The Axis of Evil- The Real Hydra- Robert Redford’s comments at the end of the Captain America Winter Soldier movie hit the nail on the head- Audio and Text

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by Ed Komarek
ExopoliticsBlogSpot Website

I have noticed a convergence of awareness between UFO/ET investigators and general conspiracy investigators in relation to how autocratic power in today’s society exerts itself from the control of an elite few down the chain of command to the many. Globally and in America we have two very contradictory political forces that work in direct opposition to each other one being autocratic and the other democratic.

In general I believe that autocrats still dominate world governments as they have throughout human history. In some places they rule overtly but in so called democratic societies clever autocrats covertly use democracy and national security as fronts or guises to secretly manipulate and rule.

Autocrats are able to do this because the general population even today is easily intimidated and lead through a combination of fear and bribes. People in democratic societies consciously live an illusion that they are free while they still unconsciously think and act as loyal subjects of the crown seeking patronage and power from local and national government.

On occasion when the general population within a country becomes aroused, democracy can assert itself for short periods of time until the population loses interest or is otherwise distracted. In a classic case of the tail wagging the dog most of the time those autocratic corporate special economic and political interests that ideally should serve democratic society turn the tables and manipulate society into serving them.

Historically autocratic power was generally accepted as a divine right by ruling family dynasties and their subjects so feudal power could be exercised overtly as in places like North Korea even today. Increasingly as democratic and republican ideas have spread about the world the elite autocrats have been forced to move underground becoming ever more sophisticated, secret and deceptive as to how they project power and control populations.

Sophisticated mechanisms for the projection of secret autocratic power and control have evolved over time. In today’s society control revolves around covert control of finance and the media as well as covert control over the military through national security guises and deceptions based on extreme secrecy, fear, bribes, clearance, special access and need to know.

It is my opinion that the real axis of evil in the world to a large degree revolves around three very powerful autocratic controlled entrenched special interests; energy, arms and finance.

I believe that these three industries and the elite families that control these interests have a very high degree of responsibility for the general destruction of society and the global environment. These very same industries that are doing the damage to society and the environment promote themselves as the ones best suited to provide solutions to the very problems they are creating in a constant propaganda bombardment in the corporate mainstream media.

These global entrenched interests and families that control these industries comprise a covert sophisticated form of modern day royalty. Not only do these elite rule society in general through secrecy and stealth but they also appear to be the major culprits behind the 60 year old UFO/ET cover up that lies at the very heart of their secret covert power over world populations.

The elite families and the corporations that they own have the motive, the intent and the means to suppress extraterrestrial reality out of self interest just as they do in other societal domains. In a more general way they also have the motive, the intent and the means to actively, secretly suppress democracy while publicly showing support. The one thing that we can count on is that these very sophisticated autocratic gangsters are doing the exact opposite of what they say they are doing.

While some conspiracy investigators focus on how money is used to control society and the media through private central banking networks perhaps not enough attention is being paid as to how the elite control the world military and the mainstream press through the auspices of national security. In my opinion the greatest threat to national security around the globe is secret elite control over the national security establishment worldwide and not just in America.

The military just seems to now be waking up to the fact that they are being used and manipulated by civilian leadership closely tied to this economic and political axis of evil being discussed. If we just look at the present civilian leadership in America we have the energy interests the Bushes, and the Rockefellers along with their closest friends and advisers like Cheney and Gates involved in the highest levels of civilian leadership.

We have one Rockefeller in Congress that is on the Senate Intelligence Committee directly.

Gates who used to be head of the CIA and who is close to the elder Bush who was also head of the CIA is now Secretary of Defense, Dick Cheney who is tied to both oil and arms through his connections to Halliburton is Vice President, and the younger Bush himself is president. I am not familiar with those in Congress and at the White House who are closely connected to banking and finance but I am sure there are plenty. We can see that oil, arms and finance are very well represented in the civilian leadership of America and elsewhere around the globe.

Then there is this revolving door between the military and the civilian leadership where elite families and servants are well infiltrated into all aspects of the military and civilian chain of command. The military through various task forces and working groups related to extraterrestrial reality and other areas involving national security seem to slowly be beginning to realize as we in the public are realizing, that the national security apparatus has been hijacked by the elite special interest.

I think this process of awaking has been hastened by the American elite’s arrogant, foolish, wasteful wars in the Middle East and has further focused military and public attention on the global elite’s covert power and destructive behavior worldwide.

It is really the arms merchants, energy industry and banking that really control secrecy, clearance, special access and need to know for everybody else down the military chain of command to the rank and file. What we really have is not a national security system but an elite control system that in itself is the greatest national security threat to civil society in the world today. We even have a horrible situation where terrorism and environmental destruction are both being assisted and manipulated to serve elite interests.

When Thomas Jefferson said,

I know of no better repository of the truth than with the people.”

He knew what he was talking about. In order to take our country back and our world back from this axis of evil we have to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Once we get that, we then have the situational awareness necessary to combat these powerful entrenched interests that are the instruments of mass societal and environmental destruction.

We have to dismantle the bodyguard of lies both UFO/ET related and otherwise because this is what protects the global elite and the industries that they own. Both the public and the military need to stop blindly acting like loyal subjects of the King and Queen and act as a free people should.

As the lies compound one on another they become more difficult to manage and the truth more difficult to suppress. I believe it’s just a matter of time until coalescing groups seeking the truth in the civilian sector combined with groups in the military create so much heat, spontaneous smoldering truth, that a spark or several sparks will ignite the mountain of lies and become unstoppable.

I predict that the truth suppression networks of the entrenched global special interests will be overwhelmed and a general conflagration, a catastrophic process of renewal of society and a corresponding end to he UFO/ET cover up will be upon us.

It won’t be pretty and it did not have to happen this way, but it is renewal nevertheless and better than the alternative of continued slippage into an Orwellian dark future.


by Ed Komarek
February 18, 2009

from UFODigest Website

Exopolitics investigators who have some understanding of how an Alien Resource Corporate Cartel might operate and the multi-national corporations that could be involved are reluctant to name names.


Maybe its time to begin to think about which corporations may be involved in order to put a face on what has up to now been a faceless super-secret organization determined to obstruct UFO/ET disclosure.


Some corporate names show up on historical leaked and declassified documents and whistleblowers have leaked names to UFO investigators as well.

I continue to give much thought as to how secret extraterrestrial policy could be made and implemented by the private sector as suggested by,

  • Ben Rich

  • Bill Uhouse

  • Dr. Greer

  • General Wilson

General Wilson apparently was denied access to a Special Access Program involving UFOs by corporate lawyers. 


It’s very important to know thy adversary! How can one fight an organization that one cannot see nor understand?

I have begun to suspect that the documents declassified and leaked into the public domain about operations before the Nixon purge and privatization may involve a secret agenda by the Cartel. It’s possible that the leaking and declassification of pre-purge documents is to divert attention away from the Cartel by misleading investigators into thinking that there still is constitutional government oversight and regulation of the alien resource industry.

The more I have thought about this over the past several months the more I think that what we are up against is an OPEC style cartel determined to continue its monopoly of the alien resource trade.


I think this Cartel uses special access programs (SAPS), security clearances, propaganda in the mainstream media, bribery, even harassment and violence toward public and government officials, to limit competition and public understanding of the alien resource trade.

This implies a very strong influence on intelligence agencies and military from the top down. If their were to be UFO/ET disclosure the alien resource monopoly would be opened to competition from outside corporations and the Cartel exposed to huge lawsuits that could even destroy the Cartel. I believe disclosure threatens the very existence of this Cartel.

I think clues to which corporations might be involved can be found not only from whistleblower testimony and leaked and declassified documents but also in the nature of the alien technology being exploited. It seems logical and reasonable to me that it would take a broad spectrum of expertise to understand and exploit such an exotic and complex technology as an extraterrestrial spacecraft.

I am speculating that the multi-national corporations in the cartel can be categorized by the relation to the aspects of the spacecraft being exploited for commercial and defensive use. The limited evidence seems to suggest that American multi-national corporations dominate the Cartel but other international European companies may as well be involved including those from Britain, Canada, France and Germany and Australia.

A spacecraft would imply the involvement of the major aerospace corporations.


Lockheed Martin which owns the Skunkworks that was once directed by Ben Rich would top my list of defense contractors in this category. Ben Rich’s testimony before his death seems to indicate Lockheed Marietta is very much involved.


I would also look back into old declassified and leaked documents for clues to other aerospace corporation that might be involved or to past corporations that have been bought out by present day corporations.


Dr. Steven Greer has mentioned the names:

  • Lockheed Martin

  • SAIC

  • Black Ops Boeing

  • Aesop Systems

  • EG & G.

The propulsion system of the spacecraft is based on electromagnetic and electrogravitic principles.


General Electric would top my list in this category because its name is mentioned in the 1955 Wright Patterson declassified document on electrogravitics along with other major electronic companies of the period. Arch-debunker Phil Klass once worked for General electric during this period in the 1950s.


Many of these companies from the 1950s have either disappeared or have been merged into other companies but clues to the involvement of other present day corporations can be found at Electrogravitic Systems.”

It has been widely reported that the composition of the spacecraft is made up of very strong, durable and so called “smart materials”. Materials research has been dominated by petrochemical companies such as DuPont and Dow Chemical.


I am told that the Corporation Monsanto shows up on historical UFO documents. I had a CIA source years ago that told me he saw a spacecraft in a DuPont Facility and one in a Dow Chemical facility. We could assume that these companies would be interested in suppressing any technologies that would depress petrochemical prices and a general global reliance on fossil fuels.

It takes highly developed computers and communication technologies to run and navigate a spacecraft. Computers are essential to the operation of spacecraft and the worldwide leader in computers is IBM. Corso gives some early electronic and computer component makers like Bell Labs that were involved. Companies like Intel should be involved.

Spacecraft have been reported to have weapon systems and electronic warfare capabilities. Companies like Raytheon should be involved. I was also given detailed information years ago on the specs for very advanced exotic star wars weapons systems being developed by Philips Laboratories by inventor James Black.

The occupants of the craft seem to have an advanced understanding of genetics, nano-technology, hybridization etc. Key pharmaceutical and genetic engineering corporations could be involved in exploiting these technologies maybe even in cooperation with some alien types.


I call this the alien-human slave trade.

I hope that this article may initiate a conversation and that others can make suggestions to further flesh out what corporations would be involved in an Alien Resource Cartel operating in a similar manner to OPEC. Instead of countries fielding representatives to an international board of directors it would be independent multi-national corporations that would field representatives to its International Board of Directors.

Petrochemical companies have had plenty of experience in building illegal energy monopolies with little government or public oversight over the past century. The Alien Resource Cartel seems to have a strong petrochemical corporate presence.


There is also a long history of violence, intimidation and other illegal activities associated in building these petrochemical monopolies.

The Cartel’s international board of directors would create and implement policy just as does OPEC providing cohesiveness and direction to all the corporations of the Cartel so as to prevent or retard UFO/ET disclosure and government oversight of operations.


I think the Nixon administration in collusion with major multi-national corporations have created a monster Cartel that is slowly destroying global society from within and our global environment from without.

by Ed Komarek
April 25, 2008

from OpedNews Website

I first began to hear about a war between ET factions a couple of years ago from my local contactee sources. They told me that what had been a cold war between ET races was now heating up. About six months ago I was told that one of my contact’s female human ET friends had been wounded in a fight. Later I heard that this ET had recovered and was back in action.


Three months ago I was notified that an all out war was going on between my contact’s ETs and a reptilian race. I don’t know if this includes the Grays or not. Recently I heard that for now this overt battle was being won.

I have not reported on this because I have been waiting for confirming evidence which I have just now become aware of. The UFO/ET activity over Indiana this spring confirms what I have been told. I just read an article by UFO investigator Bill Knell and I have heard that this issue has been talked about on Coast to Coast radio. This is an issue that we all should take seriously.

(Notice that the Air Force is using the flare explanation in Indiana just like near Moultrie Georgia where they are dropping flares to distract from the UFO activity and to intimidate witnesses. ‘Air Force Bombs Civilians With Flares?‘)

Investigator Bill Knell had the following to say about this activity in Indiana,

“Lights similar to those seen over Phoenix also appeared on Tuesday and Wednesday (April 14-15, 2008) over the towns of Kokomo and Logansport in Northern Indiana. Those lights were accompanied by loud sounds, an odd metallic odor in the air, the appearance of military aircraft and debris falling from the sky. Earlier in the evening on Wednesday night (April 15, 2008), a fishing boat captain reported seeing a huge object split into smaller lights off the coast of Atlantic City, New Jersey and said that he felt a brief tremor after that event.”

Sure sounds like fighting to me.

The unexplained craft are back over
Phoenix and the air traffic controllers have been muzzled.  


Clearly a lot is going on in the sky’s over Texas, Arizona and Indiana and the public and the media do not have a clue as to what is really happening.

I along with some other investigators think it highly likely that our society is covertly being colonized by unethical predatory extraterrestrials in collaboration with entrenched special interests. The way this is being accomplished is through a super-secret shadow government unaccountable to legitimate constitutional government.


While this infiltration into the secret autocratic halls of power continues, other extraterrestrials are fighting and dying for us to remain a free and independent society. Of course this would also be in the ethical ETs interest because the last thing they need are more societies like ours colonized and fighting against them.

Our misdirected military continues to attack and harass friendly ETs at the behest of the shadow government and their unethical ET allies because they won’t cooperate in the colonization process. The ethical ETs will only collaborate extensively with legitimate constitutional democratic government in a publicly open and transparent manner. The friendly ETs want a earth civilization that is free and independent like themselves.

I realize that this kind of talk is more than many people can stomach but I just hope we all wake up in time to avert a very real societal catastrophe. Our world is evidence to how unprepared most indigenous societies were as to threats from European colonists. By the time the indigenous societies realized that the unbelievable was really happening it was all over and they had become colonized. After colonization and tremendous devastation it took centuries for many of these peoples to become free of colonial rule. Some societies never could recover and were incorporated into the colonial society like the American Indians.

If this is warfare between ET races and it seems that way to me, there is reason for hope. I think that what this means is that the tide is turning down here on the ground and people inside and outside of government are catching on to what is happening. My guess is that this is forcing the unethical ETs cooperating with our unethical shadow government to try to bring in reinforcements and that has been thwarted. Only time will tell if this interpretation of events is correct.

One thing is certain and that is that the public is being deceived as to what is really going on all over this planet.


Evidence of extraterrestrial reality is pouring in every day from all over the world and people can see that for themselves if they would just do some investigating on the Internet.








I believe video such as this being offered to the public at this time provides credentials by the extraterrestrials involved as to the citizen diplomatic status of our network. The evidence is sure to be contested but will be difficult to disprove by any who view the many hours of raw contactee video or run the video through sophisticated image analysis computer software as investigator Steve Moreno has done.

Over the years we have developed a certain amount of trust with these friendly extraterrestrials that hopefully will continue and our efforts should be supported by both the public and the military rather than hindered.

Ed Komarek

from Contactee ETV Video


No one can ever really escape their past. I was born into a family of early ecologists. When I reached seventeen years of age, I traveled to Alaska to go to college. This was about as far from South Georgia where I was born and raised as I could get. At 19 I quit college and took off on my own to figure out what life was really about, and in the process began investigating extraterrestrial life coming to earth. I realized in those early days that most of humanities worldview was just too limited and confining for me and that anomalous phenomena provided windows and doorways into a much more expansive worldview.

I could never have imagined in those early years, returning to my roots in old age, and in some strange way following in my parent’s footsteps in ways that they nor I could ever have imagined. It’s as if my life has been planned out in general terms long before I was born. Lately I am surprised to find myself thinking about extraterrestrial life more and more in ecological and evolutionary terms.

The uninformed reader may deem it radical and premature to suppose that all human disciplines can be hugely accelerated by the study of extraterrestrial life. The uninformed will often ask,

How could other life have made it to our planet across the vast distances of space and time?”

For the informed reader, however, it would seem both logical and rational that even before earthlings leave earth for the stars, we can study both natural and artificial evolutionary processes evolving across the universe by studying visitors to our planet.

The uninformed blinded by ignorance see little value in extraterrestrial knowledge.


They ask,

So what, what differences will it make to me even if extraterrestrials are proven to exist?”

The informed on the other hand know that everything on earth will change profoundly and radically on both a personal and a collective level once the truth is widely known. Extraterrestrial understanding will not only tremendously advance all present earth human disciplines, but this understanding will create new disciplines far beyond anything we can now imagine.

Extraterrestrial understanding will also rapidly undermine powerful global economic, religious and military interests and monopolies that are responsible for the UFO/ET cover-up and who struggle mightily to this day to suppress extraterrestrial understanding. This suppression of new truths is nothing new. Humanity has been plagued throughout history by powerful special interests interested in maintaining the status quo through the suppression of new understanding.

These exopolitical essays and cases of extraterrestrial contact have built up over the past several years to a point where I have decided it would make sense to put them together into a book format. Hopefully this would make for better organized reading. The articles are still freely available and organized by title, in reverse order on my blog. These articles are available without restriction for publication, except that I ask that my name and blog address be on the articles so that people who enjoy my work can read more articles if they so desire.

Lately I have begun to observe how nature organizes itself in the same way this book has evolved, by making a lot of bits, then combining those smaller bits into a larger bit and so on. I find myself in a powerful creative flow that begins to boggle the mind. I wonder how long I can ride this wave.

On my blog I have been mixing up cases along with analysis so that as I go along people can see that my concepts have a strong evidentiary foundation. For the book I have decided to take a different organizational tack by dividing up the material in sections with the contact cases in the first section and later analysis and commentary following in later sections. Of course this case material is a small though significant part of the totality of evidence accumulated over thirty years from which I base my concepts. I just want people to realize that what I offer is not just idle speculation but serious well thought out concepts based on evidence.

I have always in my own small way wanted to give back to mankind because I have so appreciated those who published their ideas that I was able to build upon early in life. I am only where I am today because I have built upon the shoulders of those that have come before. I also have wanted to be sure that what I gave back to mankind was quality work and I am delighted to see my writing and ability to conceptualize slowly improving.

It has looked for a very long time that the suppression of extraterrestrial realities would never end. The suppression of the truth has had a very detrimental effect on human evolution on earth creating a mini dark age in the 20th century. This was a century that at its beginning held such promise. The ET cover-up and suppression of the truth seems to be lifting. The time has come to prepare for partial releases of evidence from world governments.

While governments can be expected to admit to covering up the truth, I still expect them to continue their deceptive ways by spinning the truth in a way so as to continue to mislead. Our freedom and liberty to think for ourselves depends on knowing the whole truth because a partial truth can be as bad as or worse than a lie. What I am trying to do is conceptually grasp and provide as complete a picture as I can of the overall situation. I am trying to assist others to be able to ask the right questions, so as to hold the extraterrestrial spin doctors collective feet to the fire, post disclosure.

My investigations into UFO/ET reality are orientated towards gaining overall context, the largest perspective possible of the situation. The military calls this situational awareness. Natural and social evolutionary drivers involve competition and cooperation. Situational awareness is what every person and creature must have in order not to become prey to predation. On the other hand every creature including humans must in order to survive, either prey on others, or cooperate with others for resources needed for survival.

Unfortunately there is not much ability for the public to cooperate toward a more advanced organizational structure when the public is prey as is the case at present.

Because the overall public does not have situational or conceptual awareness in regards to extraterrestrial realities, individuals and society are being preyed upon by the autocratic elite who do have situational awareness. These elite use the autocratic organizational structure of society to limit and channel public awareness as public predators. These very high level people could be considered public enemies but in reality they are just sophisticated predators who have risen to the top of food chain in a master-slave autocratic society. There is a better way.


Predation by the elite in regards to extraterrestrial realities is done under the guise of national security and through a very advanced, sophisticated form of mind control or classification system based on clearance, special access and need to know. The whole scheme relies on keeping conceptual and situational awareness low amongst the public as a whole, all the while increasing elite advantage and situational awareness. Pretty nifty and very devious if you ask me!

What all creatures including humans must have is situational awareness in order to survive and flourish in nature and in autocratic society. My objective is to communicate context or perspective through my essays to others so that they can build situational awareness and conceptual awareness as to the overall present situation in regards extraterrestrial life. I believe this will lead to the eventual collapse of the old autocratic order and begin to move us toward a more advanced societal organizational structure leading to a higher level of consciousness for humanity.

When we study the natural world here and extraterrestrial realities beyond earth, we can see more advanced organization structures being evolved. On earth, cells that were once independent creatures come together and cooperate rather than compete to form multicelled organisms. By studying extraterrestrial beings and their exopolitical relationships we can observe the same natural processes at work where advanced creatures are evolving into integrated super-civilizations the same way cells form a body. Earth human society is mostly an autocratic society with only glimpses of true democracy and republican organizational structures evident.

Humanity on earth still has a very long way to go to achieve equal distribution of resources, information and situational-contextual awareness that is evident in super-civilizations and in our own bodies. Still, we can accelerate our personal and societal evolutionary development if we can become more aware and conscious of our own unconscious evolutionary drivers as well as the more conscious and aware ET super-civilizations. In fact I believe we are on the threshold of a tremendous surge in consciousness and awareness if can make the jump consciously to the more advanced organizational state.

I would hope that readers would take the trouble to read good well articulated UFO/ET books that are well documented to fix the idea firmly in their minds that there is indeed a cover-up of extraterrestrial realities in place by world governments. I do have a concern about presenting calculus to the novice before they have mastered arithmetic. If I were to recommend one general book it would be Richard Dolan’s book called, UFOs and the National Security State.

If the novice in the UFO/ET field were to read this one book it should help provide a factual documented foundation toward better understanding of the advanced concepts that I am presenting in this book. So if you the reader feel that I am just too far out there, perhaps you should set this book aside until you have read more basic foundational books.

I would also like to make the point that this book is a work in progress and that I may be adding and deleting material as time progresses. My blog will remain the most updated version of my work, so go there for my latest articles and Internet links attached to my articles. It is also obvious that this is a very rough draft and still needs much editing; it’s a work in progress. .

My blog address is


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