As I have said “Question Everything”

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You will find that what you see is not always what you get. What looks quite real can turn into a mirage in a heartbeat.

Reality starts of as a tacit agreement between two entities and grows to include others into a circle of knowledge. Based on

the experiment of having a circle where people whisper a story into the ear of the person next to them, then asking them to past it

on. By the time that the story goes full circle it is not at all the same. This is based on the variations of perception by each individual

in the circle, and how it is verbally transmitted to the next person. In other words, Reality is not what it is cracked up to be.

8 thoughts on “As I have said “Question Everything”

  1. It is my understanding that the term Conspiracy Theorist came about as a way to induce ridicule against those who had wondered into territory that the Powers That Be (PTB) do not want folks to get close to. Seeing too much and asking too many questions is something that they do not want to happen, so in order to shut folks up, they have their friends, and relatives ridicule them. Shaming is a very powerful social control force and they know it.

    As I have mentioned before, there are some very good movies out there that have hit the point. The first one that I really love is the old Mel Gibson and Goldie Hawn movie “Bird on a Wire”. The other is the Mel Gibson (he has a tendency of making these types of movie) and Julia Roberts movie, “Conspiracy Theory”. The movie “Eagle Eye” and others like it are also very good. The most salient point in these movies is that there is no such thing as privacy. As Snowden has point out, there are essentially eyes everywhere.

  2. My late stepfather worked for the USAF at McClellan AFB in Sacramento from 1948 to 1980. That base was until the mission was transferred to Hill AFB in Ogden Utah, the main Air Material Command on the West Coast of the US. As such, it had the most advanced supply, repair and fabrications facility in this area of the world. Over time, with my interest into UFO’s and other advanced aircraft, I learned that the base was an integral part of the infrastructure that followed the development of advanced and experimental aircraft, such as the ones tested at Groom and built by the various manufacturers. For this among other reasons, this part of the state was definitely off limits to many folks. This case was a prime example of that connection. (reposted here from my Facebook page)

    I will start this group out with a case that involved the witnessing of the TR3-B at McClellan AFB on Friday February 10, 1995. Even though I had been the moderator of the Sacramento UFO Group for over 4 years and the general size of the group was about 150, I had a small specialized group of people who had more honed research talents than most. One was a retired USAF security guard at the base, who lived only 50 feet from the North Runway.
    In the early afternoon of the day printed above, he called me and stated that base security was on high and the it was crawling with NASA planes and employees. They were all hovering very close the hanger that was on the far east end of the base. Inside of it was a very unusual craft. It was very big, almost not fitting into the hanger. It also was very slim and had a very small tail.
    As was usual on Friday nights, the normal base personnel had gone home and there were not that many around. As it got dark, the area around this craft was very well lit, and there were a number of people milling around the craft.
    At about 9:30 Pm, two tugs towed the craft out onto the tarmac. Two, because I suspect that the craft was fairly heavy. The observer, the retired AF security guard, noted that there appeared to be steam vapor coming up around the craft, indicating some heat. He continued to watch what was going on and at about 10:10PM, the crowd backed off slightly and then he yelled into the phone, “the damn thing just blew straight up, punching a hole in the low level clouds that covered that area at about 1000 feet. He said that there was no noise coming from it at all and the launch occurred in a manner of seconds. After a couple more seconds, he stated that he heard the distant rumble of thunder. The next day, all hell broke loose. The resident skeptic of the SUFOG group called him and made threats, my bulletin board that had been up for over 5 years was taken down by authority of the national group that governs them. There was also a gag order placed by the court on the witness. When I went over to his house the following day, he showed me where his phone had been tapped. Because of all of this, my relationship with him went south and we never talked again. Sad.

  3. (repost of comment from my facebook version of this site) One Sunday afternoon at one of my SUFOG meetings (Sacramento UFO Group) a man showed up with his teenage son. They were from Reno. They told us a most interesting story about a fishing trip that they had taken up to Pyramid Lake.
    It was relatively early in the morning and they had started to fish at the south end of the lake. Suddenly a craft came in low over the hills to the NE and came down just about the water at the North end. It turned on it’s side and slid into the lake silently.
    They decided to drive up to the north end to see what they could see. Shortly after they arrived up there, the military showed up. In this case it was the Navy and they proceeded to interrogate them both on the side of the lake and then for several hours back in Fallon. (end of quote) It should be mentioned that a large number of sightings involve craft going into water. There was also a couple of them going into solid rock. This was observed up at Bowman Lake north of Interstate 80

  4. My name is Steven Jones. I was born Steven Virden Rasmussen, but this changed when I was about 2 or 3 to Steven Virden Jones. My birth father, Virden Hans Rasmussen, was killed in North France during World War II, just 10 days before I was born. My mother later remarried to my stepfather, Lynn C. Jones and he raised me to become who I am today. May God Bless both of them.

  5. This is my initial blog on my new website. I have created this site to discuss the concepts of Conspiracy and Conspiracy Theory. Oftentimes in the past, the words have been contentious and negative and for good reason. As was so well pointed out in the Mel Gibson movie “Conspiracy Theory” some can be hair brain and others man be dead on. It is my thought that to question everything and bookmark even minor trivia can lead to solutions. I have dedicated this site to my many mentors- John Hadley, Dr. George Rich and Dr. John Conner

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