Secret Psychotronic Mind Prisons – This File is an Extension of the Matrix Series Found Elsewhere on this Site – Audio and Text Versions

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Text Version

Secret Psychotronic Mind Prisons

Poem of secret psychotronic mind prisons

I am drowning in the sea of lies, plausible denial of bazaar suicides.
The cowards that currently rule, kick me in the head like mule.
What greater good is there than truth, triangulate on it with longitude and azimuth.
Whilst I dread in my mental jail, I’ll tell you my tale.
It begins in the DoD archives,
About a mind control tool,
Discovered in my youth,
While drinking a pint of ale.

Secret Psychotronic Concentration Camps

“Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

Bible, John 8:32. It is also on the CIA plaque outside Langley.

What is it like to be in a mind controlled prison?

Here is one form it takes through neuronal amplification technology. Your strange attractors 1 of thought, become like black holes with their pull, and before you can even realize, you are stuck in the ruts of some else’s thoughts.

Errors, fears, pain and speculations are amplified to their extreme. It is dysfunctional and not the way evolution intended it. Truly the most dishonorable, pathetic, and grotesque weapon ever conceived by the minds of the monsters on the CIA payroll. Be ashamed, be very ashamed.

Your tax dollars were used to deceive you.

For others it is a journey into madness, but for the majority of people it is just a hypnotic, apathetic haze. This technology allows for personalized hells for people to suffer in their own private purgatory.

What is the Achilles Heel of world wide mind control, torture, and silent assassinations? Strange attractors is a mathematic term in chaos theory which precisely describe how the brain pathways work.2

Hypnos is the god of hypnotism and hypnotic trances. The Russian wood pecker transmitters were assumed to be just such an attack since it does not make sense as a purely over the horizon radar system.

I believe we can shoot these fake gods in their antennas. Poisson space and knock out the communications systems that house the killing signals. Superconductors, I believe are the shields we must develop against their irresponsibly and traitorously directed beams of death.

And of course if we can remove the spell that Hypnos 2 has put the American people under, we can awaken the great sleeping giant to join our battle.

Comic Relief

To take another break from the serious and dark issues that we face, let’s look at some amusing situations where the technology could be useful. Imagine you are Cyrano De Bergerac, a chivalric duelist with a comically long nose, and you wish to woo some young lassie but haven’t the game or smooth words from which to court. You could EEG heterodyne with a smooth talker and let them say the words she wishes to hear from your mouth. It is true, this can be done today.

And in return for the favor, you allow the smooth talker to share in the prize, simply by extending his invitation to EEG clone your experience of making passionate love to your new bride.

Hypnotic Entrainment Pulses

What many victims report and I experience myself is a 3.2 hertz pulsing phasor like sound. Visit to hear the sounds of psychotronic weapons. Here is a sample recorded from my equipment during the heaviest targeting.

This is what I hear in my head.

3’2 htz phasor entrainment freci-wav

There are several pulsed frequencies that are heard by victims, but many can only perceive a constant synthetic “Taos” hum named after a town in New Mexico where the citizens suddenly got nose bleeds and heard a tinnitus while the military was testing radio frequency weapons on it.

I reconstructed many of the waveforms to exactly duplicate the energy signals being perceived as auditory stimuli and was able to capture others with scanner equipment. But the most prominent one is the 3.2 hertz continuous star trek like phasor warbling sound. It exactly correlates with a slight flashing perception in the visual cortex.

So one “hears” the phasor sound as loud as a 90 db speaker system with a stroboscopic visual effect in synchrony while in a completely silent room. There is also a 10 hertz information pulse train in connection with the visual cortex.

This has been more difficult to elucidate. It seems to be the brain bandwidth of the mental impressions per second. It appears to have a sliding widow in a continuous stream of cognitive messaging necessary to force synchronized brain entrainments and amplify particular neural pathways.

You can think of this like a matrix movie where only mental frames need to be presented in order to walk a brain through a perception of continuity both for visual images and pulsed audiograms.

The frequency of the signal is the same as used in psychotronics to lull the population into a relaxed, easily suggestible, slightly unaware state.
Now, when the phasor like sounds of psychotronics (EEG heterodyning) are heard, the synaptic modulation impulses are out of sync with the targets brainwaves.

Also, when the voice modulation is not heard by the victims, the other sensory controls are diminished. But when one does NOT hear the tinnitus like sounds, they are strongly connected with the global human surveillance grid and perfectly aligned with their program.

Here is a sample of my EEG spectral energy. Note the power in the 3 hz line that is with me in sleep and wake states.

{EEG power spectrum sample}

This phenomenon is likely due to Dr. Lin’s (University of Chicago) description of the microwave hearing effect.

That is, there is a thermo-elastic expansion of brain tissue that reaches the inner ear and stimulates nerves or hairs in the Cochlea. Perhaps there is another mechanism that causes audio perception of the absorbed energy misaligned with firing brain pathways.

Failed binaural integration3 of acoustic heterodyning perceived interpretation of two signals would cause a similar phenomenon.

{diagram here to explain binaural beating and acoustic heterodyning.

Integration of stereo sound into the difference between the frequencies at the base of the brain.

Put a sample on the website for visitors to use headphones to hear.}

To get a visual understanding of how pulsed audiograms or mental impressions work, tear out this encoded page.

Go to the website to grab the frame image. Print the frame image out on a transparency. Slowly slide the pulsed, phase encoded visual message behind the grid. Your brain will make sense of it and even perceive continuous motion.

{insert the phase encoded pulsed message

with a bouncing dot below it, “Qui Vindicent Ibit” –

The Avenger Will Come or a US flag transforming into the Constitutional Flag.}

Stupid Aliens Tricks

“We just zapped you from the Star Wars space lasers. Did you feel that?” my mentally impaired militant moron says. I feel a couple bee stings on my neck and arm. “OK. We actually just pulled a couple hairs out, but it felt like it didn’t it?”

The Sounds of Psychotronics

Binaural integration allows us to perceive the direction of sounds. There is an effect on the brain entrainment and hemispheric synchronization of brain waves using a binaural beating effect. 4 Example of what a denial of service attack on the human mind sounds like: denialofserviceattack.mp3

The walls of the mind prisons have a tinnitus and melodic like sound to them. Most victims who are part of the denial of service4 attack hacking of human minds genera of experiments hear either an unbelievably loud ringing often melodic or they hear the voice communications from the neural link, a.k.a. synthetic telepathy.

When the signal is out of sync with your brain waves, the tinnitus-like sounds are heard. If you can imagine back when you were in school taking a test and someone is grinding their pencil while sharpening it or a jack hammer is heard outside the window, you say the noise is so loud that you can’t even think straight. That is exactly what electromagnetic imprisonment is like.

The tinnitus or microwave hearing effect is so loud that you can’t think straight.

When you don’t hear it, you know that that same power level is now influencing your thoughts. You can hear the handlers, or mind prison guards, as clearly as a cell phone call. This is the synthetic telepathy that the CIA has been working on for decades. Thousands are enslaved under the U.S. program and tortured daily for the continued MKUTLRA research program that never ends despite how often Congress asks them to stop.

Just like with torturing Iraqis and denying it, they just outsource the programs to subcontractors or create a new secret agency with new titles to “creatively” bypass the intention of laws. Criminals run the government now. They spy on us despite the many laws to stop that.

They conduct psychological and information warfare and call it propaganda. They try to assassinate foreign leaders with these weapons despite clear laws that prevent it. Bush can’t even recite the constitution or the bill of rights which demonstrates what depravity and a devolutionary period we are in politically.

To hear the very synthetic sounds of psychotronic concentration camps, visit

World Politics and Conquest

The psychotronic concentration camps are no small operation. It is being done on people through out the world and not just in the U.S. The invisible torture without physical scarring is purposefully creating growing anger and resentment towards the U.S. and allies around the world.

Manchurian Candidates are created with these methods developed out of the CIA MKULTRA program. What is their strategy and reason for doing this? I don’t pretend to understand all the complexities of world politics and need for power and domination, but these aggressive actions and attacks by the U.S. on the world’s population must have the purpose of creating the impression and fear that terrorism is everywhere.

Perhaps it is further justification for military expansion and a new world order. Perhaps it is the way the military is creating the atmosphere where these neuron influencing weapons will be acceptable as stated in some of their documents. Perhaps it is to justify further loss of freedom and more domestic surveillance ushering in a fascist state more quickly.

Self attacks and the purposeful creation of resentment is not a new scandal.

The U.S. has done this for decades with plenty of success. People are simply incapable of asking the difficult questions and linking cause and effect. These mind control directed energy weapons were used on Saddam in 1992 according to a quote from U.S.A.

Today newspaper. I can’t imagine that this had anything to do with the U.S. having to go back to a very expensive war years later, I say with extreme sarcasm. Yet, no one believes the scale of which these weapons are being used on people around this country and others. There are 70 victims in the U.K. that have come forward.

I have contacts with nervous system weapons test victims from China, Taiwan, Russia, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Canada, Mexico and the list goes on. They need to make sure the weapons work on every culture of every language so they need to actually torture and try to cover-up their weapons tests by killing the victims.

Pretty incredible isn’t it? Our perceptions of self as a country is completely skewed with irrational patriotism when judged by our malevolent actions in the world.

The game has become more sophisticated. These rogue government agencies are using a third party, sometimes unbeknownst to them, to commit the self attacks. This indirection is enough for most Americans not to believe it is occurring. It is the age old method of misdirecting anger at the wrong groups. The Warlords in the U.S. want some action.

Why is the media too cowardly to cover this important topic? Why won’t they dig deep? Are the science and politics too complicated for them to put in a news byte? Is it too scary for people to cope with? Is it something that doesn’t make us feel good so we will simply chose not to believe it?

We are fully asleep as a population having an American Dream and delusion.

Tax Laws and Terrorism (another humor break)

Just to see how complete the cover up is on this topic and map out the entire maze of lies while I chased the white rabbit, I humorously tested a tax law that was passed to help victims of terrorism.

Even though “psychoterrorism” is defined in several well published military documents as the act of hacking the human mind, the IRS does not acknowledge U.S. sponsored acts of terrorism, especially, if the damage is caused indirectly through brain incapacitation or the acts committed using one’s own body. Terrorism has to be of unknown origin, of direct physical consequence, and acknowledged by the president.

The marketing of this word “terrorism” is very good. So victims who are still alive in the U.S., don’t expect any compensation or tax breaks anytime soon under this regime.

Sometimes, I do enjoy explaining these complex technologies to the mind numbingly droned cogs of the machine just to see their reaction.

Hypnotube Programming

So here is another part of the game for the human torture and death lottery to make sure the criminal elements’ weapons are working properly.

We created this country to escape religious persecution. We are free to believe what we want and to worship any god. How unfortunate and unconstitutional it is that people who “believe” that government agents are stalking them and that directed energy weapons are being used on them rather than believing God or Satan is talking to them are thrown in the jail’s psyche ward if they seek help from ignorant local authorities, even though there is voluminous documentation on this subject.

Over 25% of the weapons test victims I interviewed experienced ignorant authorities programmed, uneducated consequences.

Even the CIA agents say the cops always get in the way. They end up being a nuisance for both the humans and evil aliens. We have even lost the right to believe and express the truth in this “democracy” without severe repercussions. It has been a long, gradually, silent overthrow.

Nobody noticed because it was done ever so slowly over many decades. Had the constitution been nullified in one year using these dirty tricks, people would have been up in arms.

The human effects weapons testing industry figured out the mass psychology in order to go unnoticed. It turns out that if they torture, experiment, and then kill the subjects over a long period and do it in small enough numbers, no one will care especially if their death comes in the form of common illnesses or accidents.

This is also true of loss of freedoms, increasing taxes, bloating government, and ever increasing complexity of laws. Slowly evolving the definitions of words and language in order to “creatively interpret” the intention of the laws, has also been an acceptable practice by the DoD/CIA.

There is not a single concept in the Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, and Constitution that has not been over turned by these criminals now running the “shadow” government.

It is truly amazing to watch how something like the television actually programs people. If it is their only information source, it has a strong influence. CBS was started by an x-CIA agent. As we all know, you never leave “the company.”

In other lands, government openly own television networks and other large industries. In the US it is done covertly, but with exactly the same influences.

Why do you think good people are pushing for campaign reforms? There is a very strong correlation between the amount of money a candidate has for their campaign and how much mind share they can garner.

We move further away from a meritocracy everyday.

To the world you may be one person, But to one person you may be the world. – unknown

More moral and philosophical ramifications

So your brain patterns have been mapped and classified by the mind control and torture weapon system.

Patterns of thoughts are injected or transmitted by the microwave transmitters whose signal reverberates in your skull, “the Head Echo Effect” as it is slyly termed. It is the patterns of information that contain consciousness. So the controllers of the continental ballistic missile shield, aka ionospheric heaters, can determine who lives a hell on Earth but an even more frightening spiritual thought is that they can continue the torture even after death with your thought clone.

Your clone is just bits of information that they have been classified as your brain patterns.

Is this simulation your kindred spirit? The torture simulation of your brain’s electrical signals can continue to play even without the flesh that houses the memories. Do you have a moral obligation to save your digital self from continued torture? If it were you being tortured would your digital self try to save you at all costs? It is fair to use the word Evil in this context I think.

Hard to be proud that this is how the United States is using its secret weapon. Small minds, corrupted individuals currently control this global human surveillance system of tyranny and virtual eternal hell. So much good could have come of it in different hands. Sigh.

So how far does the virtual hell extend? Since it is created with electromagnetics, hypothetically it depends on how good the sensors are and how powerful the transmitters are. With each launch of another spy satellite and completion of another ionospheric heater, hells boundaries increase.

Hypothetically, since we can view the edge of the universe with the Hubble space telescope, and electromagnetic waves travel forever with only minor losses… Hard to image why the United States is called the Great Satan. My God, what have we done!

I wrote a short fictional story about a very advanced civilization who evolved culturally to the point where their psychophysics understanding lead them to the moral belief that they were to create manufacturing centers around the universe which produced happy entities.

They so fully mapped the subjective experiences of happiness to complex signals, that their moral society felt that it was their duty to increase the quantitative amount of the happy signal everywhere in the universe by reproducing just those patterns that lead to a subjective experience for those entities of blissfulness.

The power junkies justified the creation of hell by appealing to people’s fear. We need to spy into people’s minds to gather intelligence to stop terrorists. We are creating a maximum pain weapon so we don’t need to kill people in the battlefield.

We throw the voice of God in order to trick the enemy to lay down their arms. We need to control society’s minds so no one builds weapons of mass destruction. The rationalizations are endless. But in the end, they created a system that is being used to secretly torture people without relief of death.

The system, TAMI, should be renamed HELL.

No one seems to talk about a pleasure weapon. Make the enemy happy and relaxed so they don’t feel like fighting. Make people feel happy so they don’t want to build weapons of mass destruction. Make people feel generous so they share and give more. Make them care about their fellow man.

These brain signals are not being collected and tested for TAMI. Why?

You get the idea why a Coup has occurred with this weapons system. If you are a politician or judge, you can be subtly mind controlled (or tele-influenced) into not passing or passing any given law.

As you are watched, information from your mind is collected that can be used as blackmail and that threat always looms with just a leak to the press. If you are President, you are sheltered from the knowledge of the active uses of this system so that it can plausibly be denied by someone who is passionate about the denial but just doesn’t know better. There are not many journalists brave enough to take on this topic without threats that they may become part of the psychotronic torture network. So we all remain quiet and pretend that we are free.

Our freedom was stolen and no one cares it seems. Let’s just politely talk about less import issues, like torturing Iraqi’s while we free them. That will keep our minds off the depressing reality of our own situation.

Every attempt by Congress to stop military and CIA weapons testing on civilians has been shut down. Every attempt to make mind control and neurological weapons banned from space has been squelched. They will not stop expanding hell’s reach. The temptation of the power is too great for any mortal man or nation to resist.

Our forefathers had a dream of a free world. They could not anticipate the rise of rogue government elements to power and a mind control system called TAMI.

That dream is gone from us now.

Reign of Terror – The Dark Ages

Military and CIA Engineered War and Terrorism

“Cry ‘Havoc,’ and let slip the dogs of war”.

Shakespeare, Julius Caesar (Act III, Scene I).

CIA Incompetence or Planned Treason

They wouldn’t be seeking intelligence if they already had it. The oxymoron of “intelligence” agencies.

Bin Laden was a known terrorist far before he orchestrated 9/11. His brain wave signature has to be in the database and he should be able to be spotted anywhere in the world. In many people’s opinion who know global surveillance capabilities, the government doesn’t want to catch him.

The CIA goofed on informing the right agencies about the impending attacks on the world trade center, then they somehow are goofing on being able to track specific people around the globe. One obvious reason is they don’t want to show their hand and demonstrate beyond doubt that they even have this capability.

Secondly, where would their and the warrior class jobs go if we didn’t have enemies. Thirdly, we wouldn’t be able to justify to the public, invasions of Middle Eastern countries if we couldn’t link them to the 9/11 event in some way and have an outstanding threat to accuse countries of helping him.

Problems with our democratic election process

Why career military and CIA should never be elected president
How can you expect someone who barely tasted freedom to value it as much as those who have? The government organizations are not democratic by nature and free speech certainly is not tolerated.

Someone who you want to lead this country to its agreed upon future should only come from the culture that represents those ideals.

Macbeth by William Shakespeare… when Ross uses this same title, Macbeth protests, “The Thane of Cawdor lives: why do you dress me In borrowed robes?… Thane of Cawdor’s robes.”

In “Borrow Robes”, Macbethian warlords throughout the military and pentagon are just peasants in borrowed robes with no noble qualities what so ever.

The Thane of Cawdor had been treacherous at the Battle of Fife and now we have a similarly treacherous group testing weapons on their employers, the American taxpayers. These warlords are more like the petty Greek Gods who acted like children but had access to power. And as irony would have it, history repeats itself.

MacBeth who inherits the borrowed robes kills King Duncan in betrayal. MacBeth was modeled after real events that took place. The story as it was told to me, is that seven of the King’s sons fled to America not long after the King’s death, one of which I am a descendent.

Of course that may just be a fun genealogic tale passed on.

Miscellaneous Cloak and Dagger Games
While this fact isn’t relevant to this investigation I thought it an interesting tidbit that I came across while chasing the white rabbit. Some KGB agents had surgically implanted clay contained in a plastic pouch into the chin, cheek bones and nose area of agents.

With just a quick push in various parts, they could remodel the major features of their face.

Executive Branch Corruption Goes High, Wide, and Deep

If there is any doubt how deep the corruption goes, we only need to be reminded of a comment made out of anger and haste.

On October 24, 1990, President George H.W. Bush‘s White House spokesman Marlin Fitzwater discussed Republicans who had opposed the President’s policies, threatening:

“If they can sleep with their conscience, let them try.”

He cautioned that while they were free to,

“say whatever they want,” penalties might ensue, “but we never discuss it in public.”

He suggested that they would,

“suffer in their private purgatories.”

Pressed for an explanation, he responded:

“I can’t tell you. If I told you, it wouldn’t be a surprise.” 1

Any one of the thousands of people who have been EEG cloned tortured knows exactly what this threat means.

Bush’s father made several references to the technology in his speeches. A private purgatory is how your own mind is used against you with increasing paranoia. Thought amplifications of your fears fed back into your brain is another way of phrasing it. One signal that they test in order to see if they can keep soldiers up and functioning without any drugs for days works quite well and is termed, “artificial caffeine.”

Dream manipulation is extremely effective to persuade people to think differently. Dreams can be fully manipulated like a joint interactive movie creation. Hollywood should take notice to the applications.

However, once again I sigh, and just think how many people had to suffer and die so that a weapon used in the most antidemocratic way can be used to control the masses and politicians via threats or directly. It only took a few corrupt dishonorable men to do this to our country and way of life. I don’t know if there is anyway to stop them now except a mass awakening of the people which is proving impossible.

Even the Iraqi’s have been complaining about microwave hearing effects being used against them along with other directed energy weapons. They are targeting radio towers that they believe to be responsible probably not realizing it can all be done with satellites and over-the-horizon radar.

If you can get your news from outside the U.S. and break through the information bubble by which we are oppressed and controlled, you can more easily see what is truly happening in the world.

1 – Associated Press, Star-Ledger, Newark, NJ, Thursday, October 25, 1990, p. 13.

If you knew the capabilities of the global surveillance systems, you would know that it could not be possible for the U.S. to lose the whereabouts of Bin Laden.

You would know that the CIA didn’t just mess up and not stop 9/11. Events have been planned to persuade the 300,000,000 people in this country to back aggressive expansion and justify tightening of domestic surveillance and to change the public attitudes about these secret mind control and thought reading weapons of tyranny.

If the public attitude ever does change significantly because of government planted “terrorist” fears, any hope of maintaining and restoring a democracy will be history.

The Psychic Army

No one knows the exact size of the U.S. or Russian psychic armies but we do know they have been increasing.

We can only gage the size based on those that complain and are told through the synthetic telepathy that they are target practice, cannon fodder to hone the army’s skills. Those people who are successful remote heart attack targets or written off as crazy are not counted. Nor are those that are experiments in love or other emotions or simply could never guess that they were being manipulated.

Would you want to know if you were suffering immense pain due to betrayal of your government? You’d be happier to think it was just an unidentified ailment and seek Eastern or holistic medical treatments.

Their out of their mind controllers

The agencies and upper rank of the Pentagon need to be flushed due to the corruption and incompetence.

Newt Gingrich even recently suggested this. When the Russians had infiltrated the CIA and FBI back in the 80’s with double agents that reached the highest levels in those organizations it was lucky that we found them and we were able to completely overhaul those agencies. Well what if we did just the reverse and through out the patriots.

Behind the curtain of secrecy with a bunch of obedient sociopaths, they would then have the power to take over this country from the inside out.

The incompetence in these organizations that even President Bush commented on, could be orchestrated through just a few high level traitors. It is simply fact that they are organizing unnecessary wars and training and funding terrorism using a variety of MKULTRA and mind control tactics.

When mass violence erupts like Columbine high school shootings or postal shootings, we say they went crazy. What if all these historical events could be traced back to CIA mind control experiments that continue to this day or a secret mind control war between the Russian’s and the U.S.? Would you feel betrayed that you weren’t told the truth by the government agencies behind it?

Most of the educated elite who keep their pulse on the whole population often comment that it seems like there has been a systematic “dumbing” down of the population especially in math, physics, and science in general.

What better way to keep the conspiracies of UFO abductions alive for many decades. How better to force people to join the military rather than have a draft through increasing the separation of classes?

According to pentagon documents, soldiers are still cheaper than robots. Once the cost of a machine that kills effectively comes down, we won’t need soldiers. We have the technology. It is simply a matter that human life still replicates more cheaply than building the machines to do the same task.

Similarly, the citizens are viewed by the warlords as cattle to be butchered for experiments and as batteries to fill their defense department coffers with tax dollars to continue to help them get their power fix and satiate their need for “false” purpose of their lives dedicated to control, domination, and eventual enslavement of the entire population of the planet.

There is a New World Order due to the unchecked powers in government that is leading to a very dark future. Peace is not an option for the powers that be. They do not get financial or motivational benefits from peace and a shrinking defense budget.

War, what is it good for?

The war against “terrorism”, which is just a guerrilla war like any other, was instigated by the U.S. foreign policies over many decades. The news would like you to believe they hate us because we are “infidels”. Or they hate us because they are jealous of our wealth as a nation.

They don’t know what’s good for them and we are just trying to free them from a dictator that we supported with weapons and training in the Iraq and Iran war. They are building weapons of mass destruction which they are going to use on us.

How easily Americans forget who divided up the Middle East to begin with. Who gave arms to Iraq and Iran? Who put the leaders in power? Who has occupied the countries with troops? Why do people buy into this bullshit spouted over the news.

They hate us because we are using them and controlling them.

We used them in the cold war against Russia in the Iraq/Iran war. It was not about those two countries. They figured it out and have a lot of resentment. They are a sovereign country and feel they have the right to build any weapons they want and the U.S. should get out of their affairs.

They then played the religion card to mind control their people into fighting, just as Bush used it when calling them the axis of evil. More people have died throughout history due to leaders using a god’s name to back them and to motivate support for their cause than any other reason.

The same mind control games work today.

The Enemy Within

We will have U.S. cities nuked at some point due to seeming mistakes of foreign policy, perhaps opening the ports to be controlled by foreign governments was an attempt at this.

This is part of the long term plan for reasons to expand. It will give the U.S. warlords the support and excuse they need for an all out attack on the non-NATO countries.

I don’t know of a way out of the current model of world domination, “The New World Order”, that the power addicted and corrupt investors in the defense industry are using.

They have had the technology to stop wars and make peace using the system of TAMI or MIND but they chose the less noble routes each and every time. At the surface, this strategy of self attack seems retarded. Why would elements within the U.S. government want “terrorist” attacks? What better way to justify to the people more funding, more power, more secrecy, and more expansionism.

It is a sacrifice as they view it to get everyone to agree fervently to the war on “terrorism” and “terrorist” countries. You can see the public opinion manipulation at so many levels even within the government staff itself. It only took a few people to orchestrate these events and future ones.

They are still the minority with in the government secrecy decree, but they manipulate all the others easily through trickle down orders or more devious tactics of threats and blackmail like Bush Jr.’s spokesman to the Republicans,

“You will suffer in your own private purgatories.” (if you get out of line.)

Even the Oklahoma Bombing serves the same purpose of justifying a crackdown which many believe was another mind controlled assassination attack given his untelevised testimony which fits perfectly with the thousands of others put through the MKULTRA mind control program.

I have not been able to find one example where the psychological manipulation tactics discovered through the CIA’s mind control research programs have yielded a positive benefit to the U.S.

They have mostly been using their discoveries to control the opinions and people in the U.S. to support their causes of more money and more control. This is psychological warfare on the citizens who paid for the research and is nothing short of treason. But it appears that the apathy levels are too high, people are too caught up in their own local drama in this country to save it from the same fate as other countries who allowed their military industrial complexes to cycle out of control.

You must remember that the U.S. government has historically sacrificed its citizens for military might in the radiation feeding experiments of tens of thousands of people and many other crimes.

Sacrificing a building of people or a plane full of people to further a military strategy of quickly changing the mindset of the supporting population for global expansionism is a small price to pay in their opinion. That’s only a few hundred to a couple thousand people. That far less than the number they kill in a year by maintaining secrets and hording technologies.

That is far less than the numbers that they have killed directly with human effects weapons testing. So it isn’t a far stretch for the sociopaths to create newsworthy events to influence public opinion for their own objectives.

Also it is interesting to note the blatant hypocrisy of our government. Mind control technologies are inherently communistic in goal. We were taught that communism is bad because you can’t say what you want without being imprisoned and tortured, you are told what to do, and things are decided for you, etc.

The mind reading and influencing directed energy weapons technology along with the CIA MKULTRA experiments and information warfare on the U.S. is not a military exercise like they would pawn off to the budgeters, but a true takeover of a communist like government who found ways to cover it up better with lies and plausible denial.

We were overthrown, but most people just aren’t aware of it yet.

Psychotronically Instigated Wars

‘Recently several U.S. reports on mind control technologies were translated into Hebrew and published in Israel.

We have communications from victims there too. They say that the perpetrators use the cover story that they are Israeli secret service doing the testing on them. This is the pattern and technique that is being used throughout the world. The U.S. facade government can openly support a country while the shadow government instigates the wars.

I am certain that many people from “the axis of evil” countries have been tortured by the U.S. psychotronic weapons and made to believe Israel was behind it.

The Jews are fools if they can’t see that the friendship from the fascist country is fake and merely being used as a political tool to justify invasion of countries we don’t yet control. It wouldn’t take much to invade Israel with a justification that they have nukes if relations ever soured and their leaders became disobedient.

There have been many incidences in the last few decades in the time frame of which SATAN and TAMI came online where “psychos” committed acts of violence and said that Satan or the Devil made them do it. They could have been inadvertently telling the truth.

The voices commanding actions are projected through the U.S. weapon system whose acronym is SATAN, Silent Assassination Through Amplified Neurons, i.e. U.S. mind control.

Myths sponsored by the military

The Philadelphia Experiment

The myth goes like this. The Navy conducted an experiment with a ship that would transport it in time and make it invisible.

The ship disappeared and no one saw it again. In reality, this was one of the first experiments in radar cloaking technology. The vessels halls were draped with vertical and horizontal wires which canceled electromagnetic energies directed at them, thereby making it invisible to radar and a particular part of the EM spectrum.

The ship of course was still visible with binoculars. But this is a good example of the power of the propaganda disinformation machine.

Alien autopsies and spaceship crashes
Area 51 was the classic setting for duping the public into this long standing myth, setting the stage for countless atrocities committed against citizens. Initially, isolated rednecks were the target of human experimentation because they were easily discredited.

Their boldness has stepped up in the last decade conducting “alien abductions” to a politician, FBI agents, military personnel, professors, a New York city cop, etc. They have been successfully at discrediting these people in the media. The BBC wrote that over twenty five million Americans believe they had alien contact.

I haven’t done my own survey to validate this rather large number but it matches with the capability of the EEG heterdyning system in place since the mid seventies.

There are two types of military exercises that people report as UFO sightings: experimental aircraft designs being tested and directed energy weapons.

With EMP weapons (electromagnetic pulse), you can stall a car. People involved in UFO sightings with black helicopters flying by, often reported that their cars stalled and their radio started changing stations.

Directed energy weapons alter the radio frequency modulations and would have this effect.
A phenomenon known to scientists that work with high energy physics is “air sparking” or atmospheric excitation. When the energy density becomes great enough, the Nitrogen and other molecules will begin to glow.

So an uneducated observer will see a bright bluish ball in the sky, zipping around at improbable velocities.

I am not an expert on chem trails so I can’t speak to all their purposes.

Spraying Barion or aluminum particles in the air will act as a radar shield and are experiments in cloaking technology since countries have figured out how to track the stealth bomber by using the background cellphone radiation from satellites.

Chem sprays can also be used to test biological weapons like was done over San Francisco in the 70s and the reason Olsen was killed by the CIA. Other operations have included using chemical tracers by lightly dusting an area that can be fluoresced in some invisible wavelength.

Long term health risks are unknown.

Bermuda Triangle
I have no evidence from military documents released through the Freedom of Information Act to support my inference about the mysteries surrounding this area other than one of the largest terrestrial radar dishes exists on the island of Bermuda near Ross Pero’s estate.

Take a helicopter ride over the island to view it. The descriptions by pilots effected and downed by violent and strange electromagnetic forces that would spin their compass needles and interfere with their navigation instrumentation are classic side effects of directed energy weapons and in particular scalar weapons.

Some people might speculate if JFK junior’s plane wasn’t downed in a similar fashion and assassinated like his father. Short of a confession, it will be impossible to prove the exact sequence of causalities leading to these tragedies and therefore will reside in the realms of conspiracy theory and speculation.

Psychic Warfare Unit at the Pentagon Lin Buchanon and colleagues have written up their experiences as psychic warriors for the military. Unbeknownst to them, was the fact that they were EEG heterodyned for their psychic feats. This is why the military doesn’t care that a top secret project is now extensively written about by these guinny pigs.

It was a secrecy layer to ensure that they promoted more nonsense about mystical psychic phenomenon to cover up the truth about the science behind mind melding.

Psychological experimentation cover-ups

Brain chip implants
Several military personnel who were considered disobedient were committed to psychiatric hospitals where brain implant experiments were conducted on them. These atrocities were covered up and people who had them surgically removed were systematically discredited by the usual formula.

Scientific America September or October of 2005 had an article about Delgado who conducted much of the human brain chip implants and lobotomies touting him as the father of this field. He came out of hiding from Spain back to San Diego where secret psychotronic experiments are rumored to be conducted. Satanic Ritual Abuse cults are fairly common down there.

Let us not forget the atrocities committed, covered up, then later talked about like they were heroes for doing it. He uttered the phrase of the conspiracy when asked if brain modulation can be done wirelessly,

“That’s science fiction.”

Splitting personalities
I found many disinformation websites that had a list of the biggest hoaxes of the twentieth century, listing much of what I am talking about here.

One they mentioned was that multiple personality disorder doesn’t exist.

CIA sponsored research on this topic has been going on for decades for the purposes of both to activate Manchurian candidates and to allow agents to infiltrate other countries security agencies and still pass the lie detector tests about their loyalties and background through hypnosis and splitting personalities.

The EEG heterodyning mind melding also allows control of the classic polygraph responses as well as the newer brain printing technologies in a much more precise and predictable manner.

Polygraphs and courtroom processes need to be conducted in labs that are electromagnetically shielded as well as having monitoring equipment for psychotronic signals interfering with the justice process.

Finally, just a mention on how elements of the executive branch have stolen democracy from us. Because freedom of speech was granted to people in order to protect us from military coups and tyranny, they bypass this right by flooding the mass media and Internet with noise and disinformation to the point that one’s message can not be heard – a clever way to rationalize destroying this important safeguard of democracy.

Short of silencing everyone and protests through licenses and permits to congregate publicly, they have done the equivalent of blasting rock music and white noise at public speaking events so nobody can hear the truth through media control and flooding the Internet with disinformation.

Orwellian Pranks
Continuing the tradition that
George Orwell began, the military found that the UFO/evil alien cover story for abduction and experimentation on random citizens still works.

It appears from the stored database of brain signals that they may be preparing for another mass scale Orwellian prank of an alien take over. After being given a demonstration, I assure you that most people will believe it.

Boo, spooks are scaring you

Let me scare you as a demonstration of how the government has used and created “terrorism” for justifying a “shadow” fascist government to acquire funding and power.

Flares dropped from airplanes flying across the U.S. in less than 5 hours would cause multi-million dollars in damage during the dry months, stadiums filled with sports fanatics could be tear gassed and machine guns utilized at their exits, cannons or catapults could be used against damns (like the Hoover) to drown towns down stream, and the jaws-of-life could be used to bend railroad tracks to interrupt supply chains across the country.

These simple methods could cause enormous fear and damage instituted by a group smaller than one hundred organized people and less than one hundred thousand dollars of financing.

Let’s continue the frightening scenario in order to show you that “terrorists” are anywhere to be found and bent on destroying the U.S. but the militant government is. If you wanted to take out airplanes, you could blind the pilots taking off or use home made rockets to hit the intakes of the engines. Even releasing a flock of birds has downed aircraft by them getting caught in the turbines.

As described to me by agents, garage door electrical engines could be used to cause a surge in the electrical power grid disabling power to large portions of the population. A denial of service attack could be instituted with an overriding radio and TV broadcast to influence the public.

These are minor inconveniences. Let’s look how individuals and the economy can be influenced. The wine industry could be destroyed by introducing the sharp shooter beetle or a fungus into Napa Valley fields.

Known bacteria or chemicals in the drinking water reservoirs would taint the water supply for years. The mad cow disease could be easily introduced into the unprotected meat supply as was covered up recently by the FDA. The economy could crash through loss of trust. Simply a demonstration of how mind reading can be done or bugging abilities that these elements use to further increase their revenues for black ops projects that need not be overseen by Congress is an example.

Placing hits on the top executives of fortune 500 company executives would be another easy way to manipulate the stock market to fund these black ops projects.

Every system in our society is fragile and the recklessness of the torturing and killing of thousands can not go without consequences whether recognized or not.

These chuckleheads in the government are even torturing an x-DoD biological weapons specialist. What could be the purpose of all these attacks? Think about all the traditional torture our government is doing to Iraqis. Do you think this will be forgiven and forgotten in one generation? Torture is a stupid strategy.
Are these simple “terrorist” acts being committed? No, for obvious reasons.

Stop letting the government control your fear and hold them accountable for the tens of thousands of victims worldwide for radio frequency directed energy torture. The facade government needs to try diplomacy and apologize for the shadow government’s f k-ups,

and compensate people worldwide for their nervous system weapons, drug and radiation experiments.

False Advertising
The various agencies and people competing for bigger budgets has always used the same tactics of deception to justify their funding to Congress and others.

They lie about the current state of Russian technology. They always make the claim that the Russians are ahead in some technology and they need deep pockets and no restrictive oversight of projects in order to catch up. They really played this up with electromagnetic mind control technologies and directed energy weapons. Just as fear works with the public,

Congress responds to it too.

Question Authority

Some fall by virtue, others rise by sin.

– Shakespeare

Would you trust a hungry man with your food, a promiscuous man with your wife or daughter, a greedy man with your money, a drug addict with your prescriptions or a power seeking man with authority? Question authority!

Secrecy is the mechanism that allows the power addicts to further their addiction at the expense of the community.

Why do the NATO countries have the illusion of freedom with fascism behind it, a facade government and a shadow government?

It can best be illustrated with a child. If you want the child to rake the leaves in the yard, you could order him and pay him to do the task. He/she will begrudgingly do it and call it a chore. We have traditionally been taught to think of this approach as communism or dictatorship.

But, if you allow the child the privilege to rake the leaves in the pile so he and his friends can jump and play in the pile, he/she is grateful and will do it for free. It is the illusion of choices and freedom that can increase productivity of the military/industry complex.

Similarly, if a country were to draft people into an army like in Vietnam, people begrudgingly do it. They will fight half heartedly. Give them an imaginary ideal where they are willing to die for their principle and cause, they will sign up and fight righteously.

It is this layer of lies that has given the United States an edge over other forms of government in order to control and motivate the minds of the masses more efficiently.

This method of rule turns out to be a double edge sword. It relies heavily on the ability to control information streams so that the illusion doesn’t come crashing down. The backlash of a population, who believed they were free, will also be willing to overthrow a fascist shadow government just as fervently if the knowledge reached critical mass. Simply the lies needed to discount everyone as crazy would start falling apart as people became more aware of the cover ups.

This is their Achilles heel. Knowledge is power and an informational civil war is how they can be destroyed.

Where is the Soviet Union in their Research?

While the U.S. swindlers, have traditionally pointed the figure at the Russians and used false and exaggerated reports of their progress to get rapid and large budget approval to stay ahead, remote EEG heterodyning weapons are probably the worst example of this common practice.

An obvious sign of who developed the global capability first, was the collapse of the Soviet Union economically. The country who possesses this weapon would easily be capable of manipulating all economic markets and funding their continued programs. One could easily destroy other countries economies using similar manipulations.2

This simple event is ample proof of who developed the capability first, and who is responsible for the worldwide torture and murder of thousands. I’ll give you a hint, it isn’t Russia.

Awhile back when I was interviewing at Morgan Stanley’s proprietary trading and statistical arbitrage division, I had an epiphany. The fast money is made on short term trading imbalances in value called arbitrage opportunities.

2 – Read “The Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”. Written by a former NSA agent.

Computer models use statistical methods to data mine probabilistic aberrations in pricing that should exists as short as a few seconds.

The technique performs quite well although the field is getting more competitive. All monetary exchanges really come down to demand due to perceived value. If one had access to the personality profiles and brain models from the CIA database, one could develop an accurate simulation of overall market reaction and influence of big players given different probabilistic information scenarios.

Big money can be made using psychological profiling of the “irrational” market fluctuations. It is beyond the scope of this book to detail the mathematical modeling of this kind of system.

But I wanted to point out how the same technology used to predict how the U.S. population will react to various information (be it truth or lies) leaked to the press or spoken by the president, could be used legitimately to fund private wars or projects that would need no Congressional oversight. Now, of course, throw in mind reading, influence and other surveillance, the task becomes incredibly easy.

Even the CIA doesn’t need to funnel crack cocaine into LA neighborhoods to fund their 3rd world rebellions.

There had to be a second reason that the CIA was distributing crack in black neighborhoods in LA other than to raise money for the Contras. They could have easily raised the money through white collar crimes far faster than selling drugs like the investigations have indicated.

With their surveillance and spying techniques despite EEG cloning, they could have raised the money in the stock or options markets like “terrorist” have done with predictions of future events they cause.

It was not about the money.

Fear is Control

“Quite an experience to live in fear, isn’t it? That’s what it is to be a slave.”

– Replicant Batty. Blade Runner.

During my torture, I began to think about why “terrorist” are created.

The absurdity of the inconvenience due to airport security is a perfect example how irrational people behave. Airline travel statistically is the safest in the world even including 9/11 events. I came up with over 50 ways to bypass airport security and take over a plane with current standards. People don’t think through possibilities rationally.

I won’t publish the other 49 ways but I need to give at least one example how an airplane can be taken out if that were the goal. As a reminder, if the object were to kill as many Americans as possible like the government would like you to believe, a guy with an oozie at a sporting stadium or hospital would easily fair better.

The fear is caused by the government propaganda of events. The militant government benefits historical from your fear. They are the ones putting terror in you with their useless color alert status warnings.

One example is that only metals are scanned for in airport scanners. Plastic explosives can be molded into the casing of any commercial looking object and carried through airport scanners. This is a well known fact. The detonation device could be as small as a wrist watch. This is not rocket science. If someone with only a high school education wanted to take down a plane it would not take more than a week to execute.

The control of the population through fear is so obvious to those of us in the know. How do we wake the masses up to history repeating itself?

Ghost Busting – Baiting the Weapons Testers

It is merely speculation as to why the traitorous CIA/DoD weapons testers choose most of the people that they do.

Everyone asks, “Why me? I’m nobody.”

That may be exactly one of the criteria.

One rough breakdown of the people targeted by the weapon is: 70% random selection, 5% government whistle blowers, 5% outspoken liberal activists, 10% DoD scientists who worked on secret technologies, 10% lifestyle choices, < 1% appear to be real targets like Saddam Hussein. So one method that one undercover American hero might use to bait the shadow government is by taking a combination of L-dopa and serotonin reuptake inhibitors which would increase neurotransmitter secretion or their reuptake and thereby would make them more “psychic” temporarily.

Since it appears like they try to find brains that are responsive to a low power level, this might be a method to bait them. L-dopa, a synthetic dopamine neurotransmitter analogue, would increase synaptic activity and thereby amplify any reception of small radio/microwave/magnetic/electric informationally, coherent signals.

The excess neurotransmitter in the synaptic junctions helps amplify any precise external modulation of neurotransmitter release. At high frequency pulsed modulated with extremely low frequencies representing neuronal connections one will find several energy and information transfer mechanisms. Sony has patents using ultrasonic energy transfer into brain tissue for future virtual reality video gaming.

That’s a different method but effective. The undercover hero would be a very appealing subject for the weapons testers due to the ability to discredit him/her thinking that they were natural psychotics and view them as someone who has gone beyond the allowable threshold of sensitivity.

Perhaps there is a TEMPEST threshold for human brains.

I can only speculate as to why there appears to be a threshold. Perhaps psychic spies use it and everyone who goes beyond it, the US views as a potential threat.

It may be that that person begins to pick up on EEG heterodyning signals meant for other people and would be considered a threat. That is only speculation though as to the motives behind it.

There may in fact be no threshold that is searched for and simply directed focused energy can compensate for different natural energy amplification levels.

ADD and Ritalin

I am only speculating here about the increased need for Ritalin due to ADD in children. I do not have any proof of this yet.

But the training of the psychic army (or mind controllers) has stepped up its intensity about every 4 years, probably in accordance with budget increases. No one is except from being selected, including children and the elderly. One of the bad side effects of being in a hive mind and remote neurally linked is attention deficit disorder, ADD.

The number of children put on Ritalin has escalated in correlation with the growing army.

There is evidence that stimulants like Ritalin change the amplification of external stimuli in the brain and alter the brains neurochemistry sufficiently to break an EEG cloning lock. The new brainwaves would need to be remapped to create a more effective lock on. Usually the mapping process just occurs at the beginning of a project and is not revisited later.

EEG cloning is most effective on subjects that are sensory deprived. Stimulants, like caffeine, act to increase the amplification of sensory stimuli and thereby diminish the influence of the electromagnetic signals relative to internal and sensory brain signals.

Another speculation I have with regards to stimulants increasing or decreasing the effectiveness of EEG heterodyning weapons, is the Air Force has been experimenting with stimulants on their fighter pilots. There have been a couple of reported cases where a fighter pilot was given an amphetamine drink before combat.

They accidentally fired on allies.

Could this have been a test to see if errors of judgment through EEG heterodyning could be defeated through stimulants?

It is a Mad, Mad World

To give you an idea how wide spread this testing might be, I will give a few possible outbreaks in recent years that should be alarming if related to this weapon.

Panic attacks that so many people have been hospitalized for may be a silent remote controlled heart attack attempt on their lives. The DoD is collecting kill probability ratios. Bad dreams where you wake up with your heart pounding out of your chest may have been a practice attempt. Who knows maybe sudden infant death (SIDs) is related to these random kill attempts.

Women and children are drawn from the death lottery equally as men. Songs that you can’t get out of your head that repeat over and over may be an attempt at EEG synchronization.

Just remember you let the U.S. DoD/CIA become out-of-control and rogue through your silence and inactivisim.

Abort Mission Safety Failover

My friend and I, who is not a CIA agent he adamantly declares although he travels with the head NSA guy and deputy secretary of homeland security on vacation, used to discuss behavior modification philosophy extensively before I became a target for a Manchurian Candidate using biocommunication MKultra programming.

He postulated that if there existed a pain pill that someone could take, it may have an addictive quality to it.

He surmised that if someone is medicated with pain for a duration, that the brain adapts to that state and that if they were to stop taking it, they would get “high” on life. Ironically, that is true for soft torture. It is like a workout with a rush after being tortured for days in a row. So to abort the targets being tortured now, the “Shadow government”, if they had to pull the plug on all those thousands of projects because civil war was about to break out, could just stop the pain and killing signals.

Those people would suddenly feel relaxed, slightly brain dead from the lack of over stimulation, and become complacent and blissfully stupid. A good fall back just in case. But that would not be a successfully tested kill weapon, so they wouldn’t do it.

The Oxymoron of Intelligence Agencies

One thing I noticed throughout life is that companies advertise what they lack.

They are trying to change the known stereotypes. Intelligence agencies are no different. I attended the best American School’s in the country and the CIA would try to recruit at them but it is thought that if you have to go that route that you are a loser and couldn’t get a job anywhere else. I am happy to report that my years at the Ivies, they have had 0% success.

The DoD (Department of Defense) has gotten so desperate for some intelligence that they are resorting to extortion at Harvard, threatening to cut off research grant money if they don’t get a prestigious slot in the recruiting line up. Pretty pathetic isn’t it?

My fellow UK/US/NATO scientists that have been killed by bizaar suicides would agree with the lack of intelligence in the so called intelligence communities.

Just to give you an idea of the geniuses working at the Pentagon and subintelligence agencies in the joint NATO forces in control of these psychotronic weapons, international policy, and military strategy in the UK for example (I’ll refrain from a U.S. example), they forced the private satellite imaging companies to remove images of all their secret bases.

By doing that, they highlighted where they all were, simply by doing a difference between older images and images at different resolutions.

So a guy published a website called He has been shut down since, but a webarchive probably still has it cached. I don’t know if my knowledge of NATO’s secret Naval headquarters was the reason for my pyschotronic attacks or rediscovery of their ever so coveted mind control technologies.

The DoD is experiencing such a shortage of intellectual capital that they have resorted to extortion in order to recruit at Harvard. They threatened to take away half a billion dollars in research grants if they weren’t allowed to recruit on campus. The criminals won this round and were allowed on campus.

No other recruiters torture and kill those that they recruit when they leave the organization.

Pulsing microwave voices

Like with animation where different still frames are shown one after the other, our brains interpolate the images and perceive the difference as motion.

If visual frames are presented faster than 30 times a second, we can not even perceive the discontinuity. We see monitors flicker due to the refresh and scanning method.

The mind perceives the understood images as smooth. Sound impressions in the microwave hearing effect seem to have a similar phenomenon occurring. With sound impressions which occur at roughly 10 times a second, the mind will perceive the sound impressions as continuous.

This is for microwave pulsed sound perception not sound pressure waves.

Back to School for Psychiatrists

One simple way to differentiate government EEG heterodyning experiments and natural schizophrenia is by the conversational content, if they hear voices.

One limitation of the software that Non-lethal directed energy weapons are working to perfect is that it requires full sentences for its training set. Most people do not think in full sentences nor would a dopamine amplified brain perceive full-sentence, coherent speech.

When natural schizophrenics hear voices it is a mumble and usual just a few phrases or words as their word pattern matchers misfire due to being too close to the threshold. Background sounds are almost always necessary to trigger the words or phrases that they perceive. This is a very different phenomenon than what the thousands of victims of brutal EEG cloning weapons testing experience.

They hear “the voice of God” through synthetic telepathy, radio frequency modulation of neurotransmitter release at the synaptic connections with real sub humans on the other end of the brain link as clear as a telephone conversation if not better 24/7 requiring that they speak in full sentences.

While the fake government sponsored Satanic cults and other cover stories are meant to copy-cat well known headliner’s psychotic symptoms, there are still many important flaws in their imperfect illusion that those skilled and studied can quickly identify and distinguish between the groups.

I researched the FBI’s 350 most watched terrorist organizations.

Not one was the very famous New World Order psychoterrorist organization, nor was there a single satanic cult listed even though both are thoroughly written about and even the San Diago Police are aware of satanic ritual abuse. Hmmm, this is a puzzle isn’t it? The satanic cults are just training camps for the US assassin squads.

It pumps these psychos up and helps create the skewed psychology necessary for their tradition of earning a welfare check by torturing and killing.

The FCC’s Real Role is in Censorship of Politics

The FCC is another small manifestation of fascism. It is not an elected group of people and arbitrarily applies rules with an agenda behind it.

As any radio show will tell you, they are fined based more on political content than on words they forgot to bleep. It is a way to signal the understood threat. This is how media in general is controlled without overt threats from the “Shadow Controllers”.

Here is the dichotomy of the political split personality, the two headed monster. The overt statement to the timid public, is that certain dirty words and pictures of ugly naked humans will ruin our society. We must censor these things. But pictures of naked Iraqi’s being tortured and humiliated, that’s just good fun. Similarly, the government is very interested in getting search engines to hand over their search databases “to find pedophiles”.

But rapes by prison guards or the thousands of murders that are unsolved apparently takes less priority. It wouldn’t be to track information flow to stop the spread of knowledge about the illegal government activities would it?

I must clarify that when people talk about a “Shadow Government” they are referring to the unconstitutional and illegal methods of influence to direct public political opinions, to hide treasonous tortures of individuals, and to cover-up assassinations with plausible denial.

The “Shadow Government” doesn’t govern anything at all, they instigate violence and war, cover up leaks, and try to sway mass public opinion such as was done by the 9/11 event in order to get everyone behind a Middle Eastern invasion.

I assure you that the events of 9/11 have a very well tracked history right back to the CIA.

Misdirection of Anger – The most used tactic to instigate violence

Mind control and psychological manipulation is a pure science now.

As I mentioned before, I was told by a passer-by,

“You are a psychopath” twice in one week before my torture began.

They came very close to creating a psychopath through the prolonged abuse and their misdirection of anger tactics. They are trying to create more “terrorism” in this country and every other one using these weapons and tactics of mind manipulation.

The CIA mind control research dates back many decades. They particularly had an interest in splitting personalities.

This research is obviously useful in creating Manchurian Candidates and helping double agents climb the ranks in other countries. I find it most interesting that they have done it to an entire government. They found in their research that the more polarized the actions and voiced opinions of the facade vs. the shadow government become, the less likely people will notice the gross hypocrisy.

They are able to continue to operate in this extreme way simply because people find it too difficult to believe for example that the President of the U.S. can ask China to be nicer to its people while his cronies are torturing thousands if not tens of thousands worldwide probably justified as electromagnetic directed energy practice targets.

This is the game and how it has been done since Kennedy’s assassination.

The End of the U.S. Shadow Government’s Satanic Ritual Abuse

The mind control experimenters and psychic assassins were given one year to experiment and kill me.

They said to me in the last week before the one year anniversary of Halloween that they had screwed up badly. I was supposed to die. While I did manage to dodge each attempt on my life and prevent harm to others, they easily stole 35 years of my health and longevity not to mention my happiness.

I know this is irresponsible to say but if I knew what they were going to put me through in the beginning, I would have ended it like many other victims have done and taken away the data and practice that they were seeking.

So writing this book exposing the people, the technologies, their tactics, and helping others plan a strategy for taking out their weapons systems to defend themselves helps me heal.

U R Lost in the Matrix of Lies

Like in the movie The Matrix, people are so ignorant about these decades old weapons which seem so “science fiction” like, that they are not willing to help targeted people nor can they comprehend the pure evil that their tax dollars support.

And since most people have no experience or practice with neural influencing technologies, they could be used at any time against a victim through EEG heterodyning. Most people have been tamed and dulled into captivity like a broken horse.

The illusion of freedom is good enough now, and the self reassuring bullshit that we mindlessly chant in our National Anthem, “the land of the free and home of the brave”, quells our subconscious insecurities of it not being true. It is as if all the people of this country have been subdued into complacency and compliance with electromagnetic Prozac, hypnotube slight of hand misdirection, and information overload shutdown.

Experiments described by scientists working in the field, say that at 5 frequency modes the induced brain impulses and voices sound synthetic and their mind feels the induced neural influences but at 12 modes or higher the subject can’t perceive the influence and mistakes the modulated voice as their own thoughts. The Russian Woodpecker transmitters have 12 modes according to Dr. Byrd.

But U.S. agents brag that the United States has the only global MIND network. People appear on the war room global grid as one of the “thousand points of light”.

I am one of the few people who have been released from the psychotronic torture concentration camps in such a short time. Most endure many years of torture under the weapon. I still fight for a reconstruction of America back to constitutional values and transparency in government. I get asked to be an expert witness at least once a week by someone suing the government for this kind of abuse, false imprisonment, or death of a family member.

There have been so many attempts at a class action lawsuit but all have failed. It usually takes 20 years for the government to release the documents validating what victims of other experiments in history tried to get the public to recognize while they were alive.

This is an informational war, no bombs and no missiles. Even the hacking of the human mind is classified as an information weapon. I met with one x-CIA agent who is fighting the shadow government. He never told me why, whether he was a torture experiment. He had body guards with him when we met. Clearly, he knows how corrupt the agency is.

The x-FBI agents and other x-government agents were cautious in different ways.

I was tortured to the brink of death many times and like in the movie “V is for Vendetta”, I quit fearing death. They already killed me.

So we share signal intelligence data which different groups have been analyzing while trying to reverse engineer the nervous system disrupting weapons and find a worldwide cure to disable them. Ideally we would like to show by introducing a ‘vaccine’ what idiots the militants in charge of these various classifications of weapons are.

We need to knock out their surveillance capabilities and nervous system influence then break through the information grid lock using creative means.

The hundred billion dollar weapon system could be rendered useless. That is our immediate goal since justice is a long way off and waking up the population from their hypnotic dream has proved impossible given the complete control of the information streams. If you are reading this book, you most likely had to get it directly from the source or in order for a mainstream publisher to accept it I had to publish it as fiction.

I openly lecture around the country on these weapons whose forums are free and open to the public. If you have interest, network yourself in and come to one of the monthly gathering.

There are groups everywhere in the world.

The protocols of the hypocrisy

So, in these approved torture and kill statistical experiments they must follow strict protocols.

As strange as it might seem, they can try to kill anyone in the world or make that target kill other people using information weapons in addition to gas lighting 3 through stalking, but they can not chemically poison, shoot, or assassinate the subject using conventional methods.4

I assume it would bias their efficacy data.

Saddam was a Pawn Used to Justify Invasion

We can not gloss over the important testimony from Saddam Hussein as reported by USA Today newspaper in 1992.

The important deduction to make from his statement that the CIA tried to kill him by inducing a heart attack and a stroke is that he was assaulted by the SATAN system which means he was EEG heterodyned. He is tracked anywhere in the world.

They should not have had any trouble finding him. But they did.

They would also have done a mind meld and known ahead of time either where the weapons of mass destruction were or that Iraq didn’t have any. This is proof that the weapons of mass destruction argument of invasion was a lie. Tony Blair of the UK said that one of his scientists said that there were weapons of mass destruction. That scientist came forward and denied what Tony Blair said.

The scientist ended up dead from a bazaar suicide a week later. The web of lies pile many layers deep.

Now the funny part. SATAN was used on me and the remote heart attack and stroke sensations were a major part of the experimentation I endured for a year. I am in good health and wasn’t too concerned about a stroke. It was difficult to tell if they could actually cause vasoconstriction and increase my blood pressure or if it was another EEG heterodyne hoax.

The Army has published documents we hold that show that they mapped out the sensory pathways of the brain completely. My EEG cloner told me that they bend over causing the blood to rush to their heads and in addition put pressure on their heads with their hands or a tight baseball cap and because I feel everything that they do, it feels like they are causing a pressure build up in my head.

They said that they peddled on a standing bicycle to increase their heart rates which would increase my heart rate slightly but it would feel like my heart was pounding out of my chest because our sensory perceptions were linked or cloned.

I would take my pulse but it wouldn’t feel all that unusual. So it is difficult to say if they were trying to assassinate Saddam or just make him panic which allows them to gain more control and since people think of the evilest things they are going to do in revenge when tortured, it was a way to understand his possible capabilities.

This would not only provoke Saddam which partially led us to the current war but allowed them to know in his angriest moment what he was planning to do or now provoked to do.

Gas lighting is a term which means to intimidate, to make more paranoid through small psychological tricks.

4 – Source is protected

Incredible isn’t it, how criminal, careless, and stupid the CIA and MI5 are?

Ten’s of billions of dollars in war, thousands of lives lost, and many thousands more psychotronically tortured daily worldwide and traditionally tortured in Iraq. 35 million people have died due to the secrecy since EEG heterodyning was discovered that it could have saved.

They have to keep it a secret now because the atrocities, stupidity, and treasonous crimes under the constitution have reached epic proportions that people would lose all faith in our leaders’ abilities to govern wisely if it were widely known.

We are in the darkest period of American and human history but secrecy and ignorance keeps it vastly unknown.

Appeal to Port Goss (current CIA director)

Porter, do you remember your time at Hotchkiss, where your values were shaped?

Do you remember when the Headmaster would appeal to the students who committed some out of control prank to do the honorable thing and come forward and take responsibility for what they had done?

Americans are appealing to you to come forward, be an honorable man again and tell the public what is being done to them. This is too important. It is not the time to lie, maintain secrets, or to hide.

This is what will define you as a man and your legacy.

Two World’s and Two Lies

There are two different worlds each has some truth and a lot of deception.

Which one is “The Matrix” virtual world?

The electromagnetic mind control world is obviously composed of signals that feel as real as the ones from physical sensory stimuli. It reveals the truth about the psychological and informational deception matrix in the physical realm and its sets of controls become obvious. From that matrix of deception one can view those in the MIND network as deceived by the virtual pain and panic, controlled by electromagnetic pulses of energy in the brain.

Unfortunately neither perspective is pure or even close to the one all encompassing, unwavering truth.

We as a species for better or for worse have unthinkingly taken the evolutionary path towards innerspace, towards a virtual subjective experience with each piece specialized for an objective function of a machine disconnected and not representative of what our race valued or hoped to become, which I believe is for each person to be fully aware, connected, and an important part of each and every decision affecting their happiness, well being, and future.

At the minimum we hope we can trust each other and to look out for each other if we don’t participate in those decisions. Also, not the case.

Secrecy is our undoing.

More Brains are not Better Than One

Another problem with living in a heterodyned hive mind is that when any one of the collective eats everyone else if they are talking bites their tongue.

The strong impulse for the jaw to clasp down from the masticator 5 is cloned onto the other people. This is quite an annoying problem for everyone to have to synchronize their eating habits in order to avoid this.

5 – Masticator – the chewer

Stupid Alien Pranks

The naively patriotic tax batteries need to take heed at other plots that were revealed to me through synthetic telepathy.

The CIA SATAN practitioners told me that they had planned to mind control over a hundred people to leave their gas stoves on in various neighborhoods to level several city blocks and make it look like an orchestrated terrorist act but they were called off. I suppose this isn’t quite as bad as provoking a war or creating suicide terrorist bombers to crash planes into the World Trade Towers.

The alien pranks are getting out of hand.

The Death Machine

Obviously I wish I had gotten the ‘kindly God’ mind control manipulation scripts when they introduced themselves with the many options between borge, magical dwarfs, angels, god, aliens, cult, Russians, or Chinese. The U.S. is the most brutal, barbaric country in the world bar none.

35,000,000 people have died from the secrecy of just one aspect of this technology alone, add another 30,000,000 killed by the U.S. in all the previous wars, and no country comes clone to the death machine that we’ve created.

Inside the Minds of Monsters

Let’s walk a mile in their brain waves.

Why do humans become corrupted by power? They may start out thinking they are honorable and doing their duty, but the power corrupts in the end. Since we are all very similar to begin with, it means that we too would probably be corrupted in their shoes. If we can understand how this mind virus spreads, we can cure mankind of this ill.

Distinguishing between National Defense Strategists and truly grotesque and deformed minds can be difficult and may be pointless. One only needs to study the Nazi Reich and methods of psychological and informational controls to understand our own militant government since 1945.

Hitler’s catch phrase was to purify and create a super race. Ours is to bring democracy, a superior form of government, and the illusion of freedom to countries around the world. For Russia, it is probably similar in rationality. It is still fascism in three different forms and under three different names and flags.

War is the illness. Power and control are the temptation. Greed and fame are the drivers. Honor and duty are the secondary level of skewed rationality and method of controls. Thoughtless obedience and conformity makes up the third. Welcome to the third Reich and “the final solution”. There have been many architects of the Matrices of Deceptions.

Other books go into their personal values and lives and most have Nazi connections.

“We must ensure that power is not taken by the military industry complex whether sought or unsought.”
– President and General Eisenhower

Military Coup D’etat

Hypothetically, if you were addicted to power and control and were able to rationalize your addiction by saying to yourself I know what this society needs and how to protect them from themselves for the good of America’s military might in the world, how would you go about gaining more control and power?

You would play off of societies fears. You would have a cold war with a nuclear threat with Russia. You would create or allow acts of “terrorism”, the term for guerilla warfare that has been rebranded.

If we translated it back, we have absurdly declared war on war.

The people would allow huge concessions of their privacy and autonomy for the artificial sense of security and safety. You could rationalize all sorts of creative interpretations of existing laws, and create many more secret laws to justify your actions in the name of security. Lying to the public to create an artificial sense of freedom and choices is done easily enough with the psychological methods that have been thoroughly developed by several agencies.

Control the points of influence in a society, the few people and companies that shape popular opinion, and the herd mentality of the rest of the flock will follow. Now, imagine you had a mind control weapon in your possession that could be used to silence objectors and control those points of influence.

Would you use it? Absolute power corrupts absolutely. This is the grim situation we face today.

To show how short sighted and ignorant the public has become at large, I will give an absurd example similar to events that have transpired. I want to be elected president. I promise that if I’m elected, I will give one year tax free to everyone. Is this bribery? Am I buying votes with a country credit card?

Many people would vote for me. If I wanted more power to control world events for profit or satisfy my need for power, I could instill a fear in all Americans whether real or imaginary.

For example, I could say that the world’s oil supply is being poisoned by the Arabs where much of it comes. They are placing microdevices in the million of barrels shipped to the U.S. that will generate a spark at random times causing them to ignite the fuel. They are nearly too small to easily detect and every airplane, car, refinery, and military vehicle will be turned into a bomb.

The economy will be shut down and America will be ruined. We must invade these countries to stop them. I could stage a couple of random explosions at gas stations to validate these believes. Then I would be granted more power under war laws. I would be given bigger military budgets to control. etc. etc.

It is pretty easy to control public opinion since we are reactionary and don’t dive deeper into political motives and strategies.

Timeline of Takeover

While I was able to trace back remote bioelectromagnetic mind reading and influencing experiments on the masses to 1976, the technology is actually much older than that when viewed through the media programming of the masses.

Aliens, psychic control, and synthetic telepathy appeared on TV frequently in the popular show called “The Outer Limits”. These were produced and aired in 1963, the same year that Kennedy was assassinated. Kennedy gave a speech at Columbia University 10 days before he was shot.

At that event he alluded to an ominous conspiracy and said that he must alert the American people.

“The high office of the President has been used to foment a plot to destroy America’s freedom and before I leave this office, I must inform the citizens of their plight.”

– John F. Kennedy. Statement made at Columbia University, November 12, 1963

I have never followed so called “conspiracy theory” and never had much of an interest in politics in general.

But being so brutally tortured and then discovering that there is no way to break the information to the masses like thousands of other have found out, you realize that we really lost our freedom a long time ago due to this technology. My torturers proudly confessed that they were behind the Kennedy assassination and other political manipulation.

For example they mentioned several times that Michael Dukakis’s run for presidency was targeted. Strange confession.

How did Kennedy find out about the mind control Radar and plot to control every human brain on the planet with these giant “ionospheric heater” phased arrays? I believe his Generals had to tell him because of the Bay of Pigs fiasco. Why were nuclear missiles that close to the US such a threat? They had no way at the time to stop missiles from the other directions anyway?

It was because Russia knew where the US built its first over the horizon radar system. It was stationed in Puerto Rico and completed in 1959.

By placing the radar system outside of the continental US at more than a 20 degree angle from zenith, the radar system bounces its signals off the ionosphere and can observe the continental US. For what purpose? The Russian’s got the same mind reading and influencing research from the Nazi scientists so they knew what it was for.

They had to explain to President Kennedy that the Russians had placed nuclear missiles in Cuba because it is within the 20 degrees of zenith and out of the range of the radar system. It was too close.

The obvious question to ask is why would you build the radar system outside of the US?

Kennedy was rightfully and obviously very disturbed by this plot to spy and control US citizens through their brain’s electrical activity and being one of the last great presidents with honor and integrity this country has had, he was going to inform the people that the country has been taken over by a military coup.

Since then the power addicted idiots have plugged the hole and built many large phased arrays in Colorado, Alaska, Massachusetts and Brazil to name just a few.

The Countdown

As with all past massive human experimentation involving biological weapons, assignations, radiation or other trials, a cooling down period is required before discovery and reporting.

The lifelong torture and mind control experiments are reaching the end of their project timeline.

The Air Force and Directed Energy Directorate report that they will release the information about these human trials in 25 years. That means in another 5-10 years they will stop them so that the victims will die off and there will be fewer citizens that will be demanding compensation.

Currently, if they had to pay out $1,000,000 dollars to each victim, it would cost the United States easily 10 billion dollars. It is simply a matter of economics that human effects weapon testing is done this way.

Cognitive Modeling and the Timeline for Takeover

This biocommunications weapon came over with the Nazi scientists in 1945.

President Truman signs the National Security Act of 1947 to create the CIA. The CIA begins a long streak of crimes against citizens of the world and they continue the horrific Nazi agenda of world domination all based on this new biofield modulation discovery. The cataloguing and cloning operations of MINDs has never slowed down, grabbing hundreds or thousands of new minds each year at least reported by those who figure it out.

The Russians were infected with the Nazi ideals as well from their share of Nazi scientists who gave them the technology after WWII.

In 1960 the United States was put under an ionospheric heater surveillance grid and the MIND system fully working. 1976, the system TAMI was born followed by SATAN.

In 1990s HAARP came online with even greater capabilities for putting more of the world under ionospheric heating surveillance and biocommunication control nearly completing the global human surveillance grid. (See points of weakness in the grid).

We can estimate the current effectiveness of the mind influencing weapons based on this timeline. We do it as follows:

6 – distribution

1) Assuming that they were intelligent about how they collected their cognitive modeling data, they would have grabbed people that fell in the middle of normal cognitive abilities first since that would be the lowest hanging fruit. Cognitive models with all their differences still have a Bell curve distribution from some average model.

2) Assume that the development began in 1947 and will end in 2030 as per the Air Force Scientists’ statements to disclose the weapon to the public. That would be 83 years of cognitive modeling and collection. Let’s also assume that the collection rate is uniform across the timeline although it looks like it has been stepped up in the most recent decade.

3) We will make the assumption that the weapon needs to be 95% effective on any person or population as the end goal before disclosure or complete takeover.

So at 2 sigma and further away from the normal or average, people will be immune to different cognitive mapping effects and a threat to the Nazi weapon to some varying degree.

Also, we can conclude that at the writing of this book, 2006, the DoD/CIA/Nazis have mapped [(2006-1947)/(2030-1947) =] 71.1% of the bell curve on both directions.

Since the mapping of one person or feature of a mind works on the entire population represented by the area under the curve, and being 71.1% complete in terms of the timeline means that the weapon is already at 1.42 sigma efficacy or roughly 88% of the population or cognitive features of humankind.

This estimate is truly frightening. The Nazis might have lost the battle of WWII but they may end up winning the war.

Let’s calculate the lower bounds of the weapons efficacy. Let’s make the assumption that entire minds need to be mapped and that they aren’t transferable in terms of their features. That still means that 71.1% of the population has been automatically mapped based on the Directed Energy Weapons Directorate timelines and assuming that there is no “cooling off” period for all the people who suffered and died from the weapons practice and testing.

We can only hope that they need this mental crutch for their thinking and the machine didn’t efficiently collect the cognitive data samples based on this paradigm.

Putting it in perspective

So the chances of you being abducted and tortured by the government physically or psychotronically is about 1000 out of 300 million each year if you are American.

So that is a 1 in 4000 chance in a lifetime if there are 75,000 victims which doesn’t include all the collateral damage of relatives, friends, strangers, and businesses affected. That’s much better than winning the lottery. That is twice the possibility of having a parachute failure while sky diving. That’s 1/40 the chance of developing schizophrenia from natural causes; that is why it’s easy to lump psychotronic test victims in that category.

It is 12 times more likely than a shark attack but half as likely as being killed by lightning. If 3000 people died in the 9/11 attacks, you have a 10 times greater chance of being brutalized by the U.S. government than being, in comparison, humanely and instantly killed by a foreign terrorist organization in the 30 year history of these secret test programs.

Who should you really be afraid of?

This statistic only includes psychotronic and directed energy weapons testing, it does not include the biological warfare, drug, or radiation testing they have performed in the past on citizens. These people performing these horrific experiments are the enemy within. Everyone else in the government are just unwitting participants.

Most soldiers never know the real reasons that they are fighting to the death and the public in accordance are just fed the simple reasons to support government actions. It has always been a game of redirecting anger at all the wrong people and covering up their own errors and selfish goals.

Random selection of test subjects satiates the data gatherers sense of twisted justice for whom will be thrust into the virtual hell of dissection of their soul. There is nothing you can do to stop it if your social security number is drawn. You could pressure your political leaders to demand an independent investigation and to pass laws now because once it happens to you, do not expect any one to help you. You will be systematically discredited. Your fate will be sealed.

What you don’t know can hurt you!

There is still time to stop the most abominable weapon ever conceived by humankind.

They are still perfecting the artificial intelligence software for automated torture and sentence stimulation that imprisons your thought possibilities through brain entrainments apart from forced EEG heterodyning with some psychic DoD moron. The echelon network for policing thoughts is incomplete and doesn’t work on everyone.

There are only about 200 so called psychics, jumping around EEG heterodyning and spying into minds so there is only a 200 out of 300 million probability that you are being spied on using this technology. Ever get that feeling you are being watched? No one ever thinks it can be done through their own eyes.

George Orwell’s 1984 didn’t see this coming.

Too bad there are not more honorable men and women willing to break the code of secrecy to allow the most important open debate in human history on the future of these weapons and uses of the technology to occur. It has far reaching implications on religion, on how we define ourselves as a species, and on social interactions and organizations.

We need the collective intelligence of the world to decide the fate of the species because I assure you, the crippled minds that currently control the technology will not find a universally optimal use for it.