since May 4, 2007, as introduction we have a sort of marking with the presumed mission patch, which contains an interesting Latin inscription:

“Carpent tua poma nepotes”.

I realized later reading an essay of Latin quotations and sayings, that the Latin inscription on the presumed patch of the classified mission is from Virgilio’s “Bucoliche” (IX, 50).


On the presumed patch we have the names of the crew as well:

RutledgeSnyderLeonov“, which is a typical NASA habit.


But on the video of the flyover of the Lunar Module LM-15 (I checked on some Space history abstracts: the name of the spacecraft is coherent with the historical succession, because the Lunar Module Number begins from Apollo 5, with the LM-1, and for example for the Apollo 11 mission the name of the Lunar Module is LM-5; for some reasons not always the progressive number of the LMs is in accordance with the Apollo mission number), we have just a second of another marking about a video of the former Apollo 11 Mission.

The presence of an intrusive frame in the footage it would seem to be a contradiction, but perhaps it is just a result of a probable former recording on the film. According to William Rutledge (see my interview already mentioned), the first time he had to do with the footages was 15 years ago, because somebody he knew, charged to maintain security around a container, contacted him and told him what he found out inside (some “archives had to be burn by a plasma torch”).

I found another contradiction, which seems a sort of video pollution: the written comment by Rutledge about the video posted on April 9 and entitled “APOLLO 20 Legacy liftoff of Apollo 20 Saturn 5”, says:

“Lift off of Apollo 20 Saturn 5 from Vandenberg AFB august 16 1976. Note the marks on the rocket, different than the previous Apollo launches.”

But the codec audio on YouTube is from the Apollo 11 mission. I’m sure about it, because I have carefully compared the video on YouTube with an official NASA video of the Apollo 11 lift-off. Rutledge, contacted by me about it, has confirmed the probable mixing. And it could be possible, if you consider that some of his friends in Rwanda are helping him in the transfer from the analogical films to the digital, and William Rutledge told me now he’s not in Africa. So, if his friends have not a very good knowledge of the subject and of the Space history, they could make mistakes in assembling the codecs video with the codecs audio.

For the rest the Rutledge’s report is enough coherent and plausible, and it shows a detailed knowledge of Aerospace history, of Geology, Chemistry and of Space exploration history, using specific terms.


For example, he mentioned in the interview a not well-know term:

the “feldspathoid”, a “mineral consisting of an aluminous silicate that has too little silica to form feldspar”

(Webster’s Third New International Dictionary”, Könemann, 1993,pag. 835).



On June 18 2007 William Rutledge (with the help of his friends in Rwanda) uploaded on YouTube new evidences which seem to corroborate his amazing story: the APOLLO 20 TEST Launch pad, the APOLLO 20 Test EVA 1 and the APOLLO 20 TEST Snyder Ingress.

For the last video here mentioned, W. Rutledge wrote the following text as comment:

“Test Cinepak radius compressor. Rutledge and L. Marietta Snyder ingress”.

In the video you can see some technicians by a presumed launching pad for astronauts. In the footage (a capsule Ingress test?) they’re helping two astronauts (who would be William Rutledge and Leona Marietta Snyder, former Bell Laboratories), who wear their space suits, to enter into a presumed spacecraft by a launching pad.

The footage seems to be the editing of three different moments, in front of the entrance.

Frames from the – APOLLO 20 TEST Snyder Ingress –
Video added by retiredafb (William Rutledge)on YouTube on June 18, 2007; you can see the Rockwell Corp. logo

The important point is that on the back of the technician’s overalls, you can see what it seems the Rockwell corporation logo. Moreover, one of them has on the back the NASA logo. If you give a look to the Boeing’s official website, you can find the following statement:

“[…] “North American Rockwell designed and built the Saturn V second stage and the command and service modules.”


Moreover, besides to be the manufacturer of spacecrafts, that company (the Rockwell) planned and developed several military aircrafts. You can find more information on Wikipedia:

“[…] North American was responsible for the famous WWII P-51 Mustang fighter and Korean War-era F-86 Sabre, as well as the Apollo spacecraft.”


Since the 1973 the name of the corporation changed: the North American Rockwell Corporation became the Rockwell International Corporation. W. Rockwell died in 1978, and since that time the corporation began a series of spin-offs. What remains of the company is the Rockwell Collins (COL) and the Rockwell Automation (ROK). The Rockwell International no longer exists.


The last video uploaded on YouTube by William Rutledge (retiredafb) on June 24, 2007, is really amazing:


In the comment he wrote:

“CSM 16mm footage through the AGC lens… CSM 16mm footage through the AGC lens, made by Leona Snyder […]. Camera is fixed on the eyepiece of the telescope, less dropouts or moves than the TV feed from the LM. Frame transfer is not perfect, speed is faster than actual, 4 different speeds were used on the 16 mm camera.”

Apart from the evocative 16mm footage by Leona M. Snyder in which you can see the details of the presumed abandoned alien spaceship on the far side of the Moon, during the flyover of the Apollo 20 CSM, in my opinion the decisive frames from the historical point of view are the first. At the beginning of the footage, in fact, you can see the Spacecraft controls and instruments.

If you compare them, for example, with the 35mm photos available from the Apollo 17 Image Library of the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal, you will recognize almost every part of the capsule inside (source:

Spacecraft controls and instruments. You can see the mission patch and the American flag.
APOLLO 17 (December 1972) 


Frames from the Apollo 20 footage

Provided by retiredafb on YouTube; added on June 24, 2007

Moreover, instead of the American flag, you have the union of the American with the Soviet flag, over the Apollo 20 patch. It does make sense using the same technology to go to the Moon, already tested with success, if you think that Apollo 17 mission took place at the end of 1972, as the presumed Apollo 20 in August 1976.


And just the year before there was the well-known Apollo-Soyuz mission:

“[…] Apollo 18 was the Apollo-Soyuz project, the honeymoon before a moon landing mission, it was presented as a simple ‘shaking hands’ mission in 1975”

(from the interview with W. Rutledge).

Waiting for the rest of the Rutledge’s testimony, we should prepare ourselves for the wait and new Copernican revolution: we are not alone in the Universe and, at last, historical and technical evidences are supporting it beyond any doubt.

What we need is an official declaration from Authorities. Perhaps, the American Code of Federal Regulations and the Public Law 91-76 created by U.S. Congress could help us to find the truth (see:, together with a formal recommendation/petition to the NASA Administrator, to give a right recognition to the Apollo 19-20 crews.

It would be a good thing to disclose and spread the truth about the reality of the extraterrestrial intelligence in the Universe through an unknown historical fact in which the two great powers of the World of the past (the USA and the USSR) joined together for scientific and peaceful activities, in spite of all their differences and political hostilities.

As pointed out by William Rutledge in one of his comments on YouTube:

“[…] the Apollo 20 belongs to all mankind It is a part of all human’s heritage”.

Virgilio wrote:

“Carpent tua poma nepotes”.

The Apollo 20 patch quotes it. Maybe we are those grandchildren…




Frames from the CSM 16mm footage through the AGC lens; by Leona M. Snyder
Added on YouTube: June 24, 2007 by retiredafb

A couple of Apollo 15 original pictures show an unusual cigar-shaped object on the backside of the Moon
The “Apollo 20”

An American-Soviet Classified Mission For An Abandoned Alien Ship On The Moon?
Released Controversial Footages on YouTube – Leak of Information or Skilful Fake?
by Luca Scantamburlo
freelance and writer

May 17, 2007
AngeliSmarriti Website


A recent controversial footage of about 6 minutes (which seems a digital transfer from a film, and that we can call the “Apollo 20 footage”) released on YouTube is causing amazement inside the ufological public on the Web, all around the world. The footage would be the presumed shooting realized during a NASA classified mission, in the ‘70s: the “Apollo 20” mission or, as it is suggested by the subtitles of the dialogues between the crew and the Mission Control, the “Vandenberg 20”.


I remember to everybody that the last official landing mission on the Moon was the “Apollo 17” (NASA), which took place in December 1972, and that the Apollo 20 mission was cancelled by NASA in 1970. For sure, if the footage is not a hoax or a fake, the purpose of that mission would have been to shoot close to a mysterious object for understanding its origin. And, maybe, to organize a secret retrieval if possible.

But the presumed footage of “Apollo 20” is not the only material which came out in the last days: it was also released by someone a presumed studio for the flyover of the assumed alien spaceship (available on YouTube a so-called preflight study for Apollo 20). And moreover on YouTube we have also several shots of the strange object on the backside of the Moon (whose numbers would be AS20-1020, AS20-1022 and AS20-FWD-7250).

Presumed photo taken by Apollo 20 on the backside of the Moon


Fake or truth?

Regarding the video, as introduction we have a sort of marking (with the presumed logo of the mission) and, as result of a former recording on the tape, just a second of another marking about a video of the Apollo 11 Mission. So, if the first seconds seem not to be reliable but strongly contradictory, the following part of the video looks like interesting, well done and cohering with an old space hand-made shooting during a flyover of the Moon. Anyway, the video is an editing of at least two scenes, both of them apparently taken flying over the surface of the Moon.

According to the file-card of the YouTube user (“retiredafb”) who uploaded the controversial footages and shots (a man of 76 years old who lives in Rwanda),

Apollo 20 went to the moon august 16 1976. Destination was Iszak D, southwest of Delporte Crater, farside of the moon. The mission was soviet-american. Crew was William Rutledge CDR, former of bell laboratories, Leona Snyder CSP bell laboratories, and Alexei Leonov, soviet cosmonaut former “Apollo Soyouz” (mission one year earlier).”

But the most interesting information are about the presumed alien ship:

[…] the ship was very old, age has been estimated 1.5 billion of years. Meteorite impacts, and dust/hills coverings testified that. Note that the ship has already been explored before the first human expedition reached the lunar singularity.”

Is this man an American or Soviet former technician, who worked as insider during the 70s on Space classified missions and that now lives in Africa? Even the “Apollo 20 the legacy part 1 The City” (below video) is a very interesting and evocative footage.


There is also the presumed lift off of the Apollo 20.

I am not a photographer; neither an expert of special effects nor an informatics technician. So I am not in the position to say something about the features of the footage. But what it is very interesting is that there is really a strange object on the Moon, and its shape is very close to that one showed in the video: I am talking about the object visible in a couple of NASA pictures taken by the Apollo 15 mission (click below images.)




The cigar-shaped object looks like leant beside a crater, lightly oblique; we can argue this because the unidentified object casts a shadow on the surface. And the visible zone in the footage is very similar to the visible region in some originals NASA photos taken by Apollo 15:

the Moon region coordinates where there is the unusual object are the following:

  • Latitude: 10° S

  • Longitude: 117.5° E, Southwest of Delporte and North of Izsak.

I have checked on a Lunar chart: it is on the backside of the Moon.

The official NASA photos are available by the website of the Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI, in Houston), which is a “research institute that provides support services to NASA and the planetary science community” – (the AS15-P-9630 and the AS15-P-9625, from the the Apollo Image Atlas – below images).

AS15-P-9625, Apollo Image Atlas

Courtesy NASA/LPI

AS15-P-9630, Apollo Image Atlas

Courtesy NASA/LPI

The pictures were taken in 1971 by Apollo 15, during the revolution number 38, from an altitude of 117 km. The two original photos have both the following features: Image Width: 45.24 inch – Image Height: 4.5 inch; Film Color: black & white. If you pay attention to the center, move a little bit to the right and zoom the picture, you can see the mysterious object.

Now we can ask ourselves: does NASA classified missions really exist? Or did they exist in the past? The answer could be yes. First of all there are two sites for the launches of the Space Shuttles and of the spacecrafts generally: one is the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, and the other one is the Vandenberg Air Force Base, in California.

Moreover there are several witnesses and references: one given by Clark McClelland (ex NASA engineer) and another one given by Robert M. Collins, former USAF Captain. In Italy, for instance, I have found a very significant assertion made by two Italian university professors: Luigi Balis Crema and Antonio Castellani, both of them teachers at “La Sapienza” Rome University, Faculty of Engineering.


At page 71 of their brilliant essay “L’esplorazione dello spazio”, which means “The Space Exploration” and published in Italy in 1997 (Newton & Compton Publisher), they write:

“Infine nell’ultimo volo dell’anno il Discovery, con un equipaggio interamente militare, compie l’ultima missione “segreta” per conto del ministero della difesa USA ponendo in orbita un satellite ‘spia’ di grandi dimensioni che riceve anche dei segnali laser da terra.”

The cover of the historical essay written by L.Balis Crema and A. Castellani,

the two Italian university professors (Newton & Compton, 2001, Italy)

In the Italian text there is written that, regarding the 1992 year, the Shuttle Discovery made at the end of the year the “last ‘secret’ mission” for the DOD, with a “military crew”.

About the two NASA pictures, authentic and showing the strange object, I made a short analysis using the Gimp software (version 2.2.10): my purpose was trying to give prominence to the edges of the huge object leant on the Moon surface.

ZOOM-AS15-P-9625.jpg – NASA, Apollo 15

Analysis using the Gimp Software- by L. Scantamburlo

Apart from this controversial footage, it is undeniable that on that occasion in
1971, the Apollo 15 took pictures that showed a strange and cigar-shaped object, whatever it is. Somebody could object that a metallic artificial structure should appear different compared with a rocky surface. This is not the case, but the reflection of light on an ancient structure, maybe covered by dust raised in the past by impacts with asteroids and meteors, could be similar to that one of a rocky surface. Even if it is a strange huge piece of rock leant by a crater, on the backside of the Moon there are anyway many strange objects.

Karl Wolfe, retired Sergeant with a top secret crypto clearance for the US Air Force (at Langley AFB in Virginia), witnessed about them during the NPC press conference occurred in May 9, 2001, at Washington D.C.; the press conference was organized by Dr. Steven Greer (Director of the Disclosure Project).

Retired Sergeant Karl WOLFE, US Air Force
Some frames from the video of the NPC press conference
( May 9, 2001, Washington D.C.)

In spite of he perhaps made a small mistake in recalling the exact year in which he faced Lunar Orbiter photos (the first Lunar Orbiter was launched in 1966, and Karl Wolfe talked about the year 1965; it is not possible; the last one, the 5th , was launched in 1967), Karl Wolfe spoke out in front of the journalists that an Airman Second Class told him at that time, by a photo laboratory at Langley:

By the way, we’ve discovered a base on the backside of the Moon.

After that, he showed to Wolfe photos taken by one of the Lunar Orbiter mission in which, according to Wolfe, there were structures half a mile in size. Some of them were buildings very tall, like towers; others were spherical and domed buildings, very large.

The cover of the documentary directed by Jose Escamilla

If somebody is skeptical and does not believe him, I suggest you to watch the outstanding documentary directed by Jose Escamilla:

UFO. The Greatest Story Ever Denied.” (watch below clip)

You will see some photos taken by the Clementine Mission, in which it is clear that some features were airbrushed by NASA.

An Ancient Alien Spacecraft On The Backside Of The Moon
An Alien Spaceship On The Moon

Interview With William Rutledge, Member Of The Apollo 20 Crew
According to William Rutledge in August 1976 there was a classified space mission:

the “Apollo 20”, which explored a huge alien spaceship
by Luca Scantamburlo

May 25, 2007
Italian journalist and freelancer
AngeliSmarriti Website


Written Interview with William Rutledge, an “Apollo 20” astronaut (1976)
Interview carried out by YouTube Account /General Messages
May 25, 2007

A secret joint space mission on the Moon, result of an American-Soviet collaboration taken place in
August 1976? Is it possible? Why not, if you consider that the existence of a Federal Agency like NRO (National Reconnaissance Office), and its missions of overhead reconnaissance, “were declassified in September 1992” (according to its official website). And is it really possible that such a collaboration has been prepared to explore a huge alien spaceship found on the backside of the Moon?

William Rutledge (according to his story, a man of 76 years old who lives in Rwanda, former of Bell Laboratories and employed by USAF) is the name of the “deep throat” who, since April 2007, has been disclosing information and spreading a lot of video and photographic material on YouTube, about the presumed Apollo 20 space mission.


His user name on YouTube is “retiredafb”, and the most amazing footage he released so far is the presumed flyover of an ancient alien spaceship found on the backside of the Moon by the Apollo 15 crew.

Frames from the beginning of the controversial “Apollo 20 footage”
See below video

The last official space mission to the Moon with crew was the Apollo 17 (NASA), which took place in December 1972, and the Apollo 20 mission was cancelled by NASA in January 1970.


But the presumed footage of Apollo 20 is not the only material which came out in the last weeks: it was also released by William Rutledge a presumed studio for the flyover of the assumed alien spaceship (see below video from YouTube of the so-called Preflight Study for Apollo 20).


And moreover on YouTube we have also several shots of the strange object on the backside of the Moon (whose numbers would be AS20-1020, AS20-1022 and AS20-FWD-7250).


According to the YouTube file-card on William Rutledge, who uploaded the controversial footages and shots,

Apollo 20 went to the moon august 16 1976. Destination was Iszak D, southwest of Delporte Crater, farside of the moon. The mission was soviet-american. Crew was William Rutledge CDR, former of bell laboratories, Leona Snyder CSP bell laboratories, and Alexei Leonov, soviet cosmonaut former “Apollo Soyouz” (mission one year earlier).”

                     Presumed photo taken by Apollo 20 (1976?)                                     Official NASA photo                 

                                                            Click above image to enlarge                               (detail of AS15-P-9630), Apollo 15 (1971)                          

There are a few inconsistencies in William Rutledge’s memories that you can find in reading this interview. It could be comprehensible if you think about an old man (76 years old) who is trying to recall historical facts and events of his life. So, I am not astonished if Rutledge, for instance in talking about the former Russian President Boris Yeltsin who used tanks and troops during the assault to the Parliament building, recalled the years 1995 or 1994 when the exact year of the small civil war was 1993 ([…]

I went to the Ural in 1995 or 1994, can’t recall, responding to an invitation, but it was a mess here, I crossed Moscow when tanks were shooting the Russian parliament” by W. Rutledge, from the answer nr.8 of the interview).

I verified it later on an encyclopedia, but I could not answer before to such a question. I remembered only it occurred at the beginning of the ‘90s.

On the other hand William Rutledge showed me a knowledge of Geology, Chemistry and of space exploration history, using specific terms. For example, he mentioned in the interview a not well-know term: the “feldspathoid”, a “mineral consisting of an aluminous silicate that has too little silica to form feldspar” (Webster’s Third New International Dictionary”, Könemann, 1993,pag. 835).

So, I have good grounds for believing William Rutledge’s testimony: first of all there really is (was?) a strange and big object on the far side of the Moon, and its shape is very close to that one showed in the video on YouTube: I am talking about the object visible in a couple of NASA pictures taken by the Apollo 15 mission. The cigar-shaped object looks like leant beside a crater, lightly oblique; and the visible zone in the footage is very similar to the visible region in some originals NASA photos taken by Apollo 15: the Moon region coordinates where there is the unusual object are the following: Latitude: 10° S – Longitude: 117.5° E, Southwest of Delporte and North of Izsak.


I have checked on a Lunar chart: it is on the backside of the Moon.



I’ve done a mistake in providing the Moon region coordinates of the cigar-shaped object: according to the dialogues between the Apollo 20 crew from the LM-15 and the Vandenberg AFB, the exact coordinates of the presumed alien spaceship on the backside of the Moon are the following: Nose: 17.3 deg S, 117.62 deg E ; Cockpit: 17.25 deg S, 117.62 deg E; see below the subtitles of the “ALIEN SPACESHIP ON THE MOON flyover bef. landing APOLLO 20”, video footage posted on YouTube on May 4, 2007, by William Rutledge (user name: retiredafb).


L. Scantamburlo

June 14, 2007

The official NASA photos are available on the website of the Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI, in Houston), which is a “research institute that provides support services to NASA and the planetary science community”: the pictures are the AS15-P-9630 and the AS15-P-9625, from the the Apollo Image Atlas.

AS15-P-9625, Apollo Image Atlas

Courtesy NASA/LPI

AS15-P-9630, Apollo Image Atlas

Courtesy NASA/LPI

Moreover, it is meaningful that the links were provided by William Rutledge (how did he know the details of those panoramic picture?).

A second reason, in my opinion, is that William Rutledge is not gaining money from doing that. A third reason is the detailed story he told me in the following interview, full of technical and other specific aspects coherent among them. There are just some incomplete biographical notes about the famous NASA astronauts. But he answered kindly to every single question I have put to him, without hesitation, and he provided several names of the presumed American and Soviet people involved in that classified space mission. Some of them are still alive. It could be interesting to be able having a comment from them.

The fourth reason is the quality of the footages on YouTube, which seem consistent with a shot equipment available during the ‘70s and the first ‘80s. I asked to an expert in shot, an Italian friend of mine whose name initials are F.D.


His comment about the footage spread by William Rutledge was the following:

[…] i punti luce sovraesposti e la relativa ‘scia’ presentano tutte le caratteristiche dei difetti delle telecamere basate su tubo di tipo VIDICON. La ‘scia’ consiste in una persistenza del segnale video all’interno del tubo. […] Nonostante quest’ultimo sia un sistema di ripresa televisivo obsoleto, oggi la ditta Hamamatsu ( realizza telecamere VIDICON all’infrarosso.

In English it means:

[…] the overexposed light points and the relative trail show all the features of the TV cameras faults based on VIDICON-type tube. The ‘trail’ is composed of a persistence of the video signal inside the tube. […] In spite this one is an obsolete TV shot system, today the Hamamatsu firm ( makes infrared VIDICON cameras.”

And, as a matter of fact, among the several different varieties of photographic equipment aboard the Apollo 17, there was a Westinghouse color TV camera, which could used in the command module, handheld or bracket-mounted. It is almost obvious thinking to a similar camera equipment for the presumed Apollo 20, taken place in 1976 according to William Rutledge.

The Space Shuttle Launch Sites and the Vandenberg Air Force Base, in California
Courtesy NASA

In any case, the public will be the first judge of this story, which could become in the near future the definitive proof that we are not alone in the Universe.

ZOOM-AS15-P-9625.jpg – NASA, Apollo 15

Analysis using the Gimp Software- by L. Scantamburlo


In the following interview granted by William Rutledge who lives now in Africa, I have corrected (where I could) the orthographical mistakes that there were in the answers (e.g. I put the right capital letters and the right apostrophes), but I did not change the syntactical construction of the sentences made by William Rutledge. Where I was not able to understand his words, I put some dots between square brackets.

W. Rutledge told me he is now an old man with some problems to the his articulations; moreover, William explained to me that he’s always nervous when he writes. That’s why on YouTube you can find some mistakes in his comments (user name: retiredafb) posted with the footages.


Anyway, here you are some words written by him for the foreword to the following interview:

I don’t use English since 1990 but Kinyarwanda and French, and I write quickly, sometimes letters are missing because I’m busy writing the next one, or it is another on the keyboard which is used, but that’s a detail…”

  1. L.S. First of all I want to thank you for your time and availability. It means a lot for me and, I guess, for all the people around the world, very curious about what it is going on YouTube after the release of your amazing video footages and information on the presumed “Apollo 20” space mission. Now we can begin our interview. Because of my professional activity, I will start from a skeptical point of view. So please, I kindly ask you to understand it. You will have the space to answer and for explaining your reasons.

    What is your name? How old are you and are you an American citizen? Sometimes your written English contains some orthographical mistakes… Are you forgetting your language rules (e.g., you wrote “maicroscope” instead of “microscope”)? Somebody on the Web said you do not seem (considering your writings) an American-English native land…

    W.R. I’m not offended, I like to answer to skeptics, you cannot imagine what kind of messages I receive. That’s my name, William Rutledge, no Standford Rutledge, it’s another one. Born in 1930 in Belgium, American citizen, I know about mistakes, I’m writing too fast with arthrose problems and I’m always nervous when I’m writing, it’s like trying to contain a flow of water. I’m not accustomed to speak in English anymore since 1990. I have learned Kinyarwanda and use French, sometimes German because Rwanda is a former Belgium-German colony.

  2. L.S. How long have you been living in Rwanda and why did you move over there?

    W.R. It’s a woman who brought me to Rwanda, maybe I was searching for somebody like one person who shared my life before. Personally speaking, I have always been sensible to Africa born women. (Buzz Aldrin was also sensible, he was the only astronaut participating in a walk after martin Luther King’s death, it’s not a well known story). I established myself with a new identity in Kigali in 1990, streets have no names here. I stayed in Nyiamirambo quarter till 1994, war pushed me to the north west of the country, near the Congo Kinshasa frontier. Rwandan authorities do not know my past, my friends do.

  3. L.S. Can you tell me anything about your life? Where are you from? Where did you study ?

    W.R. I’ve written on this on my others answers, Avro, Chance Vought, just consider that USAF uses every person who can bring skills, white, black, woman, every citizen. It was different with NASA, all astronauts were West Point students, only Alan Bean was an artist, Armstrong was a philosopher and Aldrin a spiritual man.

  4. L.S. How did you become an astronaut with NASA (I suppose) in the ‘70s?

    W.R. NASA didn’t employ me, USAF did, I had worked on the study of foreign technology, RUSSIAN only, study about the N1 project, AJAX plane project and the Mig Foxbat 25. I had some skills for using computer navigation and was a volunteer for the MOL-Gemini project. USAF recalled that, I have been chosen later for Apollo 20 because I was one of the rare pilot who didn’t believe in God (it has changed since 1990) but it was a criterion in 1976. It was not the status of the NASA astronauts. Not believing in God made the difference. That’s all.

  5. L.S. Can you prove who you are with some photos or documents of yours, taken during the training by NASA or even before, during your work at the Bell Laboratories? Can you send them to me as attachments, for a publication?

    W.R. Yes, I will put them online, but I will focus on Leonov, to end hoax controversy.

  6. L.S. When and above all why did you decide to disclose these information about classified space missions and is there anybody who is protecting you?

    W.R. It’s the announcement of “the wonder of it all” maybe, and 2012 is coming fast. I also think that UFOs will appear more often starting from September 2007. A lot of people died around me in Rwanda, and I have more time to take care of this. About protection, please understand it’s hard to speak of my armory.

  7. L.S. After the “Apollo 20” mission, taken place in August 1976 according to the information you have provided, what did you do and when did you leave the U.S.A.?

    W.R. After Apollo 20, several things happened, I was not aware of how the material collected would be used. I thought Space Shuttle was a bad idea, I’ve worked on the KH 11 project before retiring.

  8. L.S. In your writings provided on YouTube you mentioned the members of the “Apollo 20” crew: among them there is the former Soviet cosmonaut, Alexei Leonov. I remember he is still alive. Does he know what you are doing on the Web? Did you talk with him before April 2007 and if the answer is no, aren’t you afraid about what he could do or tell?

    W.R. Leonov is not aware of all this, I cannot contact him, contacts were completely lost in 1982-1984, I went to the Ural in 1995 or 1994, can’t recall, responding to an invitation, but it was a mess here, I crossed Moscow when tanks were shooting the Russian parliament. Cant’ imagine his reaction. If he discovers the videos without preparation, he can confirm or leave at once. If he is warned, and prepared, he can deny.

  9. L.S. A question about the dialogues subtitles on the “spaceship footage”: did you make them or did somebody else make them? There are some mistakes (e.g., the personal pronoun is “I”, with the capital letter, not “i” as there is written). What about the original dialogues? Were there in the footage? Did you have problems with the codecs during the transfer?

    W.R. Yes, plenty of problems, subtitles are made just before transfer, I have to work with the distance, I’ll be back in Rwanda in July. I asked to put the flyover very quickly, they made the subtitles in one hour, buried instead of burried, aperture to 1.8 is not at the right place, there are mistakes but is does not shock me. The Apollo 11 mention at the beginning of the film surprised me, it is on the original film, one internaut signaled that to me. The films are not the first generation, some of them were copied in 1982 I’m sure of this, some have a blue background from the end of the 70’s.

  10. L.S. There are in the dialogues between the astronauts and the Mission Control, some expressions that I do not understand: for instance, “CSM”, “DSKY” and “Vandenberg Twenty”. I could think that “DSKY” is about the position on the Moon (close to the Izsak crater) and that the “Vandenberg Twenty” is about the Mission Control, located by the Vandeberg Air Force Base, in California. Can you explain them?

    W.R. CSM is Command Service Module, DSKY was the computer “display keyboard”, we used many acronyms. AGC is Apollo Guidance Computer, same that DSKY, but located in the Apollo spacecraft and coupled with a telescope ( […] on the LM).

    In some videos, the first image you see is the DSKY panel with lines prog indicates the program running verb and noun verb indicates what the DSKY has to do and show. Before filming I had to enter verb 15 (display MET, mission elapsed time, or hours minutes seconds since lift-off, then noun 65 for displaying on there rows, hours on the first line minutes on the second, and seconds/tens of seconds on the third line). Then in every movie we put the date on the beginning of the shot, MET, Mission Elapsed Time, hours since lift-off. In the flyover movie, the computer indicates 144 hours if I remember.

    Capcom (CC) is the function of the unique officer charged of transmission to astronauts. He gathers all information and transmit them to the astronauts, news from the ground, instructions for the corrections, wake up calls, three persons relay.

    The syntax was “Vandenberg” calling Vandenberg next “twenty” a call from twenty. Inverted when starting from Earth: Capcom-Twenty or sometimes EEcom-Twenty Guido – Twenty when we had a special work to do, docking, correction. When undocking was made the communications were different. Vandenberg Constellation (name of the Apollo spacecraft); Vandenberg Phoenix (name of the LM). The Apollo 19 Apollo spacecraft was Endymion and Artemis was the Lunar Module name.

  11. L.S. I would like to know something more about the preparation of the “Apollo 20” mission. From where and when the Saturn rocket was launched and how many people were involved in that classified mission. Can you do some names?

    W.R. 300 people were involved on the preparation, but more other witnesses in Vandenberg. It was launched from this AFB. More witnesses, yes, many people saw departures in the sky, cameras were forbidden all around the Vandenberg site, but today a lot of Space spotters film every launch of Delta rockets, from towns. Other people saw this launch but not knowing it was a Saturn 5. One internaut viewing the launch video says this launch is a Saturn 1B. If today, with all available information, somebody makes such a mistake, you can image how it was in 1976. The preparation was long, subject of cancellations, new starts. Russians had the first information since 1966, I don’t know what was their source.

  12. L.S. Can you tell me anything about the Russian collaboration to “Apollo 20”?

    W.R. James Chipman Fletcher for USA and Valentin Alexeiev for Russia, Werner Von Braun was one of the happy viewer. Capcom were Charles Peter Conrad and James Irwin.

  13. L.S. Tell me something about the “Apollo 18” and the “Apollo 19” missions; specially about the last one and its failure. Was it a classified mission with the same goal of the “Apollo 20”? Tell me about your ex girlfriend, Stephanie Ellis, “first American woman in Space” according to what you wrote to me in a former letter. The official space history does not include her as astronaut…

    W.R. Apollo 18 was the Apollo-Soyuz project, the honeymoon before a moon landing mission, it was presented as a simple “shaking hands” mission in 1975. Apollo 19 and 20 were hazardous missions. On long duration flight the helium pressure was too high on the LEM, a security disk had to burst if pressure was going high, but motor was unusable after. So it was changed on Apollo 19 and 20, but not tested in Space before. It was ok, but… in the paper. However, we got no problem with it. It was a long mission, 7 days scheduled on the Moon, every ray of light was used till ascent.

    Apollo 19 had a loss of telemetry, a brutal end of mission without data. Now the truth is unknown but it seems that it was a natural phenomenon, a collision with a “quasi-satellite”, like Cruithne, or a meteor (the probability is higher I think). The goal was the same, the landing site was the same, the exploration program was different, they had a big job to do with the rover, exploring the roof of the ship by climbing on the “Monaco hill”, (I’ll have to put a lunar map online). NO American astronaut is listed, I discovered since may that many people find many William Rultledge in NASA. I can be found in the list of the Test pilots of Chance Vought, on the consultant list of the James Forrestal Center, I was involved in fluid mechanics. My boss was Bogdanoff (nothing in common with the Bogdanoff scientists).

    Stephanie Ellis was born in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) in 1946, arrived in America at the age of 7 months. She was a LM specialist, she worked with Grumman Bethpage for new implementations on the navigation system of the LM (Note that LM15 was officially destructed by Grumman). She contributed to debug the Luminary program, who was never bug free. Apollo 19 and 20 had serious problems with docking and rendezvous. Her technical knowledge was as deep as Roger Chaffee. She was a wonderful and funny person. I have some pictures of her in the LEM and Ingress 16 mm footage. I’ll not show the other members of the crew.

    Russian collaborations: I don’t know how, but Russian were informed of the presence of a ship on the far side. Luna 15 in July 1969 crashed just at the South of the nose of the ship. It was a probe similar to Ranger or Lunar Orbiter. They provided maps, precise charts of this area. The center of decision was located in the Ural, in the town of Sverdlovsk. The chief of the program was professor Valentin Alekseiev, who became later president of the academy of science in Ural. Leonov was chosen because of his popularity in the communist leading staff, and secondary only because he was on Apollo-Soyuz. In 1994, I met again Valentin Alekseiev in Ural, Yekaterinburg, and he had a model of the spaceship made of malachite with incrustations of gold on his desk.

    I could tell you 100 stories about how Russians wanted to impress us. For example, when I came to the Academy of the Ural for the first time, my feet sticked on the ground, they had put varnish on the floor, not dried, for showing us new offices, they did all this “the Russian way”, quickly, with quantity, not completely ready.

  14. L.S. Is there anybody in U.S.A., Russia or in Europe that can confirm your story? And are you not afraid that somebody can threaten your friends or relatives?

    W.R. In USA, honestly I don’t know who is living now. Conrad died a strange way I think, his death was awful. Irwin is dead, von Braun also I think. James Fletcher. Leona Marietta Snyder is alive and communicates and support me in this job. In Russia, Valentin Alekseiev, and Alexei Leonov. Leonov is retired, I’m not sure of this but his health is a problem.

    About security, no problem as far I live in Rwanda, I only have problem now in Europe, my family is dead. I went to Rwanda in 1990, and stayed during 3 wars, the April-July 1994 were the worst years of my life, but I have now true friends in the Tootsie community and Government. (I’m not known in Rwanda as William Rutledge and American citizen, I have a whole new life).

    I kept my moon flag, beta cloth name, and moon al7b equipment with original dust.

  15. L.S. What did you know about the unofficial Warwick Research Institute Report on the “Public Acclimation Program”, released in 1992 to the MUFON?

    W.R. I have no knowledge of this report, 1992 was a very hard year for me, I was disconnected from all this, can you give me a link?

    Frames from the “Apollo 20 flyover” on a presumed alien spaceship, on the backside of the Moon


  16. L.S. Now we can discuss the ancient “alien spaceship” and “the City” on the farside of the Moon. Did you go inside the spaceship? How big was it and what did you find inside?

    W.R. We went inside the big spaceship, also into a triangular one. The major parts of the exploration was; it was a mother ship, very old, who crossed the universe at least milliard of years ago (1.5 estimated). There were many signs of biology inside, old remains of a vegetation in a “motor” section, special triangular rocks who emitted “tears” of a yellow liquid which has some special medical properties, and of course signs of extra solar creatures. We found remains of little bodies (10cm) living in a network of glass tubes all along the ship, but the major discovery was two bodies, one intact.

  17. L.S. Did you visit “the City” on the Moon? Where was it? Did you understand if was there a connection with the Space ship? Are “the City” and “the Ship” still there?

    W.R. The “City” was named on Earth and scheduled as station one, but it appeared to be a real space garbage, full of scrap, gold parts, only one construction seemed intact (we named it the Cathedral ). We made shots of pieces of metal, of every part wearing calligraphy, exposed to the sun. The “City” seem to be as old as the ship, but it is a very tiny part. On the rover video, the telephotolens make the artifacts greater.

  18. L.S. What about the “Mona Lisa EBE”? [the correct Italian name is “Monna Lisa”] How does she look like and where was she at that time, when you found out her on the Moon. Where do you think she is now?

    W.R. Mona Lisa – I don’t remember who named the girl, Leonov or me – was the intact EBE. Humanoid, female, 1.65 meter. Genitalized, haired, six fingers (we guess that mathematics are based on a dozen). Function; pilot, piloting device fixed to fingers and eyes, no clothes, we had to cut two cables connected to the nose. No nostril. Leonov unfixed the eyes device (you’ll see that in the video). concretions of blood or bio liquid erupted and froze from the mouth, nose, eyes and some parts of the body. Some parts of the body were in unusual good condition, (hair) and the skin was protected by a thin transparent protection layer. As we told to mission control, condition seemed not dead not alive. We had no medical background or experience, but Leonov and I used a test, we fixed our bio equipment on the EBE, and telemetry received by surgeon (Mission Control meds) was positive. That’s another story. Some parts could be unbelievable now, I prefer tell the whole story when other videos will be online. This experience has been filmed in the LM. We found a second body, destroyed, we brought the head on board. Color of the skin was blue gray, a pastel blue. Skin had some strange details above the eyes and the front, a strap around the head, wearing no inscription. The “cockpit” was full of calligraphy and formed of long semi hexagonal tubes. She is on Earth and she is not dead, but I prefer to post other videos before telling what happened after.

  19. L.S. Were you able to understand the origin of the spacecraft and how old was it?

    W.R. The age was estimated to 1.5 milliards of years, it was confirmed during exploration, we found ejections from the original crust, anorthosite, spirals in feldspathoids, coming from the impact which formed Izsak D. The density of meteor impacts on the ship validated the age, also little white impacts on the Monaco hill at the West of the ship…

  20. (20-21) L.S. Can you give me the technical details for every material you disclosed on YouTube? I mean, can you distinguish among the TV transmissions from the Lunar rover and the camera footages, during the flyovers? I would need to know the details of shooting for every video you spread on the Web. What is the meaning of the strange numbers visible on the videos, which sometimes slowly stream over the frames, in the flyover of the Moon?

    W.R. I have answered so much time on this, especially to a ESA astronaut. The transfer was in made in Rwanda, […] with codec and sound recuperation is not good, but it becomes better. The subtitles are not genuine, but put on the videos after transfer. I asked to remove the voices sometimes to protect one person from mission control.

    We used three video cameras in Apollo, one on the rover, called GTCA, it is not the name of a company (a commenter made a mistake on this) but a Westinghouse color camera. All three color cameras has a color wheel who produced a time frame delay when transmitting to the earth. I think it could be possible for a company to restore a good TV picture. The CSM camera had a black and white monitor, and produced stable pictures, sharp because focusing was visible on the monitor. The LM camera had a glass visor. The CSM camera was used one time on the AGC Visor, using the coordinates I’ve transmitted during the flyover video.


    The Flyover video was made in zero gravity. I was located on the left window, attitude horizontal, legs around the hammock, lens on the polycarbonate glass. The cameras had a Vidicon tube sensible with light, a large quantity of light, or changing the diaphragms put dropouts during transmission. The markings, numbers are used to perform a good landing. During program 64, when […] in almost in vertical attitude, we had to put the “60” number on the landing site and hold it on the target minutes before landing. These marks are on the both […] windows, you can verify it on a NASA site. Please verify on a genuine NASA site, (I got a flame by somebody who verified on the Apollo 13 movie) the markings had a special angle inclination. If you check it, you’ll have an idea of my precise position during this sequence.


  1. L.S. How did you get years ago the copies of the footages of the mission?

    W.R. About the footages […] one day, someone I know told me he was charged to maintain security around a container. A building had to be destroyed, and archives had to be burn by a plasma torch. The nuclear power plant didn’t deliver energy at the right price, so the container was plenty of interest things during some days. As human is naturally curious, people charged of security went inside… My friend took video films, a couple of 16 mm plates, boxes of B/W paper, two enlargers… He contacted me for selling the unused paper, and that’s how I discovered the other things. I’ve already seen some picture before, 11*16 pictures were violet/blue, old RC photographies, I watched the tapes, it was not a business affair, I put them in security, the only important thing for me were the BW sheets of paper. It was 15 years ago.

  2. L.S. Have you ever met Clark McClelland, former NASA engineer who lost his job years ago because of what he discovered at the KSC (I suppose alien bodies or alien objects from the Space)?

    W.R. But you can give me the links. Documents can be at KSC, but no bodies or alien craft I think.

  3. L.S. You mentioned in a former letter Christopher Moellers and McSorley. Who are they?

    W.R. Chris Moellers is the website officer on Oceans NASA site; McSorley also. Annette Moore is 508 Coordinator. I only have mail exchange with Johnson Space Center for the moment. There is a moment of panic I think since May 18. Check 508 coordinator NASA on a search engine. Statement 508 is the way of pushing NASA to declassify material. I expected a reaction.

    Luca >>> it is a part of my strategy, NASA has the right to block me if I download unauthorized information. If they explain why they block me, they recognize that the videos can be obtained from them. If I sue them for violation of Statement 508, they will be forced to prove I downloaded unauthorized material , and it’s not the case, I never go on a NASA site.

    Since May 18, I have not a precise answer, I have to wait for a decision from the headquarters.

    Even as Italian citizen, you have the right to ask for material from a federal agency like NASA, see 508 Statement:

  4. (25-26) L.S. Aren’t you afraid of the U.S. Government’s reaction and why did you talk about the date of September 2007, when NASA and USAF (according to you) “will be forced to tell the whole story before September 2007” What does it mean and Who is your “deep throat”? In another recent your communication to me, you talked about the “2012” year. You said: “In 2012, the weakers will die, and governments preserve the only bit of their heritage […] everybody has to be prepared for 2012”. Is there any connection with the “Planet X” return (the ancient Nibiru, adored by the Sumerians in Mesopotamia) ? What did you know about it?

    25 – W.R. I’m the deep throat. What can NASA USAF do now? Blocking or suing me would be an acknowledgement. They can speak of hoax or fiction. I’m just afraid they could open a site or another account with my name or putting almost perfect false videos with voluntary errors to disinform. Fortunately, bureaucracy and time works for me. It’s a race.

    That’s why the idea of putting the Leonov files is a good idea, no controversy anymore, there are no Leonov footage, no videos of this period of Leonov in a LM or on a USA USAF base. It is unthinkable related to the official version .

    26 – W.R. I am a passionate of the Sumerian period, of the Genesis as related by Sumerian. They clearly explain how gods created man. But I have no indications on Sumerian cosmogony, send me some links.

    There is a question you didn’t ask for and I’m always surprised that nobody does. This could be your question 27 – why is it necessary to hide UFOs, why disinformation, why putting all this under the carpet? It’s question of economics. All currencies on Earth are based on the value of gold. Not many citizens know that but gold is an extraterrestrial metal coming from the death of a star. When a star is dying, its mass is growing, atoms are compressed and when the star explodes, it spreads large amounts of gold in young solar systems. That’s why gold is not a mineral to treat but a perfect, carbon free metal. This mean that it is the most common substance in the universe, no more value than a piece of plastic.

    That’s enough to put down all world currencies. Imagine also that an EBE says: “coffee has a good taste, rare in this galaxy”, the only perspective of trading coffee through universe would displace the economic power to countries of the South in one day. You see, not a problem of panic, but simply a problem of economy.

William Rutledge