Lemuria – Is it Possible that in Very Ancient Times, in addition to Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean, the was a large land mass in the Pacific called Lemuria – Many Cultures have tales of the Existence of this place – Audio and Text

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by David Hatcher Childress
July 23, 2023

from AncientOriginsUnleashed Website

David Hatcher Childress, is a captivating speaker and the author or coauthor of over 20 books.

He is the founder of the World Explorer’s Club.

Gibel Atlantidy

 by N.Roerich (1929)

(Public Domain)


In the 19
th century a Hindu priest introduced British army Colonel James Churchward to ancient tablets, revealing the existence of a primordial lost civilization,

which led to Churchward’s lifetime quest, spanning several continents and islands, to unravel the mysteries of Mu, a Pacific continent, which was destroyed in a cataclysmic shift of the earth’s poles.

He discovered remnants and relics of this 200,000-year old civilization, and considered the great civilizations of Atlantis and the old Oriental empires, India, Egypt and Babylonia, as the ‘offspring’ or dying embers of Mu…


Colonel James Churchward

 (Public Domain)




James Churchward Meets The Rishi

Colonel James Churchward was born in Devonshire (southern England) in 1851.


The Churchwards were an old Devonshire family with a strong Masonic background. He told friends that he had been educated at Oxford and the military academy at Sandhurst.


In 1868, at only 18 years of age, he was sent to India as a young military officer. As part of the British military in occupied India, Churchward eventually rose to the rank of Colonel.


His first assignment brought him to Central India to assist in famine relief, and it was here that he made a contact that would change his life.


A high-ranking Hindu priest, known as a rishi from a temple school monastery befriended him, and a 12-year association began. As the friendship deepened, the rishi gave Churchward access to some very rare and mystical ancient tablets which had purportedly been hidden in the temple vaults for thousands of years.


The tablets were carved with arcane symbols, and the rishi began teaching Churchward how to interpret some of the simpler signs.


Churchward proved an avid student, and the lessons continued until eventually Churchward had mastered the language – supposed to be the original language of mankind…!


19th- Century Marichi,

a Rishi and son of Brahma.

(Public Domain)

The tablets revealed facts about the origin of civilization, and the tales they told of an advanced worldwide culture that disappeared after cataclysmic earth changes in the far distant past would “fire the dullest imagination.”


After 12 years of studying Mu (as this mother civilization was known) with the rishi, Churchward felt it was time to leave India.


His knowledge of the primordial civilization described on the tablets of the temple, combined with a scholar-adventurer’s curiosity and wanderlust, spurred him to search for further evidence of this civilization.




Following the Trail From Asia To Egypt

About 1880, the Colonel retired from the British military and left India for the South Seas (specifically, Tonga and the Caroline Islands).


Here, Churchward found evidence for the existence of Mu in the form of rock carvings, which he deciphered using the language of Mu.

These carvings, which he believed were being read correctly for the first time since the fall of Mu, prompted him to continue his search in Tibet and parts of Central Asia.

One would imagine that Churchward used his status and contacts as a retired Colonel to travel relatively cheaply with military convoys, sleeping in army barracks and such.


His letters of introduction from other British officers would no doubt serve him well.


Travel in the late 1800s and early 1900s was expensive and slow, especially in Central Asia and the vast Pacific; even today many Pacific Islands are difficult and expensive to reach.


Churchward became an extremely well-traveled man for the time period, by any standard.


Facade of the Egyptian Museum,

Tahrir Square, Cairo

(Diego Delso/ CC BY-SA 3.0)

From Tibet, Central Asia and India, Churchward journeyed to Egypt where he explored the pyramids and visited the Bulaq Museum in the ancient city of Cairo (now the Cairo Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, Egypt’s main museum).


Churchward examined Egyptian hieroglyphs and papyrii in light of the symbol-language of Mu and attempted to translate some of the documents in terms of that arcane language taught to him by the rishi.




Evidence of The Pole Shift

About 1885, Churchward found his way to Siberia and the valley of the Lena River.


He was now looking for evidence of ancient cataclysms, which, if it could be found, would lend credence to the idea that an ancient, advanced civilization such as Mu could disappear.


Churchward wanted to see the piles of mammoth bones and tusks washed up in tidal waves on the Lackoff Islands (The Islands of Bones) just beyond the mouth of the Lena.


He was convinced by these giant piles of ivory and bones that a ‘pole shift‘ phenomenon had occurred in the past, where the earth’s crust slipped several degrees toward the equator causing massive tidal waves to wash over portions of the earth and ultimately cause the sinking of entire continents such as Mu.


The Pole’s lurch

(Author provided with permission © Children of Mu)

From Siberia he made his way toward the Ural Mountains and what he called “the end of the Drift Line.”


Here his trail in search of the cataclysms of the past ended, and Churchward felt he had the geological and historical proof that he needed to establish the existence of ancient civilizations.


Churchward had been told by the rishi that,

an ancient civilization contemporaneous with Mu had existed in the Gobi Desert,

…and found evidence in the region to make him believe this was true.


The local tradition of the land of Shambala (or Agartha) told that it was the remnant of an advanced ancient civilization that was also destroyed in the cataclysmic pole shift, with its attendant earthquakes, tidal waves and volcanic activity.


Map Pacific Islands Region.

 (Public Domain)



Australasia and The South Pacific Islands

Churchward then went to Australia where he worked for some years.


Urged by relatives to visit New Zealand, Churchward there gathered some information from local Maoris that again sent him traveling for further evidence of Mu.


He journeyed as a passenger on assorted tramp steamers going to various Polynesian Islands in the South Pacific.

For over two years he explored numerous islands and island groups, including Samoa, Tahiti, the Marquesas, Tonga, the Gilbert Islands, the Cook Islands, Easter Island, Hawaii and others.

Churchward believed the megalithic remains he found throughout the region, coupled with island legends of sunken continents, were the final evidence he needed to write his book on the ancient, sunken continent of Mu.


He believed that he had at last substantiated the stories he had learned through his studies with the rishi.

Says Churchward:

“That story is the story of Mu and her vast civilization which spread over the whole world 20,000 to 200,000 years ago, inclusive.

It is the story, not only of how that civilization grew, but of how it was destroyed and lapsed into the savagery out of which our own modern culture has developed….”


William Niven (1850-1937),

mineralogist and archaeologist (circa 1895)

(Public Domain).




Niven’s Tablets Of Mexico

So, James Churchward, with his extensive documentation, including photographs, personal paintings and proofs, came to America, where he settled in New York by 1888.


He soon met Percy Tate Griffith, who was to become his best friend in his later years.


Churchward lived in New York until his death in 1936, with the exception of two years when he joined his friend William Niven in Mexico and Central America.


Niven’s discoveries of ancient buried cities in the valley of Mexico were exciting to Churchward and he joined Niven in Mexico City and traveled to the Yucatan and other areas of Central America to compare the records discovered there with those he had found the world over.


Niven’s Collection of Mesoamerican stone tablets

(Author provided with permission © Children of Mu)

Back in New York, Percy Tate Griffith would sit in the evenings with Churchward, and they were often joined by Augustus and Alice LePlongeon.


Augustus LePlongeon was a dedicated French Mason and had done much of the early excavations at Chichen Itza in the Yucatan.


His book Queen Moo and the Egyptian Sphinx was published in 1900 in London and was popular among archaeologists and mystics of the time.


Churchward, Griffith and the LePlongeons would sit in Churchward’s or Griffith’s study for hours talking about Atlantis, Mexico, Tiahuanaco and Churchward’s belief in his sunken continent of Mu.




The Lost Continent Of Mu

By the early 1920s and Churchward in his old age began to tell his friends of the Golden Age that had existed thousands of years ago on the sunken continent of Mu.


This culminated in the self-publishing in 1926 of The Lost Continent of MU.


Churchward’s book made quite a splash at the time. It received wide attention from reviewers and became the subject of much discussion.


Indeed, such groups as the Rosicrucians (AMORC) and the Lemurian Fellowship took Churchward’s books to heart and sought to elaborate on his works, with which they were largely in agreement.


Churchward’s map

showing how he thought Mu refugees

spread out after the cataclysm

through South America,

along the shores of Atlantis,

and into Africa.

(Public Domain)

Churchward was a very good artist and filled his books with his own maps and paintings, as well as photographs he had collected in his travels.


He had sketched the megalithic arch in Tonga back in 1876, probably before he ever thought he would write a book.


He cut a publishing deal with the New York City publisher Ives Washburn (now defunct) for the republishing of his book, plus the publishing of his follow-up books.


‘The Children of Mu’ and The Sacred Symbols of Mu came in quick succession.


Said the cover blurb for The Children of Mu, a book largely about the colonization of Atlantis and the rest of the world:

“When Mu, the now-lost Pacific continent, became overcrowded, colonization began… and America was one of Mu’s first colonies.

From America to Atlantis to Europe and Africa the movement of colonization continued, until cataclysms destroyed Mu and Atlantis.”

The cover copy for The Sacred Symbols of Mu reads:

“James Churchward continues his occult and historical explorations of the world’s most fabled lost civilization – Mu, the motherland of mankind.

Stressing the common origin of all contemporary religions, Churchward’s highly unorthodox, startling theories about the ‘Sacred Inspired Writings of Mu’ suggest that this ancient text was the basis of Christianity itself!

No student of the occult, comparative religion or anthropology can afford to miss the excitement.”


James Churchward’s Books

(Adventures Unlimited Press)

Churchward was a popular media figure for a few short years, and in 1934 and 1935 his final books were published.


The cover copy on The Cosmic Forces of Mu, Volume One reads:

“The Cosmic Forces of Mu were understood perfectly as recently as 15,000 years ago.

Their application brought this lost civilization to extraordinary peaks of technology – accomplishments we are only now beginning to understand and achieve.

Working from ancient tablets, James Churchward has recreated this astounding science.

Everyone fascinated by prehistoric times and the occult will be gripped by The Cosmic Forces of Mu.”

The cover copy on The Cosmic Forces of Mu, Volume Two reads:

“In this fifth book in his amazing Mu series, James Churchward challenges many of the theories and ‘knowledge’ of modern science with a startling new interpretation of the birth of earth based on the ancient wisdom of the lost civilization of Mu.

That there was no such period as the Ice Age – and he tells what happened and why. That the center of the earth is not molten lava but gas.

That Man in his present form lived through all the cataclysmic changes of the earth – and he gives archaeological proof of it.”

Colonel James Churchward died approximately one year after the publication of his final book.


He died satisfied that the lessons of the rishi had filled the void that had come in his life after leaving India, and the world had now heard the rishi’s message.


Moʻai facing inland at Ahu Tongariki,

on Easter Island restored by

Chilean archaeologist Claudio Cristino

in the 1990s.

(CC BY-SA 2.5)




Excerpt From: The Children Of Mu – The Origin of Man

The Land of Mu was a large continent situated in the Pacific Ocean between America and Asia, its center lying somewhat south of the equator.


Basing its area on the remains which are still above water, it would have been about 6,000 miles from east to west, and about 3,000 from north to south. All the rocky islands, individually and in groups, scattered over the Pacific Ocean were once part of the continent of Mu.


About 12,000 years ago cataclysmic earthquakes rent Mu asunder. She became a fiery vortex, and the waters of the Pacific rushed in, making a watery grave for a vast civilization and 60-million people.


Easter Island, Tahiti, Samoas, Cook, Tongas, Marshall, Gilbert, Caroline, Marianas, Hawaii and the Marquesas are the pathetic fingers of that great land, standing today as sentinels to a silent grave.


Map of the location of Mu.

(Author provided with permission © Children of Mu)

The existence of this great continent is confirmed by:

  • Naacal tablets, books, writings, inscriptions and legends found in India, China, Burma, Tibet and Cambodia

  • ancient Maya books, inscriptions, symbols and legends found in Yucatan and Central America

  • remains, inscriptions, symbols and legends found among the Pacific Islands

  • stone tablets found in Mexico near Mexico City

  • cliff dwellers’ writings and inscriptions found in Western North America

  • books of old Greek philosophers

  • books and writings of the ancient Egyptians,

…and legends throughout the world.


Niven’s Mexican tablets

(Author provided with permission ©Children of Mu)

These confirmations are all given in The Lost Continent of Mu.


They show that there was once a large continent of land in the Pacific Ocean called the Land of Mu. On this great continent man made his advent on earth about 200,000 years ago.


The Land of Mu and the Biblical Garden of Eden were one and the same land. Both the Naacal and the Mexican tablets show clearly that man is a special creation.


They also show in what way he differs from all other creations. An account of the creation is given in both sets of tablets which is very similar to the Biblical account.


At the time of Mu’s destruction her people were in an exceedingly high state of civilization; as regards science she was far ahead of the present time.


No wonder! She was at the end of 200,000 years of experience and development.

The great civilizations of the old Oriental empires  –  India, Egypt, Babylonia, etc.  –  were only the dying embers of Mu’s great civilization. They were her children, who withered and died without her care.


All tablets, inscriptions and writings which I used in The Lost Continent of Mu are accompanied by keys for reading them.


Every assertion made is accompanied by reasonable proof. The facts are there. The theories will have to take care of themselves. I wish it understood that what is revealed of the past in my writings must not be considered discoveries by me.


I am simply stating what I find in writings that run from 12,000 to 70,000 years ago if the mode of keeping time was correct.


Confucius meets Lao-tzu and Buddhist Arhat

(Ming Dynasty) Palace Museum, Beijing.

(Public Domain)

What is disclosed in these writings is startling, yet archaeology and geological phenomena corroborate the facts without calling to our aid legends which also confirm them.


Lao Tsu, the Chinese sage of 600 BC, speaks of the great learning and advancement of his prehistoric forefathers.


The ancients were wise and thoughtful for those who were to come after them. They left indestructible records written on clay and stone. This wisdom is spoken of by Souchis priests of Sais to Solon the Greek, as recorded in Plutarch.


These writings have been broken up and many of them lost. As they were universal among the ancients, scraps and fragments of them are found in all quarters of the earth.


When put together they supplement one another to a great extent, so that by combining them we can make a beginning towards unraveling the wonders of the earth’s First Great Civilization.


For over 50 years I have been hunting these scraps and putting them together so as to form the beginning of an intelligent tale of the Creation and Man.


It rests with those who come after me to complete the tale.


Sculpture of Mu as the mistress of the whole earth.

(Author provided with permission © Children of Mu)

Ancient relics, that can be traced back as coming directly from Mu, the Motherland, are extremely rare.


During the past few years, I have been singularly fortunate in finding two that are at least intimately connected with Mu. Both are symbolic figures in bronze.


They were either made in the Motherland or in one of the ancient Uighur cities before the eastern half of that great empire was destroyed by the north running wave of the last magnetic cataclysm which was the ‘Biblical Flood’.


This wave destroyed all the country over which it ran, the people were drowned and the cities washed away or buried under the drift. The Uighur capital city today lies under 50 feet of boulders, gravel and sand.


It is situated in the Gobi Desert, which today has large areas of rock only, the soil and everything with it having been washed away by the ‘Flood’.


I am using one of these relics as the frontispiece of this book. It is, without question, one of the two oldest bronzes in existence. If Uighur, it is about 18,000 or 20,000 years old.


If from Mu, the age cannot be estimated.


This figure is a symbol of Mu as the great ruler. The fineness of the workmanship is not to be found surpassed, and very seldom equaled in any of the prominent jewelry stores in our big cities today.


Both symbols have been in America for about 150 years.


I know their history, but the less said about it the better since, in the Oriental home from which they were taken, they were without question sacred relics.


The British Museum has three scepters which undoubtedly were manufactured in Mu before she went down.


The Deluge

by Francis Danby (1840)

 (Public Domain)

In Mu, the Motherland, there were ten distinct tribes.


Although they were physically easily differentiated, there were few variations in language, and these only of a minor character. A greater change is seen in their glyphs or writings.


In the Motherland each of her people occupied its own territory; and, when various tribes took part in the colonization of a new country, they did not settle down indiscriminately, but each tribe took its own land and built its own cities as their fathers did in Mu.


They settled down adjoining each other and formed a homogeneous whole.


Every letter in every word in the ancient language of Mu is pronounced.

  • Mu is pronounced Moo

  • A is pronounced ah

  • U is pronounced oo as in moon

  • Ta is pronounced tah

  • Tau is pronounced ta-oo

This original form of isolation grew with time so that the tribes eventually became separate peoples, and finally nations.


And as the isolation became greater, changes in language crept in.




Adieu Professional Traveler

James Churchward was a fascinating man, and truly a man for all seasons.


He was a military man and administrator, a mystic and student of ancient languages, an artist and mapmaker, as well as a calligrapher. He was also a salesman, an inventor and author.


For many years he was that rarest of breed, ‘the professional traveler’.



There are many theories about a land called Lemuria, Pacifica, or Mu. Most of what is written about Lemuria is metaphoric – linking to the patterns of creation and sacred geometry.


It is about spiraling consciousness that moves from higher frequencies of thought – a higher harmonic – to slower – lower frequencies as we experiencing many places at the same time.

As with Atlantis – one has to wonder if Lemuria ever existed in the physical realm – or is it just a metaphor – to remind us that out souls are experiencing multidimensionally – some of which we believe are other planet experiences.

As is Above, so is Below – ALL being polarity of experience. As we have the Atlantis in the Atlantic region – we must have its Pacific counterpart – Pacifica. All realities are created based on the digits of sacred geometry – the blueprint of all we experience.

As an opinion – Lemuria is a grid program that exists parallel to our own. Those who feel linked to it – are more-than-likely experiencing in both realities simultaneously.

In truth – Lemuria – from our perspective in third dimension – is theoretical and will not merge with us – until a point at which we expand our consciousness to fully understand all of our multi-dimensional experiences. We are moving to that end now. Stone markers are found in our reality – to remind of of ancient and lost civilizations – in which we coexist. In the end – we awakening to our true nature. The hermetic seals of consciousness, so to speak, are opened with a bang – the ‘end time scenario’ of an explosive ending. We instantly spiral consciousness back to greater understanding of all.

Many see this as the movement into a Golden Age – the gold being a metaphor for Alchemy of consciousness into awareness – the blue and the gold – the blueprint and the alchemy. When we see ourselves back as the Lemurians – we are seeing ourselves in higher frequency. One must not forget that time is an illusion that brings depth to physical experience.


All happens at the same time.





1.-  James Churchward

Symbolic drawing made in 1931 by Mayan glyph researcher, James Churchward, depicting a cataclysm of earthquakes and volcanoes that allegedly sank the continent of Mu in the Pacific Ocean.

Churchward’s map showing how he thought Mu refugees spread out after the cataclysm through South America, along the shores of Atlantis and into Africa.

James Churchward, in books such as The Lost Continent of Mu (1931), wrote that the Motherland stretched from the Hawaiian Islands to Fiji and from Easter Island to the Marianas. Churchward considered the Nan Modal site on Pohnpei Island one of the seven sacred cities of Mu. Today its ruins sit on a swampy lagoon filled with mangrove trees. Rising about 30 feet in height, black volcanic stones weighing many tons are stacked crisscross like a child’s frontier fort.


It’s one of the more enigmatic sites in the entire Pacific, yet archaeologists cannot explain how it got there.



Indeed, stone monuments of mysterious origin dot the entire Pacific, from Japan’s spectacular underwater site at Yonaguni to cryptic Petroglyphs on Hawaii’s Big Island. Menehune Ditch on Kauai is built from dressed and fitted stone slabs like something ancient Romans would have erected, very different from typical Polynesian style. And of course there is Easter Island, centerpiece of many Lemuria theories. Its hundreds of colossal stone statues and written language point to an advanced culture, yet it appeared on the world’s most remote spot. Why?

The legends of Easter Island speak of Hiva, which sank beneath the waves as people fled, while Samoans called a similar place Bolutu. It was stocked with trees and plants bearing fruits and flowers, which were immediately replaced when picked. On Bolutu men could walk through trees, houses, and other physical objects without any resistance. The Maoris of New Zealand still talk about arriving long ago from a sinking island called Hawaiki, a vast and mountainous place on the other side of the water.

There’s yet another puzzling piece of evidence. A map of the lost continent published by the Lemurian Fellowship corresponds almost exactly to boundaries of the Pacific Plate. But the map first appeared long before geologists even knew of the plate’s existence.


Their detailed map places the capital just north of present day Maui, near the center of a vast continent stretching from Australia to the Rocky Mountains!


2.-  Tony Earll

In the 1970s Tony Earll‘s Mu Revealed (one of countless books written about the sunken civilizations Atlantis, Mu and Lemuria) claimed to be “an astonishing account of the archaeological discovery that proves the existence of Mu“.


From the cover:

“When the Hurdlop expedition began excavating, it was with the hope of proving or disproving James Churchward’s startling theories about Mu, the ancient lost continent of the Pacific…What they found was beyond their wildest expectation — the diary of Kland, a young priest who had emigrated from Mu before its destruction! Painstakingly restored and translated, the diary scrolls provide breathtaking glimpses into the everyday life of Mu at the height of its splendid, doomed culture.”



3.-  David Childress

According to David Childress various esoteric sources, the first civilization arose 78,000 years ago on the giant continent known as Mu or Lemuria and lasted for an astonishing 52,000 years. It is sometimes said to have been destroyed in earthquakes generated by a pole shift which occurred some 26,000 years ago, or at approximately 24,000 B.C.

While Mu did not reach as high a technology, supposedly, as other later civilizations, it is, nevertheless, said to have attained some advanced technology, particularly in the building of long-lasting megalithic buildings that were able to withstand earthquakes. However, it was the science of government that is sometimes said to have been Mu‘s greatest achievement.

Supposedly, there was one language and one government. Education was the keynote of the Empire’s success, and because every citizen was versed in the laws of the universe and was given thorough training in a profession or trade, magnificent prosperity resulted. A child’s education was compulsory to the age of 21 in order for him to be eligible to attend citizenship school. This training period lasted for seven years; so the earliest age at which a person could become a citizen of the empire was 28. Earthquake-resistant walls were important all around the Ring-of-Fire, in ancient Mu.

It is claimed that the Elders of Lemuria, known as the Thirteenth School, moved their headquarters prior to the cataclysm to the uninhabited plateau of Central Asia that we now call Tibet. Here they supposedly established a library and school known as ‘The Great White Brotherhood’.


4.-  Helena Petrovna Blavatzky

In her book
The Secret Doctrine (1888), Madame Blavatsky claimed to have learned of Lemuria in The Book of Dzyan – which she said was composed in Atlantis and shown to her by the Mahatmas. However, in her writings she gave Philip Schlater the honor of inventing the name, Lemuria.

Blavatsky located her Lemuria in the Indian Ocean about 150 million years ago. She may have obtained her ideas of a sunken land in the Indian Ocean from Sanskrit legends of the former continent of Rutas that sank beneath the sea. But the name Rutas sounds too spiritless and uninspiring to have held such a prominent place in cosmic history.

Blavatsky placed her “Third Continent of the Third Root Race” in the Indian Ocean between Madagascar and Malaysia. Surprisingly, many scientists of her day concurred and even came up with the name, derived from ‘lemur’, the ghostlike primates who supposedly lived there. Blavatsky described the Lemurians as “the third root race” to inhabit the Earth. They were egg-laying beings with a third eye that gave them psychic powers and allowed them to function without a brain.


Originally they were bisexual – their downfall came about after they discovered sex.

[These are metaphors for male and female – polarities and moving from beings of light who have no sexual orientation as they do not exist in the electromagnetic energies of a physical body.]


5.-  The Rig Veda

The myths and traditions of India abound with references. The Rig Veda in particular speaks of “the three continents that were”; the third was home to a race called the Danavas. A land called Rutas was an immense continent far to the east of India and home to a race of sun-worshippers. But Rutas was torn asunder by a volcanic upheaval and sent to the ocean depths. Fragments remained as Indonesia and the Pacific islands, and a few survivors reached India, where they became the elite Brahman caste.


6.-  Rudolf Steiner

The Austrian mystic Rudolf Steiner claimed that during the sixth and seventh subraces (of the Third Root Race) colonies were established as far away as Easter Island. The continent girdled much of the Pacific near the Equator, and thousands of island peaks remain to mark its former glory.




7.-  Edgar Cayce


Edgar Cayce made a distinction between Mu, which floated off the coast of Baja California, and Lemuria, whose location is confusing to say the least. According to Cayce: “The Andean, or the Pacific coast of South America, occupied then the extreme western portion of Lemuria.” Either he meant eastern, or Earth’s land masses have changed a lot, perhaps due to a pole shift or crustal slippage.


The channeled entity Seth spoke of a civilization called Lumania on the island of Maskara, whose mountain peaks today form Indonesia.



Both Blavatsky and Ruth Montgomery (The World Before) dated Lemuria to millions of years ago. Yet most sources define the Lemurian era as roughly 75,000 to 20,000 B.C., still prior to Atlantis. Some scholars believe the two civilizations co-existed for thousands of years.

A handful of radical geologists (called Catastrophists) believe a continent called Pacifica existed within the last 100,000 years, and that its fairly rapid submersion caused mountains on the perimeter to rise and created hundreds of volcanoes called the Ring of Fire. Sea levels worldwide were disrupted as water rushed in to fill an enormous basin created by the sinking and caused oceans to drop hundreds of feet.

Lemuria‘s appearance with a full-blown culture has spawned many interesting theories, including visits from extraterrestrials who introduced a new species of genetically engineered humans to replace their dim-witted ancestors. (This might explain the reference in Genesis to the ‘sons of gods’ mating with the ‘daughters of men.’)


In any case there is no question humanity made a kind of great leap around 40,000 B.C. with advances in transportation, technology, art, and language. In Europe the Cro-Magnons, in the Pacific Lemurians.



What was Lemuria like?

Was it home to a gentle race of mystics and dreamers or an advanced society whose technology helped bring it down? According to Theosophy, Lemurians had pliable, jelly-like bodies and slowly developed physicality. The first Lemurian subraces were apelike, egg-laying hermaphrodites who communicated by mental telepathy through a ‘third eye.’ This atrophied after Lemuria‘s fall and became the pineal gland still found in modern humans. These androgynous beings lived in perpetual torpor like the Lemurian Dreamers that the channeled entity Lazaris speaks about.

Finally, the ever-increasing density of matter helped usher in an era of sexual reproduction, and two distinct sexes emerged from one being. This marked the fall of man, and henceforth male and female would strive to reunite as one body through sexual intercourse.

Yet most sources claim Lemurians were much more like modern humans, living in an idyllic paradise, largely agrarian with lush forests and an abundance of flowers and fruit trees. Feminine principles of sharing, cooperation, and creativity produced a society virtually free of crime, strife, and warfare. Lemurians were vegetarians and lived in harmony with nature and other creatures, and they had a highly developed psychic and telepathic senses, which were applied in practical endeavors such as horticulture. People believed in ‘mind over matter’ and were adept at manifestation and other ‘reality creating’ techniques. This tradition survives, some claim, in the Polynesian concept of mana and various fire-walking ceremonies throughout the region.

Even traditional anthropologists are puzzled by a pre-Polynesian culture that stretched across most of the Pacific. Widely separated locales displayed astonishing similarities in village life, religious cults, myths, and foods such as coconuts, bananas, and taro. Over time each area, such as Polynesia, grew more diverse and distinctive and eventually lost contact with the other.


The languages of this culture were thought to be Austronesian, which includes hundreds of related tongues still found today from Polynesia to distant Madagascar.



What happened to Lemuria?

Can an entire continent sink or vanish? That’s something most geologists say is impossible. Yet the event is widely supported by Pacific area mythology from Australia to Arizona.


From Hopi legend:

‘Down on the bottom of the seas lie all the proud cities, the flying patuwvotas, and the worldly treasures corrupted with evil…”

Faced with disaster, some people hid inside the earth while others escaped by crossing the ocean on reed rafts, using the islands as stepping-stones. The same story of escape to dry land appears in the Popul Vu epic of the Quiche Maya and the Modoc tribe near Mt. Shasta among many others.

According to the Rosicrucians of San Jose, California, the disastrous cycle began with volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and collapse of subterranean gas belts. Magnetic waves started moving around the globe, and Lemuria began to go under. Fortunately, there was time enough for small groups to salvage part of Lemuria‘s precious wisdom, which was stored in crystals. Some colonists reached India and from there Mesopotamia and Egypt, while others migrated eastward on crude rafts to the Americas, forming the racial core of the earliest Indian tribes. In fact, California was home to history’s oldest people: pure Lemurians who later became the California Indians. That would explain why America’s oldest human artifacts were found on Santa Rosa Island off Santa Barbara, dated around 25,000 B.C.


The same time Lemuria may have slipped beneath the waves.

Return to Lemuria

by Greg Jenner
from DarkStar1 Website


Part One

“Behold the day is coming, burning like an oven and all the proud, yes, all who do wickedly will be stubble. And the day which is coming shall burn them up. Says the Lord of Hosts… But to you who fear My Name the SUN OF RIGHTEOUSNESS shall arise with healing in HIS WINGS…”
Malachi 4 vs. 1-2 (From the New King James version of the Bible)




Mainstream history has chosen to forget about this lost continent that once existed in the Pacific. But to many esoteric researchers, including me, Lemuria should be included in academic text-books. One such educational book that does include Lemurian history was published by an obscure Rosicrucian sect called The Stelle Group or The Lemurian Fellowship based out of Stelle, Illinois and San Jose, California respectively.

I managed to get my hands on a copy of this rare text-book entitled: The Ultimate Frontier.



Exhibit A) Eklal Kueshana (The Ultimate Frontier 1963)


The inside jacket cover says the following:

“Some of the…fascinating subjects discussed in THE ULTIMATE FRONTIER are:

– Evidence of a magnificent civilization that once flourished on the now submerged continent of Lemuria in the Pacific Ocean.
– A moving story of communities that are actually living by this [Lemurian] philosophy.
– A Master Plan, dating from 4700 B.C. and involving the Great Pyramid, for establishing in October A.D., 2001 a new nation dedicated to the uplift of all mankind.

THE ULTIMATE FRONTIER describes the mysteries of human existence… and may well mark the beginning of a much greater phase of Western Civilization.”

I must admit, the intro of this book does seem a little ‘cultish’ but I believe the Rosicrucians are onto something here to suggest the Lemurian Continent was very physical and very real. Why did Lemuria submerge into the Pacific Ocean? According to North American Rosicrucian adepts this occurred because of a pole shift.

More importantly though, what was the reason or ‘trigger’ for a pole-shift? I’ve always argued that a pole-shift can only occur from the magnetic field interaction of a planetary body passing near-by such as Nibiru. Have the Rosicrucians and Freemasons acquired ancient knowledge of this celestial intruder? I say yes, and each brotherhood gives tantalizing clues of this through symbolic pictures.

They also speak of a ‘Dark Satellite’ and a ‘Blazing Star.’ (See Andy Lloyd’s ‘Aphelion in 1881 & Freemasonry’) Before getting into that, however, let’s first look at this mysterious continent known as ‘Mu’. I’ve included [brackets] and CAPITALS to emphasize my argument.



Exhibit B) David Hatcher Childress
(Lost Cities of Ancient Lemuria & the Pacific ©1988)

“One of the great proponents of Lemuria [or MU] was James Churchward, an Anglo-American who spent a great deal of his life in India. Here he was initiated into certain eastern esoteric “truths,” being shown, supposedly, some ancient tablets in an Indian/Tibetan monastery. [See ‘Nibiru and the Subterranean Connection – Part One”—GJ] (There have been many Tibetan monasteries in India for hundreds, if not thousands of years.) He was taught how to read the tablets and was told many fascinating things about ancient history. Then, after traveling all over the world, he wrote a series of very popular books. [The first one entitled] “The lost Continent of Mu…”

“Churchward’s books added a great deal to the store of information available on Lemuria. While Churchward had his inaccuracies, he nevertheless had many interesting things to say. Furthermore, one can find substantiation for much of his information.”

“In the year 1900 at Dunhuang, a small desert town on the border of northern Tibet, a Taoist monk found a hidden library inside a cliff honeycombed with caves. The room had been walled up with bricks in the eleventh century to keep it from falling into the hands of invading barbarians. For eight hundred years the books had lain there, preserved by the dry desert air and maintained in excellent condition. Then the famous explorer and archaeologist Sir Aurel Stein passed through Dunhuang in 1907 and persuaded the monk to allow him to view the treasure, which was at the time still kept in the secret [subterranean] cave.”

“He found Buddhist texts in many languages—Chinese, Tibetan, Sanskrit—and some in languages that were completely unknown! Just how old some of the texts were was impossible to tell, but they had probably already been copied over several times from earlier texts. The originals could have been written hundreds and perhaps thousands of years ago. Amazingly, one of these manuscripts had FRAGMENTS OF AN ANCIENT MAP WHICH SHOWED PARTS OF A CONTINENT IN THE PACIFIC OCEAN!”

Pages 7-8.

The above map was obtained from Lemuria—Lost Continent in the Pacific ©1931 (Exhibit C) published by the AMORC Rosicrucians of San Jose, California. It shows a submerged Lemuria after the cataclysmic pole-shift. Note also the Brazilian Amazon Sea.

Exhibit B) David Hatcher Childress
(Lost Cities of Ancient Lemuria & the Pacific) continues:

“Something else which lends credibility to the belief that these secret libraries exist is the fact that many references are made to them in Central Asian literature. It is said that they can be found in many temples in India, Nepal and Tibet. They probably can be found in China and Mongolia as well.

“About forty years ago, a Chinese representative of the ROSICRUCIAN BROTHERHOOD visited the Rosicrucian Fraternity in San Jose, California. He brought with him a manuscript which had been kept in a secret Asian archive for thousands of years. It was said to have been authored by the Egyptian Pharoah Akhnaton, historically the founder of monotheism. The Rosicrucians translated this book and published it under the title Unto Thee I Grant. [©1931]


The appearance of this book would seem to illustrate that such archives do in fact exist, and that knowledge is occasionally disseminated from them. Furthermore, the Rosicrucians claim to have access to a number of secret [subterranean] libraries in Tibet. [See ‘Theosophy and the Dark Star’—GJ] Therefore, one can see that the idea of Churchward having access to some “secret” tablets, fantastic though it may seem, is really not so far fetched.”

Page 8.

“The founding fathers of the United States included many Masons as well as several Rosicrucians. The history of both of these groups can be traced back to the ancient Mystery Schools of Egypt; the same Mystery Schools that had taught Moses! Had the secret teachings of the Masons and Rosicrucians been based on information which had been passed down for thousands of years through Egypt, originally having come from some lost civilization? It occurred to me that this was possible, and certainly, both MASONS AND ROSICRUCIANS HAVE ASSURED ME IT IS INDEED THE CASE.”

Page 29.

“…according to The Lemurian Fellowship…the Elders of Lemuria, known as the “Thirteenth School,” moved their headquarters prior to the [pole-shift] cataclysm to the uninhabited plateau of Central Asia that we now call Tibet. Here they supposedly established a library and school, and became known as “The Great White Brotherhood.”

“…the great Chinese Philosopher Lao Tzu talked frequently of “Ancient Masters” and their profound wisdom. Lao Tzu was born more than two and a half thousand years ago in 604 B.C. He wrote the famous book, the Tao Te Ching, probably still the most popular book ever written in Chinese. When he finally left China, near the close of his very long life, he journeyed to the west, to the legendary land of Hsi Wang Mu. According to the ancient Chinese, this was the headquarters of the “Ancient Ones.”

“…Lao Tzu wasn’t the only Chinese to go off in search of the Abode of the Immortals. The Chou dynasty emperor “Mu” (strange coincidence, eh?) journeyed to the land of the Kun Lun mountains… the “Mount Olympus” of the Central Asia and ancient China, in order to contact the “mysterious, profound and wise Ancient Masters.”


Were these legendary Masters identical with the masters of … “The Great White Brotherhood” spoken of by The Lemurian Fellowship? It is an intriguing possibility.

Pages 48-49.

Could the GREAT WHITE BROTHERHOOD be the same group as the LOST WHITE BROTHERS from Hopi Indian tradition? I believe so! See ‘Nibiru and the Subterranean Connection – Part Two’—GJ.

“… The Ultimate Frontier [states that] Lemuria had been a large continent in the pacific which had encompassed all the present-day Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Oceania, western North America, and everything in between. The continents’s real name had been Mukulia or Mu…’

Page 27.

“According to the Fellowship, these Lemurians built great cities out of … stone and, under the direction of the so-called Elders, went on to create an “advanced” civilization. As the Mukulian Empire grew, more people wanted to be part of it. Persons from all the valleys of Mukulia eventually joined the “Empire of the Sun.”

Page 352.

“The Ultimate Frontier…says the Lemurian, or Mukulian civilization “…lasted in the form of an empire for 52,000 years and reached heights so great that our present civilization can barely be considered a civilization when compared to it. Government, religion, and science achieved such perfection as to be far beyond our present comprehension. Western Civilization is only about 2,500 years old and has narrowly survived its power-seeking rulers and priests. Our science and technology are but in their infancy and as yet consist of relatively few rediscoveries.”

Page 28.

“…Mankind’s first civilization rose 78,000 years ago on this giant continent and it lasted an astonishing 52,000 years. It was destroyed in earthquakes which had been generated by a “pole shift” occurring some 26,000 years ago, or at approximately 24,000 B.C. The continent was so large, that when it sank, the oceans of the world became drastically lowered as water rushed into the newly formed Pacific Basin. The relatively small islands which had existed in the Atlantic during the time of the Lemurian civilization were left high and dry by the receding ocean. The newly emerged land joined the Poseid Archipelago of the Atlantic Ocean to form a small continent. This continent is called Atlantis by historians today. Its real name was Poseid.”

Page 28. [See ‘Nibiru and the Atlantean Connection – Part One’—GJ]

“The Mukulian Civilization had survived many pole shifts previously, building its structures out of gigantic blocks of stone fitted together in structures designed to last tens of thousands of years. Because the area of the Hawaiian Islands were one of the pivot points in the pole shifts that took place every ten thousand years or so, the citizenry of the Mukulian Empire were generally spared the massive destruction that typically takes place in such an event.”

[So says the American Rosicrucians—GJ]

“However, when open war broke out between [two factions] according to The Lemurian Fellowship, the Empire was [finally] on the verge of collapse, and during a[nother] pole shift, the tectonic plate shifted downward, raising the South American continent and creating new land areas as the waters of the world poured into the Pacific Basin. Colonel James Churchward described it as the continental arch buckling during a pole shift.”

Page 352.


Exhibit B) continues:

“Theosophist named W. Scott-Elliot, wrote a lengthy paper called The Story of Atlantis and the Lost Lemuria [©1896] and according to… Elliot, Lemurians were between twelve and fifteen feet tall. Their faces were flat, save for a protruding muzzle, and they had no foreheads… and their eyes were set so wide apart they could see sideways as well as forward…”

Page 9.

“In Pathways to the Gods, [©1982. Erich] Von Daniken relates a number of legends [from a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific called Nauru] that involved gods [little g] coming from the sky…One of the gods has the name Nareau, which is perhaps where the name Nauru came from. Von Daniken eventually finds the stone grave of one of the giants… The grave is 5.3 meters long and piled high with stones.”

“He relates the local legend that goes along with the graves: that two Giants, apparently brothers, came to the island. They were twice as large as normal men and could lift massive stones and do other feats of great strength. The islanders, afraid of these giants, got them drunk on palm wine and then killed them so they could not do any mischief. They were buried in pits and covered with stones.”

“…What was most interesting to Von Daniken, and to me, were the GIANT FOOTPRINTS of Tarawa. A book has even been written about them, entitled The Footprints of Tarawa (it is extracted from the Journal of the Polynesian Society, Vol 58, No.4, December 1949, Wellington, New Zealand, and written by I.G. Turbott). This book mentions a number of places where these footprints can be found in the Kiribatis, [Islands] but the main spot is in the village of Banreaba at a spot called Te Aba-n-Anti, the “Place of the Spirits,” or Te Kananrabo, “the Holy Place.”

“Here various footprints can clearly be seen in the volcanic stone, some of them so huge as to seem impossible. MOST HAVE SIX TOES ON EACH FOOT. The largest are about three feet long, easily twice as large as the foot of an especially tall person…The footprints are reported to be very clear, with the toes, heels and outline distinct: naturally rounded and curved like a normal footprint. They were certainly not natural rock formations coincidently formed into footprints…These men [Giants] apparently had six toes and were probably ten to twelve feet tall…”

Pages 192-193

“According to The [Rosicrucian] Lemurian Fellowship and other sources, many inhabitants of the Pacific continent were in fact GIANTS, some standing twelve feet tall or more… Possibly, in the final submergence of the continent in a pole shift, survivors of the many waves of earthquakes and tidal waves sought refuge in the very peaks of mountains, many of which were volcanic. Shortly before or after the final submergence, these survivors (who probably didn’t survive) walked on the lava that was to become the Kiribati islands. This may have happened as recently as 24,000 years ago, if we are to believe The Lemurian Fellowship’s date for the submergence of this continent…”

“…As to giants with six toes who are twelve feet tall, Frank Edwards reports in his book, Stranger Than Science, [©1959] that in 1833, soldiers digging a pit for a powder magazine at Lompock Rancho, California… hacked their way through a layer of cemented gravel and found the skeleton of a man about twelve feet tall. The skeleton was surrounded by carved shells, huge stone axes, and blocks of porphyry covered with unintelligible symbols. The giant also had a double row of teeth, both upper and lower! When local Indians began to attach religious significance to the skeleton and artifacts, the authorities ordered it secretly buried, to be lost to science.”

“Edwards goes on to say in his book: “This particular giant, incidentally, bore marked similarity to another, that of a giant man with double rows of teeth whose skeletal remains were dug up on Santa Rosa Island, off the California coast. Subsequent research has shown that he, or his descendants, feasted on the small elephants which once lived on that island and which have vanished, like the giants who ate them, countless ages ago.”

“Near Crittenden, Arizona, in 1891, workmen excavating for a commercial building came upon a huge stone sarcophagus eight feet below the surface. The contractor called in expert help, and the sarcophagus was opened to reveal a granite mummy case which had once held the body of a human being more than twelve feet tall—a human with six toes, according to the carving on the case. But the body has been buried so many thousands of years that it had long since turned to dust.”

Page 194.

At this point I raise the question, whatever happened to the granite case depicting a detailed carving of the giant? As I’ve stressed before in my last essay, these artifacts conveniently go missing for the purposes of controlling our current paradigm of mainstream history.

“So, we suddenly see a correlation with six-toed giants on the west coast of North America with six-toed giants leaving footprints in ancient strata in the [Pacific] Kiribati Islands.”

Pages 194-195

In Exhibit 13 from my paper: ‘Nibiru and the Atlantean Connection – Part Two,’ the reader will notice that the Irish Giant also has six toes and is approximately twelve feet tall. Just like the Polynesian Giants! The similarities are uncanny. Coincidence? It seems unlikely.


Throughout my essays, I’ve been insisting that Giants had roamed the entire globe—within and on top of Earth—from some long forgotten age. And one such distant outpost that documented and recorded the Giants of Lemuria comes from Easter Island.

According to James Churchward, Easter Island was originally part of Lemuria akin to the Azores being originally part of Atlantis so it’s reasonable to consider tangible evidence would have been left behind documenting the Giant Lemurian race.

As it turns out, researcher and explorer Harold Wilkins addressed this by suggesting the original inhabitants were indeed Giants and that local islanders recorded what the Lemurians looked like, they replicated their “Taskmasters” in the form of giant statues. See below:

Exhibit D) Harold Wilkins
(Mysteries of Ancient South America ©1946)

“…who were these strange people who left the amazing number of 550 colossal images in Easter Island, of whom not even the unquiet sea whispers tales of old, unhappy things and battles long ago? May be, the answer is… in the book of Genesis: “There were giants on the earth in those days…”

Page 28.

In James Churchward’s book, The Lost Continent of Mu ©1926, (Exhibit E) he includes a map (see below) showing Easter Island and Hawaii being part of a larger Pacific landmass:

Another clue that lends credence to Easter Island and Hawaii being part of a larger continent comes from the same Giant Stone Heads found on each island. Notice the amazing facial similarity between the two images shown below, especially the lips. Are they ‘stylized’ replicas of Giants that once roamed Lemuria? I say yes!

Giant Head Statue Giant Head Statue
From Easter Island From Hawaii

Harold Wilkins had some interesting things to say about these colossal heads and the Giants of Easter Island. He writes the following:

Exhibit D) Harold Wilkins
(Mysteries of Ancient South America) continues:

“…This eerie island… Easter Island… lies 2,000 miles westwards into the eye of the sunset’s fires from the South American coast… Here all round were tall cliffs on the top of which ancient but very skilful architects and engineers had designed and erected a colossal platform made of megalithic stones, laid beautifully together without the bond of any cement or mortar. The imperious race who made this strange island-mausoleum were like the Egyptians of the old Pharoahs: they [the Giants] conscripted, for the work of raising these mighty stone blocks into position, slave-labour [local islanders—GJ].”

“…The “wrinkled lip and sneer of cold command” on the faces of these imperious colossi seems to menace anyone approaching the great amphitheatre from inland. Behind the grand platforms of cyclopean blocks the thunder of the great Pacific surges crashes on the beach, while the rude bourdon of the music of the South Pacific winds roars like an organ above the heads of these Ozymandiases, kings of kings. There are no fewer than 550 of these tremendous images of martial men and rulers, mostly without feet. Almost every face is arrogant and masterful—men of a race of world-conquering imperialists and militarists. Yet every face is different and individual…”

Page 25.

“Drawings in the rocks suggest that the [Giant] race sailed three-masted ships, and knew of four-footed birds. In some cases, [the race] have ears with enormous lobes, singularly reminding us of the Orejones, or long-eared warriors of the old Incas of Peru…”

Page 27

Harold T. Wilkins also provides a great description of how the Lemurian Giants reacted when a pole-shift finally destroyed their homeland. See Below:

Exhibit D) continues:

“One day, while the [Easter Island] slaves and slave-artisans, under the eyes of their TASKMASTERS were putting the finishing touches to a number of heads of great figures lying in a vast quarry-crater of a workshop to which the avenues lead from the cliff-platforms… a stern-faced supervisor, cracking a hide-whip, had just stepped forward to flog the back of a craftsman who had been detected scamping the work on the back of one of the images, where he believed it would not be noticed.


While the crack of the heavy thong still resounded in the hot air of a winless day, a black cloud seemed suddenly to cover the face of the sun. It spread very rapidly to the horizon. The ground heaved violently in tremendous tremors that lasted many minutes. The whole island shook to the rim and tops of the crater. Mountainous waves of an ocean infuriated and maddened by some tremendous force swept right over the tall cliffs and crashed on to the feet of the colossal images. The light of day went out. The night of total eclipse had come.


A heavy black pall covered the vault of the heavens. Strange rains of blood-red water and white ash, mingled, cascaded on to the causeways and covered the dome of the great temple of ancestors… The terrified slaves in the quarry-workshop threw down their tools, heeding not the whips and curses of the TASKMASTERS, who, themselves, white to the very lips, began to stammer and to follow the headlong rush of the panic-stricken workers to the safety of caves in the neighboring hillside.”

“…a gang of many hundreds of slaves had just hauled a cyclopean statue on to the platform where it was to be set up, when the island shook and the vast tidal waves swept right over the mighty balustrades. In the unearthly darkness, as of a last day on Earth, the terrified slaves cast off their hauling-ropes and the great trunk and head of the statue crashed on its face, with the head looking out to the maddened ocean, raging as under the force of a hundred typhoons.


They fled, seeking safety and harbour, as they raced, many being crushed under the weight of mighty masonry and great carved stones, toppled over by the violent quakes. The quarry was abandoned, the keeper of the sacred mausoleum-temple fled with the rest, the architects, the officials, and the engineers. [Technicians literally became cavemen—GJ] May be, mephitic gases overtook them on their way to shelter in the secret caves of the cliffs on that dreadful island night; but those who managed to survive the long days and nights of cosmic cataclysm ran out on the cliffs to wait for the relieving food-ships that were never to come…


For the mighty Pacific island-continent of …Mu… had toppled from her foundations deep, deep down into the hell of the abyss, and the boundless, heaving waters of the ocean now covered a whole vast land where life, legend whispers, had been one long dream of paradisiacal bliss, peace and prosperity, until one of its races, the men of blood and brawls, had turned it into almost continual fighting…”

Pages 27-28.

In the passage below Wilkins describes the colossal statues with an interesting SYMBOL ENGRAVED ON THE NECKS and backs of their stone heads.

“Four splendid stone causeways radiate inland from the platforms. They are magnificently paved, and lined at intervals with splendidly carved statues of men. [Giants—GJ] They pass on to an open plaza of great extent where towers up into the sky a domed temple, many-sided and polygonal, with statues at every angle of the building…[One] symbol, a circle, sometimes cleft with a rod, and on some of the images themselves engraved in series on the necks or backs, imports that they also worshipped the sun; perhaps, an emblem of a… MYSTIC SUN: THE UNREVEALED GOD.”

Page 26.

Who and what is this ‘unrevealed god’ and ‘mystic Sun’ mentioned by Wilkins?


One answer may lie with a sun-like object dubbed the BAL STAR by James Churchward. [See Exhibit P-1; from ‘Nibiru and the Subterranean Connection – Part 1’ ]. According to ancient Tibetan Naacal tablets studied by Churchward, he suggested it was the trigger or cause of Mu’s destruction. See Below:


Exhibit E) James Churchward (The Lost Continent of Mu ©1926 – The complete edition reprint ©1994.

“…Here is an interesting extract from the Lhasa Record: When the STAR OF BAL fell on the place where now is only the sky and the sea, [appeared to fall below the Pacific Ocean horizon-GJ] the seven cities with their golden gates and transparent temples, quivered and shook like the leaves in a storm; and, behold, a flood of fire and smoke arose from the palaces. Agonies and cries of the multitude filled the air. They sought refuge in their temples and citadels, and the wise Mu – the Hieratic Ra Mu – arose and said to them: did I not predict all this?


And the women and the men in their precious stones and shining garments lamented ‘Mu, save us!’ and Mu replied: ‘You shall all die together with your servants and your riches, and from your ashes new nations shall arise.


If they forget they are superior not because of what they put on but what they put out the same will befall them.’ Flames and smoke choked the words of Mu: the land and its inhabitants were torn to pieces and swallowed up by the depths. BAL is a Maya word meaning ‘Lord of the Fields.”

Pages 56 and 57.

Paralleling this, another answer may lie with a Basalt ‘Sun-Disc’ found in Australia by Marilyn Pye. See image to the right. This Sun-Disc is purported to be a relic from Lemuria! (From Exhibit B: Lost Cities of Ancient Lemuria & the Pacific. Page 114)


Note what looks like a prehistoric sea creature directly below. To me this indicates the Sun-Disc was associated with the Pacific Ocean just as Mu’s Bal Star was.

Could Marilyn Pye’s Lemurian Sun-Disc and James Churchward’s Bal Star be the same sun-like object—Nibiru? It is an intriguing possibility.



In the Introduction of this paper the question was asked: Have the Rosicrucians and Freemasons acquired ancient knowledge of a celestial intruder that is about to return, yet again? As I’ve stated earlier, this is indeed the case. Secret teachings and knowledge gleaned from subterranean libraries have been passed down from Elders to Adepts, possibly for thousands of years, originally coming from some lost civilization such as Mu.

Knowledge can also be passed down through symbology and a great example of this can be seen on the picture showing a Masonic ‘Landmark’ (see image right) erected in Massachusetts from 1763. (Exhibit F: ‘The History & Evolution of Freemasonry’ by Delmar Duane Darrah ©1954, Page 30)

What’s fascinating here is the trinity indicated above the two-pillared Enochian archway consisting of the Sun, Moon and Star. Many researchers think the smaller star depicted is Venus, however I disagree. Here’s why, if you look closely at the smaller star it is clearly above one of the two ‘pillars of Enoch’ and in connection with this researchers Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas write the following:

Exhibit G) Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas
(Uriel’s Machine, ©1999)

“King Solomon built his famous temple at Jerusalem on a site that was already a Canaanite [Giant—GJ] sacred sanctuary, and according to the oral traditions of Freemasonry still in use today, when workmen were sent to clear the ground, they struck a stone that seemed to make a hollow sound.


Upon raising this stone, they discovered A VAULT BELOW which was found to be the remains of an Enochian temple. A workman is lowered down on a rope by his colleagues and discovers [only] one of the two pillars on which Enoch had engraved all the secrets of civilization that existed before the flood.”

Page 374.

The reader should know that Enoch was told by an angel named Uriel, to preserve the secrets of civilization on the two pillars because a global disaster was imminent.


Masonic documents dating from the early 17th century, known as the ‘old charges’ tell how everything dear to mankind existed before the disastrous Flood and had to be reconstructed by the survivors.

Now, Venus is usually represented as a five-pointed star. The smaller star shown here depicts seven points, possibly eight therefore it is my contention that the smaller sun-like object isn’t Venus at all. It’s the ‘missing star’ above the ‘missing pillar’ of Enoch.

I conclude that the star-like object boldly etched on the Masonic Landmark symbolizes the ‘cause’ of the disastrous Flood. In-other-words this is the “Sun of Righteousness”—our solar system’s celestial intruder.


The Freemason’s blazing star, the Tibetan Bal Star and yes, the Lemurian Sun Disc known as Nibiru.


Part Two

“…The vault in which this tomb was found was illuminated by the SUN OF THE MAGI, and inscribed with magical characters. The body of the illustrious founder [Christian Rosenkreutz] was discovered in perfect preservation…”
Quote from the ‘Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology’ ©1978. Vol. 2; Page 788.



In Part One of this paper a supporting list of evidence is presented suggesting that North American Rosicrucians inherently know all about the ‘lost continent of Mu’ and pride themselves on a Lemurian philosophy still entrenched in their society today. Parts Two and Three go one step further by exposing the European history of the Rosicrucians including some of the precious secrets brought fourth with them to present day.

Before I commence, however, the reader should know that I am not in any way, nor do I wish to be, affiliated with the Rosicrucian or Mason brotherhoods. With this in mind, my research can only scratch the surface of their esoteric knowledge, reserved only for the highest initiates, of course.

Be that as it may, from what I have uncovered, both fraternities hold dear the fundamental core belief of a physical subterranean realm—especially the Rosicrucians. This paper includes romantic tales that shed light not only on their tradition of an ‘Underground Empire’ (to be addressed in Part Four) but also their knowledge of the Universe. Particularly the existence of another mystic sun in our solar system known as “The Sun of the Magi” linked to Christian Rosenkreutz’s tomb itself. Are these romances true?


You be the judge, although various members of the Theosophical Society say YES!


The first romance I’ve provided has all the hallmarks of ‘Moria’ in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. This yarn takes place in Staffordshire, England; circa 1675 and tells the tale of a farmer who stumbles across a subterranean staircase leading deep underground to a stone chamber occupied by a mysterious elder reading some-sort of ancient manuscript. You can read the entire account below:

Exhibit H) Leslie A. Shepard (Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology – Vol. 2 ©1978)

“Mr. Hargreave Jennings quoting Dr. Plot in his History of Staffordshire, written in the third quarter of the seven­teenth century, gives an interesting account of a supposed ROSICRUCIAN CRYPT in that county, which, however, cannot be found in the work alluded to. A countryman was employed, at the close of a certain dull summer’s day, in digging a trench in a field in a valley, round which the country rose into somber, silent woods, vocal only with the quaint cries of the infrequent magpies. It was some little time after the sun had sunk, and the countryman was just about giving over his labour for the day.”

“In one or two of the last languid strokes of his pick, the rustic came upon something stony and hard, which struck a spark, clearly visible in the increasing gloom. At this surprise, he resumed his labour, and, curiously enough, found a large, flat stone in the centre of the field. This field was far away from any of the farms or ” cotes,” as they were called, with which the now almost twilight country was sparingly dotted. In a short time, he cleared the stone free of the grass and weeds which had grown over it; and it proved to be a large, oblong slab, with an immense iron ring fixed at one end in a socket.”

“For half an hour the countryman essayed to stir this stone in vain. At last he bethought himself of some yards of rope which he had lying near amongst his tools; and these he converted, being an ingenious, inquisitive, inventive man, into a tackle-by means of which, and by passing the sling round a bent tree in a line with the axis of the stone, he contrived, in the last of the light, and with much expendi­ture of toil to raise it. And then, greatly to his surprise, he saw a large, deep, hollow place, buried in the darkness, which, when his eyes grew accustomed a little to it, he discovered was the top-story to a stone staircase, seem­ingly of extraordinary depth, for he saw nothing below.”

“The country-fellow had not the slightest idea of where this could lead to; but being a man, though a rustic and a clown, of courage, and most probably urged by his idea that the stair-case led to some secret repository where treasure lay buried, he descended the first few steps cau­tiously, and tried to peer in vain down into the darkness. This seemed impenetrable, but there was one object at a vast, cold distance below. Looking up to the fresh air, and seeing the star Venus-the evening star-shining suddenly like a planet, in encouraging, unexpected bril­liancy, although the sky had still some sunset-light in it, the puzzled man left the upper ground and descended silently a fair, though a somewhat broken stair-case.”

“Here, at an angle, as near as he could judge, of a hundred feet underground, he came upon a square landing-place, with a niche in the wall; and then he saw a further long stair-case, descending at right angles to the first stair-case, and still going down into deep, cold, darkness. The man cast a glance upwards, as if questioning the small segment of light from the upper world which shot down whether he should continue his search, or desist and return. All was stillest of the still about him but he saw no reason particu­larly to fear. So, imagining that he would in some way soon penetrate the mystery, and feeling in the darkness by his hands upon the wall, and by his toes first on each step, he resolutely descended, and he deliberately counted two hundred and twenty steps.

“He felt no difficulty in his breathing, except a certain sort of aromatic smell of distant incense, that he thought Egyptian, coming up now and then from below, as if from another though a SUBTERRANEAN WORLD. “Possibly,” thought he – for he had heard of them – ” the world of the mining gnomes; and I am breaking in upon their secrets, which is forbidden for man.” The rustic, though courageous, was superstitious.”

“But, notwithstanding some fits of fear, the countryman went on, and at a much lower angle he met a wall in his face; but, making a turn to the right, with a singular credit to his nerves, the explorer went down again. And now he saw at a vast distance below, at the foot of a deeper staircase of stone, a steady though a pale light. This was shining up as if from a star, or coming from the centre of the earth. Cheered by this light, though absolutely astounded-nay, frightened-at thus discovering light, whether natural or artificial, in the DEEP BOWELS OF THE EARTH, the man again descended, meeting a thin, humid trail of light, as it looked, mounting up the centre line of the shining though moldering old stairs, which apparently had not been pressed by a human foot for very many ages.


He thought now, although it was probable only the wind in some hidden recess, or creeping down some gallery, that he heard a murmur overhead, as if of the uncertain rumble of horses and of heavy wagons, or lumbering wains. Next moment, all subsided into total stillness; but the distant light seemed to flicker, as if in answer to the strange sound. Half a dozen times he paused and turned as if he would remount-almost flee for his life upwards, as he thought; for this might be the secret haunt of robbers, or the dreadful abode of evil spirits.


What if, in a few moments, he should come upon some scene to affright, or alight in the midst of desperate ruffians, or be caught by murderers. He listened eagerly. He now almost bitterly repented his descent. Still the light streamed at a distance, but still there was no sound to interpret the meaning of the light, or to display the character of this mysterious place, in which the countryman himself was entangled hopelessly.”

“The discoverer by this time stood still in fear. But at last, summoning courage, and recommending himself devoutly to God, he determined to complete his discovery. Above, he had been working in no strange place: the field he knew well, the woods were very familiar to him, and his own hamlet and his family were only a few miles distant. He now hastily, and more in fear than through courage, noisily with his feet descended the remainder of the stairs; and the light grew brighter as he approached, until at last, at another turn, he came upon a square chamber [underground vault] built up of large hewn stones.

“He stopped, silent and awestruck, here was a flagged pavement and a somewhat lofty roof, gathering up into a centre; in the groins of which was A ROSE, CARVED EXQUISITELY IN SOME DARK STONE, OR IN MARBLE.”

[Note: I will pause the story at this point to address the significance of the rose. Usually accompanied with a cross, the rose symbol is widely used within Rosicrucian circles. Andy Lloyd eloquently summarizes the importance of this symbology from his web-page: ‘The Rosy Cross.’ See below:

“The symbols of the Rose and the Cross are themselves deeply suggestive of Nibiru which was often depicted in the form of a cross by the ancients, as Zecharia Sitchin describes:

“The pictographic sign for the Twelfth Planet, the “Planet of the Crossing”, was a cross. This cuneiform sign, which also meant “Anu” and “divine”, evolved in the Semitic languages to the letter tav, which meant “the sign”.

“This vital observation is often lost during arguments about the nature and timing of this mythical planet and its orbit.

“The earliest symbol of Nibiru was a cross, and this seems inextricably linked to its later Messianic symbolism during the Graeco-Roman era. Nibiru‘s red countenance perfectly fits with the ‘Rosy Cross’ symbol used by Freemasons and Rosicrucians, and is connected with esoteric concepts such as the ‘Blazing Star’, the ‘Dark Satellite’…and the ‘Eighth Sphere’ of the Theosophists.”]

The Staffordshire story continues:

“But what was this poor man’s fright when, making another sudden turn, from between the jambs, and from under the large archivolt of a Gothic stone portal, light streamed out over him with inexpressible brilliancy, shining over every thing, and lighting up the place with brilliant radiance, like an intense golden sunset. He started back. Then his limbs shook and bent under him as he gazed with terror at the figure of a man, whose face was hidden, as he sat in a studious attitude in a stone chair, READING IN A GREAT BOOK, with his elbow resting on a table like a rectangular altar, in the light of a large, ancient iron lamp, suspended by a thick chain to the middle of the roof.”

“A cry of alarm, which he could not suppress, escaped from the scared discoverer, who involun­tarily advanced one pace, beside himself with terror. He was now within the illuminated chamber. As his feet fell on the stone, the figure started [to] bolt upright from his seated position as if in awful astonishment. He erected his hooded head, and showed himself as if in anger about to question the intruder. Doubtful if what he saw were a reality, or whether he was not in some terrific dream, the countryman advanced, without being aware of it, another audacious step.


The hooded man now thrust out a long arm, as if in warning, and in a moment the discoverer perceived that his hand was armed with an iron baton and that he pointed it as if tremendously to forbid further approach. Now, however, the poor man, not being in a condition either to reason or to restrain himself, with a cry, and in a passion of fear, took a third fatal step; and as his foot descended on the groaning stone, which seemed to give way for a moment under him, the dreadful man, or image, raised his arm high like a machine, and with his truncheon struck a prodigious blow upon the lamp, shatter­ing it into a thousand pieces, and leaving the place in utter darkness.”

“This was the end of this terrifying adventure. There was total silence now, far and near. Only a long, low roll of thunder, or a noise similar to thunder, seemed to begin from a distance, and then to move with snatches, as if making turns; and it then rumbled sullenly to sleep as if through UNKNOWN, INACCESSIBLE PASSAGES.




The place in Staffordshire became afterwards famed as the sepulchre of one of the brotherhood, whom, for want of a more distinct recognition or name, the people chose to call ” ROSICRUCIUS,” in general reference to his order; and from the circumstances of the lamp, and its sudden extinguishment by the figure that started up, it was supposed that some ROSICRUCIAN had determined to inform posterity that he had penetrated to the secret of the making of the EVER-BURNING LAMPS OF THE ANCIENTS, though, at the moment that he displayed his knowledge, he took effectual means that no one should reap any advantage from it.”



Pages 890-891.

Who was the mysterious hooded Rosicrucian described above?


His identity was never revealed. Prominent Rosicrucians have been identified in the past, however, noted people such as: Dante Alighieri who wrote the ‘Divine Comedy’ including ‘Dante’s Hell,’ Robert Fludd who helped translate the Bible into English for King James I and Sir Francis Bacon who wrote literature on a ‘New Atlantis’ that inspired the colonization of America.

From my investigation though, two men within the brotherhood stand out above all others that quite possibly could have brought fourth ancient knowledge of a mystic second sun. Two very mysterious characters named Christian Rosenkreutz and Count Saint-Germain. It is generally believed Christian Rosenkreuze was nothing more than a fictitious character said to be the founder of the Rosicrucian Order, although Theosophists say he was very real indeed.

Provided below is the biographical romance of Christian Rosenkreutz. His true life (?) account eventually became known as ‘The Chemical Wedding.’


Exhibit H) Leslie A. Shepard
(Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology – Vol. 2 ©1978)

“…Practically nothing was known concerning the Rosicrucian brotherhood before the publication of Mr. [A. E.] Waite’s work The real history of the Rosicrucians in 1887…the result of arduous personal research, has gathered…facts…drawn from manuscripts, in some cases discovered by himself, and from skilful analogy. As it is the only authority on the subject worth speaking about…”

“…We find then that the name “Rosicrucian” was unknown previously to the year 1598. The history of the movement originates in Germany, where in the town of Cassel in the year 1614 the professors of magic and mysticism, theosophists and alchemists, were surprised by the publication of a pamphlet bearing the title The Fama of the Fraternity of the Meritorious Order of the Rosy Cross Addressed to the learned in General and the Governors of Europe. It purported to be a message from certain anonymous adepts who were deeply concerned for the condition of mankind, and who greatly desired its moral renewal and perfection. it proposed that all men of learning throughout the world should join forces for the establishment of a synthesis of science, through which would be discovered the perfect method of all the arts…”

“…The fraternity kindly supplied an account of its history. The head and front of the movement was one C.R.C. [Christian Rosenkreutz] of Teutonic race, a magical hierophant of the highest rank, who in the fifth year of his age had been placed in a convent, where he learned the humanities. At the age of fifteen, he accompanied one, Brother P.A.L. on his travels to the Holy Land; but the brother died at Cyprus to the great grief of C.R.C., who, however resolved to undertake the arduous journey himself.”

“Arriving at Damascus, he there obtained knowledge of a secret circle of theosophists who dwelt in an unknown [subterranean?] city of Arabia called Damcar, who were expert in magical arts. Turning aside from his quest of the Holy Sepulchre, the lad made up his mind to trace these Illuminati and sought out certain Arabians who carried him to the city of Damcar. There he arrived at the age of sixteen years, and was graciously welcomed BY THE MAGI, who intimated to him that they had long been expecting him, and relating to him several passages in his past life. They proceeded to initiate him into the mysteries of occult science, and he speedily became acquainted with Arabic…After three years of mystic instruction, he departed from the mysterious city for Egypt, whence he sailed to Fez as THE [MAGI]WISE MEN of Damcar had instructed him to do…”

“…He proceeded to Spain… Unhappily, the scholarhood (sic) of Spain [denounced C.R.C.’s magical knowledge and] turned its back upon him with loud laughter…With noble indignation he shook the dust of Spain from his feet, and turned his face to other countries only, alas, to find the same treatment within their boundaries. At last he sought his native land of Germany where he posed over the great truths he had learned in solitude and seclusion and reduced his universal philosophy to writing.”

“Five years of a hermits life, however, only served to strengthen him in his opinions, and he could not but feel that one who had achieved the transmutation of metals and had manufactured the elixir of life was designed for a nobler purpose than rumination in solitude.”

“Slowly and carefully he began to collect around him assistants who became the nucleus of the Rosicrucian fraternity. When he had gathered four of these persons into the brotherhood they invented amongst them a magical language, a cipher writing of equal magical potency, and a large dictionary replete with occult wisdom. They erected a House of the Holy Ghost, healed the sick, and initiated further members, and then betook themselves as missionaries to the various countries of Europe to disseminate their wisdom.”

“In course of time their founder, C.R.C., breathed his last, and for a hundred and twenty years the secret of his burial place was concealed. The original members also died one by one, and it was not until the third generation of adepts had arisen that the tomb of their illustrious founder was unearthed during the re-building of one of their secret [underground] dwellings. The vault in which this tomb was found was illuminated by the SUN OF THE MAGI, and inscribed with magical characters. The body of the illustrious founder was discovered in perfect preservation, and a number of marvels were discovered buried beside him…”

Pages 787-788.

In connection with C.R.C’s life story I have highlighted this Rosicrucian diagram (above right) emphasizing the Sceptre above his tomb. My argument contends that this celestial red sphere represents the ‘Sun of the Magi’—our second sun-like planet.

Exhibit H) continues:

“…In 1618 Henrichus Neuhuseus published a Latin pamphlet, which stated that the Rosicrucian adepts had migrated to India, and present-day Theosophists will have it that they exist now in the table-lands of Tibet…”

“…A pseudo-Rosicrucian Society existed in England before the year 1836, and this was remodeled about the middle of the last century under the title “ The Rosicrucian Society of England.” To join this it is necessary to be a Mason. The officers of the society consist of THREE MAGI, a master-general for the first and second orders, a deputy master-general, a treasurer, a secretary and seven ancients…”

“…The ‘Rosicrucian Society of England’…was organized in 1865 under the name Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia; a Metropolitan College was founded in London in 1866… Other colleges were later formed in the provinces. Kenneth Mackenzie, author of The Royal Masonic Cyclopaedia (1877) became Honorary MAGUS and gave many lectures to the Society…”

Page 789.

As mentioned earlier, it is a known fact that Rosicrucian societies still exist today so one can deduce, based on the above quotes, modern-day Magi continue to operate from within the brotherhood. The Bible tells us that THREE MAGI were synonymous for portending Christ’s birth due to the Star of Bethlehem’s manifestation. I get the impression the Magi knew exactly where to look for it in the sky when the right time arrived.


So if the Magi are interwoven into the Rosicrucian fold, one can suggest the ‘Christ Star’ would be interwoven in their symbolic imagery as well. Sure enough this is indeed the case.

The highlighted picture above is a blow-up of “a certificate of membership in ‘The Societas Rosicruciana’ in Anglia founded in 1886 by a group of Freemasons.” The Rosicrucian Society of England’s certificate clearly shows a crown with seven stars but notice how the crown is represented as a sun directly above our own celestial sun.


Is this another representation of the ‘Sun of the Magi’? I say yes!


Exhibit I) Jim Marrs
(Rule by Secrecy ©2000)

“[Master Mason]…Pike in his book Morals and Dogma intended only for the inner core of Masonry, made it clear that worship of the sun was an adulteration of an earlier belief. “Thousands of years ago, men worshipped the sun… Originally they looked beyond the orb (our solar system’s sun) to the invisible God… The worship of the Sun (the invisible God) became the basis of all the religions of antiquity…”

“…This secret becomes clearer when closer study reveals that this Great Architect of the Universe is a supreme creative being… Masonic authors draw a DISTINCTION BETWEEN the celestial “sun” and the “Sun” God which they say, is the bringer of light… interestingly enough, the appellation “Morning Star” and “Bringer of Light” were at times applied to Jesus.”

Page 263.

This is a remarkable statement because it suggests that the Masons [as well as the Rosicrucians] inherently knew of TWO SUNS! The Celestial Sun and the Sun God dubbed “The Grand Architect of the Universe.” Furthermore, if the Masonic Sun God was associated with the term “Bringer of Light” this infers a direct correlation to the “Christ Star” or the “Sun of the Magi.”

As mentioned in Part One, my research reveals that the two fraternities have acquired ancient knowledge of this second sun-like planet gleaned from subterranean libraries passed down from Elders to Adepts originally coming from, not only Egypt, but from some older civilization such as Mu. A great example of this two-sun symbology comes from a 19th century Masonic Irish silver dish obtained from the book Freemasonry – A Journey through ritual and Symbol by W. Kirk MacNulty ©1991. (Exhibit J)


See bottom left:

Compare that image to the upper-right image depicting the ‘True Sun’ of the Incas. The similarities are striking to say the least. (Also see Andy LloydThe True Sun of the Incas.’)

Another proponent of Lemuria and the knowledge of an invisible Sun-God (The Sun of the Magi) was Max Heindel.

Exhibit K) James R. Lewis (The Encyclopedia of Cults, Sects, and New Religions ©1998)

Carl Louis Van Grasshof, a German immigrant, founded the Rosicrucian Fellowship in 1909. Van Grasshof, better known as Max Heindel, settled in Los Angeles in 1903 and began to participate in Katherine Tingley’s Theosophical Society. Heindel was president of the lodge in 1904 and 1905, and gained popularity as a lecturer during that time.


In 1907, Heindel made a trip to Germany. During that trip he met an entity [?] identified as an Elder Brother of the Rosicrucian Order. The Elder Brother promised to be of assistance to Heindel. Heindel then traveled to the Temple of the Rosy Cross, near the Bohemian border. There, Heindel received much of the information he later published in his book, The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception.”

“After his return to America, he opened the first center for the new Rosicrucian Fellowship in Columbus, Ohio. By 1910 there were additional centers in the states of Washington, Oregon, and California. Heindel’s teachings were essentially theosophical. [Derived from the lectures of Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925)—GJ] He discussed the origin, development, and future constitution of the human race and the planet on which it evolves, as well as the spiritual hierarchies in whom this evolution is embedded.

“Heindel incorporated more Christian symbolism and drew more heavily on the history of Rosicrucianism than did most theosophical thinkers.

[Another prominent official of the Fellowship was Author Manly P. Hall—GJ]

The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception” is a rare and fascinating book delving deep into mystic Christianity. Although I cannot begin to understand the complex esoteric knowledge within this 610 page volume there are however some points I would like to address regarding the brotherhood’s direct first-hand knowledge of the Nibiru/Dark Star system:

Exhibit K) Max Heindel (The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception ©1909)

On page 515 Heindel discusses “ancient truths” associated with Christian Rosenkreutz and the ‘Order of the Rosicrucians.’ Heindel says that our Sun is the physical light bringer that travels from east to west but he also says we have an INVISIBLE SUN [THE DARK STAR] that also travels from east to west.

Then on page 502 the Max Heindel states that “Christ Himself symbolizes the Divine Initiate of the Vulcan Period.” And on page 391 Max Heindel discusses “THE STAR” and how “THE BLAZING STAR is ever there to guide HIM.”

From Pages 410 & 413 notice the symbology of the invisible Sun-God (shown below) and how it portrays the classic Egyptian winged-disc. So as you can observe, Heindel’s book also has deep symbolic clues as to the existence of a Dark Star/Nibiru binary system.




Part Three


In certain ways Count St. Germain’s life was similar to that of Christian Rosencreuze. Provided below is a condensed biographical account of Germain’s ‘true life’ history.

Exhibit I) Jim Marrs (Rule by Secrecy ©2000)

“Within early Freemasonry men were called magicians-not the stage illusionists of today but men who took the name from the term MAGI, OR WISE MEN. Until the Enlightenment of the eighteenth century, magic was merely another name for science. These magicians seriously claimed to have the ancient knowledge of metal transmutation, matter manipulation, and eternal youth. One of the most magical of these Masons was a person known as a “Wonderman,” who was thought to have lived for hundreds of years.”

“People who knew the Count of Saint-Germain either characterized him as a charlatan or an immortal magician. The truth probably lay somewhere between, although there was a definite strangeness about the man. No one ever learned his true origins…”

“Whoever he was, the Count of Saint-Germain, called a “Wonderman” due to his vast knowledge and social skills, proved to be one of the most successful agents of the secret societies in his time…”

Page 251.


Exhibit L) Theosophy Magazine (Vol. 27, No.1, No.28 ©November, 1938) Pages 3-9.

“…Count de St. Germain, described by his friend Prince Karl von Hesse as “one of the greatest philosophers who ever lived, the friend of humanity, whose heart was concerned only with the happiness of others.” Intimate and counselor of Kings and Princes, nemesis of deceptive ministers, ROSICRUCIAN, MASON, accredited Messenger of the Masters of Wisdom – the Count de St. Germain worked in Europe for more than a century, faithfully performing the difficult task which had been entrusted to him.”

“…During the 112 years that he is said to have lived in Europe, he always presented the appearance of a man about forty-five years of age. He was of medium height, with a slender, graceful figure, a captivating smile, and eyes of peculiar beauty. “Oh, what eyes!” sighed the Countess d’Adhémar. “I have never seen their equal!” He was an extraordinary linguist, speaking French, German, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Swedish without the slightest trace of an accent, and his knowledge of Sanscrit, Chinese and Arabic showed that he was well acquainted with the East…”

“…The prodigious memory of the Count de St. Germain was a constant source of amazement to his friends. He would merely glance at a paper, and days afterward repeat its contents without missing a word. He was ambidextrous, and could write a poem with one hand while he framed a diplomatic paper with the other. He frequently read sealed letters without touching them and was known to answer questions before they had been put into words….”

“…Many of St. Germain’s friends had practical proof of his alchemical knowledge…St. Germain… possessed the secret of melting several small diamonds into one large stone, an art learned in India, he said. While visiting the French Ambassador to The Hague, he broke up a superb diamond of his own manufacture, the duplicate of which he had recently sold for 5500 louis d’or. On another occasion he removed a flaw from a diamond belonging to Louis XV, increasing the value of the stone by 4000 livres. On gala occasions he appeared with a diamond ring on every finger and with shoe-buckles estimated to be worth at least 200,000 francs….”

“…The charming personality of the Count de St. Germain made him a welcome guest in the homes of the nobility of every land. But while he often sat at table with his friends, his own food was specially prepared for him in his own apartments. He ate no meat and drank no wine, his favorite beverage being a tea which he prepared from certain herbs, and which he frequently presented to his friends…He spoke with feeling of things which had happened hundreds of years in the past, giving the impression that he himself had been present…


If, as many claimed, St. Germain affirmed that he had lived in Chaldea and possessed the SECRETS OF THE EGYPTIAN SAGES, therefore he would have known about the Egyptian winged Sun-Disc. [See Andy Lloyd’s web-page ‘The Duat’—GJ] he may have spoken the truth without making any miraculous claim. There are Initiates, and not necessarily of the highest, who are able to recall many of their past lives. This may have been St. Germain’s way of calling attention of his friends to the doctrine of reincarnation. Or perhaps he knew the secret of “the Elixir of Life”…”

“…From 1737 to 1742 the Count de St. Germain was living in the Court of the Shah of Persia, occupied with alchemical research. On his return from Persia he settled in Versailles and became an intimate friend of Louis XV and Madame Pompadour. In the following year he was caught in the Jacobite Revolution in England. From there he went to Vienna, and afterward visited Frederick the Great in his castle of Sans-Souci in Potsdam, where Voltaire was also an honored guest.


Although Voltaire was opposed to St. Germain’s fellow-Theosophist Saint-Martin, his admiration for St. Germain was unbounded. In a letter to Frederick, Voltaire expressed his opinion that “the Count de St. Germain is a man who was never born, who will never die, and who knows everything.”

In 1755 the Count de St. Germain accompanied General Clive to India. On his return to France Louis XV gave him a suite of apartments in the Royal Chateau of Chambord, in Touraine. Here he often entertained the King and members of the Court in the ALCHEMICAL LABORATORY which the King had provided for him.

“[In 1762]… St. Germain was called to St. Petersburg, where he played an important part in the revolution which placed Catherine the Great upon the throne of Russia. He left the country in the uniform of a Russian general, with full credentials to which the imperial seal of Russia was affixed. Shortly afterward he appeared in Tunis and Leghorn while the Russian fleet was there, again in Russian uniform, and known under the name of Graf Saltikoff.

“…How many realized that they were conversing with an emissary of that Great Fraternity of Perfected Men who stand behind the scenes of all the great world-dramas, one who was directing not only the minor currents of European history, but some of the major currents as well? How many were aware of St. Germain’s real mission, part of which was the introduction of Theosophical principles into the various occult fraternities of the day?…”

“THE ROSICRUCIAN ORGANIZATIONS WERE CERTAINLY HELPED BY HIM. WHILE CHRISTIAN ROSENCREUZ, THE FOUNDER OF THE ORDER, TRANSMITTED HIS TEACHINGS ORALLY, ST. GERMAIN RECORDED THE DOCTRINES IN FIGURES, and one of his enciphered manuscripts became the property of his staunch friend, Prince Karl von Hesse. H.P.B. [Helena Blavatsky] mentions this manuscript in The Secret Doctrine (II, 202)…”[See the Rosicrucian blurb from my ‘Theosophy and the Dark Star Connection’ paper—GJ]



Exhibit M) Alchemy texts archives – The Comte de St Germain manuscript 

At one time, Theosophist Manly P. Hall had in his possession one of Count St. Germain’s manuscripts entitled ‘The Most Holy Trinosophia.’


He wrote:

“The word “Trinosophie” quite properly infers a triple meaning to the contents of the book, in other words that its meaning should be interpreted with the aid of three keys. From the symbolism it seems that one of these keys is ALCHEMY…; another Essenian Cabbalism; and the third Alexandrian Hermetism the mysticism of the later Egyptians.”

“Mr. Hall mentions St Germain’s work as “The rarest of occult manuscripts”… The Most Holy Trinosophia is truly a brilliant work; in its apparent simplicity it reads as a wonderfully imaginative tale COMPARABLE TO THE CHEMICAL MARRIAGE but like the latter this is only on the superficial level. The title of the manuscript attests to a deeper significance and a larger breadth. As Mr. Hall writes, “The word “Trinosophie” quite properly infers a triple meaning to the contents of the book, in other words that its meaning should be interpreted with the aid of three keys. From the symbolism it seems that one these keys is alchemy…; another Essenian Cabbalism; and the third Alexandrian Hermetism, the mysticism of the later Egyptians.”

“…There are also magical symbols, figures resembling Egyptian hieroglyphics, and a few words in character resembling cuneiform. At the end of the manuscript are a number of leaves written in arbitrary ciphers, possibly the code used by St.Germain’s secret society. “The various texts are written in Chaldean Hebrew, Ionic Greek, Arabic, Syriac, cuneiform, Greek hieroglyphics, and ideographs. The keynote throughout this material is that of the approach of the age when the Leg of the Grand Man and the Waterman of the Zodiac [Orion & Aquarius?] shall meet in conjunction at the equinox and end a grand 400,000 year cycle. This points to a culmination of eons, as mentioned in the Apocalypse: “BEHOLD! I MAKE A NEW HEAVEN AND A NEW EARTH,” MEANING A SERIES OF NEW CYCLES AND A NEW HUMANITY…”

“…I sense this last comment is a reference to the precession of the equinoxes and the Sun’s entrance into Aquarius. Although straying a bit from alchemy directly, and obviously fostering a contagious sense of mystery…”

Yes, there is indeed great mystery here. St. Germain’s arcane (Rosicrucian) philosophy was obtained when he traveled to Syria and the Orient where he contacted Initiates of the fraternity. It was during this timeframe, under the direction of the Anisaireh Brotherhood, St. Germain went into an altered state where he could see future events and the secrets of nature and the solar system were revealed to him.

Researcher Robert Wood was able to view St. Germain’s manuscript entitled “The Triangular Book of the Count of St. Germain” and translated the bizarre text in 1979. I’ve provided a snippet of this text below:

“1. To find things lost in the seas since the flooding of the globe.

2. To discover mines and diamonds, gold and silver within the bowels of the earth.

3. To preserve one’s health and prolong one’s life for a century, and that with the freshness of fifty years, and the strength of that age…”

“…let me know by a just inspiration if you judge me to be dignified by the purity of my soul — the places where there are mines of diamonds, gold, and silver, those who find precious things lost in the seas — to prolong my life in health and that for a century — I request these favors to be granted without incurring danger, risk, or peril, by Y and V which Adam understood, by the name AGLA for the preservation of Lot and his family from the fire of Sodom and Gemorrha…”

So it would seem Count De St. Germain was in the mining business searching for copious amounts of gemstones existing deep within the Earth and according to various reports he actually located and produced them. Furthermore, he mentions the cosmic “Fire” which destroyed Sodom and Gemorrah. I maintain this destruction was a direct result of Nibiru swinging on by and symbolic clues were given in St. Germain’s rare manuscript. All this esoteric knowledge was acquired from the time of Moses.


Another passage from the manuscript worth noting says:

“The Holy Magic revealed to Moses discovered within an Egyptian monument and preciously preserved in Asia under the EMBLEM OF A WINGED DRAGON.”

I argue the celestial dragon is also deeply suggestive of Nibiru. (See Andy Lloyd’s web-page ‘The Book of Revelation.’) The chief message in many discussions of the Magi is to illustrate the philosophical position of two primal eternal realities (good and evil) in-other-words dualism and through symbolic images dualism can shine through quite distinctively.

A great example of this can be seen in the dragon image below. The picture is from the front cover of a book entitled “The Prophetic Vision of Merlin” by R.J. Stewart ©1886. (Exhibit N)

As you can see above, Nibiru—the Sun of the Magi—is represented in each of the dragon mouths. In one mouth, a benevolent star (The ‘Christ Star’ which spares planet earth—good) and in the other, a malevolent star (The “old dragon” or Satan, that can destroy planet earth’s surface with his cosmic fire—evil). In-other-words celestial dualism is created dependant upon where Nibiru is in relation to the Earth.


Keeping this thought in mind, Author R. J. Stewart writes the following:

“…Merlin can interpret [prophesy and] he reveals the meaning of ‘A STAR OF GREAT MAGNITUDE AND BRILLIANCE’ that heralds a NEW AGE…and this is a stellar event [that will be] seen by people throughout the land…”

Page 64.


Exhibit L) Theosophy Magazine continues:

“While St. Germain was living in Vienna he spent much of his time in the ROSICRUCIAN LABORATORY on the Landstrasse, and at one time lived in the room which Leibniz occupied in 1713. St. Germain also worked with the Fratres Lucis, and with the “Knights and Brothers of Asia” who studied Rosicrucian and Hermetic science and made the “philosopher’s stone” one of the objects of their research.”

“Although an effort has been made to eliminate St. Germain’s name from modern Masonic literature, careful research into Masonic archives will prove that HE OCCUPIED A PROMINENT POSITION IN EIGHTEENTH CENTURY MASONRY. He acted as a delegate to the Wilhelmsbad Convention in 1782 and to the great Paris Convention of 1785. Cadet de Gassicourt described him as a traveling member of the Knights Templar, and Deschamps says that Cagliostro was initiated into that Order by St. Germain.”

[From an underground chamber near Frankfurt—GJ].

“The Count de St. Germain is said to have died on February 27, 1784, and the Church Register of Eckernförde in Danish Holstein contains the record of his death and burial. But as it happens, some of St. Germain’s most important work was done after that date. This fact is brought out in the Souvenirs de Marie-Antoinette, written by one of her ladies-in-waiting, the Countess d’Adhémar. This diary was started in 1760 and ended in 1821, one year before the death of the Countess, and a large part of it is concerned with St. Germain’s efforts to avert the horrors of the French Revolution.”

“Early one Sunday morning in 1788 the Countess was surprised to receive a visit from the Count de St. Germain, whom she had not seen in several years. He warned her that a giant conspiracy was under foot, in which the Encyclopaedists would use the Duc de Chartres in an effort to overthrow the monarchy, and asked her to take him to the Queen. When Madame d’Adhémar reported the conversation to Marie-Antoinette, the Queen confessed that she also had received another communication from this mysterious stranger who had protected her with warnings from the day of her arrival in France. On the following day St. Germain was admitted into the private apartments of the Queen…”

“In [another] conversation [with her] the Count de St. Germain informed her that the time when he could have helped France was past. “I can do nothing now. My hands are tied by one stronger than myself. The hour of repose is past, and the decrees of Providence must be fulfilled.” He foretold the death of the Queen, the complete ruin of the Bourbons, the rise of Napoleon. “And you yourself?” the Countess asked. “I must go to Sweden,” he answered. “A great crime is brewing there, and I am going to try to prevent it. His Majesty Gustavus III interests me. He is worth more than his renown.” The Countess inquired if she would see him again. “Five times more,” he answered. “Do not wish for the sixth.”

“True to his word, the Count de St. Germain appeared to the Countess d’Adhémar on five different occasions: at the beheading of the Queen; on the 18th Brumaire; the day following the death of the Duc d’Enghien in 1804; in January, 1813; on the eve of the assassination of the Duc de Berri in 1820. Presumably, the sixth time was on the day of her death, in 1822.”

“What happened to the Count de St. Germain after that date? Did he, as Andrew Lang asks, “die in the palace of Prince Karl von Hesse about 1780-85? Did he, on the other hand, escape from the French prison where Grosley thought he saw him, during the French Revolution? Was he known to Lord Lytton about 1860? [Lytton wrote ‘Vril, The Power of the Coming Race in 1871. See Exhibit C in ‘Nibiru and the Subterranean Connection’—GJ] Who knows?” Who, indeed. One of the Masters spoke of the “benevolent German Prince from whose house, and in whose presence he (St. Germain) made his last exit – home.”

“In the last decade of the eighteenth century St. Germain confided his future plans to his Austrian friend, Franz Graeffer, saying,

“Tomorrow night I am off. I am much needed in Constantinople, then in England, there to prepare two new inventions which you will have in the next century — trains and steamboats. Toward the end of this century I shall disappear out of Europe, and betake myself to the region of the Himalayas. I will rest; I must rest. Exactly in 85 years will people again set eyes on me. Farewell.

(Kleine Wiener Memorien.)


These words were spoken in 1790. Eighty-five years from that date brings us to 1875. What part did St. Germain play in the Theosophical Movement of last century? What part is he going to play in the present century?…”



Based on this magazine article, Christian Rosencreuz (if real) and Count St. Germain were both alchemists so its quite reasonable to stress here that the second sun-like body would be portrayed within alchemic manuscripts akin to the ‘Sun of the Magi’ being symbolized in Rosenkreuz’s ‘Chemical Wedding.’ Below are six illustrations to support my argument:

Exhibit O) ‘Alchemy’ –
Adam McLean’s Gallery of alchemical images

Engraving from Johann Joachim Becher, Opuscula chymica rariora, Nurnberg, 1719. (showing two suns) Engraving from Splendor Solis. A Coat of Arms with foliage, has a shield bearing the image of the sun. Above this another sun shines down. (portrayed in a wing-like manner) Engraving from Baro Urbigerus, Besondere chymische Schrifften, Hamburg, 1705. (showing two suns)
Middle ages wood cut showing two suns in the sky. “Child of the Sun”
Emblem from Hermaphrodite (Notice how the ‘red sphere’ is identical with the ‘Rosy Cross’ sphere from Christian Rosenkrueze’s tomb diagram—see Exhibit H)
Engraving from Rosary of the Philosophers. A winged sun hovers above a sepulchre filled with water (the ‘Sun of the Magi’)

These striking images make it quite clear the ‘Sun of the Magi’ is destined to reappear one day in the future and the MAGI—Count St. Germain included—were privy to this ancient secret. Two thousand years ago, eluded to earlier, the Magi knew exactly where to look in the sky. They knew the ‘Star of Bethlehem’ was cyclical in nature just as the Magi of today (within the Mason/Rosicrucian movements) know this and are secretly anticipating its eminent return.

I also suggest to the reader the ‘EIGHTH SPHERE’ of the theosophists is attributed to Christ Jesus himself and A. P. Sinnet (a theosophist) hints of a sky position as to where to look for it. See Below:

Exhibit P) A. P. Sinnet
(Esoteric Buddism ©1885) from Chapter VI; Kama Loca

“…there is not much mystery left now in the riddle of the eighth sphere [sun of the Magi—GJ], nor as to the place in the sky where it may be sought. The conditions of existence there, however, are topics on which the adepts are very reserved in their communications to uninitiated pupils, and concerning these I have for the present no further information to give…”



In concluding, the late Father Malachi Martin (an ex-Jesuit Priest who no doubt rubbed shoulders with Rosicrucians in his life time) said to a well-known American radio personality, Art Bell, in an interview I personally listened to back in ’97 or ’98.

“…the sign will be in the form of a Red Cross and everyone will see it…”

To signify change and herald in a new age. Simply put, the ‘Rosy Cross’ of the Rosicrucians is the celestial ‘Red Cross,’ the ‘Christ Star’ and yes, the ‘Sun of the Magi’ known as Nibiru.




Part Four

God, your Father, sends the sun to shine upon you. God, your Father, can also send the sun to burn you. A SECOND SUN lies out in your atmosphere [solar system], the Ball of Redemption. I repeat, My children, it is not a myth, nor a story; it is a fact.”
The Virgin Mary gave this vision to the devout Catholic, Veronica Lueken on December 31, 1974.


Mountains! Why are we so fascinated with them?


Since the beginning of human history people have felt compelled to explore their lofty summits and deep caverns within their broad extremities. This ageless attraction seems to be inherently ingrained in our human psyche, but why? One reason is that mountains are associated with the spiritual realm and are deeply rooted in religious tradition.

The Hindu Vedas speak of the Himalayas where Rama flew north to Mt. Meru, the Bible speaks of Mt. Ararat where Noah’s Ark landed and Mt. Sinai where Moses talked to God. American native Indians speak of Mt. Shasta and the Teton mountain range, where they say was once home to an ‘invisible’ ancient white race.

I must admit when I first viewed these majestic mountains such as the Tetons and Mt. Shasta in person, I too, sensed there was something mystical about them. There was another ‘esoteric truth’ to these mountains that mainstream history wasn’t telling me, but what? I just couldn’t put a finger on it. Many years went by grappling with this notion and one day, finally, the answer hit me like a ton of bricks.


The revelation of ‘rapid mountain building’—a direct result from crustal slippage caused by a pole-shift.

Yes, I realize geologists will tell you the modus operandi theory today is ‘Plate Tectonics,’ a very long and dull process where mountain summits increase or decrease only by one centimeter, give of take, every year. But geologists do not realize there is another variable at play here in nature’s equation. Nibiru and the Dark Star! And its clear to me now, geologically speaking, the Earth goes through long periods of boredom only to have short periods of terror occur when Nibiru rolls on by.

If Nibiru’s path becomes close enough, tremendous gravitational pressures would build up between the two magnetic fields resulting in a pole-shift. Much like how two positive magnets would repel one another when held to close together. You can actually feel a physical reaction of the two magnets ‘slipping’ away from one another. Try it yourself. So, if one pictures this same scenario, but more on a gargantuan scale you can see how crustal slippage on the Earth would indeed occur.


In-other-words, rapid mountain up-thrusts or down-thrusts—designed by the ‘Grand Architect of the Universe,’ GOD.

“A fire goes before Him and burns up his enemies all around. His [cosmic] lightning flashes in the sky [within the upper atmosphere]. When the people see it, they tremble. The MOUNTAINS MELT LIKE WAX before the Lord.”

Psalm 97 verses 3-5.

So if you take this Biblical verse literally, island chains in the ocean or even continents would come and go in cyclical fashion. Call it ‘Divine Intervention,’ if-you-will. The Rosicrucian Lemurian Fellowship is one such brotherhood that documented all this by stating the inhabitants of Lemuria knew the pole-shift was imminent and had no choice but to migrate to Mt. Shasta in northern California just prior to their continent “melting like wax.” See below:


From Exhibit B) David Hatcher Childress
(Lost Cities of North & Central America ©1992)

“Mount Shasta has long been a source of mystery to those involved in studies of the paranormal. It has been called the North American Mecca for mystical phenomena. Stories about Mount Shasta range from ancient Masters who live inside the mountain to frequent UFO sightings…”

“…Among the legends surrounding Mount Shasta is one which states that the mountain was a last refuge for a group of survivors of the [pole-shift] cataclysm that sank the lost continent of the Pacific, called Mu…”

[See Part One—GJ]

“Located on the northern extremity of the Sierra Nevada range, Mount Shasta is the cone of what scientists believe to be a dormant volcano. Today it extends to a height of 14,380 feet above sea level, though scientists believe that at one time the land in this region was actually higher and that Mount Shasta may well have been the highest mountain in California…”

Page 529

“The Rosicrucians [Ancient and Mystical Order of the Rosae Crucis or AMORC] …have a tradition regarding the ancient history of California and Mount Shasta through information derived from ancient manuscripts brought from China and Tibet. From this source much information has been gained concerning the connection between California and the lost Lemurian Continent.”

Page 531.

As early as 1908, an article in the Overland Monthly suggested that California was a remnant of the hypothesized lost continent of Lemuria, the Pacific Ocean equivalent of Atlantis.


This idea was popularized by H. Spencer Lewis, the founder of AMORC, and the author of Lemuria, the lost continent of the Pacific, published in 1931 under the pseudonym Wishar Spenle Cerve.

“[Spencer Lewis’ book]… discusses the emigration of Lemurians to California. According to the ancient manuscripts allegedly in his possession, before the [pole-shift] catastrophe the mountains in the northeastern part of Lemuria (now northern California) were higher than they presently are today, and were perhaps the highest mountains in the world. This made Mount Shasta region an ideal place of refuge for those seeking to escape the GREAT DELUGE which occurred with the supposed sinking of the continent. He says, “The fact that only a few thousands succeeded in reaching the mountains would indicate that the last great catastrophe of Lemuria [caused by Nibiru—GJ] was more or less sudden and decidedly complete in its submergence of the land.”

“His records state that some of the people from that civilization had apparently anticipated the possibility of the catastrophe and had established a[n underground] base of supplies in the mountains…

[akin]…to present day Cheyenne Mountain outside Colorado Springs (a hollowed out mountain with a Military command base inside). These they protected in well-built structures made of very hard stone and marble in “typically Lemurian fashion.” Lewis (Cerve) claims these structures exist today in a state of only partial ruin, and are examples of the architecture of a people who lived millennia back in time.”

Page 531

“One of the most famous incidents of a possible discovery of Lemurian architecture involved a man named J.C. Brown and occurred near the turn of the century. In 1904, Brown, who at the time was a prospector, claimed to have made an intriguing discovery somewhere in the Cascade mountain range (Mount Shasta is located in the Cascades). Brown had been hired by the Lord Cowdray Mining Company of England to prospect for gold in this area. While on his second trip to the region, Brown found a Man-made tunnel carved into a solid rock wall. Apparently, a landslide had destroyed a wall which had hidden the tunnel.”

“He followed the tunnel until he came to a large man-made cavern. The room was lined with sheets of tempered copper. Strange shields hammered from gold were hung on the walls. In various niches within the cavern, Brown saw unusual artifacts and statues. In addition, strange drawings and undecipherable hieroglyphics were found in rooms lying off of the main cavern as well as the BONES OF PEOPLE WHO HAD APPARENTLY BELONGED TO SOME SORT OF GIANT RACE…”

“Brown did not immediately report his discovery of the treasure for fear that his employers would usurp the rights to it. Instead, he waited 30 years, until after his retirement. In 1934 he finally told his tale. In a short time, eighty people from Stockton California were ready to assist him in the rediscovery of the cavern.”

“On June 19, 1934 they set out on their journey into the Cascade Mountains. The night before Brown was to have shown the party the entrance to the cavern, they camped out beside a stream. Some time during the night, he mysteriously disappeared. The disappearance was investigated by the Stockton police who were stymied by the incident.


Apparently, Brown had not led them all there as a hoax for any attempted personal gain, for not a cent had been stolen from any person in the party. They theorized that Brown had been abducted, but by whom or for what reason, no one ever learned. He was never seen again.”

“According to the Rosicrucians (AMORC), stories were quite common in northern California many years ago of strange-looking persons who would emerge from the forests from time to time. These people would run back into hiding if seen or discovered by anyone. Occasionally they might come into one of the smaller towns and trade for modern commodities using gold nuggets or dust as payment.


They refused to accept change for the items they purchased leading some to theorize that the gold was not of value to them, nor did they really need money of any kind. Garbed in an unusual costume not recognized as being either American Indian or European, these people are described as being distinctive in features and complexion; tall, graceful, and agile, having the appearance of being quite old and exceedingly virile.”

Pages 533-534.

“The Rosicrucians also report that “boats” exist which have flown out of the Shasta region high in the air over the hills of California as well as other nearby areas. They say such boats have been spotted at sea and as far north as the Aleutian Islands. The airships were unusual in that they made absolutely no sound, giving no indication of having been powered by a motor of any kind.”

Page 537.

Exhibit R) Rosicrucian Digest (May 1931 Issue)

“Many testify to having seen the strange boat, or boats, which sail the Pacific Ocean, and then rise at its shores and sail through the air to drop again in the vicinity of Shasta. This same boat…has neither sails nor smokestacks…[and] was seen several times by the officials employed by the cable station located near VANCOUVER, and the boat has been sighted as far north as the Aleutian Islands…”

Exhibit B) continues:

“The Indians have always believed that California was inhabited by a super-race whose colonies isolated themselves, preserving their strange culture intact and separate from others. One location occupied by this mysterious race of “invisible people” according to tradition has been Mount Shasta; one Wintun Indian, Grant Towendolly, recalls a story his father had told him in which he once heard the laughter of children coming from [within] the mountain.”

Page 529.

“Elements of the Indian legends lend credence to the belief that California and Mount Shasta may have been part of an advanced and ancient civilization and that its legacy is a race of people who at one time (and perhaps still today?) occupied the area.”

Page 530.

“Indians in the Shasta area [also] report the existence of [boats or] UFOs over the mountain. In 1930 shortly before his death, Chief Potentio, member of the old Cahuilla Tribe and 108 years old told of the silver ships that came and went from the highest point of the mountain…”

Page 537.


Exhibit S) Branton (The Underground Empire ©1995±) Internet Publication: File No. 008

“Note: There are indications that some members of certain Masonic-type ‘secret government’ societies, such as the ROSICRUCIAN ORDER, have attempted to establish contact with the subterranean residents of Mt. Shasta, although it is uncertain just what might have come of this. Several encounters with the ‘Blondes’ (both subterranean and extraterrestrial?) [have occurred in the Mt. Shasta region] since this is their world also, and they are just as native to earth as anyone else living on this planet…”

Are the tall Blonde Entities members of the GREAT WHITE BROTHERHOOD and descendants of the terrestrial Giant Race now able to go off planet? That would explain why Branton believes they are just as native to Earth as we are.

Exhibit T) Eric Norman
(The Underpeople ©1969)

The following letter was written to the Author from a correspondent:

“…at first I scoffed at such stories about mysterious tunnels and an alien civilization beneath the surface… I joined an inner earth group for the simple enjoyment of discussing outlandish ideas in a humorless, serious manner. Gradually, I became interested by the considerable volume of circumstantial evidence. I now believe the earth is absolutely honeycombed by a web of tunnels that run beneath the continents, under the oceans, and these passageways link the subterranean cities of the inner world.”

“…There are many reports concerning a vast tunnel called the ‘Roadway of the Incas’ which has an entrance somewhere in Peru. It runs south more than a thousand miles. There is another entrance to this fabulous tunnel in the Desert of Atacamba in Chile. [See ‘Nibiru and the Subterranean Connection – Part Two‘—GJ] The ‘Highway of the Incas’ passes under Cuzco, the legendary city of Peru.


There is another, smaller, but very well hidden entrance to the tunnel in the mountains near Machu Picchu, which is the capital city of the first and last Inca emperor. It is called ‘The Lost City of the Incas’ and was not discovered until 1911 by an American, Hiram Bringham. It is considered the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World.”

“…Everything at Machu Picchu is an excellent preservation…there are more than two hundred buildings constructed from white granite… fountains… shrines… and gigantic stairways carved from a single massive boulder.”

“…This was a thriving city. It is intact except for the thatched roofs of the houses having deteriorated over the centuries…and, the doors are missing…it is as if the inhabitants selected a single day and mysteriously vanished. Did they enter the ‘Highway of the Incas’ and migrate to the inner earth?…

“His mention of the ‘Highway of the Incas’ strikes a familiar note… A physician in Argentina has devoted his spare time to an investigation of this legendary inter-continental tunnel of the Under-People. He commented:

“…I have always been intrigued by the unknown and please convey my thanks to Dr. H— for providing the opportunity to publish my views… I started to investigate the ‘Highway of the Incas’ when I was a young, curious youth and I have hundreds of witnessed, notarized statements. These documents and tape recordings fill one room of my home. The Incas knew of the tunnel and, although gold was of little value to them, they hid their treasures in these caverns to keep it from the greedy Spanish conquerors. No one had provided a satisfactory explanation for their mysterious disappearance. There was an empire of several million people that vanished from the surface of the earth. They entered the tunnel and left the Quechua Indians behind. As few Incas have been seen since then, they possibly took up residence in a cavern city or followed the tunnel to the interior of the earth.”

“…The ‘Highway’ is the largest of the tunnels and it connects all continents. In addition to the openings in South America, there are entrances in CANADA, IN BRITISH COLUMBIA; in America, you should investigate MT. SHASTA IN CALIFORNIA… The tunnel is connected with Tibet and another opening in Central Asia. I believe the African entrance is in the Atlas mountains in the north of that continent.”

“…I also suggest that you explore the ‘highways’ which have been found in the oceans. These ancient underworld civilizations may be mining our seas!”

In many volcanic regions caves are created when the outer surface of lava flow congeals and cools into a hollowed out shell. Called lava tubes, these formations are found in and around Mount Shasta, some are a mile or more long. (According to AMORC some are endless and have been occupied by ancient man) But the most famous is ‘Pluto Cave.’ See the picture above.


From what I have read, exploring this lava tube near Mount Shasta should not be taken lightly and the depths of this cave are eternally dark. The travel-guide books will advise you not to venture in alone because of the seriousness of getting ‘lost’ within the cave. However, the guide-books will tell you the eerie experience of advancing into a seemingly infinite blackness is unforgettable.

Exhibit S) continues….

“…The following are some excepts from an article written by William F. Hamilton… Bill has been in Data Processing for 22 years and is now a Sr. Programmer – Analyst. He is a writer, investigator and researcher. He has been involved in UFO research and investigations since 1953…He founded Nexus and Nexus News, an info center for alternative energy and alternative life-styles… He is a UFO investigator with MUFON, an Associate Director of UFOCCI, and founder of UFORCES. Bill is the author of the following books:… Alien Magic; and Cosmic Top Secret. He has written numerous articles for publications such as… ‘The New Atlantean Journal,’ ‘California UFO,’ and ‘UFO Universe’. The following article originally appeared in the ‘New Atlantean Journal’:

“…I run across some fascinating people in the course of my investigations who tell me many unusual stories. While on the trail of reports of UFO base locations, I met a young, very pretty blonde girl with almond-shaped eyes and small perfect teeth, whose name is Bonnie. Bonnie has told me an incredible story and has related a volume of interesting information… Bonnie is sincere, cheerful, and rational and says she (was born) in 1951 in a city called TELOS that was built inside an artificial dome-shaped cavern in the Earth a mile or so beneath Mt. Shasta, California.”

“Bonnie, her mother (Rana Mu), her father Ra(Mu), her sister Judy, her cousins Lorae and Matox, live and move in our society, returning frequently to TELOS for rest and recuperation. Bonnie relates that her people use boring machines to bore tunnels in the Earth. These boring machines heat the rock to incandescence, then vitrify it, thus eliminating the need for beams and supports. A tube transit tunnel is used to connect the… cities that exist in various subterranean regions in our hemisphere.


The tube trains are propelled by electromagnetic impulses up to speeds of 2500 mph. One tube connects with one of their cities in the Matto Grosso jungle of Brazil. (They) have developed space travel and some flying saucers come from their subterranean bases… They grow food hydroponically under full-spectrum lights with their gardens attended by automatons. The food and resources of Telos are distributed in plenty to the million-and-a-half population that thrives on a no-money economy. Bonnie talks about history, of the Uighers, Naga-Mayas, and Quetzals, of which she is a descendant…”

“(Note: Many people have mistakenly identified the inhabitants of ‘Telos’ as being directly descended from the ‘Lemurians’, however Bonnie here seems to refute this by indicating that her ancestrage was other than this, possibly Meso-American and/or East-Indian? As in the case of the ancient ‘antediluvian’ cities of the eastern seaboard which were re-established after being abandoned by the lost ‘Atlanteans’, the ‘LEMURIANS’…also seem to have been devastated in a world-wide cataclysm [due to the return of Nibiru—GJ] and their cities re-established by the Uighers, Naga-Mayas, and Quetzals and probably scattered members of other societies. As we’ve said earlier, the name ‘Telos’ is a Grecian word meaning ‘uttermost’, suggesting a ‘possible’ connection with the grecian-like Hav-musuvs of the Panamint mountains of California – Branton).”

“I met Bonnie’s cousin, Matox, who, like her, is a strict vegetarian [as are the Rosicrucians—GJ] and holds the same attitudes concerning the motives of government. They constantly guard against discovery or intrusion. Their advanced awareness and technology helps them remain vigilant…”

“Science Fiction? Bonnie is a real person. Many have met her. Is she perpetrating a hoax? For what motive? She does not seek publicity and I have a devil of a time getting her to meetings to talk with others, but she has done so. There has been little variation in her story and her answers in the past three years. She has given me excellent technical insight on the construction of a crystal-powered generator that extracts ambient energy… Bonnie’s father, the Ramu, is 300 years old and a member of the ruling council of Telos.”

“Many tunnels are unsafe and closed off. All tube transit tunnels are protected and are designed to eject uninvited guests. Does Bonnie have the answers that we are looking for? I don’t know… Bonnie says she would like to satisfy our need for proof and will work with me on a satisfactory answer to that problem, but she is unconcerned with whether people accept her or not. Bonnie is humorous and easy-going and well-poised, yet sometimes she becomes brooding and mysterious. She says her people are busy planning survival centers for refugees. One of these is to be near Prescott, Arizona…”

“(Note: or rather below the Groom Creek area just south of Prescott, to be exact. Another ‘Survival Center’ for refugees of the world-wide cataclysms which the Telosians believe will eventually devastate the surface of the Earth, is said to be below the general area of Jenny Lake, Wyoming, near the Tetons. The Tetons themselves have been the alleged home of a mysterious race, according to different sources, and extremely ancient stone ‘buildings’ have reportedly been found high atop these peaks – Branton).”


From Exhibit B) David Hatcher Childress (Lost Cities of North & Central America)

“The claim of a large city beneath Mount Shasta is interesting in light of the fact that the Cascade Range of mountains, of which Mount Shasta is a part, is an active volcanic range. It has been predicted by many Native American Shamans, such as Sun Bear in Spokane, Washington, that the Cascade volcanos are all going to all erupt [at the same time during the next pole-shift—GJ] This could include Mount Shasta and nearby Mount Lassen… With all that magma moving up from the Earth’s core, the million people in [Mount Shasta’s] underground city might have some environmental problems…”

Page 540.

“It seems quite possible that some sort of ancient, high tech place might have existed at Mount Shasta, though it seems doubtful that a million people, or even any number even remotely near that figure, ever lived inside the mountain. Generally, it is said that the few who maintain such ancient repositories as those that allegedly exist at Mount Shasta, Tibet and other places, do not make contact with the outside world or the uninitiated.”

Page 541.

“In a strange book, A Dweller On Two Planets, originally published in 1899 (though written [by Phylos the Tibetan] in 1886), there are several incidents which relate directly to the mysteries of Mount Shasta. One is the use of vailxi by Atlanteans, a submersible, cigar shaped airship. These airships are the Atlantean equivalent of an Indian Rama empire vimana. At one point in the book, the author, in an Atlantean incarnation… goes from Atlantis to Rama in a vailx, and at one point stops at a “vimana port’ and monastery on top of Grand Teton in Wyoming. The ruins of this ancient structure are said to be on Grand Teton today…”

Page 537.

“It is a strange book, and according to some sources, such as the Lemurian Fellowship, it is a mixture of FACT and fiction. Perhaps, in an effort to sort out the “esoteric truth” about Mount Shasta, the Lemurian fellowship of [northern] California can help us. Founded in 1936, the Lemurian Fellowship, under the direction of Dr. Robert Stelle, [or ‘The Stelle Group’—[see Part One of this paper] claims to be the mundane school of the Lemurian Brotherhood, whose real name is the Lothian brotherhood, as Phylos claimed.”

“The Lemurian Fellowship further claimed that, as Phylos had said [in his book], Mount Shasta had been, indeed, the secret headquarters for the Lemurian Brotherhood, of which the Master Quong was the chief officer. With the use of left over Atlantean vailxi stored in the depths of the dormant crater, members of the Brotherhood could go anywhere they wanted, including any of the other secret retreats [underground bases] around the world.”

“According to the Lemurian Fellowship, [as mentioned in Part One] the so-called Thirteenth School of “Mu” relocated somewhere on the Tibetan Plateau just prior to the pole shift and sinking of the Pacific Continent about 24,000 years ago. It is this Thirteenth School of Lemuria that became the nucleus of what was later to be called The Great White Brotherhood. This site is allegedly in the Kun Lun Mountains of western Tibet, known in ancient Chinese tradition as the Land of Kwan Yin, or the Land of Hsi Wang Mu…”

“Later, after the devastating geographical [Earth] changes had turned a small group of islands in the Atlantic into a small continent known as Poseid (Atlantis) [See ‘Nibiru and the Atlantean Connection – Part One’—GJ] and the cataclysmic [rapid] uplifting of the South American continent had occurred, the first of the seven secret Brotherhoods was started by Quong in Mount Shasta. Six more Brotherhoods around the world were started in various places, each with an esoteric school where students could study…”

Page 538.

“In May 1936, The Rosicrucian Digest, a publication of AMORC and Harvey Spencer Lewis, announced that because of all the attention that Shasta was attracting, the Lemurians were abandoning their site on Shasta in favor of a more secret location. According to the digest, a delegation of them had come to Lewis’ office in San Jose where the Grand Lodge of the Rosicrucian order is located (…there are at least three Rosicrucian orders currently in the USA…) to tell him this and to ask that he not divulge their new location.”

“The Lemurian Fellowship claims that the “Lemurian Brotherhood” began moving their headquarters from Mount Shasta into a remote mountain area of the [Canadian] Yukon sometime in the late 1800s. Apparently, the members of the Brotherhood had their own airships, which they used during their move… to their supposed new base of operations in the Yukon. In theory, many of the UFOs seen around Mt. Shasta are airships of the Lemuria Brotherhood, left over from those ancient days of yore.”

Pages 539-540.

“With all of the modern activity going on around Mount Shasta, it made sense, as the Rosicrucians had claimed, that the secret Masters of Mount Shasta had moved their base to the Yukon where they exist with peace and quite…”

Page 541.



In Part Three of this paper I presented a Theosophy magazine article (Exhibit L) that posed the question; What role was Count De Saint Germain going to play in the 1900s?


Well, it seems he turned up, strangely enough, at Mount Shasta as an “ascended Master” belonging to the Great White Brotherhood. It was at this location where he chose a mining engineer named Guy Warren Ballard as his official messenger to herald in the coming of the “Golden Age,” See below:

Exhibit U) William Bramley
(The Gods of Eden ©1989)

“After St. Germain’s reported death in 1784, he was made to seem physically immortal. In the early 1930s, a man named Guy Warren Ballard [1878-1939] claimed that St. Germain had spoken to him on a mountain in California. That conversation gave birth to an interesting new branch of the brotherhood…”

“Guy Warren Ballard was a mining engineer. In 1930, he went on a business trip to Mount Shasta in northern California. Ballard had become interested in mysticism before his trip and he wanted to use his off-duty hours at Mount Shasta to unravel rumors about the existence of a secret branch of the Brotherhood called the “Brotherhood of Mount Shasta.”…was said to have a secret underground headquarters inside the famous California mountain…”

Pages 364-365.

“Against this background, Mr. Ballard’s experience on Mount Shasta takes on added significance. Mr. Ballard writes that he had hiked up the side of the mountain and paused by a spring. As he bent down to fill a cup with water, he felt an electrical current passing through his body from head to foot. Looking around, he saw behind him a bearded man who looked to be in his 20’s or 30’s. The stranger later introduced himself as the Count of St. Germain.”

“As a result of this meeting, Mr. Ballard began a full-time career spreading the teachings of the new St. Germain. Ballard established the “I AM Foundation”—an organization with secret initiations and step-by-step teachings. Mr. Ballard claims that he had been introduced to members of the highest levels of the [Great White] Brotherhood, under which the I AM was founded.”

Pages 365-366.

“The initial meetings between Ballard and “St. Germain” took place between August and October 1930. During the earliest of those meetings, St. Germain had Ballard drink a liquid which caused a strong physical reaction and made Ballard go “out of body.”…After imbibing this fluid on several occasions, Ballard said that he was able to go “out of body” without the drink…”

Page 366.

“[On one occasion]…while he was in one of his “out of body” states, St. Germain, who was also “out of body,” took him to some rather remarkable places. One locale was a mountain in the Teton Range of Wyoming—a mountain Mr. Ballard calls the “Royal Teton.” According to Ballard, there was a sealed tunnel entrance near the top of the mountain that led to ELEVATORS. The elevators took their occupants to a location two thousand feet down into an underground complex of huge halls, storage spaces, and mines…”

Pages 366-367.

“…Mr. Ballard claims to have visited four secret underground locations altogether: two of them while “out of body” and two by regular human means. Interestingly, each location corresponded to a region in which there existed earlier in history a major civilization worshiping the Custodial “gods.” The Teton location coincided with the ancient North American civilizations. A similar underground location in South America went hand-in-hand with the Incan civilization on that continent. A trip by boat and automobile resulted in a stopover at a reputed underground location on the Arabian peninsula, which matched the ancient Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations. The fourth location in the mountains above the city of Darjeeling, India, corresponded to the ancient Aryan civilizations of the Indian subcontinent. The underground locations were reportedly quite expansive and served a number of functions. In addition to holding electronic gadgetry, the caves were reportedly filled with enormous quantities of precious metals and gems…”

Pages 368-369.

“…According to Mr. Ballard… Mankind lost… records to Brotherhood leaders who had deliberately removed and hidden the writings. Ballard claims that he saw some of those ancient historical works inside the underground mountain complex north of Darjeeling, India. He added that the records would not be released to the human race until the “Ascended Masters” [Count St. Germain being one of them—GJ] so ordered:

“These records are not brought forth into the use of the outer world at the present time, because of lack of spiritual growth and understanding of the people. The race has a restlessness and critical feeling, that is a very destructive activity… the Ascended Masters of the Great White brotherhood, have always foreseen such destructive impulses and have withdrawn all important records of every civilization, and preserved them, then left the less important to be destroyed by the vicious impulse of the vandals.”

Page 372.

“In one of the large underground rooms, [within the Royal Teton Mountain in Wyoming] Mr. Ballard claims that he saw an ALL SEEING EYE SYMBOL on the wall. There was a large machine, which Ballard described as:

“…A DISC OF GOLD—at least twelve feet in diameter. Filling it so that the points touched the circumference—BLAZED A SEVEN POINTED STAR—composed entirely of yellow diamonds—A SOLID MASS OF BRILLIANT GOLDEN LIGHT….”

Page 367.


It should be noted that Ballard was labeled a fraud because of his rather strange tale and no tangible evidence of his life-experience was ever produced. Skeptics will tell you that extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. Pity Ballard isn’t alive today to defend himself. Be that as it may, whether you believe Ballard’s story or not, I’m saying the giant gold Sun-Disc he believed he saw was not a representation of our own Sun at all, but a copy (and ancient machine) of another
sun-like sphere within the outer fringes of our solar system.


As I have pointed out in Part Three, Saint Germain knew all about the ‘Sun of the Magi’ so it would be fitting he brought Ballard to this underground locale to view it.

Have there been other Sun-Discs, found on Earth, representing our companion Sun-like planet? Yes indeed! For instance: the Egyptian Winged Sun-Disc, the Lemurian Sun-Disc found in Australia (See Exhibit E in Part One of this paper), and another significant one found in Peru, see below:

Exhibit V) Harold T. Wilkins
(Mysteries of Ancient South America ©1946)

“There is a tradition current in the mystic east, and, perhaps, derived from Atlanteans who quitted their great motherland before the time of the terrible cataclysm… that the central cathedral temple of old Atlantis’ capital, hill city, “Sardegon”, had a dome-shaped ceiling from which flamed a magnificent “…[MYSTIC] SUN OF BLAZING GOLD…”

The late inheritors of the remains of the civilization of the Atlantean…colony… in Brazil, of South America, the Incas of Peru (Peru… being derived from a word not found in the Quichua, or native Peruvian tongue) VIRA meaning the GOD OF THE SUN. It was there when the keels of Don Francisco Pizarro’s… galleons touched the shallows of the Peruvian coast in A.D. 1530. The very eye-balls of the beholder were pained by its scintillations.”

“This GLORIOUS FACE of refulgence was really, at Cuzco, A MASSIVE PLATE OF PUREST GOLD, OF ENORMOUS WIDTH [12 foot diameter?—GJ] encrusted thickly with emeralds of superb size and quality, and other gems. At his rising the rays of the [regular] sun fell directly onto THIS FACE in the temple, where gold blazed back everywhere from walls and ceilings. The cornices were of gold and a broad frieze of gold, let into the stonework, surrounded the whole exterior of the temple.”

Page 162.

“But when Pizarro’s conquistadores laid their bandits’ hands on this ancient civilization, as the Carian-Colloans had done before them in relation to what was left of the communities of the old, white, bearded Atlanteans of… Brazil in the islands of lake Titicaca, Peru, that glorious SUN OF GOLD vanished. For four centuries its whereabouts have remained a mystery…”

“…Be sure, that there is living today, in one of the valleys of the Peruvian cordilleras, some Peruvian, little suspected by his fellows, who knows where this SUN went [under]ground! In the neighborhood of modern Cuzco, I have heard some of the traditions about this MYSTIC LOST SUN. How well its shining wonder attests the old melancholy and vanished grandeur of a great race! The Quichuan peones say it was fashioned as a human face of solid gold, radiating shafts of light as it blazed from the walls. It personified, to the people, the Sun, and, hieratically, to the priests, no doubt, the “Great…Sun of the Cosmos”; the unknown God…”

Pages 161-162.

This is an amazing statement by Harold Wilkins because he is implying that the giant ‘gold Sun-Disc’ is not a representation of our own Sun! Wilkins also stated that the term “VIRA” means GOD OF THE SUN and since we know ‘Virachocha’ means “TRUE SUN of the Incas” (stated by Andy Lloyd’s going by the same name—not our regular sun) it is reasonable to suggest the giant Gold Sun-Disc of the Incas is indeed our Sun-like planetary companion.

Peruvian tradition hints that the giant SUN OF GOLD was hidden and transported underground through an endless tunnel system called the “Roadway of the Incas” to a safe location. Was this the same giant SUN OF GOLD Guy Warren Ballard encountered deep within the ‘Royal Teton’ mountain and its final resting place? I can only speculate.

Harold Wilkins continues…

“None of the old secrets of the land of the Incas have really perished. There are native societies of the underworld who, age by age, keep them inviolate. Their members are sometimes wandering Catholic priests who, on one day of the year, revert to the celebration of their real religion; the rites of the sun, that…MYSTIC SUN of pre-cataclysmic ancient world, symbolizing the unknown Divinity…”

Page 164.

Again, this is another remarkable statement by Wilkins. Why would converted Catholic Peruvian priests still worship a pre-cataclysmic Sun today? Its because they worship the other Sun-like planet—cyclical in nature—that actually causes the cataclysms! So I can see now why they called it their ‘True Sun.’


Truth is this particular Sun-like planet can produce significant amounts of damage to us, yes, the truth hurts. No wonder the Incas prayed to this “unknown divinity,” for appeasement in hope of escaping the incoming wrath.

In connection with the above thought, the Aztec Indians state “we are living in the fifth Sun.” I believe, based on my research, they are not referencing our regular Sun at all. The Aztecs are referring to the other Sun-like celestial body that has returned at least five times in the ancient past.


When it comes to future Earth changes, I cannot help but wonder what role the ‘planet of the crossing’ will play. Edgar Cayce may have said it best:

“As to the changes physical again: The earth will be broken up in the western portion of America. The greater portion of Japan must go into the sea. The upper portion of Europe will be changed in the twinkling of an eye. Land will appear off the east coast of America. There will be upheavals in the Arctic and in the Antarctic that will make for the eruption of volcanoes in the Torrid areas, and THERE WILL BE A SHIFTING OF THE POLES—so that where there have been those of a frigid or semitropical will become the more tropical, and moss and fern will grow.


And these will begin in ’58 to ’98 [2058 to 2098?] when these will be proclaimed as the periods when HIS LIGHT [THE CHRIST STAR or the ‘SUN OF THE MAGI’—GJ] WILL BE SEEN AGAIN in the clouds.”

Reading No.3976-15

Cayce also tells us that Atlantean lands are going to rise again out of the Atlantic Ocean. Will this be the case for Lemuria, out of the Pacific? Only time will tell.


But I will say this, the ‘trigger’ for a pole-shift and subsequent Earth crust-displacement will be from the ‘Mystic Lost-Sun, the Aztecs’ Fifth-Sun and yes, the mountain-maker known as Nibiru.