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by Dennis Crenshaw

from TheHollowEarthInsider Website

Who Controls Knowledge?

“ …Any group that wanted to control the future of American society had first to control education i.e., the population of the future … it all began at Yale…” …

Anthony B. Sutton

The control over our lives is hard for the average man on the street to fathom. Every facet of our existence … our government, financial institutions, big business, the news we receive through the media … is today controlled by the top members of secret societies and their pals. This could not have been accomplished without the most important control of all … control of our education system.

The ink was hardly dry on the Constitution before the planned takeover of America’s higher education was implemented. By the mid-1960’s the invisible government had total control of all education in our company. To fully understand why it’s almost impossible to open the minds of those around you as to the true makeup of our planet we must first understand how the secret societies manipulated and stifled scientific study worldwide.

The Illuminati Connection

When you talk about tracing the origin of an organization which is controlling the destiny of the world, it’s obvious that you have to start at a period which would allow a movement of this magnitude time to ferment. Changes like the ones, which have, and are occurring [today], do not take place over night. We are dealing with a group which must have been growing for over two hundred years in order to obtain the power and influence necessary to achieve the global control now being exercised. When you think of it in that context, there is such a group.

“The leader of that group was a man named, Dr. Adam Weishaupt, who was born on February 6, 1748…”

(Page 5)

Final Warning: A History of The New World Order (1984,) by David Allen Rivera

The name of that secret group was the Illuminati. As Mr. Rivera repotted in the same book:

On May 1, 1776, under the direction of the newly formed House of Rothschild … Weishaupt founded the Ancient Illuminated Seers of Bavaria, which became known as the Order of the Illuminati.”

(Page 6)

Or sometimes called simply, “The Order.”

According to Rivera, Weishaupt had already published his aims two years earlier in an article, Sidonii Apollinarus Fragment.

Princes and nations will disappear without violence from the earth. The human race will then become one family, and the world will be the dwelling of rational men.”

The One Worlders had controlled the European schools for centuries. And likewise, the “freedom” seeking people who had immigrated to America had to be controlled. Experience and common sense had taught them that the best way to control society was by controlling their educational system.

As Anthony B. Sutton explained in his excellent expose’ How the Order Controls Education (1985):

“ …Any group that wanted to control the future of American society had first to control education i.e., the population of the future … it all began at Yale.

Even the official Yale history is aware of Yale’s power and success. George Wilson Pierson wrote in Yale College (1952):

The power of the place remain(s) unmistakable. Yale was organized; Yale inspired a loyalty in its sons that was conspicuous and impressive; Yale men in after life made such records that the suspicion was that even there they were working for each other. In short, Yale was exasperatingly and mysteriously successful. You rival institutions and to academic reformers there was something irritating and disquieting about old Yale College”

(Page 5)

According to an account reported by E.E. Slosson in his book Great American Universities (1910).

This success was more that obvious to Yale’s chief competitor, Harvard University. So obvious, in fact, that in 1892 a young Harvard instructor, George Santanyana, went to Yale to investigate this “disturbing legend” of Yale power.

“Santanyana quoted a Harvard alumnus who intended to send his son to Yale – because in real life “all the Harvard men were working for Yale men.”

(Page 2)

According to Sutton’s research the move to take control of America’s higher learning institutions started with three men.

  • Timothy Dwight (Initiated into the Order in 1849) Professor in the Yale Divinity School and then 12th President of Yale University.

  • Daniel Coit Gilman (Initiated into the Order in 1851) first President of the University of California, First President of the Johns Hobkins University and first President of the Carnegie Institution.

  • Andrew Dickson White (Initiated into the Order in 1853) first President of Cornell University and first President of the American Historical Association.

    (Page 2).

In the mid 1800s these young men, all members of the Order, were sent to Europe to study philosophy at the University of Berlin. There they studied under Wilhelm Wundt (University of Berlin – Institute of Physiology). Wundt was the founder of experimental psychology in Germany and “the later source of the dozens of Ph.D. who came back from Leipzig, Germany to start the modern American education movement.” (Sutton, Page 3).

Wilhelm Wundt was a proponent of the Hegelian philosophical ideas. He used the Hegelian theory as his starting point i.e. “The State is superior to the Individual.”

As I have stated in past reports, in order to control the population the first step is to control the movement of the people. The mass exodus to America after Columbus let the cat out of the bag could not, according to the controllers, happen again. The secret of the existence of uncontaminated tropical lands and advanced alien civilizations inside our globe must be hidden at all cost. Control of the advancement of scientific knowledge was necessary.

This was accomplished in several interlocking ways. First, the take-over of the Sheffield Scientific School at Yale. After returning from Europe Daniel Coit Gilman spent the next 14 years “in and around Yale, consolidating the power of the Order.”

According to Sutton:

His first task in 1856 was to incorporate Skull & Bones as a legal entity under the name of The Russell Trust. Gilman became Treasurer and William H. Russell, the co-founder, became President. It is notable to note that there is no mention of the Order, Skull & bones, the Russell Trust, or any secret society activity in Gilman’s biography, nor in open records. The Order, so far as its members are concerned, is designed to be secret … The Order has been remarkably adept at keeping it’s secret. The Order fills the first requirement for a conspiracy – IT IS SECRET.”

(Pages 6-7)

The Sheffield Scientific School, the science departments at Yale, exemplifies the way in which the Order came to Control Yale and then [all of the higher educational institutions of] the United States.

“In the early 1850s, Yale science was insignificant, just two or three very small departments. In 1861 these were concentrated into the Sheffield Scientific School with private funds from Joseph E. Sheffield. [Daniel Coit] Gilman went to work to raise more funds for expansion.

“Gilman’s brother had married the daughter of Chemistry Professor Benjamin Silliman. [A member of the Order since 1837.] This brought Gilman into contact with Professor Dana, also a member of the Silliman family, and this group decided that Gilman should write a report on reorganization of Sheffield. This was done and entitled “Proposed Plan for the Complete Reorganization of the School of Science Connected with Yale Collage.”

(Page 7).

Using members of the Order in Washington and Connecticut a plan was hatched to get Federal funding. The Morrill Land Bill was first introduced in 1857 and vetoed by President Buchanan in 1859, but later signed by President Lincoln.

This bill now known as the Land Grand Collage Act donated public lands for State collages of agriculture and science … and of course Gilman’s report on just such a collage was ready”.

(Page 8)

As Sutton explains, this was a crucial move in the Orders plan to gain control of all of the schools of higher learning in the States.

The legal procedure was for the Federal government to issue land script in proportion to a state’s representation, but state legislatures first had to pass legislation accepting the script. Not only was Daniel Gilman first … to get Federal land script … [he] grabbed all of Connecticut’s share for Sheffield Scientific School … no other School in Connecticut received even a whisper until 1893… Of course it helped that a member of the Order, Augustus Brandegee [Initiated into the Order in 1849] was speaker of the Connecticut State legislature in 1861 when the state bill was moving through … Other member’s of the Order, like Stephen W. Kellogg [Initiated in 1846] and William Russell [Initiated in 1833], were either in the State Legislature or had influence from past service.”

(Page 8)

The Order next moved on the State of New York’s share of Federal money and was able to do the same thing for Cornell University.

Andrew Dickson White, a member of our trio, was the key activist in New York and later became the first President of Cornell. Daniel Gilman was rewarded by Yale and became Professor of Physical Geography at Sheffield in 1863.”

(Page 8)

From this beginning the Illuminati eventually controlled the science departments in all collages and institutions of higher learning. For the complete documented, diagramed understanding of the steps that were taken and the people involved in this takeover I urge you to locate a copy of Sutton’s explosive book and read it. Almost impossible to find in the United States, it was published in Australia by Veritas Publishing Company, P.O. Box 20, Bullsbrook, Western Australia, 6084, AUSTRALIA.

Information Control

The second move in the plan was to control the way that scientific information was handled. Up until the 1600s those people who were inquisitive would study closely their chosen subject and conduct experiments in order to reach conclusions. The controllers realized that science had to have rigid controls placed on it or people would discover not only, the true makeup of our planet, but many other things that the secret societies though the uninitiated should not know.

The plan was to stifle scientific knowledge and then twist what was left to fit the science they wanted the people to believe. They accomplished this by adopting new rules in regards to scientific research. As F.L. Borshke reported in The Unexplained: The Unknown World in Which We Live (1975):

It would be hard to say just when the stifling mass production of “science” really began. The only thing we know for certain is the name of the man who coined the rousting slogan, “We must measure that what can be measured and find a way you measure what can not be measured.” This man was the Italian, Galileo Galilei, and he turned science in a new direction.”

(Pages 1)

This “yardstick approach” to science has worked just as intended. Physic abilities, paranormal experiences, UFOs etc. cannot be measured so therefore they do not exist. The interior of the word also cannot be measured so any theory is just that … a theory. This includes the accepted theory. This presented a small problem to the controllers. They needed everyone to accept their theory concerning the makeup of our earth’s interior even though it goes against their own rule of scientific acceptability. Of course they had an answer to this problem.

The science we learn in school is simple and orderly and contains no contradictions. We learn a system of rules and laws we believe are accurate and basic”

(Page 1) F.L. Boschke, The Unexplained

After reading the above evidence you may ask, but could it be true that the Illuminati, or any other group could actually change the true knowledge about science? According to Pat Robertson in his best selling book The New World Order (1991) in a speech given to the Reason Foundation in Los Angeles in April 1990, White House official, James Pinkerton, deputy assistant for policy planning to the Bush administration said,

If the last decade will be remembered as the time when the New Deal model broke down, I believe this decade will be remembered when a new order for the age was established, not only in the U.S., but around the world … Because of [President George Bush’s] policies America stands at the horizon, ready drawing of the New Paradigm around the world.”

“Pinkerton credited his use of the term new paradigm to Thomas Kuhn’s The Structure of Scientific Revolutions – which chronicles historical readjustments of scientific thinking about the world.”

(Pages 44-45)

“…Readjustments of scientific thinking,” food for thought.

In addition our schoolbooks never admit doubt. You never read in our textbooks such phrases as; “it is the theory of.” Or “the speculation is,” etc. No, everything in the establishment printed “science” books is presented as known facts. Nothing could be further from the truth. Here are a few examples.

If you were in school learning about the earth in 1955 and read The Crust of The Earth: a popular introduction to geology, you might have been assigned to read a chapter entitled X-Raying The Earth by Reginald A. Daly:

One of the outstanding seismological discoveries of recent years is the shelled character of our planet. At the center, and outward to a little more that one-half of its radius, the earth is homogeneous in high degree. Successive shells or layers of material surround this so-called “core”. Each shell, out to a level about thirty miles from the surface, is relatively homogeneous, and it’s material differs from that of the shell above or below, as well as from the material of the center core. The contacts between the shells and between the deepest shell and core are technically called “discontinuities.”

(When I first read this in the late 50s I visualized the earth as being a giant jawbreaker). As we can see this is written as hard fact. No where does it mention or even hint that this is not fact, but the accepted theory of the time.

By the 70s the theory had changed and in the popular Bantam Science book Exploring the Planets (1973) we find:

The internal structure of the Earth has been investigated by observing the effect that passage through the Earth has on shock waves from explosions and earthquakes. The Earth is believed to have a dense metallic core of radius 2,100 miles thick, surrounding which is a layer of heavy rock some 1,800 miles thick, decreasing in density outward. On top of this lies the lighter crust, less the 50 miles thick. Life depends upon the few feet of soil on the top of this…”

Except for the small weak “the Earth is believed’ at the beginning of the report this appears to be written as fact. Those students reading this popular science book of the period would conceive the planet as having three layers, a 2,100 thick core; an 1,800 mile thick mantle; and a crust of “less that 50 miles thick.” To then this is fact.

A student of the 80s might have turned to Webster’s Family Encyclopedia. After all, if it’s in the Encyclopedia it must be true.

Under “Earth” we find

“ …The earth consists of an inner core of solid iron, surrounded by an outer core of molten iron. Surrounding this is a solid mantle, inner and outer, which is separated from the crust by the Mohorovicic Discontinuity.”

Once again, no mention that this is only theory. Is it any wonder people look at us like we’re crazy if we inject the possibility of subterranean civilizations into the conversation. After all, “Any science book will tell you…”

The Ph.D. Factor

The next step in controlling the sciences was to institute the Ph.D. factor. If you didn’t go to a “recognized” school of higher learning and “earn” you doctorate then your ideas and opinions as regards to science would not be recognized. In other words, if you hadn’t learned the accepted rhetoric then your views have no value.

Besides control of education the Illuminati had another trick up their sleeves. During the early 1800s, a period they loudly and proudly claimed was the “Age of Enlightenment,” the world-wide controllers set out to destroy the will of the average man to explore on his own … and it seems to have worked. Other than those advances connected with the secret alien technology “trade-off,” everything we use today is merely an improvement on devices invented in the 1800s and early 1900s. How was this form of individualism discouraged and destroyed?

Louis Pauwels & Jacques Bergier gives us a couple of examples in their classic 1960 book The Morning of the Magicians:

His name is not recorded in the history book – unfortunately. He was a Director of the American Patent Office and it was he who first sounded the alarm. In 1875 he sent in his resignation to the Secretary of the Board of Trade. What’s the use of going on, is the gist of what he said; there’s nothing left to invent.

“Twelve years later in 1887 the great chemist Marcelin Berthelot wrote ‘from here on there is no mystery about the Universe.’ To get a coherent picture of the world science had cleared everything up: perfection by omission.”

(Pages 9-10)

With the control of science in their hands, and the discouragement of seeking new findings they took it a step further. Next, the Robber Baron flunkies of the Illuminati used their ill-gotten gains, under the guise of philanthropy, to establish “Foundations” and “Societies” such as the National Geographical Society and the Smithsonian Institute “for the increase and diffusion of knowledge among men,” but in reality to help cover-up and hide away anything that doesn’t fit the accepted theories.

Rene’ Noorbergen in his 1977 book Secrets of the Lost Races tells of a young name who claimed to have seen Noah’s petrified body hidden away in the Smithsonian. David Hatcher Childress in his 1992 book, Lost Cities of North & Central America tells of a whole shipload of artifacts that were “scientifically incorrect” being taken out to sea and dumped overboard!

And then there is the story of G. E. Kinkard who found an underground city in the Grand Canyon overflowing with strange artifacts, which he turned over to the Smithsonian. What happened to these and other unexplained archaeological finds that has disappeared into the dusty underground storage vaults of the Smithsonian?

As for National Geographic … the Peary polar scam, a direct insult to those who realize the shape of our planet. Need I say more?

However, those of us who seek the truth haven’t lost yet. The present generation of “Globalists” have a lot of immediate problems and their handpicked “talking heads.” And the mainstream press is having a hard time suppressing everything. With just about everybody having immediate access to computers and fax machines more and more fax-sheets, newsletters and electronic sites like this one are waking people up everywhere. The One Worlders are also loosing their grip on the closest guarded secret in the world … our hollow planet. Why?

Because technology is beginning to enable us to “see” inside he planet and what we’re seeing isn’t what we’ve been taught. And the information is getting out. The cover-up is getting harder to pull. This is causing the establishment scientists to scramble to make these new findings fit the accepted theory. As I’ve documented many times in THEI, while the accepted establishment theory of the makeup of our planet keeps changing, amazingly those same findings when applied to the Hollow Earth Theory fit better than O.J.’s glove.

Who Controls MONEY…?

“Give me control over a nation’s currency and I care
not who makes its laws.” 

Baron M. A. Rothschild

We spend much of our energy trying to accumulate this elusive necessity, yet most of us have no understanding of what it is or how our money system works. We think those dirty green slips of paper with pictures of dead presidents on them, represent our country’s wealth and are therefore our “money. Nothing could be further from the truth. First, what we are talking about are Federal Reserve Notes. These notes are not lawful money!

What is Money?

The congress shall have power to coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin, and fix the standard of weights and measures.

United States Constitution, article 1 s 8

“No State shall  coin money; emit Bills of Credit; Make anything but gold and silver coin a Tender in payment of Debts.”
United States Constitution, Article 1 s 10

In the United States Code at Title 12 s 152: “Lawful money of the United States shall be constructed to mean gold and silver coin

Blacks Law Dictionary cites the definition of money as:

Coins and paper currency used as a circulating medium of exchange, and does not embrace notes, bonds. or evidence of debt. “

From these definitions It becomes crystal clear that what we call “money is nothing of the kind. What we carry in our pockets  Federal Reserve Notes — disqualify as money, because they are notes. A note is an IOU – i.e., you have a “note on your house, the mortgage – an evidence of debt. It is not money!

Literally translated Federal Reserve Notes are actually tiny pieces of the overall “mortgage we, as a country, owe the bankers.”

Who owns the Federal Reserve Banking system you might ask. The list of major stockholders reads like a Who’s Who of the International Banking scene. Some of those stockholders are identified as:

The bank of the architect of the Money Scam and father of the Order of Illuminati, The Rothschild Banks of Berlin and London.

And, of course, Baron Rothschild’s protégé family in America, the Rockefellers.

Others include,

  • Kuhn and Loeb

  • Israel Mossesschieff of Italy

  • the Warburg’s of Hamburg, Germany

  • the Lazard Brothers of Paris, France

  • Goldman and Sachs of New York

To fully understand how this state of affairs came about we must first look at the history of money in America.

In 1787 John Adams wrote to Thomas Jefferson:

All the complexities confusion and distress in America arise, not from defects of the constitution, not for want of honor or virtue so much as from downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit and circulation.

This sorry situation is truer today than it was then. Our controlled school system teaches us nothing about the workings of our equally controlled monetary system. Of course that’s understandable  the ones controlling both are the same dogs in a different house.

As researcher/Writer Stephen Jacobson explains in his lecture on our monetary system available on audio tape (PO Box 15734, Winston-Salem NC, 27113):

Confusion surrounds the very meaning of the words money, dollar, wealth, inflation, credit. Add to this wide spread ignorance and confusion concerning tax laws and you have a system designed to control and enslave the population. The money system operates in a way that would astound most Americans if they only knew how it worked. A dishonest money system is at the very heart of America’s economic and social problems. The degree to which all other areas of society are corrupted. Money is the builder or destroyer of society. An honest money system brings prosperity to all citizens, a dishonest one enriches a few at the expense of everyone.”

Our history book never even hint at the real reason behind America’s War for Independence from the British Crown. Our “historians tell us the major cause of our Revolution was the high taxes charged by the English, yet Benjamin Franklin, who was a major participant in the revolt wrote,

The Colonies would have gladly born a little more tax on tea and other matters had it not been that England took away from the Colonies their money.”

As explained by Ben Franklin above, the major reason for our founding fathers choice of Independence from the British Empire was over the issue of money. To meet the demands of commerce the Colonies officials issued Colonial Script, as a temporary, emergency measure. This script had no interest attached and was redeemable in gold or silver.

As Jacobson reports:

The rapid growth and prosperity of the colonies attracted the attention of the Bank of England, a private corporation chartered by the British Crown in 1694 and granting an exclusive monopoly to create money out of nothing and loan it into circulation at interest. Having gained control of manipulating the quantity of money, the Bank of England sought to exploit the colonies by seizing control over the colonies until the campaign by the Bank of England to nullify loans granting the colonies the right to create their own money, making it compulsory that the colonies borrowed their money, at interest, from England. This was the true cause for the War of Independence.”

Our founding fathers knew that a central bank, privately owned by the bankers, would eventually place all the immense wealth of America into the hands of a few so they insured this would not happen. They were so much against the central bank/interest way of doing business they, as quoted earlier in this report, put safeguards against it in the very first Article of the Constitution of the United States. To insure that our money was of real value they declared, and I repeat,

No state shall coin money; emit Bills of Credit; make anything but Gold and Silver a Tender in payment of debts.” 

United States Constitution, Article 1s10.

As we can see, our money was intended to be coined of Gold and Silver and regulated by Congress and even they were forbidden to issue paper money. This caused a problem for the world bankers centered in England and Germany and their “One World Order” plan, With America having an honest gold and silver backed currency, no dishonest paper-backed monetary system could exist in the world for long. Just as the “Keepers of the Secrets” needed to control education, they just as importantly needed control of our money. The revolution did not end the battle over the control of our money. This battle ended in 1913 with the passing of the Federal Reserve Act. We, as American’s, had lost.

The Crime of the Century

If we turn our monetary system over to the bankers our children will wake up as slaves in the country we fought to free”.

Thomas Jefferson

The very thing that Thomas Jefferson warned us about happened in 1913. The crime of the century, the Federal Reserve Scam.

In the middle of the night, on Christmas Eve in 1913, while most of the honest members of Congress had left Washington DC for the Christmas holidays, a handful of dishonest Congressmen passed the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act of 1913 which turned our money system over to a handful of international bankers. By naming this private bank the “Federal Reserve Bank” most citizens believe this is to be a government agency. This is not true. For proof of this you only need to look in any large city’s phone book. You’ll not find the “Fed,” listed in the blue (government) pages. You’ll find it where it belongs listed with the other private banks in the yellow (private business) pages in the phone book.

As with all other privately owned banks the Fed is in business for but one purpose. To make money for its stockholders. Unfortunately they do this at Americans expense. In fact, the lions share of the 5 trillion-dollar national debt comes from the interest created by the FED issuing worthless currency, yet this is not even taught in our schools or addressed by our politicians.

As explained in an Editorial in the Washington DC based government watchdog publication The Spotlight for November 27, 1995:

The reality is that, under the rules of our fraudulent money system, without a continuous deficit, the economy would collapse for lack of money.”

How does this seldom exposed system work? Simplified it goes like this. Prior to 1913, if Congress needed money to pay for the country’s expenses they went to the Treasury Department and said they needed, say, a million dollars (using easy, round figures as an example) to pay America’s debt. The Treasury Department made sure we had the gold and silver reserves to cover the amount needed then printed up gold and silver backed currency and gave it to Congress, who used it to pay our bills. The value of gold and silver was adjusted to meet those expenditures. Cut and dried.

Enter the Federal Reserve Bank. Since 1913 Congress goes to the FED and says, “We need a million dollars to pay our expenses. The FED, now the middle man, goes to the Treasury Department and tells them to print up a million dollars worth of FED Notes. They then “buy them from the Treasury Department at cost, about 3 cents a bill  no matter the denomination. Then the FED used these paper bills to buy bonds on which the taxpayers pay interest. In other words, not only do we owe this private bank the million dollars they created out of nothing, but we also owe them the interest rate that they decide upon.

As The Spotlight editorial explains further:

And the interest on these fraudulent bonds has to be created by more borrowing. Thus, the money supply has to be constantly expanded, because interest has to be paid  ahead of any other government expense.”

“If the interest on the bonds is not paid, the money system will collapse immediately. This is why every government expenditure except interest on the bonds (“the national debt  is on the table to be cut or eliminated.

“This is also why it is impossible to reduce the debt because when funds are paid to reduce the debt  buy back the outstanding bonds and retire them  the money literally disappears from circulation. It goes to where it came from, nowhere. And when there is a shortage of money, that’s recession, even depression. Thus, you can see if the national debt was paid there would be no money at all.”

So the next time you hear a politician tell you he has a plan to “balance the budget, if he doesn’t mention a plan to dump the FED and return the control and coining of money back to Congress, he’s either lying to you, or too ignorant to know what he’s taking about  or too afraid.

Those in high places who have tried to awake the American people to this scam have been ridiculed as “conspiracy nuts or, worst murdered. One person branded as a “conspiracy nut was Louis T. McFadden, (R- Penn.) Member of the House of Representatives in the 30s, he was the Chairman of the House Banking & Commerce Committee in the 20s. He tried to expose the Federal Reserve for what it was.

On June 1, 1932, in a speech before Congress, and stored as public record in the Congressional Record, McFadden stated:

Mr. Chairman, we have in this country one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal reserve banks. The Federal Reserve Board, a Government board, has cheated the Government of the United States out of enough money to pay the national debt. The depredations and the iniquities of the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal reserve banks acting together have cost this country enough money to pay the national debt several times over. This evil institution has impoverished and ruined the people of the United States; has bankrupted itself, and has practically bankrupted our Government. It has done this through defects of the law under which it operates, through the maladministration of that law by the Federal Reserve Board and through the corrupt practices of the moneyed vultures who control it.”

McFadden then placed the blame of the causes of the Great Depression square on the shoulders of the privately owned bank:

From the Atlantic to the Pacific our country has been ravaged and laid waste by the evil practices of the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal reserve banks and the interests which control them … This is an era of economic misery and for the conditions that caused that misery, the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve banks are fully liable.”

Even though most establishment historians will agree that, although the FED was created to prevent such an occurrence as the Great Depression, they set quietly by and let it happen. However few will admit that the FED is bad. For a very good reason. They could end up dead. After three attempts on his life, McFadden died under mysteriously circumstances only four years after exposing the workings of the Fed before Congress.

Two Presidents had the nerve to address this issue of the people of the United States paying interest to a private bank for our own money. After the Civil War, when America was facing bankruptcy the international bankers offered to lend President Lincoln money for rebuilding. He refused and issued $440 million in debt-free greenbacks. In 1963 President Kennedy, under Executive Order, ordered Congress to start to pay off the national debt by issuing debt free “United States Notes which bypassed the Federal Reserve.” History has shown us what happened to these two for bucking the system.

One of the international bankers, Sir Josiah Stamp of the Bank of England sums it up nicely:

Banking was conceived in iniquity and born in sin. Bankers own the earth. Take it away from them but leave them the power to create money and with the flick of a pen they will create money to buy it back. Take this great power away from them and all great fortunes will disappear, and they ought to disappear, for this would be a better and happier world to live in. But, if you want to continue to be slaves of the bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, then let bankers continue to create money and control credit.”


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