The New Berlin-The Complete Document- Now in English- Audio and Text – Note There is a huge .pdf file (in German)related to this in the source material library. I am working on a complete translation into English

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Partial Text

Comparison between common physics and their physics. (addition from me) 394



Hi, my name is Barabou Vedu. I was born in 1983 and was born in a former

Alien base trapped somewhere in the eternal ice. In addition to English, we also spoke Indian in this base. In

I think my name means in Indian: “You like his first-born son from the moon! “Strange name isn’t it? Mal

Seriously, who gives their son a name like that? You can just let yourself stand on the wall and

Have it shot down, if that’s your name. Should this name simply make me angry or did he also have another

different sense? My father also had a similarly idiotic name in our base. His name was Hohunarao Vedu. Dies

In Indian I believe: “You may be someone who is bathed (man from the) moon.” In the symbolic world of our

Basis meant something like: “You may not have a pure clear mind, but you deserve it with a clear, pure mind

To be washed clean.” This rite of washing your own dirty mind clean with a clean clear mind

Could be related to the common baptismal ritual out here.

My mother at our base also had a very strange name. She was called Wara what in Indian I believe swan

Means. In the symbolic world of our base, this meant that you belonged to the bright blue-green side of the spirit on the

All divine beings are also at home. Only my brother, who was 8 years older, had a name without a religious name

background. He was simply called Magba, which means tenth moon house in Indian. Why he from all this

Religious violence in his name has been spared, I can’t say.

At the beginning, I spoke of our alien base as a former alien base. I hereby wanted to express

explain that our alien base is no longer under alien control but is probably under

terrorist control. The reasons for this are obvious. For example, there were scientists in our base who almost

spent the whole day developing some new physical theories. Which alien

Please have his own technologies examined by terrestrial scientists so that they can tell him how that

What you’ve carried around with you the whole time works. Wherever scientists walk around, you can

It is firmly assumed that terrorist forces have taken over there. So probably also in our

base. However, I would like to mention in this context that the scientists at our base are involved in the

The choice of their clothes adhered to the same demonic dress code as we did. This provided that you could use the

The color of his clothes always adapted to his current state of mind. Red was worn for anger, orange for pain,

yellow for fear, green for goodness, blue for love and purple for grease. The color white could also be combined with the colors green

and blue and black are combined with the colors orange and red. The choice of these colors for the appropriate

human feelings corresponded to the color of their mind, which varies depending on the particular state of mind


It’s not hard to guess why so many terrestrial scientists have taken on our base. A place at

To which you can see such exotic phenomena as vectorial looking into the future, “soul travel” by machine, technical

Telepathy, or was able to watch people’s eye films, cries out for scientific research. What

While researching our base, the scientists at our base found out all the interesting things

You are welcome to read the chapter “Appendix with our physical theories of tomorrow.” For physicists with

This chapter on our physical theories is likely to be a real treasure trove of interest in the Nobel Prize. Who what on himself

and would like to prove to all of us that alien bases are really interested, I am happy to have a few at my expense

Earn Nobel Prizes. I think that’s just fair. Because these ideas don’t belong to me either. And I don’t see why

I should take these theories to the grave simply because the time is not yet ripe for these theories.

The ether theorists from the 19th century were not all that wrong with their ideas about the world. Nur

Unfortunately, they would have had to experiment with 4 to 5 dimensional ethers instead of three-dimensional ones. Because then

Perhaps their physics would have been a bit more successful and Einstein would not have prevented the further development of

Ether physics blocked. But this is a completely different problem.

So what can be done to prove that their etheric physics is more correct than our current etherless physics. The way it looks

Does SRT have to go away first before you start with classical aether physics — the physics of aliens? — continue

can. But that is easier said than done. Einstein is a recognized authority in the field of physics. him

Attacking and calling for new tests on the subject of SRT is a tough job for modern physicists. Especially since that

Refuting SRT in favor of our 4-dim ether physics already very demanding experiments on light propagation

demands. For example, you would have to measure the speed of light between two places linearly without reflections. Eine

Measurement which unfortunately is currently still associated with high measurement errors.

But when switching from a relativistic physics to an ether-theoretical physics, wave as I do in my

Report “Their Theories” will show great physical discoveries. In this way, you can prove, among other things, that the

Theory of everything could be a fractal hollow sphere model in a 6-trifold or 6-dimensional space. In such

In a fractal hollow sphere model of everything, the world repeats itself again and again on a small and large scale

specific size levels. No matter where and no matter what size level you are in this fractal right now, the

The world always looks the same.

Funnily enough, you can easily convert this theory of everything into a string theory. Because

If the world repeats on a small scale at the level of a universe or photon, you automatically have

Contracting because gravitational fields in space. Together with a 4-5 dimensional hollow spherical shape of this

Fields result from this in a 6-dimensional space when the room dimensions 1 Æ 3 to 4 Æ 6 are shifted

Contracting threads to surfaces in space. And now, from the original fractal hollow sphere theory, we have a

rudimentary string theory derived!

Why the name “New Berlin”

Now that I’ve presented our underground base in broad terms, I would like to talk about it

Why I think our base was called “Base New Berlin.” The reasons for this are obvious. In our base, we had

We have endless eye footage from another alien base, which is probably very close to our own base2

found. This other alien base, we also have in our base the Bau, New Berlin or the “Clockwork Hakima” or

Called Jesus. I’ve never seen this place with my own eyes. However, I always have the building in our base

Seen again through the eyes of other people in hundreds of eye films. Our own base included

Because of the physical proximity, probably also to this New Berlin base. Yet we have our own base

Never called that. Our base always ran under names like Abort, The Underworld, The Blood Barrel, and the like. Because our base

However, I believe it was inextricably linked to the building, as our countless films of this place already show

I think it is justified to also let this place run under the name Base New Berlin. After all, there would also come

Nobody has the idea of calling the basement of a town hall the cellar house, since this place is inseparable from the whole

City Hall is connected via it. I think the situation is very similar with our base.

As far as I saw in our films, the building was a huge glass structure measuring several square kilometers

and plastic. At a height of about 10 to 30 meters, this was covered with a huge glass-like plate, which from below

Because of the many air bubbles in the glass, it looked like frozen water. Under this artificial glass roof spread

A huge relatively fertile plain, which was covered with meadows, coniferous forests and corn fields. Only in a few places

In the process, this huge fertile plain under the ice was made of white plastic by tens of meters of tall supports

interrupted. These supports of the roof were most likely made of plastic, as near these supports at

Heat often could smell the smell of burnt plastic.

I think the best way to imagine the dimensions of this gigantic building is to imagine a

presents a cantilevered hall, whose roof is supported by a plastic support pillar only every few kilometers. that

It sounds unbelievable, but it’s completely in line with what I’ve seen. Whoever this building

has built, must therefore the stability of the glass with the flexibility of the plastic in an almost ingenious way

connected to each other.

Why I think this alien structure was somewhere in the eternal ice is explained in the next chapter

“What about the evidence for Base New Berlin” read up. The inhabitants of this alien structure were

Just like we don’t have aliens at our base, but normal people like you and me too. In contrast to

Our base prevailed in construction, but I think the proportion of northern European people with blond, brown and

Brown-red to blond red hair. Furthermore, the inhabitants of the building were, as far as I can tell in our films about the

Bau noticed that we are disproportionately more religious and naive than we are in our base. For example, it was believed in construction that this place

to have received it as a gift from God himself. They considered themselves to be the gifted upper class, the God

had chosen to live in this special place.

For these reasons, the inhabitants of the building always celebrated the Day of the Move into the Promised Land by God with a lot

Tam-tam celebrated. They gathered for this in a kind of eye film cinema in the building and there cheered each other in a very earthly way with

too intoxicating drinks? Whether the intoxicating drinks that were served at this party came from outside

or even brewed by myself, I can’t say. In any case, there were also ordinary Fanta and Cola cans in the building.

So much for the former alien base.

While you were then filled up with intoxicating drinks in the eye film cinema, there was a very

An archaic film that probably dates back to the good old days around 1700. In this movie, you saw

How very old-fashioned people dressed on extremely primitive looking wooden carts across a rail track into a small

Villages rolled into the building. The rail tracks that led into the village appeared out of a cliff on the edge

to come to the building. So the first inhabitants of the building probably came to the building from the underworld under the building

inside. As soon as these first inhabitants of the building appeared in the movie, they were already met with euphoric

Cheers such as: “Long live our promised land, long live our holy land…” Or you cried out loudly:

“Look, look what we’ve done with this holy place! Our divided country has become a green oasis! ”

It’s strange when you see something like that in a movie! In particular, with what gratitude did the first inhabitants express

Having received this gift from the building makes me very thoughtful. Who right at the start of his

new lives in a new place, from which a lot will probably also be required.

As already mentioned, our own base was probably only a few kilometers away from the building. She probably belonged to

a fairly extensive tunnel and cave system under the building. Those under construction have this tunnel system under their

I think Füssen was considered something like abortion for their fathers who died in the war. With war, there may have been

This means occasional disputes about the Kingdom of God.

In contrast to the burrow, the underworld under the burrow was probably filled with human-like reddish-green robots, on

Two-legged brown monkeys as well as probably inhabited by people with slightly darker complexions. Because

In eye films about the building, such creatures were seen again and again from the tunnel shafts at the edge of the building, or

A barred sewer system emerges from under the building.

I can confirm that there were red-green robots and lemurs in our base. I have such creatures myself

Suffice to say in our base. Only the one with the brown monkeys in our base, who should walk on two legs, can

I don’t necessarily confirm. In any case, I’ve only seen such a creature once in our base. And

That’s only with question marks, because my memories of it go back a long way back. Back then I still have to

Have been a child when I think I saw a black monkey walking around in our base on two legs

have. I think this experience was only very entertaining. After I saw the “monkey,” I immediately noticed

that he moved just like a person. A child who has never seen anything like this before and who doesn’t even get the idea

Is it natural to find out whether a person may be hiding under the fur in a disguise

Creepy. As a result, I set off quickly after I discovered the “monkey” in our base


Those in construction were, of course, at war with this untrustworthy world under their feet. About that

In addition, in their world, I believe selection and extinction also played unvalue because not sufficiently socialized

Life plays a big role. That’s probably why the name Base “New Berlin” for their place of residence. Best example of3

I think this penchant for Nazism is the film by Walter Pfeffer, which I saw in the chapter “Walter Pfeffer or the Life of

others” will be described in detail.

This extinction of unworthy life in their own ranks has those in the building I believe the evil devils or

Attempts to blame “fiends” under their base. No one therefore wanted to get out of the

Underworld have something to do. Yet no one in construction has tried to build any underground shafts that go to those of

Bring it over to the other side and fill it up. It’s all pretty strange in my opinion. It seems so unsympathetic

Rulers in the building therefore did not have the constant presence of the devil in their own empire at all. The need

On doormats where you can wipe your own dirty laundry clean again, must have been immense


Back when I was still living in our underground facility under the building, I always thought that it was both

There are people out there somewhere on earth as well as people who somehow came in here from outside

are. The people out there had dates in the 30’s while we already have the year figures in the 30’s

Listed in the 90s for some time now. The small difference was due to the fact that we were already inside the

Were the future, while those out there were still living in the past. The past was made anew by us, so to speak

Written from the future.

So it’s no wonder that in the 90s we were constantly getting films from outside about the big Hungary

In America with a lot of poverty and many starved people were reported as well as films about Europe in which Hitler

His minion appeared. About Hungary in America, for example, we had an eye film in which always such a plump

A young man dressed in black walked around in front of you and gave you a friendly, very good-natured grin

Face said something about the terrible conditions in the current America. His remarks limited

I think I’m always essentially listing how many starved people there are in America today

had and how bad the poorest of the poor in America were now suffering. When you get involved in these movies

Did you get the impression that America consisted, on the one hand, of rich sows who did not give up any of their wealth, and

On the other hand, poor, destitute creatures who starved to death in agony among all the rich people around them.

And I think we had very similar eye films about Hitler Germany. These were in contrast to the films about

The Hungarians in America, however, were all recorded from some outdoor seat. In these films, you floated

So always somewhere free through the air. There was never anything on these eye films with Nazi flags or

Soldiers’ marches on it, but lots of meetings on which there are any rights

have exchanged with each other. Strangely enough, these Hitler henchmen were always black in most movies

dressed or wore normal civilian clothing. The fact that they often wore black is admittedly reasonable

weird. Maybe I misunderstood something back then. But of course I can’t do anything else here

Report as what I was told in our base or how I interpreted my environment back then.

I haven’t seen many films of this kind about the right in Hitler-Germany at our base. Because I found this

Movies about Hitler Germany are always really boring. Constantly listening to the thoughts of someone in the

The film was infinitely exhausting and grueling in the long run. When it just happened, I therefore stopped watching

Try to press such films. Only films made me really happy in which I am somewhere outside in just

Was able to fly through the air a few meters above sea level or in which I could fly through a fantastic mountain panorama outside

was able to hike. Because these were experiences that came a bit closer to my childhood needs.

Although Hitler himself never appeared directly in our films, they still gave me some details about

Attempts to inject Hitler’s career. For example, 1930/31 Reichstag, 36/37 entry into parliament or something like that, etc… “Tell

us what they’re talking about right now. Has this or that event already happened or not yet. We need the people in

Monitoring these movies is important. You don’t want Hitler’s henchmen to come to power, or what

Yes! “These are the instructions from a blond young woman in our base, who I think was called Ilgitt or something like that. With

Such statements she probably tried to persuade me to watch our eye films. The belief that

Living at some point in the late 1930s and hearing stories about impending major wars in Europe was not just

For me back then in our base, of course, but also for the adults in our base. Even the “big ones”

In our base we have often talked about these things and apparently such reports for Bahre Münze

taken. How could they have found out the truth, since there are neither radios nor a

Was there a normal television set? Reality is always what others tell you, what you perceive around you

And what you rhyme with yourself — that’s all —!

It is therefore not surprising that my view of the world back then was strongly influenced by the impressions in our base. So I thought

Back then, for example, in all seriousness, that there would be no good places outside Russia to go to.

But further west in Europe and America, there should already be such good places. I had this information

Back then from an eye film by Walter Pfeffer, the poor boy from the burrow of whom I always watched so many films

have. Who put himself in such a positive light? Only a country in the western world can do that

have been!

Other spotlights of my view of the outside world at that time were limited to impressions similar to Alps

Landscapes outside, interior views of various European-style cities and exploring various

Nordic forest types. I can also remember eye films in which I walk through green parkland

Jump outside like on giant stilts as if I were almost weightless. I then cross meadows, forests and fields with me

a speed of maybe 30 km/h at a maximum altitude of maybe 5 meters.

An eye film in which you walk a rocky riverbed about 10 meters wide uphill or downhill was similarly fascinating

could “jump.” The appeal of this film was that you were not allowed to touch the water below you between the stones

But always had to jump well from stone to stone. This last movie was called I think the Olympics and was set

I think in China. And in another of this type, you could also stand up through endless coniferous and deciduous forests4

Walk and completely relax. The impression of moving forward was somehow transferred over the

Silver suit on your own body. While your own muscles only in short twitches over and over again

On and relaxed, you experienced a tremendously relaxing walk in the film in which you finally once again

was allowed to stretch his feet.

As you can see, watching eye films was an omnipresent thing in our base. With a normal television

Seen, the above films would certainly not have been anything special. Maybe quite nice to look at, but nothing you look at

It would last longer than maybe 15 minutes or 30 minutes. As an eye film, however, provided with absolutely realistic

human feelings, thoughts, bodily sensations, the same movie was a real adventure that you can always

I would like to repeat. But I think this statement can only be underlined by someone who has experienced something like this for themselves. When

If you’ve never experienced anything like this yourself, you probably won’t be able to imagine that something like this should be possible.

Watching an eye movie with all the bodily sensations, thoughts, and feelings of another person was in

Our base in a so-called Berezhevan seat is possible. This was a pretty uncomfortable tiny seat that was built by

misshapen dwarves must have been built. Because I haven’t met a person yet who is for

The body dimensions of such a seat would have been created. Had you managed to get comfortable in this seat

Do what was not possible without supporting pillows and placing your calves on the footrest, you got a

silver hood with an aerial cable attached to it. The aerial cable then had to be connected to a fan on the wall

And you could see, hear and feel everything that someone could see, hear and feel via two mini monitors in front of you in the silver bonnet

experienced differently before you. The artificial bodily sensations in the body always extended approximately as far

on your own body as it was covered by the surrounding silver suit. An amazing fact I think!

If you only had a silver bonnet on your head, you couldn’t feel the wind or the sun outside even on your head

but on his neck and the rest of his body. However, the farther you put on your silver suit, the farther the

Physical sensations of the transmitter of the telepathic information down into your own body! So did you stick

Completely in a silver suit, traveling out with a Berezhevan seat was practically like a real excursion experience.

It’s totally crazy to do something like that to yourself.

Base “New Berlin” is not a Nazi base!

Calling an alien base “New Berlin” is pretty crazy. This suggests that this base is a

could act offshoots of Hitler’s former Nazi empire. However, I cannot underline this statement. Ich

In any case, I didn’t see a single Nazi emblem in our base. And the Hitler salute was also in our

I believe the basis is unknown. I think things were very similar in construction.

Just the idea of a good Nordic Aryan race and a bad black African race

It must have been internalized in our base in some way. Because in construction, the Blondies were clearly outnumbered and

In his eye films, Walter Pfeffer always has a lot of contempt for the other non-Aryans from the underworld

looked down. Fiendalists were generally all those who were not as pretty as him, meat eaters as well

People with impure dark skin. People who were able to combine one of these three qualities were reputed

To make common cause with the devil and were therefore immediately downstairs for those in the building. Biologically has

They are generally even associated with a “variant” of human that is still very close to the monkey

brought. The devil himself was therefore logically also thought to be a person who went back to the animal kingdom to ape

had worked down or for a monkey who did not manage to raise up to dear God

had brought. Hell and monkey were therefore roughly the same for those in the building. Otherwise, the ones under construction were exactly the opposite

of the kind of person you might generally associate with a typical Nazi. Broadly speaking

Were they in the building classic cheerful characters as they are written in the book, but with a very pronounced tendency to

religious delusions as I would like to call them.

Because of this connection in spirit with Hitler and his ideas, the people in the building probably named their base “NeuBerlin.” Even though you couldn’t say “yes” and “amen” to everything Hitler did, on the whole

Nevertheless, you were probably roughly on the same wavelength with him. Good is what looks pretty, has divinely blond hair and

can differentiate oneself from the lower animal kingdom through a conscious commitment to faith in God. Evil, on the other hand, is who

Anyone who does not look pretty turns away from God (sign of abstinence from God?) and anyone with a dark complexion.

With regard to complexion, your thinking was probably also influenced by your own color symbolism (black = bad hate

and white = good love).

What should you make of all this? I think using the example of the inhabitants of the building, you can easily see how close absolute

Malice and the belief in love are interrelated. Anyone who holds up God and the angels in heaven will be around them

Get to see a lot of “dirt” that behaves little “divinely.” That someone like that will tend to be different

I don’t think it’s surprising to quickly damn and wish to hell. The higher you set your own bar

Put on, the more fail below. The place you then give the “devil” in your own thinking

must, is getting bigger and bigger as a result. A convinced saint is therefore unable to cope without an all-encompassing image of the devil

can come. That someone like that then, after many years of dealing with each other again and again in a frustrating way

had to deal with the devil around him, maybe turned away from his good intentions at some point and

Losing himself into absolutely inhuman views about his potentially satanic environment, I don’t think

Still surprising. I think you can best compare this type of person in the building with a crusader:

“Heads high up in the air but feet and hands deep down in the water.” Even the crusaders wanted to believe

I free the world from all evil diabolical evil by giving it a racist “cleanse”


In this context, it is perhaps also interesting to note the particular religious ideas of the inhabitants of

To enter construction. For example, they thought that a blue loving spirit would ascend to Heavenly Father, while red

angry spirit like blood would seep into the ground. A peculiar idea of good and evil, although the

Man is clearly ambivalent. In the right hand, the blue-green approach mechanism of humans5

with the dominant feelings of goodness and love. And in the person’s left hand the orange-red

The defense mechanism is dominated by feelings of fear, frustration and anger. How is such a creature ever supposed to

Only ever be good or bad when good = love and evil = anger. I think this is a bit one-dimensional. Boese

Is always a bit good, because the goodness in the head goes along and good is always a bit bad because the anger

or even get along with the frustration.

And apart from that, anger can also be good, e.g. when he creates something creatively. And love can be bad too

For example, when she only ever thinks of a single person and forgets all the other people around her. Somehow

So they seem to have been pretty stupid in the building that they thought love was always good in all seriousness and

Hate is always evil. You can’t really say that this or that feeling is good and that feeling is bad. Anyone who thinks like that hacks

His own mind to pieces and denies himself. Only a severely mentally afflicted person can come out

Creature such as Walter Pfeffer. On the other hand, it is of course true that the feelings of anger are not

It’s a simple matter. Until you get a grip on them and can steer them into controlled paths, you have to

First, invest a lot of time and effort. And in this effort to better control his own anger, ever

Success is by no means guaranteed. Some people may not be able to do anything and their anger will continue to grow

Search your way out on uncontrolled paths.

But giving up right away and banishing anger into the realm of the devil is, I think, an absolute

A sign of poverty. Who acts in this way think I should have the right anterior lobe of the brain right after birth

Have it cut out and then the sign “I am a true angel! “Kill.

Quite disturbing how I find that the world view of those in construction is very similar to the world view of the people here

has outside. When it comes to religious delusions, the two apparently share a certain spiritual community.

It is true that people out here are slowly distancing themselves more and more from the things that are written in their own religious books

Nevertheless, you can by no means say that your own thinking is not massively shaped by religious views

would be. For example, no one out here comes up with the idea of using religious organizations as political organs of a foreign country

to tax alien power. When it comes to the nitty gritty stuff, you’d rather kiss in front of dear Papi in heaven.

I guess you’re afraid of Papa’s bad hell. That’s why it’s probably important to please dad so that he can get one later

allows into his kingdom of heaven. And as if it were the most self-evident thing in the world, billions of dollars will also be

Spent on this to preserve buildings in which you can still telepathically the dear Papi in Heaven

may adore. After all, Papa does so much for us. That is why it is so important that we give him every day for

Thank you for everything he has done for us. “Ahhh, and how does that work? He can’t even hear you, your Heavenly Father! ”

“But of course he can. He can read my thoughts via telepathy, via thought transmission.” “Your father is a

Disgusting alien! Run away from him! “Don’t say nonsense! There are no aliens! “It does exist! Alone the

The fact that you know that you can come into contact with them telepathically in special places is a whole

Useful proof of their presence on Earth! “So much for houses of worship! I bah, you are praying there in your

Houses of worship really disgusting looking creatures! I screamed when I was one of them in a

I’ve seen a movie like this one to two meters right in front of me (in a glass panel)!

The topic of religious education is at least as obscure to me as the topic of houses of worship. There will be everyone

Serious billions of dollars spent teaching children superstitious gossip from the past. It is

Important child that you know that there is a second daddy of yours up there in the sky, whom you can telepathy at any time

You can call. He will then answer you by telepathy or send you a dream about himself at night. It is then

It’s very important that you listen carefully and do exactly what Papi tells you. For your Lord in heaven is your shepherd and will

Always try to help you when you are in trouble. And always remember one thing when you your Lord

Call. God alone knows what is good and what is bad for you. Because you are the devil’s man. So you can

Not really doing anything right. That’s why it’s so important that you always look at dear Papi up in the sky


Ahhh and come aside for a minute, child. Then I’ll tell you something between us again! When fate is good with you

thinks, it may also be that the Lord makes a divine emissary of you. Then he gives you something special

magical powers and turns you into a real magi. But in order to get this far, the Lord must be very good with you

mine. So make every effort to always please your master. Because then he might also choose you and

Make a magi out of you too. There aren’t many people in their lives who have the wonderful angel choirs up in heaven

were allowed to listen. But it is said that there are also many Magi up there in heaven among the other angels

is there. As a magi, you are almost certain of your place next to God up in the sky. So always consider how

You act when your master speaks to you! — Amen! Long live God in heaven, his kingdom come, his will be done as

In heaven as well as on earth…! ”

If you’re looking for connections between inside and outside, it also makes sense to look around for symbols

which is available both on our base and out here. Unfortunately, however, I am familiar with the symbolic world of those in construction

As well as with the one in our base, it doesn’t look particularly good. I was never interested in that kind of thing at our base.

I only know for certain that the cross symbol was also known to the inhabitants of the building. There it was but I think one

A bit different in meaning than out here. In the building, I think it stood for the dormant yellow center in every

People between blue and green spirits on the one hand and red and orange spirits on the other. Des

It is also possible that this symbol was also sacred to the inhabitants of the building. At least Walter knew Pfeffer

a film in which he could sit on a white plastic cross and then fly through the air with it

could. I was also familiar with this cross symbol from our base underground. There we have it as a symbolic

Depiction of a person with arms wide open understood. In that sense, it said something like “Yes,

Everyone come to me! ”. To what extent do these interpretations of the cross symbol match the ideas out here

I can’t judge. Doesn’t that just stand out here for the “gallows” that Jesus was hit on?

I also saw other rather earth-looking symbols in a Walter eye film. In this movie is

Walter and his girlfriend traveled to the Kral under the building. The words blood barrel and kral were used at6

Walter as a synonym for the word underworld. In this film from The Ride in the Kral, Walter Pfeffer as well as his

Girlfriend over a blue T-shirt with a five-pointed or six-pointed Jewish star or possibly even a pentagram. For Walter

This symbol was very important to Pfeffer and his girlfriend on their trip to the Kral. If they hadn’t had it with them,

They probably wouldn’t have been allowed into the Kral.

When Walter Pfeffer and his girlfriend arrived in Kral later, there were other rather strange-looking symbols

shown. For example, they wanted to sell white plastic teeth to them, which were probably thought of as fake vampire teeth

could infect. And they also offered them a metallic silver pin, which was like a hand made of fire

was shaped. A C was engraved in the middle of this hand-shaped fire. Another pin, also showed

Simply a normal fire symbol with a C engraved on it. I can’t understand the meaning of all these symbols


Another symbol that had roughly the same meaning in our base as in the building was, I think, the

Laurel wreath. In construction, they called the laurel wreath angel feathers, while in our base it was simply called rosary.

Originally, however, this object must have been a laurel wreath as it looked. After all, you are able to learn. When I

I saw such a laurel wreath out here for the first time in a book, I first thought that this was a

Rosary is. However, when I read in the book that this was an old Roman laurel wreath, I was something first

surprised. But then I quickly realized that only one and the same object has different names

had been given. The situation was very similar with the advent wreaths that are quite common out here.

These green coniferous wreaths with the pretty red candles on them have me immediately drawn to our red-green rosaries

Metal reminds. So there they were again the familiar things from our base, which were also out here, just under

completely different names.

In our base, a green-red rosary was a kind of crown that you could put on to express your personality

change. Because this crown emitted some form of massive psychotropic radiation, which you after a very short time

Time has turned its head. For example, if you wore a green-red rosary, you became furious after a short time

anger. It was exactly the opposite when you put on a blue rosary. With a blue

Rosary on or with a blue crown on, you became incredibly happy after a short time. When you talk, you finger

To squeak like a piggy and your mind was all about exchanging

Friendships with others. The topic of love with a woman was then just as much one of the things with which you almost

You only occupied yourself with exchanging small gifts, kisses, etc. with others. Presumably due to

With this significantly increased ability to love, the blue rosaries also have angel feathers


Other earthly symbols in our base included religious books, birds, etc… However, these were

Objects in our base are less objects of worship and more objects of ridicule. It was popular, for example, about ancient

Religious books ridiculed. For example, we had a guy in our base who liked to be like a priest with a death nest

Voice quoted lines from a thick religious tome. To do this, he then put on his black robe, himself

Set up in front of us like a saint and then started with a deadly serious voice all sorts of nonsense out of a

religious book to quote. Instead of reading correctly from the book, he has most of the time but I only think total

Read nonsense from the book. Many adults in our base found this incredibly funny and have

likes to listen to his religious speeches.

Popular objects of ridicule in our base were also saints such as Hakima (Is there a religious

Prophet who was called that?) Mohamed or Josefson. When people mocked about these self-proclaimed saints at our base,

It usually sounded something like this. Original sound of a woman dressed in black in our base:

“Oh a child fell in my lap! A child fell in my lap! The rebirth of Jesus Christ in the body

A black guy! The rebirth of Jesus Christ in the body of a black man! “The woman then kept her black shirt

With her hand forward, as if she wanted to catch something that would fall down from above from the sky.

By “black people,” I don’t think she meant someone with black skin color, but simply someone who

Wore the character color black. In our base, black stood for someone from the other side, i.e. for someone

from hell. We imagined our own base under hell. But this place didn’t have any for us

Particularly terrifying meaning, as we were already familiar with this place.

What a boy of around the same age once said to me at our base was also pretty mocking. While he me

He said to me: “I’ll do that with their saints

books here! I’ll destroy them! They’re really boring. Even a telephone number book is even more exciting about

read! “We then continued to tear up the religious book from those in the building together. The other boy

I kept hissing in anger next to me.

Another symbol that had a certain meaning in our base was, I think, the classic trident symbol of

Satanists. In our base I think it stood for a person who raises both arms and exclaims: “Yeah, I’m the

Winner! “In our base, we painted this symbol on church roofs, for example, or painted trees that have such a

depicted a trident symbol. Someone in our base once told me in this context, for example, that a spirit tree

It is said that a branch can only have three branches at a time. As a result, every branch in phase space is always like

formed a trident. It may be that he wasn’t entirely wrong about that either.

What did it look like in our somewhat Satanistic base with Nazism and Hitler affiliation? Although movies

To be seen again and again in our glass panes or in our Berezhevan seats about the Nazis and the Nazi era

were, I think we were much more distanced from the topic of Hitler than those in construction. For example, in

At our base, an adult man showed a narrow cave in our base in which in stone beds several

Plastic dolls were lying around. He then said about this cave that this was Berlin’s concentration camp. All the plastic dolls in the

Stone beds in the wall should therefore probably represent corpses. I think this example shows well how to distance yourself

Faced Hitler at our base.7

A similar distance from Hitler also reveals the following question of an asexual voice in our base. Eine

Such an asexual voice in my head once threw the following question at my head in our base. As far as I myself

I can remember that this question was not preceded by a discussion about Hitler Germany or similar topics. The question

So came out of nowhere completely unmotivated. The asexual voice in my head simply said to me back then:

“Hitler! “Me in our base: “Hitler wasn’t good after all! ”

Asexual voice: “Hitler could also have been written in a different past! ”

I think this was meant in such a way that you could have mentally turned Hitler into someone else who wasn’t quite so

As successful as Hitler could have been. Then he might not have become Reich Chancellor later but only

some insignificant far-right leader who would not have done any more damage.

I can’t say more about Nazitum in our base. Real Nazis therefore seem less likely at our base

to have given. That our base is still many thousands of kilometers away from Germany so intensely

The topic Hitler has dealt with is somewhat strange. I personally suspect that with those in construction

hung together. If someone in our base was stuck on the subject of Nazis, it was definitely the one in

Build. Because anyone who does something like charity, divinity, etc., like the one in the building, simply does not come as more honorable

Europeans are ignoring the topic of Hitler. Dealing with Hitler can therefore also be a piece for those under construction

It was to come to terms with the past.

This would also explain why Walter himself a pentagram in the one eye film in which he traveled to the Kral

or infected a Jewish star. Perhaps this gesture was part of a self-humiliation ritual, which was used to

Wanted to apologize for his “actions.” Possibly also with the purpose of tuning the in Kral a bit more merciful and such a

to obtain a temporary residence permit for the Kral.

Self-humiliation in cases of misconduct was very important in our base. For example, do you have someone loudly

Cursed because you were upset about him, you also had to curse yourself afterwards if you were an upstanding

You wanted to remain a citizen. The word “upstanding citizen” was in this context, I think, a household word in

our basis with which we wanted to express that we had not been indebted to anything. To do to yourself

What they had done to others was therefore more or less one of the unwritten laws in our base. Sometimes

This law could also be very unpleasant. For example, if you would have loved to beat someone up. Then you were allowed

Then give yourself a slap in the face.

Why self-abasement to hold yourself accountable for your sins? I think procedures like this

They are likely to come from absolutely arch-religious circles. Especially in the Middle Ages, a deeply religious time, it should people

who have scourged themselves with whips and chains in order to free themselves from their sins. I think in

Punishing yourself for misconduct in our base belongs roughly in the same category. Who does that to himself

What he has wished for others is basically someone who scourges himself for his sins.

I think it’s obvious that such a ritual is abnormal. Who humiliates himself in order to save himself for his own

I don’t think scourging curses will be able to develop real self-esteem so quickly. Because who

Constantly scourged for every bad thought and every thoughtlessly uttered curse, can only be described as a

Look down on a depraved subject. I don’t think that something like that should be very edifying for your own ego in the long run. Man becomes

Hate yourself at least as much as those you cursed. In any case, that’s how it was for me back then in our

Basis committed with this stupid self-abasement ritual. It always really freaked me out in the long run, didn’t it

To really be able to let out my anger at others. — Good conditions for working with unknown in my head

To do a thing! A weak ego will like to have a strong ego tell him in his head what it is called

What not to do next!

Anyone who doesn’t believe in God should be so unstable, at least psychologically, that they would like to join

Let some demons in his head not to be a pathetic drip at least once in his life

to have to feel!

Because one thing is clear: We all want a common cause with the good Lord or the devil up in heaven

make. Some because they want to go to the Kingdom of Heaven, and others because they like to let others into their heads in order to

To finally be able to put off her alter ego pathetic drip. When, on top of that, these two factions are also repeatedly

Rubbing them together doesn’t really hurt either. Because then at least there is no common group

versus unknown.

Just like me in our base the wrong “lighting” on the ceiling and our mentally handicapped self-humiliation ritual

have mentally decomposed in the long run, have they mentally broken each other up with all their love talk

done. The best example of this is once again Walter Pfeffer. The poor boy always has to stand up for everything

What went wrong during construction. My goodness when I think of his eye films — what a poor pig —. I am

Who — no indication! I can do something — no sign! Yet this poor guy was fully involved in the one there


A person as disturbed as Walter Pfeffer is still not even close to me even out here

accommodated! To bend someone like that, it probably takes a little more than regular house arrest at the earliest

Childhood in case of disobedience. A few drugs and a pretty conciliatory wreath with angel feathers would be

Maybe not bad there either. Because of Walter’s underdeveloped ego, I also think that someone like him is here

wouldn’t be viable outside at all. Sooner or later, he would probably have pulled out all fours of himself out here and

would have given up on himself. Because the fact that he would probably even show each other’s elbows with

I didn’t get along.

I think it’s very unlikely that all the others in the building were better off than Walter. Walter’s area in

I think construction was at least as crazy as Walter himself.

A really evil world in which, on the one hand, people are bent both towards the green light side of the mind and on

The other side can also be turned towards the melancholy orange side of the mind. I think who people something like that8

does, deliberately does not want to do them any favors. When you look at something out of such bent people

What Walter Pfeffer, for example, has become, you will understand what I mean. Both the bright green spirit on the

One side as well as the orange ghost on the other side, are not really responsible in themselves.

Green immediately floats on cloud nine when a bird chirps somewhere nearby, while orange because of almost everyone

Little thing must stand up to a real cat-whiner. The blue and the red ghost are similarly vastly different.

Red is a kind of better combat robot that also has plenty of imagination, and blue is a new one every day

Smilibacke in love, which definitely doesn’t really work anymore.

At the end of this chapter, I would like to briefly mention where I myself stand on the subject of Nazism. Myself

Don’t count me as a member of the Aryan race. In our base I even have myself easy because of a constant

Brownish complexion counted as a member of the Oriental to Indian race. Out here, this one is light

However, the brownish complexion quickly fades again. Now so in hindsight, I would therefore say that with the Indian

was slightly coated. I look more like a normal dark-haired Central European with slightly Turkish

impact. However, I don’t want to reveal more about my identity. Apart from this not very Aryan

I also don’t think anything about Hitler and his racial delusion. That is why it is very difficult for me to use this

Things to mention in my report on our base. But so what. For the sake of completeness, these things belong

I think I’ll go with my report on that.

I would also like to mention at this point that I am a normal person like everyone else

People out here too. And that even though I apparently grew up in an alien base! I am neither

Particularly intelligent, particularly stupid, or otherwise special! Only in mathematics, science and

My talent for art is clearly above average. Otherwise, I’m more of an average gifted person.

I don’t believe in religion at all. For me, religion is just as stupid as Satan worship. Even though I

However, I could probably warm me up for Satan worship more than for religion. Much more useful than practicing religion

I already know the laws of nature. Because natural science is the knowledge of life. Who is with it

busy, deals with real things. While religious I believe themselves more so with their dreams

and deal with wishes. To be honest, I think it’s pretty red. A dreamer who constantly puts his head in some

Non-existent dream world is stuck, will constantly be disappointed by the here and now. Someone like that is a potential for me

bad person. However, anyone who is stuck with their head in the here and now cannot keep from their

The environment will be disappointed. Certain things are just awful in our world. To get these facts out of the way

But it’s better not to flee into a dream world. Anyone who does this runs the risk of their everyday environment

To be damned in the same way as the ones in the building.

I therefore consider religions, whether “satanic” or “divine”, to be quite dangerous. And history teaches

Us that this thesis can’t be that wrong either. Warmongers have always liked to have common cause with

Made religious and religious people like to work together with warmongers. So you don’t even seem like that in your mind

To have been a stranger! The dream of a better world has them both, warmongers and praying mantis, to one

Table brought together.

I don’t know how I got out of the “New Berlin” base back then

At our base, I never found a way out of our base. You actually only came out by ghost via

Berezhevan seat. Even the others in our base couldn’t give me any information about how to build our base

was able to leave. I therefore have no idea how I finally left our base. Safe

Can I only say that all of this must have been sometime at the end of 1996, at a time when I was in

Our base has already had clear signs of a personality divide. Maybe that was the reason why

Which is why they kicked me out of their base back then. Fortunately, this personality divide is out there

but regressed quickly. I have reason to believe that this personal division of mine at the time

It was the result of countless traumas. Because later out here I definitely had something like a post-traumatic

stress syndrome. After this slowly subsided, my signs of also disappeared

Personality split again.

I can’t name the paths and people I used to leave our base, as I no longer care about this

Can remember. I can only say with certainty that I was outside for the first time in mountainous terrain somewhere in

Tajikistan was. A group of 4 Turks first welcomed me there and then a

Took care of me for a while. In order to disinform me personally, they probably chose a remote location as the transfer location

Mountain lake somewhere near Dushanbe, as I probably associate this place with our base

would. In our base, there was a large glass panel through which you could constantly reach the bottom of some body of water

was able to see. The mountain lake next to which I was outside for the first time was therefore absolutely necessary for the lake

On the basis of which we always looked out through our glass panes — as naive as I was back then —.

However, I’m pretty sure by now that our base wasn’t there in Tajikistan, but probably

somewhere in Antarctica. If she had actually been there in Tajikistan, there would certainly have been more at our base

There are Afghan-speaking people and not as many English-speakers.

I can only speculate about the reasons why I was handed over to these 4 Turks in Tajikistan. Presumably wanted

I guess I’m joining one of their criminal mind control gangs outside. The alone

Brainwashing nonsense that one of the Four Turks told me again and again back in Tajikistan speaks for this

theory. For example, one of these 4 Turks in Tajikistan wanted me to know back then that he was my father and that I was his

Son would now have come back from a secret place where I am either half of a whole devil or

would have picked up a half of an entire angel. What exactly I would have picked up there at this secret location, could he tell me

Don’t say, of course. Back then, I found everything he told me very credible, especially since I also told him9

It looked pretty similar. However, I wasn’t comfortable around him. His way of dealing with problems and

I didn’t like exerting power over myself. That’s why I left him again after almost a month and

I traveled west by train. From our eye films by W.P., I still knew that there are good things there in the West

There should be places you could go to. I have most of the money for this train trip to my alleged

stole my former “father,” who apparently trusted me back then. For the subsequent train trip to Germany, I

I think I need it in about three weeks. Soon after I arrived here in Germany, I was here as

Refugee recognized.

The first time after I arrived here in Germany, I still had very significant problems with a kind of

Flashback effect or lasting effect that seems to have always occurred when I feel like in our base

I felt oppressed or cornered. For about 1 ½ more years until autumn 1998, I had back then again and again

problems with these flashbacks. At regular intervals, like in a movie, there are always threatening experiences

passed from our base in front of my inner eye. I then felt like I was back at our base. Even

That what was told to me back then while I had these threatening experiences, I have as if on an audio tape

Heard again in my head as a loud voice or as an uttered thought. So I had again and again if you like

strong auditory and visual hallucinations.

At night, on the other hand, I was often tormented by very intense nightmares about our base in which I still had countless

I have experienced further experiences from our base over and over again. In May 98 I was there because of these flashbacks or

Whatever even once in psychiatry for 5 weeks which was of no use at all. Because no one has me

Belongs there. After I told those in psychiatry that I used to be in an underground facility almost constantly

Having heard thoughts by mind via Berezhevan seat or ghost cable, the case was immediately clear to those in psychiatry.

Logically, he has a psychosis and needs a decent load of psychotropic drugs before you deal with the

can entertain again. This diagnosis was nonsense, of course. I’m just severely traumatized. This is supported, for example, by

The psychotropic drugs that I was prescribed back then didn’t help me at all. Even after 5 weeks

Risperdahl consumption (and some Haldol in the beginning too!) I still had as strong flashbacks as before. The Risperdahl

Back then, it only made me sensitive to light and a bit foggy. It was of no use to me any more. Since I no longer

Wanted to be made fun of by the doctors in the hospital, so I soon told them what they wanted to hear:

“Yes, it’s clear, everything is fine now with Risperdahl, I don’t hear or look so much of the old ghosts anymore

our base, etc…”

Lying to the psychiatric ward about my alleged recovery was a very good idea. Because now they have

I finally slowly reduced my Risperdahl dose again and finally after five weeks I got out of

Psychiatry dismissed, albeit against medical advice. But who is interested in their medical advice. The doctors there had

But I have no idea of anything anyway! After I was finally out of the hospital again, I have exactly that

I did what I should have done on the third or fourth day after I arrived at the hospital. I have the whole

Risperdahl stuff that I should actually have taken for another one to two years, immediately dropped off and me

Finally entrusted to someone who listened to me. I was terribly afraid of it, but I had to find mine somewhere

Let go of terrible experiences. While I entrusted everything I used to do to this person for the first time

had experienced terrible things, I realized for the first time how great my fear of my past actually was

was. My voice was really scared when I told the story, so I always take long breaks

had to. I also had to cry again and again when I told the story. Does someone do something like that who only thinks of their psychotic

Reports experiences. I hardly believe it! Then after I share a small part of my previous experiences

I told someone I felt much better. The fear of earlier became a little less and of the night

It also got a bit better with my nightmares. And even my occasional flashbacks during the day from before

became a bit weaker. However, even back then, I massively suppressed, as I didn’t have professional anywhere

I found help for my trauma. They wanted to treat me everywhere just for an alleged psychosis. As soon as

I then started with my past but it was immediately said: “This is a psychiatric problem. Something like that she experiences

There is no such thing as having! And we only talk about psychological content in psychiatric treatment in passing. When it

If aliens really existed, then they would have made contact with us a long time ago (Have they been around for a long time

You idiots! Why is no one listening to me!) … etc.” But how are you supposed to forget something you’ve experienced when everything

It was absolutely real what you experienced when the others around you experienced exactly the same insanity as you did

Even if there was no way out that you could have escaped from all this madness, etc.

Why this report?

It therefore took until autumn 2002 before I was able to continue my trauma therapy, which was unfortunately necessary.

It was then that I learned for the first time that there were people who were interested in reports about aliens

interested. In addition, for the first time, there was someone who really listened to me — not a “doctor,” of course —. Ich

That’s why I started writing down and painting everything I experienced in our base back then

and send it to someone. At first, I was extremely afraid again, which is why I send letters almost weekly with my

I sent away experiences and pictures. Over time, however, this fear of spreading the word has gradually subsided.

While back then I simply started a kind of self-therapy out of feeling, it was with my

Flashbacks and nightmares are once again massively better within a short period of time. Since around autumn 2003, I have

Now no more flashbacks at all and I only dream of our base about 2 — 3 times a month with falling

Trend. Things were completely different in 1997 and 1998. Back then, I had nightmares about our base almost every night

and occasionally had massive flashbacks with loud voices in our heads from our base — like an earworm

In the head that you can’t get rid of anymore — These changes in 2003 confirmed me back then that I

I’m on the right track to writing down my experiences.

In addition to a piece of self-therapy, writing down also means reckoning with my past for me. How often

In the years 1997 to 2002, I didn’t swear to myself again and again not to tell myself anything about what I did back then10

I saw in our base so as not to harm anyone in our base: “No stop telling others,

That’s bad for the little pepper, for the others in your family… etc.”, “Yes, do what they do in the

Psychiatry tell you and swallow Risperdahl for another one to two years so that the others in our

Finally leave the base alone (back then I thought the others in our base would ghost me in flashbacks

Torment so that I don’t say anything that might actually be true in some cases!) ”. Damn, what a misery from others

Getting something done! Everyone can share anything they want as often and as much as they want! Everything else is

Self-torture! And anyone who treats others as badly as the others in our base me certainly doesn’t have it

You deserve better than giving a damn about what you want and what you don’t want!

In 2002 or 2003 I heard a very interesting interview on the music channel Viva with a musician whose name was

Unfortunately I’ve forgotten again by now. In any case, this musician said in an interview: “Really dangerous

These are just the things that aren’t written down anywhere. Anything that is written down somewhere, on the other hand, quickly loses its

Threat, as you can now deal with this issue. “I agree! If you don’t even too

may face his own past, but always come out with some kind of lazy excuses, wretched silence

Have to withdraw calls because you’re not allowed to continue talking right now, as you’re back to your old memories

has arrived, then something like this is no longer a condition in the long run. Then you can also go straight into your snail shell

Roll up and say nothing more. Or you just let the actor hang out day in and day out, who is constantly in

There is some role in it that others have imposed on him, because it is supposedly impossible what he says to say

has. Unfortunately, however, I wasn’t born to act. I therefore liked the eternal act as if earlier in my

The past would have been nothing, not exactly easy. I’m not good at acting.

But now back to the alien base I used to be in. What might it feel like to be in a

To have been an alien base? — That’s easy to say. It feels like a strange dream that is kind of almost

It has nothing to do with the world out here. Everything was so different but there were still some interesting things here and there

Points of contact with the outside world, in particular in religious issues, we were comfortable outside in our base in the world

miles ahead. However, I would like this last statement to be understood more as a kind of warning to all religious people.

You believers out here take a look at how ultra-religious people who are just like you are at a

You had to live in a strange place outside your field of vision. Isn’t it a nightmare to have to live in a world like this?

But your god will probably bring you all of that in the near future, so Poe a Poe, so that you can focus better on the whole

Dirt can get used to.

As a further difference between inside (in our base) and outside, I take very clearly the absence of

There were some divine voices in my head that mentally tell me what to think about this or that

and how to solve this or that problem. I think of reading other people’s thoughts and sending them

Communicating thoughts or superimposed images, etc. what is wrong and what is right is the most intense MindControl. That is absolutely reprehensible! At the same time, however, you can also use the same technology to create beautiful

Watch thought films of very dear people in his head and become ill with love for these people. Something like that is

It’s actually very nice again, if it wasn’t for the other reprehensible use of this technology. Similarly ambivalent

I think things also lie in our base with telekinetic implant technology and the use of

psychotropic radiation for massive manipulation of human feelings and thoughts. But more about that in the rest

of my book about a secret alien base.