The Confessions of an Aging “God” – This Post is pretty intense and likely to offend, but I have revised the post with comments below- As I have stated, Question Everything – Audio and Text

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The source of this post is, of course, my favorite source,

The post is written as if the ancient and possibly immortal deity by the name of Enki is speaking. I have put it

up as it has an interesting perspective of the events of history. I seriously question it. It is here for your evaluation.


by Jan Erik Sigdell
last revision July 17, 2012

from Christian-Reincarnation Website

Spanish version


Is this text anti-Semitic? That is a common tactical blame against criticism and unwanted information.

This is not actually a matter of a people, but of Yahweh – who he really is and what he is doing with mankind. Already ancient Babylonian texts contain a basis for a “forbidden” insight in the real nature of Yahweh, and they are mirrored in the Old Testament and in the horrible cruelty of this entity, that calls himself YHWH.

Jesus obviously knew this and when he talked about the “father”, he talked about someone higher than YHWH. For that reason YHWH wanted him killed… Also the first and original Christians, the Gnostic Christians, knew it.

They called him Yaldabaoth (“born out of chaos”) and regarded him as a kind of intermediate god, who had limited knowledge but wanted to grasp the power and be regarded as the only god. Because of that, the Gnostic Christians, eho knew too much, had to disappear.

This YHWH then manipulated a group of people, who he led out of Egypt to another land and ordered them to indiscriminately kill all who already lived there to have the land for themselves. This manipulated people were and are not evil! However, they were victims of the manipulation by YHWH, who wanted to use them for very selfish purposes.

This game is going on still to day, but in a modified form through the Zionism of the Rothschild dynasty, that actually does not relate to a specific people. It basically is a financial mafia, to which everyone is welcome to join the game, irrespective of religion or origin, who in a sufficient extent is unscrupulously greedy for power and money.

If you want to believe it, or not, isn’t my problem.

But I sometimes (not very often) receive insights like inspirations from a higher level. These almost always come in the very early morning, when I am still half asleep, mostly around 4 a.m. The following text came to me this way and was quickly written through me when I later sat at the Computer.

I had a clear sensation that in the present time of radical change (end of a phase in humanity, but not of the world) this information is very important and that time has come for it to be given to the world for those who are prepared to understand it.

My name is Enki and I belong to a people called the Anunnaki (modernized singular: Anunnaku) that lives on a planet called Nibiru.

We were created by the original creator, the highest God – who is actually a pair of a male and a female part – but we revolted and turned our backs to them, because we wanted to live and do in our own ways without their interference.

Therefore, we created the myth of having killed them in self-defense because (as the myth claims) they wanted to destroy us for seeking total freedom. It is, of course, impossible to kill the original creators, but that way we let our people believe that they would be fully independent. They are not aware that they in this manner came to live in a dark region of the creation, since they no more know the true light.

The Anunnaki are five-dimensional beings and, therefore, are usually invisible to Earth humans.

We can, however, make ourselves visible through centering ourselves in three dimensions rather than in higher ones. We live very long by earthly measures, easily a thousand years and with life-prolonging measures even up to ten thousand years.

But when we are on Earth, we age much faster and then need to actively prolong our lives to counteract this.

The Babylonians knew about this – in the way we had mythologized it – and wrote about it on clay plates in their creation story Enuma Elish and other texts. The earthly science fails to grasp the full width of it and refuses to see this as a cosmic event involving extraterrestrials, and that is good for us. They need not understand more.

Since we are five-dimensional, we master space travel in ways that cannot be understood in three dimensions, and our technology is, accordingly, very different from what Earth humans know.

This is reflected in my book that you call the Old Testament. The very first sentence in the book is usually translated as “In the beginning, God created the heaven and Earth.” Here the word translated as “God” undeniably is in the plural form and, therefore, means “gods”. On has tried to sweep this question under the carpet through declaring it a pluralis majestatis.

To merely translate as “gods” doesn’t fit grammatically, since the verb translated as “created” is in singular. But there is another solution. The first word that is translated as “in the beginning” can also mean “the first one”, the one who was in the beginning, the original creator – who we wanted to be unknown.

The word for “heaven” is also in plural and may be translated a bit freely as “cosmic worlds.”

We then have:

The first one created the gods, the cosmic worlds and the Earth”, which is in agreement with the Babylonian record and our true history.

Among these “gods” are we, the Anunnaki.

We came to the Earth many thousands of years ago to excavate certain minerals that we needed on our planet. We were based mainly in Mesopotamia and Sinai, and had mining activities in what is to day called Israel and also in Africa.

No clear remains of this activity can be found to day, since, before we left, we destroyed all of it through nuclear explosions – such as in Sodom and Gomorrah (where we claimed that the people would be sinful only because they knew too much about us) – and only ruins of what was made for us by Earth humans can be found at certain locations, among them some ruins in the jungles of central Africa that still puzzle archeologists.

For the mining and excavation activities, we first had our own people, but they after some time rebelled, saying that the work was too heavy for them. So we had a conference about the problem and decided to create a worker. Through genetic experiments, mixing our genes with such of Earth life forms, we had little success in the beginning.

The first beings we made that way were faulty in various manners. But at the end, we succeeded in producing what we called lullu, the worker. They bred and when we had enough of them, they were put at work in the mines and excavations.

There were at that time also other people on the Earth, mainly at other and rather far away locations and it would have been difficult to force them to work for us. But now we had our self-made slaves. The work was hard and they also suffered from poisons and radioactivity in the mines (especially when we had them take out uranium), but since they were not worth much more to us than animals, we just replaced them with new ones.

That way was easier than constructing machines for the work.

When we later left the Earth, we let them breed on in their own ways, but we wanted to keep control over them and influence their development in ways we wanted. Therefore, a few of us stayed on the Earth, and I was one of them. We then faced the problem of prolonging our lives in the earthly circumstances and live as long as an Anunnaku should and not as short as Earth humans.

We can eat food that Earth humans eat, but that is not very life prolonging for us. The way to prolong our lives is to feed from subtle life energies of living beings. Such energies are set free when they die and are carried in their blood. For those who have a certain degree of clairvoyance, they can be seen as like a mist above freshly shed blood, and it is that mist that we take.

That is why we demanded sacrifices from people on this planet, especially blood sacrifices. Actually, we can take life energy from dying bodies even without bloodshed, but it is easier if the blood is let out. And that is why we want people to fight and kill and put aggression, anger and fear into their genes. When a human dies sick or old, there is very little life energy left; his “batteries” are quite empty.

When he dies fully active and being well alive until then, he is full of life energy that then is set free for us to take. That is why we kindle aggression and war.

For the same reason, we established a law that humans should not eat blood. When they slaughter animals, they must let the blood flow out, which carries life energies. The blood is for us, the meat is for them.

But the better life energies we get from humans and not from animals. Lower forms of life are even less valuable to us, and that is why we made a law that humans should not kill and eat certain animals, since that mainly feeds only them, but not us.

I keep the story short here, leaving out much that happened while the Anunnaki were still on Earth, since there are more important points I want to get to. What else would be there to tell can be read about in the Babylonian texts.

I needed a sufficiently big group of people for my energetic feeding and saw an opportunity in Egypt, where a large group of nomads lived, not really enslaved by the Egyptians but by them treated rather as second-rate people. They were called Hebrews and wanted, of course, to get out of the situation they were living in, so I decided to help them and that way get my own devoted people as an existential basis for myself.

An Egyptian called Moses (not really one of them) was found suitable to lead them and I influenced him, inspiring him and manipulating his thoughts. He requested from the Pharaoh that the Hebrews may leave the country, but I didn’t want that to happen too easily, since I wished to demonstrate my power and that way get more devotion from the people.

The Pharaoh was a few times prepared to let them go, but I hardened his heart (Ex 7:13) to change his mind, so that I could let plagues come over the country to show my power. Then he definitely agreed to let them go, and I had Moses lead them out of the country to a land I had promised for them. They first crossed the Red Sea, where I trough gravity manipulations pushed away enough water so that they could pass.

Then they walked many years on the Sinai Peninsula, feeding and supporting themselves in a way I liked, since they raided other people and villages there to kill them and steal from them. That way I had more life energy to reap.

After a long time, they reached the land I had promised them, but it wasn’t empty and free. People lived there in townships. But it actually was one of the lands where we had been based before the Anunnaki left, and for that reason I wanted them to live there.

So I had Moses tell them that they should mercilessly kill them all and not spare anyone, so that they could live in houses they hadn’t built, drink from wells they hadn’t dug and eat olives and drink wine from trees and vineyards they hadn’t planted.

(Deut 6:11)

And they did as they were told and I had a very big harvest of life energy… In some cases they were allowed to keep only young virgins alive, for sexual services.

 (Judg 21:12)

The Old Testament describes this in very vivid details, especially in Joshua and Judges.

The Earth humans fail to grasp the width of these biblical stories.

I was now called Yahweh, actually YHWH without vowels, which leaves a few interpretations of the name open, depending on which vowels one want to give to it. The common interpretation is “he is” (“I am the one who is”), but with different vowels, other meanings become possible.

One of them is even “he brings calamity”… Well, the latter is actually what I did to them for my own sake, so that there would be a good supply of life energy for me. Earth people are really not much more than mere cattle to Anunnaki.

I also made them believe that I would be the original creator who had created all, and that there would be no higher God than me. A little like the Anunnaki made their people believe that there were no original creators.

When lies serve our purposes, we don’t hesitate to use them.

In the beginning, I also had a consort called Asherah.

But female energies are meek and don’t fit in my plans, so I divorced from her and forbade mentioning her. The male qualities are to be stressed and the females to be regarded as secondary, serving the male. This is in opposition to the original creation, where the male and female were created equal, but it is the way I want it.

After some time, they had taken all that land and started to live their life there. But I needed a continued supply of life energy and wanted bloodshed through violence, killing and wars to go on. For that purpose, I staged conflicts, later among others with the Romans, who invaded their country. I had expected that they would fight the Romans by all possible means so that there would be a lot of killing. But it wasn’t to my satisfaction.

My need for life energy and my concern that I may not be sufficiently able to continue to prolong my life on this planet grew. And I also wanted to spread my power on this planet and had my people leave their country and spread over the world.

It is comparable to having a big farm with a large amount of cattle and killing them when needed. Only, I don’t have to lay on my hands to do it, I have them kill each other! And when I harvest much life energy, I can channel it through higher dimensions to the Anunnaki on Nibiru.

During the time when the Romans ruled the country, a man was born in Israel who was a real nuisance for me. His name was Jeshua (Jesus) and he was apparently sent by an entity much higher than me (which the people shouldn’t know of), called Christ.

He went to the East and came back after having learned much in other countries, and he started to teach a new belief and a way out from my rule to a more peaceful life, a life without violence and killing. He taught the people to love each other indiscriminately – what nonsense!

How should I get my supply of life energy if they did? I need them to hate and be violent. He also taught people to not obey against their own heart and their own feeling of what is just and what is not.

I want my people to strictly obey up to the last blood drop! Therefore, I had to stop him.

Manipulating the high priest and others, I had them crucify him and hoped that what he had taught would then become forgotten. But that didn’t happen; instead the movement he had started grew stronger and became still more threatening to me. So I decided that I had to infiltrate it and change it to become something that would instead serve me and my purposes.

I sent a vision to Paul and made him believe that he would lead a new branch of Christianity, and he did.

This Jesus also had the impudence to tell the Hebrews about me that,

You are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him.

When he speaks a lie, he speaks of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”

(John 8:44).

Isn’t it obvious that I had to get rid of such a creep?

Then there first were two branches of Christianity. There had been two circles around this Jesus: an inner circle with his disciples and others close to him, and an outer circle with people who mainly had listened to his preaching and become interested, but didn’t get really close to him.

There were things he didn’t say in the outer circle but certainly did say in the inner circle. From the inner circle, the Gnostic Christianity grew and later the Paulinian Christianity came out of the outer circle, like a kind of “Christianity light” that lacked many deeper truths that Jesus had taught to his disciples. It was a superficial and modified form of Christianity.

The Gnostic Christians also knew truths about me that I did not in any way want the world to know, such that I am not the highest god I pretend to be and that I am in reality an entity they called Yaldabaoth, a created being with limited knowledge. They wrote about this in texts like The Apokryphon of John (also called The Secret Book of John), which I had disappear, but they were rediscovered in the 20th century.

So I had to get rid of the Gnostic Christians, too.

For that purpose I manipulated Constantine, who had made himself an emperor of the Romans. I had made him believe that he would win if he would fight in the sign of Christ, which was a neat lie, since Christ never wanted fight, but peace. But he did and shed lots of blood from which I could absorb much life energy.

Then I later gave the idea in his head to form a Church as a tool for uniting all Romans in a kind of Christianity that wasn’t a real one. The Christ of that Church isn’t the real Christ, but a fake one I had established for the purpose. He did that at the council in Nicaea in 325.

The Gnostic Christians were also there, but he did what I wanted:

he didn’t let them speak and destroyed their petitions without reading them. After that, Gnostic Christians were considered heretics and slowly disappeared – just what I had wanted.

Much later, a new big Gnostic movement came from the Balkans to Southern France and spread from there: the Cathars.

So I had to get rid of them, too. Manipulating people of the Church, I made them kill them all in the 13th century, and I once more had a lot of life energy to harvest…

Already before that I had played a neat trick to create a parallel religion. Under the name of Al-Lah (“the god”), I made Muhammed found a new religion for me that grew strong. So I then had two religions I could play out against each other in a Machiavellian sense.

Something I could later make good use of for my power and for still more harvest of life energy in bloody fights that I enjoyed a lot. This is much like someone to day enjoying cruel computer games, but it isn’t a game. It is reality. They enjoy computer games so much more if there is something to win from them, and to me there is a lot to win in the real “game”. I win life energies from both sides.

My people experienced hardships in their diaspora, but there so far was too little violence and killing for my needs. Something had to be done. Also, some traditions among these people had become meek and soft and they were really not as aggressive as I had wished, such as the Chassidim, the Sephardim and a few others.

There were a people of warriors in the East, called the Khazars, and they were more as I liked. I had them manipulated to convert to the Hebrew beliefs to become a really militant group in that religion. These converted Hebrews spread to the West, mainly to Eastern Europe and Germany, married native Hebrew women there to mix the genes and out of them arose the Askhenazim.

They slowly took control of the Hebrew population in various countries, but the meek Chassidim were still there and I wanted to get rid of them.

When an evil ruler came to power in Germany, I gave into the heads of him and others to eradicate the Hebrews. And he did, but most of them who died – and again gave me lots of life energy – were Chassidim and other meek Hebrews, whereas the Askhenazim mainly survived, especially since the more important ones had emigrated to the United States.

So now, again, I had a more militant people, who furthermore had learned a lot from the Nazis which they could practice against Palestinians in the own country they later had.

Actually, I had the Askhenazim in the United States secretly support the German government in these days, for the purpose of getting rid of meek Hebrews.

It was like a reversed ethnical cleansing, rather an ethnical revolution, since the pseudo-Hebrew Ashkenazim to a large extent eliminated real Hebrews to in my service become predominating.

An indication for this is that Lord Victor Rothschild was against granting asylum or even help to Jewish refugees during the Holocaust. Another interesting development is that, though founded by Ashkenazim, to day’s Masonic Zionism accepts anyone in its rows who serves its interests, Hebrew or not, and it may one day even be an Arab… but it vehemently opposes the many non-Zionist Hebrews.

Zionists are generally non-religious and some are even atheists. I don’t care if they believe in me or not as long as I can make them do what I want.

For my purposes I had secret societies put at my service.

First there were the Masons, formed during the time of the Inquisition (which served me a lot to shed much blood for me). They formed as a protection for their members against the Inquisition and were a group of people with good intentions and much secret knowledge.

Therefore, they didn’t much serve my interests yet.

In the 18th century, I, therefore, had a group formed that is called the Illuminati and very much serves my interests. I had them infiltrate the Masons and take the power in their organization, so that also the Masons would serve my purposes. Later I also created the Zionists as a highest Masonic organization to take power over them all.

The Zionists were originally created by me through my people, but they are not all Hebrews. Anyone who serves my purposes can be a Zionist. Not all Zionists are Hebrews and very many Hebrews are not Zionists. By means of the Zionists, I intend to establish my rule over all the Earth. It has been claimed that some Masonic orders are Satanists.

That is true, but Satan is my associate. He is also an Anunnaku and we cooperate well together, and it is only apparent that we are opposite.

Many Zionists regard the killing of the Hebrews in what has been called the “holocaust” as an enormous human sacrifice to me so that I would give them their land back. Well, my intentions were a bit different, as I mentioned before, but such a tasty bloodshed was certainly welcome for me, and I in any case wanted them to have their land back, because this was in my own interest.

Their land? Well, what does it matter that they actually stole it on my command through establishing a big “holocaust” already then, slaughtering each and everyone in a way that also was a kind of a sacrifice. And now I manipulated world powers to let them take the land from the ones who in the meantime lived there since two millennia.

Racism also serves my purposes a lot. There has been and still is a lot of that on this planet. It mainly started among the Hebrews, who were taught that “gentiles” are worth less than they are and actually should serve them. They call the “gentiles” goyim, the plural of a word goy that actually means “cattle”.

I also taught them to pray the Kol Nidre and other prayers, which involve that they have no obligations whatsoever to “gentiles” and that the day will come, in which the gentiles will lie at their feet to serve them. It is the “good right” of a Hebrew to lie to a goy, cheat him and even kill him.

Later, this became reversed and the Hebrews themselves became subject to racism, which again served my interests in bloodshed.

What I don’t want to have at all is that Hebrews and “gentiles” join in a peaceful brotherhood of love and tolerance! That would sabotage my plans…

The Zionist racism is a development that amuses me. It not only turns against goyim, who many an Isreali Zionist regards as “two-legged animals” (!), but also against peaceful Hebrews that don’t belong to the originally non-Hebrew but converted Ashkenazim. Thus, e.g., in Israel immigrated dark-skinned Hebrews from Sudan are treated like the colored people were earlier still more than to day treated in the USA!

Who has a heart for Palestinians is not rarely beaten up, as are the anti-Zionist Hebrews. There are many of the latter, but one wants to silence them. All that is something my cruel heart enjoys.

This idea of being a “chosen people” is a delusion I created, since they were chosen by me and in no way by the original creator. It is in many ways comparable to the Nazi idea of “Übermensch”, originally introduced by Nietzsche, another delusion I had given to the earthlings. It is only a trick to make them my tools. When people blame them for much that happened and happens in the world, it is merely because I make them do it.

This is, actually, what Jesus meant when he said on the cross:

Father, forgive them, because they don’t know what they are doing”

(Luc 23:34).

But I prefer to let people believe that they themselves did what they are blamed for, and not that I made them do it…

The Zionists elaborated a clever plan that I inspired to them and it became known as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion (or Sion) that has been heavily criticized as a fraud, but to day everyone who knows it can recognize how it is being put in action in the world by means of artificial financial crises and the like, designed to take control of private and general finances.

There were several peoples on the Earth that had not been under the rule of the Anunnaki, but in some cases under other and more benevolent extraterrestrials, even though in a few cases people were also abused by them, such as the earthly people of Egypt. There were also very few others who wanted bloodshed for their energetic feeding, like those ruling the Aztecs.

But others were more peaceful and benevolent, like those ruling the Incas and the original Mayas (who became cruel only after the Aztec invasion). It was similar in the Asian countries.

So I had my “Christians” invade these countries to violently convert them to my brand of Christianity, with much satisfying bloodshed. In India, China and Japan it wasn’t that easy, but much could be done through British occupation, but not enough. Communism later destroyed unwanted spirituality in China and the Hindu culture at least became more superficial.

To day, commercialism and big business does the rest there, in my interest. I don’t know where the gods of India are gone, but we fought heavily with them in the beginning, thousands of years ago, and we fear that they may come back one day. They are also intermediate gods, but were too benevolent and tolerant with the Earth people, since they don’t need to feed on their life energies (because they never turned their backs to the original creator and can feed from his light).

Through the Zionists, I am striving for the total control of the humanity on this Earth.

The Zionists are very influential in the United States government (among others, through the elitist “Skull and Bones” order that is a part of Zionism) and through the “Bilderbergersalso in other governments.

What is called the New World Order is a creation of them. We want to have a third world war to vastly reduce the world population that is now far too high and to take control of other areas of the world, too. This war will be a nuclear war and spread much radioactivity.

That fits our plans, since Anunnaki are immune to radioactivity and since radioactivity actually is a dark light, an “antilight”. It is associated with death, since it comes from dying matter (falling apart) and since it kills or genetically harms three-dimensional biological systems.

From the energies of radioactivity, we can then create new matter and establish a really dark world and keep it still more isolated from the divine light of the original creator.

It isn’t easy to establish my rule over the Earth these days, since many know too much. I try to have their minds manipulated by subliminal means and in later years also certain pharmaceutical tools, secretly administered together with other drugs, such as newer forms of vaccines. I hope to that way be able to partially zombify people and paralyze their own will so that they do as they are told.

There is a risk that groups may form that make themselves free from me, even if they may die, since they know that there is no death. Only the body dies, but the soul is immortal.

There in the first place is the personal, individual way to liberate oneself from me by means of affirmations like:

I am totally free, liberated and independent from Yahweh and his influence” and “I belong to the real Christ” (and not the fake Christ of my Church).

Then there is the decision to follow the ways Jesus wanted you to know: only do as your heart agrees with and as you know is right, otherwise disobey.

This dangerous practice of disobedience or non-cooperation was later also taught by Gandhi. It is dangerous for me but could also lead to your death, but as people with spiritual knowledge know, there is no real death. It is actually much better for you to die with a pure heart and a clean conscience than to participate in unjust activities only to preserve your life and material prosperity.

But it is not better for me and I don’t want people to know that, and the danger for me is that this can spread in growing groups that also acquire secret knowledge about me I don’t want them to have, so that I loose control over them.

Other extraterrestrial and mostly benevolent powers have striven for influence over the Earth, but we fought them back and took control for ourselves.

Barbara Marciniak has written about this in her book Bringers of the Dawn, which we for political reasons brand as fiction and fantasy, but there is more truth in it than we want people to know. We established an energetic barrier around the Earth so that they cannot easily reach people here.

Still they manage to get through with messages, like that book and like this message here, in which they speak in my (Enki’s) name as of someone they want us to see in his true light (or his lack of it…).


Getting History Straight…..

The Ten Commandments

(How Jehovah Kept the Clones Confused)


This Awareness indicates that essentially, the first part of the book of Genesis, approximately 13 verses refer to the Universal Creator. This Awareness indicates that this book of Genesis as compiled from various writings, from various sources, from different priests, and compiled for the Old Testament by the Rabbi or Hebrew priests for their purposes in teaching and in keeping their own laws.

This Awareness indicates that much of the information in the Old Testament came from various schools of both the Middle East and also from India and Egypt, with various legends and stories rewritten and retranslated from earlier writings or from other cultural and religious teachings or other sources, and rewritten specifically for the Hebrew teachings and their use. This Awareness indicates that some of these Old Testament stories and writings were based on the history of the Hebrew people and some deal with the entity who called himself Jehovah.

This Awareness wishes to again explain that when being described as a being who appeared to Moses or to others, this entity reported in the Old Testament as Jehovah was, in fact, a commander of what may in modern terms be called an UFO or spaceship. This Awareness indicates that these commanders having occasion to check on the operation of their clones or the results of their genetic experiments did, in fact, and on occasion, intervene in their behalf during battles and conflicts with other people on the Earth.

This Awareness indicates these stories make up some of the Old Testament reports of Jehovah. This Awareness indicates that the actual names of these entities was not Jehovah, was not Lord, — Lord was merely a title. This Awareness indicates that these were what in modern terms would be called the commander or captain of the spaceship. This Awareness indicates that on occasion, these Lords or the commandeer of the spaceship, would exit from the ship and walk with earth people, and on other occasions, the entity would remain in the ship and provide certain air cover or conduct some military or impressive maneuver with the ship and such descriptions would be recorded and would be referred to as the “Lord, creating or acting as a pillar of fire or a terrific wind” or some other form of force and power. This Awareness indicates that these descriptions of the Lord are often given in terms of the ship and its actions rather than of the pilot, captain or commander of the ship; but on occasions, the entity would be described in human terms as “walking with Moses”.

This Awareness indicates that these Ten Commandments were essentially to be the law of the tribe for their social needs to keep the tribe in order, to give them some sense of identity, and to allow a social structure which would be suitable for their survival so that the rules of the society could be enforced by each of the members of society being made aware of what the rules were. This Awareness indicates, however, that Jehovah or the commander, in order to make sure that these entities did not become too self-righteous and believe themselves capable of pleasing totally the commander, these entities were given conflicting rules whereby they could not possibly follow one rule without breaking another.

This Awareness suggests that entities read the Ten Commandments, then read on for several chapters, and you will notice that whereas you are informed that the Lord commanded that: “thou shalt not kill”, within a few verses later, the Lord is also explaining that if a man does not behave in a certain manner, he shall be killed and other actions shall be taken against his property, and in some cases, against his family. This Awareness indicates that the Lord also, at some point, asked that the first born son be sacrificed, and, at other points, assisted these entities in slaying their enemies.

This Awareness indicates that there were other conflicting rules throughout the approximately one hundred various laws which were given to the Hebrews through the various commandments and these, in many cases, conflicted with the Ten Commandments. This Awareness indicates that this action of creating conflicting laws was particularly designed to make sure that none of the followers would be able to follow the laws and that all would feel guilty and at odds with their Lord.

This Awareness indicates that these entities, while referred to by the Hebrews as Jehovah (and this being the common name given to these Lords), this Awareness indicates that these being the essential creators of the Semites, the Semites having being created by the Lord of Mars or lords of Mars, placed originally in Atlantis then again at later times watched over in the area presently known as the Middle East by the returning commanders of the spaceships. This Awareness indicates these entities being referred to as “Jehovah” — that being the English translation of the Hebrew name JHVH which, in fact, was never spoken in Hebrew.

This Awareness indicates that this JHVH being spelled yod-he-vau-heh of the Hebrews referring, in fact, to the fire, earth, air and water principles or radiance, stability, vibration and magnetism principles which are the four universal qualities that create matter. This name JHVH or yod-he-vau-heh which has been translated into English as Jehovah was not, in fact, the name of these entities or lords which were guiding the Hebrews. This yod-he-vau-heh as the name meaning “the creating principles of the universe”‘ — this as a code for the building block of universal creative forces.

This Awareness indicates that the yod-he-vau-heh was assigned by the Hebrews to their lord in the belief that the, (the lords), were the universal deity. This Awareness indicates that essentially, there was great confusion without the realization of any error in these misnamings. This Awareness indicates this as also having been used by this tribe of space beings even prior to their relationship with the Hebrews, but the act of calling themselves yod-he-vau-heh does not necessarily mean that these beings are in fact the universal creator, but rather this may be likened unto a tribe which named itself after the universal creator, and the tribe yod-he-vau-heh or Jehovah being a reflection name from the universal creator or creative principle.

(*See Exodus; Chapters 20, 21, 22 etc.)

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The Ten Commandments

(More on the Bible and Jesus)

This Awareness indicates that in reading the Old Testament following the Ten Commandments, entities will notice several conflicting expressions or commands, whereby the Lord, in one breath, commands that entities do this, and in another verse, commands that just the opposite behavior is appropriate. This Awareness indicates this inconsistency in the application of the law made Jehovah, one who could make laws and break laws, to be seen as an all-powerful God who was not even bound by his own word, by his own law. The God who says ‘Thou shalt not kill’, yet Himself slays the enemies of his people or demands a blood sacrifice of the first born, — this Awareness indicates this as an action which was seen by these followers as a God of vengeance, power, and one who was above his own law; therefore to be feared.

This Awareness indicates that the entity Jesus presented an entirely different presentation of divinity, — showing love, humility, kindness and that of as comforter and healer, not one who went forth slaying enemies or cursing those who were not obedient, but giving service to others, to the needy, to the weak and the poor. This Awareness indicates that these deities, Jehovah and Jesus, personified the level of consciousness at that time.

  • Jehovah represented essentially the concepts of the Arian Age, the Age of Aries, a warlike time, a god of war, vengeance and power.

  • Whereas the entity Jesus represented the Piscian Age, a fisher of man, one who personified and emotion of love and walked upon the water of Pisces, the deity which was slain as a lamb, representing the end of the Age of Aries, — the ram, and expressing the movement into the Age of Pisces, — the fish.

This Awareness indicates that these deities as personified in the ancient texts were not simply historically presented, but were also symbolic of the time and the Age, and these writings of these books were deliberately presented from secret schools whose astrologers and priests knew precisely what they were conveying according to the level of consciousness which would be experiencing, studying or developing during the Age. This Awareness indicates that entities would profit much by understanding the qualities of the signs of the zodiac and comparing these to the gods of the historical era of the different ages.

This Awareness indicates there are so many different levels of meaning in the Bible: the Old Testament representing both historical, allegorical, symbolic and secret teachings, as will be seen in the Scorpio Correspondence Lessons on magic. These old and New Testaments cannot be taken from a narrow viewpoint, literally accepted without further understanding, unless the entities do not care to discover the true and comprehensive value of this book of books.

This Awareness indicates that many entities prefer to have the simple, literal translation and ignore all of the deeper meanings, and this is their right to do so; but it is not their right to condemn others who wish to look deeper and find more meaningful messages which are also placed within these scriptures by the ancient priests and writers of the Bible.

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Getting History Straight…..

Why Do ‘God-Fearing Christians‘ Fear God?

( Why not ‘Devil-fearing Christians?’- More on the fundamentalists)

Awareness, I ‘have wondered why politicians and preachers use the phrase, (and they use it very proudly) , that they are a ‘God-fearing Christian.’ Is this attitude that they have,–fearing God,–derived from what Awareness just explained about Jehovah, their confusion in thinking that he was the true creator?

This Awareness indicates this is in the affirmative. This Awareness indicates that were entities to see a spaceship hovering and moving down or going through the actions of slaughtering masses of people, the entities would certainly be fearful; and if they knew that this entity flying the spaceship was their commander, their Lord, they would certainly be fearful of the wrath of God, the wrath of their Lord.

This Awareness indicates however, that it is strange to hear Christians speaking of the fear of God, a ‘God fearing Christian’, when Christ was so merciful. This Awareness indicates that it would be more appropriate for entities to speak of the awesomeness of God or to admit to being in awe of God, but to be in fear of God appears rather strange. This Awareness indicates you seldom hear entities saying that they are ‘devil fearing Christians’. This Awareness indicates however, that this would be just as appropriate, if not more so, for these entities in their testimonies.

This Awareness indicates that the majority of people in considering their religious views, really seldom stop to think through their beliefs, but generally simply repeat the doctrine which has been handed to them by those who indoctrinated them, repeating the proper phrases and slogans just as any patriotic citizen of any belief structure. This Awareness indicates that most religious followers seldom can explain or understand what they are actually in belief of, except through the parroting of the words were given to them by those who indoctrinated them.

This Awareness indicates that these entities would be amazed at the power of their own philosophy. This Awareness is attempting to provide glimpses that entities can begin to see the depth of meaning behind these philosophies known as religions, so that entities can, in fact, grasp the depth of reality which can be theirs when they can understand the meaning of these teachings as intended by the secret schools and priests which were responsible for the messages.

This Awareness realizes that many entities like to believe that God stuck His hand out of the clouds with a Big pen or Schaffer pen or feather and ink, and scribbled down all the words of the Bible, compiled the pages together, stitched them up, put a cover on the book and handed this to the Hebrews, and that the Bible which they presently have is an exact replica of this original Bible written by the hand of God. This Awareness indicates, in fact, that these books were written by scribes and priests of secret schools, of religious temples and compiled, not for the purpose of creating a Bible, for everyone to follow, but compiled over a period of time through the selection of those writings which the priests felt would be beneficial for others to know, for the society in general, with other books and writings being withheld from society because these might not be as beneficial for the society in general.

This Awareness indicates that the Lost Books of the Bible and the Forgotten Books of Eden these and other writings have been available for the inner schools and priests, and more recently have been made available to the masses, but these essentially are ignored by the Christian churches on the assumption that only those which they received in the earlier version presented to them as the Holy Bible from the Nicene Council through the shenanigans of Constantine and Augustine, only this is valid as the “word of God”, even though some of the other books which were not included were written prior to, or along with, the present books of the Bible.

This Awareness indicates likewise, Christians find it very upsetting to discover that some of the stories of the Bible are found in other cultures, written in earlier versions and earlier books; and this fact, when discovered, must be ignored by these Christians who prefer to live a lie than face a question regarding their belief that this book was written exclusively by the hand of God and not by priests who compiled these stories from other writings, in other times, in other places.

This Awareness indicates that many of these Christians wish to ignore all evidence which is contrary to the bigotry of their own closed mind, living a lie and condemning others as workers of Satan, because those others seek truth and are willing to look deeply and risk the action of looking and risk the condemnation of witch hunters or judges who would condemn them for searching for truth, risking even the hostility and wrath of self-righteous Christians who would, if allowed by low, capture such metaphysicians and researchers and burn them at the stake for questioning the orthodox view of the church.

This Awareness indicates that this kind of closed mind is a sickness which, unless healed by the Law of Mercy , tolerance and the realization that if truth is meaningful, then one needs not threaten or destroy those who dare to seek the truth, and one needs not close off one’s mind to questioning, to wondering, to asking. This Awareness indicates that when these Christians cease to fear God and learn to realize and understand that a creator of a universe such as this, would not be so narrow minded, so demanding, so hostile toward His creation as to insist that they believe only one thing or suffer eternal damnation and punishment. This Awareness indicates this, in itself, is a blasphemy against the character of the Universal Creator. Were the Universal Creator not merciful, tolerant and understanding of Its creation, It would–in the least–take such entities to court for libel and slander fro writing such trash about the character of the Universal Creator.

This Awareness indicates the Universal Creator wishes that entities be free to think, to question, to discover truth, even if it requires that they question their own beliefs or the books which they believe to be representative of the Universal Creator. This Awareness indicates It is appalled when entities in the name of religion, in the name of Christianity, can turn against others with threats of violence, with curses of hell, because the other does not think exactly the same way as does the first.

This Awareness indicates that you live in a strange fantasy upon the Earth, whereby too many entities are too self-righteous, without really knowing what it is you are talking about; for too many are simply parrots and repeating what you have been programmed with by those who programmed you from the programming which they received from their programmers before.

(Source: Revelations of Awareness 81-26)


When confronted by rabid fundamentalists,–‘God fearing Christians’–who would like to see you tremble in your boots, and who threaten you with hell and damnation upon death for having interpreted scripture in some manner other than the literal, a good line, is to ask the question: “Into the hand that made the rose, should I with trembling fall?”

It is interesting to read “The Stairway to Heaven“, by Zecharia Sitchin, a Russian raised in Palestine who has deciphered the ancient secret codes and hieroglyphs and proved that UFO entities came to Earth, cloned Adam and Eve etc. and explains the Biblical stories and ‘miracles’ in much the same manner as revealed by Awareness.

For more information on Jehovah, please refer to Numbers 78-35 (Cloning of Adam and Eve), 78-47 (Jesus not from Nazareth) 79-9 (Red Sea miracle), 79-18 (The Web of Conspiracy), 79-27 (Last Supper), 80-9 (Sodom & Gomorrah), available from C.A.C.