The Briefing – A Retired USAF NCO gives an Excellent Assessment – Audio and Text

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Testimony of Master Sergeant Dan Morris, USAF (Retired)/ NRO Operative

September 2000

Dan Morris is a retired Air Force career Master Sergeant who was involved in the extraterrestrial projects for many years. After leaving the Air Force, he was recruited into the super-secret National Reconnaissance Organization, or NRO, during which time he worked specifically on extraterrestrial-connected operations. He had a cosmic top-secret clearance (38 levels above top secret) which, he states, no U.S. president, to his knowledge, has ever held. In his testimony, he talks of assassinations committed by the NSA; he tells how our military deliberately caused the 1947 ET craft crashes near Roswell, and captured one of the ETs, which they kept at Los Alamos for 3 years, until he died. He talks about the intelligence teams that were charged with intimidating, discrediting, and even eliminating witnesses to ET/UFO events. He talks about Germany’s re-engineering of UFOs, even prior to WWII. He talks about our current energy crisis — and the fact that we haven’t needed fossil fuels since the 1940s, when free energy technologies were developed — but have been kept from humanity. This is the real reason for the secrecy of the ET/UFO subject. “What the people in power right now don’t want us to know is that this free energy is available to everybody.” In conclusion, he warns against the weaponization of space and the shooting down of ET craft — this could force them to retaliate, and that would be our destruction.

I had a clearance 38 levels above top secret, which is cosmic top-secret -it is the top of all of those clearances. It is for UFOs, and aliens, etc. No president has had that level, has ever been cleared for that level. Eisenhower was the closest. Well, there are several intelligence agencies- the Army had it, the Air Force had it, the Navy had it. And then there were several secret intelligence agencies. One that did not exist, it was so secret, was the NRO. You couldn’t mention NRO. It is the National Reconnaissance Organization. If you’re on that level, then there’s an organization worldwide called ACIO, that’s Alien Contact Intelligence Organization. If you pay your dues and you follow the rules, your government is allowed to benefit from that organization’s information. Now some people call it the high frontier. The Navy Intelligence refer to themselves that way sometimes. And they all work together. Air Force intelligence, Naval intelligence, and the NRO were at one time all in a certain part of Langley Air Force Base in Virginia. And most of the satellite interpreters were there, most of the intelligence interpreters from the Air Force, the Army, the Navy were there, that’s where they worked and interpreted.

Now, Eisenhower wanted somebody to be in charge, he tried the CIA Director, and it didn’t work. The CIA was working primarily for itself. Most of the intelligence directors of the services were working for themselves. So he said, “I want it to be independent, I want it to be civilian. I want it to be some of our top scientists.” So it was organized but the name of the NRO was kept secret for years.

About 1968 was when it came into being independently. Now before that, during the war, we had the OSS, the Office of Strategic Services, and that was mostly spy soldiers, you know, men from certain parts of the armed forces formed under the OSS. I never spied for the OSS. I was in Air Force intelligence. And another thing that gave me a high security clearance was I was a CONRAD courier…

And so when I retired from the Air Force, they knew that I knew some of this stuff, and so that’s why they gave me the chance to go work for somebody else who knew that too — the NRO.

The National Security Agency- the killers work in that. They’re the guys that, when it becomes necessary for a ‘problem’ to be removed, they’re…if you watch James Bond, they’re double-O agents, if you get my meaning. And Secretary of Defense Forestall was the first real powerful known person that was eliminated because he was going to release the information. And nobody has ever paid for that crime, that crime has never really been thoroughly investigated by forces to see what happened to him. But most people know that he was thrown out the window of a hospital – but he wasn’t killed by being thrown out the window, but he never got up alive…

There are other people who have been eliminated for what they know. One was a friend of mine, Phil Snyder, who worked out here in New Mexico building the tunnels- the biggest one that he was involved with was the Dulce underground facility.

And I know that Phil loved this country and he thought these programs were bypassing our form of government. The way it was set up, there were too many black projects going on, and none were approved by our Congress.

[See the testimony of Clifford Stone. SG]

No Congress ever voted on any of these black projects, and he believed the American people had a right to know what they were spending their money for and what we were capable of doing. And he started talking, so they got rid of him…

But myself, I’m 73 years old and I’ve had a good life and no regrets, and I’ve loved this country and I’ve been a Christian all my life, since I was about 11 years old, so I believe God wants this known, and I believe the cosmos wants this known. And I believe that if we don’t break the secrecy… we’re doing our people a great harm keeping it so secret. And if we don’t break it, I believe somebody else will. Somebody outside of this planet. I believe some of the people who have been with us the last fifty years will break the secret…

Now the two guys who were down there, I told them, “You got your cameras – Official Air Force cameras? Go outside and take pictures, go out and tell me what you see.” And they came back and said, “There are UFOs sitting out there in formation!” I said, “Well, take pictures, get the cameras and take pictures.” And I told the other two, turn the radar cameras on, because we had radar cameras that took pictures, too.

So that was all there, and this building we were in had one whole side that was glass French doors, so if you set the radarscope, you’d look outside and see there were UFOs. And so I called headquarters. I said, “Okay, we have a contact.” He says, “You mean SAC is running a mission against you?” I said, “Not SAC, not SAC.” He says, “What, then?” I said, “Cosmos.” He said, “Wait a minute. Describe them on the phone.” So, there was a switch you could throw that scrambles everything. “So I said, okay, my phone’s scrambled, is yours scrambled?” “Mine’s scrambled.” He says, “What do you mean, you’ve got a cosmic contact?” I said, “I mean there are three UFOs sitting out there.” “You taking pictures?” “We’re taking pictures.” “You taking radar pictures?” “We’re taking radar pictures, taking real pictures.” He says, “Okay, don’t say another word, I will send a courier up there, he’ll get there in about six hours, you turn everything over to him.” And I said, “Okay.” So, about six hours later, he’s there, we’ve got everything sealed up for him, we give it to him. He heads back to Air Proving Ground Command, and we were never, officially notified that they ever received those pictures- it went secret, it went black, like it never happened. But, we had copies of the pictures. So I told the guys, the five, I said, “Okay, guys, here’s a copy for all of you. Keep them for your grandkids…”

Do you know why we stopped exploding nuclear weapons? We were ordered to do it by those ETs from Orion. Orion – they came down and they told us, “Look, you can destroy yourselves, so we won’t put up with that. And if you do that, if you explode that planet, and you’ve got the capability now…” That’s when we really got their attention and they came down and they said, “Look, we won’t let you destroy your planet.” So we want you to stop all nuclear testing. They had already stopped us from using weapons. And then they told us, “No more nuclear testing.” Now Russia and the United States, we were firm believers by then that those people could do what they said. And you saw the time they all showed up over Washington, D.C., and we went our jets up after them, and every time the jets would go up, the UFOs would zap out, or they’d go to another dimension. The jets would come back to base and the UFOs would be back over Washington. Scared the hell out of everybody in Washington, what are they going to do?

What happened was that we found out that high-powered radar would interfere with their stability, because we could watch the amplifiers and stabilizers come down when they were low and slow. Radar affected the UFOs when they were low and slow. We already knew that, we knew it before ‘47, before they came down. And where was most of our radar? White Sands, and down at Roswell. Who was stationed at Roswell? The only nuclear bomb squadron in the world. So they were interested and we had a lot of radar there, because we were going to protect as much as we could. Well, we focused several, big, powerful radars on them, and it caused two of them to run together. One of them was the one that went down and landed on the ranch, the other was the one that went down into the bank and it had two aliens on it lying outside when we got there. One of them was wounded or hurt, and the other was alive then, but before we could get him anywhere, he had already passed on. But the other we kept at Los Alamos over here for about three years. He got sick. We sent out on every frequency range we could and everything that he was sick, that we didn’t do it, that they could come and get him if they wanted to. But he died before they got here. But they came and got his body, and that’s when they went to Washington and had that formation over Washington. So they retrieved his body.

One time we shot down one and we were catching hell for that. But what do you think we did with all these nuclear weapons that we and Russia had? We put nuclear weapons out in space as a line of defense. And we were ready to blow them up if they started in. …

I became part of a group that would investigate, gather the information, and in the beginning it was still under the Blue Book, Snowbird and different covert programs. I would go interview people who claimed they had seen something and try to convince them they hadn’t seen something or that they were hallucinating. Well, if that didn’t work, another team would come in and give all the threats. And threaten them and their family and so on and so forth. And they would be in charge of discrediting them, making them look foolish and so on and so forth. Now if that didn’t work, then there was another team that put an end to that problem, one way or another. …

So, there would be cover stories deliberately put out and then de-bunked. Information, disinformation has been going on for 50 years.

We need help with most of the guys who signed the security oath- that’s the reason he needs to keep doing what he’s doing. You know, SG. And get us out from under that. And this needs to come out.

Germany recovered two UFOs before. It was 1931, ‘32, and they took them to Germany and started, like we do now, re-engineering. They got ahead, and even before the war started, they had a workable UFO…

We’ve got plenty of film, documentary film to show that in the archives. And then we got a whole bunch more from the Germans after the war, because we brought, not only Von Braun, but we brought Scharberger over here and some of their electromagnetic people who were working on the UFOs. And he gave us a jump on everybody else.

Now the Russians took some people, too, but we had the main ones. Scharberger was out here in New Mexico, and he helped us in White Sands and other places around New Mexico. And then he felt we’d done him wrong and he went home and two weeks after he went home he was killed.

UFOs are both extraterrestrial and man made. Well, the guys that were doing the UFOs, they weren’t sleeping, and Townsend Brown was one of our guys who was almost up with the Germans. So we had a problem. We had to keep Townsend Brown- what he was doing on anti-gravity electromagnetic propulsion secret. Even back in Tesla’s time, we had free energy that we could transfer. All you had to do was just put up an antennae and put a stake in the ground and you could light this house and have all the energy you needed. But what do we run on? For the last century, we’ve run on petroleum. Who’s in control of the petroleum in the world? A lot of people think that Iraq, Iran, and so on, are. They aren’t. We control it, us and the British interests. Well, some people refer to this as the secret government. A group of the richest men in the world control petroleum. And you don’t need cars unless you have an internal combustion engine. Well, if you have one of these units that’s about sixteen inches long and about eight inches high and about ten inches wide, then you don’t need to plug into the local electric company. These devices burn nothing. No pollution. It never wears out, because there are no moving parts. What moves are electrons, in the gravity field, in the electronic field, and they turn in opposite directions, okay? You put one in a car- the car would rust and fall down around it before it would ever wear out. So what’s that going to do to the world economy that runs on petroleum?

So it’s not that our government and the world doesn’t want us to know that there are other people on other planets that have existed for thousands of years. What the people in power right now don’t want us to know is that this free energy is available to everybody. …

The American people are stronger than the government gives them credit for, and I believe that, I’ve come to that decision myself. That the American people can stand to know the truth, and they should know the truth, and that’s one reason I’m coming forward. I want them to know that there’s a better life possible…

You know the South African Government admits that they retrieved an ET craft. They don’t make any bones about it. And they put out a documentary film that has a police sergeant who’s saying that they recovered one- it even shows you pictures of the recovery and so on and so forth. Now, what I’ve read is that an agreement was made between our government and them, that we would not say anything about them developing and using their first nuclear weapon. That if we couldn’t support them in the U.N., that we’d keep our mouths shut, and they would give us that ET ship, and we agreed to it, and they did. We sent a C-5A Galaxy over and brought the ship back as well as the two aliens that they had gotten out of the ship. They went to Wright-Pat Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, where we usually send most of what we recover. There are about eight levels under the ground, and we store it there.

So who’s our enemy now? Now some would like for us to believe and would like to develop the idea that the aliens are our enemy now. There’s no proof that I have ever read in any official document where, unless they were attacked, that they ever shot. And one instance I’ll tell you about involved Russia. Now this involved an admiral who had a son who was a MIG pilot in their air force. We had an F-18 up in Alaska. And the Russians would send their badgers and their beavers out, they’d send their MIGs out, so the 21st Fighter Squadron in Alaska, they’d go up and intercept them. And they were all armed. Fortunately nobody fired. So our controller saw, when these MIGs were mixing it up, that there was another ship that moved in, and our controller was listening to the Russians say, “Intercept that ship.” They referred to it as ship, it wasn’t anything we knew or the Russians knew. And so the two MIGs started intercepting. Our guy was told by our controller, “Get out of there, stay in view, but don’t you try to intercept that ship!” So as soon as the Russian fighters turned on their armament targeted the UFO, the missiles were both destroyed just like that, one after the other. Our guy wasn’t shot at, and he came on back home. And that was by a two-star Russian general who told that story. And they also interviewed the admiral whose son had told that story to him…

I think the aliens are aware that we’re trying to build weapons against them. Now I’ll tell you, we do have a defense, we’re capable of shooting some down. We’ve developed that ability. Eisenhower warned the United States public, “Don’t let the military and the industrial weapons builders get in power.” He always feared that, and if you look at his last speech, he said that to the public. Don’t let them become too powerful. So, we better wake up. We’ve tried to shoot down several UFOs. And we’ve been successful, we crashed one in White Sands, New Mexico. We were tracking it at the time and we were successful in damaging it enough that it crashed. And yes, there were some aliens on it and yes, we got them. This happened about ‘68 or ‘69, about the same time the South Africans did it. …

We don’t have a threat from Russia anymore, but if we keep shooting at those aliens, we might have a threat from them. We should quit that. We should demand that our government stop trying to shoot down those aliens. We should cooperate.

Testimony of Mr. Don Phillips, Lockheed Skunkworks, USAF, and CIA Contractor

December 2000

Don Phillips was in the Air Force at Las Vegas Air Force Base during an event when UFOs were seen moving at enormous speeds near Mt. Charleston, northwest of Las Vegas. In addition, he worked with Kelly Johnson at the Lockheed Skunkworks — on design and construction of the U-2 and the SR-71 Blackbird. He testifies that we not only have these extraterrestrial devices, but have also achieved tremendous technological advances from their study. He states that in the 1950s and 1960s, NATO did research into the origin of ET races, and disseminated reports to the leaders of various countries. Mr. Phillips further states that there are records and filmed documentation of meetings in California in 1954 between ETs and leaders of the USA. He lists a few of the technologies we were able to develop because of the ETs: computer chips, lasers, night vision, bulletproof vests, and concludes, “Are these ET people hostile? Well, if they were hostile, with their weaponry they could have destroyed us a long time ago — or could have done some damage.” Mr. Phillips now develops technologies that can help eliminate environmental pollutants and reduce the need for fossil fuels: energy generation systems that use natural energies from planet Earth.

DP: Mr. Don Phillips   SG: Dr. Steven Greer

DP: So Angels Peak was a classified radar installation. And, it’s, a lot of radar installations, as we know them, are up in the middle of no where. We would monitor the aircraft coming from Las Vegas into Area 51 or whatever passed by. And, it was whatever passed by that became most interesting one night, in 1966, to ‘67. That night, I heard a lot of commotion about 1:00 in the morning.

We were at 8,000 feet; the radar domes were at 10,500, approximately. So I decided to get up and walked up to the main road, and up near my office. I got to the area where the fellows were standing- there was a group of about five people- and they were looking up in the air. And, I looked up in the air and saw these objects, lighted objects, moving at tremendous speeds… Right at that instant I saw these things making acute angles and traveling, I would estimate 3,000 to 4,000 miles per hour. And, then immediately making acute turns. I knew that they weren’t ours…

And, then, all of a sudden, they seemed to group, from what would be hundreds of miles in the sky to the west. And they came into a circle, rotated into a circle, and then disappeared. And, I thought, wow, what a show.

So, the security Sergeant happened to be on duty. And, we all looked at each other and said, gee, this is really something. And, he said, well, we shouldn’t really say anything about this.

Well, I had a buddy that was chief radar operator named Anthony Kasar…

He was almost as white as a sheet. He took one step down the steps and he looked at me and he said, did you see those? And, I said, yeah, we’ve been watching them- some of the fellows have been watching them for the last four to five minutes. And, I’ve seen them for a little more than 90 seconds. He says, we saw them on the radar screen and we documented them. He says, they are not bogeys. They are not apparitions. They are real solid objects. And, of course, they would have to be in order to get a fix with radar, the kind of radar we used there, it would have to be a solid object. And, it’s not that we tracked them with the radar- they would go in and out of the signal and register that way. He finally documented that there were six to seven. The speeds that we estimated were also estimated by the radar operators and their scopes.

SG: What did they estimate?

DP: They estimated, around, 3,800 to 4,200 miles per hour equivalent, ground speed. These things are darting across the sky. First they look like a star. And then they move, in any direction or make any kind of a straight line, or just hover. …

These UFOs were huge. And they would just come to a stop and do a 60 degree, 45 degree, 10 degree turn, after stopping. And, then immediately reverse this action. …

SG: Had you heard of anti-gravity propulsion systems being worked on while you were at Lockheed Skunkworks?

DP: The propulsion system that you are asking about, I heard that it existed. But, the left hand never knew what the right hand was doing, and, for good reason. …

We have records from 1954 that were meetings between our own leaders of this country and ET s here in California. And, as I understand it from the written documentation, we were asked if we would allow them to be here and do research. I have read that our reply was, well, how can we stop you, you are so advanced? And, I will say by this camera and this sound, that it was President Eisenhower that had this meeting. And, it was on film, sort of like what we are doing now. Bringing it up to date, the NATO report gave that there were 12 races. To make a final summary, they had to have contacts to go to these races in order to understand who they are, what they are doing, and what they could do. …

Are these ET people hostile? Well, if they were hostile, with their weaponry they could have destroyed us a long time ago, or could have done some damage. …

The reason they crashed is that their guidance mechanism was interrupted by our radar and by some equipment that we have.

Even more validating for me was that one of our contract scientists for our private concern, Light City Technologies, Incorporated, worked with these technologies. He worked with a couple of those technologies while he was with a very prominent intelligence agency of the United States Government.

The one person that I’ve talked to outside of the military or the government level is SG. And, the reason for that is because he makes it the professional approach, which is more in line with the way we were in the military.

About the ET lenses: there were some eyeball coverings that allowed the people inside the craft that made the journey across space to see in the minimal light that we know is now present during space travel. These lenses magnified light, but also brought in a certain type of clarity. And, my reason for mentioning this was that it was Earth doctors and specialists that got them into the removal and study of these lenses.

I think a lot of this has been well documented by Colonel Corso. You know, who was there with him? Well, there were a lot of people there with him. But a lot of the things that are said in the book by Colonel Corso, I can verify, corroborated by people that I have worked with and do work with now. So, I can say what I know about it is very true. The pathway that it took, that’s another story. We talk about hidden technologies and why don’t they let people know about it? Well, they hide it from the public. Well, hey, there is probably a good reason for some of it.

The Government didn’t understand it themselves. Being in the Air Force, maybe we didn’t fully know what it was. Take those technologies from Roswell, it took a while to figure out how they worked before we knew what to make from it and then how to get it into industry, how can it benefit the people. …

I learned one thing from an associate scientist- somebody for whom I have the greatest, the highest respect- who was with the CIA. He says the first thing we want to determine is who is turning the wheels on any project-this is what I did when I was with the CIA.

You see, who is turning the wheels? What is the motivation? Why is it being done? I asked, right after we first talked, why is Dr. Steven Greer doing this? I’ve done my research- maybe a lot of it. And, I’ve watched what’s happening. And, you’ve been very dedicated to what you are doing, and professional. That’s why I am here tonight. That is why I am speaking with you…

Well, SG, one of the purposes for founding this technology corporation that I did in 1998 was to bring forth these technologies that can help get rid of the toxins — that can clean the air, that help get rid of the need for so much fossil fuel or help it become more efficient. Yes, it is time. I can tell you, personally, that it has already started.

And I can prove what we have come up with. We can prove it…

Testimony of Captain Bill Uhouse, USMC (ret.)

October 2000

Bill Uhouse served 10 years in the Marine Corps as a fighter pilot, and four years with the Air Force at Wright-Patterson AFB as a civilian doing flight-testing of exotic experimental aircraft. Later, for the next 30 years, he worked for defense contractors as an engineer of antigravity propulsion systems: on flight simulators for exotic aircraft — and on actual flying discs. He testifies that that the first disc they tested was the re-engineered ET craft that crashed in Kingman, Arizona in 1958. He further testifies that the ET’s presented a craft to the US government; this craft was taken to Area 51, which was just being constructed at the time, and the four ET’s that accompanied the craft were taken to Los Alamos. Mr. Uhouse’s specialty was the flight deck and the instruments on the flight deck — he understood the gravitational field and what it took to get people trained to experience antigravity. He actually met several times with an ET that helped the physicists and engineers with the engineering of the craft.

I spent 10 years in the Marine Corps, and four years working with the Air Force as a civilian doing experimental testing on aircraft since my Marine Corps days. I was a pilot in the service, and a fighter pilot; [I] fought in … after the latter part of WWII and the Korean War Conflict, I was discharged as a Captain in the Marine Corps.

I didn’t start working on flight simulators until about – well the year was 1954, in September. After I got out of the Marine Corps, I took a job with the Air Force at Wright Patterson doing experimental flight-testing on various different modifications of aircraft.

While I was at Wright Patterson, I was approached by an individual who — and I’m not going to mention his name — [wanted] to determine if I wanted to work in an area on new creative devices. Okay? And, that was a flying disc simulator. What they had done: they had selected several of us, and they reassigned me to A-Link Aviation, which was a simulator manufacturer. At that time they were building what they called the C-11B, and F-102 simulator, B-47 simulator, and so forth. They wanted us to get experienced before we actually started work on the flying disc simulator, which I spent 30-some years working on.

I don’t think any flying disc simulators went into operation until the early 1960s — around 1962 or 1963. The reason why I am saying this is because the simulator wasn’t actually functional until around 1958. The simulator that they used was for the extraterrestrial craft they had, which is a 30-meter one that crashed in Kingman, Arizona, back in 1953 or 1952. That’s the first one that they took out to the test flight.

This ET craft was a controlled craft that the aliens wanted to present to our government — the U.S.A. It landed about 15 miles from what used to be an army airbase, which is now a defunct army base. But that particular craft, there were some problems with: number one – getting it on the flatbed to take it up to Area 51. They couldn’t get it across the dam because of the road. It had to be barged across the Colorado River at the time, and then taken up Route 93 out to Area 51, which was just being constructed at the time. There were four aliens aboard that thing, and those aliens went to Los Alamos for testing. They set up Los Alamos with a particular area for those guys, and they put certain people in there with them — people that were astrophysicists and general scientists — to ask them questions. The way the story was told to me was: there was only one alien that would talk to any of these scientists that they put in the lab with them. The rest wouldn’t talk to anybody, or even have a conversation with them. You know, first they thought it was all ESP or telepathy, but you know, most of that is kind of a joke to me, because they actually speak — maybe not like we do — but they actually speak and converse. But there was only one who would [at Los Alamos].

The difference between this disc, and other discs that they had looked at was that this one was a much simpler design.

The disc simulator didn’t have a reactor, [but] we had a space in it that looked like the reactor that wasn’t the device we operated the simulator with. We operated it with six large capacitors that were charged with a million volts each, so there were six million volts in those capacitors. They were the largest capacitors ever built. These particular capacitors, they’d last for 30 minutes, so you could get in there and actually work the controls and do what you had to — to get the simulator, the disc to operate.

So, it wasn’t that simple, because we only had 30 minutes. Okay? But, in the simulator you’ll notice that there are no seat belts. Right? It was the same thing with the actual craft — no seat belts. You don’t need seat belts, because when you fly one of these things upside down, there is no upside down like in a regular aircraft — you just don’t feel it. There’s a simple explanation for that: you have your own gravitational field right inside the craft, so if you are flying upside down — to you — you are right side up. I mean, it’s just really simple, if people would look at it. I was inside the actual alien craft for a start-up…

There weren’t any windows. The only way we had any visibility at all was done with cameras or video-type devices. [See the testimony of Mark McClandlish. SG] My specialty was the flight deck and the instruments on the flight deck. I knew about the gravitational field and what it took to get people trained.

Because the disc has its own gravitational field, you would be sick or disoriented for about two minutes after getting in, after it was cranked up. It takes a lot of time to become used to it. Because of the area and the smallness of it, just to raise your hand becomes complicated. You have to be trained — trained with your mind, to accept what you are going to actually feel and experience.

Just moving about is difficult, but after a while you get used to it and you do it — it’s simple. You just have to know where everything is, and you [have] to understand what’s going to happen to your body. It’s no different than accepting the g-forces when you are flying an aircraft or coming out of a dive. It’s a whole new ball game.

Each engineer that had anything to do with the design was part of the start-up crew. We would have to verify all the equipment that we put in — be sure it [worked] like it [was] supposed to, etc.

I’m sure our crews have taken these craft out into space. I’m saying it probably took a while to train enough of the people, over a sufficient time period. The whole problem with the disc is that it is so exacting in its design and so forth. It can’t be used like we use aircraft today, with dropping bombs and having machine guns in the wings.

The design is so exacting, that you can’t add anything — it’s got to be just right. There’s a big problem in the design of where things are put. Say, where the center of the aircraft is, and that type of thing. Even the fact that we raised it three feet so the taller guys could get in — the actual ship was extended back to its original configuration, but it has to be raised.

We had meetings, and I ended up in a meeting with an alien. I called him J-ROD — of course, that’s what they called him. I don’t know if that was his real name or not, but that’s the name the linguist gave him. I did draw a sketch, before I left, of him in a meeting. I provided it to some people and that was my impression of what I saw.

The alien used to come in with [Dr. Edward] Teller and some of the other guys, occasionally, to handle questions that maybe we’d have. You know? But you have to understand that everything was specific to the group. If it wasn’t specific to the group, you couldn’t talk about it. It was on a need-to-know basis. And [the ET] he’d talk. He would talk, but he’d sound just like as if you spoke — he’d sound like you. You know, he’s like a parrot, but he’d try and answer your question. A lot of times he’d have a hard time understanding, because if you didn’t put it on paper and explain yourself, half the time he couldn’t give you a good answer.

The preparation we had before meeting this alien was, basically, going through all of the different nationalities in the world. Then they got into going into other forms of life, even down to animals and that type of thing. And…this J-ROD — his skin was pinkish, but a little bit rough — that kind of stuff; not horrible-looking, you know — or to me, he wasn’t horrible-looking.

Some of the guys who were in the particular group that I was in — they never even made it. You know, when they gave you the psychological questions, I just answered them the way I felt and I had no problem. That’s what they wanted to know — if you’d become upset — but it never bothered me. It didn’t amount to much.

So basically, the alien was only giving engineering advice and science advice. For example, I performed the calculations but needed more help…I spoke of a book that — well it’s not a book; it’s a big assembly with various divisions dealing with gravitational technology, and the key elements are in there, but all the information wasn’t there. Even our top mathematicians couldn’t figure some of this stuff out, so the alien would assist.

Sometimes you’d get into a spot where you [would] try and try and try, and it wouldn’t work. And that’s when he’d [the alien] come in. They would tell him to look at this and see what we did wrong.

Over the last 40 years or so, not counting the simulators — I’m talking about actual craft — there are probably two or three-dozen, and various sizes that we built.

I don’t know much about the [ET] ones that they brought here. I know about that one [craft] out of Kingman but that’s about it. And, I know the company that hauled it out of there — who is out here now — but… But, there’s one that operates with certain chemicals.

I think these triangles that people are seeing are two or three 30-meter craft, that are in the center of it [the triangle]. And, the outside perimeter — well you could put anything you want, as long as these particular ones meet the design criteria, and they’ll operate.

You know, there were certain reasons for the secrecy. I could understand that; it was no different than the first atomic bomb that they built. But they are getting so far ahead now with aircraft design. And, like I told you gentlemen earlier — that by 2003, most of this stuff will be out for everybody to look at. Maybe not the way that everybody expects it, but in some manner they determine…appropriate to show everybody. You know, a big surprise.

The reason why I said that is because the document I signed ends in 2003 and I’m not the only one who signed those.

But, that gravitational manual — if you ever get one of these volumes of documents, you’d be on top of the world. You’d know everything.

[See the testimony of Mark McCandlish that verifies human-made antigravity craft and also the use of cameras instead of windows for imaging. SG]

Testimony of Lieutenant Colonel John Williams

September 2000

Colonel Williams entered the Air Force in 1964 and became a rescue helicopter pilot in Vietnam. He has an electrical engineering degree and was in charge of all the construction projects for the Military Air Command. During his time in the military he knew that there was a facility inside of Norton Air Force Base in California that no one was to know about. He heard that there was a UFO craft stored there and that people such as certain Senators including Bob Dole had visited the facility. Colonel Williams also relates another story that his father told him: One time attending a dinner party he had a conversation with a high-level RAND official who told him that the government was spending more money on antigravity devices than any other project in the history of this country.

JW: Lt. Col. John Williams   SG: Dr. Steven Greer

JW: There was one facility at Norton Air Force Base that was close hold- not even the wing commander there could know what was going on. During that time period it was always rumored by the pilots that that was a cover for in fact the location of one UFO craft. The reason for that location was that folks could come out, land at Norton, play golf, be part of a golf tournament and so forth and during that process could go by the facility and actually see the UFO. But I was never allowed in that area when I was there at Norton Air Force Base. …

[See the testimony of Mark McCandlish which establishes that indeed a UFO was stored at this facility at Norton AFB. SG]

SG: You were able to validate that it existed?

JW: That’s correct because I was responsible for that base’s facilities from 1981-82.

SG: What kind of VIPs would be put in and out of there that might have seen these UFOs?

JW: It can actually be senators. In fact, it’s my understanding that Bob Dole was at that facility. It’s also possible that back in the early ‘50s that Eisenhower actually visited that facility…

During a dinner party with a very, very close friend, a RAND employee was invited. This is located in the Ventura area, which was near their RAND operation. This story impacted my father and he relayed it many times to me. He said that during that party after several drinks this RAND official said that the government was spending more money on antigravity than any other project in the history of this country. Therefore he believed at that time that we had actually developed operational antigravity systems. That spending would probably have been started shortly after World War II, I would think. That this would be an ongoing effort for many years.

I basically understand that the person who relayed this information was at a high level there at RAND Corporation….

Testimony of Mr. Don Johnson

December 2000

Mr. Johnson was putting himself through college working at Century Graphics in 1971/72. Part of his job was to run blueprints through a large printing machine. Century Graphics used to get jobs from various military electronics firms such as Lockheed, Litton, Hughes and RCA. While he had a low clearance, there were times when his assistance was needed on top-secret documents. In one case he was working on a lithograph negative of the routes for all the American and Russian subs. In his testimony he states that he also worked on a huge electronic diagram from Hughes-Suma Corporation. In the center of the diagram in a large rectangle it said “antigravity chamber.” When he completed his work he turned to the man training him showing him the verbiage. This man told him that he was not supposed to be working on that and for him to put it back and forget about it.

Testimony of A. H., Boeing Aerospace

December 2000

A.H. is a person who has gained significant information from inside the UFO extraterrestrial groups within our government, military, and civilian companies. He has friends at the NSA, CIA, NASA, JPL, ONI, NRO, Area 51, the Air Force, Northrup, Boeing, and others. He used to work at Boeing as a surface technician. He was introduced to four-star General Curtis Lemay and one day went to his house in Newport Beach, CA and spoke with him about this subject. Lemay confirmed the ETC crash at Roswell. AH’s NSA contact told him that Henry Kissinger, George Bush as well as Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev were all aware of the ET subject. His CIA contact told him that the USAF had shot down some of these spacecraft. A friend of AH’s who worked at Boeing was part of crash recovery and personally saw and carried ET bodies. AH says that a group in the FBI discovered that radar testing was causing interference with some of the ETV’s and that this was what was causing so many crashes. He also says that there are underground bases testing and maintaining extraterrestrial technology in Utah (reachable only by air), Enzo California, Lancaster/Palmdale California, Edwards AFB in California, March AFB, Eglan AFB in Florida, London England, and many other locations.

AH: A. H.   SG: Dr. Steven Greer

AH: …And I asked Curtis LaMay and I said Curt, when you were in the Air Force out of the 100 percent of the sightings [of UFOs] that came into the Air Force how many of them remained not identified? And he said out of the 100 percent that came in only 35 percent of them could not be identified. And I asked well, why couldn’t they have been identified. And he said because the craft were too damn fast. We can’t catch them. In fact, he used some foul language in there too in his explanation.

And then I asked him about the Roswell crash, if that really occurred. And he looked over at me and he shook his head, yes, that it did occur. And I said that I was particularly interested in the strange writings that were found inside. I asked if they were ever deciphered. And he said as far as he understood they were not deciphered when he was in office…

Then Curtis LaMay started to open up and talk about Roswell and the crash that occurred. And he told me that he was aware that it wasn’t ours, it wasn’t the military’s, the Air Force or the Army or the Navy, and that it was a highly strange vehicle that crashed. …

And by the way, Majestic 12 is real. MJ12 did exist. But it does not exist today. The name was changed. The positions are still the same. Henry Kissinger is very knowledgeable about what’s going on. Henry Kissinger was in the loop, I was told.

SG: Who told you this?

AH: A friend of mine who worked at the NSA [National Security Agency] told me this. He saw Henry Kissinger’s name on documents. He saw George Bush’s name on some of the documents. He was made aware of what’s going on. About 1978 Reagan was fully briefed on the alien presence. Reagan told Mikhail Gorbachev of Russia about 75 percent of what’s going on. And then Gorbachev became very, very close to us. …

A CNN reporter in Washington, D.C., the second time that Gorbachev came to America, was able to interview Gorbachev and his wife. When they got out on the street they drove the security detail up the wall. And a CNN reporter asked Gorbachev ‘do you think we should get rid of all our nuclear weapons?’ And his wife stepped in and she said, no, I don’t think we should get rid of all our nuclear weapons because of alien spacecraft.

Now CNN put this story on for the half hour, on CNN headline news; I heard this and I jumped up and put a blank tape in to record the next half-hour. Well, that story disappeared and you know who intercepted that. It was the CIA that got involved with that, because I know that they were monitoring CNN and all international headlines at that time. They squashed that, but I heard it. And this tells me that my information is correct about Ronald Reagan, from my NSA source. The secrecy is just total overkill as far as I’m concerned. And the Congress needs to know about this information. …

The CIA agent, Brett Merrill, told me that he had dealt with the United States Air Force regarding missiles to try to shoot these down, when they come into our airspace. He told me that he was aware of the situation and it’s extremely classified, but he was aware of what was going on. He was a national intelligence agent. He said that we hit several of them in Nevada over Ely, Nevada, and other portions of New Mexico, near Albuquerque.

SG: Did he indicate what time frame these things happened?

AH: This was in the late 60s and 70s…

Yes, I have. I met a gentleman who was in the Army who was involved with several crash recoveries when he was in the CID. In 1947 when he was inducted in the United States Army several of his friends were in the CIC, counter intelligence, and they became very close to one another. And he handpicked a friend of mine that worked at Boeing Aircraft Company in Long Beach to become a part of ET crash recovery/ retrieval in northern New Mexico.

He saw some of the aliens and witnessed the craft guarded this crashed disc that had crashed and they gave him an M1 carving rifle to guard against anybody who tried to get close to it. And they were given orders to shoot anybody without authorization. They recalled him on several other crashes. They had to fly him with blackened out windows to several of the crash sites. …

My friend had seen personally the dead aliens. They had dark almond-shaped eyes, a rather large head- a little bit larger than a human head. Their bodies were about the size of about a nine-year-old child. They had four fingers, no thumb. He told me that they all looked like they came out of a mold, because they all looked the same. And their mouths were just a small slit.

They had real small ears, no hair on the head, just really strange looking to him. He thought they were probably part of genetic research. But the technology that he saw in the craft could not be of human origin because of the fiber optics that were found inside. And some of the slide switches that they had inside the craft we didn’t have and nobody else on Earth would have that type of technology. …

The 1949 crash was a rather large craft and the people inside were a little bit taller. They were about 5’8″ tall. They kind of looked like the ancient race around Palestine, probably about 3,000 BC.

He told me that he picked up one of these aliens and put it onboard one of the jeeps. And he said that it felt like it weighed only about 45 pounds at most, maybe 40. And they put them in body bags and took them to Wright Patterson Air Force base at the time. Later they started taking some of them to Colorado and northern New Mexico and then later on to Area 51 in the late 1960s. All crash debris and technology and anything that had to do with the alien connected phenomenon, all went to Area 51 after that date. …

They found out that the radar testing in New Mexico was the cause of a lot of them that were crashing. When they would get too close to high powered transmitters they would interfere with their guidance control and they would just crash. The other craft that crashed we had shot them down with our military weapons.

One of the things that I do remember him telling me is that there is another alien group that looks a lot like the human race, and they are called the Orange. …

But he did tell me that he worked on the craft to back engineer them. He’s aware of their existence. He knows that I met the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, General Lemay. He told me several times of the testing that took place at Area 51, that some of them come up behind the mountain. And they just blank out and disappear and then they appear about 15, 20 miles away within about 20 seconds and just reappear. And they do that back and forth …

SG: These are made by humans?

AH: No, these are the real things. These are the craft that he has been working on. This is our military testing these ET vehicles up at Area 51…

He was working for Northrop. Directly for Northrop. He was not working for the military. He was receiving his paycheck from Northrop.

SG: So Northrop has an involvement with Area 51.

AH: Oh, yes. So does Lockheed Martin, Boeing Aircraft. Boeing does trucking for Area 51. Also Hughes is involved. Most of the major defense contractors have something to do with Area 51. Boeing trucks for Area 51. I do know that for sure. I found that out from a friend at Boeing that told me that they were hiring up there for trucking for some of the military sites. And I found out from him that he had personally gone onto Area 51, escorted to Area 51, from the main highway.

This witness is still alive. In fact, he knows where the aliens are originating from. As far as he understands there is an underground area there and there are a lot of extraterrestrial debris down below Area 51 and stored in some sort of a containment area. But he has never seen any extraterrestrials at Area 51 walking around and conversing with anybody. He just saw the craft and the technology that they’re trying to extract from these vehicles to incorporate that technology into our fighters and possibly some of our space programs.

They have developed laser technology and sound wave defense mechanisms from studying these ET craft. They can use sound waves to blow up tanks and buildings. And some of the laser technology came from these craft he told me about. And I also found out that they are moving a lot of the personnel and some of the equipment and some of the extraterrestrial technology equipment and craft to a base up in Utah…

[I have heard from other deep insiders that this is true and that the most important facility now is totally underground and in Utah, accessible only by air. SG]

Project Red Light is a program to test these vehicles and extract as much information as possible from the alien connected projects to find out how these things operate. They want to gain as much information for our fighters and bombers and for our space connected projects. I was told by people who were in the Army and the Air Force and people that worked at Area 51, all of whom corroborate what was going on regarding Project Red Light. And Project Red Light is still continuing as of this day.

So, Northrop hired him to go up there and help the cause up at Area 51 to try to find out how these things work. And I believe that he started in 1980. And he left there about 1997.

And by the way, Project Red Light and Project Grudge, they are all intermixed. The director of Project Blue Book, Robert Friend, told me this. He was fully aware of Project Red Light and Project Grudge/ Blue Book Report No. 13 was written by him. Robert Friend used to work at Fairchild in Redondo Beach on Aviation and Rosecranz. We talked for about an hour on the phone – he was also reluctant to talk to me about the phenomenon until I told him that I met General Lemay, and of course the CIA and FBI agents.

And so then he started to open up and talk to me about UFOs. I asked him about some of the crash debris that were taken to Wright Patterson Air Force Base after the Roswell crash. He told me that yes, some of the debris and the bodies were taken to Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, and some of the other stuff was taken to a base in Florida. And that shocked me because I never heard anything about a base in Florida…

He said that we’re trying to get a lid on this to try to minimize the sightings and quell the news media and the witnesses that are reporting these sightings to the news media. The Air Force wanted to push this thing under the rug and continue to research it and just get a handle on it. He confirmed that the Air Force wanted to steer the news media off on some crazy idea that these sightings were created by college pranks and balloons and meteorological problems…

What he told me regarding the security ramifications were that if their military personnel talked about this they could be court marshaled or at least threatened to be court marshaled to get him to back down. Other intimidations would be to hold their paychecks back, transfer them to other bases where a lot of people would not want to go to, like Alaska.

My NSA contact was in the Army. The NSA is a part of the Army and he was in advanced intelligence gathering. He had a top secret umbra clearance. He trained at the NSA, at Fort Meade, MD. And then they transferred him to a satellite monitoring station. He received several transmissions from the Pentagon and from other satellite monitoring stations of the NSA that they were tracking ETVS [Extraterrestrial Vehicles]… We’ve intercepted many of their signals during the 60s…

But Carter was largely left out of the loop — the control group didn’t trust the guy for some reason. They were afraid that he would come out and make blanketed statements to the news media and they just didn’t trust him. They left him out of the loop …

This NSA witness entered in 1974 and left the military, the NSA, in about 1985. He said that Henry Kissinger was involved with the study group back in the 50s to study the ramifications of this information, and to determine what would happen if the information was leaked through a credible source. They were to do a study and pass off classified information to certain outside study groups such as the Rand Corporation and other think tanks of this nature.

Basically, these projects were controlled by the Majestic 12 group, which is no longer called MJ12. I’m trying to find out the new name of this group. My contact that worked at Area 51 knows the name of the group, but he’s refusing to tell me the name. Basically it’s an oversight group intermingled with the National Security Council and the National Security Planning Group in Washington, D.C. There is a group called the National Security Planning Group that overseas everything. And Majestic 12 is intermingled with these people, the National Security Planning Group.

They have full control. They alert the President of what’s taking place and he either authorizes or just says, hey, you guys go at it. They have full control. They have no Congressional oversight whatsoever. They answer to nobody, except for the President of the United States. But they are trying to push even that aside, away from the President, from what I understand.

The Presidents no longer have that much control over these groups anymore. It’s like a separate entity…

And the President is losing control. He’s just absolutely starting to lose control over this. That’s why Carter was not brought into the loop…

The NSA also collaborates back and forth with the NRO, the National Reconnaissance Organization, regarding tracking and intercepts, along with NORAD, the Air Force and the Army. They are all in on it and it’s all connected with the top secret group called MAJI Control.

SG: What did he tell you about MAJI Control and how that operates?

AH: MAJI Control is controlled by the Office of Naval Intelligence. It’s a top secrete collection group, like the Central Intelligence Agency and the NSA. In fact, the ONI is just like the CIA. It’s a top-secret organization within the Navy. It’s similar to the NSA and the CID. It’s all encrypted information. They have agents out in the field, just like the CIA, collecting information. It’s all very, very top-secret…

Most of the craft operate on antigravity and electro-gravitic propulsion. We are just about at the conclusion state right now regarding antigravity. I would give it maybe about 15 years and we will have cars that will levitate using this type of technology. We’re doing it up at Area 51 right now. That’s some of the stuff that my buddy worked on up at Area 51 with Northrup, who lives now in Pahrump, Nevada. We’re flying anti-gravity vehicles up there and in Utah right now…

For example, the information that we have managed to collect regarding the face on Mars, which I know for a fact is real, would have a great impact. I have another contact at NASA, JPL that I haven’t mentioned. I can’t mention too much about it because he is still working there. This person that I know is very high up in NASA. He said they know it’s a face. They know that it was carved by somebody other than us. In an imaging area, they know for a fact that the face on Mars is real and that it was not made by windstorms or trick of lighting or anything like that. They know for a fact that the face on Mars was made from an extraterrestrial race that came here to Earth about 45,000 years BC. …