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Here is s short list of great resources    –   This is a huge library on all the subjects discussed on this website. I quote from it extensively and often convert the text files to audio using my Amazon account and Amazon Polly, for easier learning. All the documents on this site are public domain to my knowledge. Any that are not, if you are the owner or the author, please contact me at    I will remove them if you wish.  In general, I have tried very hard to abide by the outlines for the online digital content shown in this link to the Digital Media Law website –

YouTube sites  –  I have several YouTube sites that I really like as they often have really done their homework on the subjects that they cover.  I particularly like the work of Dark Journalist, Bigfoot Case Files, Zohar Stargate Ancient Discoveries, The History Channel, and others like these.  I am particularly fond of the 5th Kind site. It is very professionally done and is quite excellent in its research. If you have others to add, please post them here.

Books –  Going back over 60 years, when I was in my teens in Sacramento, California, I discovered a wonderful bookstore in downtown by the name of Beers Book Store ( Although I have always loved browsing the shelves of bookstores, this one was my all-time favorite. The owner was a huge fan of metaphysics, science fiction, and religious texts (especially rare ones). He had the complete works of Rudolf Steiner and others like him. I came to learn that he was a theosophist and very much a follower of Steiner. We rapidly became friends and he mentored me in many ways. He turned me on to things such as advanced Physics, especially the works of Paul Davies and others like him. I rapidly learned that reality was not what we had been taught in school. It was here that I learned of the history of people like the Essenes and groups like them. All of this dramatically affected my education in Cultural Anthropology and Social Psychology.