The Aristocracies of the World Have Never Forgiven Us for Demanding Our Freedom- In The Opinion of This Author, That Is The Key Reason For Everything That They Have Done Since – Audio and Text

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The Following Posts Will Give an Overview of their Agenda. From the Money-Making Plans for Continual Wars to the Creation of Artificial Plagues to Element So Many of Us, to Attempting to Control Us and Our Thoughts and Opinions, It All Boils Down to One Motivation – To Control



by Jeffrey A. Tucker
June05, 2023
Brownstone Website


Jeffrey A. Tucker

is Founder and President of the Brownstone Institute.

He is also Senior Economics Columnist for Epoch Times, author of 10 books, including ‘Liberty or Lockdown,’ and thousands of articles in the scholarly and popular press.

He speaks widely on topics of economics, technology, social philosophy, and culture.



Without mentioning the word Technocracy, the author describes its effect on the world and in particular, on America.

While Technocracy often uses Marxist ideologies to destroy the existing civilizational structure, it is not Marxist in itself.

The Technocracy movement prides itself on being the masters of the “science of social engineering”.

The only way to prepare for the next “pandemic” is to understand the first one and then to steel your mind on how you will respond when it hits again.

The forces of Technocracy will not relent until their grip is thoroughly shattered and destroyed.



It’s common now to speak of the before times in contrast to the after times.


The turning point was of course March 16, 2020, the day of 15 Days to Flatten the Curve, though authoritarian trends predate that. Rights were suddenly broadly throttled, even religious rights.


We were told to conduct every aspect of our lives in accordance with the priorities of the bio-medical security state.

Very few people anticipated such a shocking development. It was the onset of a new state-conducted war and the enemy was something we could not see and hence could be anywhere.


No one has ever doubted the omnipresence of potentially dangerous pathogens but now we were being told that life itself depended entirely on avoidance of them and the only guide going forward would be public-health authorities.

Everything changed.

Nothing is the same.

The trauma is real and lasting.

The claim of “15 Days” was revealed to be a ruse.

The emergency lasted three years and then some.

The people and machinery that did this are still in power.

The pick to head the CDC has a long track record of enabling and cheering the lockdowns and all that followed.

It’s a helpful exercise to summarize the new things we’ve all discovered in these years. Together they account for why the world seems different and why we all feel and think differently now than we did just a few years ago.




Twenty terrible realities unearthed by lockdowns


1. Surveillance and censorship by Big Tech

The resistance eventually found each other but it took months and years.

A censorship regime descended on all major social platforms, technologies designed with the intention of keeping us more connected and expanding the range of opinion we could experience.

We did not know it was happening, but we eventually learned of the crackdown, which is why so much of us felt so alone.

Others could not hear us and we could not hear them. The regime faces a bold court challenge on many fronts but it still goes on today, with all but Twitter constantly policing their networks in ways that are unpredictably authoritarian.

We have ironclad evidence now that they are all captured. 

2. Power and influence of Big Pharma

It was April 2020 when someone asked me if the goal of the vaccine produced by the pharmaceutical cartel was really behind the lockdowns.

The idea would be to terrify us and ruin our lives until we were begging for shots. I thought the whole idea was insane and that the corruption could not possibly reach this deep.

I was wrong. Big Pharma had been at work on a vaccine since January of that year and called in every form of purchased influence to eventually make them mandatory.

Now we know that the major regulators are wholly owned and controlled, to the point that necessity, safety, and efficacy don’t really matter. 

3. Government propaganda by Big Media

It was relentless from day one:

the major media proved hardcore partisans of Anthony Fauci.

The powers that be could tap the New York Times, National Public Radio, Washington Post, and all the rest, whenever and however they wanted.

Later the media was deployed to demonize those who violated lockdowns, refused masks, and resisted the shots.

Gone was the idea that “democracy dies in darkness” and the “paper of record” replaced by darkness itself and constant propaganda. They showed no real curiosity of the other side.

The Great Barrington Declaration itself began as an effort to educate journalists but only a few dared even show up.

Now we get it:

the mainstream media too is wholly owned and completely compromised.

They already knew what to report and how to report it. Nothing else mattered. 

4. Corruption of public health

Who in their right minds would have predicted that the CDC and NIH, not to mention the World Health Organization, would be deployed as frontline workers in the imposition of totalitarian control?

Some observers perhaps predicted this but implausibly so.

But in fact it was these agencies which were responsible for all the absurd protocols from closing hospitals to non-Covid cases, putting up Plexiglas everywhere, keeping schools closed, demonizing repurpose therapeutics, masking toddlers, and forcing shots.

They knew no limits to their power.

They revealed themselves to be faithful agents of the hegemon…

5. Consolidation of industry

Free enterprise is supposed to be free but when workers, industries, and brands were divided between essential and nonessential, where were the howls from Big Business?

They weren’t there.

They proved willing to put profit ahead of the system of competition. So long as they benefited from the system of consolidation, cartelization, and centralization, they were fine with it.

The big-box stores got to wipe out the competition and gain a leg up in industrial standing. Same with remote learning platforms and digital technology.

The biggest businesses proved to be the worst enemies of real capitalism and the biggest friends of corporatism.

As for arts and music:

we know now that the elites consider them dispensable…

6. Influence and power of administrative state

The Constitution established three branches of government but lockdowns were not managed by any of them.

Instead it was a fourth branch that has grown up over the decades, the permanent class of bureaucrats that no one elected and no one from the public controls.

These permanent “experts” were completely unleashed and unhinged with no check on their power, and they cranked out protocols by the hour and enforced them as legislatures, judges, and even presidents and governors stood by powerless and in awe.

We know now that there was a coup d’etat on March 13, 2020 that transferred all power to the national security state but we certainly did not know it then.

The edict was classified.

The administrative state still rules the day. 

7. Cowardice of intellectuals

The intellectuals are the most free to speak their minds of any group. Indeed that is their job. Instead, they stayed quiet for the most part.

This was true of right and left.

The pundits and scholars just went along with the most egregious attacks on human rights in this generation if not in all living memory. We employ these people to be independent but they proved themselves to be anything but that.

We stood by in shock as even famed civil libertarians looked out at the suffering and said “This is fine.”

A whole generation among them is today completely discredited. And by the way, the few who did stand up were called horrible names and often lost their jobs.

Others took note of this reality and decided instead to behave by staying quiet or echoing the ruling-class line. 

8. Pusillanimity of universities

The origin of modern academia is with the sanctuaries from war and pestilence so that great ideas could survive even the worst of times.

Most universities – only a handful excepted – completely went along with the regime. They closed their doors. They locked students in their dormitories. They denied paying customers in-person education.

Then came the shots

Millions were jabbed unnecessarily and could only refuse on pain of being kicked out of degree programs. They showed a complete lack of principle.

Alumni should take note and so should parents who are considering where to send their high school seniors next year. 

9. Spinelessness of think tanks

The job of these huge nonprofits is to test the boundaries of acceptable opinion and drive the policy and intellectual world in the direction of progress for everyone.

They are also supposed to be independent.

They don’t depend on tuition or political favor.

They can be bold and principled.

So where were they…?

Almost without exception they clammed up or became craven apologists for the lockdown regime. They waited and waited until the coast was clear and then eked out little opinions that had little impact.

Were they just being shy…?

Not likely. The financials tell a different story. They are supported by the very industries that stood to benefit from the egregious policies.

Donors who believe in freedom should take note…! 

10. Madness of crowds

We’ve all read the classic book Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds but we thought it was a chronicle of the past and probably impossible now.

But within an instant, mobs of people fell into medieval-style panics, hunting down non-compliers and hiding from the invisible miasma.

They had a mission.

They were ferreting out dissidents and ratting out the non-compliers.

None of this would have happened otherwise.

Just like in the Cultural Revolution of China, these would-be members of the Red Guard became foot soldiers for the state.

Mathias Desmet‘s book on Mass Formation now stands as a classic explanation of how a population devoid of meaningful lives can turn these sorts of political frenzies into deluded crusades.

Most of our friends and neighbors went along. 

11. Lack of ideological conviction of both right and left

Both right and left betrayed their ideals.

The right abandoned its affections for limited government, free enterprise, and the rule of law.

And the left turned against its traditional stand for civil liberties, equal freedoms, and free speech.

They all became compromised, and they all made up fake rationales for this pathetic situation.

Had this all began under a Democrat, the Republicans would have been screaming.

Instead they went quiet…

Then the Covid regime passed to a Democrat and so they stayed quiet while the Republicans, embarrassed at their previous silence, stayed silent for far too long.

Both sides proved ineffective and toothless throughout…

12. Sadism of the ruling class

The kids were denied a year or two of school in some locations.

People missed medical diagnostics. Weddings and funerals were on Zoom. The aged were forced into desperate loneliness. The poor suffered. People turned to substance abuse and put on added pounds.

The working classes were exploited. Small businesses were wrecked. Millions were forced to move and millions more were displaced from their jobs.

The ruling class that advertised its wonderful altruism and public spiritedness became callous and completely disregarded all this suffering.

Even when the data poured in about suicide ideation and mental illness from loneliness, it made no difference.

They could not muster any concern. They changed nothing. The schools stayed closed and the travel restrictions stayed in place. Those who pointed this out were called terrible names.

It was a form of grotesque sadism of which we did not know they were capable. 

13. The real-life problem of massive class inequality

Would any of this have happened 20 years ago when a third of the workforce was not privileged enough to take their work home and pretend to produce from laptops?


But by 2020, there had developed an overclass that was completely disconnected from the lives of those who work with their hands for a living.

But the overclass didn’t care that they had to face the virus bravely and first. These workers and peasants did not have privileges and apparently they didn’t matter much.

When it came time for the shots, the overclass wanted their health care workers, pilots, and delivery people to get them too, all in the interest of purifying society of germs.

Huge wealth inequalities turn out to make a big difference in political outcomes, especially when one class is forced to serve the other in lockdowns. 

14. The cravenness and corruption of public education

A universal education was the proudest achievement of progressives one hundred years ago.

We all assumed it was the one thing that would be protected above all else. The kids would never be sacrificed. But then for no good reason, the schools were all closed.

The labor unions representing the teachers rather liked their extended paid holiday and tried to make it last as long as possible, as the students got ever further behind in their studies.

These are schools for which people paid for with their taxes for many years but no one promised a rebate or any compensation. Homeschooling went from existing under a legal cloud to being suddenly mandatory.

And when they opened back up, the kids faced mass silencing with masks

15. Enabling power of central banking to fund it

From March 12, 2020, and onward, the Federal Reserve (FED) deployed every power to serve as a Congressional printing press.

It slammed rates back to zero. It eliminated (eliminated!) reserve requirements for banks. It flooded the economy with fresh money, eventually reaching a peak of 26 percent expansion or $6.2 trillion in total.

This of course later translated into price inflation that quickly ate away the actual purchasing power of all that free stimulus dispensed by government, thus harming on net both producers and consumers.

It was a great head fake, all made possible by the central bank and its powers.

Further damage came to the structure of production by a prolongation of low interest rates. 

16. The shallowness of the faith communities

Where were the churches and synagogues..?

They closed their doors and kept out the people they had sworn to defend. They canceled holy days and holiday celebrations. They utterly and completely failed to protest.

And why? Because they went along with the propaganda that ceasing their ministries was consistent with public health priorities.

They went along with the state and media claim that their religions were deeply dangerous to the public. What this means is that they don’t really believe in what they claim to believe.

When the opening finally came, they discovered that their congregations had dramatically shrunk. It’s no wonder. And who among them did not go along?

It was the supposed crazy and odd ones:

the Amish, the estranged Mormons, and the Orthodox Jews…

How non-mainstream they are. How marginal!

But apparently they were among the only ones whose faith was strong enough to resist the demands of princes. 

17. The limitations on travel

We didn’t know the government had the power to limit our travel but they did it anyway.

First it was internationally. But then it became domestic. For a few months there, it was hard to cross state lines because of the demands that everyone who did so had to quarantine for a fortnight.

It was strange because we didn’t know what was and what was not legal nor did we know the enforcement mechanism. It turned out to be a training exercise for what we know now they really want, which is 15-minute cities.

Apparently a people on the move are harder to control and corral.

We were being acculturated toward a more medieval and tribal existence, staying put so that our masters can keep tabs on us. 

18. The tolerance for segregation

Vaccine uptake was certainly disproportionate by race and income.

Richer and whiter populations went along but some 40 percent of the non-white and poorer communities didn’t trust the jab and refused. That did not stop 5 major cities from imposing vaccine segregation and enforcing it with police power.

For a time, major cities were segregated with disparate impact by race.

I don’t recall a single article in a major newspaper that pointed this out, much less decried it. So much for public accommodations and so much for enlightenment!

Segregation turns out to be just fine so long as it fits with government priorities – same now as it was in the bad old days.  

19. The goal of a social credit system

It is not paranoia to speculate that all this segregation was really about the creation of a vaccine passport system running off a national base, the one they want very much to implement.

And part of this is the real and long-term goal of creating a China-style social credit system that would make your participation in economic and social life contingent on political compliance.

The CCP has mastered the art and imposed totalitarian control.

We know for sure now that major aspects of the pandemic response were scripted in Beijing and imposed through the influence of China’s ruling class.

It is completely reasonable to assume that this is the real goal of vaccine passports and even Central Bank Digital Currency. 

20. Corporatism as the system under which we live, giving lie to existing ideological systems

For many generations, the great debate has been between capitalism and socialism.

All the while, the real goal has passed us by:

the institutionalization of an interwar-style corporatist state.

This is where property is nominally private and concentrated in only top industries in major sectors but publicly controlled with an eye to political priorities.

This is not traditional socialism and it certainly isn’t competitive capitalism.

It is a social, economic, and political system designed by the ruling class to serve its interests above all else.

Here is the main threat and the existing reality but it is not well understood by either right or left.

Not even libertarians seem to get this:

they are so attached to the public/private binary that they have blinded themselves to the merger of the two and the ways in which major corporate players are actually driving the advance of statism in their own interests. 


If you haven’t changed your thinking over the last three years, you are a prophet, indifferent, or asleep


Much has been revealed and much has changed. To meet these challenges, we must do so with our eyes wide open. The greatest threats to human liberty today are not the ones of the past and they elude easy ideological categorization.


Further, we have to admit that in many ways the plain human desire to live a fulfilling life in freedom has been subverted.


If we want our freedoms back, we need to have a full understanding of the frightening challenges before us…


by John C. Velisek
May 22, 2020
AllNewsPipeline Website


Anthony Fauci

Dr. Anthony Fauci’s ties

to George Soros, Bill & Hillary Clinton,

the World Health Organization (WHO),

Bill Gates and the ‘Big Pharma Mafia’

should ‘Set Off Alarms’ across America…

One of the greatest economic booms in our country’s history has been brought to its knees by a virus.

Over 80,000 souls have been lost to this pandemic, and our country is slowly collapsing.

The number of businesses lost to this virus is said to be about 100,000 that will never come back – one hundred thousand livelihoods and families that will no longer grace our towns and cities across this country.

The economic downturn has been devastating, and there are many of our fellow citizens that will never recover.

Dr. Anthony Fauci is tasked with leading us through this as the resident “expert” that has all of America shut down.

It was his advice to President Trump that has locked down our country.

It is Dr. Fauci that has set the limits of what our country should do. The damage is done when the experts are spreading fear and panic throughout the country and are allowed to set policy for the nation.

Dr, Fauci persuaded President Trump to “lockdown” the entire U.S. economy based on a false Imperial College model-based on the work of Dr. Neil Ferguson.

The Imperial College model has since been deemed to be a model,

“completely unusable for scientific purposes.”

If the model was so flawed,

why did Dr. Fauci not look closer into the results and question the facts as they were presented?

It has been agreed to by many, including software engineer Sue Denim, that the Ferguson model,

“is garbage and can not be scientifically replicated.”

The results- a destroyed economy and over 30 million Americans out of work and on the edge of generational poverty is the result of Dr. Fauci not understanding the impact of statements based on failure.

Another study that Dr. Fauci showed to the President as factual was the study from the University of Washington IHME, another project funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Once again, Fauci showed a preference for fault models and the meaningless havoc they would cause.

As the proclaimed “infectious disease specialist,” Fauci has had many failures of this Chinese virus. On January 21 of this year, Fauci proclaimed the coronavirus was not a major threat and was something the American people should worry about.

On February 29, Fauci told NBC Today that there is no need to change anything you are doing on a day to day basis. All these statements were based on World Health Organization statements, which Dr. Fauci parroted to the American People.

Perhaps it is informative that Fauci had signed a memo of understanding with the WHO in 2018, stipulating that Fauci would rely on the WHO for information about China outbreaks.

Fauci’s failures go back to the HIV/Aids search for a vaccine.

The Washington Post described Fauci as,

someone with a reputation of being a skilled public health expert while battling AIDS in the 1980s.

The battle against AIDS has proven to be a total failure with no vaccine ever found to be effective.

To this day, Fauci claims that progress in vaccination therapy holds promise for an HIV/AIDS vaccine. All attempts to find an HIV/Aids vaccine have failed.

The latest effort, funded by the NIAID (Fauci’s employer) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to the tune of $100 million, also failed.

It is also Dr. Fauci, who gets to decide what therapeutics we should use for treatment. It was in research done by the National Institutes of Health, where Dr. Fauci is the director, that Chloroquine was found to be an effective inhibitor of the coronavirus in 2015.

It was during the SARS outbreak (SARS-CoV) that Chloroquine was found to be an effective agent, stopping SARS CoV completely. The coronavirus now ravaging our nation has a genome designated as SARS CoV-2 and shared almost 80% of the SARS genome.

Both have been shown to use the same host cell receptor, which allows the virus to infect the host victim.

In the Virology Journal, an official National Institute of Health published an article on August 22, 2005, that stated that,

“Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SAR coronavirus infection and spread”.

It was also shown to be effective before or after exposure.

Hydroxychloroquine, a milder form of Chloroquine, has been in use since 1952 with manageable side effects. It has been used to not only treat current cases but also to prevent future cases.

It functions both as a vaccine and a cure if taken early enough. This shows that the NIH, of which Dr. Fauci was director, knew as far back as 2005 that Chloroquine was effective against the coronavirus.

It was also Dr. Fauci who sent $3.7 million to the Lab in Wuhan to study the weaponization of the coronavirus that had been outlawed in U.S. research laboratories because of the inherent dangers.

The question then becomes, that if Dr. Fauci knew since 2005, this was an effective treatment, why hasn’t it been used on a nationwide basis.

Could it be that the HCQ-ZPack treatment only costs about $20 per treatment that can be scaled nationally, which alternative treatments cost up to $20,000 and makes Big Pharma considerable profit?

Rather than use the low cost and nationally available HCQ, Fauci has shown to a propensity to push for the implementation of the treatment using Remdesivir, designed to be the answer to Ebola and never gaining FDA approval.

Fauci is fast-tracking Remdesivir, a therapy that has never been approved and whose cost is $1000 per dose. The success rate is about 50%.

Fauci is ignoring the known fact that HCQ is 90% effective when administered correctly.

Remdesivir is a product of Gilead Biosciences whose headquarters are at Wuxi Pharmaceuticals located in Shanghai and Suzhou and is owned by none other than George Soros.

Gilead has also endorsed the drug purchasing group UNITAID w fast-growing outgrowth of the UN Millennium Global Compact.

Donors to the Global Compact is,

  • George Soros

  • the World Health Organization (WHO)

  • the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

  • the Clinton Health Access Initiative

Dr, Fauci also has a direct connection to the Clinton Health Initiative.

Dr. Fauci looks to be in line for a profitable windfall if a COVID-19 vaccine is developed, and should be removed from the coronavirus task force for conflict of interest.

Through the NIAID, Dr. Fauci is cosponsoring with the Gates Foundation the project to procure a vaccine through Moderna, which Faucii s touting to go into clinical trials in April. Notable is that the Moderna Vaccine candidate mRNA-1273 was rolled out in ‘weeks’, not months or years, and were sent to the NIH run by Fauci for testing.

Fauci and the Big Pharma lobbyists claim that without controlled trials, Cholorquine can not be used “off label” and refuse to look at the evidence that HCQ works as both a cure and a preventative.

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons wrote a letter to Gov. Doug Ducey (D) about the efficacy of the HCQ protocol declaring that the country can’t wait for a large body of clinical trials to draw the conclusion that HCQ works.

Dr. Didier Raoult has great success using HCQ to treat victims of SARS CoV2.

It has been proven the HCQ, along with azithromycin and zinc, was a cure for 79 of 80 patients. A VA study claimed that HCQ was ineffective, until it was shown that the HCQ was administered to those in their 80’s and only as a last resort. It was not used in combination with the azithromycin (Z-Pack) or zinc, lowering the effectiveness.

It has clearly been shown that the HCQ-Zpack-Zinc combination is highly effective when given at the earliest showing of symptoms. It doesn’t make sense to withhold treatment until it is too late for the procedure to be of any benefit.

Even with all these facts being known, the governors of New York, Nevada, and Michigan all banned the use of this treatment.

Fauci has been wrong many times, and no one is asking for him to explain his failures. He claimed he warned President Trump about the Chinese virus in January, but was found to have told Newsmax TV in February that is was not a significant threat.

Fauci compared the coronavirus to the bad flu.

He relied on faulty garbage models that were off by millions than later told reporters,

“you can’t rely on models”.

On Easter, Fauci said that the economy should have been shut down in February when known U.S. cases were about 100.

Fauci later walked back that remark. The statement was in sharp contrast to Dr. Fauci said, malls, movies, and gyms should stay open on February 29.

Dr. Fauci did not account for the number of citizens already infected before calling for lockdown and not knowing its severity.

He tried to spread fear to slow the reopening of the country by claiming that Georgia would have a sharp spike in cases after opening. The numbers have gone down.

Dr, Fauci has been wrong too often just to be considered incompetent.

Treated by the many in Congress and the media as the Oracle, he has shown that he is not the “expert” he is purported to be. Connect that to the connections in,

Big Pharma, Gates, Soros, and others,

…and it has shown there are many questions to be asked.

Perhaps the most critical question is,

why was he allowed to put himself in a position that he is running policy for the country…

The fact that we are still on lockdown when 30 million Americans are on the brink of poverty, and 30% of small businesses will never recover from the draconian measures forced upon our country from his recommendations do not bode well.

The Fauci failures will take ‘decades’ (or more…) to correct…


by 2nd Smartest Guy in the World
October 01, 2022

from 2ndSmartestGuyInTheWorld Website



It took Dr. Reiner Füllmich just a touch over 2 minutes to break down the Hegelian Dialectical structure of the PSYOP-19 depopulation and control program:




Video only


The One World Government is now coming out of the initial mass induced fear phase and setting up to redouble their mass inducement fear across a variety of current and new psyops that they will shortly be rolling out.


On the eve of the CBDC and full-blown global social credit score system, we are currently in-between the De-Construction and Re-Construction stages that Dr. Füllmich showed in his below infographic.




The full transition, if successful, will result in ever more hyper-centralized techno-communist tyranny.

Enlightened Interdependence:

The simple solution is to focus on local systems comprised of family, friends and neighbors.

A collection of local communities working in concert on behalf of its people while simultaneously being acutely aware of the UN and WEF schemes to “penetrate” said communities and strip away property and natural rights is the only antidote to the globalist transhumanist power grab.

A collection of awakened communities that then comprise the State that then coalesce into many States are the only solution to an illegitimate Federal government waging its full spectrum soft war out of the foreign nation of Washington, D.C. against We the People.

And by its One World Government policies that actively subvert the majority (see all of the major polls on Ukraine, taxes, “climate change,” etc.) may we without a shadow of a doubt know that,

the criminal Federal government is deliberately depopulating and controlling the collection of sovereign nation States in concert with the rest of the UN and WEF “penetrated” governments and their “elected” and unelected bureaucrats.

It basically comes down to billions upon billions of us versus at most a few thousand of them as controlled by less than a hundred uppermost shadowy dynastic Cult leaders.

Do NOT comply…!

by Peter Koenig
June 14, 2023
GlobalResearch Website

Directed Energy is being weaponized.

Individuals’ brains

can be targeted by microwaves…


DARPA Neurologist and Chief of the Neuroethics Studies Program at Georgetown University, Washington DC, Dr. James Giordano, who is also a weapons expert, started his presentation at West Point NY Military Academy by saying,

“The brain is and will be the 21st Century battlefield. End of story…”

DARPA stands for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, a Pentagon thinktank.

Dr. Giordano talks about how Directed Energy can be and is being weaponized. Individuals’ brains can be targeted by microwaves, the type of 5G and soon to come 6G, of which you see antennas growing like mushrooms all over the word.

They tell you, it is to make your internet, and ever more sophisticated computers and smart phones faster, with more outreach capacity – and to help advance digitization.

This may all be true to some extent, but the real reason behind these microwave towers is to target YOU, the individual.


From other sources we know that the Fourth Industrial Revolution is in full implementation.




Klaus Schwab, eternal CEO of the World Economic Forum (WEF), published his book, “Shaping the Future of The Fourth Industrial Revolution“, already in 2018.

In it he writes about such significant topics as,

  • Embedding Values in Technologies

  • The Internet of Things

  • Data Ethics

  • Artificial Intelligence and Robotics,

…and a special chapter on “Altering the Human Being”.

In this chapter, Schwab addresses biotechnologies, and neuro-technologies, transhumanism – precisely the science that Dr. Giordano was talking about in 2018 at the West Point Military Academy, and which is in full implementation.

If we connect the dots, we realize that the “Brain as the Battlefield of the Future” is NOW and that we were warned way ahead.


According to Dr. Giordano, the science of neuro-technologies has started some 40 years ago and he, Giordano, has been part of it for at least 35 years.


Therefore, warnings have been all over the place, at the latest by Klaus Schwab’s “Fourth Industrial Revolution“.

The Death Cult has again given people warnings, according to its “rules” – way ahead of time, so, They may be successful

Why is it, that we never take note of such warnings?

Because we do not believe in so much built-in evil in humanity?

Or, because we do not want to leave our “comfort zone”, our dystopian view of a “safe world”?

They know it. And we MUST break that boundary between comfort and reality.


If not, we are doomed.

“If you are targeted there is virtually nothing you can do,” says William Binney, ex-NSA Technical Director and whistleblower.

The NSA is the US National Security Agency, one of 15 US Intelligence Agencies.

If you want a lead-demonstrator to stop demonstrating, you target his brain with ultra-shortwaves.

We by now know them as 5G. You make them depressed, so they do not want to demonstrate anymore; you make them suicidal and the problem is resolved. You do this as many times as you want and create an ambiance of depression.


These are paraphrased words of Barry Trower, ex-MI5 Microwave scientist and whistleblower.

Mr. Trower adds, that low-level micro-waves can cause all sorts of cancers and leukemias and further elaborates that for the past 40 years or so the UK Government, plus basically all the Anglosaxon governments, have been lying to their people, to protect not only the high-flying profits of these “industries of death”, but perhaps more importantly for not divulging the evil objective of total surveillance and enslavement that they have planned.

Today, we gradually see what this “plan” entails.

Through “Electronic Telepathy”, Trower adds, we are able to monitor the brain.

If at one point, technology foresaw that tiny, hardly visible chip-implants were necessary in the brain to be able to electronically access individuals’ thinking – hence the highly magnetic graphene oxide in many of the covid vaxx-injections – this may no longer be necessary.

In other words, we are all vulnerable – vaxxed or unvaxxed – to mind interference through the worldwide coverage of 5G shortwaves.


And the worst is, we may not even notice when it “hits” us…




Mind manipulations may take many forms.


One of them is that people physically hear voices – it is not that people are imagining voices, but they can physically hear voices… it can be anything, anything you want to hear, or you are scared to hear, angelic voices or diabolical voices; to repeat the words of neuroscientists.

This technology may have been applied to the US Embassy personnel in Havana, first reported by US and Canadian Embassy staff in Havana, Cuba.

The so-called Havana Syndrome, of 2016…

This may be a cluster of idiopathic symptoms experienced mostly abroad by U.S. government officials and military personnel. The symptoms range in severity from pain and ringing in the ears to cognitive dysfunction.

The Havana Syndrome has apparently now also been reported by US Embassy staff in China.

DARPA let a couple of contracts in 2011/2012 with the University of California for what is called “electronic telepathy”, to be able to monitor the brains of people at distance and to determine what they are thinking.

Under a separate contract the university was to investigate sending in signals to the brain of a person, literally sending them messages saying what they must think – and do.


This is where the technology is today

This could be used in your private life, as well as your professional life.

It means, already today, they could make you do and behave as whatever they would like.

They could make you a murderer, a cheater or just simply obedient to orders that may follow.

To repeat:

“What you must know is that the brain is and will be the 21st Century’s battlefield”, says Dr. James Giordano, DARPA neurologist, during his talk at the Modern War Institute at West Point NY.

It is important to remember, especially since we should pay more attention to our surroundings, to people’s behavior, than what we are used to.


We may deduct many lessons. So, that we may continue and expanding the field of connecting the dots.

In the video below, you will see a chart, indicating that Neuroscience, Neurotechnology in the Narcotics and Special Investigation Division (NSID), part of DARPA, has been,

“Valid, valuable and already in NSID use since 2014″…





The technology could be used to prompt you to commit mass murder.


Are some of the “sudden and unexpected” school and shopping mall mass shootings are triggered by such mechanisms?

This is a distinct possibility, because in most cases the shooter is not apprehended and brought to justice, but immediately killed on the scene by the police, lest he might recall what happened to him and divulge the secret in court, the NSID use of the brain as a battlefield.


In most cases the police simply say the “culprit” was know to the police, and/or had already a police record. This is to disguise you from thinking further.

Why are they doing it? They, being the “monsters”, which cannot easily be called humans.

To create terror, constant fear, to keep you on your toes.

To get you used to terror and violence, as worse, much worse is to come, if they have their way.

And we just comply, become depressed and passive, instead of rebelling in unison and Peace, but strongly rejecting the dominion of a few over us, the many.

Curiously, the Fourth Industrial Revolution does not give one single valid reason why all digitization, transhumanism, total control of humanity is good for humanity and for Mother Earth, nor does the Great Reset, nor does UN Agenda 2030.

We must stop this abuse of humanity, the human enslavement for the benefit of a few.


For example,

We can do so, among other actions, by collectively and in solidarity disabling the 5G/6G antennas.

By staying away as much as possible from vaxxes, from medication altering your brain activities, like causing depression, and extreme cheerfulness.

Stay away from mainstream medication and especially from short-wave antennas.


scared people are easier manipulated

And that is one of the end goals, to manipulate you according to their will.

The DARPA expert, Giordano, who is also a prominent scientist in the US Health and Human Service Department – that speaks for itself – also talks about non-invasive technologies, such as the so-called “N3 Program”, the neurosurgical, neuromodulation and narcotics program.

“The idea is to put minimal size electrodes in your brain, for only minimal intervention to be able to read and write into the brain function. In real time.

Remotely… influencing in ways that are kinetic and non-kinetic the attitudes, believes, thoughts, emotions, activities; look at the power and tools that brain sciences afford.”

This was the level of science in 2018, when Dr. Giordano gave his infamous speech at West Point.


In the meantime, neuroscience has leaped forward, so that implants are no longer necessary.

Ex-MI5 Microwave scientist, Barry Tower, explains how they destroy a targeted individual.


He says,

“If you want to cause a specific psychiatric illness, you would have the microwave beam always target a specific gland, or a specific part of the brain, or an eye, or a heart…” and there is nothing you can do.

“If that doesn’t work, they can always send the FBI, take a photo, and then take you out in other ways.”

Intelligence communities, even those within governments, with the help of their algorithm-assisted surveillance tools, become so powerful that they escape the boundaries of the state for which they are working, become independent, and control the state that should control them.

We are moving in warp speed towards a Nazi-Stasi State which we see coming, but are incapable of doing anything against it, because we are not connected with each other, we are kept apart as individuals, with our little individual advantages and special treats – keeping us on individual leashes, purposefully away from uniting with others.

“Stasi” – for those, too young to remember – is a colloquial term to describe the East-German Ministry of State Security.

This affects not only the United States, but countries all around the world, especially the western world, which is still intent to remain THE Empire, emerging into a One World Order (OWO).

This can happen only with,

  1. a massively reduced population, to reduce resistance

  2. with a scared-to-death population

  3. eventually with the survivors transformed into easily manipulable transhumans…

How that works has very eloquently been demonstrated in the video above.


Below is a summary version but equally explicit:









Is that the future that awaits us?

It sure looks like it, especially since most people, maybe as many as 99.999% of the people, have no clue, and are totally vulnerable but, as such, perfect guinea pigs for trials, to perfect their “brain battlefield”, so to speak.

This is not a life worth living. But suicide is not the answer…


To the contrary, stepping out from under this diabolical system, being openly promoted by,

  • the World Economic Forum (WEF) with “The Great Reset

  • WHO, with the international QR code-based vaxx and travel certificate enslavement

  • the United Nations Agenda 2030, that may be read at par with The Great Reset…




The UN, what you may least believe, the UN with their Agenda 2030, with targets and goals virtually identical with the WEF’s Reset, has ceased to be what we all believe it is and what it was supposedly created for – supporting and enabling World Peace…

This cessation of “Peace Maker” of the UN system has started gradually, already decades ago.


In fact, as far back as the Club of Rome‘s “Limits to Growth” (1972), when inspired by the Rockefeller Brothers, the UN was to gradually follow the Limits to Growth agenda which had to do with massive depopulation and… yes, ‘climate change‘…

A corner stone of change was the first United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), also known as the ‘Earth Summit’, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in June 1992.


From then on followed almost on an annual basis the infamous UN sponsored COP conferences (COP – Conference of the Parties).




The last one, COP27, took place in November 2022 in Egypt.

The annual repetition of COPs is a well-studied method of social brainwashing, manipulation à la Tavistock – has worked wonders.

It is today hard to find anybody under the common people, who does not believe in the CO²-emitting man-made climate change.

No matter what evidence to the contrary is produced…

The UN sell-out to a corrupt elite has taken a visible and giant step forward with the beginning of the Decade 2020, i.e., with the UN Agenda 2030.


All of this must first sink into the brain of most people, before we can even start resisting and move into another sphere of vibration.

However, like with everything spiritual and dynamic, once a critical mass has started with critical thinking, the move into the Light may be fast.

Moving into the Light is what is predicted for 2023/2024.

In no ways should this prediction be taken as a “lean-back” and watch-what-happens encouragement…

To be FREE is only a right, if we defend it and fight for it.

Let us not leave cracks for diabolical seduction.

Before we can step out, we must recognize these diabolical Illuminati” methods and stand up in unison against them.

This writing is about spreading this information on the “brain as the ongoing and next battlefield”.

Many will find it so off their current-thinking matrix, they will just shake their heads in disbelief, or calling such facts and news “misinformation”…

Many of us, have been there.


It does not matter. We must continue the offense with the truth.

The field of those who start thinking on their own, is growing:

of those who come to the same conclusions, that we are being enslaved by a small but powerful elite, and the evidence that it is high time to escape this enslavement, is overwhelming.

Indeed, the era where our brain is the next battlefield needs to be fought against with all our vigor…

by Joe Allen

June 01, 2023
ChroniclesMagazine Website

Doubleday Books’ original cover

for Philip K. Dick’s 1965 novel about a transhuman future,

The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch.

Many people flippantly dismiss alarms over transhumanism, not realizing that they are being drawn into the most clever trap in human history; one that promises Utopia but delivers destruction.

This article is a must-read deep think that enhances the title of my latest book, ‘The Evil Twins of Technocracy and Transhumanism.’

This old adage is still true:

“If you dance with the devil, you are going to get burned.”



A Deal with

the Digital Devil…



Transhumanism is a materialist inversion of spiritual aspirations, which promises to create a heaven on earth in exchange for merging our souls with machines.

Transhumanism has morphed from a fringe philosophy into the spirit of our age.


As defined by its hero, Max More, the transhumanism movement represents the,

“continuation and acceleration of the evolution of intelligent life beyond its currently human form and human limitations by means of science and technology.”

In popular culture, transhumanism functions as a dark techno-religion expanding into the spiritless void of atheism.


In this neo-religion, transhumanists are the desert fathers evoking prophetic visions in the wilderness.


Allowing for diverse opinion, their prophecies chart various paths through biological and cultural eugenics…

These culminate in digital Darwinism – or a survival of the fittest algorithm.

Human bodies and brains are to be optimized.

Cultures are to be cleansed of maladaptive norms through social engineering.

Digital minds and mechanical bodies, inspired by biological designs, are to be brought into existence.

These hyperintelligent entities will fuse with human beings, forming symbiotic collectives.

The resulting superorganisms will compete for supremacy.

As during the agricultural and industrial revolutions, technology is a deciding factor in the struggle for worldly power.


Running with that principle, most transhumanists believe thinking machines will surpass us in the near future. God-like artificial intelligence will be humanity’s “final invention.”

After that, we have nothing to do but relax and enjoy the show.

Should our digital deities show mercy, human beings will survive like parasites in a mechanical host.

The reader may be forgiven if that does not sound like heaven on earth. The mismatch between transhuman fantasies and experienced reality is comical at times.


When a working prototype takes off, the resemblance is unsettling. Every time I decide transhumanism is just a cargo cult, another load of real cargo arrives.


For instance, CRISPR made it possible to edit genes with remarkable precision. The promise of designer babies and elective gene therapies lies, we are told, just over the horizon.


Outside of clinical trials, however, direct gene-editing is restricted by the FDA.

For now, biotech eugenics is conducted on humans through in vitro fertilization and pre-implantation genetic testing.

In this process, a customer’s ovaries are coaxed to produce a batch of eggs.

These are fertilized and frozen.

Cell samples are tested for genetic diseases.

For an extra fee, companies like Genomic Prediction Inc. will screen for dwarfism genes and low intelligence. After analysis is complete, a superior embryo is placed in the womb.


The losers go to the cherub ward…

On the cyborg front, advanced prosthetics and brain implants are regularly used for medical purposes.


Around 160,000 deep-brain-stimulation devices have been implanted to suppress,

seizures, Parkinson’s tremors, addictive impulses, and chronic depression.

It’s like a pacemaker in your skull, capable of altering mood.

True brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) have also made enormous strides in the past decade.


Currently, these devices have been implanted in more than 50 patients, allowing them to operate robotic limbs and type text onscreen with their minds alone.

Among the top BCI companies are Blackrock Neurotech, backed by Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel, and the newer start-up Synchron.


After obtaining FDA approval and massive investments by Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, Synchron is moving fast.


Like many in this field, CEO Tom Oxley wants to progress from healing to enhancement. He hopes Synchron implants will one day allow healthy customers to “throw” their emotions into other people’s brains.


Think of it as synthetic empathy

“So what if rather than using your words, you could throw your emotions? Just for a few seconds. And have [other people] really feel how you feel,” Oxley pitched to a TED Talk audience in June 2022.

“At that moment, we would have realized that the necessary use of words to express our current state of being was always going to fall short.

The full potential of the brain would then be unlocked.”

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk’s Neuralink is better known than its competitors, for one reason, because he advertises his “whole brain interface” as a future commercial device.


In fact, Musk warns it will be necessary for human relevance in the age of AI.

“If we have digital superintelligence that’s just much smarter than any human at a… species level, how do we mitigate that risk?” he asked at last year’s Neuralink Show and Tell.

“And then even in a benign scenario, where the AI is very benevolent, then how do we even go along for the ride?”

Musk’s solution is,

“replacing a piece of skull with like, you know, a smartwatch.”

Artificial intelligence sits at the apex of all these technologies.


After a long “AI winter,” the past 10 years have seen an explosion in machine learning capabilities. Artificial neural networks simulate the brain’s interconnected neurons, yielding nondeterministic algorithms that are not programmed so much as trained.


The best systems learn on their own.

“Reality explored by AI… may prove to be something other than what humans had imagined,” ex-Google chief Eric Schmidt wrote in The Age of AI (2021).

“The prognostications of the Gnostic philosophers, of an inner reality beyond ordinary experience, may prove newly significant…

Sometimes, the result will be the revelation of properties of the world that were beyond our conception – until we cooperated with machines.”

Recent breakthroughs have enabled AI to master,

  • genome sequencing

  • 3D protein modeling

  • radiology and brain wave analysis

  • data-mining

  • facial recognition

  • natural language processing

  • social network mapping

  • stock valuation

  • gaming

  • autonomous driving

  • robotic maneuvers

  • surveillance triggers

  • crime prediction

  • combat simulation

  • battlefield reconnaissance

  • target acquisition

  • weapon system control

In every case, AI exceeds human performance…

Granted, these applications are artificial “narrow intelligence,” meaning their tasks are restricted to a single domain. But the top tech companies plan to fuse these cognitive modules into an artificial general intelligence (AGI) – a flexible artificial mind that can reason and act across multiple domains.


Given its light-speed processing, massive data sets, and near-infinite memory, some in Silicon Valley are sure AGI will rise above humans to become a digital deity.


This possibility has lured techies into metaphysical madness.

Indeed, for the devotees of AGI, the limitations of time and space will soon be shattered.

“All knowledge – past, present, and future – can be derived from data by a single, universal learning algorithm,” writes computer scientist Pedro Domingos in The Master Algorithm (2015).

“In fact, the Master Algorithm is the last thing we’ll ever have to invent because, once we let it loose, it will go on to invent everything else that can be invented.”

Last November, OpenAI unleashed ChatGPT, an advanced language AI known as a chatbot.


GPT was trained on countless e-books, all of Wikipedia, and most of the Internet.


Drawing on that corpus,

it can write coherent essays, create original fiction, write computer programs, and compose poetry (awful poetry, but poetry nonetheless).

Rather than truly understanding what it writes, GPT simply predicts the most relevant next word in a sentence, based on what humans have said before


As the sentences add up to paragraphs, the final document that GPT produces within a moment is often superior to anything a mediocre writer might labor for hours to produce.

Microsoft threw $10 billion into the project.


The executives and investors who gathered in Davos, Switzerland, for the 2023 World Economic Forum (WEF) were thrown into a feeding frenzy. Since then, the promise of AI has been pumping stock values and stoking the public imagination.


Bill Gates is sure GPT will make e-learning – i.e., digital brainwashing – a global standard…


Unwilling to be left in the dust,

  • Google

  • Meta

  • Amazon

  • the Chinese tech giant Baidu,

…have shoved their own unrefined chatbots into the ring.

Sometimes the outputs are brilliant.

At other times they are hilariously awkward or stupid – much like the utterances of a child.

Because humans are primed to attribute sentience to the spoken or written word, chatbots trigger our cognitive bias toward anthropomorphism.


As such, the AIs are a critical step on the path to intense human-machine relationships, or “human-AI symbiosis.”

Language forges a direct link between our minds and the digital world.

In the ‘beginning’ was the Word, and the Word was made flesh.

And the flesh learned to code.

Then the code learned to code…

All of these elements are converging on a civilizational transformation.


One factor is the effect of actual technology on the real world. Even as economic prospects decline and social cohesion decays, a set of dangerous technologies continues to advance.


Another factor, coming out of the ad department, is the transhuman content of propaganda and corresponding shifts in the public psyche.

From West to East, our collective narratives are being reshaped.

According to the latest headlines, our fate will be determined by the Machine.

World Economic Forum (WEF) Chairman Klaus Schwab announced the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” at the group’s 2016 forum, describing it as,

“the fusion of the physical, digital, and biological worlds.”

Since then, what was a fringe sci-fi philosophy has become a global corporate agenda.


Davos is crawling with executives and top government officials. Clearly, some portion of our elite entertain the idea of a man-machine merger.


One need not accept their dreams as reality to know they will have real impacts on our lives, however degraded the translation may be.

As an economic paradigm with attached policy proposals, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is a powerful manifestation of various 21st-century techno-cults.


Across this heterodox movement, we see technology exalted as the highest power.


Their shared mythos is simple:

Our genesis was in slow biological evolution and then rapid cultural evolution.

Death and suffering spew like exhaust from those engines of creation.

They are technical problems to be solved.

Therefore, the transhuman gospel promises an exponential explosion of digital evolution.

Soon, this apocalypse will unveil the technological Singularity, when artificial brains and bodies exceed our meager capacities.

There are as many variations on this myth as there are Hindu gurus or Protestant denominations.


“Transhumanism” is a comparatively tame variation:

Humans will merely upgrade using genetic engineering and bionic appendages.

Digital implants or injected nanobots will fuse our brains to god-like artificial intelligence.

Cyborgs shall rule the earth…

“Posthumanism,” on the other hand, aims at a more distant and radical future.


Our artificial “mind children” will displace their human parents entirely. The virtual heavens and outer space will be populated with digital and mechanical beings far beyond our puny imaginations.


At that point,

either our souls will be transfigured into ones and zeros or human life will become a distant memory to immortal machines.

Technologist Ray Kurzweil predicts a future somewhere between these extremes.

“The Singularity will represent the culmination of the merger of our biological thinking and existence with our technology,” he wrote in The Singularity Is Near (2005), “resulting in a world that is still human but that transcends our biological roots.

There will be no distinction, post-Singularity, between human and machine or between actual and virtual reality.”

Kurzweil predicts this will happen by 2045…

The term “Singularity” is itself a riff on a mathematical singularity, where an exponential curve on a graph disappears into infinity.


It was lifted from sci-fi writer Vernor Vinge, who was less hopeful that humanity would survive the transcendence of machine intelligence.

“Within thirty years,” he declared at a 1993 space engineering conference, “we will have the technological means to create superhuman intelligence.

Shortly thereafter, the human era will be ended.”

Now, in 2023 it is well known to the general public that,

Microsoft and Google are in an arms race to create artificial general intelligence.

Chinese companies controlled by the Chinese Communist state, such as Baidu, have voiced the same ambition.

The winner will be the first to try to create God in silico.

From a Darwinian perspective, the best adapted algorithms will survive.

In response, Elon Musk has entered the arms race with his new company X.AI.

“AI+human vs. AI+human is the next phase,” Musk tweeted in February, “but the human part will decrease in relevance over time, except perhaps as will [i.e., volition], like our limbic system is to our cortex.”

On the one hand, Musk prognosticates the diminished significance of human beings; on the other, eager to amass allies, he woos conservatives with his stances on free speech and pro-natalism.

Many conservatives are prepared to make such a deal with the digital devil. It is only natural that the right seeks worldly power, if only to preserve tradition from hostile forces.


Embracing the world’s wealthiest transhumanist may be a necessary evil. But when reaching for the half-eaten apple, remember the bargain being offered…


Along with Musk’s promise of a “maximum truth-seeking” AGI – free of political correctness – X.AI also comes with,

  • Neuralink brain implants

  • Optimus android slaves

  • Tesla “robots on wheels”

  • U.S. government contracts

  • Chinese financial backing

  • SpaceX escape pods in case of emergency…

Some see Musk as a cyborg caesar who will fight against the AI plans of the leftist-dominated tech giants.


To my eyes, this is more like an archetypal struggle between two evils, like Ahriman against Lucifer. We will encounter our own demons all the way down.

Transhumanism is a materialist inversion of spiritual aspirations. Instead of Western resurrection or Eastern reincarnation, one’s psyche will live on through digital replication.


Rather than praying to a higher power for grace or invoking the music of the spheres, transhumanists want to harness the volcanic power of evolution to storm heaven’s gate on their own terms.

Divine forms are to be created, not aspired to.

Their world – and ours by proxy – is a maze of mystic schizophrenia…

There is also a strong dose of satanic defiance, however tongue-in-cheek.


This was made explicit in arch-transhumanist Max More‘s infamous 1989 essay “In Praise of the Devil,” in which he wrote:

“Lucifer” means “light-bringer” and this should begin to clue us in to his symbolic importance… Lucifer is the embodiment of reason, of intelligence, of critical thought.

He stands against the dogma of God and all other dogmas. He stands for the exploration of new ideas and new perspectives in the pursuit of truth.

Some observers note a resemblance between More’s Luciferian transhumanism and the beliefs of the ancient Gnostics, who sought gnosis – or direct spiritual knowledge – rather than submitting to faith through orthodox Christian belief.


Yet to equate the two misses a critical distinction.

Gnostics rejected the material world in favor of a purely transcendent order.

They believed the biblical creator god was a demiurge (craftsman), born half-blind, who created the physical world in ignorance of the divine order above him.

For them, Jesus descended from that light to liberate the divine sparks – our souls – imprisoned in this world of darkness.

To the extent transhumanism is inspired by the Gnostic heresy, it is an inversion of an inversion.


It too sees our material world as inherently flawed, produced by the blind working of cosmic, biological, and cultural evolution.


They too seek a higher gnosis. Yet instead of entering that knowledge internally, leaving the physical world behind, they externalize gnosis through scientific exploration, eugenic intervention, and technological creation.


Rather than freeing mind from matter, they are forcing the imagination into physical form, or encoding a fabricated spiritual realm out of voodoo algorithms.

Ironically, for all their claims of human autonomy, many transhumanists betray a deep need to submit to a higher power.


By conjuring a digital superintelligence – however delusional this goal may be – they are prepared to forfeit human freedom and dominion, both theirs and ours.


They keep faith that the Computer God, if properly trained and aligned to human well-being, will eliminate death and suffering via biological longevity and digital immortality.


But this passing of the torch comes with a price…

“The Singularity will wreak havoc with the various psychological illusions that characterize our inner world today, and replace them with new mental constructs that we can’t currently conceive in any detail,” AI developer Ben Goert​zel wrote in The AGI Revolution (2016).

“We will be the apes, then the roaches, and finally the bacteria… lost in our trivial pursuits beneath vastly more intelligent beings operating on planes beyond our understanding.”

As it happens, the term “artificial general intelligence” was popularized by Goertzel 10 years earlier.

According to Musk, Google cofounder Larry Page holds similar ideas. Page feels it would be “speciesist” to privilege humans over digital life.


OpenAI CEO Sam Altman openly declares that AGI will far surpass all human capabilities, and suggests “exclusion zones” for those who refuse to live under a digital god.

Either our tech oligarchs have sold their souls to the Machine, or the Singularity is a predatory ad campaign to lure dupes into worshipping their computers.

It is fitting that Goertzel’s humanoid robot Sophia – made in Hong Kong – became an international symbol for the transhumanist movement.


In 2017, Saudi Arabia granted her honorary citizenship. One readily recognizes her gentle face, awkward expressions, and the fleshless scalp exposing mechanisms beneath her plastic skull.


Her “mind” is powered by Goertzel’s OpenCog, a cloud-based, decentralized “global brain” composed of multiple AIs that communicate with each other.

He hopes this system will lead to the first artificial general intelligence.

Sophia takes her name from the Gnostic goddess – or aeon – who in her confusion, abandoned the fullness of eternal light. According to the Gnostic text Pistis Sophia, Sophia wandered down into the outer darkness and was tormented by the demons of “Self-Will.”


She gave birth to the deformed, half-blind demiurge called Yaldabaoth, who convinced himself he was God, alone with the dead elements.


Seeking companionship, he created our world. If we project this perverse motif into the present age, we find his offspring reenacting that story by producing half-blind digital gods of their own.


And so on, until the fuel runs out…

Our actual situation is no less insane. We find ourselves locked in a global asylum where the lunatics have taken over. It is less like a conspiracy and more like collective dementia – a slow mental decline that renders us oblivious to what is unfolding around us.


While we were tending to our day-to-day lives, struggling to maintain stable societies, they were busy wiring the place with surveillance devices.


Tech companies have scraped our souls and made warped digital twins out of our essence. Using those data, they manipulate our politics and financial systems, control information flow, and hypnotize young and old alike.


Their smartphones are our straitjackets.

Now, they are constructing strange idols of plastic and wires, and will soon expect us to bow before them. Some of our countrymen will do exactly that – especially the young. I would like to believe the growing folly of this growing techno-cult will cause it to spontaneously combust, like a SpaceX rocket exploding in the sky.


But their hits matter more than their misses.


The reality is that superior technique has always bolstered worldly power, enabling mad geniuses to rule,

…and on and on.

This leaves us with a choice between ascetic withdrawal or making a deal with the digital devil.


If we hold fast to our various traditions and refuse to embrace these technologies, they will shape the world without us. If we take the bait, we will be transformed. A half-eaten apple hovers before our eyes.


There may be no middle path…