The Abduction of a good friend and core team member – This case occurred decades ago and shows the intensity of these experiences- Audio and Text

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The Clark Abduction Experience

Filename: Clark.abd
Type : Abduction
Author : Clark Hathaway
Date : 11/07/93
Desc. : Account of abduction experience
The Prolog:
Clark: I had no conscious memory of this incident until mid-June of
1993. Janice’s Parents were here from Phoenix, Arizona for the occasion of Lee’s graduation from High School. Janice and her mother were swapping stories in the living room in my presence, about snoring. In attempting to illustrate how badly I snore, Janice turned to me and said “don’t you remember at the cabin with Rick and Judy a few years ago everyone voting that you had to sleep in the van because of your snoring?”. I stood there dumfounded in shock for a few seconds that seemed more like minutes. Images too numerous to fix upon were flashing through my mind as the shock was being overcome by an inexplicable sense of fear pervading my being.
As the fear progressed, I mumbled something, perhaps oh sure and turning away, walked out onto the patio. I smoked and sat and smoked and paced. I was in a peculiar state of confusion. I was attempting to understand the irrational fear that I was experiencing while, at the same time trying to make some sense of the imagery happening in my head. I caught glimpses of bright light with strange shadow-like figures within.
I heard a mid-pitched drone. Through the open back windows of the van, I saw a big bright star. Being ordinary enough images, I was having trouble tying them to my fear. For three days I carried this within me. With each passing day, while the fear abated, my aggitation grew.
Finally on the night of the third day, Janice and I sat on the patio for our late hour talk as is our custom. My emotional being had reached the state were I could no-longer hold it within. Thus, I cautiously approached the subject. “Do you remember the other night telling your mother about my snoring” I said. “Up at their folk’s
cabin at Pulga?” I asked. When she indicated yes, I proceeded to share with her my fear as well as the imagery that I had experienced.
My regression sessions (2) followed some three months later in September. What came out of those sessions as well as additional ensuing memories will follow the Prelude to set the stage, which is the next message.
I hope th[–pagebreak–]at my methods of description in the forgoing will not be construed as having been overly dramatic. My purpose was to share the emotional range that I underwent and to a degree, am still undergoing. In the past two years, at this location (North Highlands), the same sort of light has been onbserved along with the multi-colored cotton balls as well as the droning sound, from my bedroom window in the middle of the night. The light awoke me from a sound sleep and I remember vividly, my first thought upon that awakening. Oh No…not again…was the thought. This occured prior to the partial memory awakening in June that precipitated the Hypno-regression sessions.
From the age of 5 I have been trained to observe detail. As a nearly life-long martial artist with my primary training in an internal, soft style, I can and do sometimes on an involuntary basis, sometimes consciously, extend my awareness. Thus, things do not easily take me by surprise. I do not react to fear in the same manner that most people do. Rather than become immobilized, I tend to flow with it and channel it into responsive action.
In light of the above, it would be hoped that one can begin to appreciate the inner anguish that I have felt as a result of this experience. I have this inner need to know. I am patient, it will come.
The Prelude:
On a weekend prior to mid-month in August 1990, a small group of us spent the weekend at a cabin in Pulga, California. Perched on the west side of a deep canyon that contains the North Fork of the Feather River, Pulga is a tiny, 1800s era mining and rail-stop village. The cabin belonging to the parents of one of the group’s members, sits in a meadow along with three other cabins. The meadow is situated just to the north and above the little town. It is oriented west to east where it terminates in a stand of fir, cedar or pine. Beyond that point, the slope drops off into the canyon below. The canyon walls rise up on the west and north sides of the meadow which is reached via a serpentine gravel road that winds it’s way up from the village below. This road forks just to the west of the meadow, one branch sloping down providing access to the meadow and the other continuing on up the side of the canyon wall to the north. Located behind the cabins, the south side of the meadow is bounded by an a creek that eminates from a spring further up the canyon walls to the west. Aligned along the southern edge of the meadow, ours was the second cabin from the west. The first cabin that weekend was occupied by a nice, elderly couple. The cabin just to the east of us, was condemned and boarded up. The last cabin to the east, on that first night, was unoccupied.[–pagebreak–]
The group was comprised of Rick and Judy Lichty, business colleagues and friends along with their sons Brandon then three and Brian then six. The others were Janice as well as Lee then sixteen and myself. Everyone was anticipating a weekend of fun, frolic and relaxation with Rick and Lee in particular, looking forward to that night’s session of gaming. Throughout the plans and preperations for the trip…they had besieged me with requests to Dungeon Master a weekend session of “Dungeons and Dragons”. I agreed after Judy had said “I don’t care if you guys play all night long as long as you don’t keep everyone else awake”.
Having arrived and gotten settled in, I proceeded to pull a recon of the creek and the meadow. Being an artist, I was particularaly attracted to a large oak tree on the northeastern side of the meadow opposite the mid point between cabins three and four. The meadow was quite a bit wider at that point then that of our end.
I continued down to the east end and observed the train tracks and river below through the trees. The rest of the evening until around 9 p.m., was spent by eating and visiting with the couple next door. They retired early so we all went in and as Judy had started drinking soon after our arrival, she went to bed. The boys were playing quietly on the floor and Janice settled onto the couch and began reading Stephen King’s novel IT!. After set-up, I proceeded to lead Rick and Lee (actually their characters) through a tortuous, terrifying adventure in another land far, far away. The time slipped away rapidly.
This ends the Prelude and hopefuly sets the stage for the ensuing events.
The Story:
I looked up and turned my head at Judy’s intrusion into the room that was accompanied by, “haven’t you guys played long enough?”. Continuing she slurred with a screech in her voice, “All of you, go to bed Now!”. I noticed Janice glance up from the book that she was reading and read the disgust in her eyes as Rick meekly mumbled “yeah, O.K., sure”. We quickly wrapped things up and put the gaming gear away. Rick had put the kids down for the night much earlier and somewhat subdued, went off to bed at the back of the cabin. Lee lay down for the night on a trundle bed in the front room while Janice remained on the couch. Tired, I bid my good nights and opening the screen door, stepped down and into the night. The time was shortly after midnight. The air was warm and still as I shut the door and turned toward the van.
As I made my way to the van I noticed the mountainside terrain silhoutted against a starry sky. [–pagebreak–] With a deep sigh, I thought God! I love the mountains and I really like this place. Too bad I thought…that Judy has to be that way, she really needs some help but so far hasn’t the willingness. Soon after it had been suggested that due to my snoring I sleep out in the van, I had prepared it for just that purpose. I was thankful as I pulled the sliding side door shut behind me, that I hadn’t waited until after dark. Clicking on the flashlight, I pulled off my shoes, socks and jeans and crawled into the sleeping bag. I lit a cigarette, pulled the ashtray closer and resting on one elbow, gazed out the rear windows of the van to the east. Pondering the panorama of stars before me, I finished my smoke and gratefuly lay back to sleep musing ‘it’s a good thing this bed is built in the back, it sure beats sleeping on the van floor’.
I was awakened by a loud high-pitched drone that quickly faded. Raising up onto one elbow, I looked out the space formed between the tilted open windows and the sill of the van doors below. Directly to the east I noticed a very bright blue-white light somewhat smaller than a dime held at arms length away, off in the distance. ‘That sure is a big star’ I thought, quickly followed by ‘maybe Venus. I wonder what time it is?’.
Before I could glance at my watch, I was startled to notice that the light was moving and coming closer expanding in size. I wondered fleetingly ‘what is a helicopter doing up here?’. As I watched and listened for the ‘chop’ of the rotors, It seemed to pause when it reached size of a silver dollar. The light seemed to expand into a rounded oval and began to grow rapidly. ‘Oh NO!’ I thought, ‘it is coming down into the clearing’. I heard no rotor chop and must have closed my eyes. In what seemed like just a moment, my inner eyelids were illuminated from without.
I struggled to open my eyes. As my eyes came open, they were looking down at the sleeping bag that lay open around me. The inside of the van was lit up brighter than daylight. I looked up while trying to move backwards toward the door. Immediately before my face were fluorescent cotton balls of neon red, green, yellow and blue popping on and off. Beyond these down the meadow lay an arc-like light to the right that I couldn’t look directly into. It appeared to disipate off to the left into a glowing haze. Within this misty light, there were three shadowy figures that began to materialize. As they took on sharpness, I saw that one stood at least a head above the others. This figure detached itself from the others and to my sudden sense of horror, proceded to loom larger in my vision.
The silhouette of what I beheld approaching me had a [–pagebreak–]large domed head with the lower portion of the face sharply tapered in. This in turn flowed into a long thin neck and narrow sharply sloping
shoulders. Askew and not seeming to be moving, long very thin arms with bulging pod-like endings were angled down and away from the shoulders. The upper torso tapered down into a waspish waist that gently flared into narrow hips. this in turn tapered downward at a severe angle. At an unbelievable rate, it loomed so large that it’s head was obscured by the out-tilting tinted rear windows. At it’s approach, I had cast out my awareness trying to get a ‘feel’ for this being in order to sense it’s intent. This alas, was to no avail. Suddenly, it’s face appeared at the window opening, tilted to the side and looking upward at me. With fear coursing through me, I saw it grasp the window sill in the door. Curling over the edge were three fingers, a shade of mauve, the middle one half again as long as the others. Of extreme texture, I somehow ‘knew’ that were I to caress these leathery appearing appendages, they would have a silky feel. My other-awareness was pervaded by a sense of cautious, mischievious humor.
The being abruptly twisted to it’s left while raising up and moving forward in one fluid motion. In shocked amazement I realized that it had done all of this through the glass, the bed, as well as the steel body of the van itself as if they were of water. It gently but firmly griped my upper arms, it’s face mere inches from my own. Huge, glossy black eyes that filled close to a third of it’s face, stared into mine. It’s face was the same shade of mauve as the hand with a lighter area around the eyes. I was desperately trying to wrench my way free but was totally unable to move. Over-come with terror I sensed that it was beginning to take me out the way it had come in.
As It moved backward pulling me forward I flashed upon being slammed into the inner back of the van. We emerged outside before the thought had ended. My eyes rolled downward to see the ground rushing backward beneath my dangling feet. Looking up again, I could see that we were entering the outer haze and the other two figures were becoming more distinct. Approaching them, my captor turned it’s head to the left in order to gaze at them. At this the shorter, more robust creatures immediately backed away. I cataloged this as well as noticing there were now three and that when the taller being shifted a portion of it’s attention, I could feel some return of control. I chose not to excersise it however as it took me by surprise and I felt that in the long run it would have been futile.
I closed my eyes against the now too bright light and when I opened them, found that we were in a hallway that curved to the left. I discovered that I was on my feet. Gripping my upper left arm the Being led me a short way down the hall to an open doorway to my right. I could ‘feel’ the presense of the others behind us. I wanted to turn my head to look at them but found that I could not.[–pagebreak–]
Ushered into the room, I was urged toward an object that rose out of the center floor. It had the appearance of being a table as the top was waist high. With a mirror finish, the recessed top looked to be fashioned from a light blue tinted metal. Curling over the edges were the sides that tapered down in rolling, flowing contour to a pinched waist above a short, contoured pedestal. The surface of the thing had much the same look as the being that I by now had likened to a Mantis or an Ant. That is, the skin of the Mantis except it appeared much more coarse. It also had what seemed to be tubes running within it’s sides partialy protruding, at various locations, running a foot or two then disappearing within the sides. As we approached this table, I began to get the distinct feeling that it was alive!
We arrived at the side of the table, I reluctantly. I was suddenly filled with an impression of meaning that directed me to climb up and lay back. At this, I reacted with a slight jerk and a resounding mental NO! But, you must came the impression. No I don’t, I thought. Swiveling, the Mantis turned and again gripped both upper arms and seemingly without effort on it’s part, lifted me unto the table. Looking into my eyes, I was compelled by gentle pressure to lay back. Rather than being cold and hard as it appeared, the top gave way providing support to the contours of my body as I partially sunk into it. A soothing warmth surrounded me as I felt tension flow out of my body.
My consciousness began to drift until suddenly jerked back to awareness by the ‘feel’ of other presenses entering the room. I struggled to arise, but was too lethargic to do so. I ‘felt’ a presense tentatively approach and ‘knew’ that it was passing something over but above, my body. Involuntarily, my eyelids shut and once
again I began to drift.
My awareness returned and my eyes confirmed as they came open that I was once again alone in the room with the Mantis being. As I turned my head, I was receiving the impression that this was a female. Along with this, was the realization that she ‘felt’ familiar. The impression came that I was bid to arise and accompany her elsewhere. Reluctantly I sat up, swiveled around and eased myself down onto my feet. Feeling slightly dizzy and disoriented, I supported myself against the table with my left hand. I could sense a low pulsing vibration from within. I jerked my hand away [–pagebreak–] and haltingly stepped toward the opening in the wall. The Mantis had preceded me into the hallway beyond and had slightly turned, waiting for me to follow. Where are you taking me I thought, as I stepped through the opening to join her. Come, came the impression…then came an image of a wall of what I understood to be electronic apparatus with winking intermittant lights and a pulsing, strobe-like glow. I paused, unwilling momentarily to proceed further. Why?…I must have mentally shouted, because I could feel her recoil. She gripped my upper left arm and proceeding down the hall, came the impression…..of interest. Traveling down the hallway perhaps 15 feet, I could see another opening to the right. reaching the opening and turning to the right, I beheld a room that seemed wider than the previous one. I was aware of a maze of round edged shapes of various sizes protruding from the walls and floor of the room. My attention however was riveted upon the countenence of an obvious human female that stood upon a low, sculptured platform against the wall directly across from me. Ridgid, with heels together, arms loosely hanging by her sides, she stared straight ahead.
The Prolog:
Janice: For three long years I have kept all these incidents bottled
up inside of myself and would like to continue to as it really agitates my insides. When Clark started bringing this up this summer I just wanted to forget it all as I do now. It makes me angry. At first it made me angry because it seemed that it was only him that was taken and I wanted to be with him. Now I am angry because I am not so sure.
The Prelude:
Janice: The night all this happened I was very lonely and felt very
abandoned by Clark, Lee and Rick one more time as they wanted to hide in their D & D. So I got myself a book to hide in. As for Judy, I was very angry and upset with her drinking and wanting to control everybody. Before the trip, she had said to me that we would have a nice quit and restful weekend and that she and I would visit. So I was feeling abandonded by her and feeling angry about being lied to.
The Story:
Janice: The neighbor’s dog came over to play with Rick’s dog and they
were playing and barking all evening. Once in a while Clark or Rick would chase them out or go outside to tell them to shut up.
The last time Judy came out and told everyone to go to bed we all did. I had no conception of the time all weekend as we were all there to have our own fun at whatever and I don’t remember even wearing a watch.
I don’t [–pagebreak–]remember when I stopped reading. I was in the living room with my son and Judy’s dog was on the floor. I don’t remember ever closing my eyes. It was very still and quiet and all of a sudden the whole house was lit up with all different colors and there were all these little white fuzz balls dancing around the room. They sort of looked like pollen. I automatically thought of Clark being alone, trying to communicate with him mentally, telling him to get out of the van and to come in by me. I remember both of the dogs being sound asleep on the floor by the door which was opening and closing by itself repeatedly at the same time that I saw the fuzz balls. I remember a low dull sound like a faraway train or helicopter thinking they’re coming for me and Clark and please let us go together, don’t just take Clark, he needs me to go too. I was trying to get off the couch this whole time but kept thinking how come I can’t get up? I kept watching my son sleeping on the trundle bed hoping it was really him being there. All the thoughts going on in my head I thought were keeping me awake and expecting to see Clark at any minute. I have no idea of any time.
I was really attracted to her eyes. They didn’t seem to be seeing anything at all. They did not move nor, did her eyelids blink. She had wavy light-brown hair with a slight reddish tone, cascading down to frame her face and to disappear behind her shoulders. With my eyes continuing on down her form, the Mantis guided me into the room. I was struck with the feeling that I knew this woman although with a start, I realized that I could not see her face. That was a blur. The only portion of her face that was clear to me were her eyes. I could see a shallow, slow rise and fall to her naked breasts. My concentration was interrupted by an impression of caressing her to the point of arousal. NO! I thought. But, you must…came the meaning. No…I thought again, why must I? The impression that came took me aback, You made the commitment it declared. I want to go home I thought. I don’t remember any commitment I thought. I won’t do it. Why? came the meaning…You made the commitment therefore you must. I won’t, I want to…. With this, the Mantis turned me toward the opening and moving through it, we stepped into the hall. We turned to our left and continued down to the opening into the original room.
Guiding me into the room, she turned and left. I turned to see her disappear up the hall to the right. Turning again, I quickly observed the room in which I once again found myself. It had the appearance of a gently curved rectangle with the (doorway) opening centrally located. Although flat, the walls where they met with each other, did in a smooth curve rather than at an angle. They met the floor in the same manner as did the ceiling. The ceiling was gently arched as a partial dome. Protruding from the wall at the back were 6 rectangles of various dimensions and at various heights. There were three of these on the left wall with a rectangle perhaps 4 or 5 feet long protruding up from the floor and out from the wall at the back portion of the left wall. The top of this rectangle was wide enough to allow sitting. The wall on the right contained one of these positioned center and framed on either side by a rectangle protruding from the wall perhaps 3 to 4 feet above the floor. The highest point of the wall at the back was perhaps 7 feet above the floor. There were no angles to be found anywhere. The whole room had the appearance of having been popped out of a mold. Moving to the opening, I proceeded to step through it and found that I could not. Puzzled, I tried several times just to get my hand and arm through. I stepped to my left and peered up the hallway to the right as far as it would allow, but saw nothing. I stepped right and repeated the process to the left with the same result. Stepping again to the left, I turned in time to see the Mantis returning with the woman. I began to back up as they turned to enter. The Mantis stopped just inside the opening. You must!…came the meaning with a ‘feeling’ of impatience. No!…I don’t do that, I thought. The woman moved forward. My back came up against the table and I could once again feel it’s pulse. Why?…came the impression…You commited it continued. I have a lady I think I replied outloud. The Mantis moved forward quickly and gripped again my upper right arm as the woman reached me looking up and reaching out with her finger tips to lightly place them on my naked chest. My eyes shifting downward, her mouth became clear in a big smile. I was desperately trying to twist away but could not move. Her fingers traced a trail down my skin, across my stomach to hook into the tops of my undershorts……
At this point in the regression, my eyes popped open. The first session ended with the Mantis coming through
the van. Each session was terminated by extreme agitation, some hyperventilating and fear. In each case, my eyes popped open to end the proceedings. Because of a history of high blood pressure coupled with my present health circumstances, the decision to curtail the sessions until such time as they may safely (for me) proceed, was made. For me, that time can’t come soon enough.
Clark Hathaway Sunday November 7th., 1993
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  1. I had known Clark since the late 60’s. He came from a military family and was in the US Army in Germany where he was in Special Ops. He was an extremely talented artist and as such had incredible observational skills. He was also a talented martial artist.

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