The Secrets of the Mojave Or The Conspiracy Against Reality – Revised Post – Massive Masterpiece by Branton – Full of Information about one the most mysterious areas of the US- This is the Master Audio Part of this Piece in English – There is a Text Version of this also and is available As Seperate Posts That Are Translatable into up to 49 Languages from the Task Bar at the Top of the Page

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This is one most comprehensive pieces on the subjects here that is out there. It is a brilliant compilation.

Secrets One – The History of ET and Paranormal Activity in the American Southwest

Secrets Two – The Intergalactic Wars and the Migration of the various factions into this area of Space and their contacts with multiple Humans

Secrets Three – The History of the ET Groups Going Underground in the Western US

Secrets Four – The Growing Military Involvement

Secrets Five – The Military Entanglement with the Various ET Factions

Secrets Six – The Growth of the Movement of the US Into Space with a Little Help from our Friends

Secrets Seven- Making a Deal with the Bad Guys Out of Greed for their Technology – Selling Our Soul to the Devil

Secrets Eight – The Growth of the US Space Fleet – Very Much Like Star Trek and Battle Star Galactica (Guess Where They Got the Plot Lines)

Secrets Nine _ As those who had Communicated with the ETs Looked On

Secrets Ten – And Those Who Got TOO Close Started to Vanish

Secrets Eleven – The Most Evil of the Visitors, The Reptillians and Our Ongoing Conflict with Them

Secrets Twelve – More on Those Whose Curiosity Got Them in Trouble

Secrets Thirteen – The Sad Story of Paul Bennewitz, a Curious Scientist who Got To Close and How Our Military Got Involved with Him