Our Consciousness – They (The Aliens) Do Not Have One and They Want Ours -Two Very Good Pieces on this Subject- Audio and Text

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Zen Gardner
December 1, 2014

from ZenGardner Website


“The best way to control the opposition

is to lead it ourselves.”

Vladimir Lenin

This concept eludes public awareness to a scary degree.

It’s similar to the reality of false flag operations, the epitome of carefully planned societal manipulation by unseen forces who have no regard for the human condition other than to control it at any cost.

This is so very similar to the slogan of the nefarious Mossad:

“By way of deception, thou shalt do war.”

And the war is on us; for the subjugation, exploitation and control of… us. The human race.

Nothing is as it seems. Nothing. Not the least of which is anything and everything in our engineered society. It’s all misdirection, controlled opposition for the mind.

This game of ruthless deception is endemic to the fabric of the entire matrix.

Useful Idiots and the Puppeteers

The obvious NATO/US backed ISIL creation, the insurgences in,

  • Syria

  • Ukraine

  • Venezuela,

…as well as most of the Middle East and now Africa, Hong Kong and other nations, past and present, are perfect examples of controlled opposition on the political stage.

As awful as that is, the problem is way deeper than that.

We’ve all been useful idiots at one time or other. No one’s been fully conscious or completely independent of these influences all of their lives. We all have had to compromise in some manner just to survive in the matrix and unwittingly played into their hand.

This entire social landscape is an engineered one, and we help build and maintain it at varying degrees of conscious awareness until we disengage. Some aspects become more obvious than others to different people.

The banking system for example has been getting hammered by the awakening. The full extent of its control is known by very few, but people are getting the idea. And it leads to more questions.

That’s how it works.

Many people come to the awakening via the health crisis we’re facing, with contaminated and mutated foods being forced into the market without the slightest compunction from our ever-so-caring slightly disguised crypto fascist central State. Just going to natural food or natural or alternative medicine sites is another way to go into the Wardrobe and land in a Narnia of Truth people had no idea existed.

For those looking to help others, this is a great way to approach someone still under the spell to get them started looking around.

GMO awareness has jacked and is a great entry point. And just like the bankster revolving door with government, the Monsanto/Merck et al. infestation of so-called health agencies, this will make their heads spin if they’re willing to see it.

Geoengineering and Fukushima are other portals to the awakening. The surreal potential ELE nature of these assaults is seriously disrupting many entrained minds.

Finding out the extent of our own involvement is a trip in itself, and will lead to many wonderful, sometimes disturbing discoveries. Even more so is realizing the source of information we were trusting was tainted, twisted and distorted, or as in most cases, a complete fabricated lie, propped up by the energy of those that believed it.

Matrix battery pods powering the collective.

What Really Matters

Religion, politics, education and the economic meme are of course the most predominant in the mainstream mind.

But important things like ‘where we came from’, ‘why we’re even here’ and ‘where we’re going’ are barely addressed, and if they are it’s all gobbledygook designed to confuse and stifle the human spirit.

Or freeze it into a debilitating religious paradigm where we wait for the cavalry to save us and are told,

“the ‘powers that be‘ are ordained by ‘God’.”

This is the true controlled opposition, although we’ll get to the modern oracles of this insidious ploy soon enough.

We have to see this for what it is. Anything short is not going to cut it. Just about every aspect of the opposing paradigms we’ve been handed as the absolute truth are designed.

And even outside protesting elements who seem to know what’s going on are often generated by, or soon channeled by, these same overlords.

Here’s where and how the manipulation kicks in. Just like the controlled media propaganda, there have to be enough apparent facts to cultivate credibility. Just enough. They won’t overdo it unless it’s some innocuous subject.

Many of those “facts” will be wrapped in fear and violence as well, designed to cauterize your sensitivity while heightening your fear.

Religions have effectively done this for eons. Tapping into your inner knowledge of the spiritual and mixing in a few truths, they have no problem steering you straight into a numbed state of docile subservience to some weird-ass hierarchy of spiritual and physical abuse. In the name of God of course…

Name dropping, anyone?

Oh, and in the name of that guy they can send you and your kids off to fight their wars, build and support oppressive exploitative corporations, or be a professional gladiator and gain fame and fortune pounding other contestants into the ground to the roar of the frenzied, flag waving mob.

It’s Rarely Black and White – Deliberately

Layered in the imposed matrix are many overlapping memes and projected illusions, rendering fundamental empowering truths either hidden altogether, disguised or distorted.

In a loving, uncontrolled conscious world there would be no need to hide anything. Instead, this mutant matrix system is built on deceit in order to spiritually disconnect and disempower those they wish to exploit.

Think of the mega volumes of information and technology being held from public knowledge under the guise of “national security”.

How about “closed door meetings” or “need to know basis” or the massive labyrinth of secret ops operating in their vast network built on compartmentalization in the name of science or military confidentiality.

Now slide over to the Vatican sitting on brutally gained secret history accounts for centuries.

Does this make any sense to you?

Why do they keep all this as separate concepts? Connect them and they form a picture, a very clear one. Our entire society is completely staged, controlled and with vastly sinister intent.

(Fareed Zakaria – working for CNN – is a confirmed CFR member)

Who’s Controlling Whom? Rethinking the Strategy of Protest

It’s well known that the various elite foundations and other power organs such as
Soros‘ empire finance various so-called opposition groups and protests.

It’s a very sleazy bunch dressed in do-gooder garb who manipulate with money, not just compromising the causes, but misdirecting them into a validation of the very overarching structure they say they are against.

It’s time we learn to step out of that false, disempowering, matrix affirming paradigm and know exactly what we are up against and take consciously aware action and not feed into their little chess game.

“By providing the funding and the policy framework to many concerned and dedicated people working within the non-profit sector, the ruling class is able to co-opt leadership from grassroots communities… and is able to make the funding, accounting, and evaluation components of the work so time consuming and onerous that social justice work is virtually impossible under these conditions”

(Paul Kivel, You Call this Democracy, Who Benefits, Who Pays and Who Really Decides, 2004, p. 122 )

While the “Globalizersmay adopt a few progressive phrases to demonstrate they have good intentions, their fundamental goals are not challenged.

And what this “civil society mingling” does is to reinforce the clutch of the corporate establishment while weakening and dividing the protest movement.

An understanding of this process of co-optation is important, because tens of thousands of the most principled young people in Seattle, Prague and Quebec City [1999-2001] are involved in the anti-globalization protests because they reject the notion that money is everything, because they reject the impoverishment of millions and the destruction of fragile Earth so that a few may get richer.

This rank and file and some of their leaders as well, are to be applauded.

But we need to go further. We need to challenge the right of the “Globalizers” to rule. This requires that we rethink the strategy of protest.

Can we move to a higher plane, by launching mass movements in our respective countries, movements that bring the message of what globalization is doing, to ordinary people?

 For they are the force that must be mobilized to challenge those who plunder the Globe.”

(Michel Chossudovsky, The Quebec Wall, April 2001)

There you have it. The information war to bring these Truths to a wider audience, sparking local action and alternative solutions in the face of this crumbling matrix of deceit.

But it must be thoroughly identified for what it is before we know how to dismantle it while building real conscious community to supplant it.

Pushing up against it in these channeled, compromised and half awake antiquated methods only serves to reinforce it.

The Need for Discernment

I try to be very careful about what I read and certainly what I “take on board” in my mind and heart.

I’ll look at just about anything, even mainstream drivel, to keep an eye on stuff and get the pulse of what’s going on, but not much.

But I’m very careful. I know I get fooled sometimes like anyone, but I’m not afraid to admit when I’m wrong. In fact it’s a joy every time that happens. Hey, I got another damn velcro hook and loop off my spiritual body!

And media outlets and information sources are something to look at very closely and carefully. And keep watching.

It’s never, or should I say rarely, totally clear cut as to who is who. Someone can be piping out a high percentage of true information, but then throw in some massive monkey wrench that few see coming. Sometimes it’s the tone and lower vibrational level. I’m skeptical of crass self-promoters who are more caught up in their image that the message.

They’re usually humorless as well. If there’s that much ego there’s that much less conscious awareness, and the love starts running thin.

If people can’t see past all the evil in this world to the wondrous beauty of the Universe and the amazing unlimited potential of the human spirit, I wonder about their information, or at least how it’s used.

But no one’s perfect, so we need to see and process the good and the Truth, and chuck the husks in the trash.

It can take time and things morph, but that’s all part of the process.

Snowden, Color Revolutions, Wikileaks, Occupy, “Parties” and Other Corruptible Things

Keep a close eye out on these supposed whistleblowers.

While we need real ones to come forward desperately and there are many wonderful, brave souls, those that attain public acclamation by way of major media attention are always suspect. This is because the corporate media is completely controlled. So I get suspicious.

They may let out some truth, but it’s always to inoculate us against the full truth. There is no more responsible mainstream media today. It’s fully controlled.

These 6 big corporations running everything media are a fascist cabal.

I’ve written much about Snowden and my suspicions, as have many others. When the Wikileaks phenomenon appeared, I and many others were again very skeptical. It was playing right into the globalists’ plan, not the least of which is to muzzle the internet and smokescreen real events.

Like most disinfo outlets, it conveniently sidestepped, minimized or dodged many of the really important issues. And sure enough, Assange was groomed in the Oligarchs’ machine for years. Then when he came out and said ‘9/11 was NOT an inside job’… that cemented the deal.

It’s very similar to how these “partial” whistleblowers never mention Israel or the Zionist influence. Not even the Gaza genocide. Incredible, but telling.

The Occupy movement was clearly co-opted and engineered to be a controlled opposition release valve. Wonderful things still happened, but they managed to dilute and mis-steer the message enough to diffuse its greatest potential effects.

The Orwellian stomp down by the Police State was off the charts, and of course the State run media made nothing of it.

Instead they focus on seeming “rioting” often consisting of stock footage or if there was violence it was agent provocateurs, as caught in the recent Ferguson arson attacks in one particular block where a swat team was filmed lurking.

But that “movement” is gone. Not moving anywhere. But people got involved, that’s good. But it lacked the full on truth and was misguided.

The Tea Party? Again, born of a driven passion to stand up within that paradigm. Now? Zionist stooges Michelle Bachman, Glenn Beck and Hannity types are all over a wimped out “movement”, a form of expression that desperate middle class folks were joining in for the first times in their lives.

Neutered and detoured once again. And now a ridiculed arm of the flag waving, warmongering republican party.

Who Are the Moles?

Who is this controlled opposition? Here is an example that came to light that would normally go unreported by the mainstream media.

This is a good sign.

Did an undercover cop help organize a major riot?  [Ha! – When didn’t they? – Z]

From the Stephen Lawrence inquiry we learned that the police were institutionally racist. Can it be long before we learn that they are also institutionally corrupt? Almost every month the undercover policing scandal becomes wider and deeper.

Today I can reveal a new twist, which in some respects could be the gravest episode yet. It surely makes the case for an independent public inquiry – which is already overwhelming – unarguable.

Before I explain it, here’s a summary of what we know already.

Thanks to the remarkable investigations pursued first by the victims of police spies and then by the Guardian journalists Rob Evans and Paul Lewis (whose book Undercover is as gripping as any thriller), we know that British police have been inserting undercover officers into protest movements since 1968.

Their purpose was to counter what they called subversion or domestic extremism, which they define as seeking to,

“prevent something from happening or to change legislation or domestic policy… outside the normal democratic process”.


Which is a good description of how almost all progressive change happens.


Their influence is vast.

We have no idea how many inroads have been made and how much the military industrial government complex has infiltrated and controlled all we see and hear at this point, even within our alternative community.

It’s staggering, but it doesn’t frighten me. It’s expected.

Follow your heart. You’ll know…

The Wake Up – Is It In Time? What Will You Do?

Clearly we’re up against massively orchestrated activities, outlets and manufactured disinformation, and there’s much controversy on this subject. It’s a huge part of their agenda.

Never mind… it’s just the matrix at work. Rise above it.

But will humanity “get it” in time? It’s always in time… individually.

Once you’ve popped into Now awareness and even begin to grasp the fact that all this is a sham and a fabricated facade, you’re virtually home free. Personally.

Your participation in propping up this fake social landscape will fall off like over-sized pants. It just happens.

However the next step is the big one – your participation. Once you know and have gained a true perspective it’s time to take action. While the spiritual is supreme, we are here in these bodies on this planet. Now. And it’s under a massive attack.

Do you want your children and grandchildren to grow up in a world such as this one is rapidly becoming? Enjoy the awakening, but be responsive. We’ve all got to make a difference. That’s where the revolution lies. Right there.

Respond. Consciously. And in love. But do it. An opportunity is knocking on your door. Open it – and step outside. If you don’t see it yet you soon will!

Meet you there!

by Iam Saums
May 11, 2022
IamSaums Website

Information sent by New Agora

“We are an imitation

of our original being.”



The Art of Deprogramming

Our choices, experiences, identities and perceptions are hacked well before we become aware.


Some may opt to debunk this observation, defending their virtual enslavement instead of being with its truth. It is our conditioning that defines the selective reality we adopt, enabling our self-gratification and establishing our artificial freedom.


None of us are immune to these social influences.

Our assimilation into the digital matrix is inevitable…

Until we observe our individual captivity, experience our personal universality and transform the dynamics of our being, we will always be victims of duality.



The Dream Life

We are born, grow up, go to school, church, onto university, find a career, date, get married, buy a house and a car or two, have children, take vacations, mark time, retire, decline into old age and die…


This is the probable future for humanity.

It is our common fate…

An obligatory rite of passage to sustain a system of authority, control, influence and societal slavery.


Our unbridled ego becomes our weapon, impelling us to live isolated from our soul and the universe.

We have allowed ourselves to be programmed, proudly bearing the badge of social reality in the bliss of its oblivion.

We measure our lives by the accumulation of materiality instead of the fulfillment of our universality.





A Perfect Crime

Social reality is a construct of co-dependency, breeding simulations of advancement, conformity, programming, reliance and triviality.


We surrender our personal power to authoritarian organizations for fear of being accountable and honest.

Elitist oppressors exploit our deficiencies against us…

We amuse, distract and preoccupy ourselves with avoidance, cynicism, indifference and resignation, fortifying our personal prison. This racket is more insidious than any autocratic system in society.


It is our self-induced captivity that sentences us to social reality.



The “Woke” Epidemic

In this new era of awareness, it is easy to be manipulated by the influential tides of
false consciousness.


Society is littered,

with the kaleidoscopic pantheon of contemporary “wokeness.”

Reactive instinct, interpretive intellectualism and volatile emotionality enables and establishes our artificial lifestyle and understanding.


Mass emulation triggers our vicious cycles of emotional, perceptual and sensual fantasy. Many of us mistake intelligence with awareness when we allow society to highjack our personal truth.


Our unique expression is not found from without.


It is sourced only from within.



“Our soul is the cost

for defying our consciousness.”



Cornerstone of Truth

Each of us has a destiny to become an expression of universal energy, originating from the synthesis of our soul with the universe.


The source of our being resonates with our intuition, empowers our heart center and inspires our mind and body.

It transforms our experience, perception and understanding…

Our truth is not established with our belief, education, ideology, knowledge, politics or religion. It transcends all social mechanisms, manifesting in our way of being.


The universe is unbiased in nature, expressing itself through us when we choose to transcend social reality.



Water to the Fish

Our indoctrination into the “reality” of life is absolute.


No matter how aware we perceive ourselves to be with our instinct, intellect and emotion, the social bubbles we build are the barriers of our captivity.

Our oblivion is the invisible gravity we sense, confining us into a three-dimensional construct of existence…

We acquiesce our personal power as a daily practice to avoid the shocking truth.

We would rather be enslaved in a simulation than pioneer the path to our destiny.

Even to the degree we defend the egocentric honor of our intelligence, pride and self-righteousness, dismissing every opportunity to experience freedom of being.




A Solitary Way

When I became present to
my personal truth, I realized how lonely it can be

At first, I envisioned it through a filter of my ego.

Eventually, I shifted my experience with service to community.

This is greater than who I believe myself to be.

I grew accustomed to accepting myself for who I was and who I was not, and extended others the same courtesy.


Releasing my attachment to outcomes empowered me to embrace all I was, am and would become. There is an extraordinary freedom in being ourselves and honoring others in theirs.


Being related with our soul and the universe is our destined purpose.



An Essential Choice

In this
new era of empowered being, the choice most of us avoid every day of our lives is now a necessity.

Consciousness is always available to us.

Choosing anything but awareness is proving to have dire consequences.

Whether it relates to our personal experience, evolution, freedom, health and quality of life…

Social reality distorts and destroys our relationship with our soul and the universe. Understanding this dynamic is our focus to enrich and empower our relations with others, yet most importantly with ourselves.


Consciousness is universal energy that transforms oblivion into being.





Consciousness and Consequence

In my early twenties, I was arrogant and ignorant.

I perceived the universe as a vast, empty space of darkness.

This was symbolic of how I lived at the time.

I was a social vortex of ego, satiating myself in every possible way.

Social reality anesthetizes us to the impacts of our personal oblivion.

For every unconscious endeavor there is a consequence to our universality.

When I observed my experience with an equilibrium of my senses, thoughts, feelings and intuition, I began having insights that related me with my soul.


Our soul is our expression of universal consciousness, transforming the experience of life for all.

“The consequence of consciousness

is universal being.”