Messages from the Inner Earth to Humanity – According to Many in the Know, they are where Humans came from – Audio and Text

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According to many sages, the Lyrans and the Lyran Star System is where the Human Species genetically originated. Like we do our children, they have watched over us for millions of years. Like the parents that they are, they have serious concerns for our safety and well-being. They do want the best for us and that is related in this series of messages from various sources.


by Paul Lenda
March 18, 2019
Shift Website

Spanish version


Paul is the founder and director of SHIFT, a conscious evolution guide, author of ‘The Creation of a Consciousness Shift,’ reality alchemist and celebrator of life, working to provide an integral role in the positive personal and collective evolution.



While this may see “out there” for some, the following is a mind transmission I received over the course of a dream and three meditations which began on a journey to the Mount Shasta in California.

The message I received felt to be of such great importance that I decided to share it.

Traveling from Berkeley to Mount Shasta, I felt something in my life was shifting.

There was an inner feeling that something had shifted and that the energy from the subtle realm was going to transpose down into 3D reality into manifested actuality.

What I didn’t know was that I was going to have an experience that would leave me with a message to share to humanity that was as timely as it was timeless.

While much of this message should be already understood by awake people, there is a particular topic that was brought up that I see is often ignored entirely.

In dreamtime, during my first night at Mount Shasta where I was staying at a charming and magical place, I “met” an inner earth that seemed to be from under that sacred mountain whose name sounded like Fotuula.

I was unsure whether this being exists in physical form or in a subtler density version of Earth, so I opened up a channel between myself and the inner Earth collective earlier today and received the message that it is both.

Sometimes they prefer being in the dense 3D version of Earth, but oftentimes they are in a subtler density of Earth.

There are legends that go back to at least 11,000 years to around the time of the Younger Dryas (Graham Hancock has plenty of supported evidence if you are interested in learning about the comet impact theory that ended an advanced civilization that existed and led to the Great Forgetting).

Native American have talked about the mystical properties and significance of Mount Shasta for a long time, so this is not some modern creation, but rather something that has a long history.

Inner Earth and Lyran Beings
Artwork by Vashta Narada

Fotuula had milky white skin, long white shimmering hair, and a kind and pure presence, while being down to earth.

He looked similar to these two beings (above image), although his face was gentler and his build was much stockier than these two.

In these images, the artist Vasha Narada states the female is an inner Earth being whereas the male is a Lyrian.

However, at the core of it all, we are all fractals of the Source consciousness so it doesn’t really matter what physical avatar we are embodying in any given moment if we are streaming Source consciousness through us.

Fotuula sat down to speak with me in the dream, as if I was interviewing him, but I woke up before we could talk.

Later that day, I drove up with my partner as far as we could up the mountain (there was over 10 feet of snow at higher elevations so most of the way up was closed) and parked at the base to meditate.

I received further information about the inner earth details but I was unable to directly communicate with Fotuula.

The next morning when I was back home, I sat in meditation and opened up a channel of communication with him and this time we had a mind transmission that was very insightful and something I feel I am meant to share, on the behalf of Fotuula and the consciousness collective he represents.

A Message to Humanity

I asked him what does he have to say to the surface-dwelling humans?

He said that we should purify our avatars and keep our space pure (meaning our physical, mental, emotional, and energetic), as well as surround ourselves with others who are pure in thought, word, and action.

He then said something that is largely ignored by most people in the conscious community from what I’ve see and what I felt was the primary purpose of him speaking with me.

He said to,

avoid becoming a part of groups that appear to appease to the Earthbound conscious community (the awakened ones), but are not pure in their intentions.

He said they act as gatekeepers and blockades so that the consciousness cannot raise past a certain point.

These groups corral those who awoke into a place where they can be controlled and whose future actions towards raising individual and collective consciousness can be predicted, thwarted, capped, and hindered.

There is an unseen hyperdimensional aspect to this, that manifests as a “second net” and which is not even known to be an influencing factor by most people in the conscious and spiritual communities, although I have noticed that there is increasing awareness of it.

My friend Bernhard Guenther goes deeper into this topic if you are interested in learning more.

This is extremely important, because people who are “awake” seem to still be using, for the sake of ease as one example, online communication platforms that are limiting their ability to productively co-create meaningful and actual solutions and assistance to others.

We should use our inner wisdom and be discerning and intuitive before agreeing to something. Something may look good on the surface, but this may just be a charming false front.

Be wise. Be discerning. Be aware…

He also advised to forge alliances with those of pure intention and create a coalition collective in order to accelerate and magnify our positive impact.

I feel this is key in this critical in this time of transition.

There are thousands of groups focused on helping people and establishing a new conscious paradigm, but they are so fragmented and sometimes unwilling to work with others.

This is self-defeating, because as humans, we are part of the same interconnected family on the same planet.

It is in our best interests to put our egos in the back seat and work together; otherwise the active darkness, which knows how to strategize and work effectively and sagaciously, will call the shots.

Are we going to agree to them doing that or will we show that we actually practice what we preach and can work together towards a common goal?

This is not to say that we shouldn’t work on an individual level, because that is important as well.

However, as humans, we are relational beings and most of us enjoy working with others towards the common good.

As Pierre Teilhard de Chardin once said,

“there is almost a sensual longing for communion with others who have a large vision.

The immense fulfillment of the friendship between those engaged in furthering the evolution of consciousness has a quality impossible to describe.”

His final words were that they are reaching out because they believe in us and our ability to break free and co-create our self-defined path into the future present.


Applying the Message

I share this in the hope that this message gets across to others who are awake, but may be agreeing to be part of things that are either intentionally or unintentionally hindering personal and collective evolution.

We are in a transition cycle within what is called ‘time where the rubber meets the road… and what an exciting and amazing time it is to be here…!

by Odaine Carr

December 07, 2011
EvolvingBeings Website

Spanish version


Odaine Carr has spent much of his short time on this Earth searching for absolute truth. His search began with religion, and continued with different spiritual topics and traditions. Despite rigorous research into the different spiritual traditions, he was still not subconsciously satisfied with what he found. Then one night in June of 2011, he experienced a profound awakening and realization that life is about the giving and receiving of Unconditional Love. This clarity was not just mental, but it was also emotional. A few months later he was emotionally inspired to write this article: The Universal Teaching of Unconditional Love.


“This emotional inspiration

came from my Love for humanity.

I hope that through this message,

which did not originate with me,

but originated from the Love in my heart,

that humanity may truly understand

that we can all become

a vehicle for Unconditional Love.

Through this Love, we can change the world

and create the paradise we all long for.”

Message from the editor:

Dear readers, although the following article is exceptionally long, I hope you will consider finding the time to read it in its entirety as it contains vital wisdom for our current times and future path.

Odaine does a great job explaining the basis of life on this planet to date due to the paradigm of fear that we have all allowed ourselves to live in, and delves into the core topics of self-love, unconditional love and how these are our only solutions for our personal and collective salvation.

He also includes a special message for men and women, in terms of marriage and its role at this time of the great awakening.

He leaves us with practical ideas, expanding our consciousness and fostering our awakening further through all that he shares.


The Quest for Absolute Truth

For many ages of time, humanity has struggled on this planet to find absolute truth.

Humanity started off by creating religious systems to help explain the world and the Universe. Then came political systems, and next came science. Humanity has been on the quest for absolute truth from the inception of human self-awareness.

During the quest for absolute truth many civilizations have risen and fallen; with no one particular civilization coming to a full grasp of absolute truth.

The question becomes:

  • What is truth, and what is absolute truth?

  • Is truth objective, or is it subjective?

  • Is truth seen, or is it experienced, or is it both?

These are questions that have been pondered by many great thinkers throughout the ages. How is truth defined?

It is quite probable that the most rudimentary definition for absolute truth can be summed up as, anything that can be supported by proof.

The one truth that has evaded humanity since its inception is Unconditional Love. This truth has evaded humanity for the simple fact that humanity believes that Love is not a truth, let alone an absolute truth.

Now one must ask, how do you prove that Love is a truth, and how do you prove that Love is not just an absolute truth, but the absolute truth?

Fear has played a large role in blinding humans from the truth of Love; it has also played a large role in the way people have acted on this planet throughout human existence.

Fear has affected us in the way we deal with ourselves on an intrapersonal level, and the way we interact with others on an interpersonal level. Fear has been the driving force for almost everything that is done on this planet. These fear patterns influence our thoughts, our feelings, our words, and our actions. Many people are unaware of how deeply entrenched in fear our society is.

The reason human civilization is so deeply entrenched in fear is due to the fact that almost every individual in society is fear based in their mind patterns. Look at the decisions people make on a daily basis and you will see fear is a part of who we are as individuals.

The problem is that because humans have always been fear based, we have created a system around ourselves based on fear.

Now we are trapped in a system that promotes the very thing that has enslaved humanity for thousands of years. Fear went from being our teacher to becoming our slave master. Many systems of thought have attempted to explain the predicament that humanity has gotten itself into.

Yet most of these systems of thought have not righteously addressed the very cornerstone of the problem, neither have they elaborated on this in any great detail.

The Emergence of the Fear System

Thousands of years ago the world was less connected than it is now.

People were living in their particular corner of the world with hardly any knowledge of people who were on different continents. Fear may have been much less, because people were self-sufficient.

There was no worry of taxes, no worry of cancer, no worry of mortgages, no phone bill, no water bill, no light bill, no car payments, no credit card debt, no rental payments, etc. There was nothing really to keep the average human in an almost paranoid state of constant fear.

Really the only thing the average human had to worry about was the weather, wild animals, their neighbors, and possibly crop failure.

Other than these things, humans largely lived free of the grasp of fear. Fear would have been more akin to a teacher rather than a slave master. Yet, despite the fact that fear was our teacher, fear became discontent with its position as a teacher, it saw itself as a master teacher and a ruler.

A symbolic way of looking at this is that, fear decided to set up a system in which it would rule absolute. Its strategy was to find those who were in the most fear, and promise them absolute power. The reason for this is that people who are in the most fear are easily controllable.

So fear found willing slaves to its cause.

Fear then proceeded to use these people as proxies to fulfill its own purpose. These people became the rulers and warlords of the world. Fear taught these rulers and warlords how to bring people into an absolute state of fear, so these people would be easily controlled.

Fear taught its proxies how to create weapons, how to kill, how to control, and how to enslave. The most powerful thing that fear taught its proxies was how to disconnect humanity from its greatest power.

The irony is that fear was greatly afraid of this inner power that lied dormant within every human being. Even the rulers and warlords themselves contained this power. This power was, and is so great, that fear sought to deny the very existence of this power. It did everything possible to stifle this power in humanity. Yet every time fear tried to get rid of this power, it would rise up somewhere else.

One way or another, this power would always appear on the world stage.

This power would speak to the people, and tell the people about itself. The interpreter was always different, but the message along with the power behind the message was always the same.

Many of the people would laugh and scoff, few would listen. This is the way it has always been, few would listen to the words of this power. Many people would ignore this power when it spoke. The reason for this is that fear is a master at many things, and deception is one of them.

Fear deceived the people into thinking that this power was not important and/or even non-existent. Many of the interpreters were killed for being a voice for this power. Fear made sure that any interpreter for this power would be killed.

Throughout history there have been many people some widely known, some who were not widely known, who have lived and spoke of this power.

Fear was very skillful at subverting this power, but no matter how many times fear tried, this power would gain more momentum. Fear’s own actions were actually fueling this great power. Fear’s own arrogance and pride blinded it from seeing what was going on. It was so proud and arrogant that it did not realize it was only giving more energy to this great power.

Fear then came up with a brilliant plan, it decided that it would twist the message of the interpreters of the great power and use the message for its own purpose.

This is what has happened throughout history. Unfortunately the message of the many interpreters who have existed in history was twisted to fit the agenda of Fear. Many of the great spiritual systems of thought throughout history have taught that you can only find enlightenment through their system of thought.

Yet, they all basically preach the same message.

This basic message that was preached has been, and always will be Unconditional Love. Fear needed more control, so it told the rulers and warlords to set up new and more rigid systems of control. To keep people in their place, fear realized that if this great power were to go unchecked, fear would be dethroned from its lofty position as ruler of the world.

So fear instructed its proxies on new ways of enslaving the people. The proxies happily complied with their master, for their reward was absolute power for themselves.

So new systems of control were set up over humanity, and once again it seemed as if fear was winning.

The Present State of Our World

People today live and work in a system that is controlled by one single “all powerful force”.

This force is Fear.

Most people around the world do not even comprehend how many of their decisions are influenced by fear. Fear has become so common it is the norm. For someone to be out of a fear based state of mind, is considered abnormal. Fear’s influence is so subtle that it largely goes unnoticed in the minds of most people.

This same fear that people feel has caused people to become sick mentally, emotionally, and sometimes even physically. This sickness affects some more than others, and affects people in many different ways. This sickness is called, fear toxicity.

Fear toxicity can be defined as having too much fear in the mental, emotional, or the physical aspects of yourself.

Fear can manifest itself in many ways, in other words fear has many expressions of itself. Anger, hatred, jealousy, rage, selfishness, greed, arrogance, depression, enviousness, addictions, materialism, having a superiority complex, violence, lying, being controlling, bitterness, insecurity, resistance, etc, are some of the main ways that fear can express itself.

Unbeknownst to them, fear began to use the great minds of the world to hold the people of Earth hostage.

Fear created it’s most nefarious plan yet. It decided to use its proxies in the world to create a weapon so dangerous, so destructive, that if anyone dared to stand up against it, it would destroy them without hesitation. This weapon is the nuclear weapon. This weapon despite what anybody will say was created out of fear.

Although it took great intelligence to create this weapon, the underlying reason for its creation was because someone was scared that their enemy would create a weapon bigger and better than anything they had. So with the influence of fear, a new level of insanity was reached in the twentieth century of human history.

To say insane would be an understatement, this is a weapon which threatens to wipe out all life on the earth. The rulers of the world continue to create these weapons without any regard for what will happen if they are used. Ask yourself why they would do this; they do this out of fear because fear is their master and their overlord.

They can do nothing without the permission of their master, which is fear.

The problem is that fear is divisive, and unstable. Fear has caused people to manifest its own qualities. People in today’s world are divided because of race, religion, nationality, political affiliations, gender, etc. Fear must feed off the energy of the people below it to stay afloat. Fear does this because it does not generate its own personal energy within itself. Fear is like a bottle with a hole at the bottom.

Once it takes in energy, it immediately loses its energy because anything based on fear does not work, and fear cannot hold energy. A good example of this is a relationship, whether it be family, friends, or a romantic interest.

If either person or even one person is abusive in the relationship; whether this abuse is physical abuse or emotional abuse, then this abuse which is fear driven behavior and comes from a desire to have total control, will eventually destroy the relationship. So this is a primary example of how fear does not keep any system of interaction between humans going on for very long.

Any system based on fear will eventually collapse in on itself.

Currently, this is what is happening to the world now. You are now living in the time of the Great Awakening. This awakening is the Awakening of Love. Fear itself is becoming afraid because its food source is beginning to wake up to the injustices in the world which it caused, and it sees its own imminent demise.

Fear is now doing everything to stop its demise.

Nothing can be done because the people are waking up due to the efforts of the great power which is Unconditional Love. This Love that people are generating is causing the fear within them to disappear, and they are beginning to stand up to the proxies of fear, even if these proxies exist in their personal life.

The system that has been created by fear and its proxies will either fail, or be destroyed by the people who are being influenced by the great power. Although many people are not able to put into words what is influencing them.

They feel a strong force propelling them to change things for the better.

People are seeking a better world for themselves, their families, and their friends.

Our Only Solution – Unconditional Love

The great power, which is also called
Unconditional Love, is a cohesive force.

It brings people together and keeps them together. Once Unconditional Love is lost, there is nothing to hold on to. Love is a force that is much greater than fear. Love is so great it can even bring life into the world.

Love is the driving force behind all positive human interaction on this planet. Love is also the driving force behind positive interaction with the Earth.

What are the expressions of Love?

The expressions of Love are kindness, joy, inner peace, patience, self-control, compassion, forgiveness, understanding, tolerance, happiness, serenity, tranquility, acceptance, passion, ecstasy, generosity, gratitude, empathy, courage, etc.

Love can be expressed in an intrapersonal way and it can be expressed interpersonally. If we truly want to change the world we must start off by changing ourselves. How can we seek to change the outer world if we cannot change our inner world?

Once we have changed our internal world then we will have the emotional resources to change our external world. In fact our personal external reality will change vastly when we have changed our internal landscape. If our internal landscape is filled with fear, we will seek fear unconsciously.

We seek fear not because our minds enjoy fear, we seek fear because it is the only reality we know and we do not know any better.

This is why many people throughout their lives repeat the same events over and over again. Once people learn to love, they can escape all of life’s painful emotional lessons. You only learn to stand up straight as a child, until you have fallen countless times. When you are a child emotionally, then you have to fall countless times in fear, before you can learn to stand in Love, and for love.

Ultimately you want to be happy, but you cannot be happy until you learn to love yourself, to forgive yourself for all your mistakes, and accept who you are. Loving people will not come into your life until your learn to love yourself.

Once you love yourself, extend that love to your family, to your friends, to your romantic interest, and then to total strangers. The last one is very important. It is important because once smaller bubbles of Love are created all around the world, all of these bubbles can begin to expand out of their own personal space and encompass the entire globe.

It is important to note that Love does not fully work unless it is Unconditional.

So no matter who comes into your life, learn to Love these people unconditionally. Look into their eyes and see yourself. These people have gone through all of the same emotions you have gone through, their experiences might be different from yours, but not their emotions. A simple hello or smile is an expression of Love.

Holding the door, or saying thank you for a needed service, is also a great way of expressing your new found love for others. Even a hug is another good way of expressing your love.

Helping the homeless is another way of expressing this love. If you see a homeless person and you have a little change in your pocket, then give it to them, or if time permits, buy them some food. Remember you can always get more money because you have a job. They are homeless and poor so they have nothing for themselves.

People believe that Love is a passive force. There is nothing passive about Love. Love is all about taking action. The primary purpose of Unconditional Love is to erase fear from the world.

So those who line themselves up with Love become the upholders of Love, and those few proxies who use the power of fear are the upholders of fear.

There is an old saying,

“there are more with us than there are with them.”

We vastly outnumber the forces of fear in this world, but they hold most of the power on this planet.

We seem to think that we are powerless to make a difference, but truly we have all the power we need beating in our chest. We just need to learn how to access and utilize this power. Those who are fear driven must be transmuted to love or removed from our lives. Either way these people cannot continue to control things.

Either on a micro level such as in our personal lives, or on a macro scale such as the rulers, and the warlords. These people must not continue to control our lives or the world. If we allow these fear driven people to control our lives, they will ultimately destroy us on all levels.

Those who promote fear themselves are like emotional vampires, they drain your energy until there is nothing left. Many people have experienced this on personal levels in their relationships; such relationships being family, friends, or romantic interests.

If you are in a relationship with someone who does not understand how to love you, then you have two options:

  • You make it known that they are living from a basis of fear, poisoning the relationship and/or not reciprocating the love you are showing them, and try to help them so they can reciprocate that love, OR…

  • You can remove that person from your life. If you decide to remove that person from your life, do not leave until you make it known in very simple terms that love is a mutual exchange of positive energy.

    The clearest way of saying this is,

    • “If you loved me unconditionally, then you would have treated me with respect, kindness, and compassion, the same way I did to you.”

    This can help them learn the misconception of their ways so they can have the opportunity to change after you are gone.

The proxies of fear being the rulers, and warlords, have been sucking the life blood out of the average person like a vampire.

Now we must give these people the final ultimatum, either do the Loving thing for yourself and the people of the world, or you will be removed from power permanently.

Fear and its proxies can also be likened to a parasite.

Once that parasite enters your system, you may not know it is there at first, but you will know it is there when you feel your energy is being drained. When you feel yourself getting sick, you must remove the parasite. Only then will you be truly free of its grasp, and only then will you truly be able to flourish.

When the parasite is removed it will eventually die because it will not be able to find a host.

Self-Love – The First Step to Unconditional Love

If there is suffering, whether it be physical, emotional or mental then we need to use Love to end that suffering.

If we are going through our own personal suffering then we must gather the strength inside of ourselves and be thankful for at least being alive. Drawing a breath is the greatest thing that we can have, and we have to use that breath wisely while we are alive.

The wisest thing you can do is Love yourself unconditionally, and Love others the same as you Love yourself.

Whatever suffering we are going through, pales in comparison to the power of Love. Sometimes it is very difficult to see the beauty in life. It is difficult sometimes to see what meaning anything can have. We are weighed down by guilt from the past and worries of the future. It is as if we are being crushed from the inside out, with all of life’s problems.

Many times it feels as if there is no way out. Between the guilt we feel from the past and worries of the future, there is the NOW!

Living in the now is very powerful, because doing this will enable us to move forward and accelerate our own personal development. You can’t move forward if you are guilty about the past, and you can’t move forward if you are worried what will happen tomorrow. Just do what needs to be done right now; and the first thing that needs to be done is to forgive yourself for all your mistakes.

Love is like the brightest of lights, and when you shine that light on yourself you are able to see all the darkness within yourself. When you shine the light of Love on others, you are able to see the darkness within them also.

Do not judge or criticize others if you see their darkness, because remember you have that same darkness within yourself.

Try helping them to get rid of their darkness. If they choose not to accept your help, then leave them alone, because you have to respect their free will. If they are trying to use fear to control you, then you will have to stand your ground and make it clear that you refuse to be controlled.

Each of us has a war going on inside ourselves.

This war has been symbolically coined,

“the war between light and darkness.”

Really and truly this war is between Love and Fear.

You are the one that has the power to decide which one of these forces wins the war inside of you, and together we are the ones that have the power to decide which one of these forces wins the war in the external world.

Loving yourself is the first step to Unconditional Love.

Love yourself enough to eat healthy, to try and get enough sleep, not to do drugs, not to drink excessively, or smoke cigarettes. Love yourself by forgiving yourself for what you have done in the past and let it go. Humanity needed to walk the path of fear in order to appreciate the path of Unconditional Love.

We needed to see the horrible atrocities that fear would create in order to comprehend what a wonderful world Love will create for us.

Compassion for Others – The Next Step to Unconditional Love

When people make mistakes in our lives sometimes we focus only on the mistakes rather than the good they have done.

If we are abused in anyway by these people, they are not to be excused because they are unaware of what they are doing wrong. We must realize that many of these abusive or fear based people are not at the level of understanding to know what they are doing is wrong.

This understanding is not a mental understanding, but an emotional understanding. So if they do not understand do not fault them, explain the power of Love to these people.

Show these people your light and let them simmer in their own darkness of fear so they may also pursue the light of Love if they choose to.

We merely need to come to the realization that we hold the greatest power within ourselves and that power is Unconditional Love.

Our Love in our hearts will speak much more loudly than anything we can say.

Your Love + Your Words (along with your actions) = A Better Life For Yourself and A Better World for Everyone

At its most basic level, Unconditional Love is about having compassion for others at all times.

Should we not have compassion for those who are weaker than us? Should we not have compassion for those who are suffering in some way, whether they are suffering mentally, emotionally, or physically?

Unfortunately, those of us who choose love have found ourselves in a struggle for our own personal survival against fear and its proxies. These proxies are certain people in our personal lives, the rulers, and the warlords. We need to be able to use Love as a tool to eliminate fear. So how do we do that?

First, we unify all the separate parts of our internal world in Love so we can be in harmony with ourselves.

Then, we teach others how to do this. By teaching others how to do this we are in effect unifying ourselves with our external world, and helping the process of bringing the world together in true peace based on Unconditional Love. The proxies of fear will naturally try to stop this process from happening, including the ones in our life.

The proxies of fear will do everything in their power to induce fear into those who they seek to oppress simply to keep their power. Yet, as a unified mass with one thought on all of our minds, that thought being Love, we will demand that the world is changed for the better.

When the proxies of fear are confronted with Love they will have no choice but to give in to the demands of the people, because Love is much greater than fear.

To truly disempower the proxies of fear we need only to ask the proxies of fear two questions:

  • Do you Love the people?

  • Are you willing to do the Loving thing for the people?

They will not be able to answer these questions because their minds are seared with the actions of their own wrong doings.

If there are people in your personal life who are promoting fear then you can apply these two questions to your personal life.

If the proxies of fear on the world stage say they will not do the Loving thing, then we will shout in the name of Love from North to South, From East to West, because the Light that comes from our hearts will cause the darkness of fear to flee this world forever.

Relationships – Marriage Between the Masculine and Feminine Forces

I have reserved a special place in this message to humanity for this particular topic due to the fact that I witness “everyday” relationships between men and women that start off great but end horribly.

The divorce rates are the highest they have ever been. People nowadays seem to be getting married only for the wedding and not for the actual marriage itself. There are many reasons why marriages may end in divorce, but the primary reason why marriages end in divorce is due to a lack of Unconditional Love.

When fear enters a relationship, if is given space to grow and spread its infectious tentacles, it is only a matter of time before that marriage ends. What people must understand is that there must be three players in a relationship: a man, a woman, and Unconditional Love.

Without the additional player, who is Love, that marriage will most likely end in divorce. Many men do not understand what the role of the masculine energy is, in connection with the feminine energy.

The role of the masculine energy is to give the feminine energy many opportunities to grow and thrive. The role of the feminine energy is to reciprocate that energy given to her by her husband, in Love.

Some men often feel that someone has to be in control in the relationship, and that someone should be them. What some men who think like this fail to realize is that, it is this kind of thinking that causes the average clear thinking woman to become frustrated.

A marriage between the masculine and feminine is not about control and domination.

Marriage between the masculine and feminine energy is about mutual cooperation and exchange of energy; that energy being Love. There are some women who feel they need to be in control in the relationship, but nobody wants to be controlled by anybody.

A man and a woman in a marriage are like the wheels on a bike. Both of the wheels support the bike, and keep it moving forward to its destination. Trust is like the chain of the bike, and Love is like the person riding the bike. If there is something wrong with the bike, the person riding the bike can fix the problem. Just like if there is something wrong with a relationship, Love can fix the problem.

A man must understand that physical abuse, emotional abuse, and lying were not a part of the marriage contract with his wife. He must also understand that marriage is more than physical intimacy, but it is about having a heart connection. A woman must understand that being judgmental, badgering, and being scornfully critical was also not a part of the marriage contract.

Men and women must learn to admit their mistakes when they are married to each other or things will only get worse. It is very important that a man learns to not just listen with his ears, but a man must also learn to listen with his heart. Both the man and the woman must learn to forgive each other for their mistakes.

Once they have forgiven each other they must extend or show this forgiveness to each other.

A man and woman must come to the deep understanding that the only thing that is a part of their marriage contract is Love. The relationship between a man and a woman is like the relationship between the Sun and the Earth.

The Sun projects its warmth on the Earth, like a man projects his life giving energies into a woman. Through the warmth from the Sun, the Earth is able to bare life. The Sun is given a purpose by the Earth. The Earth is given warmth and protection by the sun.

Likewise, a man must give warmth along with protection to his wife, and a wife will always provide a purpose for her husband through her Love for him.

Love must always be the foundation of every marriage.

Please Help Humanity

Humanity has tried everything to bring peace to this world except Unconditional Love.

We have tried religion, politics, and science to bring peace to this world. All three of these systems should have been used for the benefit and growth of humankind in a positive direction. Instead these systems have been used to subvert and control humankind. None of these three systems have worked to bring absolute peace to the world.

Now we need to try the power of the human spirit, which in essence is LOVE.

We are now at the universal crossroads, we can either choose LOVE, or we can choose fear. We can choose a beautiful world, full of bountiful blessings for all, or we can choose an ugly world full of hate, and constant strife.

Becoming a fully Loving person is a lifelong process, but you can still access this power right now. You can use this power to change things for yourself and those around you. A fear based mentality creates a fear based reality, and a Love based mentality creates a Love based reality.

So let’s create a world based on UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!

Find people who are tired of living in fear and want to create a world based on Unconditional Love. Brainstorm and try to find some ideas that you think may be able to solve some of our basic problems. Always use Love as your guiding principle, or also as your measuring stick.

Unconditional Love must be the absolute truth because it is the only force that can bring humanity together in peace, and create a paradise in the hearts of all people.

When Unconditional Love speaks, will you listen?



by Dr Michael E. Salla

November 8, 2003

from Exopolitics Website

I received on November 2, 2003 a forwarded copy of a message titled Change the World – Decide Whether We Should Show Up!”.


The ‘Message’ had been slowly circulating for some weeks before I received it, and in part due to my own commentary and distribution of it, it has more widely circulated over the Internet. This has prompted a number of individuals to contact me to provide more information about the Message and elaborate on whether it is genuine.


The Message claimed to originate from an unknown group of extraterrestrials (ETs) that wanted to ask “individuals without distinction” (humanity outside the political process) the simple yet profound question “Do You Wish That We Show Up?” The ‘Message’ claimed to be conducting a global ballot on behalf of ETs that have been silently observing Earth for an extended period of time. If genuine, the question and ‘ballot’ it proposes for the benefit of visiting ETs carries with it deep implications that deserve serious discussion.

The response to the Message has been widespread. Some have openly embraced it as a ‘First Contact’ message from one or more benevolent ET races, and have unambiguously said, Yes! Others have viewed it as a trick from manipulative ETs who want to covertly take over humanity, and said No! Yet another response has been to dismiss it entirely as ‘extremely sophisticated disinformation’ and said ‘not worth answering’! Another response has been to be cautious and seek to better understand the message, its origins, the possible ETs that sent it, its implications for global humanity, and an appropriate response.


I fall into this latter category of responses and what follows is based on my analysis of the message and the possibility that it is a genuine communication to global humanity from an ET race.


Who Wrote the Message?

The author of the message is
Jean Ederman, a French pilot, air traffic controller and airport manager, who claims to have been given the Message by a visiting group of ‘benevolent ETs‘ after ‘mentally projecting himself into their space’. On his website he describes a number of experiences he has had with visiting ET races over the years as well as the experience that produced the Message: “after having learned how to mentally project myself to a place in the presence of benevolent ETs, I received the following message on behalf of their hierarchy.”

Ederman’s method of communication falls into a category that is described either as ‘transmission’, ‘channeling’ or ‘telepathic thought exchange’. Such a form of communication is not unusual when it comes to analyzing the literature on ETs since many researchers/former government employees have commented on this.


For example, Sergeant Dan Sherman has written extensively of his participation in ‘Project Preserve Destiny’, a secret US National Security Agency communication project that used psychics for establishing contact with ET races.


If one accepts the reality of an ET presence on the planet that has been known by various military-intelligence agencies and governments around the planet since at least the 1940’s and not disclosed to most elected officials or the general public, then telepathic forms of communications with ETs is very viable. The ability to insert thoughts/images into the auditory-visual portions of the human brain either by telepathic means or electronic, has apparently been mastered by both visiting ET cultures; and, more disturbingly, by military-intelligence agencies.

This suggests that Ederman’s claimed communication with
ETs may be genuine. The difficult question is how do we ascertain whether it is genuine or not? One way is to look for clues in Ederman’s own experiences and writings concerning ETs, the other way is to examine the Message itself in terms of textual clarity, coherence, and its political content as far as ETs are concerned.

In examining Ederman’s website and his writings, one finds a chronology of Ederman’s experiences with ETs that date from 1977. He provides descriptions of ET technology that while technical in nature, are not that difficult to conceptually grasp. Much of his material is consistent with the material provided by well-known whistleblowers such as Bob Lazar, a former physicist employed at Area 51.


Ederman’s technical writings appear to be very well informed, and indicate someone who is very familiar with advanced ET propulsion, energy and transportation modalities. Based on his experiences, website material, and the history of psychic communications with ET races, I find nothing to dismiss the possibility that Ederman did genuinely achieve telepathic communication with one or more advanced ET races in the Message to Humanity.


This now takes me to a textual analysis of the Message.


Textual Analysis of Message to Humanity

What immediately stands out in the Message allegedly transmitted by Ederman is the strange grammar. Phrases are used that are sometimes difficult to grasp though the ideas behind them are coherent and consistent with the overall discussion in the text. This grammatical oddity appears to be little more than a translation problem from French to English.


The integrity of the message therefore does not appear to be unduly undermined by the translation problems. In fact, the message appears to be strengthened by the awry grammar in a way that indicates this may have been an intentional aspect behind the message, and the choice of a non-English speaker by the possible ET race(s) behind it.

The odd grammar forces the native English speaker to deviate from the typical left hemisphere brain processing that dominates when reading textual information. The left-brain processing of information tends to be analytical, logical, and reductive. The pondering of the strange grammar forces English speakers to use the right brain hemisphere where the processing of information is more creative, intuitive and expansive.


If a more advanced ET culture wanted to communicate to the general mass of humanity, and in the process shift individuals from using left brain dominant processes, to right brain dominant processes in order to more fully appreciate the content and significance of the Message, then translation from a non-dominant global language into the dominant language used on the internet would go a long way in achieving this purpose.

The overall text is coherent and consistent, and indicative of someone with a high degree of intelligence and conceptual sophistication. He is able to express a range of complex issues in an accessible manner, despite the grammatical difficulties the English reader encounters when reading the French translation. More importantly, the text brings together a range of issues that combine together very well to frame the essential question posed by the text: “Do You Wish that We Show Up?”


The organization of the text suggests someone who is familiar with the issues and concepts being discussed, and is competent in communicating this to others.

Ederman’s style is deliberative and purposive, rather than discursive or didactive. This is indicative of someone who wants to ‘inform’ others rather thanimpose’ beliefs on others. The message outlines the choices humanity has in dealing with a range of problems it has, rather than telling humanity what to do. The message makes clear what the ETs recommend, but does so in a way that leaves the choices up to humanity to decide.


This suggests that the writer, is not setting out to establish a new philosophy or religion, but merely acting as a vehicle for transmission of the Message. My overall conclusion based on my analysis of the text is that Ederman is a rational intelligent individual, intent on faithfully communicating a message he has received, rather than concocting a story for a hidden agenda due to some psychological need for attention or ego gratification.


The choice of a non-English speaker also appears to be significant in how the majority of humanity would process the Message.


This takes me now to a political analysis of the Message.


(Exo)Political Analysis of the Message to Humanity

The content of the Message refers to different ET races that have interacted with various governments:

There are two ways to establish a cosmic contact with another civilization: via its standing representatives or directly with individuals without distinction. The first way entails fights of interests, the second way brings awareness. The first way was chosen by a group of races motivated by keeping mankind in slavery, thereby controlling Earth resources, the gene pool and human emotional energy. The second way was chosen by a group of races allied with the cause of the Spirit of service. We have, at our end, subscribed to this disinterested cause and introduced ourselves a few years ago to representatives of the human power who refused our outstretched hand on the pretext of incompatible interests with their strategic vision.”

The reference to different ET races interacting with representatives of global governments immediately stands out for those not familiar with (exo)political studies of the ET presence. The Message suggests that the orientations and agendas of ETs differ widely. This will be quite disturbing for those attempting to grasp the implications of an ET presence in the first place, let alone the idea of different ET races with diverse agendas and activities.

In an on-line study paper that examines the degree to which ET races have infiltrated the military-intelligence communities in the United States (see HERE), I distinguish between three broad categories of ETs and the different ET races that fall into these in terms of their respective activities, agendas and philosophies. The categories are the ‘good shepherd’, ‘protective parent’ and the ‘wise elder’. The ‘good shepherds’ are those ET races that use humanity as a resource as outlined in the Message.


The ETs fitting into this category are well described by researchers such as Dr David Jacobs, Budd Hopkins, and David Icke. There is extensive evidence that these races do little more than use humanity as a resource, and work with military-intelligence agencies in ways that involve extensive human rights abuses (see HERE).

The ‘protective parent’ ETs basically behave like parents (our genetic star ancestors) who are concerned to protect their ‘children’ or ‘starseeds’. References to some members of this group of ETs are made by scholars such as Zecharia Sitchin who describe how humanity was seeded and protected by a ‘benevolent’ faction of ETs led by Enki, and by popular authors such as Ruth Montgomery who published a number of popular books in the 1970s and 1980s describing the benevolent activities of visiting ET races.

Finally, the ‘wise elders‘ are ET races that essentially observe, offer counsel and don’t really intervene at all except to offer advise that is empowering. Their overall intention appears to be one of assisting humanity by empowering it to resolve its myriad problems, rather than protecting humanity by physical intervention when the situation gets out of control. Popular ‘channels’ such as Barbara Marciniak describe this group of ETs and how they attempt to empower humanity in seeking human solutions to global problems that are linked to the histories of competing ET groups.

My analysis is that the ET race that apparently communicated with Ederman is in the ‘protective parent’ category. This is evidenced in the concern the ETs in the Message display with the human predicament and the sense of urgency they have in terms of the little time they argue humanity has. They show special concern for the situation created by ‘official representatives’ of humanity entering into agreements with the ‘good shepherd’ ETs (trading ET technology for human biological specimens, permitting ET underground bases, and experiments on human subjects).


However, the ETs in the Message do not appear to be in the category of self-empowering ETs since they make clear their desire to assist humanity by some act of physical intervention that overrides the agreements reached by humanity’s political ‘representatives’ with good shepherd ETs. The underlying idea here is that without such physical intervention, the majority of the human population will eventually succumb to the covert agendas orchestrated by political elites and good shepherd ETs.

The ET’s communicating in the Message are very respectful as evidenced by their asking for humanity’s permission and they appear to be quite guarded in what they can offer. Their reference to a hierarchy of ETs to which they report suggests that they are following galactic protocols laid down by more developed ET races for intervention on planets such as Earth. Such protocols are described in the work of Alfred Webre who conducted research into different forms of communication with visiting ET races: (

It appears from the Message that the ET race involved has most likely gained permission by more evolved ETs (wise elders), to ask humanity the question concerning possible ET intervention. It seems that the transparent purpose is that nothing would be lost in asking the question. Even if humanity collectively said no or wasn’t ready to say yes, that would help sharpen human awareness, make humanity more alert to the problems confronting it (the most immediate being to reveal the full extent of all government agreements with ET races) and finally help empower humanity.

Thus far, my (exo)political analysis of the Message is quite consistent with the research I have conducted on the political implications of the ET presence. The message is sophisticated in its analysis of the political problems caused by ETs visiting the planet and the consequences of the agreements they have reached with the military-intelligence communities that have ‘represented’ global humanity. I now look at one further possibility that might cast doubt on the genuineness of the message.

One possibility that has been raised is that the message is a form of sophisticated disinformation. The military-intelligence community in the US and elsewhere has developed sophisticated disinformation strategies to distract UFO/ET researchers, misdirect their meager resources to unproductive areas, create division in the UFO/ET research community, or to simply confuse and create uncertainty.


The primary goal of such disinformation is to direct attention away from any information that might threaten the non-disclosure policy of the military-intelligence community. The Message, on the contrary, achieves precisely the opposite. It has achieved a growing degree of public attention by disseminating information that undermines efforts by the military-intelligence community and responsible political representatives to deny the reality of the ET presence.


The Message directs attention to the culpability of human ‘representatives’ in establishing agreements with extraterrestrial races that have led to abuses of individuals and global humanity more generally. This reference to the culpability of the military-intelligence community is not something that this community desires to become public as evidenced in efforts to cover up cases such as human rights abuses in shared military-extraterrestrial facilities (see HERE).


Due to the orientation and effect of the Message, and consistency with results of my own research on the extraterrestrial presence, I conclude that it is not government disinformation.


Conclusion: Is the Message to Humanity a Genuine ET Communication?

As a result of my analysis of Ederman’s background, intellectual abilities, and technical knowledge, nothing stands out as excluding the possibility that his Message constitutes a genuine communication from an ET race.


My analysis of the political implications of the Message indicates that it is consistent with the basic facts concerning the ET presence. It does not appear to be the case that the Message is ‘disinformation’ by covert branches of the military-intelligence community. My overall conclusion is that the Message is a genuine communication to global humanity from an ET race. The question that then arises is do we give permission to this ET race or races to physically intervene in human affairs?

Certainly, the myriad difficulties caused by the military-intelligence communities entering into technology exchange agreements with some ET factions, maintaining secrecy over these, consuming vast ‘black budgetresources, not releasing the technology to the civilian sector, and the vast damage done to the global environment from using predatory technologies, constitutes a global crisis.


This is nowhere better exemplified than in the energy arena where it appears that fossil fuel dependence would be redundant if the technology available from ET races were made available to the general public. Having a physical ET intervention would assist in addressing these issues, but it would have to happen in a way that empowers global humanity, rather than make it dependent on the ET helpers that appear on the scene to assist humanity.


My recommendation is that we should welcome the Message. Rather than say yes to the question, ‘Do You Wish That We Show Up?’ say ‘thanks for asking us’, and we’ll see what answer we can come up with. We need to develop very quickly a set of ground rules for what we would like in terms of an ET intervention, and something along the lines of a ‘Code of Conduct’ to govern subsequent interactions.


Coming up with such agreements by groups of ‘individuals without distinction’ willing to contribute to such an endeavor will take time, dialogue and negotiation amongst many who are still unsure or fearful of the ET presence.


I believe that what’s most important about the message is its self-empowering potential, and the hope that those individuals who best represent ‘enlightened global humanity will in time work out a consensus over what needs to be done in responding to an offer of assistance from a service oriented ET race or races.