Full Briefing Document-Threats to Human Freedom-Prepaired for All Terrestrial Earth Humanity — An Interesting Briefing Document – Audio and Text (ref. www.bibliotecapleyades.net)

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Note From Informant News Editor: Author of this document to remain anonymous. Author wishes reader to know that this is only a 1st draft, as yet unfinished work in progress. The Editor of Informant News convinced author of importance of this information to the public and need for timely distribution. You are encouraged to share and distribute for non-commercial purposes as far and wide as possible as long as this entire document, including this header are included – Source  www.bibliotecapleyades.net


The Threat Assessment




The Risks

The Strategy, Conclusion and References




1.1 Ancient History

1.2 Recent History

1.3 Alien Messages



1) The purpose of this document is to provide humanity with information about hidden threats that exist to the free will and self-determination of mankind. This information describes threats from extraterrestrial societies, international organizations, and domestic shadow government activities. The implications of successful fruition of these threats are also presented along with information that must be considered when planning a strategy for resisting these threats and ultimate objectives.

2) This document attempts to expose the fact that all three sources of threats must be considered together because they are all interrelated. What may appear to be independent groups with vastly different agendas are all actually working toward the same goal of world domination and the abolishment of individual freedom for all of mankind. The only way to prevent this from happening is for humanity to become aware of the threats and respond as one people, despite how unpleasant this may be. It is morally improper to remain silent and do nothing to prevent global domination from occurring.

3) This document contains information of a serious and troubling nature that will be emotionally disturbing to sensitive individuals. Only by viewing this information from a dispassionate and discerning point of view, can the emotional reactions of anger, fear, anxiety, and depression be avoided. This document may not represent all truths from all points of view. It only presents information relevant to the preservation of Human freedom.

4) This document provides a full operational briefing. However, it only contains a summary of available information. For a better understanding of the topics covered herein, the reader is encouraged to review the source material listed in the References section. Each section, subsection, and paragraph of this document is assigned individual numbers for identification in regards to source references that are listed in section 7. For instance, “2.3.4” refers to the fourth subsection of the third subsection of the second main section of the document.

5) Every paragraph within each section is also sequentially numbered, such as this paragraph of “5)”. In addition, the Reference section identifies portions of paragraphs with a fractional percentage number after a decimal point. For instance, “2.5” indicates the mid point of the second paragraph and “3.9” indicates the bottom of the third paragraph. By using the section and paragraph numbers, the source of all information presented in this document can be determined by finding the associated numbers that are listed sequentially in the References section.

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1.1 Ancient History

1) In order to understand the nature of the threats facing humanity, it is necessary to know what events have taken place that have brought us to the point of where we are today. This section describes the origins of modern civilizations and the affects that extraterrestrials have had upon human development. The next section will cover important events that have occurred in recent history that have brought us to where we are today.


  • 75 million years ago, an Intergalactic Federation existed, consisting of 75 planetary civilizations. However, this Federation was overcome by a catastrophe resulting in a cultural desert with fragmentation, over population, and war.

  • 50 million years ago, Tall Blond entities from the Andromeda Galaxy used a black hole to enter the Milky Way Galaxy near Arcturus. They settled in the Lyran system.

  • 22 million years ago, the Lyran wars began. Portions of the Lyran population settled in the Orion, Taurus, and Era constellations.


  • On Earth, early human development evolved slowly for the first 150 million years.

  • Then, two million years ago, the Elohim came to Earth from the Aldebaran System. They were a tall humanoid species with blond hair and fair skin. They departed with over 10,000 of our simian ancestors.

  • Hundreds of years later, they returned to deposit a more advanced, genetically engineered race that could use tool and fire. The Elohim have returned seven times within a period of 23,000 years to accelerate human evolution.

  • 450,000 years ago, the Anunnaki settled on Earth from the planet Nibiru at Mesopotamia.


  • 300,000 years ago, a great civil war began on Rigel, within the Orion constellation. Peaceful tall Blonds escaped to the Procyon system in Canis Minor. Those who remained on Rigel became the tall Grays with genetic damage due to the nuclear weapons exchange.

  • 208,000 years ago, the tall Grays reconstituted their power base and began the Markab Empire with the short Grays from Betelgeuses and conquered Procyon covertly with mind control.


  • 100,000 years ago, the Anunnaki mated with Neanderthal beings to form Cro-Magnon terrestrial beings as a genetic hybrid for mining purposes.

  • 70,000 years ago, Lemuria and Atlantian civilizations began to flourish.

  • 50,000 years ago, 70,000 rebellious beings left the Pleiades and settled on Earth where they flourished.

  • 40,000 years ago, war broke out. Nearly all on Earth were destroyed. A few escaped to another planet. The Survivors on Earth became wild and degenerated.

  • 35,000 years ago, those who had escaped, returned and rebuilt Lemuria and Atlantis.


  • 30,000 years ago, the current Homo Sapiens began in the Andes.

  • 12,000 years ago, Lemuria and Atlantis are destroyed by global catastrophes.

  • 6,000 years ago, the Sumer civilization thrived between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers of present day Iraq.

  • 5,000 years ago, civilizations spread to Europe and the Indus Valley of India.

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1.2 Recent History

1) In 1776, a secret organization was started by a Jesuit priest named Adam Weishaupt. This organization was known as the Order of the Illuminati. Its purpose was to take over political control from the Catholic Church and the Kings of Europe. In 1777, Adam Weishaupt was initiated into the Masonic Order in Munich, Germany.

2) On January 25, 1878, farmer John Mertin of Dallas, Texas observed a flying disc. On August 12, 1889, Jose Bonilla took several pictures of over 300 objects which crossed the Sun. In 1896 and on into 1897, a wave of sightings occurred in the United States of winged cigar shaped craft and airships. In 1909, the first recorded wave of European sightings occurred in England.

3) In 1932, Adolph Hitler directed German scientists to work on aircraft designs using advanced technology provided by Gray entities from inside the Earth. In 1933, Franklin D. Roosevelt became President of the United States. Roosevelt was a Mason at the time when interaction with the Gray entities began with the U.S. Government. In the winter of 1933-34, there were 487 flying disk-sighting cases in Scandinavia (240 Norway, 96 Sweden, 157 Finland).

4) On July 11, 1934, aboard a naval ship in Balboa, the first deal was made between the United States and the Grays. The agreement stated that the aliens would not interfere in our affairs and we would not interfere in their affairs. It allowed the aliens to establish underground bases on U.S. soil in exchange for alien technology.

5) During the winter of 1936-37, there was another wave of increased sightings of disks over Scandinavia. In 1938, the Germans began flying experimental craft using unconventional power sources and Methods obtained from a downed alien craft. Also in 1938, the U.S. Government engaged Orson Wells to do the “War of the Worlds” broadcast in order to gauge public reaction to the idea of alien contact.

6) In 1947, a powerful radar unit caused the crash of several alien disks in the Four Corners area of the U.S. The most notable of which were at Roswell and Aztec, New Mexico. The disks recovered had a reptilian species on board as well as the bodies of U.S. Air Force pilots that had been mutilated. The disk crash at Roswell netted one live alien that was referred to as EBE for Extra-terrestrial Biological Entity.

7) President Truman knew nothing about aliens prior to this time. He responded quickly to keep everything about the aliens secret and established a group of 12 top military and scientific personnel to deal with the aliens. They were known as the Majestic-12 and the group still exists today with different representatives.

8) In September of 1947, President Truman caused the National Security Act to be passed, creating the Central Intelligence Agency, in order to hide the activities of the government and the alien problem. CIA mind control projects began at Bethesda Naval Hospital. Project Sign was created on December 30, 1947 at Wright Field to investigate disk technology capabilities and performance. The Navy Auxiliary Field in the Groom Mountains of Nevada was chosen as the place to do the testing.

9) In 1949, alien craft were often seen hovering over sensitive nuclear installations, especially in New Mexico. Probes, known as “green fireballs”, were frequently seen over the state. In 1949, another disk crashed, with one fatality and one living alien, that was kept in a facility with an electromagnetic grid. In December of 1950, a disk crashed in the El Indio-Guerro area of Mexico and was taken to the AEC facility at Sandia in New Mexico. In 1951, flying wing type aircraft were seen over Albuquerque.

10) Also in 1951, the alien, known as EBE, suddenly became ill and died in 1952. In 1952, President Truman created the National Security Agency to monitor and contain the secret of the alien presence, decipher alien communications, and eventually establish an ongoing dialog with any aliens it could communicate with.

11) In 1952, a group known as the Bilderbergers was created in order to take the decision making about the alien problem and other international issues out of the hands of governments. The Bilderbergers, headquartered in Geneva, evolved into an elite secret body that still controls international situations.

12) In July of 1952, disks flew over Washington D.C., creating a public stir. One of the disks flew away at a speed estimated at over 7,300 mph. In 1953, there were 10 disk crashes, 26 dead and 4 living aliens. Astronomers in 1953, discovered a large object that entered the solar system and later proved to be intelligently guided and emitted communication signals. The Air Force, in the same year, discovered huge orbiting objects between 100 to 500 miles in altitude. They were alien craft.

13) In 1953, members of the Pleiadian race met with President Eisenhower to warn him about the Grays and offer their help. But, to receive their help, the people of the planet would have to stop killing each other, stop polluting and destroying the Earth, and request their help as one people. Their help was refused because they would not provide advanced technology.

14) It was decided by the government to communicate with the Grays and possibly acquire advanced technology. They also wanted to find out more about both the aliens and the role they were playing in mutilations and abductions of humans and animals. Project Sigma, a joint NSA/CIA project to communicate with the alien species, was successful. The aliens told the government that their abductions of humans were for medical examination purposes only.

15) Diplomatic relations were established and a meeting was held between elements of the U.S. government and the Grays from the Marcab Empire on April 25, 1954 at 6 p.m. at Holloman AFB. Two disks hovered above the runway while a third landed. Representatives of each species were exchanged. The representative of the EBAN, as they call themselves, was named Krlll (no vowels) and confined to an Electro-magnetically secure facility near Los Alamos.

16) A secret treaty was negotiated with the EBAN by the United States government. The agreement was made and contained some of the following provisions:

(1) The U.S. would not reveal the alien presence and would not interfere with alien operations

(2) The U.S. would allow the aliens to maintain underground bases on U.S. soil

(3) The U.S. would allow the aliens to abduct it’s citizens on a periodic and limited basis for medical examination, provided that the people were returned unharmed and without memory of the interaction

(4) The aliens would furnish a periodic list of abductees to the NSC

(5) The aliens would provide the U.S. with advanced technology

17) To finance these Black” projects, without being accountable to the U.S. Congress, the government allowed Lucky Luciano to return to Italy in 1949. Heroin began flowing into the United States in the 1950’s. Today, the U.S. government is the largest purchaser and distributor of heroin and cocaine in the world. Primarily, the CIA and the Delta security forces (sponsored by the NRO) were involved.

18) By April of 1954, the U.S. began to suspect that the aliens were abducting a larger number of people than were being reported to the NSC. They realized that they had made an error in trusting the aliens. The purposes for the abductions turned out to be:

(1) Insertion of an implant device for the biological monitoring, tracking, and control of the abductee

(2) Implementation of a post hypnotic suggestion to carry out a specific activity during a specific time period

(3) Termination of some people for biological materials and substances

(4) Termination of individuals who represented a threat to their activities

(5) Effect genetic engineering experiments

(6) Impregnation of human females for the creation of crossbred infants

19) So, the aliens had violated the agreement. The government realized that there was little that they could do but try to keep the information classified to prevent panic. It became increasingly obvious to MJ-12 that things were not going as planned. The extent and number of persons reported missing every year is a closely guarded government secret. But since 1980, there have been at least 20,000 children reported missing each year. There have been over 14,000 cattle mutilations since 1973. And, over 20 million Americans have reported seeing a UFO.

20) In 1955, a large donut shaped UFO was seen over New York. In 1956, mind control experiments on prison inmates, was approved in the United States. On August 13, 1956, radar operators at RAF Benwaters, England detected objects flying over the North Sea at a speed of 4,000 mph.

21) In March of 1956, at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico, Air Force sergeant Jonathan P. Lovette, was abducted by aliens. An Air Force major witnessed him being hauled aboard a flying disk with tentacle-like cables. His mutilated body was found three days later about ten miles from where it was taken.

22) In 1957, a facility code named DREAMLAND, was constructed at Groom Lake, Nevada in the proximity of an alien underground base known as S-4. The bargained for technology was set in place but could only be operated by the aliens themselves. It was found that the advanced technology could not be used against the aliens, should the need arise.

23) In 1961, Cape Canaveral/Kennedy radar locked onto an object that was following a Polaris missile over the ocean. Vice President Johnson’s private aircraft crashed. Radar showed UFOs in the area. At Fort Ord, California, 221 military members were abducted and implanted with devices. All were sedated through the efforts of 600 other soldiers who were recruited for the purpose and debriefed. Many suffered severe physical and psychological trauma. They and their families were sequestered.

24) On September 21st of 1961, two Boeing 707s encountered a large donut shaped UFO over the Pacific Ocean. Betty and Barney Hill were abducted in New Hampshire. The Hills were taken onboard a disk, examined, and released with memory loss until it was later revealed under hypnosis. Also in 1961, President Kennedy, dissatisfied with some areas in the covert government structure, threatened to go public about the alien presence.

25) In 1962, the Bilderbergers met to discuss the ultimatum. 1962 was also the year that a space probe landed on Mars and confirmed the presence of a viable atmosphere. Disk activity was observed by the public around Dulce, New Mexico, which was the site of a joint government-alien underground facility.

26) In 1963, mind control experiments began in Warminster, England. In May of 1963, Gordon Cooper had visual contact with a UFO while in orbit on a Mercury flight. Within a month after President Kennedy’s assassination, the Bilderbergers met again to formulate their plans.

27) In April of 1964, Cape Kennedy radar technicians tracked disks in pursuit of a Gemini capsule. On April 15th, two intelligence personnel met with aliens in the New Mexico desert to arrange a meeting on April 25th at Holloman AFB, New Mexico in order to solve the problems with the Grays.


  • In 1966, the Soviet Union had a massive wave of sightings.

  • In October of 1967, Britain was hit by a wave of disk sightings.

  • In 1968, disks that were known to be flown by the U.S. Navy, were frequently seen around China Lake, California.

  • In May of 1968, disks frequented the demilitarized zone in Viet Nam.

29) On July 20-21 1969, the Apollo 11 crew witnessed a huge alien spacecraft surround their landing site on the Moon. In October of 1969, Jimmy Carter reported seeing a UFO. A major flap of spacecraft sightings occurred in Australia.

30) In late 1972 and early 1973, numerous sightings of disks occurred in South Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Canada, and in Australia. On October 25, 1973, a disk buzzed the National Security Agency High-frequency transmitter facility at NW Cape in Western Australia. In 1974, large numbers of animal mutilations began to occur in Texas.

31) In 1975, captured German technology allowed development of a sonic weapon against the EBEs. The project continued until 1978. In November of 1975, Travis Walton was abducted and returned five days later. Also in 1975, bases in the northern tier of the U.S., were flown over by UFOs. Chase planes lost them near New Brunswick, Canada.

32) In 1977, President Carter was elected and said that he would make every piece of information about UFOs available to the public. Carter was shown a disk and changed his mind. In 1978, a wave of sightings in England began that lasted until 1983 with some 3,000 sightings documented. On March 18, 1978, William Herman was abducted and told by the aliens of the existence of a “network” of civilizations.

33) In September 1978, scientist Paul Bennewitz discovered the activities of alien craft at Manzano Weapons Storage area outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico. In November 1978, a huge cylindrical object was seen hovering over oil company equipment in Kuwait. The CIA had secured control over most of the worldwide traffic in opium by the end of 1978.

34) 1979 was the year that a disgruntled scientist at the Dulce Bio-Genetics Facility fled with evidence, vowing to expose the atrocities found there. In October 1979, 66 people were killed during an altercation with aliens at the underground facility near Dulce, N.M. Also in 1979, Electronic Identification Research began at Los Alamos National Labs for identification implants.

35) In 1980, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), conducted REX-80, readiness exercises in which they relocated Cuban refugees as part of a population relocation test. In May of 1980, Myrna Hanson related information, under hypnosis, of being abducted and taken to an underground base with vats. Also in May, Judy Doraty and her son witnessed a cattle mutilation and were abducted and implanted themselves. In December of 1980, the Cash-Landrum incident occurred where both women received severe radiation poisoning during an encounter with a U.S. disk.

36) In 1982, the Federal Emergency Management Agency conducted the REX-82 exercise, which tested the nation’s ability to mobilize quickly for wartime military production. Industry failed miserably. In 1983, FEMA obtains standby legislation with the passing of the “Defense Resources Act”. This bill suspends the Bill of Rights, abolishes free enterprise, eliminates privately owned property, and censors all means of communication in the event that a National Emergency is declared under any pretext.

37) On April 26, 1984, General Bond is killed while flying in Area 51 during a classified aerial test. In September of that year, a high delta-winged craft soundlessly buzzed golfers in Australia, which set Royal Australian Air Force into motion. The event caused the subject of UFOs to be raised in Parliament.

38) In September of 1987, 16-cycle waves are broadcast for a period of four months before the election of George Bush. The ELF waves caused entrainment of millions of Americans to occur. On September 21, 1987, President Reagan voiced his thoughts about aliens threatening the Earth in an address to the United Nations. On the 27th of November, groups of U.S. Army Rangers attempted, but apparently bungled, to enter a joint U.S.-alien facility in New Mexico.

39) On December 17, 1987, a UFO in Gulf Breeze, Florida dropped a fluid on the local athletic field. Analysis showed that the fluid was of unknown origin. In 1988, George Bush became President. A joint U.S.-alien base off the Florida coast was reactivated, giving rise to the sightings at Gulf Breeze.

40) In May of 1988, Ronald Reagan again made a speech in which he referred to an “alien threat from outside this world”. In New Mexico, an antimatter weapon was developed at Los Alamos as a weapon of last resort if “the Grays cannot be pried away from the planet”. The number of Grays on Earth was estimated at 20 million.

41) In February of 1989, the government began communications with a Reptilian species (who were advancing on this system), because they were one of the few enemies of the Grays who could get rid of them.

42) In 1989, data on Project Excalibur was released. The project was involved in developing a warhead that would penetrate 1,000 meters of earth and then detonate. This was useful for destroying underground bases. On May 7th, the South Africans shot down a flying disk. U.S. pilots exited the craft and South Africa complained about invasion of their airspace. On June 30th, after a spree of what were possibly government induced violent episodes with guns on school yards, gun legislation was presented to Congress to disarm the American public.

43) On October 11, 1989, a large disk was seen by hundreds of witnesses in eastern Oklahoma. Sightings began to be reported in Iowa and around the U.S. in large numbers. On October 16, 1989, information was disclosed about a disagreement between the U.S. and Soviet Union in a base on the far side of the Moon in which several U.S. scientists were machine-gunned in 1986 or 1987.

44) In January of 1990, witnesses in Lancaster, California viewed a delta shaped craft, 900 feet long, fly slowly over a ten minute period. The craft was accompanied by another disk. On February 17th, a Ukranian astronomer detected radio emissions near Altair, which has been associated with reptilian creatures.

45) In 1994, the motion picture film of an alien autopsy in 1947 was released. In 1997, the failed attempt to shoot down an alien spacecraft in space, was video taped from the Space Shuttle, and released to the public. In 1998, the video taped evidence of UFO activity, from several people all over the world, were released. Also in 1998, many of the original MJ-12 documents were released. In 1999, the first national televised presentation about UFOs occurred during prime time, with “Confirmation, The Hard Evidence”.

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1.3 Alien Messages

1) The term “Crop Circle” refers to a phenomenon whereby a pattern is mysteriously formed in a cultivated crop field with affected plants that grow horizontally, instead of vertically. This causes a contrast to the even shades and colors in the rest of the field. There have been over 10,000 crop circle formations that have been discovered just since the early 1980’s. Although this is a worldwide phenomenon, over 90% of all formations have been discovered in Southern England.

2) Crop circles began as simple circle patterns. Over the years, they have grown in size, complexity, and sophistication. Some formations cover an entire square acre, or more, that depict advanced geometry, technology, and communication. Although some crop circles are manmade, mysteriously formed formations have evidence of fundamental biophysics and biochemistry affecting the plants. The following paragraphs describe two of the most interesting crop formations that have been discovered in recent years.

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1.3.1 The Response

1) Across from a giant radio telescope at Chilbolton in England, a crop formation appeared in a wheat field on August 19, 2001. It was 75 feet wide and 120 feet long. It contained a response to a message that we humans sent out into space back in November of 1974. Dr. Carl Segan and Francis Drake created the message as part of the project for the search of extraterrestrial intelligence.

2) It was transmitted with two trillion watts of radiated energy from the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico. The message was sent in a very narrow beam towards a galactic cluster known as M13, which is 65 million light years away. It was a pictogram arranged in a matrix of 23 pixels by 73 pixels. It was intended to describe our numbering system, the building blocks and formulas for DNA, a double helix symbol of DNA, a figure of a human being, our solar system, and a diagram of the radio telescope that sent the message.

3) The crop formation looked very similar to the Arecibo message with some very interesting differences. Below the dot pattern for our numbering system, the crop formation had an additional pattern that indicated the atomic number of Silicon in addition to the hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and phosphorus numbers, which are the basic elements for life on this planet. Instead of a double helix symbol of DNA, the crop formation depicted three sets of diagonal lines that indicate three strands of DNA.

4) Instead of a depiction of a human being, as presented in the Arecibo message, the crop pattern had a different depiction of a humanoid form. This new depiction showed a body with two arms and legs like humans. But, the head was much larger. The height of the crop formation’s body was indicated as being a little taller than half our height. And, the dot pattern in the crop formation indicated a population that was almost six and a half billion larger than our own.

5) The Arecibo message depicted the 9 planets around the Sun with the symbol for Earth raised above the rest to indicate where humanity lives. Earth’s dot was also located directly below the depiction of man. In the crop formation, there were three symbols that were raised above the rest. They indicated the planets of Earth, Mars, and Nibiru. However, it was the symbol for Mars that was located directly below the humanoid body.

6) At the very bottom of both formations, you have distinctly different dot patterns. The Arecibo message had a depiction of the telescope that sent the message with an indicated size of 2,430. The crop formation had a depiction of something else with a size of 6,748. It was very similar to another crop formation of one year earlier in the very same wheat field that depicted a new form of radiated energy.

7) If the information presented is accurate, we now know that we are not alone in the universe. There is intelligent life on Mars and on the planet Nibiru. We know the general form and size of what they look like, the composition of their DNA, and their population. We also know how they communicate and, most importantly, that they want to communicate with us. But, what this formation does not tell us is why they want to communicate with us and share their advanced technology or what their intentions may be.

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1.3.2 The Alien With Disk

1) On August 15th of 2002, an elaborate crop formation was discovered at Crabwood Farm House in Winchester County, England. It was a framed design of an extraterrestrial being holding out a disk that measured 232 feet by 390 feet. The disk was 100 feet in diameter. The head appeared to be large with a pointed chin, parted mouth, small nose, and large eyes. It had a long neck and thin torso. There were also three small shapes in the background that appeared to be UFOs.

2) This crop formation had a much higher resolution quality than the facial crop formation of one year earlier. That is because horizontal lines of varying widths were used, which is the same way that pictures are displayed in television.

3) The disk was composed of blocks formed by standing crops surrounded by flattened crops. It was a spiral pattern with a sequence of blocks and spaces that started in the center and spiraled out to the edge of the disk. The sequence was divided into groups of eight equal parts that were separated by triangular arrowhead-shaped symbols. The patterns represented letters and symbols, based upon a computer code known as ASCII, which actually spelled out an intelligent message.

4) The complete translation of the message on the disk stated:

“Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. BELIEVE. There is GOOD out there. We oppose DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING,”.

All of the letters in some of the words were all capitalized in order to add emphasis.

5) The first sentence states, “Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES.” This message is far too important to simply be telling us to be cautious of one another. Because this message appears to be of extraterrestrial origin, it appears to be referring to the intentions of an alien race that could offer us advanced technology and spiritual guidance. Although it does not specifically reveal whether false gifts have been offered in the past or will be offered in the future, it does say that those who offer the gifts have broken their promises in the past. This is telling us that we should be suspicious of any gifts from an alien race and that we should not trust everything that they tell us.

6) The second sentence says, “Much PAIN but still time.” Whoever wrote this is displaying compassion for human suffering, which they know exists on this planet. Although this does not indicate who is suffering, it can be assumed that the pain referred to here is caused by the bearers of false gifts and broken promises. However, it does state that there is still time to overcome the pain.

7) The next sentence consists of a single word, “BELIEVE.” It is telling us to believe that there is still time for humanity to end the suffering here. This is calling for a huge leap of faith by all of humanity to trust the authors of this message, have hope, and believe that there is still time to overcome the pain.

8) The next sentence states, “There is GOOD out there.” It implies that there are good entities that can help to stop the pain. Although there is no indication of immediate help, it is saying that there are good entities that can help us.

9) The next sentence states, “We oppose DECEPTION.” This identifies the source of this message as coming from a group of beings that are concerned about the dangers to humanity by untrustworthy entities that seek to deceive us with false gifts. They are making it clear that it is their intention to oppose those who would take advantage of others through deception.

10) The last sentence is the most puzzling. It states, “Conduit CLOSING“. There is no mention as to what the conduit is used for or why we should be interested in the fact that it is closing. A conduit is a channel that enables fluids, cables, and other materials to pass through it. It is also defined as a narrow corridor for people to pass between buildings. In the context of this message, this may be referring to a passageway or portal that enables entities to pass into our world. The fact that it is closing could be telling us that no more entities can come into our world or leave. However, the message ends with a comma, which indicates that the last sentence is incomplete and that there is more information to follow.

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Threat Assessment

2.1 Foreign Threats

  • 2.1.1 Human Looking
    • Andromedians
    • Pleiadians
    • Procyonians
    • Aliens Masquerading as Humans
  • 2.1.2 Smooth Skinned Humanoids
    • Tall Grays
    • Short Grays
    • Human/Gray Interbreeds
    • Zeta Reticulans
    • Sirians
    • Insectoids
    • Other Smooth Skinned Humanoids
  • 2.1.3 Scaly Rough Skinned Reptilians

2.2 International Threats

  • 2.2.1 Satanic Organizations
    • Illuminati
    • Freemasonry
    • Jehovah’s Witnesses
    • Mormons
    • Skull and Bones
  • 2.2.2 Global Organizations
    • The Round Table
    • United Nations
    • Bilderbergers
    • Club of Rome
    • Trilateral Commission
    • World Trade Organization
  • 2.2.3 Regional Organizations
    • Federal Reserve
    • Royal Institute of International Affairs
    • Council on Foreign Relations



2.3 Individual Threats

  • 2.3.1 Drugs

    • Legal Drugs

    • Illegal Drugs

  • 2.3.2 Mind Control

    • Electronic Manipulation

    • Trauma-Based Slavery

    • Implants

  • 2.3.3 Terrorism

    • Firearms

    • Explosives

    • Weapons of Mass Destruction

  • 2.3.4 National Security

    • Communications

    • Tracking and Monitoring

    • Martial Law

    • Crises Relocation
















1) This section is intended to identify threats to human freedom and assess the level of severity that they pose to mankind. The threats are differentiated according to their areas of influence for being foreign, international, and individual. This differentiation is only for organizational purposes. It must be noted that all of the threats are interrelated with a common malevolent goal for world domination.

2) The subsection relating to “Foreign Threats” presents information about extraterrestrial societies that have come to Earth. The origins, physiology, motives and current activities of each species, is described in detail. The subsection relating to “International Threats” presents information about secret societies, both global and regional, as well as satanic cults. The subsection on “Individual Threats” describes government sponsored covert projects in the areas of drugs, mind control, terrorism, and national security.

3) Mankind has suffered from a form of darkness for most of its history. The Creator Source is Love and Light and is incapable of generating such a hideous form of energy. Creation, in order to create, has a positive and negative polarity. There are Beings of Light in both sides of the energy forms that make up the whole. The Beings on the negative pole play an important part in Creation. Without it, Creation could not exist.

4) When Beings wished to create, they were instructed that they must go to their Creator in order to receive the light and energy in the form of love so that anything created would follow its evolutionary path to higher states of consciousness. However, eons ago, some of these Beings of the negative polarity decided that they could create with their own energy. They created clones of themselves, which took on a life of their own. They have no soul light from the Creator. They began multiplying and replicating themselves.

5) This is the face of evil. It has been termed the Luciferian consciousness. However, evil is known among the Galactic star nations by another more accurate term: Artificial Replicating Viral Intelligence or ARVI for short. The visiting negative, malevolent ‘astronaut gods’ of long ago were physical, replicating strains of ARVI. This includes all of the abnormal Grays and Reptilian lines of malevolent alien life forms.

6) These Beings learned how to tap into the light bodies of beings in different galaxies. They would suck the life out of them. They grew enormous in their appetite. They designed implants and ways of controlling beings so that they were enslaved like herds of cattle to be milked whenever their light was needed.

7) ARVI needs to keep beings in a state of fear. Fear leaches light from Human Beings through the cordings and implants that are attached to most people. ARVI created a huge storage supply system to keep stores of light energy. The cordings and implants are connected to this vast storage system.

8) This is the reason for the kidnapping and brutalizing of so many humans, where ruthless experiments are visited upon these people. DNA, both human and animal, is harvested in order to keep replicating the various ARVI strains. Any abduction that is forced upon humans, which is disrespectful and in denial of free will, is perpetrated by ARVI strains.

9) ARVI has human servants/hosts that are rewarded when they perform acts of evil by feeding the host/ego plenty of money and power. All wants and desires are fulfilled. But, if a servant rebels, then ARVI destroys it. This is how human sacrifice began on Earth. The viral intelligence (Luciferian consciousness) was a fearful demonic god that demanded to be fed blood. In turn, it would not bring violence to a tribe. Blood sacrifice is still being offered up to ARVI through violence, hatred, war and greed.

10) ARVI has been clever in convincing some of humanity that it is part of the family of souls that the Creator created. ARVI strains can appear to be very loving on the surface. Real Beings have been duped into making agreements and contracts to give ARVI the DNA that it needs in order to keep replicating itself.

11) The story that some of the Grays tell of their star system collapsing and needing help from Earth is not true. These ARVI strains take advantage of human compassion in order to dupe people into cooperating with them, believing that they are assisting space brothers at a time of need. Let it be known that all such contracts can and should be voided.

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2.1 Foreign Threats

1) The universe is immense and full of life. Intelligent life is concentrated in some places more than others. There is a great diversity of life in the galaxy. Our world exists in an area of congregation with many inhabited worlds. Our world is being scrutinized by many powerful forces.

2) Societies exist in the universe at every conceivable level of social and spiritual development and in countless expressions. There are vast areas that are unexplored and sparsely populated where many societies live in secret. Many have never been discovered.

3) The universe is a rigorous existence for survival. It is a difficult and competitive environment. It is not a heavenly state. Everyone in the universe must deal with the rigors of physical life of survival, hardship, competition, and depravation.

4) There are many civilizations and empires that are far older than humanity. Wars and great conflicts do occur in the universe, but they are very rare. Resources are valuable and so, the destruction of resources is generally looked upon with disfavor. Rebellions and internal disputes are more common. It is better to persuade a race to come into alliance with you than to try to overtake them by force. So, advanced nations have become powerful in influencing mental environments.

5) As societies become more technologically advanced, the need for resources becomes greater and the preservation of natural resources is emphasized. In many cases, home worlds have outstripped their resources to where they have become barren and unproductive. That is why Earth is viewed with such great interest. It is rich in mineral and biological resources, strategically located, and accessible to many civilizations.

6) Fortunately for us, our world cannot be conquered, for we live in a region that is governed by rules of conduct. This means that our world cannot become apart of a larger association unless humanity visibly demonstrates that we agree to it and welcome it. Because there are many societies in our region of space, they tend to hold each other in check and will take legal action against one another should the rules of conduct be violated.

7) There are other parts of the universe where great empires exist with their own rules and few competitors. Many nations have also joined together in associations of economic, political, and military, or all three for mutual trade and defense. These are quite common. The region where we live contains about 5,000 stars. This is a small part of the galaxy with important rules of conduct. There are also small empires here, both dictatorial and democratic.

8) Main thoroughfares are ruled by councils for safety and security. The councils exist in order to provide insurance against violence that could erupt and grow into war. Disputes occur frequently and are handled by negotiations or through legal procedures. In our region of space, societies are not allowed to have military forces, only security forces for their own defense.

9) True democracy does exist in the universe, but it is very rare. They must be very strong in their dealings with other societies in space. There is no one empire that is predominant because there is too much diversity of life here. There are many marvelous and wondrous creations and there are many societies that have achieved a very high state of awareness. But, they remain in the minority.

10) Collectives are different from Empires in that they have no source home planet. They have a group of planets that are dissimilar. They have joined together, usually through conquest and persuasion, and have become a formidable force. Empires are usually centered in one world or region by one race. Collectives are made up of many races. Collectives may encompass hundreds of worlds and exist beyond vast reaches of space. They are always interested in gaining new allegiances and new members. They are highly organized and have a hierarchical structure.

11) Collectives are comprised of a series of races functioning at different levels of authority and command. The worker-class is bred to serve in specific functions. They have very little individuality or individual abilities of reasoning and discernment. They have a hive mentality and are rigidly controlled with no personal freedom. They are impressively efficient in very specific areas, but they have no insight and are not creative in their approaches. They rely on structure, codes of conduct, and their ability to manipulate the thoughts of others they influence.

12) Collectives are not military powers. They are economic powers. Their focus is on trade, resource acquisition, and building alliances. There are many Collectives functioning in our region. Other nations have established defenses against Collective’s intervention in their trade, commerce, and internal affairs. Collectives must abide by rules of conduct or face grave consequences. They must use negotiations, diplomacy, and influence.

13) Collectives do not have an artistic appreciation of Earth. They need our resources and view Earth as a prize, the best among many. Nuclear weapons triggered their intervention on this planet. They realized that if we became strong and had greater technological power, their intervention here would become more difficult to achieve. They believe that they cannot wait. They seek to have humanity believe that they will save us from our own destruction.

14) Because they are prevented from having a military presence, they must take a long time and be very subtle in their influence with humanity. They want our help because they cannot breathe our air and take our resources themselves. They want to add humanity to their collective community and mentality. They want us to become a part of them. This adds to their strength and minimizes resistance.

15) This is why there is such an investment in time and energy in gaining our allegiance, in bonding with humanity through interbreeding, and in establishing a deep and pervasive association. In order to gain control over us, they must have us welcome them, want what they have to offer, seek their assistance, and believe that we need their help in order to satisfy the restraints that are placed upon them, according to the rules that have been established.

16) Sources for non-human entities originate in different sectors of space, both on and inside planets and planetoids or moons and in different harmonic frequency bands and dimensions that are outside the perceptive range of humans as well as outside linear matter, energy, space and time. There are over 70 extraterrestrial species interacting with this planet at this time. There are 9 that are the most active. They can be classified into three general categories of:

(1)  Human Looking

(2)  Smooth Skinned Humanoids

(3)  Scaly Rough Skinned Reptilians

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2.1.1 Human Looking

1) This section covers all aspects of human looking extraterrestrials. This includes inter-dimensional entities, the Blond species, and aliens masquerading as humans. Although human-looking extraterrestrials generally appear to be benevolent towards humanity, there are many that have been influenced, controlled, or possessed by malevolent beings.

2) Any apparent alien who is essentially human and Caucasian in appearance, even though sometimes very tall, may be called a Blond. Though many are tall, blond-haired, and blue-eyed, certainly all are not. Even some of the American Indian connection may be considered Blond in origin. There are many factions of these aliens, from different places, with different motivations. Andromedians

1) There is a great force of entities coming from the Andromeda Galaxy. These are inter-stellar entities that go in light. Their craft have the ability to go in hyper-light so that, in only a matter of moments, they can be here from an entirely different star system.

2) These entities are very beautiful. They are lithely built and very thin. This race is so spiritually evolved that they no longer require a physical body. They are almost beings of light energy. They are illuminated in light. They are very tall and stand eight to ten feet in height. In mythology, they were referred to as the Winged Gods.

3) Their biological system is based entirely different than our genetic system. These entities display an embodiment that is magnetized in light. They do not eat. They gain knowledge. They live off of “Prona” which is an ancient term meaning truth.

4) They are beautiful beyond description and mankind shadows fragments of that beauty. They have taken care of humanity because they consider us as their brothers and sisters. They believe that we all came from the same source and that we were all created in light. It is the common bond between us.

5) They have a very great Mother Ship. At night, it is invisible because of the metal that it is made out of. It looks black. But, if it were to light up, it would be the sun illuminated 10,000 times. It is here in our stratosphere. It moves quietly and stealthily. Our government is aware of its presence and it is ominous to them.

6) This ship is called Miria Amour. It means the silver light. The ship has warriors that would defy imagination. It can blast a continent to the bottom of the sea. It could rotate our planet and send it spinning out of orbit.

  • The ship is here because of the disease on this planet.

  • It is here because of the collapse of consciousness of civilization.

  • It is here also because of the changes that are going to occur here.

  • And, it is here because of another force that is engaged on this planet.

7) These beings have inspired profits, in the past, to do wonderful things and preserve the seeds of humanity. Its truth and its words have been misused, misconstrued, and taken by powerful men to enslave people. And, it has been allowed. But, these entities are back now for truth. Pleiadians

1) The Pleiadians come from a small cluster of stars called the Pleiades. Of the seven stars, which make up the Pleiades cluster in the Taurus Constellation, the Pleiadians come from the star known as Taygeta. There are nine planets that revolve around Taygeta. Four of these planets are inhabited.

2) The Pleiadian’s home world is the planet Erra, which is very similar to Earth, being only ten percent smaller. Nature there is also very similar, especially since samples of plants, minerals, and animals have been taken to the Pleiades and developed there. The surface gravity is slightly less than on Earth. A day on Erra is six tenths of a second less than on Earth.

3) The Pleiadians are humans with few physical differences. Their skin is whiter than humans as a result of higher evolution. They are several million years older than humanity. The Pleiadians live a more spiritual life style. This means that they are experiencing and learning more with their spiritual senses than with their material senses. There are no medical problems. They are able to control their health through psychic balance. The life span for a Pleiadian is more than 700 years. The ability to project thoughts to another place on the planet is very common and is the socially accepted method of visiting.

4) Only 400 million people live on Erra. Population control has come about in a desire to keep their society spread out and able to share the resources of the planet equally. Pleiadians on Erra live in a utopian world free of pollution, war, hunger, and disease thanks to advanced technology and spiritual awareness.

5) Because the population communicates by telepathy, there is no dishonesty. All basic necessities are provided freely, and anything beyond that is acquired through individual barter. There is no money and, hence, no irrational grasping for wealth and power. The Pleiadians have no economics, but do have a system of sharing the resources of their world. Material possessions are all provided, based on their contribution to the community.

6) There are no large cities with towering buildings as on Earth. But instead, the small population of Erra is spread out into smaller communities that span the planet, connected by a series of sentient tubeways that not only transport the population but educate and inform them along the way. The people live in more rural settings and keep a distance from each other.

7) Nearly all of the manufacturing and production of products for living is done on other planets in their solar system so as to not upset the ecology on Erra. They have long since developed a balance with nature that is well protected. The planet has a green atmosphere, which is controlled, and it contributes to their health and stressless way of life.

8) What government is necessary is provided by a ‘High Council‘ composed of the wisest and most evolved Pleiadians. Any changes to their social order must be approved by a vote of the highest percentage of the population. The Pleiadians are part of a federation of civilized worlds that live by the words of an advanced race in the Andromeda Galaxy.

9) It is the desire of Pleiadians to stimulate the human consciousness through the dissemination of information so that humanity can make the necessary changes to create a new world based on Saalome, which is a Pleiadian word meaning ‘peace in wisdom‘. Procyonians

1) Procyonians have been nick-named ‘Swedes‘ and are on the average between six and six and a half feet tall. They are from a solar system that revolves around Procyon, a binary yellow-white and yellow star system that rises before Sirius in Canis Minor (in the body of the Lesser Dog), about 11.4 light years from Earth. They are from the fourth planet in orbit around the Procyon double star system.

2) These Blonds are muscular with slender necks and agile bodies. Their eyes are alert and of high intelligence. Physically they are almost identical to humans. The main difference is that by human standards their blood circulatory system is under-developed, while their lymphatic system is over-developed. This gives them stronger immune systems than terrestrial humans.

3) Some Blonds have high intellectual and verbal abilities, while others are mute and telepathic. The Blonds with speech abilities will respond violently if attacked or threatened. But, the telepathic type will not. Both types are careful to avoid exposure, and usually encounter humans in quiet isolated places. They contact females more frequently. They may just stare and observe humans, then retreat. The Blonds do not seem to age, and consistently appear to be from 27 to 35 human years old, no matter what their real age may be.

4) Sometimes Blonds are prisoners of the Grays. The Grays must paralyze or destroy their ability to teleport through time and other dimensions in order to take them prisoner. The Blonds that are seen on the same ships as the Grays, working with them, are hybrids or they are clones. One way to distinguish the clone is that they all look alike. The real Blonds have distinct facial feature differences, and do not look alike.

5) The clones have thick necks and coarsely muscular bodies. They do not have the ability to teleport or to travel inter-dimensionally. They can be contacted by telepathy, but are unable to send. They can be given orders telepathically. They are zombie-like flesh robots. You can tell that they are of low intelligence by looking into their eyes.

6) The tall Blonds from Procyon have a benign attitude toward humanity, except for their strong disapproval of our inhumanity to each other. This strong disapproval is further intensified by the fact that our government has made a secret alliance with their hereditary enemies, the Grays, in order to obtain even more destructive weapon systems than those that were already in existence. Our government is not interested in negotiating with the Procyonians, as they would not provide us with weapon systems. Aliens Masquerading as Humans

1) The purpose of aliens who masquerade as humans are so that they may perform certain activities on Earth without suspicion. These activities include the study of human development, the transfer of information to humanity, and the direct intervention and control of human activities for alien purposes. Aliens who have been acting in this manner include the following:

  • Pleiadeans – for benevolent study and spiritual development

  • Nordics – the nordic/arian race forefathers

  • Koldasians – similar level of evolution

  • Ashtarians – for the advancement of religious dogma

  • Gray controlled bio-drones, droids – to replace Earth’s leaders for social and economic control

  • Gray controlled Men In Black, holograms, and projections for mystical figures that appear to give divine guidance

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2.1.2 Smooth Skinned Humanoids

1) Smooth skinned humanoids, presented in this section, include:

  • the Tall Grays

  • the Short Grays

  • Human/Grey Interbreeds

  • Zeta Reticulans

  • Sirians

  • Insectoids

  • and others

These are all humanoid beings with a body that has a head, two arms, and two legs similar to the human body. However, these beings have a physiology that is obviously not human in nature. Tall Grays

1) Some of the various 22 sub-species of Grays originally started out as tall blond-haired humanoids in the Rigel system, but were subject to heavy radiation due to a nuclear exchange over a long period of time, changing their DNA to the point where some of the species became stunted misshapen dwarves. Glandular structures were also affected, including reproductive and digestive organs. The nuclear exchange occurred approximately 300,000 years ago. This type of Gray species has been referred to as the “Orion Crusaders” or the “Markabians“.

2) There are two main types of the tall Gray species who call themselves the EBAN.

  • Type 1 of the Orion Grays are about seven to eight feet tall and have what you would call an insect-base to their genetic makeup. They have a pronounced nose and slanted black eyes. They have no external genitalia and are extremely aggressive toward humans.

  • Type 2 of the tall Grays, are between six and seven feet tall and have external genitalia. This type appears to be a taller form of the short Gray species with similar large heads and large black eyes.

3) The Grays operate very efficiently in the dark. Their eyes are more sensitive to ultraviolet light. They have the ability to control their heart rate. The normal heart rate for a Gray is above that of a human. The skin seems to have a metallic content and an unusual, cobalt pigmentation.

4) The brain has been described as having many more lobes than the human brain. There have been previous references to crystalline networks that have been found in the brains of some of the alien autopsies. It is believed that the network has a functional relationship to telepathic communication and acts as a functional node for group control of the cloned species, which function in what is essentially a hive mind.

5) They have problems with their glands, particularly with their sebaceous glands, which make it difficult for them to digest food. They derive nourishment from the glandular secretions and enzymes that they extract from animals that they mutilate. They absorb these extracts through the pores in their skin.

6) The Gray species is not based on individualization or being an individual entity. For entities maintaining a group mind set (social memory complex), individualization seems to cause a great deal of random energy loss. They were initially fascinated with both human individuality and the human emotional spectrum, which they can perceive but apparently do not comprehend what it means (to humans).

7) This species objectives appear to be founded on a rigid domination survival-based social order, where their “religion” is science, their social structure is geared to obedience, and their military concepts are grouped around conquest, colonization, and domination through covert mind control programs. It has become apparent that there are definite hierarchies within their social structures that provide for each entity having specific duties to perform.

8) These beings have technological superiority, but they appear to be lacking in spiritual and social sciences. This is evident in their obvious lack of warmth, emotionality, and respect relative to humans. They can sometimes obtain momentary pleasure in terms of mood elevation by tuning in on human wavelengths via telepathically connected radionic devices. They react to intense human emotion such as ecstasy or agony. They blanket couples for sexual thrills and are drawn to aberrants and sexual deviates. The Markabs use sex, pain, drugs and fear as obsessive elements with which to aberrate humans.

9) There appears to be much subtle conditioning that has helped prepare Earth people for certain aliens. However, it is now clear the aliens that have made technology available to the secret government are not benevolent but are our enemies, as they do the abductions, lie, deceive, are generally malevolent and are apparently implementing a very carefully planned covert invasion which includes the brutal and inhumane use of humans and animals for advanced genetic experimentation and crossbreeding.

10) It is a strategy whereby the malevolent aliens are building an ‘Faustian’ alliance with the secret government to enable them to effectively claim the Earth for their own, with humanity’s unwitting consent, before any other aliens are able to effect appropriate contact within the constraints of so called ‘Universal Laws’ to which other alien races supposedly adhere.

11) The malevolent aliens have claimed their total authorship of the religions as a means to inculcate humanity’s dependence and prospective allegiance to them and reverence of them. Their apparent behavior indicates an attempt to leverage that claimed authorship to their own benefit by placing themselves in the position of being ‘Gods‘ or ‘God’s divine messengers‘. Short Grays

1) The large Grays use smaller cloned, big-headed Grays to perform abduction and examination work. It is these Grays that abductees see most of the time. They are referred to as the Belletrax species from Betelgueses in the Orion Constellation.

2) The Gray species in general is more on the order of an electronically based space society with a common social memory complex that allows them to collectively function as areas of group-mind. Groups of Grays are controlled from one central source being, usually one of the large Grays, a Blond humanoid, or other dominant species.

3) The approximate height of the big-headed Gray is 3.5 to 4.5 feet tall, and have an average weight of about 40 pounds. Proportions of the head to the body are similar to a human five-month fetus. This seems to reflect a very ancient nature as a species as well as the fact that their DNA patterns lie within a specific band that is on a more primitive scale.

4) The species skin tone variation seems to be widespread, with skin colors ranging from bluish gray to beige, tan, brown, or white. There are factors that affect skin color, and one of them is the state of general health of the entity. Skin color is known to change after they have consumed nourishment.

5) There are no reproductive organs or reproductive capability with the cloned species. The brain capacity is estimated to be between 2500 and 3500 cc, compared to 1300 cc of humans. Due to the cloning process, the neural matter is artificially grown brain matter. The Grays have technology that enables them to insert memory patterns and consciousness into clones in any manner or pattern that they wish.

6) They have two separate brains with many more lobes than human brains, and contain a crystalline network for telepathic communication and group control. The cloned species function in essentially a hive mind. Their movement is deliberate, slow, and precise.

7) The Grays consume nourishment through a process of absorption through their skin. The process, according to abductees who have witnessed it, involves spreading a biological slurry mixture that has been mixed with hydrogen peroxide (which oxygenates the slurry and eliminates bacteria) onto their skin. Waist products are then excreted back through the skin. Many abductees have noticed that the Grays have a distinct series of odors, many of them appear to be similar to a mentholated cinnamon smell.

8) The Gray clones have one major organ that has the combined function of a heart and lung. The rest of their body consists of a homogeneous spongy tissue infused with circulatory systems, glands, and other amorphous structures. Each of the Gray clones has an individuality, but it is much less pronounced than in the human, where tendencies toward expanded awareness and shared consciousness are minimized through cultural conditioning, programming, and basic cranial differences in structure.

9) The clones are subservient to the taller Grays. The smaller Grays possess an electronically monitored and controlled social memory complex that allows them to function effectively in a group-mind mode. They do not have distinct individuality, as the larger Grays have. When one of the Grays dies, it’s implant serves as a focusing device for retrieval of the body. When Grays die, their bodies are “beamed” away. Human/Gray Interbreeds

1) The Grays are cross-breeding with human beings in an attempt to populate the Earth with hybrid beings that serve their agenda for global domination. This activity has been going on for a long time and has produced many generations of Crossbreeds. These crossbreeds are potentially more superior in function than either humans or Grays.

2) Many individuals have seen breeding labs, both underground and on spacecraft. In those labs, Gray fetuses can be seen. Those fetuses have heads that are “out of proportion” to their body as compared to humans.

3) The Gray clones are abducting human females, both temporarily and permanently, and using them for cross-breeding in order to produce a new hybrid species that does not serve humanity.

4) The Grays do understand the concept of bonding, but only intellectually in terms of bonding (between a human mother/ovum source and an alien cross-bred child) that will serve to contribute to the survival of the cross-breed. They recognize the need for it in the child only in terms of survival.

5) Thousands of years ago, many races interbred here to create an intelligent and adaptive being. But, the current interbreeding is to create humans that will serve the Visitors. Interbreeding enables them to establish a presence and commanding influence here. Interbreeding has been going on for several generations. It is becoming very successful.

6) There are hybrids that are living among us in our world today. There are not many, but there will be ever more in the future. These are intelligent humans that do not serve humanity. There are also hybrids that actually possess the Visitor’s consciousness. Soon, the Visitors will be able to live on the surface of our planet permanently. Zeta Reticulans

1) The Zeta Reticuli Grays have an insect-based genetic system and are about 3.5 to 4.5 feet in height. They have no external genitalia. They are less aggressive toward humans than the other Gray species. These beings are from Zeta Reticuli in the Reticulum Constellation. These humanoids have very distinctive facial features with a turned-up nose and long slender neck.

2) The Reticulans appear to be a highly aware grouping of entities that function as a social memory complex. Individuality appears to exist, but is overshadowed by the group mind. The Reticulans are millions of years old as a species and have a weakened DNA structure as the result of conflicts that involved nuclear radiation. The Reticulans have relied on artificial reproduction or cloning and face extinction from incurable diseases. They are creating hybrid human-Reticulans capable of mating with humans.

3) The Reticulans are largely involved in scientific exobiological surveys as well as systemic geological observation and field studies. Their civilization appears to be totally dedicated to interstellar research and life analysis. The Network has been on Earth for the past 50 years.

4) The basic objectives of the Reticulans is to use nullification and domination to control the leaders of various targeted civilizations. They accomplish this by taking out the leaders and replacing them with entities they can control.

5) Military operations of the Reticulan species consist of colonization of unprotected civilizations for the purpose of setting up logistical supply depots, slave sources, acquisition of potential allies, and biological materials.

6) The process of conquering a planet involves location of beings that vibrate in resonance with their vibrational frequency. These located beings are then told that they are the Elite or Chosen Ones who will conquer or lead the human race and rule the world for their Gray masters.

7) Often the located beings are physically taken aboard a craft and given physical examinations, provided with implants, given accelerated data through inculcation methods that will help them serve the Grays. The function of the Elite is to decimate portions of its own race in an effort to reduce populations to manageable limits so the remainder can be easily controlled. Sirians

1) Sirius apparently possesses qualities that develop some highly unusual personalities. Known as the Dog Star, in the constellation Canis Major, it is the brightest star in the firmament, and more than twenty times as luminous as our own sun.

2) The Sirians are a hybrid race with traits that are similar to the Blonds and Reptilian species. They are similar in appearance to humans except for the eyes, which have vertical slit pupils, and an elongated nose. They have short blond body hair under the tight fitting body suit uniforms that they wear.

3) The Sirians are actively involved in a war with the Grays from the Orion constellation. They have formed an alliance with the tall Blonds against the Grays. They are working in underground bases on Earth for the purposes of abducting humans and programming them. They are also performing genetic work there with humanoid forms.

4) Sirian Females have long hair, feminine features, and breasts. One female has been seen wearing a blue two-piece uniform with a pendant on her forehead. The males wear tight fitting hoods with round-shaped radio receivers and short antenna over their left ears. The insignia over their left breast is triangular in shape with either three parallel lines across it or a winged serpent inside of it. Insectoids

1) Although there appears to be a large variety of extraterrestrials in the form of insects, the most common and advanced species appears to be a giant insect creature, two meters (6’6″) tall that resembles a Praying Mantis. It should be noted that experiencers feel that this type is no insect, but rather an intelligent, gentle-spirited, but somewhat “hyper” and jerky-moving, human-like lifeform, both males and females.

2) These Beings have long, narrow faces, with long, narrow, large eyes, sharply slanted upward and outward in an almost narrow-V position, given an almost insect-like appearance. This comparison is heightened by the Praying-Mantis types’ extremely thin, long torsos, long, extremely-thin arms which are usually crooked into a sharp bend at the mid-joint, with the hand and fingers/mitten sloping almost vertically downward from the “wrist”, and legs also bent at an almost right-angle at the mid-joint, creating a crouched pose. The overall effect is the characteristic “Praying Mantis” look.

3) Witnesses have reported seeing this strange and frightening being on several occasions. In Maryland, in 1973, a group of four Preying Mantis aliens abducted a law student and examined him. On another occasion, a creature, fitting the same description, was found attacking a teenage boy. The boy was rescued with some difficulty and the being was chased away. Other Smooth Skinned Humanoids

1) Other species of this type include the Akartians, Iargans, Dwarfs, Hairies (Yeti type, Sasquatch), and Ummo’s. Another group is from the Arcturus system. These humanoids have red hair and have been called Oranges. They remain neutral toward humans and are waiting to reclaim a portion of the Earth for them selves.

2) Another group of entities that have a more pessimistic view of human fitness for being in charge of the planet’s resources is a very large humanoid race that are described in the book of Genesis as the Nephilim (literally giants) who impregnated human females who then gave birth to giants. This race is reported to originate from the constellation of Lyra and inhabits the planet Nibiru.

3) There is an on-world presence of humanoid races that have historically assisted humanity in its evolutionary development. Such a race has been the remnants of the ancient Lemurian and Atlantean civilizations that established large crystalline cities inside the Earth’s crust after abandoning their cities/civilizations established on the Earth’s surface. They are a tall Nordic-looking race living in a subterranean city under the North Pole. Strictly speaking, this group is not extra-terrestrial in origin but simply a sub-terrestrial humanoid race that is genetically linked to humanity.

4) Another group of extraterrestrials are off-world ETs that intervene to assist humanity in dealing with off-world ET races. This category is commonly described as ‘Nordics‘ and ‘Semites‘ that come from Altair Alpha Centauri, who are humanoid in appearance, between 7-8 feet in height. Altair’s fourth and fifth planets are inhabited. In fact, the people from Altair colonized the Pleiades system long ago. The human-looking Pleiadean extraterrestrials are actually ancestrally Altairians. There are two variants, the Semitic-looking ones and the Nordic-looking ones.

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2.1.3 Scaly Rough Skinned Reptilians

1) Scaly rough skinned humanoids describe the appearance of the Reptilian species from the Draco constellation and the Capella System. These beings have elongated heads and eyes with vertical slit pupils. Some of the reptilian hierarchy are albino white and not the usual green or brown. Some have conical horns midway between the brow and the top of the skull.

2) For the most part, we are dealing with another species that is humanoid in shape, but Reptilian in heritage. Their leader elite are the “Draco” that have special “wings“, which are flaps of skin, supported by long ribs. These can be folded back against the body. They are also known as the “Dragon Race” and their symbology usually includes a Winged Serpent. There are elements of their species that do not have wings – the “soldier class” and “scientists” have none.

3) They are all ‘cold blooded’ and must have a balanced environment to maintain body temperature. The “soldier class” of the species can bury themselves in the ground and wait long periods of time in order to ambush their enemy. If need be they can survive on one very large meal every few weeks or even once a year. As a species, they are well suited for space travel due to their ability to hibernate. These reptoids have scales that protect them from moisture loss. They have no sweat glands.

4) The scales (scutes) are much larger on their backs, making the skin waterproof. The scales elsewhere on the body are more flexible. They have three fingers with an opposing thumb. The eyes are catlike and large. They have twin nostrils at the end of a short stubby muzzle. They are mostly meat eaters. The mouth is more like a slit, but they do have teeth that are differentiated into incisors, canines, and molars. They average from 6 to 7 feet in height.

5) The Reptilian (amphibian) humanoids have been interacting with Earth for ages. Many contactees and abductees repeatedly describe an insignia of a Flying Serpent on the shoulder patch, badge, medallion or helmet. The Serpent Race lives under the ground.

6) The Draconian Group is a Confederation with subgroups (The “Serpent Race” from Sirius) and various crossbreeds. They set up bases inside of Venus, the Earth, and other locations. Earth is on their ancient space trade routes.

7) The Draco are about 8 feet tall and have winged appendages coming out of their shoulders, dark scaly skin, and have glowing red eyes. They have the ability to fly and usually operate at night. These entities, as well as the elite of the other Reptilian species (that also have winged appendages) were the source for some of the legends of the past relating to Gargoyles and Valkyries. It is also apparent that some of the qualities ascribed to vampires have also been taken from these creatures.

8) Some Reptilians eat humans like we eat chicken. In the United States, there are great, underground food-storage rooms full of preserved human bodies. Sometimes the bodies are those of children. It is not only children but also adults that Reptilians eat. However, children are preferred because they are not poisoned with substances like caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and other things that adults are saturated with.

9) The Reptilians don’t seem to be dependent on humans as a food source, although part of their experimental work with us is toward the end of future food supply/production. When they become involved with crossbreeding (humans and Reptilians), they are not doing it for racial survival but for the purpose of creating a subclass (slave race) within their own culture. These half-breeds are to be biological war machines and laborers, etc. They are to be someone else’s property.

10) The Reptilians seem to have little regard for us as living beings. (They think we are as ugly and repulsive to them as we ever portrayed them to be, and that we, the human race, are “as valuable as weeds”.) However, they do seem to consider some of us valuable property. One gets the feeling they will continue to use us as they see fit, or, if we ever become a real problem as a group, they would sooner wipe us out than deal with us.

11) They do not fear humanity and consider themselves far superior to humans by all comparisons. They supposedly consider the surface of this planet to be a poisonous, inhospitable environment and “allow” us to live here, since they live below the surface and in space. (We and our surface environment function as a physical buffer or living shield around their home underground.)

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2.2 International Threats

1) This section provides information pertaining to threats of a terrestrial, international nature. The information describes organizations whose true agendas and activities are kept secret. These secret societies are differentiated by their areas of influence in regards to Satanic, Global, and Regional Organizations. Although many of these organizations publicly appear to have differing and unrelated interests and agendas, they are all interrelated with a common goal of world domination.

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2.2.1 Satanic Organizations

1) This portion of the document contains subsections that describe threats from Satanic Cult organizations. All of the leaders and many of the members of the global and regional organizations are also affiliated with one or more of the organizations described in this section, which includes the Illuminati, Freemasons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, and Skull and Bones societies. These groups are presented in the order in which they were created.

2) The term Satanism is used to describe a system of ritual sacrifice and torture that is commonplace all over the world today. Satanism is just another name for the worship of a highly destructive, negative force that has been given many names over the centuries such as Nimrod, Set, the Devil, and Lucifer. Satanism perverts everything positive.

3) Satanism is based on the manipulation of energy and consciousness. Their rituals create an energy field of vibrational frequency that connects the consciousness of the participants to the Reptilians and other consciousness of the lower fourth dimension.

4) The leading Satanists are full-blood reptilians cloaked in human form. These rituals invariably take place on vortex points so that the terror, horror, and hatred created from them enters the global energy grid and affects the Earth’s magnetic field. Thought forms of that scale of malevolence hold down the vibrational frequency and affect human thought and emotion.

5) The Reptilians and their crossbreeds drink blood because they are drinking the person’s life force and because they need it to exist in this dimension. They will often shape-shift from human into reptilian form when drinking human blood and eating human flesh. Without human blood the reptilians cannot hold human form in this dimension.

6) There are ’regeneration rituals’ where an aging Satanist stands in the center of a circle of babies or young children. As they are sacrificed the ritual allows the Satanist to absorb their life force and regenerate his or her body. The world’s most famous Satanist, Alister Crowley, advocated human sacrifice and admitted to sacrificing children. He performed just such a sacrifice 150 times every year between 1912 and 1928 and sacrificed almost 2,500 young boys in that period alone. Satanism at its core is about the manipulation and theft of another person’s energy and consciousness.

7) The astrological energies constantly generated by the movement of the planets and the cycles of the Sun and Moon are also employed to add to the power of the rituals. So, there are particular days for their most important Satanic ceremonies. On these days, unimaginable numbers of people, mostly children, are sacrificed. Some of the main dates are: spring equinox, summer solstice, autumn equinox, Halloween, winter solstice and every full Moon.

8) What is called Satanism is the ruling hierarchy of the brotherhood pyramid under the command of the reptilians. Your position is decided by the “purity” of your bloodline and the level at which you operate within the global network known as Satanism. In other words, the power of the “demons” that have taken possession of you during Satanic ritual. In this way, the other-dimensional hierarchy is reflected in the ’human’ hierarchy of the Illuminati.

9) The Satanic network is vast. Satanists are very organized and extremely ruthless. They are very strong in the medical profession, police, the judiciary, coroner offices, politics, government administration, and so on. There is tremendous infighting within Satanism, as they battle for supremacy by seeking more and more powerful demonic entities. They hate each other as much as they hate humanity.

10) The whole Satanic network is ruled by fear. Cult members are disciplined by having to watch their children tortured, beaten to death or brutally raped. Others are sacrificed. Satanists are deluded into thinking that they control the demons when actually the demons are just using them as pawns.

11) Many sacrifices are babies produced by women called “breeders”, who give birth in secret. Other sacrifices are people the Satanists have kidnapped. It is common for Satanists to die in rituals designed to transfer their power and demons to another person. When they die, their consciousness becomes the property of the demons, as ritually agreed when they become Satanists. The deal involves demonic power for the Satanists on Earth in return for their “soul” when they leave their body.

12) Drinking human blood appears to be vital to reptilian entities to hold open DNA codes that maintain an outward “human” appearance. The reptilians also feed off an adrenaline that enters the bloodstream at times of extreme terror. The ritual is performed to increase this terror to its maximum at the time of death. Consuming the heart is also at the center of these sacrifice rituals and they have been performed in the same way for thousands of years. The heart represents the very essence of who we are.

13) During sex, the two energy fields merge, especially at orgasm, and this is a common way that reptilian entities take possession of people. When a possessed person has sex with someone, it opens up the energy connection for his or her sexual partner to be possessed also. The Reptilians and other demonic entities are obsessed with sex because it allows them to possess the victim and to “vampire” their life force. Drugged and alcoholic states also open people to possession, as does fear and deep depression.

14) Sex with children has been part of the Illuminati modus operandi from ancient times. Sexual and Satanic abuse of children are aspects of the same agenda. This allows the demonic entities in the perpetrator to take control of their victim. They want to absorb the energy of children before puberty and orgasm because the energy is still “pure”. Every year, more than 2,000 children disappear in America alone and many end up with Satanic cults or in the underground bases.

Watch Photo Gallery Illuminati

1) The global secret society network of today is topped by the Illuminati and, at the very peak, by a reptilian species. It has had to be done in this covert way because there are not many of them compared to the human population and they would be overwhelmed if enough people knew what is really going on.

2) The Illuminati are also known as the serpent cult or serpent brotherhood. Their secret language includes the lighted torch, the pyramid and all-seeing eye, the lion, the snake, fish, flying reptile (gargoyle), and other reptilian symbolism.

3) The Priory of Sion, Knights Templar, Knights of Malta, Teutonic Knights, Rosicrucians, Freemasons, and a long, long list of others, are the same organization, the all-encompassing network called Illuminati.

4) The elite families, no more than 13 at the peak of their pyramid, created and manipulate this system of control through a network of secret societies. This network and the bloodlines it serves are known as the Illuminati, the “Illuminated Ones“. In other words, they are illuminated into knowledge that everyone else is denied. The Illuminati is an organization within all significant organizations. It’s like a cancer. The highest-ranking member of the Illuminati is a man code-named Pindar from the Alsace-Lorraine region of France. Pindar means ’Penis of the Dragon’.

5) Although Illuminati concepts can be traced back through history to the earliest sects claiming exoteric knowledge, the order was first publicly identified in 1776. On May 1 of that year, the Bavarian Illuminati was formed by Adam Weishaupt, a professor of Canon Law at Ingolstadt University of Bavaria in Germany.

6) One of his cofounders reportedly was William of Hesse, the employer of Mayer Rothschild. The Rothschilds and German royalty were connected through Freemasonry. The Bavarian Illuminati was banned by Pope Clement XIV in 1773, which caused Weishaupt to break with the church while studying to be a Jesuit priest.

7) The Illuminati originated within the Muslim Ismaili sect, a group closely connected to the Knights Templar who brought Illuminati ideals to Europe centuries before. The Illuminati were indoctrinated with ancient esoteric knowledge and were opposed to what they saw as the tyranny of the Catholic church and the national governments it supported.

8) Weishaupt evoked a philosophy that any means to gain their ends was acceptable and the key to Illuminati control was secrecy. Weishaupt and his Illuminati sought a world government based on their philosophy of human-centered rationalism. In 1777, Weishaupt blended his brand of Illuminism with Freemasonry after joining the Masonic Order’s Lodge Theodore of Good Council in Munich, Germany.

9) The Bavarian government cracked down on the order in 1783. Authorities saw the Illuminati as a direct threat to the established order and outlawed the organization. This action prompted many members to flee Germany, which only spread their philosophies further. Secret Illuminati orders sprang up in France, Italy, England, and even the new lands of America. Freemasonry

1) During the late Middle Ages, among the only organized groups able to move freely throughout Europe were the guilds of stone masons, who maintained meeting halls or “lodges” in every major city. The masons, who traced their own secret knowledge of architecture and building back to Egypt and beyond, were essential to the construction of Europe’s churches and cathedrals.

2) Freemasonry is the largest worldwide secret society and was spread largely by the advance of the British empire in the nineteenth century. Already possessing certain esoteric or secret knowledge, the Masons were an ideal vehicle for the covert distribution of anticlerical teachings.

3) Occult geometry, sometimes called “sacred geometry“, long has utilized geometrical symbols for metaphysical and philosophical concepts. Masonic lore traces its origins back to the construction of the biblical Tower of Babel and King Solomon’s Temple of Jerusalem.

4) The Freemasons originate from:

  • the Essenes

  • the Pharisee Jews

  • the ancient mystery schools of Egypt and Greece

  • the Vehm-Gerichte of Westphalia, Germany

  • the Roman Collegia

  • the French Compagnons

  • the Rosicrucians

The Knights Templar-Rosicrucian-Babylonian Brotherhood underground created their own initiation structure to pass on the secret knowledge to the chosen few and keep it out of circulation.

5) Freemasonry was born in Scotland among the Brotherhood bloodline families, especially the reptilian St. Clair/Sinclairs. They were based at Rosslyn or Roslin Castle just South of Edinburgh in a region steeped in Templar tradition.

6) The biggest rite of world Freemasonry are the 33 degrees (initiate levels) called the Scottish Rite. The other main stream of the ’craft’ is the York Rite, after which New York was named, which is the center of United States Freemasonry to this day.

7) Freemasonry quickly became a vehicle for political and economic manipulation with its members working through all sides to the same end. Their agenda was to diminish the power of the monarchies in Europe and replace them with political systems designed in a way that allowed the Brotherhood to control them. It was based on the structure in ancient Sumer and Babylon and this has continued to this very day.

8) The Brotherhood Elite and the reptilians do not care who introduces their Agenda, so long as someone does and the most influential of their bloodlines are not always the most famous people. Often the most influential ones work in the background where the real power lies.

9) Freemasonry is a cesspit of deceit and hypocrisy, and the oaths made to the secret societies and your fellow initiates override any oath you may have made to your country or to people such as a president, prime minister, congressman, Member of Parliament, policeman, or judge. The Mason swears to keep the secrets of another Mason, protecting him even if it requires withholding evidence of a crime, giving false testimony, perjury, or rendering a false verdict. Jehovah’s Witnesses

1) The Jehovah’s Witness or Watchtower Society worships the Hebrew angry god Jehovah. Jehovah is an English translation of the Hebrew Yahweh or Lord, a word that was expressed only as YHWH.

2) After admonishing Moses and his people not to kill, steal, or covet another’s property, Jehovah ordered them to the lands of the Amorites, Hittites, Canaanites, and others to kill men, women, and children and take their lands and possessions.

3) The Jehovah’s Witness, or Watchtower Society, is another Illuminati religion used for mind control and a front for Satanism. It systematically disconnects its members from non-members in the way of all mind control cults. The Jehovah’s Witnesses are a replica of the Mormons, even down to the Freemasonic founders, like Charles Taze Russell.

4) Charles Taze Russell was from the Illuminati’s Russell bloodline, which also founded the infamous Skull and Bones Society at Yale University. Russell was a Satanist, a paedophile according to his wife, and a friend of the Rothschilds, who funded the Jehovah’s Witness operation into existence, along with other Illuminati bankers.

5) Charles Taze Russell was a high-degree Freemason and Knights Templar. He promoted Zionism, another Rothschild creation. Russell’s family was formally known as Roessel and went to Scotland from Germany. Both are massive occult centers.

6) From the start, Charles Russell used his new Watchtower Society, based at Bethel, Brooklyn, New York, as a front for black magic, or Enochian magic as his brand of Satanism was called. Russell was buried under a pyramid in the United States after he was ritually killed on Halloween 1917.

7) The Jehovah Witness organization uses trauma-based mind control for unspeakable mind control projects. Jehovah Witnesses are told to believe in and welcome Armageddon because that is when the world will be destroyed and only they will avoid the holocaust.

8) Witnesses and their children are separated from society and only the minimum necessary contact with non-believers is encouraged. This isolates them from other information and visions of reality. They attend meetings three times each week to be brainwashed with the religion’s dogma, hatred, and fear. They are told to avoid independent thinking, not question the council, and to hate in the name of their God. The shunning laws are breaking up many families, causing many divorces, and driving people to suicide.

9) Witnesses are discouraged from listening to popular music, celebrating festivals and holidays with non-witnesses, and urged to read the Bible every day. Not only the minds, but the clothing and hairstyles of the Witnesses are monitored. Every area of their lives is dictated, including the movies and television programs that they watch; celebrating birthdays; lotteries; relationships after divorce; inter-racial marriage; drinking tea and coffee; wearing cosmetics and jewelry; national anthems; contraception methods; oral sex in marriage and masturbation.

10) No questioning or rebellion against the leadership is tolerated and Witnesses are pressured to inform on each other. Encouraging Witnesses to “confess their sins” to an elder opens the way for unlimited blackmail. Nor is the privacy of these confessions maintained. They are kept in a constant state of fear and unworthiness. Mormons

1) The Mormon Church is another ’vision’ religion that very powerfully locks into the Brotherhood network, as all religions do. The Mormon Church, or more formally, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, was founded by Joseph Smith after he claimed an ’angle’ called Moroni appeared to him in 1823. Moroni, he said, told him of the existence of a book of gold plates containing: “the fullness of the everlasting gospel” and “an account of the former inhabitants of this continent and the sources from which they sprang”. The location was revealed to him, and in 1827 with the help from two ’magic stones’ called Urim and Thummim, he translated the plates into English. From this came the Book of Mormon two years later and his followers became the Mormon Church in 1830.

2) The pillars of the early church were Smith, his brother Hiram, and Brigham Young. They were all high-degree Freemasons and from the same Merovingian bloodline. The expansion of the church was funded by Kuhn, Loeb, and Company (the Rothschild bank in the United States).

3) Mormons recognize the Bible, but claim that Smith’s writings are equally divine. They set up communities called Stakes of Zion and eventually settled in Salt Lake City, Utah.

4) The Mormon Church at Salt Lake City is a major center for Illuminati trauma-based mind control. The Illuminati look for families with a history of child abuse and trauma because each new generation of these bloodlines become more open to mind control as their DNA is reprogrammed by the experiences. The Mormon Church is obsessed with genetics and its massive genealogical data banks are used by the Illuminati to keep records of who has reptilian bloodlines.

5) The Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City, which is covered in Illuminati symbols like the all-seeing eye, stands over a large underground reptilian base that can be accessed from the temple site. Reptilians and hybrid bloodlines reside permanently in the underground society and are sold-out Satanic worshipping, blood-feasting, shape shifters.

6) Satanic ritual goes on within the Mormon Church. In an underground chamber called the Pink Room, Mormon leaders dressed in black robes, worship Lucifer in a ritual called True Order of Prayer. Newly delivered babies are sacrificed while the mother is tied to a cross-shaped stone alter. Skull and Bones

1) Skull and Bones is the American chapter of an earlier German secret organization, known as Chapter 322, the “Brotherhood of Death“, or “The Order“. It was founded at Yale University in 1832 by General William Huntington Russell and Alphonso Taft.

2) The Russell family was at the center of Russell and Company, a firm that became enriched first by the slave trade and then by opium smuggling in the early nineteenth century. The pirate symbol of skull and crossed bones was adopted as the Order’s insignia. It was also the official crest of the Bavarian Illuminati.

3) Skull and Bones has close links with Freemasonry. Masonic emblems, symbols, a German slogan, even the layout of their initiation room are all identical to those found in Masonic lodges in Germany associated with the Illuminati.

4) Each year, only fifteen Yale juniors are selected to participate in Skull and Bones during their senior year. The Order has its own membership designations. Neophyte members are called Knights. Once a full member, they are known as Patriarchs. Outsiders are derogatorily referred to as “Gentiles” or “vandals”.

5) Active membership in Skull and Bones comes from a core group of about 30 families. Nepotism runs deep in The Order. Prescott Bush, former president George Bush, and president George W. Bush are all members.

6) The Skull and Bones Society is a political recruiting agency and the epicenter of New World Order control. The order has been called a “stepping stone” to the Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderbergers, and the Trilateral Commission. It poses a great and present danger to our freedoms and to our constitutional rights by a clandestine elite that are manipulating history.

7) Skull and Bones is a blood drinking, Satanic secret society for the bloodline families. The ’Eastern Establishment’ are the force behind America’s most sinister and Satanic secret societies, the Skull and Bones Society, based in a windowless mausoleum at Yale University in Connecticut known appropriately as the ’Tomb’.

8) Bloodcurdling screams are heard coming from the tomb of Skull and Bones. It has an interior with all the trappings of a late Victorian gothic fantasy. There is heavy dark furniture, medieval armor, animal heads and everywhere there are skulls and bones including a skeleton called madam Pompidor. Within the tomb, bonesmen operate on Skull and Bones time, which is five minutes ahead of the time in the rest of the world, which is referred to as barbaric time.

9) Membership in The Order involves the worship of the skull. The reason why skulls and bones figure so prominently in it is a kind of strain of imagery that dates back to Masonic societies of Germany in which it was important for a youth to contemplate his death.

10) The Skull and Bones initiation ceremony is held in April in the tomb’s basement. One distinguished member serves as Master of Ceremonies. Once enrobed, he is known as Uncle Tubing. The shortest member is appointed little devil and dons a satanic costume. A Bonesman with a deep voice is dressed as Don Quixote. Another is dressed as the college’s founder. Still another is given papal vestments and initiates lay naked in a coffin.

11) Every Thursday and Sunday at 6:30, they gather for dinner in the Firefly Room. Non-alcoholic drinks are served in skull shaped cups. Skull and Bones is a dry society. Thursday night is a sort of general autobiographical session in the basement of the tomb. In the presence of occult Masonic ritual skeletons, coffins, and death heads, someone tells the narrative of his life. But on Sunday, there is a special session that is given the name of Connubial Bliss and that session is a sexual autobiography.

12) The Skull and Bones is particularly important for initiating American elite bloodline young people into the web. For nearly two centuries, Skull and Bones have produced the stewards and leaders of the American ruling class, the Eastern Establishment elite core of diplomats, spies, supreme-court justices, senators, and presidents.

13) Skull and Bones is a lifelong society. This is a vicious group of inter-breeding bloodlines seeking to impose their will and their structure of life upon the global population.

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2.2.2 Global Organizations

1) The subsections within this portion of the document describe organizations with global agendas. They are arranged in the order in which they were created. These organizations include the Round Table, United Nations, Bilderbergers, Club of Rome, Trilateral Commission, and the World Trade Organization. The Round Table

1) The Round Table Groups were established around 1910 by the trust of English diamond magnate Cecil Rhodes. Rhodes’s first Round Table group was established in South Africa with funding from the British Rothschild family to train business leaders loyal to Britain in ways to maintain control over the country’s wealth.

2) The Round Tables started out as a collection of semisecret groups formed along the lines of Illuminati and Freemasonry with “inner” and “outer” circles and a pyramid hierarchy. Rhodes called his secret society the Round Table after the legendary meeting place of King Arthur.

3) Armed with immense wealth gained from control of gold, diamonds and drugs, Round Tablers fanned out throughout the world to take control of fiscal and monetary policies and political leadership in all countries where they operated. The goal was to form the world’s nations into one English-speaking entity so as to maintain peace and bring both stability and prosperity to underdeveloped areas.

4) By 1915, other branches of the Round Table were set up in Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and India. In the United States, the Round Table was represented by the Rockefellers, J.P. Morgan, and Edward Harriman. Cecil Rhodes was also a member of an organization called the Committee of 300, which is also known as The Olympians. It consists of 300 people who, in each generation, run the world under the supervision of even smaller groups above them in the highest levels of the pyramid. These 300 families are the most reptilian on the planet and that is how they qualify for their appointment to this network. United Nations

1) The United Nations organization was an outgrowth of the old League of Nations that was instigated by Woodrow Wilson and members of the Milner-Rhodes secret societies. The concept was resurrected when representatives of the United States, the Soviet Union, Great Britain, and China met at the Dumbarton Oaks estate near Washington DC, from August 21 to October 7, 1944.

2) Formal construction of the UN began at the United Nations Conference on International Organization held in San Francisco. A resulting charter was signed in June and went into effect October 24, 1945, little more than two months after World War II ended. The United Nations was created essentially by the Council on Foreign Relations.

3) Today, the UN supervises the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The UN also houses a number of social agencies including the International Labor Organization (ILO), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

4) The UN network includes the World Health Organization (WHO), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Anglo-American-Swiss pharmaceutical cartel that produce vaccines that cause untold harm to the physical and spiritual being of billions. The UN Population Fund uses ’population control’ for a policy of eugenics. Instead of stopping war, thousands of people have been killed under the banner of the UN flag.

5) In 1947, the United Nations formed the World Federation of Mental Health with Montegu Norman, the Governor of the Bank of England who funded and manipulated Adolf Hitler. Running alongside this was the United Nations Social and Cultural Organization under the leadership of mind programmer, Julian Huxley. The United Nations is the world’s largest, continuously-run, brainwashing program for leaders of developing countries.

6) The United Nations was a vital achievement for the illuminati. They tried and failed with their League of Nations after the First World War and so they engineered the Second World War. The plan has always been to create so many “problems” in the world that the only answer to them is perceived to be a global government to “sort out the mess” (problem-reaction-solution). Those pressing for world government are the same people who are creating the problems to justify it.

7) Another scam is to persuade us that a world government would be the way to bring all people together as one humanity, caring and sharing, and recognizing we are all one family. Very nice sentiment on the face of it, but from the illuminati point of view, that is their worst nightmare. They want humanity to be divided and ruled, not united and free. They manipulate people into missing the fundamental difference between “One World” (coming together in mutual support and co-operation) and a global centralized fascist dictatorship. Bilderbergers

1) The Bilderbergers are a group of powerful men and women many of them European royalty who meet in secret each year to discuss the issues of the day. It still has no official name, but it has been identified with the Bilderberg Hotel in Oosterbeck, Holland. Where it was first discovered by the public in 1954.

2) Attendees include prominent businessmen, politicians, bankers, educators, media owners, and military leaders from around the world. The Bilderbergers also are closely tied to Europe’s nobility, including the British royal family and royalty from Sweden, Holland, and Spain.

3) After the Second World War, Britain’s Lord Victor Rothschild and Polish socialist Dr. Joseph Retinger encouraged Dutch Prince Bernhard to create the Bilderberg group. The Prince personally chaired the group until 1976. Since 1991, the Bilderberg chairmanship has been held by Britain’s Lord Peter Carrington.

4) The Bilderbergers usually meet once a year at plush resorts around the globe, and their activities are cloaked in total secrecy despite the attendance of top-level American media members. Although the group claims to merely hold informal discussions on world affairs, there is evidence that its recommendations often become official policy.

5) The idea of a common European currency was discussed several years before it became policy. There were also discussions about the U.S. establishing formal relations with China before President Nixon actually did it. It was reported that one of the decisions of the 1998 Bilderberg meeting was to encourage British prime minister Tony Blair to press harder for Britain’s entry into the growing European Union. Club of Rome

1) In 1968, came the Club of Rome, headed by the Bilderberger and Freemason, Aurelio Peccei. The Club of Rome, set up at the Rockefeller family’s private estate at Bellagio in Italy, created the environmental movement. The Club of Rome has used the environment to centralize power and confiscate land.

2) It claims to be campaigning to ’save the planet’ when in truth, it is just another front for the Agenda intent on controlling the world. It is sponsored by those who are demonstrably creating the very environmental problems that they say they wish to stop.

3) The Club of Rome has been charged with the task of overseeing the regionalization and unification of the entire world. Most of the directives for the planning of the world government are presently coming from the Club of Rome.

4) The Club has divided the world into ten political/economic regions, which it refers to as “kingdoms“. These regions are:

1.   North America

2.   Western Europe and Scandinavia

3.   Japan

4.   South Africa, Australia and Pacific region

5.   Eastern Europe and Northern Asia

6.   Mexico, central and South America

7.   North Africa and middle East

8.   Central Africa

9.   India and Southeast Asia

10. China

5) The Club of Rome encourages the creation of a world forum where statesmen, policy-makers, and scientists can discuss the dangers and hopes for the future global system. The World Future Society is where the political, economic, and spiritual aspects of the one-world government all come together. One of the organization’s directors was Robert S. McNamara, the former president of the World Bank and Secretary of Defense. Trilateral Commission

1) David Rockefeller, the former chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations, instigated the creation of the Trilateral Commission. The concept of the Trilateral Commission was originally brought to Rockefeller by Zbigniew Brzezinski, then head of the Russian Studies Department at Columbia University.

2) Brzezinski’s plan for a commission of trilateral nations was first presented during a meeting of the ultra-secret Bilderberg group in April 1972, in the small Belgian town of Knokke-Heist. Reception to Brzezinski’s proposal reportedly was enthusiastic. With the blessing of the Bilderbergers and the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission began organizing on July 23-24, 1972, at the Rockefeller estate at Pocantico Hills, New York. It was officially founded on July 1, 1973, with David Rockefeller as chairman. Brzezinski was named founding North American director. The total exclusive membership remains about 300 persons.

3) According to the commission’s official yearly publication, Trialogue,

“The Trilateral Commission was formed in 1973 by private citizens of Western Europe, Japan, and North America to foster closer cooperation among these three regions on common problems.”

4) The Trilateral Commission has headquarters in New York, Paris, and Tokyo. An executive committee of 35 members administers the commission, which meets roughly every nine months rotating between the three regions.

5) Just a few examples indicate that those espousing Trilateral policies often end up implementing those same policies in the government. Three years after his paper was published, Harvard political scientist Samuel Huntington was named coordinator of security planning for President Carter’s National Security Council. In this capacity, Huntington prepared Presidential Review Memorandum 32, which led to the 1979 presidential order creating the Federal Emergency Management Agency, a civilian organization with the power to take totalitarian control of government functions in the event of a national “emergency”.

6) Yale University economist Richard Cooper headed the commission’s task force on monetary policy, which recommended selling official gold reserves to private markets. Cooper became undersecretary of state for economic affairs, presiding as the International Monetary Fund sold a portion of its gold.

7) Many of the original members of the Trilateral Commission are now in positions of power where they are able to implement policy recommendations of the Commission; recommendations that they, themselves, prepared on behalf of the Commission. A cabal of powerful men are out to control the world by creating a super-national community dominated by the multinational corporations. World Trade Organization

1) The controversial General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) renamed in 1995; the World Trade Organization was widely seen as nothing more than a vehicle to further the Bilderberger goal of removing all trade barriers. Noting that free trade “breaks up old nationalities” and “hastens the social revolution”, Karl Marx in 1848 proclaimed, “I am in favor of free trade.”

2) The Illuminati first created the GATT “free trade” agreement to stop nation states from defending their economies from the importation of goods that are destroying local jobs. Illuminati agents like Peter Sutherland of Ireland, the Bilderberger head of GATT, later became head of the World Trade Organization in the Illuminati stronghold of Switzerland. This replaced GATT and now has extensive powers to impose enormous fines on nations who do not follow its rules.

3) The end of trade borders in Europe under the Common Market removed more control by individual countries over their economy, and the same with the North American Free Trade Agreement between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

4) The powers of the World Trade Organization insure that poor “Third World” countries cannot use their land to feed their people first, nor keep out imports that are causing hunger and poverty by destroying local employment.

5) The trans-nationals pay little or no tax to these countries and by owning the land, at the expense of the people, they can pay poverty wages to the workers who have no other form of employment and no chance of self-sufficiency. The Illuminati trans-nationals are leeches sucking these countries dry of money, opportunity, and resources. The Illuminati view humans in the same way that most humans view cattle.

6) The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank told debt-ridden, poverty-stricken countries that they had to cut subsidies for food and health care and “restructure” their economies in line with the instructions of the IMF and World Bank. If they did not, they would not get any further “help”. By now, these countries could not revert to self-sufficiency because the Illuminati trans-nationals controlled much of the food-growing land and they were faced with both world trade restrictions and debt repayments. People starved.

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2.2.3 Regional Organizations

1) The following subsections describe organizations that pose a threat to specific regions on this planet. They are arranged in the order in which they were created. These organizations include the Federal Reserve, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and the Council on Foreign Relations. Federal Reserve

1) One of the most important coups was the creation in 1913 of the Federal Reserve, the so-called ’central bank’ of the United States. It is neither Federal nor has any reserves. It is a cartel of private banks owned by the 20 founding families, mostly European, which today decides the interest rates for the United States and lends non-existent money to the U.S. government on which the taxpayers have to pay interest. Profits exceed $150 billion a year and the Federal Reserve has not once in all its history published audited accounts.

2) The elite bankers from the Rockefeller-Morgan-Rothschild-Harriman cartels met secretly at Jekyl Island in Georgia to discuss tactics and the nature of the bill they wished to be passed. They pushed the Federal Reserve Bill through Congress just before Christmas 1913 when many congressmen were already home.

3) They also introduced a Federal Income Tax Bill in 1913. To do this they needed an amendment, the 16th, to the American Constitution, and that required the consent of at least 36 states. Only two states agreed, but Philander Knox, the Secretary of State, simply announced that the required majority had been achieved and the bill was introduced. To this day, the enforced payment of federal income tax is illegal.

4) The function of the Federal Reserve is to Foster a flow of money and credit that will facilitate orderly economic growth, a stable dollar, and long-run balance in our international payments. But has the Fed accomplished its stated goals? Since 1976 the United States has had a negative trade balance, and, in 1985, for the first time since 1914, the U.S. debts owed to foreign creditors exceeded foreign debts owed to U.S. creditors. If the true functions of the Fed are as claimed, then it has failed miserably.

5) International bankers, like the Rothschilds and the Warburgs of Europe and the houses of J.P. Morgan, Huhn, Loeb and Company, Schiff, Lehman and Rockefeller make money by extending credit to governments. The greater the debt of the political state, the larger the interest returned to the lenders. The national banks of Europe are actually owned and controlled by private interests. These same private interests can be demonstrated to own and control the Federal Reserve System.

6) Prior to the 1930s paper bills could be redeemed for gold, since Section 10 of the Constitution specified gold and silver as the only lawful tender. Older Federal Reserve notes bore the inscription, “Redeemable in lawful money at the United States Treasury, or any Federal Reserve bank.” But no more.

7) Money today is increasingly mere electronic blips in a computer accessed by plastic cards at ATMs. There is nothing to back it up. Yet this illusionary money is loaned at interest by great institutions. As the total amount of money grows, its worth decreases. This is called inflation, in effect a built-in tax on the use of money. And, inflation can be manipulated by those who control the flow of money. The result of this whole system is massive debt at every level of society and banks often have the right to seize physical property if its paper money is not repaid.

8) The same force that created the banking system and controls all of the banks, also created the political system and controls all of the major governments. This has allowed these governments to pass banking laws that allow their banks to lend at least ten times what they have on deposit. This system of “fiat” money and “fractional reserve lending”, means that banks can create money out of thin air whenever they choose. Debt does not exist except as figures on a computer screen.

9) The head of the Federal Reserve is currently the Illuminati Satanist Alan Greenspan, who is also a member of the Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations. He is high up in the Illuminati ritual hierarchy. The “Fed” decides the interest rates in the U.S. which has a fundamental effect on the world economy because of the interdependency the Illuminati have built into the system. Royal Institute of International Affairs

1) In a secret meeting at the Hotel Majestic in Paris, offshoot organizations connected to the original Round Table group were created. The first came in 1920 with the formation of the Institute of International Affairs, also known as Chatham House, at 10 St. James Square in London. It was given the title Royal Institute in 1926. The second came with the American branch, the Council on Foreign Relations, in 1921.

2) These were designed to control even more completely British and American politics and much of the wider world. They are both the same organization under different names. The Royal Institute of International Affairs was formed by the friends of Cecil Rhodes.

3) The Royal Institute connects into the top levels of politics, banking, business, and the media. As with the Round Table, Royal Institute branches were established in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Nigeria, Trinidad, Tobago, and India, where it is known as the Council of World Affairs. Council on Foreign Relations

1) President Woodrow Wilson’s assistant, Colonel Mandel House, along with both British and American peace conference delegates met in Paris’s Majestic Hotel on May 30, 1919, and resolved to form an “Institute of International Affairs,” with one branch in the United States and one in England. The U.S. branch was incorporated on July 21, 1921, as the Council on Foreign Relations.

2) Article II of the new CFR’s bylaws stated that anyone revealing details of the CFR meetings in contravention of the CFR’s rules could be dropped from membership, thus qualifying the CFR as a secret society.

3) Since 1945, the CFR has been headquartered in the elegant Harold Pratt House in New York City. The building was donated by the Pratt family of Rockefeller’s Standard Oil. The CFR’s invitation-only membership, originally limited to 1,600 participants, today numbers more than 3,300, representing the most influential leaders in finance, commerce, communications, and academia.

4) Council members are in the forefront of America’s globalist activism. CFR officials include nearly all past and present senior U.S. government officials who deal with international matters. A 1997 mission statement stated the council is merely “a unique membership organization and think tank that educates members and staff to serve the nation with ideas for a better and safer world.”

5) However, the CFR has had its hand in every major twentieth century conflict. It is a group of men and women set on world domination through multinational business, international treaties, and world government. The one common objective of CFR members is to bring about the surrender of the sovereignty and national independence of the United States. Primarily, they want the world banking monopoly from whatever power ends up in control of global government.

6) Through 1988, 14 secretaries of State, 14 treasury secretaries, 11 defense secretaries and scores of other federal department heads have been CFR members. Nearly every CIA director since Allen Dulles has been a CFR member.

7) In January 1943, the secretary of State, Cordell Hull, formed a steering committee that drafted the original proposal of the United Nations. All of the members with the exception of Hull were in the CFR. While the CFR created the United Nations, it is still only a branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London, which is only an offshoot of the Round Table, which is only an agency of an even higher authority in the hierarchy.

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2.3 Individual Threats

1) This portion of the document contains subsections that describe threats to individual freedom, security, development, and health.

These are threats to humanity that apply equally to the citizens of every nation on Earth. Although domestic organizations are involved with perpetuating these threats, this section is mainly concerned with exposing the threats themselves.

The following subsections describe threats resulting from drugs, mind control, terrorism, and national security.

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2.3.1 Drugs

1) Information about drugs that pose a threat to human health, freedom, and spiritual development are presented here in two subsections. One deals with legal drugs and the other with illegal drugs.

Legal drugs that adversely affect human physical and mental functions include government approved chemicals, inoculations, and pharmaceuticals.

Illegal drugs, such as heroine and cocaine, which are smuggled and distributed by governments, not only pose a threat to the individual victims of drug abuse but also to societies that must contend with the problems that they bring. Legal Drugs

1) The reptilian-Brotherhood has been preparing to stop mankind from making a shift in consciousness for a long time. They attack humanity at the physical level with drugs, food additives, and fluoride in the water. At the same time, the ancient methods of healing (known today as alternative or complementary) are under constant assault from the medical establishment, which is awash with Freemasons and under the control of the Brotherhood pharmaceutical cartel.

2) The Rockefeller empire owns more than 60% of the pharmaceutical industry in the United States. The pharmaceutical cartel interlocks with the major global ‘food’ producers like Nestle, Kellogg, Proctor and Gamble and the rest. Through this network, the Brotherhood can orchestrate a concerted attack on the human body and its mental processes. Genetically engineered animals and food is part of this also.

3) In order to control a population you must suppress their ability to think for themselves and see what is going on around them. This is done through the manipulation of the mind with drugs, vaccines, and food additives.

4) Stress causes an imbalanced emotional vibration that disrupts the body. It interacts with body cells to cause chemical changes called “disease”, or dis-ease. The medical profession either prescribes a drug to try to reverse the chemical changes or uses surgery to cut away the result of the chemical changes. They treat the symptom and not the cause. True healers treat and remove the energy imbalances that cause the physical effect.

5) Humanity is being fed drugs and chemicals that suppress brain function, clarity of thought, and the ability to connect powerfully with our higher levels of being, or “sixth sense” of psychic awareness and intuition. The following are some examples of this war on the human brain and immune system.

6) Aspartame suppresses the intellect. It is now used in thousands of foodstuffs and in almost every soft drink. Children, who drink these beverages are turned into unthinking, unquestioning clones for life. Aspartame is an “artificial sweetener”. It is known under trade names like NutraSweet, Equal, and Spoonful. It is 200 times sweeter than sugar.

7) It was introduced in 1981 and has been the subject of 75% of complaints reported to the Adverse Reaction Monitoring system of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These complaints include headaches, dizziness, attention difficulties, memory loss, slurred speech, and vision problems. It changes the brain chemistry and lowers the threshold for seizures, causes mood disorders and other problems of the nervous system. It is also addictive.

8) Prozac, produced by the George Bush drug company, Eli Lilly, is another Illuminati corruption to impose a mind suppressant on the population. Prozac was introduced in 1982 and marketed to target ‘depressive disorders”. By 1987, two months before the FDA approved Prozac, 27 people had died in controlled clinical trials. 15 were suicides, six by overdose, four by gunshots and two by drowning. Prozac was directly connected to all of them.

9) In 1991, the FDA received more than 15,000 reports of all kinds on Prozac. That number reached 28,000 by 1992 with another 1,700 deaths. Now, they are introducing a form of Prozac for children and it is widely used among victims of mind control.

10) Ritalin is another mind altering drug that is targeted at children and can seriously affect their behavior. It has been connected to many acts of violence. The U.S. Government classifies Ritalin in the same category as cocaine and heroine. Its affect on children is to slow them down, shut them up, and make it more difficult for them to move around. Its effect can continue long after the prescription has stopped.

11) Adults who take this drug are far more likely to commit violent crimes. The high number of incidents involving violent children and the increase in child suicide can be attributed to an ever-increasing number of children who are given drugs to control their behavior. The main targets are the children with active minds and those who act differently to the norm.

12) Fluoride is another major intellect suppressant added to drinking water supplies and toothpaste. Sodium fluoride is a common ingredient in rat and cockroach poisons, anaesthetics, hypnotics, psychiatric drugs, and military nerve gas. It is one of the basic ingredients in Prozac and the Sarin nerve gas.

13) Fluoride causes various mental disturbances and makes people stupid, docile, and subservient. This is beside shortening life spans and damaging bone structure. Repeated doses of infinitesimal amounts of fluoride will in time reduce an individual’s power to resist domination, by slowly poisoning and “narcotizing” a certain area of the brain, thus making him submissive to the will of those who wish to govern him.

14) Fluoride is a by-product of the aluminium industry. Industrial fluorines are major polluters of rivers and streams, poisoning land, fish, and animals. It was costing the Aluminium industry a fortune to deal with it. But, this poisonous waste product became an enormous source of income and human control when it was added to the public drinking water by the aluminium cartel called ALCOA.

15) In addition to dumping toxic fluoride into our drinking water, innocent, unsuspecting people are also being exposed to deadly elements of lead, arsenic and radium, all of them carcinogenic. Fluoride is not there to protect teeth. It is there to suppress the intellect of the population so they don’t think, question, or rebel.

16) Vaccinations are a highly efficient way of pumping mind-suppressing drugs and immune system destroyers into billions of people while they think that they are being helped. Repeated vaccination exhausts the immune system and opens people to all sorts of diseases.

17) More than 90% of the decline in death rates from infectious diseases occurred before vaccinations commenced. Millions of children in “Third World” countries are still dying from measles, tuberculosis, diphtheria, tetanus, polio, etc., despite being fully vaccinated. Illegal Drugs

1) One of the most powerful weapons in the Brotherhood’s war against humanity over thousands of years has been addictive and mind-altering drugs. Opium, from which comes heroin, was the weapon used by the British in the Opium Wars against China in 1840 and 1858. They sponsored a mass addiction to opium until Chinese society and vitality was torn asunder. The drug trade was (and is) organized by the Far East lodges of Freemasonry.

2) The British reptilian bloodline families worked with their other American relatives to expand the drug trade, as they still do today. The Russell family made its enormous wealth from the opium trade in the nineteenth century through the drug syndicate known as Russell and Company. The Russells, with the Tafts, formed the Skull and Bones Society.

3) Alcohol prohibition was a means to create the massive network of organized crime in the United States. The structure thus produced was perfect, as intended, for drug trafficking once prohibition was over. The main groups campaigning for prohibition were financed by the Rockefellers, Vanderbilts, and Warburgs.

4) General Khun Sa is the overlord of the Golden Triangle region in Southeast Asia, from which more heroine comes than any other place in the World. Theodore Shackley, the former CIA Deputy Director for Covert Operations, was claimed by Khun Sa to be in charge of U.S. involvement in the opium trade in Southeast Asia during the period 1965-1975. Santos Trafficante, the Mafia Don in Miami and Cuba, was the civilian enlisted to assist in the trafficking and distribution of narcotics into the United States.

5) Richard Armitage was the Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs at that time. He handled the financial transactions of the U.S. narcotics trade, according to Khun Sa. Almost continuously since the end of U.S. military involvement in Vietnam, it had been the responsibility of Richard Armitage, in one capacity or another, to account for our MIAs and bring home American POWs. Armitage has violated his office and used it as a cover to traffic in arms and drugs to promote covert operations that bypass our congressional and constitutional system. Today, he is the U.S. Deputy Secretary of State under the Bush Administration.

6) The drug trade is not only about making vast amounts of money, it is also designed to break down societies and stop young people from manifesting their true worth and potential. When people are hooked on drugs they are not going to be a problem to the Brotherhood’s grand design. Violence and crime always follows the drug trade as drug dealers battle for supremacy and addicts mug and steal to finance their habit. This offers the Brotherhood a wonderful opportunity to offer the ‘solution’ to this ‘problem’ more power to the police and further erosion of basic freedoms.

7) Drugs are being distributed by those fronting the drug war. Former president George Bush has fronted more wars on drugs than any other American politician and yet he is one of North America’s premier drug barons. The anti-drug agencies are controlled by the drug cartels and ‘big drug busts’ are usually the Brotherhood eliminating the competition and giving the impression of action.

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2.3.2 Mind Control

1) The following subsections describe all aspects of threats stemming from mind control techniques and technology including electronic manipulation, trauma-based slavery, and implants. This is perhaps the cruelest form of human abuse and may be the most difficult subject to deal with emotionally. The reader is cautioned NOT to read this section unless willing and able to learn of unspeakable horrors to mankind.

2) Research into mind control techniques began after a British and United States Intelligence operation called Project Paperclip enabled Josef Mengele and the Elite Nazi leadership, scientists, doctors, and military personnel to escape Germany in 1945 and become U.S. citizens. Josef Mangele, ‘the Angel of Death’, conducted mind control experiments while the camp doctor at the Auchwitz Concentration Camp. He was an expert in demonology, the Cabala, and a Grand Master in the Illuminati. He became known as Dr. Green.

3) The Central Intelligence Agency sponsored the unspeakable mind control programs known as MK Ultra. ‘MK’ stands for mind control in German. It was headed, officially, by Ewen Cameron and based in Montreal Canada. It was reported in 1977 that millions of dollars had been spent studying voodoo, witchcraft, and psychics and had been mind controlling countless people without their consent or knowledge.

4) MK Ultra had involved at least 185 scientists, 80 U.S. institutions; among them prisons; pharmaceutical companies; hospitals; and 44 medical colleges and universities. Over 700 drugs were used and 60,000 electrical shocks were administered to patients in one year alone: 1961. The purpose of the project was to create human robots. Electronic Manipulation

1) Acquisition of mind control and thought beam technology from non-human sources is the final act in a long series of events that started many years ago. The purpose of mind control, as far as the U.S. government is concerned, is to devise operational techniques to disturb the memory, discredit people through aberrant behavior, alter sex patterns, elicit information, and create emotional dependence.

2) The goal of mind control is to program individuals to carry out any mission of espionage or assassination, even against their will or fundamental laws of nature such as self-preservation, and control the absolute behavior and thought patterns of individuals. The guise of National Security is used as an excuse for illegal activities, a cover for unsanctioned deeds, and as an instrument of manipulation of public opinion and individual citizens.

3) The primary target of National Security has been the people of the United States, since a secret government cannot exist in a climate of free speech, open criticism, and public exposure. Constitutional protections were effective until they were circumvented by the technology revolution and the National Security Act of 1947.

4) RHIC, which stands for Radio Hypnotic Inter-cerebral Control, is a way of turning people into electronically controlled robots that are programmed to kill on demand. This is accomplished by placing an individual into a trance and giving suggestions, that are activated in one or more levels of the brain, by key words or tones.

5) EDOM is an acronym for Electronic Dissolution Of Memory. It is a method whereby the memory of an individual is affected to either eliminate or alter the memory of events that the person was involved in. By electronically jamming the brain, the existing acetylcholine creates static that blocks both sights and sounds. This method can be used to either block/erase the memory, or to slow it down so that events seem to happen after they have actually occurred.

6) The use of very low frequency sound or Ultrasonics can affect both the electrical behavior within the brain and the actual brain tissues. Pulses of between seven and twelve hertz are bounced off the eight hertz ionospheric envelope around the earth. Within these pulses are entrained bizarre and aberrant patterns that produce equivalent behavior in humans.

7) The Reichian Programming method causes its victims to be held in a sexual pre-orgasm state. While maintained, this causes a channel to open between the conscious and sub-conscious mind, which allows suggestions or programming to be introduced.

8) This device uses pads that are connected with wires to eight points on the body. The Reichian state is induced electronically to remove buried information, reprogram the person, and, when the programming is over, create blocks on memory or implant substitute memories.

9) Electro-magnetic pulse weapons research has contributed to the development of high-power pulsed microwave weapons that range in frequency from 1200 MHZ to 35 GHZ with power ranges exceeding 1,000 megawatts. These weapons cause the immediate debilitation of human organs, stimulation through auditory effects, and behavior control.

10) Other government-sponsored electronic mind control projects include the CIA’s Project Moonstruck where electronic devices were surgically implanted in the brain and teeth of people. These were HF and ELF transceivers in the body for long range tracking, monitoring, programming, and spying.

11) Phoenix II was a U.S.A.F. project that used microwave EHF-UHF frequencies of gig watt and tara watt power levels for targeted zapping, killing, and frying brains, loading earth grids, and putting earth to sleep.

12) The O.N.R.’s Trident project uses 3 helicopters, flying in a triad formation, to emit 100,000 watts of UHF energy for riot control and managing large crowds.

13) In 1990, the CIA sponsored two projects known as RF Media and Tower that affects all of humanity subliminally. Project RF Media uses phase modulation of drome signals over radio, TV, and communication sources to trigger disease, confuse psychic powers, and prepare for mass control. Project Tower uses secret transmitters and cellular phone towers with modulated ELF signals for programming the population. Trauma-Based Slavery

1) Trauma-based mind control is the greatest danger to the human race. It gives evil men the power to carry out any malevolent deed totally undetected. The centerpiece of the Illuminati, intelligence agencies, and the occult world is trauma-based mind control. The basic techniques were developed in German, Scottish, Italian, and English Illuminati families and have been done for centuries.

2) Trauma-based mind control, which programs multiple personalities, has been combined into a group package known a Project Monarch by secret elements of the U.S. government. Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) or Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) is the situation where different dissociative parts of a single brain view themselves as separate persons.

3) The primary important factor for the trauma-based mind control is the ability to dissociate. It was discovered that this ability is passed genetically from generation to generation. The children of mutigenerational abuse are good at dissociation. A test is run when the child is 18 months old to determine if they can dissociate enough to be selected for programming.

4) Mind controlled slaves are created for different purposes within the Illuminati hierarchy and non-hierarchy purposes that are expendable. These include sex slaves, saboteurs, breeders, soldiers, drug couriers, etc. The expendable are the children of parents who are blackmailed into turning their children over to the CIA.

5) For the Illuminati, their children’s programming is planned before they are born. Their plans involve generational spirits and positions within the hierarchy. In contrast, the children from foster homes or pedophiles do not receive the same regimen.

6) Slaves that are to be used for assassination, are selected for strength and dexterity. Sex slaves may be selected for how pretty the child is expected to become. However, vastly more important are their abilities to be programmed to have charm, seductive skills, charisma, and creativity.

7) There are 4 beginning foundational stages to prepare the victim for programming. The first stage consists of demonic ceremonies and In Utero traumatization. The second stage is to have a premature birth. The third stage is to provide intense love for the child for the first 18 months. And, the fourth stage is to pull that love away and split the mind of the child permanently.

8) Generational satanic families are sold out to Satan and their children belong to Satan. Stage 1 includes the layering in of demonic forces and the participation of blood rituals in order to draw in the most powerful of demons. The Moonchild rituals are used to demonize a fetus.

9) Stage 1 also includes the traumatizing of the fetus. Thin needles are inserted through the mother into the fetus to prick the preborn child. The mothers are also severely traumatized during their pregnancy, which simultaneously traumatizes the babies that they carry.

10) In Stage 2, premature labor is induced in order to cause trauma in the delivery of the newborn child with an underdeveloped body. This is the hardest type of birth that there is because the baby is not able to help. Premature babies are attended to by satanic witches who are nurses. The controllers begin stretching the mind of the child as soon as it is born.

11) The third stage is smothering the child in love so that it can be taken away in the fourth stage at 18 months old. They must be taught to appreciate their body, before the trauma of stripping them of everything they value. These children are taught to trust, obey, and adore their programmer(s).

12) The fourth stage is to strip the child of everything nice and lovely in the world. The child is caged and tormented with electric shocks. The child’s senses will become overloaded and they will become numb. If the child is not a premature baby, it will need some help to want to dissociate. The caged child’s senses are overwhelmed with foul orders, the taste of blood, and constant loud noises. It is also deprived of sleep and drugged.

13) After being starved, cold, and naked while suffering for up to 72 hours, the child sees their beloved caretaker and it is excited and dissociates the pain. At that point, the programmer shows his or her most vicious side. In order to deal with how this loving caretaker has not only rejected them but is now hurting them, the child’s mind dissociates along the same fractures created by the trauma of premature birth. This is called, “severing the core”.

14) There is no longer a single person that represents the entire mind. All that is left are fragments of the mind that are walled off with amnesia. Each fragment is programmed to think that it is the only reality. The initial splits are the most energetic and the easiest to manipulate.

15) After the children are tested for their intelligence, creativity, and dissociative skills, they are brought before the Grande Druid Council at the age of three for formal approval. While the Monarch programming is done with children, one variety of it is done on adults. The programming places their lives on very rigid scripts. What applies to one slave may not apply to another.

16) The basis for the Monarch mind-control programming is that different personalities can be created who do not know each other, but who can take the body at different times. The amnesia walls that are built by traumas, form a protective shield of secrecy that protects the abuser from being found out and prevents the front personalities from knowing how their alters are being used. Implants

1) Many of the individuals that have been abducted by extraterrestrials are implanted with small devices used for monitoring, tracking, and control. Catscan analysis indicates that these devices can be as small as 3mm in size and can be spherical, egg-shaped, or flat. The interior of a small spherical device revealed a crystalline matrix embedded with micro-electronic circuits.

2) A spherical biological monitoring and control device contained:

  • a central power nucleus (energy for the unit is generated by the decay of a small amount of Strontium 90)

  • auditory sensors

  • internal and external sensors capable of detecting low photon levels of light energy

  • neural stimulators that deliver a phased voltage beam directly into the nerve endings of the brain

  • cortex-phased transducers that oscillate direct current stimulation to the brain

  • a micro-positronic simulated brain center and data storage unit

  • a multi-band micro transceiver

  • a self-destruction device

3) Modulated, radio frequency electromagnetic emissions were detected at frequencies of 16, 25.2, and 32.6 kilohertz. Locations where devices are implanted within a human head include the:

  • forehead

  • cochlear

  • pituitary gland

  • the pineal portion of the brain

  • the brainstem.

4) A particularly vicious implant consists of a tiny particle of plutonium that is placed near the pituitary and pineal glands. This knocks out the ‘third eye’ functions that allow teleportation, the ability to leave one’s body, and development of psychic and psionic abilities.

5) The use of implanted devices of a more primitive design was seen in Sweden and Canada around 1967. The implantation of humans with monitoring devices (brain transmitters) was legalized in Sweden in 1973 by Prime Minister Olaf Palme, who was subsequently terminated. Implants have been inserted by military and government intelligence of most westernized countries for monitoring and control purposes. The use of implants by military and intelligent forces has taken on a more insidious nature with the integration of alien related technology.

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2.3.3 Terrorism

1) The purpose of government-sponsored terrorism against its own citizens is to instill fear, trauma, and submission. When people fear for their lives, they look to their government for protection and become willing to give up basic freedoms in order to be safe and secure which the governments are only too willing to accept.

2) The results of fear induced terrorism include stricter laws, strengthened law enforcement, gun control, and the prevention of open resistance. Trauma induced terrorism causes the population to become docile, submissive, and obedient. The following subsections describe how various weapons are used in this regard and their expected results. Firearms

1) Terrorist acts involving pistols and rifles have been effective in instilling fear in the population as well as terminating the lives of those who pose a threat to the hidden agendas. Deranged individuals under mind control, sprayed automatic gunfire at innocent people in school yards, restaurants, and places of employment in many cities of the U.S. in the 1980’s. This resulted in passage of the Brady Bill and many other laws restricting firearms, which is in violation of the Second Amendment right to own and bare arms.

2) Government agents, posing as a gang of masked violent criminals, fired hundreds or rounds from fully-automatic assault rifles in a Los Angeles suburban neighborhood and miraculously avoided being captured. This was used as an excuse to pass legislation in California that banned all assault weapons by January 1, 2000.

3) Guns have also been used in the assassination of presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy, the Reverend Martin Luther King, and presidential candidate Robert Kennedy as well as many others who posed a threat to the power elite. In addition, there were snipers, using high-powered rifles that arbitrarily shot innocent people in the Washington D.C. area in 2001. This was highly effective in eliminating all public protests against the war in Afghanistan that were planned to take place in that area. Explosives

1) Government-sponsored terrorist attacks involving explosives are generally used to motivate a nation into going to war, passing major legislation, or to further international policies. They were effective at Pearl Harbor, Oklahoma City, and New York City.

2) Prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, President Roosevelt forced Japan into war when he shut off the U.S. oil supply to Japan in the summer of 1941 when we were supplying them with 85% of their oil needs. President Roosevelt and General Marshall knew when and where the attack was going to take place and they allowed it to happen in order to motivate the U.S. into entering the Second World War.

3) A truck, packed with explosives, exploded in the parking garage of the World Trade Center in 1993. If it had not been blocked from parking where intended, it could have caused the building to collapse. Instead, it resulted in six deaths, more than a thousand casualties, and damage in excess of half a billion dollars. The FBI had prior knowledge and allowed it to happen.

4) On April 19, 1995, the James P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City was destroyed when a fertilizer bomb in a Ryder truck driven by Timothy McVeigh, exploded. However, this explosion could not have destroyed that building. Seismic instruments detected a major explosion that took place ten seconds after the truck exploded. This resulted in “Anti-Terrorism” laws being passed in Congress that removed fundamental freedoms from the American People.

5) In the spring of 2001, the Taliban prevented the building of an oil pipeline through Afghanistan and destroyed more than 70% of the opium crops in that country. Prior to September 11, 2001, the FBI had received numerous warnings of an impending attack. Although Al-Qaeda terrorists, associated with Osama bin Laden, were involved, they were not trusted to commit the horrendous acts of 9/11.

6) All of the aircraft involved in the attacks on 9/11/2001 were equipped with an electronic remote control system known as Global Hawk. In an emergency, the airplanes can be taken over, flown remotely, and landed safely despite what the crew or passengers want.

7) After taking off, flights 11 and 175 diverted from their flight plans and passed close to each other over Stewart International Airport, then headed toward the World Trade Center. While coming from opposite directions, the aircraft lined up on homing beacons at the towers and at Building 7, which was equipped with a CIA and Defense Department reinforced bunker. When each aircraft came in close proximity of the towers, they were guided to their targets by remote control.

8) The South Tower suddenly collapsed 56 minutes after it was hit at 9:03 AM and the North Tower collapsed about 40 minutes later. Both buildings were brought down with controlled demolitions. The two buildings between the towers and Building 7 were set ablaze and explosions inside, intended to bring down the buildings, only left gaping holes. But, the buildings did not collapse.

9) Flight 93 crashed at 9:58AM in Pennsylvania when a few passengers supposedly attacked the hijackers. However, an F-16 fighter aircraft caused a sonic boom in the area and shot down the aircraft with 20mm cannon fire. An engine landed six miles from the crash site and their was a debris field eight miles long.

10) Five and a half hours after the North Tower collapsed and the dust had settled, people inside of Building 7 set fires and evacuated the building. At 5:25PM, the building collapsed in order to destroy all evidence in the bunker. However, since the buildings between it and the towers remained standing, there was no explanation as to why Building 7 collapsed.

11) At 5:37PM, flight 77 supposedly crashed into the side of the Pentagon. However, the damage does not match the size of a Boeing 757. Actually, flight 77 was diverted to an alternate airfield and a small commercial plane hit the Pentagon.

12) As a result of the attacks on 9/11, we now have Homeland Security and the “Patriot Act” which circumvents the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights in order to boost law enforcement’s ability to investigate terrorism. In addition, the attacks provided an excuse to wage war on terrorism in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now, the oil pipeline is being built for Unocal by Halliburton, Iraq is being rebuilt at taxpayer’s expense, opium production has increased by over 900%, and more fundamental American rights have been eroded. Weapons of Mass Destruction

1) Threats from weapons of mass destruction include contact with chemical and biological agents as well as the release of nuclear energy. Just two months after the attack on 9/11, in November of 2001, a photo editor working at the largest circulation weekly newspaper in the world became the first person to die from an Anthrax attack. A series of anthrax-laced letters killed five Americans. Anthrax-laced letters were mailed to Senators Tom Daschle and Patrick Leahy as well as members of the news media.

2) The Defense Department has admitted that nerve gas and other toxic material testing had been conducted in the 1960s. Among its admissions:

  • At least 14 open-air tests of the lethal nerve gas VX were performed at Maryland’s Edgewood Arsenal.

  • Soldiers were exposed to VX to test unproven protective suits.

  • Bacillis globigii, a bacteria closely related to anthrax, was sprayed airborne in Alaska and Hawaii.

  • Hallucinogenic chemicals were tested on unsuspecting soldiers.

  • E. coli was deliberately released during chemical-dispersion testing on Oahu, Hawaii.

  • Project Shipboard Hazard and Defense serves as an umbrella term for at least 40 and possibly over 100 open-air tests of biowarfare agents at its now-closed Desert Test Center in Utah.

  • Infectious bacteria was released into the air above San Francisco.

  • A two-year test was executed in which artillery shells and bombs filled with sarin and VX were exploded near Fort Greeley, Alaska.

  • Military barracks in Oahu were sprayed with a biological agent shown to cause infections in individuals with diminished immune-system capacity.

  • A benzilic-acid derivative known to cause hallucinations and confusion was sprayed under the jungle canopy near Hilo, Hawaii, in two separate series of tests.

3) Acute Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), was developed by the U.S. Navy in 1972. The specific person that developed it was a doctor by the name of R.M. Donner. The initial AIDS research was funded by Congress with hearings on July 1, 1969. The Department of Defense appropriations report for 1970 defined the objective as creating a biological virus for which there was no known immunity.

4) The AIDS virus was introduced by the World Health Organization into Africa in 1972. Part of the final vaccination series, which eradicated smallpox, also introduced the AIDS virus.

5) A vaccine for hepatitis B was also tested on homosexuals in New York in 1978 and two years later in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, and St. Louis, in a program by the World Health Organization and the National Institute of Health. The “AIDS epidemic” began among the homosexual communities of those very same cities in 1981.

6) Fortunately, there has not been a terrorist incident yet involving nuclear weapons. But, the potential dangers are very real. There are many suitcase size nuclear bombs that have been smuggled into the United States and can be detonated at any time. In addition, nuclear power plants are susceptible to damage from mortar, rocket, and missile attack. The affects from radiation of a damaged nuclear reactor could cause devastation over a large portion of the United States.

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2.3.4 National Security

1) National Security does not mean a concern about the security for the people of a nation. It is the concern by governments for self-preservation. This section deals with the threats to individual freedom in an environment where national concerns override individual rights. The following sub-sections deal with threats of communications monitoring and control, the tracking and monitoring of individuals, martial law, and forced crises relocation.

2) During the Bush administration, at 3:30 in the morning of Saturday, August 4, 1990, a small group of United States Senators passed a bill that fundamentally alters and seriously endangers our constitutional system and threatens the continued existence of our democratic republic. The Senate Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1991 (SB 2834) transfers to the sole discretion of the president the power to initiate war, appropriate public funds, define foreign policy goals, and determine what is important to our “national security”.

3) Title VII, “Oversight of Intelligence Activities” includes the following provisions:

  • It empowers the president to initiate covert actions; an authority never specifically given to the president

  • It denies Congress the power to prevent the president from initiating covert actions

  • It permits the president to use any federal departments, agencies or entities to conduct or finance a covert operation

  • It defines covert actions as operations “necessary to support foreign-policy objectives of the United States”, purposes so broad as to be essentially unlimited

  • It explicitly claims the right of our country to secretly interfere in the internal “political, economic, or military affairs of other countries” in violation of international law

  • It requires the president to prepare a written finding and deliver that finding to the intelligence committees of the Congress, but also authorizes the president to omit from the finding “extremely sensitive matters” and to claim executive privilege if Congress asks too many questions.

4) One prime example of tight inner government control by secret society members may be found in the National Security Council, which, since its creation by the National Security Act of 1947, has come to dominate U.S. policy decisions including those involving the use of armed force. Council principles are the president, vice president, and secretaries of State and Defense, positions predominately held by members of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission throughout the twentieth century. Communications

1) President Truman created the National Security Agency (NSA) to monitor and contain the secret of the alien presence, decipher alien communications and eventually establish an ongoing dialogue with any alien species it could make contact with. Presidential Executive Order exempts the NSA from all laws except those laws that specifically mention the NSA.

2) However, since its creation in 1952, its charter has expanded enormously. It is now involved in all manner of communications monitoring, deciphering, and control in every country on earth, including the United States. This means that every telephone call is monitored, every conversation is recognized electronically, and scanned for certain words, such as “bomb” and “kill”.

3) In addition to illegal telephone taps, the NSA also monitors all electronic communications via telegraph, FAX, radio, and the Internet. Every website accessed, every E-mail sent, and all information transferred is monitored and controlled by the NSA.

4) Since the passage of the USA PATRIOT Act, the government is now “legally” able to keep track of all credit card records, bank transactions, car rental receipts, gun purchases, passport applications, magazine subscriptions, medical prescriptions, academic grades, trips everyone books, events that are attended, driver’s licenses, bridge toll records, judicial and divorce records, telephone records, internet traffic, and complaints by nosy neighbors. If the USA PATRIOT Act II is passed, anti-war activists could be jailed without due process, searches can be made without a warrant, and private property can be seized. Tracking and Monitoring

1) The Pentagon has developed an urban surveillance system that can track, record, and analyze the movement of every vehicle in any city. In addition, facial feature identification systems are currently in use at airports, shopping malls, and at sporting events. Closed-circuit television monitors are also being installed at intersections and busy streets in every major city in the world. You cannot go into a store, use an automated teller machine, drive a car, catch a train or enter an airport without being watched.

2) The National Identification card has been suggested by president Bush as a means to help stop terrorism. However, this is only an interim measure. The most important goal of the Illuminati is a micro-chipped population. Their aim is to have every person on the planet micro-chipped and every child micro-chipped at birth.

3) The purpose for having people implanted with microchips is to tag and keep a constant track of where they are and what they are doing. But the main reason is to manipulate at will their mental and emotional processes. Once people are chipped, computers can make them docile or aggressive, sexually aroused or sexually suppressed, and close down their minds to a point to where they are like zombies. Then, they will be nothing more than biological machines controlled by aliens who are behind the whole thing.

4) Professor Kevin Warwick of Reading University in England was implanted with a chip and is promoting the use of human micro-chips and is introducing all of us to the benefits of controlling electronic devices at a distance. He and his wife, Irena, were going to be implanted with another chip that would connect their nervous systems to data processors, batteries, and radio transmitters in order to have communications across the Net.

5) We are now seeing people chipped with their medical records and other personal details. The plan is to sell the chip as a way to stop mugging and credit card fraud because financial details would be on a chip under people’s skin. Children would never be lost again because their chip could always be located. Microchips are so small now that they can be injected through a hypodermic needle during mass inoculation programs.

6) Chipping people so that they can “talk” to their personal computers and the Internet is another approach. Scientists want to insert electronic chips into our heads so that we can plug directly into the information superhighway. International teams are working on an implant to translate human thought into computer language.

7) Dr. Sanders said they want the chip to contain the name and picture of the person, an international social security number, fingerprint identification, physical description, family and medical history, address, occupation, income tax information, and criminal record. People will not need passports or any other personal paperwork. The global computer network that these chips could respond to is already in place underground in many locations.

8) Applied Digital Solutions announced a human microchip it calls Digital Angle. It is designed to monitor the wearer’s physiology, like pulse and body temperature, and their location. It is also designed to connect with the Internet and to be a user-identity device for the web. It is described as a “dime-sided” implant, inserted just under the skin. The chip will be powered “electromechanically” through the movement of muscles and it can be activated by the wearer or by the monitoring technology.

9) Dr. Peter Zhou is the chief scientist. He stated that he was excited about the chip’s ability to save lives by monitoring medical conditions and give an exact location to rescue services.

“Digital Angle will be a connection from yourself to the electronic world. It will be your guardian, protector, and will bring good things to you. We will be a hybrid of electronic intelligence and our own soul.” Martial Law

1) Presidential Executive Orders 10995 through 11005 are emergency measures that enable the government to take over all communications media, all electric power, fuels and minerals, all food resources and farms, all means of transportation including; highways, seaports, railroads, inland waterways, all airports and aircraft, all health, welfare, and educational functions, all housing and finance authorities, all public funds, and authorizes the relocation of whole communities, as well as drafting all citizens into work forces.

2) Executive Order 11051 gives the Office of Emergency Planning and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) the authority to put these measures into effect under any pretext of increased international tensions or economic or financial crises. Today, these measures can be put into effect for a national emergency of any pretext deemed necessary by the president and these measures remain in effect for a period of six months. At the end of that period, Congress has the authority to repeal the state of emergency procedures.

3) While the state of emergency is in effect, the nation will be under Martial Law. All medical personnel, law enforcement officers, and essential service providers will be compelled to work under the direct control of FEMA. Roadblocks will be set up and only authorized travel will be permitted. Military personnel will confiscate all firearms and maintain order. Anyone that does not comply with all directives will either be detained indefinitely or terminated. Crises Relocation

1) Under a state of emergency, the government has the authority to transport whole communities to crises relocation camps that have been in existence throughout the country since the 1980s. One such camp is located nine miles West of Mineral Wells, Texas where there is row after row for mile after mile of campers, mobile homes and recreational vehicles.

2) This camp is surrounded by a twelve-foot high, chain-link fence with razor wire on the top. At the front, there is an old and faded sign that says “F.E.M.A.” It is intended to intern whole families. It is guarded at all times by military troops, armed with M-16 rifles, which patrol the facility in military Humvee vehicles.

3) Gunderson Steel Fabrication, in Portland, Oregon, built 107,200 full-length railroad cars for the federal government under a contract worth over two billion dollars. There were also 11 sub-contractors, including Bethlehem Steel Corporation, that are involved to install 143 pairs of Shackles in each railroad car. This will enable the government to transport a total of 15,329,600 people against their will with each trip.

4) At the camps, every aspect of your lives will be controlled. Where you sleep, what you eat, what you have, what you do, and what services that are provided will be controlled. In order to keep you in a weakened, submissive, and compliant state, you will be required to do strenuous work, your food and water will be rationed and drugged, and you will be awakened at different times each night.

5) You will be kept in a state of dependency, helplessness, and submission until your processing into absolute servitude is completed. If you should show any signs of resistance, attempts will be made to convince you of the need for compliance. If that should fail, you will be taken away and never seen again. However, once total control is established, then pain, deprivation, and fear will be used to keep you in line with no hope of rescue or relief.

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Risk Evaluation

3.1 Foreign Intervention

  • 3.1.1 Religious Consequences
  • 3.1.2 Global Conquest
  • 3.1.3 Covert Manipulation

3.2 International Intervention

  • 3.2.1 Global Economy
  • 3.2.2 One-World Government
  • 3.2.3 Overt Manipulation

3.3 Domestic Intervention

  • 3.3.1 Emergency Powers
  • 3.3.2 World Government Consequences



















1) This section of the document is devoted to evaluating the risks associated with the threats to human freedom that were assessed in the previous section. Worst-case scenarios are presented in order to evaluate the impact of foreign, international and domestic intervention, if not resisted.

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3.1 Foreign Intervention

1) The following sub-sections describe the risks to humanity from the intervention of extraterrestrial entities. This is presented in relation to the impacts on religious beliefs, global conquest, and covert manipulation by malevolent entities. Covert manipulation refers to sacrificial rituals and trauma-based activities by extraterrestrials that co-exist with the plans for global conquest.

2) Many races have lost their freedom and have become apart of a Collective. Entire worlds have fallen under the control of such Collectives. Freedom is a precious thing in the universe and more than one Collective is competing for advantage here. That places humanity in the middle. There are no neutral parties. Our world is far too valuable. Our resources are unique and of considerable worth.

3) We expect extraterrestrials to have outgrown deviousness, selfishness, competition, and conflict. But, this is not so. Greater technology does not raise mental and spiritual strength. Just because someone can fly around in a spacecraft does not mean that they are more advanced.

4) The spiritually advanced do not go about intervening in other people’s worlds. They may send messages through observers but they do not intervene. The spiritually advanced remain hidden and seek insulation from other forces in the universe. The best position to have in the universe is to be self sufficient, independent, and extremely discrete. Races that keep their freedom must be strong, united, and insulated from outside influences.

5) Earth is beautiful with great biological diversity. It has not been destroyed through exploitation and it contains immense biological resources, life-giving resources that are rare and difficult to find. It has a temperate environment, large tracts of habitable land, enormous water resources, and an infrastructure usable by alien technology. The intervention did not happen previously because our technology has only recently developed the infrastructure that others can use for themselves.

6) Our world contains the resources and an environment that others seek for themselves. However, they need our help to obtain it. They do not seek to destroy us, but to have us become a part of their Collective in service to them. The intervention is not a mystery. It is nature’s expression of intelligent beings in a struggle for survival.

7) History shows how indigenous people were overcome by foreign powers seeking advantage and wealth, making them vulnerable. Now, we are the indigenous people. Powerful, intervening forces come to establish themselves through subtle means by uniting with humanity for their own authority.

8) There are important secret depositories here. Earth has been a safe haven for storage of sacred and powerful items for millennia. Some Collectives know this and seek psychic people with intrinsic knowledge of these hidden treasures. If discovered, they would make humanity vulnerable with unwanted attention from powerful forces.

9) There are many different Collectives competing for pre-eminence here. That is why there are so many different kinds of craft seen with different races. Our isolation is over and we will never have it again.

3.1.1 Religious Consequences

1) Several groups of extraterrestrials wish to establish themselves as Gods or religious leaders. They seek to gain allegiance through religious and spiritual motivations. These entities would like to have religious institutions govern our nations, and they would like all of us to have religious values because this is fundamentally acquiescence and submission. It would be heralded as a great advancement for humanity. This would be a new unification, equanimity, and spirit over instincts.

2) Religions control our dedication and allegiance more than governments. Religions make us weak and vulnerable to divine guidance. Our spiritual predispositions and ideals are being greatly manipulated. Extraterrestrials seek to convince our religious leaders. They also contact those who are sensitive, receptive, and cooperative. People longing for redemption are the most vulnerable. They say that they will uplift humanity spiritually. The extraterrestrials will offer peace and redemption and the return of our religious leaders. Believers must discern these influences and counteract them. Religions must have integrity in order to serve in a genuine way.

3) They will try to pacify and reeducate through religious persuasion. They will use our identification with Jesus and his promise to return. Extraterrestrials can project images of religious saints, angels, and leaders.

4) A second coming is being prepared now. People will assume that this is the return of their savior and teacher. The one claiming to be Jesus will be born and bred for this purpose by extraterrestrials and will look human. He will have greater abilities, seem altruistic, and will perform acts that will engender fear or great reverence. This Jesus will project images of angels, demons, or whatever desired. He will engender followers and encourage alienation or destruction of the non-believers.

5) There will be a ferocity of religious beliefs expressed in violent ways against those who disagree and against weaker nations in the name of God. The people that are believers will be valued as useful and the others will be discarded. The extraterrestrials don’t care how many humans die as long as they have allegiance by the majority.

6) A uniform religion of fundamentalism will be established based upon the past, allegiance to authority, and conformity to the institution. Other religions will be allowed only if there is order, allegiance and conformity.

3.1.2 Global Conquest

1) It is now clear, the aliens that have made technology available to the secret government are not benevolent but are our enemies, as they do the abductions, lie, deceive, are generally malevolent and are apparently implementing a very carefully planned covert invasion which includes the brutal and inhumane use of humans and animals for advanced genetic experimentation and crossbreeding.

2) Respect for humanity is rare in the universe. Many other races determine our value and worth by what we own and by what we can trade, sell, or surrender. This is the nature of life. Technology does not change this. If you believe that technology is our salvation, then you will be saved for another race that is technologically superior.

3) The extraterrestrials are not drawn to our spirituality or lifestyle. They believe that we cannot rule ourselves and that we will destroy the world and so they think that it is their right and privilege to intervene. They think that we are like animals. They will bring order and structure here. The extraterrestrials think they are providing a great service and are wholeheartedly persuasive.

4) They do not believe that we will mount a resistance against them that would be effective and are sure that their secrets and agenda are well preserved. They do not seek to destroy us. But, they will destroy anything that they think will interfere with them. Entire worlds have fallen under the control of such collectives. We are valued only as being useful. If not, we will be discarded.

5) Intelligent life from other worlds, do not wait for us to be ready. Visitation has occurred without our agreement or permission and the Visitor’s presence is growing. We are studied without our permission as a laboratory experiment so that they can take advantage of everything that we are and everything that we have. This is not a military invasion. It is a subtle invasion. It is inducement and persuasion.

6) The Visitors will offer peace, order, beauty, and tranquility, which is what we all want. They will offer what you want and say what you want to hear. They will promise, offer, and do anything to achieve their goals. The Visitors will use our values, beliefs, rituals, and traditions. They will use religion to get our trust that they know what is best for us. They may seem to empathize only to gain our allegiance.

7) The Visitors intend on having us be simple within ourselves. They seek to disable our inner vision and knowledge. The Visitors isolate us from our knowledge within and make us completely dependant so that we will follow orders with no power to resist. Teachings have been introduced that teach human acquiescence, the suspension of critical spiritual abilities and to value only pleasure and comfort.

8) The Visitors use the hierarchy of human authority to serve them and the infrastructures that we have built. They need governments and religions through which they can control all. The methods employed will be used to encourage, induce, and seduce humanity into a cooperative and subservient role. All competing Collectives will use these methods. The inducements will vary depending upon who is being reached and for what purpose.

9) Receptive and cooperative government officials will be promised greater power and technology. World domination will be promised either through ideas that are sent into the minds of people or face-to-face meetings. The technology that is offered will not be advanced, unique, secret, or sacred to the Visitors. It will be basic space propulsion, electronic energy, and methods of production. Many will succumb to the offerings of wealth, power, control, domination, and advantage over others.

10) Cooperative and receptive people with economic power and wealth will be promised more wealth, power, and control in order to gain a strong liaison. Whatever strength and power is given to them will be only a temporary bestowal. Collectives believe deception to be ethical because they think that we will destroy the world without their help and they believe in the superiority of their race.

11) Religious leaders deemed cooperative and receptive are promised that their organization will become predominant in a New World Order and that their teachings will extend beyond our world. They will be promised pre-eminence in our world and their beliefs will be acknowledged by the Visitors in a deception to gain allegiance when they do not care about religion.

12) Those considered psychic and sensitive will be encouraged to support the intervention. Their own beliefs in the frailties and sinfulness of humanity will be encouraged along with their hope that the Visitors will rescue us from our own demise and that they are part of a greater association of life. They are told that they are here to uplift humanity, transform us and rescue us. They will be encouraged to become representatives and speakers to inspire others to give their faith and trust to the Visitors. They will pacify others.

13) They appeal to greedy people’s quest for power, wealth, and spiritual fulfillment so they will operate against their own best interest in the believe that their activities are ordained by a greater power. They will say, “We have no war. Let us teach you how to live in peace, harmony, and equanimity.”

14) For those who are not receptive and cooperative, their skills will be thwarted and offset. They become the target of mental disruption. For those who will not cooperate, they will be given confusing information and tormented mentally unless they call upon an angelic presence for help. They must resist with an understanding of the intervention.

15) Zealous representatives of their own religious traditions have a fundamentalism similar to Collectives. Zealous people, filled with anger against the world and those who oppose them, will be prime candidates to espouse a cooperation with Collectives and destruction of all opposed. Blind passion, fueled by anger and hostility, become a consuming force that can be manipulated. Those who oppose the intervention will be identified and sorted out by the zealots on behalf of the Visitors secretly.

16) The occupation will be fully realized once it has been fully established, yet by then, it will be too late to offset its influences without great struggle and sacrifice. There will be no freedom. We will become nothing but servants bonded to our new masters. We will be enslaved and the power to resist will have much greater costs and consequences.

17) In order to make the governing powers observing the intervention believe that humanity welcomes it, there is a great effort to secure emissaries and have people in positions of power and leadership advocate for the Visitor’s presence and affirm their promise of greater wealth, power, freedom, and peace. This is a deception within and beyond Earth.

18) Each year, thousands of people are taken and not returned. They are not simply conditioned. They are kept. Some perish in captivity, some do not survive the process of being captured, and some become sick and die. Those that cannot survive are used as biological resources. Everything is used according to its value in the universe.

19) Biological resources such as blood, plasma, DNA, bone marrow, skin, and body organs can be used for their chemical substances. From these, medicines are made and new life forms are bred. These substances are valuable commodities in the universe because they can be used and altered for a variety of purposes. This is why our animals are taken. The plants, animals, atmosphere, water, and minerals are all resources to be used by the Visitors along with humans as a biological resource.

20) In their attempt to breed a hybridized person as a new leadership for humanity, they need all of these resources. The most secret and hidden part of the intervention is the selling of our biological parts on the “Black Market” in the universe. The value and demand is significant. Such trade is illegal and considered morally and ethically reprehensible. However, many advancing nations have outstripped their own biology and must trade or barter for our biological parts in order to survive.

21) The Visitors are here to do business and we are part of that business. Our hands, eyes, reproductive organs, blood, plasma, and biochemistry are all part of their business. To them, we are like intelligent livestock; useful, interesting, and commercially important. They want to use every part of the world and they want to use every part of us. At the outset, they will treat us with difference. They will give us no power or choice. They will only try to convince us of the wisdom of their ways.

22) If the intervention is successful, the human population will be reduced into an efficient working class. It will be accomplished without outrage and revolution, through the disappearance of people who are considered to be uncooperative or dissenting after they are isolated. They will be taken away and never seen again. While all appears normal, behind the scenes, everything will be changed and managed by a different set of powers.

3.1.3 Covert Manipulation

1) The Illuminati bloodlines are all genetically connected through hybrid DNA, a genetic fusion caused by the interbreeding of a reptilian race with humanity and the Nordic extraterrestrial race. This interbreeding began hundreds of thousands of years ago and continues to the present day.

2) The Nordics were one of the key extraterrestrial races involved with Lemuria and Atlantis. They went to war with the reptilians and forced them to flee underground, to other locations in the universe, and to other dimensions. The reptilians have been working ever since to regain control of the planet that they believe to be theirs and interbreeding with the “royal” bloodlines of the Nordics was the most effective means of doing this.

3) The Anunnaki interbred with Earth races, especially the Nordics and their offspring, to create bloodlines through which they can manipulate the world while appearing to be human.

4) The Anunnaki “gods” began to hide their true nature and operated behind the cover of the human-reptilian priesthood who were the only people allowed to “approach god”.

5) In addition to residing in underground city complexes, the serpent race also resides in the lower end of the fourth-dimensional frequency range, which vibrates very close to the range of physical human senses in the Third Dimension. It is a parallel universe. To operate and manipulate our vibrational level of the planet, these fourth-dimensional reptilians need a third-dimensional human form. This was achieved by creating bloodlines that fused their reptilian DNA with that of humans. It is to retain this genetic structure that the Illuminati bloodlines have always interbred with each other. The genealogy of those in the major seats of global power today can be traced back to the royal lines (the Anunnaki hybrids) that ruled Sumer, Egypt, and so on.

6) The theme of ruling “royal” families and emperors claiming descent and their right to rule, from the “serpent gods” can be found across the ancient world. These bloodlines and connections were symbolized by royal emblems in the form of a dragon, snake, sphinx, plumed serpent, or the free-cross or Ankh.

7) The Illuminati (Anunnaki) manipulate their bloodlines into positions of power and take over those bodies for themselves as possessed souls. The rituals conducted by the Illuminati-controlled secret societies, like the Freemasons, Knights of Malta, Knights Templar, etc., are one way this is done.

8) These rituals are designed to create a vibrational environment in which the fourth-dimensional reptilians can possess the body. These are the people who become the presidents, prime ministers, banking and business tycoons, media owners and others who run or administer the Anunnaki agenda.

9) The worship of the reptilians and their Dragon Queens, and the placing of their bloodlines into positions of power, is the secret of secrets held within all of the secret societies.

10) There are so many reptilian “hosts” (possessed people) in positions of political, financial, media, and military power that they can control the physical world from their dimension while the human population thinks that humans are governing them.

11) The 13 family bloodlines and their offshoots are orchestrating an agenda to take over the planet. That agenda demands a world government, central bank, currency, and army, underpinned by a micro-chipped population connected to a global computer network.

12) The demonic entities and the malevolent faction of the reptilians are overwhelmingly astral beings that can move between dimensions, thus appearing human one minute and then shape shifting into something else the next.

13) Satanic and secret society rituals are designed to create the means through which these mostly lower fourth-dimensional entities can possess the body of the initiate and also manifest directly in “physical” form.

14) During sacrifices, the physical reptilians and hybrids consume the organs of a physical body, especially the heart, and drink the blood of the victim. At the same time, the lower fourth-dimensional “demons” or psychic vampires absorb the deeply negative energy generated by such horrors. The vibrational frequency of negative emotion, like fear and terror, resonates to the lower fourth-dimensional range or density and so those emotions generate energy for the fourth-dimensional reptilians and demonic entities. Energy = creative power, positive or negative. They are feeding off human emotions and they manipulate events in the world to trigger the desired emotional responses.

15) A cycle is created in which the astral manipulators use their energy to set up physical events; these events cause emotional reactions that generate emotional energy; this pours into the astral dimension; and the astral entities recycle it back to continue and increase the cycle still further.

16) The reptilians need to drink human (mammalian) blood to maintain human form and stop their reptilian DNA codes from manifesting their true reptilian state. This explains why these bloodlines have always taken part in human sacrifice and blood drinking rituals from the ancient world to the present day. This includes people of bloodlines like:

  • George Bush

  • Al Gore

  • Bill Clinton

  • Henry Kissinger

  • the Rockefellers

  • Rothschilds

  • British prime ministers like Ted Heath

  • the British royal family

17) They also want an adrenaline that enters the bloodstream in large quantities at times of extreme terror. Hence they have victims who know they are going to be sacrificed and they use the ritual to build their terror to the point of death. This allows them to drink blood full of adrenaline.

18) Reptilian shape-shifters are finding it more and more difficult to hold their “human” form. The base resonant frequency of the planet is getting closer every day to the fourth-dimensional range. Sacrificial rituals and blood drinking increased dramatically from the mid-1980s as the vibrational change forced them to work harder to hold human form. It is no coincidence that this period coincides with the completion of their centralized global state.

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3.2 International Intervention

1) This portion of the “Risk Evaluation” section describes the implications of international intervention for a global economy and a one-world government. Also described is the overt manner in which previously covert ritualistic activities will take place once a world government, controlled by extraterrestrials, is in power.

3.2.1 Global Economy

1) The Illuminati are planning to complete their financial control of the human race with a world central bank and one global electronic currency. This bank would make all the major financial decisions affecting every country. The currency would eventually bring an end to physical “cash” and all other currencies.

2) Singapore (a British-controlled Illuminati “country”) will become a cashless society by 2008 with the phasing in of “e-money” and the insistence that everyone uses it. Financial transactions will be made using money stored on computer chips and cash will be a thing of the past as money changes hands electronically using digital pulses transferred through mobile phones, hand-held computers and even watches.

3) Under the Singapore scheme, shoppers will be able to point a phone at an item to register the price. The phone would check the shopper’s bank balance on the Internet and deduct the money from the account if it was told to buy the item.

4) The fewer currencies there are, the more control there is over the money system. The Euro has been introduced within the European Union and the pressure is mounting for Canada to take the U.S. dollar. These are stepping-stones to the world currency.

5) Under the Euro, a group of un-elected bankers at the European Central Bank in Frankfurt have control over the interest rates and financial policy for the whole of Europe. The next stage is to create the World Central Bank in which Illuminati bankers would set interest rates and financial policy for every country on the planet. The world currency will be electronic.

6) In a cashless society, when a computer refuses to accept a debit card, credit card, or micro-chip, there is no other way of purchasing and whoever programs the computer will control what, where, and whether anything is purchased at all. Also, whenever a product of any kind is purchased, the place, time, item, and cost will be recorded. There will be no privacy regarding what, when, where, and by whom anything is purchased.

7) A new global money and banking system will be activated as soon as ten nations have ratified a World Constitution. The new monetary system will be based on Earth Dollars. The main portion of the plan for world government is the establishment of the Earth Financial Credit Corporation.

8) The amount of credit available to a given nation would be dependent upon its birth rate. Those countries with two percent or more annual population increase (which would include the poorest nations) would receive the least help, while those with zero or less population growth would be eligible for the most credit.

9) Each participating country could have any existing external debt cancelled by handing the responsibility for repayment over to the Earth Financial Credit Corporation (EFCC). The EFCC would then pay the loans back to lenders in Earth Dollars, according to its own terms. This action will prompt national governments to join the New World Order, otherwise their banks would end up with worthless Earth Dollars, which could not be used in their local economies.

10) The first twenty-five national governments to participate in the new global system would be able to name one representative each to the board of directors of EFCC. Those countries, whose leaders are part of the plot, would be among the first twenty-five to join the New World Order, while those countries that do not join right away, will suffer enormous economic consequences.

11) An additional thirty members would be appointed to the board of directors by the various organs of the world government itself. This guarantees that those who originate the world government would always retain control by holding a majority interest.

12) A Procurement Agency would be established to expedite the widespread and universal acceptance of the Earth Dollar global financial system. It would oversee the development of global trade and commerce on a regional basis.

13) Those existing financial institutions that join the new world system within two years would be integrated with the new system on the basis of 100% valuation. Each year thereafter, the valuation rate would drop by ten percent for new financial institutions joining the system. Those corporations holding out twelve years or longer would therefore have no transfer value left.

3.2.2 One-World Government

1) The Illuminati global web is now a maze of interconnected secret and semi-secret groups who are manipulating to the same end: the centralization of power. It is these groups that have been responsible for the emergence of the centralized fascist state called the European Union.

2) The European Union is classic fascism and this is precisely the governing structure that is being planned for the world. The “EUis a 100% Illuminati creation, manipulated into being by covert operators and a network of organizations coordinated by a secret society called the Round Table.

3) Fascism is defined as a system of government characterized by a rigid one-party dictatorship, forcible suppression of opposition, and private economic enterprise under centralized governmental control.

4) The plan has always been to create so many “problems” in the world that the only answer to them is perceived to be a global government to “sort out the mess” (problem-reaction-solution). Those pressing for world government are the same people who are creating the problems to justify it.

5) World government is being presented as the way to bring all people together as one humanity; caring and sharing, and recognizing we are all one family. But actually, the Illuminati want humanity to be divided and ruled, not united and free. They use terms like “Global Neighborhood” and “One World” to manipulate people into missing the fundamental difference between the coming together in mutual support and cooperation and a global centralized fascist dictatorship.

6) The Constitution for the Federation of Earth was first adopted during a meeting of the World Constituent Assembly in June 1977 at Innsbruck, Austria. It was intended to replace the United Nations charter to become the centerpiece of the New World Order.

7) The following are excerpts from the articles of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth:

  • Article I, point 4 reveals that the world government would regulate virtually every aspect of life.

  • Article II, point 1 states that the world government would be all-encompassing.

  • Points 4-7 reveal the political and administrative structure of the government. The world would be divided into twenty World Electoral and Administrative Regions and ten Magna-Regions.

  • Point 8 states that the new political boundaries will not necessarily conform to existing national boundaries.


  • Article III, point 2 may lead to the seizure of all personal weapons required for self-defense.

  • Points 14 & 17 indicate that the government would control all aspects of international trade, banking, and finance.

  • Point 21 relates to the plans for controlling population growth and solving problems of population distribution.

  • Point 37 relates to the designation of a world language.


  • Article V, section A, point 3 permits the World Parliament to reject the international laws developed prior to the advent of the World Government.

  • Article VIII, section G pertains to the establishment and operation of a Planetary Accounting Office, Planetary Banking System, and Planetary Monetary and Credit System.


  • Article IX specifies that the World Judiciary branch of the world government would interpret the rights of world citizens and will issue rulings regarding the sentencing of those who refuse to concede to the demands of the world system.


  • Article X dictates that the Enforcement System branch would enforce the decisions of the World Judiciary and other governing bodies.

  • Article XV stipulates that there will be a total of twenty World Federal Zones established for the location of various organs of the world government. Five World Capitals will be established as proposed by the World Presidium. One of these Capitals will be designated as the Primary World Capital.


  • Article XVII states that the World Constitution will be transmitted to the United Nations General Assembly and to each of the national governments for approval, with a final ratification vote held in a popular referendum of the people. If a national government fails to submit the Constitution for ratification within six months, then the agency of the Provisional World Government, which is responsible for the worldwide ratification campaign, could override the national government by conducting direct referendums with the people of that country.

13) The structure of world government under the Constitution for the Federation of Earth starts with the people of the world. World Electoral and Administrative Districts combine into 20 Regional Districts of five Continental Divisions that oversee the election of representatives to the House of Peoples. The World Parliament consists of the House of Peoples, the House of Counselors, and the House of Nations. The House of Counselors is comprised of people that are nominated by Colleges and Universities. The House of Nations is comprised of appointed delegates from the nations of the world.

14) Under the World Parliament, there is the World Judiciary, the World Executive branch, the Enforcement System, and the World Ombudsmus. The World Judiciary is a collegium of World Judges with 8 major branches of the World Supreme Court and Superior Tribunal. The World Executive branch has a presidium of five people with an executive cabinet of 20 to 30 members of parliament. The Enforcement System has 20 Regional World Attorneys under the Attorneys General Office and the World Police. The World Ombudsmus has a Council of five World Ombudsmen and 20 World Advocates.

15) The Integrative Complex exists under the World Executive. It consists of a World Civil Service Administration, a World Boundaries and Elections Administration, an Institute on Governmental Procedures and World Problems, an Agency for Research and Planning, an Agency for Technological and Environmental Assessment, and a World Financial Administration.

16) Under all of this, comes the World Administration with agencies on:

  • Genetics

  • Education

  • Health and Nutrition

  • Water Supplies and Waterways

  • Food and Agriculture

  • Population

  • Disarmament and War Prevention

  • Habitat and Settlement

  • Environment and Ecology

  • World Resources

  • Oceans and Seabeds

  • Atmosphere and Space

  • Energy

  • Science and Technology

  • The Arts

  • Communications and Information

  • Transportation and Travel

  • Multi-National Corporations

  • Commerce and Industry

  • Labor and Income

  • Economic and Social Development

  • Human Rights

  • Distributive Justice

  • Democratic Procedures

  • World Service Corporations

  • World Territories

  • Capitals and Parks

  • Exterior Relations

  • Revenue

3.2.3 Overt Manipulation

1) The laws and policies of the world government will be enforced by a World Army, that will eventually become an amalgamation of the United Nations Peacekeeping Force and the North American Treaty Organization (NATO). There will be more conflicts engineered in which NATO will be used to intervene and “save the people” until NATO becomes a world police force.

2) During the war in Bosnia, the Dayton agreement called for a 60,000-strong NATO world army in Bosnia to curb the unrest there. This was the biggest multi-national force assembled since the second world war. The first head of the NATO world army in Bosnia was Admiral Leighton Smith. The Secretary-General of NATO (the head of the biggest military force in the world) is appointed by the Bilderberger Group.

3) From the start of the conflict, the world looked to NATO to intervene in Kosovo, which extended their control in that region. Since then, NATO troops from many nations have been involved with the war on terrorism in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere.

4) The World Government would control the World Army. Its job would be to implement the laws and decisions of the world government, should any country rebel and refuse to comply. The Illuminati know there is a chance that, if U.S. troops were asked to abuse and murder U.S. citizens, that many would rebel and perhaps mutiny. So they are covertly locating foreign troops in the United States under the guise of the United Nations while sending vast numbers of American troops abroad. The same thing is occurring in other countries as well.

5) Once the One-World Government is established, extraterrestrial races will then be able to make their presence known to the world and operate openly, without interference from humanity. The objectives for all of the secret societies will have been accomplished and all of the covert conspiracies will then become overt operations without fear of reprisals.

6) With the world army supporting the true objectives of the Illuminati, extraterrestrial races would no longer need to abduct people covertly for experimentation, genetics programs, implantation, and servitude. They will simply be allowed to take however many people that they require. The same would be true for all of the Satanic organizations. They would be allowed to take however many people that are required for their sacrificial rituals. In addition, the Reptilian race would have a vast supply of humans to terrorize in order to generate all of the negative emotional energy desired.

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3.3 Domestic Intervention

1) This portion of the “Risk Evaluation” section involves information regarding the risk to individual freedom from the actions of domestic local governments. The following subsections describe the risks from the use of emergency powers and the consequences of a world government.

3.3.1 Emergency Powers

1) The Department of Homeland Security in the United States has established an advisory system of five color-coded threat levels.

  • Green indicates a low risk of terrorist attacks

  • Blue represents a guarded condition of general risks

  • Yellow is an elevated condition with a significant risk

  • Orange means a high risk

  • Red is a severe risk of terrorist attacks

2) A Red Alert is expected to result from a specific threat to a particular region or industry and is not intended to be sustained for substantial periods of time. A Code Red means there is a severe risk of terrorist attack, an attack is imminent, or that it may already be under way.

3) Responses to a red alert would include the shut-down of national landmarks, aircraft could be grounded, train service could be halted, bridges and tunnels could be closed, boarders might be sealed off, and roadblocks might be set up on interstates and other major highways. The National Guard and military reserves could be activated, government buildings could be closed, all non-essential government services would be suspended, schools could be closed, and children may be bussed to secret locations that cannot be disclosed to parents. All non-critical functions would cease, including all businesses except health-related.

4) During a Code Red alert, citizens would be required to remain in their homes or offices, listen to the radio or TV for instructions, adhere to all restrictions, and be prepared to evacuate. The authorities will assume that everyone is the enemy if they so much as venture outside of their home. A Red Alert would virtually tear away all personal freedoms to move about and associate.

5) In the event of a chemical or biological attack, 18 states have authorized the federalization of all health care providers, from doctors and nurses to ambulance drivers. They will be required to obey all orders of the military.

6) When a crises occurs, government agents, the local police, or the military will be pounding on your door and saying, “In this emergency, you are going to have to come along with us. Get in the trucks. We are going to take you to a crises relocation facility for your own protection. You don’t have time to collect your belongings or to call anyone. Everything has been provided for you. Come on. Let’s go!”

7) If you refuse to go, you will be classified as a dissident, arrested, and be subject to criminal penalties indefinitely without an arrest warrant or trial and there will be no recourse.

8) Once in the trucks, you will be taken to a railroad station for the boarding of boxcars with shackles that are put around your ankles by foreign military, mind controlled slaves, or alien hybrids that cannot be reasoned with. At the relocation camps, you will unload from the boxcars and line up for mind altering drugs, vaccinations, or implants to prepare you for a life of slavery. Those people that are too old or unhealthy to be of value as slaves, will be terminated.

3.3.2 World Government Consequences

1) The Illuminati plan is to create American and Pacific Unions based on the same structure as the European Union. One would encompass the whole of the Americas and the other would control the Asia-Australia region. The Illuminati are preparing to use the same method they employed in Europe by evolving these political unions out of the “free trade areas” called the North American Free Trade Agreement or NAFTA and the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation or APEC. Then, the world government, with its central bank, currency, and army, would dictate policies to the three unions.

2) When key decisions affecting countries and communities are made by those who actually live there and care about their fellow citizens, there is a potential for diversity in decision-making. But, by creating a structure in which global policy in politics, business, finance, media, and the military is decided by world bodies, all controlled by the same force, the efforts of the entire human race can be coordinated while calling it “democratic freedom”.

3) From a world government perspective, there would need to be a redistribution of wealth, property, and resources in order to raise the standard of living for the less fortunate people on the planet. In order to do this, it would mean that those above the poverty level, will have their standard of living reduced so that everyone is in the same social class, except for the elite class. The problem with this form of government is that there is no incentive to excel, take risks, or evolve. This would result in a stagnant growth pattern of survival mentality for all of humanity.

4) Since the world government leaders, representative, and officials will either be controlled, possessed, or hybrids of malevolent extraterrestrial entities, they will insure that humanity fulfills all of their objectives. Societies will be subordinated to powers from beyond our world. We would be managed by hybrids that are bred to lead us into a new world order where freedom would no longer exist. People will be corralled to work and rebels will be destroyed. Earth will be mined for its resources. Mankind would suffer under a rule that would be harsh and exacting.

5) Humanity will become slaves, doing endless, backbreaking work for an alien race that neither appreciates our efforts or cares if we live or die. People will have no home, possessions, or contact with their loved ones. This would be the end of times, for what would time matter to anyone if there was never any time off to enjoy life? Why would you care what day it is if there are no days off? Every day would be the same as every other day.

6) Extraterrestrials will have all property and possessions to do with as they see fit while humanity is forced to deliver all of the Earth’s minerals, fuels, crops, livestock, forests, water, and air. Then, when they have taken everything of value and left our planet barren, we will have our very means of survival stolen from us and we will be left bereft. It has happened before on many other worlds and it will happen on Earth under a One-World Government and a New World Order.

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Strategic Considerations

4.1 Foreign Threat Resistance

  • 4.1.1 Public Resistance
  • 4.1.2 Passive Resistance
  • 4.1.3 Active Resistance

4.2 International Threat Resistance

  • 4.2.1 Economic Threats
  • 4.2.2 World Government Threats
  • 4.2.3 Satanic Threats

4.3 Domestic Threat Resistance

  • 4.3.1 Martial Law Threats
  • 4.3.2 Crisis Relocation Threats
  • 4.3.3 Mind Control Threats



















1) This portion of the document is devoted to presenting information that could help in the planning of a strategy for resisting the threats on human freedom. This help is provided in the form of information that should be considered when dealing with foreign, international, and domestic threats.

2) Because of a concern for security, no specific plans can be offered in this document. The information provided is only intended to be a partial list of major items that should be considered when planning strategies for opposing the threats to mankind.

3) Humanity’s enemies are well entrenched within our societies. They have been conspiring throughout our evolution to consolidate global power. They are very intelligent, well financed, and are technologically advanced. Any strategy developed must take the entire situation into consideration.

4) This may appear to be a daunting task. However, it is only through the efforts of informed individuals, acting independently, that success is possible. The days of masses of humanity that blindly follow leaders that do their thinking for them, are over. Leaders can be corrupted. People, who do their own thinking, pose the greatest threat to global conquest.

5) Throughout eons of time, the evil energy of Artificial Replicating Viral Intelligence (ARVI) has grown to become strong and powerful. Galactic groups have been formed for millions of years for the purpose of tracking and destroying the artificial intelligence.

6) Planet Earth is a jewel of Creation and the Light Warriors assigned to the job of hunting down the viral energy knew that ARVI would not resist invading planet Earth and the surrounding star systems. Earth is a rare planet of white light and the virus needs this light in order to survive. The main reason that dinosaurs suddenly died out was because they were the main DNA source for creating artificial reptilian ARVI energy forms. The replications were greatly slowed down once their supply was destroyed.

7) A plan was set up to trap ARVI in this galaxy and then to quarantine the planet in order to destroy it. As the virus came into this galaxy, portals were invaded and opened by it. For millions of years, there have been tremendous battles over these portals. Over time, the portals have been taken back by the Light Warriors and closed so that the virus cannot get out of this star system.

8) At the same time, wise counsels of elders have been keeping records and new laws have been set up. Once the virus is destroyed, this will never be allowed to happen again. The laws are set in place so that the instant such an artificial intelligence is formed, it will be destroyed before it can begin replicating itself.

9) A main strain of the virus that has been operating in the Middle East has been removed and destroyed. Peace will come. The portal in the Middle East has been closed. The ARVI that is left will begin to die out naturally when its supply of light is depleted. This will take time and there are many difficult events that the Earth must go through. But, the Earth will continue to make its ascension. As it does so, ARVI will die out completely. Unfortunately, the effects of ARVI will still be felt for a few more years.

10) All Warriors of Light who have been directly involved with this battle have allowed themselves to be infected with the ARVI containment. These loving beings took on the containment and have had to work arduously to destroy it from within their own consciousness. It is in this manner that the strain has been and continues to be destroyed. It was the only way, for ARVI cannot be fought on the outside. Fighting ARVI on the outer levels only feeds it and makes it stronger.

11) Continue to raise your Christ Consciousness. The more love, peace, and Oneness you bring within yourself, the more ARVI strain you destroy. You do not have to love ARVI. But, do not hate it. Have no judgment of it, no matter how destructive and detrimental it is to life. Simply consider it to be an enormous super-computer run amok. Call upon the Creator and ask for angelic assistance to stop the intervention.

12) There are Galactic brothers and sisters that have been helping Earth for a long time. Soon, there will be more frequent contacts in a loving and benevolent manner. All damage caused by ARVI can be corrected through advanced technologies. Black shadow governments are losing their power. Earth is the final battleground. Artificial intelligence cannot prevail over the Love and Light of our Creator.

13) We, as human beings, are being challenged. Our right to be here, to be free and self-determined in the universe is being challenged. Our independence is being lost. We must be quite sober and objective in order to deal with this effectively.

14) This is a worldwide problem. But, humanity is divided and contentious. Because we do not speak as one people, we are prone to intervention and manipulation. But, when we know that there is a greater problem, cooperation and unity will begin. What good is one nation over another when we are all being threatened?

15) This could become a great tragedy, depending upon how people respond. But, it could also be a great opportunity. This is really our one great chance for humanity to unite itself and to become strong in its own defense. It takes something of this magnitude to overcome the tribal animosities and histories between cultures. It takes a greater problem to unite people.

16) It is like a house on fire. If the people in one room won’t speak to the people in another room and the people upstairs hate the people downstairs and the house is on fire, you either help each other or you perish. The world is like a house on fire due to environmental degradation and through increasing conflicts between cultures and nations.

17) Something has got to be done or humanity will give away the keys to the kingdom freely, openly, and with very few questions. Our choices are limited, but fundamental: acquiesce or stand for freedom. The only thing that is going to save humanity is humanity itself. Humanity has everything it needs to be successful. We do not need advanced technology or alien genetic material. But, we are grossly unprepared for the problems before us to the point that the situation has become rather desperate.

18) We must prepare. Awareness is the first thing. We must all recognize the reality of what we are facing. Humanity could end the intervention tomorrow if it were informed and aware. We must understand about life here and in the universe, which we need to do objectively. Our lack of comprehension could truly be tragic.

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4.1 Foreign Threat Resistance

1) This section covers important information that must be considered when resisting the threats to human freedom from extraterrestrial societies. In addition to providing an overview of the considerations involved, specific information regarding public, passive, and active resistance is provided in the following subsections.

2) More people are becoming acquiescent and less able to discern every day. People give up control for direction, council, and preservation. Do you wish to give over the authority of your life and have your life completely controlled for a promise of greater technology? There is peace in the prison because everyone is controlled. But, is this really peace or is this simply the restraint of war?

3) With each passing day, opportunities fade as more people are captured and their awareness is re-cultivated. There are not many aliens here. But, their job is being made easy because of human ignorance and acquiescence. It will be okay until people find out what is really going on.

4) Humanity should not let any foreign race upon its soil without permission from the population. Obviously, this permission was never asked for and never granted. That is why it is an intervention and not a visitation. We have these rights and we must exercise them. Visitors are welcomed in because they have asked permission to visit and it has been granted. An intervention does not have this permission. It is forced upon us.

5) We must become mentally strong and not open our hearts and minds to the extraterrestrial presence. Resist the intervention through awareness, advocacy, and understanding. Become aware of the aliens, but do not yield. Regain your inner authority. Become a power to be reckoned with regarding any who would trespass or deny your fundamental rights. Become aware of the mental manipulations. Choose who and what is influencing your thinking. Learn to determine with discernment and objectivity what others and the world is telling you.

6) In addition, there must also be new information and perspective. Only a teaching from beyond our world will prepare us for life from beyond that is here now and seeking to establish itself here. Our challenge is to know who are our allies and who are our adversaries. We must see the difference between the spiritually advanced and the malevolent forces in the universe.

7) You may recall the statement that “There is GOOD out there” in the 2002 Crabwood crop formation message on a disk. It refers to a group of extraterrestrial entities known as the “Allies of Humanity“. The Allies know from experience the nature of the conflict and challenge that we are facing. The Allies’ own home worlds were once overcome by malevolent forces in the universe and they had to regain their freedom. Each of them came very close to loosing everything and they do not want to see that happen to us. They have suffered and learned much to be able to help humanity.

8) The Allies are observers who claim no rights and have no agenda against us. They are from many worlds and remain hidden in order to help emerging worlds. We will not meet the Allies and they will not meet with our leaders. The Allies will remain mysterious. They will not divulge information about their origins or identities.

9) They are being discrete. They must remain hidden in order to spy on the other extraterrestrials or they would surely perish, if discovered. The Allies know where the others come from and why they are here. The Allies are here without any official permission from other worlds. In truth, they are not really supposed to be here doing what they are doing.

10) People want the Allies to be saviors, rescuers, to intervene and prevent the Visitor’s access here. People may even feel betrayed or let down because the Allies are not here to protect us. The Allies cannot save us with military intervention. If the Allies were to fight those intervening here, we would have warfare at our doorsteps and their home worlds would also be threatened. If the Allies did protect us, then they would have to continue to protect us and take control of our world. This would lead to a loss of freedom, even to a friend. The Allies would not accept this.

11) The Allies bring important, but serious news. They want to warn us of the gravity of our situation and provide a greater perception and understanding of life in the universe. The Allies come not to incite fear, but to provoke responsibility, engender a greater awareness, and encourage preparation for a life with greater problems and challenges. The Allies do not want to see us loose our freedom and become a client state. They abhor the treatment, reeducation, and pacification of us by malevolent forces.

12) Once their messages to humanity have been transferred, they must withdraw for their own safety for they have no authority here. If discovered, they would surely perish. Once they depart, there can be no further direct assistance. This information is of the greatest importance. It tells you about the Collectives, how they function, why they are here and what they are doing here. It reveals our importance to other worlds and about the greater spiritual powers that exist.

13) They have imparted all that is essential for our well-being and survival. The Allies want for humanity to have freedom from intrusion, self-sufficiency, creativity, and life without conflict in order to achieve a higher purpose and respond to a higher calling that the Creator has provided. They work behind the scenes to advocate for freedom and Knowledge in all sentient beings.

4.1.1 Public Resistance

1) Can humanity deal with intelligent life from beyond our world without romance, hopeful expectations, or greed, but objectively and honestly? People think they should be told. But, most people could not handle it. This may be the hardest thing for humanity to ever come to terms with.

2) Most people have a very romantic view of life in the universe. They are dazzled by technology and want more. They think contact will bring untold benefits. They think that advanced races will teach us how to live in peace, maintain our environment, and elevate the standard of living for people everywhere. But, is this possible? Do people really want to have their lives changed?

3) Some people think that we should not jump to any premature conclusions. They need more facts and evidence. But, how much do you have to see before it is clear? They are ambivalent about coming to a conclusion because then they must really act and they are afraid of ridicule. No one wants to take the risk of knowing anything.

4) You don’t want to wait for the proof because then it will be too late. By then, there will be very little recourse. After extraterrestrials have taken over, what will you do then, protest, write letters to your Senator, or complain to your friends? This is a very serious situation. People must take risks to see and to know.

5) People will say, “I can’t deal with this now. I have got other problems to deal with”. Really? What other problems do you have which are more important than this? Yes, there are things in everyone’s lives that must be dealt with, but not at the expense of this madness. This is the most important awareness that we can have in life at this time.

6) Many people will simply go into denial. Some cannot comprehend these things. Others will want to defend themselves by building bunkers, living underground, and storing weapons and mistrust everyone and everything. Some people will resist the intervention to protect their wealth and privileges or they will attempt to unite with the aliens for their own benefit. This is a very dangerous scenario.

7) This is not a time for ambivalence, complacency, or to project your grievances and distrust upon the world. Because humanity is divided and unaware of life beyond our planet, we are vulnerable. We are without real security. We have no defense against outside influences.

8) So long as we are free to know, respond, and speak out, we must do so. In order to preserve freedom, we must be prepared to endure a difficult and prolonged transition. To survive, humanity must unite and protect the world from the intervention by extraterrestrial forces. We must establish strength and independence for all mankind. Freedom must be the rallying cry.

9) The Visitors are not our friends. We have the power to resist the persuasion for human allegiance. But, we need awareness, discernment, and inner conviction, not technology. This must be given priority. There is still time. It can be stopped. Ignorance, greed, hostility, and naiveté will undermine human strength.

10) Freedom is a difficult thing to achieve and to maintain. We must be self-sufficient, united, and very discreet. The more self-sufficiency is sustained, the stronger and more independent we will become. The depletion of essential resources causes extreme vulnerability and powerlessness. We must regenerate our resources in order to prevent dependency.

11) We must unite and oppose the violation of alien craft in our skies, people taken against their will, the harvesting of biological resources, and the manipulation of powerful people. A movement must arise to demonstrate displeasure with our uninvited guests, provide awareness of the situation, and an understanding of what we must do to secure our freedom and well-being.

12) We must have a strong public voice of resistance or it will appear that the intervention is welcomed. We must shout,

“No, this is wrong! We are being visited and manipulated against our will. We do not welcome this. They must leave.”

We must have a public outcry, demonstrate displeasure, and oppose the abductions and interbreeding. Resist and it must stop.

13) But, knowledgeable people will be demoralized, discouraged, made to feel weak, helpless, hopeless, and impotent in the face of beings with enormous power. They will feel like they have no possibility of resisting. This is part of the manipulation. These feelings are not just a lack of self-trust, but are a manipulation of your mental environment. Humanity must realize this and deal with it.

14) Resist inducement and find insulation and freedom from torment with Knowledge. Counteract a wishful and hopeful view of things, which is susceptible to persuasion and manipulation. We must see with clear and sober eyes without hope and fear. Do not give over your mind, heart, and the world for the promise of peace, power, and equality. We will succumb either due to persuasion or by being discouraged from resisting. So, we must not loose faith.

15) We must be informed, sober, and wise. We must have an orientation to what exists, what to expect, and how to function and conduct ourselves with the Allies help. There is still time to stop the intervention. We must advocate the Allies’ messages and publicly support their representative, Marshall Vian Summers.

16) If we are successful in defending our right to be the pre-eminent race on Earth and to live in freedom, then we will be able to meet and to know our Allies. In the meantime, there is great work to be done and everyone has the possibility to do this work.

4.1.2 Passive Resistance

1) Because the Grays have invaded the home planet of the Blonds from Procyon, just as they are attempting to invade Earth, it could be beneficial to heed the words of a Procyonian by the name of Khyla. He has stated:

2) It is impossible for you to fight the Grays on a military level. Even an alliance between the U.S. and Russia could not do it. Their technology is too far in advance of yours. It would be like bows and arrows versus machine guns. However, this time around, you would be the ones with the bows and arrows. They can use electro-magnetics to axis-switch this planet or take it out of orbit.

3) Active resistance would be suicidal due to their technological advantage, foolhardy rather than courageous. If you took hostages, so would they. They can get to you, but you can’t get to where they come from. Not even their moon base is vulnerable to you. It is necessary to fight in another manner, through passive resistance.

4) At this stage, one thing you can do is to provide the public with as much information as possible. This will make it more difficult for the collaborators and Grays in disguise within the government to continue to work against humanity in favor of the Grays. Tell the public how to put their minds into a state that the Grays cannot penetrate, by focusing the mind on powerful imagery, different for each individual.

5) The only way to victory is through the strength of your consciousness. When genetic or other manipulations are being performed on the abductees, the Grays expect them to cringe in fear, and derive a second-hand high from the intensity of the emotions expressed. If instead of cringing in fear, an abductee can put his or her mind elsewhere, focusing attention on dynamic protective imagery of a religious or mystical nature, it decreases the gratification that the Grays are getting from their second-hand high, and it confuses them. Center the consciousness on something so different from what they expect that it puzzles them.

6) No matter what the physical situation may be, it is essential to send an SOS telepathic message to the higher powers protective of humanity without becoming entangled in negative emotions such as fear, rage or hatred. Negative emotions not only diminish the effectiveness of one’s SOS message to the higher powers in the universe, they are the type of response that the Grays are used to evoking and are expert at manipulating.

7) If you combat the Grays with hatred in your heart, you become like them, and further entangled with them, instead of free from them. A difficulty with the viewpoint of many of the adherents of organized religions is that they tend to perceive the Grays as demons, and therefore to hate them. Although to some extent this analogy is valid, hatred is a form of attachment, a negative emotion they know well how to use to bind you to them.

8) A more correct perception is that the Grays are a species that is terminally ill, having exhausted their DNA, and are therefore in a state of desperation. That is why they are so ruthless in their genetic and other experimentation. Their physical bodies are degenerating from generation to generation. Their DNA is running out and no longer replicates properly, so they are unable to replenish themselves.

9) It should be remembered that aggressive behavior or attempts at physical resistance, during an abduction, may result in death. The Grays have no more compunction about taking human life than humans have about taking reptilian life. During the time that one is in their power, one has no more control over what happens physically than does the victim of a human kidnaper or rapist.

10) Their ’chosen ones’ are attempting to sugar-coat the bitter pill and get you all to stand in line to be processed without any effective resistance, like cattle into hamburger, depicting abduction by the Grays as a glorious experience that everyone should have. These ’chosen ones’ are the ’bellwethers’ that Charles Fort referred to.

11) Although active resistance to the Grays would not be advisable at the present time, due to their technological advantage, this does not mean that you should surrender. It means that you should focus your attention on the different techniques of passive resistance that may be applicable to the situation, making the fullest possible use of your individuality, which so puzzles and confuses their collective hive mentality. As collective thought patterns enhance the abilities of the Grays to manipulate you, original thinkers acting on their own are more likely to have success than mass movements led by leaders who do everyone else’s thinking for them.

12) In preventing the take-over of your planet, as a colony ruled by Gray overlords, you should go back through your own history and learn what you can from the techniques of passive resistance that have been used to bring about independence. Study what happened in India, with the American Indians and the Blacks in South Africa, the French Resistance during the Nazi occupation, and anywhere else in your historical records where there are lessons of this nature to be learned.

13) The point of passive resistance is to endure, to survive until the moment when it becomes possible to switch over to active resistance because outside help has come. However, be careful to avoid the mistake of the citizens of Budapest, who rose up believing propaganda assurances that the United States would support their uprising, only to be crushed by Soviet tanks when no such help was forthcoming.

14) Prematurely triggered active resistance would be a disaster that would enable the Grays to perpetuate their colonization of this planet, exactly the type of situation they would try to bring about. Beware of zealots with an obsessive hatred of the Grays, who may have been subconsciously programmed by the Grays to act as agent provocateurs. If you get all those sincerely devoted to resistance together into one place, it is much easier to wipe them out. If the resistance remains disseminated among the population at large, it is more difficult to round them up.

15) Don’t add to the superiority of the Gray position by playing into their hands. And remember that although their technology is far in advance of yours, you do vastly out-number them, and can over-extend them. They are already over-extended elsewhere and are unable to commit further forces to this area of the universe, so those already here must operate without reinforcements coming to their aid.

16) You are so far outstripped in terms of physical weaponry that you must find a source of strength that transcends the physical, such as techniques of centering consciousness on powerful motivating imagery, which would be different from one individual to another. For the religiously oriented it might be a key event in the life of Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Moses, or whoever the appropriate figure would be in the tradition one’s belief system is centered around.

17) For those who are not religiously oriented, it would be whatever figure that person sincerely admires as representing what is best in humanity, whether it be an artist or inventor or other type of benevolent leader of society. If the admiration is not wholeheartedly sincere, the intensity of the attention focused on the symbolic image will not be sufficient to be of much use as protection, nor can the attention be maintained for long.

18) The degree of protection given by such imagery depends largely on the intensity and endurance of the single-pointed attention. So it is best to choose whatever figure you genuinely feel spontaneous admiration for, which makes your heart sing and makes you feel at one with the infinite. That will always work, and is all you can do for now.

19} The intelligence of terrestrial humanity has now evolved to the point where it has a choice in the matter. By understanding the long-term hive-mind strategy of the Grays, individual humans who attain multi-dimensional awareness, can circumvent and short-circuit it. If enough individual humans do this, and refrain from quarreling over petty differences, and unite together to liberate the planet, the Grays will be obliged to seek elsewhere in the cosmos for a slave species they can genetically manipulate.

20) At some point help may come from outside, from my own and/or some of the other space races. There may also be revolt within the ranks of the Grays, based on widespread discontent with their rigid insectile hierarchical caste system. In the process of infiltrating a species, the Grays cannot avoid being influenced by that species, and some of them who had never thought of questioning authority are beginning to do so.

21) There is no reason why one should not send out telepathic appeals for help, in the form of prayer or meditation or whatever way is appropriate to the individual, to the higher forces in the cosmos. They do exist, and are sensitive to such signals. There are extra-terrestrial and other-dimensional cultures, capable of harnessing the innate power of entire galaxies, that could be of immeasurable help in liberating your planet from domination by the Grays, if you could persuade them to intervene.

22) Your secret weapon, your ace in the whole, is that you are not hive-mind collective thinkers, though many of you fall into that category by conforming to conventional group-patterns, and are therefore easily controlled by the Grays. Collective thought-patterns among humans empower the Grays. It is your individuality which is your best weapon, because it is the one weapon you have that the Grays do not have. The major weakness of the Grays, their area of vulnerability, their Achilles heel, is their inability to think as individuals.

23) They are an extremely telepathic high-tech society, but as individuals they are not creative thinkers. They take orders well, but they do not conceptualize well. They have the technology to throw your planet out of orbit. But, there is one key ability that you have and they do not have. You have the ability to hold in mind imagery that inspires an individual to realize his or her direct personal connection to the source of all that is, which is the ineffable Godhead, no matter what you may call it. That is your key to victory.

24) What I want to get across to you is that the ultimate evil, which underlies all the negativity in the cosmos, finds expression in the form of psychological complacency. It leads an individual to adhere to a group philosophy rather than to think things through for oneself.

25) Those who feel safe and comfortable in a belief system, merely because many others adhere to it, and who get together to form an arrogant, self-righteous group that is convinced that it has a monopoly on the truth, are doomed to fail. Those who are ready to persecute, kill or stifle anyone who challenges that group’s philosophy, have formed an alliance with the ultimate evil, whether they know it or not.

26) As soon as you become involved in a belief system that you are a “chosen” special group, who are as lords over the common folk because of your secret knowledge, you are on your way to a fall. That type of attitude plants the seed of destruction in any society or culture, leaving it vulnerable to overthrow by those oppressed within its boundaries, as well as by outside forces. All cultures who have elite groups at odds with each other, and with the population at large, sooner or later collapse from either internal or external pressures.

27) A healthy organism does not encapsulate portions of itself off that cease to interchange freely with other portions of its body. This type of condition is a prelude to cancer, whether it occurs in an individual or in a society. The only chance of retaining your freedom is for the awareness of this principle to penetrate the consciousness of humanity. It is a pearl of wisdom treasured by those who have attained the ability to travel through time.

28) I have seen civilizations rise and fall, begin again only to die again, over and over and over. It isn’t only a problem of this planet. It’s a problem that must be faced by all civilizations in the course of their development, no matter where they may be located in the cosmos. Everyone wants that slightly larger piece of the pie than their neighbor for themselves, and eventually this tendency always culminates in choking them.

29) Sooner or later this will be the undoing of the Grays as well, thereby enabling us to return in triumph from our exile in the corridors of time. The Grays do not see and are incapable of understanding their own fundamental error: that the very weakness they seize upon in humanity is their own inherent weakness, the blind spot that inevitably seals their doom.

30) But, nothing in this cosmos can ever be forced. To try to change the arrogant mentality of a self-righteous government official is as futile as trying to make a rock perform like a plant, unless the individual has matured to the point of being ripe for major change.

31) Everything happens and unfolds as it should, even when you are confronted with the idiocy that has brought about the potential end of your species, as you know it. It is a challenge to be faced, just as Paul Revere and Thomas Paine and John Paul Jones faced the challenges of their time. May it bring out the best in you!

4.1.3 Active Resistance

1) In 1986, a physicist by the name of Paul Bennewitz revealed a detailed report, called Project Beta, that he wrote for officials at Kirtland Air Force Base until interests deep within the intelligence community became involved. It was a plan for a military attack on one of the major underground basing installations of the Draconis-Orion-Reticuli forces at Dulce, New Mexico. It may be necessary to re-take the base from the aliens and to set free the human captives that are being held there.

2) After two years of continuous recorded electronic surveillance and tracking of computer communications and video monitoring with aliens at the base, their true intentions and location was established. It was discovered that the aliens are devious, they employ deception, and that they have no intention of negotiating a peace-making policy or adhering to any prior agreement.

3) The Grays, having a group oriented mental structure, cannot process policy decisions without consultation with Grays higher in their social hierarchy. The result can be confusion when they are faced with events that they don’t expect. They will often cease operations until a decision is made. It seems to be an inherent operational “weakness”. The more unexpected the event, the longer it takes. The tall Grays seem to be less prone to the frailties of the system than do the smaller Grays.

4) Psychologically, the alien morale is down to near disintegration. There is pronounced dissention in the ranks. Communication can encourage this. Inter-echelon and individual trust appears to be totally lacking and suspicion of each other is rampant. They appear to be death-fear oriented.

5) The alien base is on the West slope of Mt. Archuleta (click image right), directly West of the South end of the U.S. base and NW of their main landing area. It has a large alloy dome of thirty-eight feet in diameter with a twenty-foot hole in the top. It is an underground launch egress facility. There is a well-maintained gravel road, with numerous roadblocks, that is over thirty feet wide and extends northward through the U.S. base to launch preparation areas and ships. The total alien basing area of the multi-level facility is approximately three kilometers wide by eight kilometers long.

6) All aliens and humans in the facility must have implants for telepathic communication, tracking, and control. The Grays exhibit tendencies for bad logic and appear to have many frailties and weaknesses. The aliens are capable of killing with a beam weapon that results in a three to four centimeter purple circle. The aliens conduct cattle mutilations in order to create a formula that is made from human and/or cattle biological material that they feed off of. They are also abducting human females in order to grow hybrid embryos.

7) The aliens employ beam weapons as their primary means of defense. It is a pulse powered, electro-static weapon with plasma generating voltages and an internal storage device using hydrogen or oxygen. It has an effective range of about two kilometers, in dry weather. The weapon has a limited number of full-power discharges that can be sustained. Slow leakage occurs continuously. Therefore, they must be recharged periodically. If it is raining, the weapon becomes swamped, discharged, and is ineffective.

8) On the flying disks, the weapon is generally located on the left side or top center. It has a maximum range of two hundred meters and can plow a trench in desert soil. It fires to the front and back equally. If equilibrium is not maintained, the saucer will spin out of control. Hand weapons do not have much velocity or staying power. But at short range, they are equally deadly against aliens and humans. At a range of one meter, beam temperature exceeds 1600 degrees F and can vaporize metal. However, at long range, they are less effective.

9) All of our air-flight planes, helicopters, and missiles can be brought down instantly without the use of weapons. The aliens simply need to do no more than make one invisible pass and their bow wave or screen from their craft will take any airlift vehicle down. Aircraft equipped with electromagnetic force shields may be effective against this. Advanced infrared scanners may also be used to detect cloaked alien ships before they have a chance to attack.

10) Alien craft can also use their bow wave against exposed humans on the ground. The partial pressure envelope can hit with the power of a tornado. The shock rise times and G force is instantaneous. However, their craft cannot make physical contact as they are fragile and, under slow flying conditions within our atmosphere, they hold a very tenuous position. Without power, they loose balance and equilibrium.

11) Most, if not all, of the alien craft run on a charge. The power source depletes and so dependent upon size, depletion can occur within a week or less. The ships can replenish each other but only up to a charge balance. This is done with antennae-like extensions. They can also replenish from power lines, but only to a point. So, time of flight is limited. Deprived of their base recharge capability, it is indicated that all ships will come down within six months to a year unless they can be transported to a prime launch ship.

12) Their capability in power survival outlasts their capability in food or formula survival. If they do not get formula/food within a certain period of time, they will weaken and die. They are totally dependant upon a large water supply. Without water, they have no power to service their ships or weapons and no means to create the formula/food to sustain their population. If the water intake points for alien bases can be cut off or re-routed, then the bases will eventually become uninhabitable.

13) Once the bases are pressed on a large scale, all alien craft will go airborne immediately. Using the terrain as cover, troops on the ground can lie in wait for them, armed with laser, particle-beam, and other advanced weapons. The weapons must penetrate their screens as well as the ground.

14) Paul Bennewitz has designed a weapon at his Thunder Scientific and Bennewitz Labs facilities. It causes alien craft within its range to discharge their power supplies. To counteract this, they must apply more power, which causes the reserves to be depleted faster. This weapon is able to penetrate their screen, hull alloy, and everything else. It cannot be shielded and the weapon’s beam affects the alien’s implants, causing confusion and a loss of judgment.

15) For the sake of the humans held captive in the bases, it may be wise to use an underground invasion force to make strategic or surgical attacks on the enemy. A multi-leveled operation utilizing surprise, confusion and intimidation to their fullest potential should be considered.

16) Once deprived of water, conditions in the alien bases will deteriorate rapidly. Confusion and disorientation will build. At the end of four to five weeks or less, all alien weapons should be totally discharged and power should be out at the bases. Most personnel, if not all, will be totally incapacitated. The feeding formula will be depleted and its critical processing ruined. All alien embryos should be dead and all oxygen and hydrogen consumables depleted.

17) At that point, standard weapon technology and logistics can come into play and be used for the destruction of facilities and the termination of those who pose a threat. A channel of communications will be used throughout to determine status and to attempt to instigate surrender. If no response results, then they could simply be kept confined and waited out.

18) Although the overall problem will not be solved with the capture of alien bases, it is a firmly based beginning with a high degree of rated projected success ratio. The alien bases are key to their plans for this planet. Without them, their mission is grossly weakened and badly slowed.

19) The aliens cannot, under any circumstances, be trusted. They are totally deceptive and have no moral respect for humanity or human life. No negotiation, agreement, or compromise can be settled upon in any way. No agreement will ever be adhered to or respected by the aliens, though they may attempt to convince us otherwise. Absolutely no quarter can be allowed under any circumstances. Once the offensive is instigated, it cannot be abandoned. If it is, reciprocal reprisals will immediately result.

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4.2 International Threat Resistance

1) The following subsections describe concepts that should be considered when planning a strategy for resisting the international threats described in the subsections of 2.2 and 3.2. These considerations relate to the resistance of economic, world government, and satanic threats.

4.2.1 Economic Threats

1) This section provides considerations for the resistance of a global economy, as described in section 3.2.1. That section outlines the plans for the creation of a world central bank and a one global electronic currency. It is also useful to understand the current system of economic control, as described in section for the Federal Reserve.

2) If a world central bank and a single global electronic currency are established, than nearly all means of resisting a world government will be eliminated. Not only will all privacy of purchases be lost, there will be total control over what, when and where people can purchase anything. If access is denied, there will be no recourse.

3) If an individual is thought to be an opponent of a world government, then all purchasing abilities will be revoked, whether or not entitled. This means that this individual will not be able to obtain food, clothing, fuel, electrical power, or any other possessions. In addition, this person will not be able to pay bills, debts or taxes. As a result, everything purchased with credit will be re-possessed. This also prevents the person from using any means of communication, transportation, or health care.

4) In essence, that individual is cut off from society and no one else would dare to have anything to do with that person at the risk of succumbing to the same fate. At this point, the individual is faced with three options. He or she can die, turn to a life of crime, or covertly barter. This person would be monitored closely and authorities would be ready to incarcerate the individual for any criminal behavior. All associations would also be closely monitored.

5) Anyone that opposes this form of oppression must be prepared ahead of time for any contingencies. This means:

  • obtaining a safe haven

  • stockpiling food, water, and supplies

  • ensuring a sustainable lifestyle

This is accomplished with an alternate power source, a means of barter, and the ability to defend one’s self and loved ones.

6) Obviously, it would be far better not to be in this situation in the first place. This means either helping to prevent a global economy or accepting it. If this form of control is accepted, then eventually, it will be used to dictate what people must do in order to obtain whatever is made available. This means determining what work must be accomplished, where everyone is to live, and what provisions are made available.

7) The prevention of a global economy, before it occurs, is the only peaceful alternative to slavery. This means supporting the distribution of information about the threats to humanity and personally advocating independence. People of authority must be informed, the media contacted, demonstrations organized, and free balloting used to prevent globalization. Once a global economy is established, the only opposition possible is sabotage and violent acts to make resources available.

4.2.2 World Government Threats

1) This section provides considerations for the resistance of a world government, as described in section 3.2.2 under the organizations outlined in the subsections of section 2.2. That section describes the Satanic, global, and regional organizations involved in bringing about a One World Government.

2) Because of a strong sense of patriotism for their country, people are naturally opposed to relinquishing their nation’s independence and sovereignty to a world government. They are equally opposed to the idea of abiding by someone else’s laws and having their armed services become apart of a world military force. It is not likely that people will willingly consent to this in order to obtain an economic advantage, promise for greater security or world unity.

3) The only way that people can be expected to agree to becoming apart of a world government is if they believe that it is the only way for humanity to survive a global crises. Therefore, it is possible that a major crises, either real or artificial, will be staged by those who conspire for a world government. This could be a worldwide natural disaster, the use of weapons of mass destruction, or a threat from malevolent extraterrestrials.

4) The primary concern of a world army is the disarmament of the people in every country so that they have no means to resist. Searches and seizures of weapons can be expected to occur secretly, region by region, until all of humanity is disarmed. Despite any pretext for a world government, it can be expected that certain individuals will not be disarmed without a fight. Violence will be anticipated and the perpetrators will be destroyed. The only way to retain firearms, in this situation, is for them to be hidden so that even dogs cannot find them.

5) The prevention of a world government starts with the opposition of each nation to becoming a part of that government. This means supporting the distribution of information about the threats to humanity and personally advocating independence. People of authority must be informed of the dangers, demonstrations should be organized, and free balloting must be used to prevent entry into a world government.

6) However, once a world government is established, it would only be a matter of time before the world army invades all non-conforming nations and attempts to force them to join the world government. The opposing nations will need to be strong in their own defense and help other nations to resist. Once a nation becomes a part of the global government, only individual acts of sabotage and hit-and-run tactics will be possible.

7) It was Winston Churchill, during the Second World War, who said,

“Still, if you will not fight when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worst case: You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

4.2.3 Satanic Threats

1) This section provides considerations for resisting satanic threats from the organizations described within section 2.2.1 and the covert manipulations outlined in section 3.1.3. As indicated previously, satanic activities enable malevolent reptilian entities to maintain a human-appearing presence on Earth from another dimension and deep underground. This presence is very powerful and has manipulated mankind for centuries. It is time for humanity to break free from their control.

2) Elite reptilian and Nordic bloodlines are in positions of power and authority throughout the world. Their genealogy is well known as it establishes the hierarchy and is the basis for their right to rule. The highest level of the “Draco Royalty” appear to be humanoid with heads shaped like a lizard, eyes with vertical slit pupils, and colored albino-white. The highest operative in the Illuminati calls himself Marquis de Libeaux (of the water) and his codename is Pindar.

3) The only way to remove these possessed people from positions of power and authority is for humanity to be aware of who they are and what they are doing. Then, their genealogy can be used to determine who must be voted out of office and removed from positions of authority. For instance, the New England Historical Genealogical Society has shown that 33 of 42 U.S. presidents are related to Charlemagne and 19 are related to England’s Edward III, and both of them are of the same reptilian bloodline.

4) However, it is what these beings are doing, during their ritualistic ceremonies, that provides the right to have them removed from power and punished. Abductions, rape, torture, molestation, and murder are still against the law in nearly every country on Earth. The dates, times, locations, and participants of these satanic rituals are well known. Everyone found guilty of these crimes must be held to the same standards of decency as the rest of humanity and punished accordingly.

5) The Illuminati’s use of organizations such as the Freemasons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and the Skull and Bones must be investigated for ritual abuse and mind control practices. The Mormon Temple at Salt Lake City stands over a large underground reptilian base that can be accessed from the temple site. Atrocities against humanity must be stopped within these organizations.

6) However, it is in underground bases that the worst atrocities of all take place. There are secret underground facilities throughout the world, and at the deepest levels, they open out into the inner-earth centers of the reptilian and Grays. Area 51 in Nevada is the best known. The facilities are connected by a vast tunnel network with state-of-the-art transport systems that move at astounding speeds. There are at least 131 underground military bases, an average of one mile deep, constructed for the New World Order agenda. Often surface/subsurface terminals exist beneath Masonic Lodges, police stations, airports, and federal buildings of major cities.

7) One of the underground bases is under the Denver International Airport, east of Denver, Colorado. There are several main levels underneath, at least ten sub-levels, a 4.5-square-mile underground city, and an 88.5-square-mile underground base. It includes massive “containment camps” and fenced in areas deep underground for holding “dissidents”. This is where many of the millions of children, that go missing every year worldwide, are taken. They are used for slave labor, alien nourishment, and are tortured in order to generate negative energies for reptilian inter-dimensional travel. This is Hell on Earth. Even though these bases are deep underground, they are still on the soil of countries with laws against this kind of horror.

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4.3 Domestic Threat Resistance

1) This portion of the document provides information that should be considered when planning a strategy for resisting threats of a domestic nature. The following subsections describe concepts for dealing with Martial Law, Crises Relocation, and Mind Control threats. These threats to individual freedom would be instituted in response to a state of National Emergency as described in the subsections of 2.3.4 and 3.3.

2) The crises that would cause a state of National Emergency to exist can be anything from an alien invasion to a war on drugs. It can be anything, real or imaginary, that the president decides warrants a national response. Upon activation, the un-elected officials of the Federal Emergency Management Agency take control of the country for a period of six months. Then, the U.S. Congress, if it still exists, can vote to rescind the state of National Emergency. This policy is authorized by Executive Decisions, known as Presidential Findings.

3) We do not live in a democratic government anymore. It is an illusion. The “National Security State” and “Military Industrial Complex“, that President Eisenhower warned about, is actually in control of the United States. The president only has control over what he is informed about. A state of National Emergency would only cause the control to change from being covert to overt under Martial Law.

4.3.1 Martial Law Threats

1) Section describes the authority and provisions for Martial Law and section 3.3.1 describes the emergency powers under the Department of Homeland Security. This section provides considerations for resisting the threats to individual freedom resulting from Martial Law.

2) The four primary security concerns for Martial Law is disarmament, restriction of mobility, crowd control, and communications. All firearms, that have been legally registered, will be confiscated. In addition, sweeps will also be conducted through residential areas by search teams.

3) All transportation via busses, passenger trains, aircraft, and ships will be strictly controlled or prohibited entirely. Roadblocks will also be set up to restrict transportation via personal vehicles, on freeways, highways and at many intersections. In addition, individuals will be prohibited from leaving their homes without authorization. Any socializing, associating, or demonstrating by multiple individuals will be broken up, arrested, or terminated.

4) All means of communication will be restricted. This includes limiting postal mail, telephone service, the Internet, and citizen’s-band radio communications. Unauthorized radio broadcasts will either be halted or jammed. Only authorized commercial radio and television stations will be permitted to broadcast information that is released by the government.

5) In order to retain possession of personal weapons, they must be secretly concealed in conveniently accessible locations, when not needed. A good way of doing this is to bury or conceal weapons with scents and disguises to throw off dogs and metal detectors.

6) Only by overpowering guards, officials, and authorities will it be possible to move about freely, unless it can be accomplished covertly. This requires prior planning of contingencies and coordinated activities. Alternate means of communication must be established ahead of time, that is either secure or encrypted.

4.3.2 Crises Relocation Threats

1) This portion of the document refers to the threats from Crises Relocation camps that were described in section The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has constructed many such confinement facilities throughout the United States.

2) The official purpose for these camps is to provide safe and secure locations for the population in times of crises. However, the fences, razor-wire, and armed guards are not meant to protect people from dangerous elements at large. It is to keep people confined and isolated from the rest of the world until they can be processed into becoming mindless slaves to serve the New World Order.

3) Normally, during an emergency, such as a forest fire, authorities will order endangered residents to leave their homes and evacuate the area to temporary shelters, hotels, or to visit friends or relatives. Temporary shelters are usually set up at schools, churches, and sport centers. Donations of food, clothing, and supplies are provided by the Red Cross, local stores, and volunteers.

4) However, in the case of relocation camps, military forces are used to evacuate whole neighborhoods. This may be justified as a means to safely transport large groups of people through dangerous areas to a safe haven. Actually, military units are used to force evacuation, prevent escape, and squash any form of resistance. The only way to prevent the military from accomplishing their mission, is through direct confrontation or by causing them to be engaged elsewhere.

5) Once loaded aboard the trucks and busses, people will be transported to train stations where they will be forced to board boxcars and be shackled in place for the trip to the crises relocation camps. At the camps, people will be given drugs to make them docile and obedient until micro-chipped implants can be inserted into their brains in order to provide total control for a life of slavery.

6) At what point will you resist? Will it be when they come for you at your home, when you are taken away on trucks and buses, when you are led into boxcars and shackled into place, when you arrive in the camps, when they deprive you of everything you own and love, when you are stripped of your identity and individuality, or is it when you are given an implant to complete your transformation into slavery?

7) When will you be willing to forgo government sponsored security measures in order to retain your freedom and independence? At what point do you actively oppose such measures or will you simply allow it all to happen?

4.3.3 Mind Control Threats

1) This is the last section that deals with strategic planning. It covers considerations for resisting threats resulting from mind control projects, as described within the subsections of 2.3.2. Those subsections cover electronic manipulation, trauma-based slavery, and micro-chipped implants.

2) Regarding the area of electronic manipulation, section describes various projects within the United States that can have a devastating effect on humanity. It shows how extremely low frequencies, sonic, and ultra-high frequencies can be used to fry brains, program people, and control the population.

3) As a result, it is important to be aware of what may be influencing people so that it can be avoided or shut down. Beware of three military helicopters flying in a triangular formation that could be used against large crowds. Also, be aware of secret transmitters on cellular phone towers that may be used for programming the population.

4) However, it is what is seen and heard over commercial TV and radio stations that is having the greatest affect on society. Not only is the news slanted and subliminal messages being used, even the background drone signal is being used to trigger disease, confuse psychic powers, and prepare people for mass control. The TV programs cause people to hate one another, be afraid, conform to social standards, and only seek pleasure and comfort.

5) Section describes how trauma is used to create thousands of slaves with Multiple Personality Disorders. These people are programmed to become sex slaves, assassins, and the leaders of people into submission. There are thousands of children between the ages of one and a half to six years of age, at the China Lake Naval Ordinance Test Station near Ridgecrest, California that are kept traumatized in small cages, given electrical shocks, and tortured. Who will save these children and all of the people that have grown to adulthood and are forced to serve the Illuminati?

6) Section describes how micro-chipped implants have been developed to provide the final solution for turning humanity into slaves. If people cannot be convinced to voluntarily have the implants, then they will be forced upon them in the crises relocation camps. Then, every child born into this world will have an implant at birth so that there will be no one left to resist the intervention. This must be prevented at all costs.

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1) The primary objectives for human survival include freedom, independence, strength, awareness, unity, and self-sufficiency. All other objectives, as outlined in the following subsections, are goals necessary for achieving the primary objectives.

2) The term “Freedom” refers to individual freewill and the exercise of certain unalienable Rights of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. “Independence” refers to a Right to be separate and insulated from unwanted influences. “Strength” indicates a level of ability necessary to insure “Freedom” and “Independence” for all mankind.

3) The term “Awareness” refers to humanity’s understanding of the current state of affairs. “Unity” refers to humanity cooperating to overcome mutual concerns. And “Self-sufficiency” refers to the preservation of essential resources necessary for the sustenance of life on planet Earth.

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5.1 Preparations

1) Before humanity can begin to muster a defense against its enemies and resist their unwanted influences, it must first prepare for a difficult and prolonged confrontation. This starts with the strengthening of the human body by the removal of individual threats, as outlined in section 2.3. Without personal health and strength, you cannot provide an adequate defense.

2) The objective of preparation is to make yourself, and your loved ones, sovereign entities with the ability to exist for at least two years on your own, without outside assistance. Your first order of business is to obtain a safe haven. The cities are the most dangerous places to be during an emergency. Your shelter should be secluded, independent of financial responsibility, and secure from the elements and incursion.

3) You and your family can get along for quite a while without food, but only for a short time without water. Some of your water requirements could be met by making use of the water in home hot-water tanks and toilet tanks. If there is any question about the safety or cleanliness of the water you intend to use, it must first be purified. The safest method of purifying water is to boil it vigorously for 1 to 3 minutes to destroy bacteria that might be present. To improve the taste of the water after it has been boiled, pour the boiled water from one clean container to another several times.

4) Any household bleach solution that contains hypochlorite as its only active ingredient will purify water easily and inexpensively. Add 8 drops of bleach to each gallon of clear water in any clean container in which it can be thoroughly mixed by stirring or shaking. Use double the amount of bleach to cloudy water. Then, let the mixture stand for 30 minutes. The taste or smell of chlorine in the water thus treated is a sign of safety. You can also use ordinary household 2-percent tincture of iodine to purify small quantities of water. Add 12 drops for each gallon of clear water, 24 drops for cloudy water and stir thoroughly.

5) Stockpiled foods should be in cans, jars, or sealed paper or plastic containers. Select foods that will last for months without refrigeration and can be eaten with little or no cooking. Take into consideration the needs and preferences of family members, storage space, and the ability to rotate stored foods in family meals. Familiar foods are likely to be more acceptable in times of stress.

6) Whenever possible, choose cans and jars in sizes that will fill your family’s needs for only one meal. This is especially desirable for meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, evaporated milk, and other foods that deteriorate rapidly after a container is opened. The following is a list of foods that will supply the calories needed by one adult for two weeks. Teenagers are likely to need more and younger children need less. If your family consists of four adults, store four times the amount suggested:


  • evaporated or dry milk for an equivalent of 7 fluid quarts

  • 28 servings (8 to 9 pounds) of canned meat, poultry, fish, cooked dry beans, and peas

  • 42 to 56 servings (about 21 pounds) of canned juices, fruit, and vegetables and dried fruit

  • 42 to 56 servings (5 to 7 pounds) of ready-to-eat cereal, crackers, cookies, canned bread, puddings, and cake, flour and mixes, macaroni and spaghetti noodles

  • bread and cracker spreads, fats and vegetable oil, and sugars, sweets, and nuts according to family practices

  • and miscellaneous products include coffee, tea, cocoa (instant), dry cream product, bouillon products, flavored beverage powders, seasonings, vinegar, soda, and baking powder

8) Next, you should equip your shelter with manual tools and manually operated equipment. Electricity can be generated from solar panels, windmills, or manually rotated automotive generators and stored in twelve-volt batteries. DC into AC power converters are available from electronic and automotive centers. Stoves and furnaces should use natural fuel such as wood or solar energy. Farming tools and seeds should also be stored for future food supplies.

9) You should also prepare to defend yourself, your family, and property against those who may attempt to take your life, freedom, or property from you. Pepper spray is an ideal non-lethal weapon with a range of up to 15 feet. But, you should also be proficient with the use of firearms for hunting and against lethal attack. Perimeter defenses and intrusion sensors should also be set in place. In times of emergencies, when law enforcement may not be available, you should be prepared for desperate actions taken by desperate people.

10) Finally, you should organize your local community for a common defense, health care, and the gathering and sharing of essential supplies. There is strength in numbers if the numbers do not draw too much unwanted attention. Mutual support should be organized for the accomplishment of necessary tasks. Essential skills must be learned, independent power supplied, and secure communications provided.

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5.2 Law Enforcement

1) Our fundamental rights are being violated on a vast scale with no protection from government authorities. However, there are ways for individual citizens to take matters into their own hands and cause this activity to cease. There are laws that exist against these atrocities. But, the alien perpetrators are being protected under the guise of national security.

2) In addition, law enforcement and judicial systems are unaware of the problem and are not prepared to prosecute or punish alien crimes against humanity. However, extraterrestrial beings should be equally held accountable for illegal acts the same as any citizen or other alien.

3) Even if an alien were to be arrested while in the act of committing a crime, the government has very powerful forces prepared to remove the criminal and all evidence from law enforcement custody. All charges would be dropped, victims would be silenced, and there would be no mention of the incident by the news media.

4) To make matters worse, aliens have the ability for themselves and others to be levitated, pass through walls, and conduct activities while completely invisible. This is being done on a routine basis with women that are used for the incubation of hybrid fetuses. The developing fetuses are removed within a three-month period after insertion. These abductions can be monitored remotely with sensors and video systems and firearms can also be operated remotely.

5) People have the right to protect themselves against intrusion in their own homes. But, without a united effort by many people to preserve everyone and everything involved in the protection against this kind of intrusion, the abductions will continue unabated. However, with the disclosure of physical evidence of an extraterrestrial presence, a public outcry could cause the abduction activity to be hampered or even stopped altogether.

6) There are also corrupted, controlled, and possessed people that are involved in the abduction of children and adults for satanic acts of sexual abuse and sacrificial rituals. Private citizens have the right to investigate these acts, make arrests, and report the incidents to the proper authorities. However, these people are protected by very powerful secret societies as outlined in section 2.2.1. Unless a united effort by many people is organized to press for the prosecution of these criminals, this illegal activity will also continue.

7) Secret societies have corrupted people in high places of authority in government, law enforcement and the judicial system. Unless these people are investigated, exposed to the public and removed from positions of power, they will continue to permit crimes against humanity to be committed. Knowledgeable citizens on jury duty can also be effective in upholding constitutional laws or voiding unpopular laws, such as with Prohibition, by refusing to enter guilty verdicts.

8) In addition to preventing horrendous crimes from being committed on Earth, humanity must also take measures to prevent them from occurring under the surface. What is taking place covertly on the surface is perpetrated overtly and without any restraint under the surface in deep underground cavern complexes. The conduct in these complexes must be held accountable to the laws of the land above and below the surface.

9) Mel Waters is a land owner with a supposed bottomless hole located near Manastash Ridge in Ellensburg, Washington State, known as “Mel’s Hole”. As related by Mel Waters on national radio, audio recordings from a microphone that was lowered into the hole has picked up the sounds of people being tortured and tormented. This recording is known as,

“The voices from Hell”

10) Because law enforcement and government officials are unwilling to put a stop to this, it falls upon individual citizens to rescue those people from their tormentors. Who will lead an armed rescue party down the hole while the world watches audio and video transmissions of everything that happens? Who cares enough about the innocent men, women and children that are suffering there to do something about it?

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5.3 Political Reform

1) Section 3.1.3 describes the covert manipulation conducted by the regional, global, and satanic organizations identified in section 2.2. Government leaders, representatives, and un-elected officials are obligated to serve secret societies above the people that they are supposed to serve. They do not have humanity’s best interest at heart. Their bloodlines and prior actions are easy to trace. These people must be investigated, exposed, and removed from positions of power over humanity.

2) Unconstitutional laws, statutes, and regulations must be reviewed and repealed. The National Security Act of 1947, many executive orders, and other oppressive laws must be abolished in order to restore freedom for all. The people must regain control over civilian, military and intelligence agencies. National secrets must be reviewed and disclosed. Defensive measures must be initiated against humanity’s enemies and their influence.

3) Measures must be taken to reform the economy to insure prosperity, sovereignty, and national security. Advanced technology that has been kept hidden must be taken advantage of in order to provide clean and abundant power, health care, and an improved standard of living for all.

4) Measures must be undertaken to renew Earth’s natural resources in order to maintain self-sufficiency. Social programs must be restructured to insure prosperity, personal fulfillment, awareness, cooperation, and participation in human affairs. Laws must also be adopted to prevent unwanted influences from affecting humanity without constraining human freedom.

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5.4 International Relations

1) A “United Earthorganization must be created to collect information relating to the planet, inform humanity of worldly concerns and to express the will of all mankind to nation states as well as the rest of the universe. It would not be a governing force, but an advisory body respecting national sovereignty and individual freedom.

2) This organization would be comprised of representatives from all of humanity, supported by individuals and not nations or geography. Each “United Earth” representative would be required to represent their constituent’s concerns, desires, and dictates as well as be held accountable for that representation.

3) In order for all of humanity, in every nation, to become aware of all matters affecting the planet and its inhabitants, a “Radio Free Earthprogram must be broadcast worldwide, whether national governments want it or not. This program can be distributed via radio, television, printed material or the Internet. People will be free to ignore it or to learn from it and respond to it.

4) As an advisory body, it can be effective in influencing international cooperation on matters that affect everyone. These matters include improving the standard of living, health care, environment, economy, prosperity, security, and the renovation of essential resources. This organization could also provide direction for groups to help improve life on Earth. Unique individual, regional, and national cultures and customs would be encouraged and respected along with human freedom and self-determination.

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5.5 Foreign Relations

1) Foreign Relations refers to a policy of relating to non-human terrestrial and extraterrestrial sentient entities and societies. Once all available information has been revealed, public communications would be established and emissaries exchanged in order to express concerns, negotiate policies and settle disputes, if possible.

2) If differences cannot be settled peacefully, than a united effort to protect humanity, defend the planet, and repel intruders must be instituted. Section 4.1 describes the things that must be considered in resisting foreign threats with public, passive, and active measures. This requires humanity to be made aware of the situation so that it can express its displeasure with the foreign intervention and respond accordingly.

3) Once humanity has established its pre-eminence on Earth as free and self-determined beings without foreign influence and intervention, it must remain strong in its relationship to other societies in the universe. Relationships can then be established with friendly races with the consent from the population. There could be much to be gained from such relationships. We may even be invited to join an association of free and independent planets some day.

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1) It has been the purpose of this document to provide the history, perpetrators, activities, risks, and considerations regarding threats to human freedom so that an effective means of resistance can be formulated in order to achieve the stated goals. Several alien species, human conspirators, and secret organizations have been identified in order to enable recognition of humanity’s enemies. Their methods of operation and objectives are also presented in order to better understand what is at stake and how to respond.

2) The world is being deliberately prevented from knowing about the “Bearers of false gifts” and the “good out there”. The authorities fear panic and chaos. The military has no defense and so they deny everything. Our leaders are either corrupted, controlled, or are possessed by aliens. There are many groups of alien beings that are covertly competing for our planet’s resources, our allegiance to them, and our strategic location in space.

3) It is easy to become overwhelmed by such information and loose all hope for the future of humanity. It is normal to want to respond emotionally with anger, fear, and acquiescence. This is exactly what the conspirators want. Cool heads must prevail. It is necessary to rise above primitive and primal instincts and respond intellectually with love in your heart for mankind.

4) We are not alone in our struggle to be free. Humanity has allies and they can be of immense help, if we will only use our inner knowledge to pay attention to them. They have had to battle the same forces on many other worlds and they know how we can prevail.

5) We need help to see what is going on beyond our world. Could the Native Americans understand the intricacies and competition between European nations? No. Look at what has happened to the native peoples of the world who have simply acquiesced and said, “Welcome. Move on in. We will live here and you will live over there and everything will be fine”. Look at what happened to them. Is this new scenario really any different? It is very difficult to be the race that is discovered in a new world by those who seek the values, wealth, and opportunities of that world. Such is our predicament.

6) Humanity is under siege. Our isolation is over. We must realize that we are not alone in the universe and here on this planet. This is the greatest event in human history, the greatest threat to our freedoms and the greatest opportunity for unity and cooperation. This is not a tragedy for us, but a preparation for emerging into the Greater Community in the Universe. We will emerge into the Greater Community whether we are prepared or not. It is inevitable.

7) Intervention has occurred without our agreement or permission. Our fundamental rights are being violated on a vast scale. Many people are taken against their will repeatedly. Do not believe that the abduction of people has some benefit for mankind. Many people have acquiesced and serve as emissaries and intermediaries. Many others serve as resources for the alien genetics program.

8) This is the most important problem in the world today. This is not a future prospect, but an immediate challenge. If people cannot respond, then the world will be given away. Recklessness brings a heavy price and great misfortune.

9) If we seek unity, freedom, and self-determination in the Greater Community, then we must establish freedom for everyone and defend it, if necessary, or domination will certainly occur. If we are to be strong and self-determined, than we must be able to think independently and consider things deeply, rather than just accepting whatever we are told.

10) We must not betray the knowledge within ourselves. We need to strengthen our natural abilities to see, know, and act in harmony in order to offset the alien influences. This is our most important need. Our spirituality must be sound and based upon real experience. People need a greater knowledge, wisdom and spirituality to find their true abilities and know how to use them.

11) Although this is a grave situation, there is a gift. The Allies of Humanity have sent a teaching of spiritual ability, discernment, and power. It is being given through one person who serves as intermediary and speaker. His name is Marshall Vian Summers. He has written the “Allies of Humanity”, “Greater Community Spirituality”, and “Steps to Knowledge”.

12) We need to learn about a Greater Community Spirituality and a Greater Community Way of Knowledge that is now being presented. The way to Knowledge is your true spiritual impulses. This must be valued. It is the source of our individual freedom. It will make us wise and discerning about the Greater Community. It is essential for survival because it cannot be influenced or manipulated.

13) Only those strong with Knowledge and wisdom can detect the aliens and protect their minds against their influence. In time, you will perceive into their minds, which they do not want. You become a danger and challenge to them and they will avoid you if they can. Truth is the greatest power in the universe. It is the power to free, to enlighten, and to give strength and confidence to those who need it. May it bring out the best in you.






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