The following is a group of cases that I was involved in during the early 1990s.

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The first of these cases is one that involved what appeared to be an implant. As I stated online, back in the late 1980s and early 1990s I operated a computer bulletin board out of my house that focused on the study of UFOs, Bigfoot, and conspiracies. As I had initially gotten into the culture surrounding bulletin board systems in Northern California I got to know a number of the operators in the Sacramento area. Several of these bulletin boards had as their subject of study UFOs and related subjects. The one that I hooked up with almost immediately was a guy by the name of Dan Brown. He operated a bulletin board that was very similar to mine. He was an ex-U.S. Army and had a very keen interest in some of the things that were related to military involvement with the subject. As such we would go out and do kind of mild field research into such subjects as the FEMA camps, one of which was supposed to be down by Oakdale California. We actually traced it down to being in an old munitions depot in the town of  Riverbank. What made this particular base pretty interesting is that had all of the necessities for what had been described as the FEMA detention centers, including a parent the fairly sizable piece of property. It also had incoming rail lines and some very large buildings. Over the years I’ve always held my suspicion of this site in reserve.

One of the other bulletin board operators was a young guy in his late teens or early 20s who lived out in the north area of Sacramento. He called me one day and said I had something that I needed to see. When I got to his house he told me that we needed to make a ride over to a close friend of his house. Along the way, he told me that this particular friend was the son of a prominent doctor in the Sacramento area. He was actually a prominent surgeon. We got over to the guy’s house we sat down in his living room he brought out a folder and he asked me to open it and take a look at it. Inside the folder, there was a group of X-rays. He told me that these X-rays were of a patient from the back east that was taken by another surgeon who was a close friend of his father. When the surgeon back east had taken these X-rays he found something in the lower back of this patient that he could not explain. He said that this man had never had surgery before but yet he had an object inside of him that was very strange and out of place. The object was about 2 to 3 mm or maybe smaller in diameter and shaped like a hexagon with little spiky protrusions like antennae that came out of each corner of the hexagon. The object was very close to the spleen. The surgeon was completely puzzled and had sent copies out to California to the surgeon here in Sacramento to have him review and make comments on. After looking at the x-rays myself, I had the very strong feeling that this in fact might be an x-ray of an implant.

Sometime around 1992, I had a friend turn me on to an article in a local newspaper that piqued my interest. The Newspaper was called the Napa Sentinel and the editor was a fellow named Harry Martin. Harry was for many of his younger years the editor of several of the inhouse intelligence agencies publications so he was very well connected. I decided to go over to Napa and interview him because he had just posted an article about mysterious military helicopter activity on the Oakdale Grade, which is in the mountains between Napa and Sonoma. He said that his research indicated that the Military was building an underground base up there to function as a place for the Bay Area elite, including the scientists, to go in case of an atomic attack. Unbeknownst to me, he was also into some way more deep stuff. This included one of the major players in the Inslaw Case and believe it or not UFOs. While I was waiting to see him, his wife was on the phone with Michael Riconishuto, one the key players in the Inslaw Case and during my visit, without my bringing the subject up, UFOs were mentioned. I later found out that Harry also had some insider knowledge of the Zodiac Killer too. I also got clued into the possibility that there was also a hidden base on the top of the ridge just west of Vacaville. My nephew and I went up there one night and did, in fact, find some high strangeness.  As I have said before, Northern California has long had a fair amount of activity related to all of the subjects on this website.

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