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    Serving the dragon – the present (1)
    In war, the truth must be guarded by a bodyguard of lies.
    Winston Churchill
    If, as I have outlined here, the world is controlled today by the reptilian shapeshifters and their bloodlines, we should be able to find evidence of their modern activities that supports the accounts of the ancients. And we can -lots of it.

    Since 1990 when I began to consciously investigate what was really happening in the world, I had heard mention of reptilian beings. But naturally it seemed so fantastic that I put the information on the back burner until I could make some sense of it. That started to happen in early 1998 when I was travelling around the United States. In a period of about 15 days 1 met 12 separate people in different locations, and from very contrasting walks of life, who told me the same basic story of seeing a “human” change into a reptilian form before their eyes.
    The people who told me these accounts included two television interviewers who saw their guest, a supporter of the New World Order agenda, shape-shift during a live interview. Afterwards one said he had been shocked to see the man’s face turn reptilian and the other, equally shocked, said that she had seen his hands take on a reptilian look. Given that the viewers saw nothing, most of them anyway this had to be a case of psychically connecting with the fourth-dimensional level of the guy rather than seeing a physical shift. A friend of one of these presenters was a policeman in Denver, Colorado, a major Illuminati and Satanic centre, where reptilian gargoyles (an Illuminati code) adorn the Denver Airport.
    The policeman had made a routine visit to an office block in Aurora, near Denver, and commented to an executive of one of the companies there about the high level of security in the building. She said that he should look at the upper floors if he wanted to see some real security. She pointed to a lift that only went to the higher floors and she told him of an astonishing experience she had some weeks earlier. The lift had opened and a strange figure emerged. He was albino-white with a face shaped like a lizard and eyes with pupils that were vertical like a reptile’s.
    The highest level of the “Draco royalty” are albino-white. This white lizard figure had walked out of the restricted lift, she said, and into an official-looking car. The policeman was so intrigued by the story and the building that he made investigations into the companies in the upper floors. According to his friend, he said he found them all to be fronts for the Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA.

    Another man I met in that 15 days used to take large quantities of LSD in the 1960s and around the third day of a five-day “trip”, as he put it, the same thing always happened: some people began to look like reptiles and it was always the same people. It never changed. He also began to observe that his friends who appeared lizard-like in his “trips” always seem to react the same way to movies, television programmes, and so on.
    “We used to laugh and say ‘here come the lizards'”, he told me.
    Drugs take people into altered states of consciousness and this can cause them to “retune” their dial to the lower fourth dimension. At this point they will see that level of the people around them. Looking back from a perspective of greater knowledge, he believes there is what he calls a “morphogenetic field” transmitted to the DNA of the lizard people and this aligned the cell structure to the reptilian genetic blueprint.
    The more reptilian DNA a person carries, the easier it is for this to happen, and the ones with most reptilian DNA are the hybrid bloodlines of the Anunnaki designed specifically to occupy the positions of power. Interestingly, the Olmec people of Central America, whose whole culture was based on serpent worship, used to take hallucinogenic psilocybin mushrooms that they called “the flesh of the Plumed Serpent”, and this took them into a fourth-dimensional awareness -the serpent frequency.
    In their rituals to the “serpent son” Dionysus (another “Jesus”), the Greek initiates would drink strong wine and take mind-altering drugs and mushrooms to “unite with their Son of God”. At the end of those 15 days in the United States, when I was speaking at a Whole Life Expo event in Minneapolis, a gifted psychic lady told me how she sees people in power, like Henry Kissinger, George Bush, and Hillary Clinton, turn into reptilians all the time.
    Once again she is accessing their fourth-dimensional frequency. There are few more glaring examples of cold reptilian eyes than those of Hillary Clinton. One trait I have noticed in these shape-shifters or possessed people is that their eyes don’t change, no matter what their mouth or the rest of their face are doing. They might be laughing, for instance, but their eyes never do. They have a fixed, cold, stare. Next time you see Hillary Clinton, watch her eyes.

    I recalled at this stage that I had read something about reptilians in the book, Trance-Formation Of America, which details the life of a remarkable woman called Cathy O’Brien. Her Satanic father, who had abused her violently and sexually from the time she was a baby in Michigan in the 1950s, handed her over to Gerald Ford later President Ford -for use in the Illuminati’s now vast mind control operation, which I expose at length in The Biggest Secret.
    Cathy is blond-haired and blue-eyed, the usual story, and I recommend her book to anyone who wants to know what is happening to literally millions and millions of children around the world. I looked through the index to find the reptilian references and, although she rationalized the experience as a mind-control illusion, what she describes is the same experience that so many others have been reporting.
    I explained earlier about Miguel de la Madrid, the President of Mexico in the George Bush years in the White House, and his story of the extraterrestrial shape-shifters he called the “Iguana race”. These were the ones, he said, who were perfect for “transforming into world leaders”. In the book, Cathy reveals how George Bush, one of her main controllers, shape-shifted.
    She says he was sitting in front of her in his office in Washington DC when he opened a book depicting “lizard-like aliens from a far-off deep space place”. Bush claimed to be one of them and she said he appeared to transform “like a chameleon” into a reptile. Cathy tells in the book of how Bill and Bob Bennett, two well-known figures in US politics, gave her mind-altering drugs at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center mind control laboratory. They told her they were “alien to this dimension -two beings from another plane”. Yes, the lower fourth dimension.
    Cathy continues:
    “The high-tech light display around me convinced me I was transforming dimensions with them. A laser of light hit the black wall in front of me. which seemed to explode into a panoramic view of a White House cocktail party -as though I had transformed dimensions and stood amongst them. Not recognising anyone, I frantically asked: ‘Who are these people?’

    “‘They’re not people and this isn’t a spaceship’. [Bill] Bennett said. As he spoke, the holographic scene changed ever so slightly until the people appeared to be lizard-like aliens. ‘Welcome to the second level of the underground. This is a mere mirror reflection of the first, an alien dimension. We are from a trans-dimensional plane that spans and encompasses all dimensions…’

    “‘…I have taken you through my dimension as a means of establishing stronger holds on your mind than the Earth plane permits’ Bill Bennett was saying. ‘Being alien, I simply make my thoughts your thoughts by projecting them into your mind. My thoughts are your thoughts…'”1
    This is another way that people are controlled and manipulated -by thought transference. The reptilian mind becomes the human mind and you can see this happening all the time as the reptilian “hive” mind becomes the human “hive” mentality.
    Soon after returning from the USA and the rapid escalation of my reptilian research, I went to see a woman in England to discuss her knowledge of Satanic rituals involving people like Ted Heath, the former Conservative Prime Minister of Britain from 1970 to 1974. He signed the UK into the Illuminati’s European Community, now Union, and persists to campaign for our further absorption into this centralized fascist state.
    As I was finishing this book, government papers were released after 30 years, which showed how Heath knew that entry into the European Community would eventually mean the end of British sovereignty. But at the time he denied this because the reptilians and their clones will say whatever is necessary to achieve their ends. Heath comes up often when you speak with the victims of these rituals -those who survive -and their torture as children by the Satanic rings.
    This lady was brought up by a Scottish family and was sexually and ritually abused by the highly significant Scottish Illuminati network. As a result of this background, she became the wife of the warden of an area of woodland called Burnham Beeches, a few miles from Slough, west of London. It is an ancient site mentioned in the Domesday Book of the 11th century, and it is not far from both the British Prime Minister’s country residence called Chequers (chequers = black and white squares of Freemasonry) and the former Wycombe (Wicca) home of the Hellfire Club (El-fire, the “Fiery El”) with its human sacrifice rituals involving royalty and the American founding father, Benjamin Franklin (see The Biggest Secret).
    Burnham Beeches is owned by the City of London, the globally-important financial district, and one of the most powerful Illuminati operational centres on the planet. For those who don’t live in the UK, the City of London does not mean the whole of the capital. It is the area surrounding St Paul’s Cathedral where the original city stood and it was rebuilt by initiates like Sir Christopher Wren after the Great Fire of London in 1666. It is now a district within the vast sprawl we call London.
    The coat of arms of the City of London, an image you find all over Burnham Beeches, is dominated by two flying reptiles holding a shield adorned by the red cross on the white background, the Atlantean-Sumerian fire or sun cross, also used by the Knights Templar. When you enter the City of London you pass two flying reptiles on each side of the road and where the City of London meets the area called Temple Bar, named after the Knights Templar, there is another flying reptile in the centre of the road.
    Temple Bar is the headquarters of the global legal profession and includes more elite secret societies per square mile than almost anywhere else on Earth. It is from this Illuminati centre, then, that Burnham Beeches is administered.

    The lady who told me about this area said that her husband, the warden in charge of the place, was a Satanist. She said he had to be to get the job. They lived in a big house in the woods and part of his work was arranging Satanic rituals there. She said that one night in the early 1970s while Ted Heath was Prime Minister, she was walking through the woods after dark when she saw some lights.
    Quietly, she moved forward to see what they were and to her horror she saw a Satanic ritual involving Heath and his Chancellor of the Exchequer, Anthony Barber. There is an artist’s impression of the scene she saw in the picture section. She said that as she watched, hidden among the trees and undergrowth, Heath began to transform into a reptile and she said what staggered her was that no one in the circle looked the least bit surprised. “He eventually became a full-bodied reptiloid, growing in size by some two foot,” she said.
    This is a common description by witnesses. She said he was “slightly scaly” and “spoke fairly naturally”, although it sounded like “long distance -if you imagine the short time lapses”. I met Heath once in a television station before I knew any of this and I never forgot the coldness of his eyes or how they appeared to go on forever like two black holes. I have heard many people describe a similar experience with people they claim to have seen shape-shift. The woman told me that she had seen other reptilian figures in Burnham Beeches at dusk or after dark, wearing long robes with hoods.
    You can see an artist’s impression of two of the reptilian forms she has seen in Figure 34.

    Shortly after I met her, I was introduced through a third party to the healer, Christine Fitzgerald, a close confidant of Princess Diana for nine years. You can read the full and amazing story of what she told me in The Biggest Secret, but I want to hold focus on the reptilian connection in this book. Christine Fitzgerald knew nothing whatsoever of my then unpublished reptilian research, but a little way into our conversation she told me that Diana called the Windsors “the reptiles” and “the lizards”.
    Diana also used to say “They’re not human.” Christine went on to tell me that the Windsors were a reptilian hybrid bloodline and how they had treated Diana in ways that were beyond the imagination. At the centre of this circle, she said, was the Queen Mother. Christine told me that Princess Diana used to call the Queen Mother “evil”.
    I can think of no one on this planet, maybe even in history, whose real persona is more at odds with her manufactured image than the Queen Mother. If people only knew the truth, those sickening celebrations to mark her 100th birthday would never have happened.
    Christine said:
    “The Queen Mother… now that’s a serious piece of wizardry. The Queen Mother is a lot older than people think. To be honest, the Royal Family hasn’t died for a long time, they have just metamorphosised. It’s sort of cloning, but in a different way. They take pieces of flesh and rebuild the body from one little bit.
    Because it’s lizard, because it’s cold-blooded, it’s much easier to do this Frankenstein shit than it is for us. The different bodies are just different electrical vibrations and they have got that secret, they’ve got the secret of the micro-currents, it’s so micro, so specific, these radio waves that actually create the bodies. These are the energies I work with when I’m healing.

    “They know the vibration of life and because they’re cold-blooded, they are reptiles, they have no wish to make the Earth the perfect harmony it could be, or to heal the Earth from the damage that’s been done. The Earth’s been attacked for zeons by different extraterrestrials. It’s been like a football for so long. This place is a bus stop for many different aliens.
    All these aliens, they could cope with anything, including the noxious gases. They’re landing all the time and coming up from the bowels of the Earth. They looked like reptiles originally, but they look like us when they get out now through the electrical vibration, that key to life I talked about. They can manifest how they want to.
    All the real knowledge has been taken out and shredded and put back in another way. The Queen Mother is ‘Chief Toad’ of this part of Europe and they have people like her in every continent. Most people, the hangers on, don’t know, you know, about the reptiles. They are just in awe of these people because they are so powerful.”2
    I know it is hard to imagine and grasp the scale of the Queen Mother’s involvement through her life because your mind tells you she is a little old lady.
    But, as with all of these people, what you see is just the front image, not the real being. It is an extreme version of an agent in a foreign land operating behind a cover story of why he is there and what he is doing. It’s just that these people have “cover bodies”, also.
    Christine Fitzgerald was able to see what was going on because of her work with Diana and the aristocracy and her understanding of energy, vibrations, and frequencies through her healing centre. I have had to study an unbelievable number of subjects and research so many different strands of information before it was possible to put a picture together and that is one big reason why it has rarely come to light like this before.
    There is so much to know before you can see how the pieces fit together. The Illuminati have suppressed all information that is necessary to see the picture and you have to do so much work to overcome that. You also need a mind that is free (or free-er) and willing to go anywhere the evidence leads.

    A few weeks after my meeting with Christine Fitzgerald in 1999, my scientist friend in California, Brian Desborough, told me there was a woman that I had to meet as soon as possible. This was Arizona Wilder, a recovering victim of the massive Illuminati mind control network, who had worked for them at a very high level.
    She said she had conducted sacrificial rituals as a “Mother Goddess” for the British royal family, especially at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, and at a notorious centre for Satanic ritual called the Mothers of Darkness Castle in Belgium.
    This is located in the same region as the headquarters of the cult responsible for the widespread paedophilia, murder, and child sacrifice that came to light amid enormous public anger in 1994. The ring involved famous pillars of Belgian society and a massive cover-up has ensued to keep it quiet.
    Belgium is a major Illuminati Satanic centre and that’s why the European Union and NATO are based there. Arizona Wilder’s original name had been Jennifer Greene. She is a blue-eyed blond from a French aristocratic bloodline with significant Irish blood, too.
    When her mind and her memories began to return after the death of her controller, the Nazi, Josef Mengele, she changed her name to Arizona Wilder and dyed her hair to cover the blond in an effort to break some of the programming related to that.

    Illuminati mind control

    Understanding the mind control network and its techniques is vital to appreciate the ways that the reptilians manipulate human society. Josef Mengele was the “Angel of Death” in the Nazi concentration camps, who performed the horrific experiments on twins and others. There he developed a technique called trauma based mind control in which they manipulated a mechanism of the mind that shuts out memories of extreme trauma.
    This kicks in when people have a serious road accident and can never remember the impact or the immediate aftermath because their mind puts an amnesic barrier around that memory. This means we don’t have to keep reliving such a terrible event. My mother was hit by a car and suffered some awful injuries a little while ago. To this day she cannot remember from 30 seconds before impact until some 20 minutes after.
    On that level this mental defense mechanism is a good thing, but the Illuminati, particularly Mengele, perfected it for their own reasons. In fact, they have known about it for thousands of years, it’s just that its widespread global use began to return in the 20th century. It is known as trauma-based mind control and they take children before the age of five and six and put them through the most unimaginable violent, sexual, and emotional abuse. Again they are chosen by bloodline.
    A lot of pedophile rings are set up and protected to serve this agenda, and when genuine people expose them, as in the North Wales scandal in the UK, the famous names involved are never allowed to come to light.
    These names include the pedophile Lord McAlpine of the famous British construction company. He is a former chairman of the Conservative Party and heavily involved in secret societies like the Knights of St John of Jerusalem.
    The unbelievable trauma these children are subjected to, including Satanic ritual, splits the mind into compartments -amnesic barriers that imprison the memories of the trauma and do not allow them to enter the conscious mind. In the Illuminati mind control centers like the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in London (see The Biggest Secret), these compartments are known as “altars”.
    You might imagine a mind broken into a honeycomb of self-contained compartments, each holding individual memories of trauma. At the front of this honeycomb is the part that directly interacts with the world. They call this the “front altar”. This is completely unaware that all the other compartments exist and those compartments are unaware of each other. Therefore, the front altar, the one we take to be the “real” person, has no memory of what has happened to them, or what is still being done, until the barriers begin to break down and the memories they contain can enter the front altar, the conscious mind.

    Using hypnotic keys and triggers, mind controllers like Mengele move these different compartments around, pushing the front altar into the unconscious and bringing forward one of the back altars. The victim is then sexually abused by a famous person, like George Bush or Ted Heath for instance, or programmed to carry out a future assassination or task.
    Afterwards that altar is returned to the non-conscious mind and the front altar, oblivious of what has just happened, is brought forward again. Those programmed for assassinations will not have a clue what has been done to them. Their assassination program, to kill a famous person or “dangerous” researcher, will lie dormant in the compartment until the trigger is given.
    This could be a word, phrase, or sound. When that happens, the dormant compartment swaps places with the front altar, takes control of the body, and carries out its programming.
    This is the true background to the mass killers like Thomas Hamilton (Dunblane, Scotland), Martin Bryant (Port Arthur, Tasmania), and the stream of similar cases in the United States, including Columbine High School, where “crazed” people have slaughtered the innocent, or at least been blamed for it. They are programmed “multiples” given a cover “personality” and background of being “strange”, which can then be used to dismiss the murders as the act of “nutters”.

    It is no accident that Timothy McVeigh, the man convicted for the Oklahoma bombing, was, according to the USA Today newspaper, given a “mental assessment” after his arrest by a man called Louis Jolyon West, a psychiatrist at the University of California. What the paper did not say was that West is one of the most notorious CIA mind controllers in America and the University of California is one of the leading mind control centers.
    It was West who made a “mental assessment” of Patty Hearst of the famous newspaper dynasty when she came out of the Symbionese Liberation Army. This was a terrorist gang in California in the 1970s and a creation of the Illuminati. In …And The Truth Shall Set You Free, you can read the evidence that McVeigh was not the man behind the bombing.
    But after his “assessment” by West, and no doubt a list of threatened consequences, he offered an almost non-existent defense when a very substantial one could have been mounted.
    The government appointed his lawyer. Later McVeigh conveniently asked to be executed. The reason for horrors like Oklahoma and the mass shootings, and why they are increasing, is to traumatize the collective mind and justify legislation of many kinds. More basic freedoms were removed from American society in response to Oklahoma, and Bill Clinton called for an “easing of restrictions of the military’s involvement in domestic law enforcement”. This is the technique I have called problem-reaction-solution.
    Covertly create the problem, get the public to scream “something must be done”, and then openly offer the solutions to the problems you have created. Solutions that advance your agenda.
    One aim of the mass shootings is the removal of guns from public circulation. I don’t believe in violence of any kind, but the Illuminati know that many people have no problem using guns to protect themselves and they want as many weapons as possible out of circulation by the time their masters are openly revealed and their fascist state is in place. Adolf Hitler introduced gun laws before he began to fill concentration camps.

    People subjected to trauma-based mind control suffer from what is called Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) or Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). Some are now beginning to recover memories of their trauma and involvement in the Illuminati projects and who is behind them.
    Some very famous names are coming to light with compelling consistency – George Bush, Henry Kissinger, Dick Cheney, Al Gore, the British royal family, the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and a long list of others documented in my other books.
    This is why the False Memory Syndrome Foundation was hurriedly created to discredit the memories that these victims are now having. It is a gigantic cover-up, which, as usual, the media has bought hook, line, and sinker. Claiming the victim is suffering from “false memory” is now the easiest way for those accused of abusing children to walk free from the courts and the media reports these cases as if those accused are the victims.
    Are some people falsely accused though malice? Yes, of course that is going to happen from time to time.
    But are most of these cases untrue. No way. Just look at some of the people behind the creation of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation. The leading lights were Ralph Underwager, a Lutheran Minister and psychologist from Minnesota, and his wife, Hollida Wakefield. Underwager has been called as an “expert” witness in child abuse cases.
    This is the same couple who were interviewed in the winter 1993 edition of the Dutch paedophile magazine, Paedika, and were supportive of paedophilia! (see Underwager2.html).
    Also involved with the creation of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation were Pamela and Peter Freyd, who present themselves as falsely accused parents. Their daughter Jennifer Freyd is now Professor of Psychology at the University of Oregon. She is adamant that her accusations of parental abuse are true and she has spoken out against the motives and methods of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation (see  for some further background from a friend of Jennifer Freyd).
    Shirley and Paul Eberle are two more “experts” who spend their time rubbishing claims of child abuse, Satanism, and recovered memories on behalf of the Foundation. They wrote The Politics Of Child Abuse, a book that accuses mothers, mental health professionals, and prosecutors of feeding children stories about sexual abuse.
    Since then they have been called as “experts” in abuse trials. But their real expertise appears to involve running, and contributing to, pornography magazines (see article by Maria Laurina at
    The Eberles edit a soft-core magazine in California called the L.A. Star, which contains promotion for their book The Politics Of Child Abuse. In the 1970s they were also involved in hard-core pornography with a magazine called Finger. The Eberles were featured nude on one cover holding two life-size blow-up dolls named “Love Girl” and “Play Guy”.
    Donald Smith, a sergeant with the obscenity section of the Los Angeles Police Department’s vice division, followed the couple for years. The police were never able to prosecute for child pornography, but Smith said:
    “There were a lot of photos of people who looked like they were under age but we could never prove it.”
    Among the articles that appeared in Finger were “Sexpot at Five”, “My First Rape, She Was Only Thirteen”, and “What Happens When Niggers Adopt White Children”.
    One letter to the magazine says:
    “I think it’s really great that your mags have the courage to print articles and pixs on child sex… Too bad I didn’t hear from more women who are into child sex… Since I’m single I’m not getting it on with my children, but I know of a few families that are. If I were married and my wife and kids approved, I’d be having sex with my daughters.”
    Another says:
    “I’m a pedophile and I think it’s great a man is having sex with his daughter! …Since I didn’t get Finger #3, I didn’t get to see the stories and pics of family sex. Would like to see pics of nude girls making it with their daddy, but realize it’s too risky to print.”
    The Eberles have since produced a further book for their “family friend”, Carole Stuart (of publishers Lyle Stuart), in which they dismiss all claims of child abuse in the famous McMartin pre-school case, which I will outline in a later chapter. Yeah, the False Memory Syndrome Foundation is certainly to be trusted and has the best interests of child at heart.
    Any real journalists reading this?

    A former Illuminati mind controller told me how they have their placemen throughout psychiatry and key “education” establishments in general to ensure that the lid stays on. She said that the George Washington University campus was a “hotbed” of Illuminati professors and teachers when she was operating in the 1970s. She said that a Dr Timothy Brogan, her main Illuminati “trainer”, was a behavioural scientist on the faculty.
    This is also affiliated, she said, with one of the main paediatric neurological specialty groups in the US, which researched brain development and manipulation.
    At night, she said, they were experimenting with brain wave programming on the children who were taken there. This former Illuminati source told me that Brogan was a co-founder of DELPHI, the Illuminati “head trainer’s group” in the United States and the partner to ORACLE, the main training group in Europe.
    With this network of Illuminati agents working in psychiatry and medicine, they can,
    a. do their experimentation and trauma-based mind control undiscovered
    b. produce endless “eminent” professors of psychiatry and therapy to tell the media and the courts that Multiple Personality Disorder does not exist and that the memories of endless people telling the same stories and naming the same names are “false”
    Arizona Wilder is one of those who are breaking down the compartments and remembering their unimaginable experiences.
    In The Biggest Secret and the video Revelations of A Mother Goddess, she tells her story in detail and names the famous names involved on both sides of the Atlantic. She says she was chosen because of her bloodline.
    The Illuminati-reptilians literally breed bloodlines to conduct their rituals for them. The people of these bloodlines are very psychic and able to connect easily with energy, and therefore manipulate its vibrational state or draw desired frequencies into rituals. Blond-haired, blue-eyed people turn up again and again in these bloodlines. From the moment a child of these “psychic” bloodlines is born, in fact even in the womb, they are subjected to trauma-based mind control.
    The idea is to turn them into compartmentalized people who can be “triggered” to conduct the rituals as programmed, but then “forget” everything they did until that compartment is accessed again for the next ritual. Unfortunately for the Illuminati, Arizona’s compartments began to break down after the death of her controller, Josef Mengele, in the 1980s. Although another infamous mind controller, Guy de Rothschild, was brought in to “take her over”, it did not work.
    This often happens because the victim’s mind worships the one who originally programmed them, especially if it was over a long period of time.
    When I met her, Arizona had escaped from mind control, though there were many compartments still to be accessed, and Brian Desborough was helping her with that painstaking task.

    Clinton, Gore, and the elite satanists

    Support for Arizona’s theme comes from Phillip Eugene de Rothschild, another recovering mind-controlled Satanist, who tells part of his story on an excellent website highlighting ritual abuse and mind control.3
    After I contacted him, we have also communicated directly on several occasions. Phillip, who uses another name in daily life, explains how his front altar or “presenter” personality was that of a “good guy” Christian, but beyond that he was programmed as a Satanist as the unofficial son of a French Rothschild.
    His mother was Lula Vieta Pauline Russell Campbell, who was born in 1917 in Farmersville, Texas, and died in 1977. But, he says, his real, biological, father, was not the man he had known as his father before his compartmentalized mind began to heal and remember. His genetic father, he says, was Baron Philippe de Rothschild of the Mouton-Rothschild wine producing estates in France, who died in 1988 at the age of 86 (see picture section).
    Phillip Eugene told me:
    “My father was a decadent dilettante as well as a master Satanist and hater of God, but how he loved the fields and the wines. He used to say it brought out “the primitive” in him.
    The estates are now run by Baron Philippe’s daughter, Baroness Philippine, who, Phillip Eugene says, is his half sister. He was, he writes, conceived by “occult incest” and was “one of the hundreds of thousands of both legitimate and illegitimate offspring of this powerful financial and occult family”.
    Much of this is done artificially through Illuminati sperm banks.
    What Phillip says is confirmation of my own research, as outlined in The Biggest Secret, that the main reptilian bloodlines conceive countless children to perpetuate the bloodline and only a few are given the bloodline name as “official” children. The others are hidden behind other names and brought up by other “parents”.
    Later they find themselves in significant positions, often not knowing why they got so “lucky”. But their bloodline allows them to be more easily possessed by the fourth-dimensional entities and by placing these bloodlines in power they are really giving that power to the fourth-dimensional reptilians and other entities.
    Phillip Eugene says that for most of his childhood and adolescence he lived with his Rothschild father on his estate in France. They had a physical relationship, he says, and he was “held fast in the emotional power of incest, which, in this culture, was “normal” and “to be admired”.
    He said he observed his Rothschild father’s “lust for power” and began to desire the same. He also confirmed the way the “occult” bloodlines are controlled by demonic entities.
    “Being a Rothschild descendant”, he said, “I was maximally demonized.”
    He continues:
    “I was present at my father’s death in 1988, receiving his power and the commission to carry out my destiny in the grand conspiracy of my family. Like their other children, I played a key role in my family’s revolt from God.
    When I watch CNN, it startles me to see so many familiar faces now on the world stage in politics, art, finance, fashion, and business. I grew up with these people meeting them at ritual worship sites and in the centers of power. Financiers, artists, royalty, and even Presidents, all these dissociated people work and conspire today to bring in a new world order…These people, like me, are SRA/DID [Satanically ritually abused and Dissociative Identity Disorder-‘multiples’.]

    “The last non-dissociative President of the United States was Dwight Eisenhower; except for him, every one since Teddy Roosevelt has had some level of dissociative disorder and some level of involvement in the occult. President Clinton has ‘full blown’ multiple personality disorder and is an active sorcerer in the Satanic mystery religions.
    This is true of Al Gore, as well; I have known Misters Clinton and Gore from our childhood as active and effective Satanists.

    “Like the hundreds of thousands of this [Rothschild] occult family’s other biological children, I had my place and function within this clan’s attempt to control the world. My efforts and my family’s efforts strove to have a member of the European nobility of the Habsburg family assume the pre-eminent position over humanity, a position called the Antichrist by Christianity.
    While others were seeded into government, academia, business, or entertainment, my place was within the Body of Christ. I was to be a focus for spiritual power and controller of a cult within this Church. In this Church have lived people who I have known all my life to be the controllers and power centers of both the Rothschild family’s false prophet and the antichrist.

    “Many dissociated Christians in the Body of Christ hold similar corporate spiritual, occult positions as part of the Satanic New World Order. In my being I embodied the Luciferian morning star within the Church. I represented the presence of all the other Satanists who were related to me in the morning star; their spirits were present in me in the Church.
    Constructed through ritual but empowered by legions of spirits, I was a human and spiritual focus of corporate Satanic energy into the ‘Body of Christ.'”4
    Phillip Eugene de Rothschild, like Arizona Wilder, talks of the involvement of Josef Mengele, and the overwhelming memory that most of his victims have is his eyes. “I’ll never forget his eyes”, they say, one after the other.
    Having looked into the eyes of Ted Heath, who is nowhere near as high in the hierarchy as Mengele was, I know exactly what they mean. Phillip de Rothschild says he saw Mengele giving a “tongue-lashing” to his Rothschild father and this confirms my own research that shape-shifter Mengele was very high indeed in the Illuminati. I’m sure there are those who will be extremely surprised by the claim that long after the war Josef Mengele, the “Angel of Death” in Nazi Germany, programmed Arizona Wilder, in America.
    In …And The Truth Shall Set You Free, I present the documented fact that all “sides” in the First and Second World Wars were funded by the same Illuminati sources. Wars are highly effective ways to advance the reptilian agenda and that’s why we have so many of them. They create enormous fear, kill vast numbers of people, force countries into massive debt to the Illuminati bankers, and change the face of a society forever.
    But you also need to protect your key personnel from the consequences of their actions in those wars and this is what happened with Mengele, and the other leading Nazi geneticists, mind controllers, scientists, and engineers. They escaped from Germany as the Allies arrived thanks to a British and American intelligence operation called Project Paperclip.
    This has even been occasionally exposed even in the mainstream media here and there. A German television documentary in late 2000 exposed the secret life of a former Nazi war criminal, who spied for America’s Central Intelligence Agency after the Second World War in return for a fake Jewish identity.5 He was Gunter Reinemer, an SS lieutenant who commanded death squads at the Treblinka concentration camp.
    He was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Jews. The documentary said that he was given the identity Hans-Georg Wagner by the CIA. He later married a Jewish woman, lived in Israel and was buried in a Jewish cemetery. His story might have been buried with him had he not felt the need to confess in 1988, shortly before he apparently committed suicide. His statements formed the basis of the documentary Wagner’s Confession.
    He says that after agreeing to work for the CIA he spent several months at a US military base at Frankfurt-Hochst, where he learned rudimentary intelligence techniques and was circumcised. He was given a Jewish identity and sent as a Holocaust survivor to Calbe, East Germany, where he spied on old Nazis and new communist technologies at the local power plant.
    Reinemer was small fry compared with people like Mengele, but his is one example of Project Paperclip and its offshoots. How many other Illuminati Nazis have been masquerading as “Jewish” since the war, one wonders? Mengele was taken to South America and the United States where one of his main bases was the China Lake Naval Weapons Center in the California desert. It was he who masterminded the notorious and publicly acknowledged CIA mind control project called MKUltra.
    MK stood for mind control, but they used the German spelling Kontrolle, because of the Nazis who created it with funding provided through people like John Foster Dulles, the US Secretary of State, and his brother, Allen Dulles, the first head of the CIA and the man President Kennedy had sacked before his assassination.
    Dulles later served on the Warren Commission “investigation”, which decided that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin! According to one researcher, ULTRA is the name for a very high-security classification dealing with alien interaction and a secret arm of the US National Security Agency dealing with the same subject.
    It operates a joint alien-“human” network in an underground base in the notorious Dulce-Los Alamos area of New Mexico, and is also the name of a secret Nazi team in the Second World War that handled security for an alleged German underground base in Antarctica. You may recall that researcher Maurice Doreal claims to have seen evidence that the reptilians were once based in an ice-free Antarctica during their high-tech wars with the Nordics.

    Shape-shifting queens

    Arizona Wilder told me how she had conducted sacrificial rituals involving the British royal family, Tony Blair, and famous American Illuminati names like George Bush, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Henry Kissinger and many others.” The highest operative she knew in the Illuminati, she said, was a guy calling himself the Marquis de Libeaux (“of the water”).
    His codename was Pindar, which she says means “penis of the dragon”. Arizona told me how the Queen and Queen Mother regularly sacrifice babies and adults at many ritual centres, including Balmoral Castle in Scotland, where they were all staying at the time Diana was ritually murdered in Paris. The royal family involved in human sacrifice was fantastic enough, but here again came the constantly repeated theme. She described how, during the rituals, these people shape-shift into reptiles.
    Diane Gould, head of the US organisation, Mothers Against Ritual Abuse, also confirms this theme. In a telephone conversation about ritual abuse, Diane asked me if I could explain why many of her clients reported that participants in their rituals had turned into reptiles. People might want to dismiss all this, but they should know that, while they close their eyes and their minds, children are being sacrificed all over the world this very day by the reptilian bloodlines -many thousands of them on the main ritual dates.
    Arizona talked about some of her experiences with the Queen and Queen Mother:
    “The Queen Mother was cold, cold, cold, a nasty person. None of her cohorts even trusted her. They have named an altar [mind-control programme] after her. They call it the Black Queen. I have seen her sacrifice people. I remember her pushing a knife into someone’s rectum the night that two boys were sacrificed. One was 13 and the other 18. You need to forget that the Queen Mother appears to be a frail old woman. When she shape-shifts into a reptilian, she becomes very tall and strong. Some of them are so strong they can rip out a heart and they all grow by several feet when they shape-shift [This is what the lady said who saw Edward Heath, among endless others.]”
    Of the Queen, Arizona said:
    “I have seen her sacrifice people and eat their flesh and drink their blood. One time she got so excited with blood-lust that she didn’t cut the victim’s throat from left to right in the normal ritual, she just went crazy, stabbing and ripping at the flesh after she had shape-shifted into a reptilian. When she shape-shifts, she has a long reptile face, almost like a beak and she’s an off-white colour. [This fits many depictions of the gods and “bird gods” of ancient Egypt and elsewhere.] The Queen Mother looks basically the same, but there are differences. She [the Queen] also has like bumps on her head and her eyes are very frightening. She’s very aggressive…

    “…I have seen [Prince Charles] shape-shift into a reptilian and do all the things the Queen does. I have seen him sacrifice children. There is a lot of rivalry between them for who gets to eat what part of the body and who gets to absorb the victim’s last breath and steal their soul. I have also seen Andrew participate and I have seen Prince Philip and Charles’ sister (Anne) at the rituals, but they didn’t participate when I was there. When Andrew shape-shifts, he looks more like one of the lizards. The royals are some of the worst, OK, as far as enjoying the killing, enjoying the sacrifice, and eating the flesh, they’re some of the worst of all of them. They don’t care if you see it. Who are you going to tell, who is going to believe you? They feel that is their birthright and they love it. They love it.”7
    Arizona has been viciously attacked for what she said in The Biggest Secret and on her video. A campaign of character assassination has been waged, at one time almost daily on the Internet, to discredit her evidence and the reptilian connection in general.
    Among the critics who have dismissed her information is the publisher of Nexus magazine, which gives so much unchallenged space to Sir Laurence Gardner, publicist for the Imperial Royal Dragon Court and Order. Another vehement critic of Arizona is a researcher who appeared for several months to spend his entire day on the Internet trying to undermine the content of The Biggest Secret and especially Arizona’s contribution.
    His desire to discredit the idea of the reptilian connection to the Illuminati took on the appearance of a raging obsession and persuaded many people who should have known better to dismiss all that she said. One of the points made to undermine Arizona’s claims was that victims of multiple personality disorder have a photographic memory and Arizona did not have that because there were names she did not immediately remember in the video. This revealed a fundamental lack of understanding of mind control.
    The back altars that hold the memories of trauma have photographic recall because the mind always records anything surrounding trauma in crystal-clear detail. But the front altar, the one doing the video interview, is not photographic because it has not experienced the trauma. It is the interface with the world and it there as a cover for all the other compartments to suppress the memories of abuse. It only accesses those memories when the compartments begin to break down. Because the critics did not seem to understand that, they used this lack of knowledge to ridicule what she said.
    The attacks made her wonder why on earth she bothered to go public when those claiming to be seeking the “truth” treated her in this way. However, as the months have passed, evidence gathered from sources all over the world has pointed again and again to the accuracy of Arizona’s theme. I had people telling me “she’s crazy”, “she’s an Illuminati plant”, and “don’t believe her”.
    Yet many of those same people are now accepting the foundations of what Arizona was saying (and they were dismissing) in 1999. Arizona is an immensely brave woman and one of the few who will speak openly about her experiences. Most keep quiet because they think no one will believe them or they want to remain publicly anonymous because they fear the consequences of speaking out.
    The critics try to present the idea that my only source for the reptilian shape-shifters is Arizona Wilder. Again, a breathtaking suggestion when you look at the evidence. And I would stress here that for every person I name, like Arizona, there are many, many, more who confirm the story on the understanding that their identity and location will not be revealed publicly, although I know the details.

    One such case is a 57-year-old former chief of police, special agent, and member of the US military. He says he has guarded two presidents, two Secretaries of Defense, and two chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (the head of the US military). He contacted me just as this book was being completed to say that he knows from his experience that “aliens exist” and that the government is lying about the Roswell “alien” crash in New Mexico in 1947.
    He also told me of a “crystal skull” in his possession. But his main reason for making contact was to tell me of an incident that showed to him that shape-shifting reptilians are real. When he arrived at a friend’s house in Texas, he was told that two women guests were coming from New York. They travelled around the country performing hands on healing and they had asked if they could drop by, he was told.
    This former chief of police told me in personal correspondence what happened next:
    “Well I arrived before the New York people and had already started showing my crystal skull when they arrived. They immediately went crazy [because of the skull] and started holding their hands up before their eyes and screamed ‘Get her out of here’ over and over. I can tell you that everyone was shocked by their actions and I was extremely upset …I carried the crystal skull out to the car and left it there. After about an hour everyone seemed to get over the uproar they made and things settled down to discussions. Everyone introduced themselves and the two from New York volunteered to heal someone. Well everyone started telling them to do it to me because I had heart trouble and was recovering from a heart attack. I hesitated, but finally relented and said OK.

    “They sprang over to me so fast that it startled me. One got behind me and one straddled my legs in front of me. They did this without touching me and they both started running their hands around my body again without touching me anywhere. This went on for about a minute then my eyes met the eyes of the lady in front of me. That was some experience, our eyes meeting. Pay attention to what I say here. I could see immediately that she knew that I knew and it broke her concentration. She lost control and changed into a reptilian right before my eyes. No sooner than she lost control, she regained it and shape-shifted back into a human. All this took place in the blink of an eye. They immediately jumped up and said that they had to leave and left within 30 seconds of this happening.”
    He said he did not say anything about what he had seen, but when everyone began to leave, two guests stayed behind and would not move. Eventually they asked:
    “Did you see what we saw?”
    He asked them what they meant and they said they had seen the lady,
    “…change into a reptile and then change back”.
    People all over the world, and from countless walks of life, have repeated this same experience to me. This is the modern version of the experience the ancients constantly described.

    A regular source of information about reptilian activities and rituals are those who have been involved in “religious” organizations, not least the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints (LDS), better known as the Mormons. A lady called Diana Huston told me of her experiences in the Jehovah’s Witnesses, which is officially titled the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society.8
    She joined them in 1969 because, after going through the Vietnam War with her husband, she was attracted by the message of paradise on Earth. She was OK for a few years, but then they became more demanding and controlling. In 1987 she said that subliminal drawings began to appear in the artwork of their books and magazines depicting bizarre faces and strange messages. Some of these are detailed in the Symbolism Archives on my website (
    At a small convention in September 1988, she spoke privately to one of the governing body ‘elect’. At that time she thought they were the “good guys”. The man was about 5’10” with dark hair and was powerfully built. She said that she looked into his eyes and was startled and terrified to see a thin membrane drop over his human eyes.

    She didn’t know if the membrane came from the bottom of his eyelid or the top.
    “I’d never heard of lizard beings, but I remember thinking how much his eyes looked like those of a lizard,” she recalled.
    The membrane dropped over his eyes when he looked at her and he seemed to recognise her, although at the time she couldn’t imagine why. The sense of terrible danger that she felt, and the need to get away from him, was overwhelming.
    She went on:
    “Eventually I came to understand that the leaders are not fully human, but are the offspring of something alien to this Earth. They are too cunning, lethal, and intelligent to have originated from here, and there has to be an over-race of beings guiding them from some dimension. They are here for one reason only. They look at humans as a source of enslavement for their enjoyment to torment and abuse, to misuse power and to cruelly punish and kill.”
    As she researched the religion’s documents and books, she said she began to uncover a frail of arms and drug-running (which the Illuminati globally controls), and “plots to destroy the world and take it for their own”. Diane took her “mountains” of evidence to the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and met with them. They said that she was either a genius or totally insane.
    She said she learned that the Watchtower Society had hidden rooms under the streets of Brooklyn, New York, where they have their headquarters over the now-abandoned old Brooklyn subway. There they practise Satanic ritual, including the sacrifice of human infants, she said, and here they also keep women who are used as “breeders” for babies to be sacrificed. This happens all over the world because the babies are never officially registered and therefore never reported missing. To the system, they have never existed.
    The main Illuminati bloodlines conceive children in the rituals, also. Diane wrote that this Watchtower Satanic operation is totally self-sufficient and even uses blood in the ink of the magazines. She said that she and a friend tried to warn people through the media with no success (I am surprised!) and her friend had a nervous breakdown from which she has never fully recovered.

    One of a number of accounts to come from former members of the Mormon “Church” was sent by a woman who claims she suffered in a Mormon mind control project from the time she was a young child. Cathy O’Brien says that the Mormon Church and especially the operation at Salt Lake City is a major mind control centre. Former military sources claim that the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City, which is covered in Illuminati symbols like the all-seeing eye, stands over a large underground reptilian base that can be accessed from the temple site.
    This woman, I will call her Jane, said that she saw her babies sacrificed in Mormon rituals. In her pursuit of the truth, she spoke with another victim of ritual abuse by the Mormon and Roman Catholic Church. This other lady told her that the Mormon “Prophet” had taken her baby from her at a ritual and eaten it. Two other women raised as Catholics told her that they had seen the abusers shape-shift into reptilians and eat a human sacrifice.
    Jane said that Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormons, was from “the occult bloodlines” (very true) and the whole official story was a lie.
    “The leaders are mostly reptilian,” she said. “One witness says that only one of the twelve [Mormon] apostles did not shape shift at the ritual.”
    She goes on:
    “I was so mad to find out that the alien abuse was connected to the ritual abuse in the church when I had believed the church was true. [Now I know that]…our families are from occult bloodlines of England and Europe. This has gone on for hundreds and thousands of years.”9
    For certain, Satanic ritual goes on within the Mormon Church. In fact the number of accounts has ensured that even the Mormon hierarchy has had to admit it goes on. What they do deny, however, is the scale on which it happens and that it goes right to the top. In fact, it is orchestrated from there.
    There are a number of websites exposing this, including a site set up by former Mormons, one of whom is the same bloodline as the Mormon hero Brigham Young.10


    The connection between the hybrid bloodlines and shape-shifting is constantly confirmed. Here is one excellent example. The Rothschilds are an Anunnaki shape-shifting bloodline and before they changed their name to “Red Shield” when the Rothschild banking dynasty began in Frankfurt, Germany, they were called Bauer. And the Bauers were a notorious “occult” family of Middle-Ages Germany. The word “Roth” also developed into Roads, Rhoads, or Rhodes, the name of Cecil Rhodes, the infamous Rothschild placeman who brought devastation and genocide to southern Africa.
    On Rhodes’ immense memorial in Cape Town, South Africa, there are lines of lions -a symbol of the serpent cult/Illuminati. Another reptilian bloodline is the Bush family in the United States, which has provided two of the last three US Presidents. Father George has been named perhaps more than anyone when people recount their shape-shifting experiences.
    I should stress that I am not saying that everyone called Bauer or Bush throughout the world is like this. Certainly not. I am talking of these Anunnaki bloodlines that have taken the name Bauer and Bush. I was sent a letter to my website from a source that did not wish his name to be published. It pulls together the names Bauer (Rothschild) and Bush in one story.
    Before you read it, you need to know that FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency in the United States, is a major Illuminati operation. It will take control of every aspect of American life, by law, whenever the President calls a State of Emergency.
    Anyway, here is a fascinating story connecting FEMA, the Rothschild /Bauer and Bush bloodlines, and shape-shifting:
    “A few years ago I became acquainted with a lovely person with the surname of Bauer. We had many varied and wide-ranging discussions. During one of these talks, the subject of schizophrenia came up. She said it ran in her family. Asking for more detail, she told me her mother and great aunt had been afflicted by it. It was the vision hallucination type. The odd thing is that the hallucinations were incredibly similar. Their ‘hallucinations’ were of people “of Royal blood’ turning into giant lizards!

    “I was at FEMA training headquarters in Fredricksburg, Maryland, attending a radiological defence pilot course in 1982 for the Washington State Department of Emergency Services. During the orientation, Louis Guiffreda, one of the head honchos and a cousin of George Bush, came in to observe. When he sat down I noticed a dark haze around him. I kept looking at him to see if my eyes were playing tricks on me, but it stayed the same. I was up in the seats alone, as I like to be in these things.
    Soon, I noticed he was staring at me! This unnerved me. I closed my eyes and tried to relax. When I opened my eyes again, I saw him coming toward me. He sat down a few rows behind and to the left of me. I glanced back and saw him leaning forward with his eyes closed. I figured he was just tired and decided to take a rest with me.

    “While sitting there trying to relax, I heard a strange hissing and swishing sound come from behind me. I opened my eyes, but was afraid to look around. I saw a woman in our group looking up in our direction with a look of astonishment and shock on her face. She kept looking up nervously in our direction. Eventually, Guiffreda left with his bodyguards (waxy-faced suits with sunglasses) and the presentation continued.
    After the orientation, I walked outside and found this woman sobbing and shaking in the arms of another participant. I intruded and said I wanted to know why she was looking up with that look on her face. She didn’t want to say, but with repeated assurance from me she told me. She had seen Guiffreda ‘turn’ into a lizard! The other guy said Guiffreda had the nickname of lizard man in the circles around FEMA and he has a skin disease that makes his skin look like scales.

    “I had forgotten about this experience until I read David’s book. It was just one of those odd things that didn’t make sense. Now it does…I was in quite a bit of shock when I finally made all the connections. So, what more can I say? I don’t just believe it’s real, I ‘know’ it is. Unless, of course, I want to deny my own experience and senses.”11
    Sex and the shape-shifters

    Here is another example of the way the bloodline names come up all the time with the stories of shape-shifting. As I mentioned earlier, members of the Oppenheimer family are the bloodline branch managers for the Illuminati reptilians in South Africa and this is a story from a correspondent there:
    “I was born in South Africa and years ago got to know an old lady in Johannesburg who had for many years been the lover of Sir Ernest Oppenheimer, the founder [with Rothschild backing] of the gold and diamond corporate cartel. She told me that Sir Ernest used to visit her in the afternoons at her flat in Parktown. On one occasion as they were about to make love, his body took on the form and proportions of a giant lizard with scales and she said the experience had been one of the sexual highlights of her life. The story which was so strange at the time has been in the back of my mind for years and came back to me when I recently read your book.”12
    Sexual activity seems to be a time when shape-shifting can happen as the hormones, blood, and energy are affected dramatically. A businesswoman in Canada told me of her reptilian experiences. The first was with a Portuguese man who treated her terribly and she was little more than an imprisoned slave. She said he shape-shifted into a reptile.
    She described how he was stunningly ritualistic, even with the time and day of the month he washed his clothes. She later had a relationship with another guy who, she said, was nice on the surface, but had a very dark side he was constantly battling with. She bought The Biggest Secret when it was first published because it exposes in great detail the reptilian story she had experienced. One time when they went into her bedroom the book was lying on a shelf above the bed. The man became very wound up and took a serious aversion to it, she told me.
    When they began to have sex, she said he began to go crazy, becoming violent and rough, and amid this anger, he began to shape-shift into a reptile. Her hand was on the bottom of his back while he lay on top of her and she felt her hand being pushed up as the guy began to sprout a tail! She screamed, threw him off, and he began to switch back to “human” form. She told him to get out of the house immediately and, at the time I met her, she had never seen him since.

    A Los Angeles jazz singer, Pamela Stonebrooke, has spoken publicly about her sexual encounters with a reptilian being and the last I heard she was in the process of producing a book on the subject. When the very tall reptilian first appeared in her bedroom, she says she was terrified.
    The being forced her to have sex and seemed to get “high” on her fear, but she says that as these encounters continued she conquered her fear and started coming on to him! When her fear subsided, the reptilian did not seem to be so keen anymore. Pamela considers her reptilian experience positive overall and talks of a close connection with the being.
    But reports of women being raped by reptilians are far from rare. I met Pamela briefly at a conference in Los Angeles and she is quite a character, very strong willed, and that’s just what you need in these circumstances.
    She wrote an open letter to the “UFO community” (most of whom are depressingly closed-minded to seeing beyond their own “official line”):
    “Reptilians are not a politically correct species in the UFO community, and to admit to having sex with one -much less enjoying it -is beyond the pale as far as the more conservative members of that community are concerned. But I know from my extensive reading and research, and from talking personally to dozens of other women (and men), that I am not unique in reporting this kind of experience. I am the first to admit that this is a vastly complex subject, a kind of hall of mirrors, where dimensional realities are constantly shifting and changing. Certainly, the reptilians use sex to control people in various ways.

    “They have the ability to shape-shift and to control the mind of the experiencer, as well as to give tremendous pleasure through their mental powers. I have wrestled with all of these implications and the various levels of meaning and possibilities represented by my encounter experiences. I will say, however, as I have said before, that I feel a deep respect for the reptilian entity with whom I interacted, and a profound connection with this being.”13
    She says that since she began to talk publicly of her experiences, she has been contacted by hundreds of people telling her of similar encounters with reptilian entities. Credo Mutwa tells of the scores of African women he has met who have reported the same experience of being forced to have sex with a reptilian or have been artificially impregnated during abduction experiences only for the resulting pregnancy to end suddenly when the fetus “disappeared” with no explanation.
    Most women stay silent because of the obvious public ridicule that would follow and whatever people may think about Pamela Stonebrooke, she has the very “couldn’t-give-a-shit” attitude that is vital to making suppressed information known to the wider public. In fact, here we have a golden example of the way humanity polices itself and, in doing so, suppresses the very information that would give us a fix on what is really going on. I have experienced it myself for 11 years.
    When you say anything that is different to the norm, the masses either ridicule or condemn you without doing any research whatsoever to establish if what you say could be valid. They dismiss it and often direct their bile at the messenger for no other reason than it is different to what they have been programmed to believe. The media, as an expression of the collective mind, and vice-versa, takes the same line. Pathetic.

    Most people when faced with the truth, or a more accurate version of events, just laugh in its face or condemn it as evil. Even those who have opened up to some aspects of the truth still can’t expand their mind to encompass the exploding evidence of the reptilian dimension. One writer, in an otherwise very interesting book about ancient extraterrestrials, acknowledges all the serpent symbolism, names, and references surrounding the Anunnaki, but suggests that this could have been because they wore reptile clothing or kept snakes.
    I think there is another reason, somehow.

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    Life beyond the bubble
    There are two things you need if you are to uncover and communicate what is really happening in the world. One is to be free of any dogmatic belief system. The second is not to give a damn what people think and say about you, or, at least, not to let that influence your decisions.

    Without number one you will never go into the bizarre areas that are necessary to understand the forces that control this planet. Once you are faced with information that demolishes your belief system you will begin to edit what you have discovered and refuse to go where it is taking you. Without number two, you will never communicate what you have found because you will be terrified of the consequences for you from the reaction of your friends, family and the public in general.

    You are about to read a book by someone who will go wherever the information takes him and who, thanks to hard and extreme experience in the early 1990s, let go the concern for what other people might think of him. And so we are going to enter some apparently bizarre and outrageous areas of thought and documented evidence. If you have a belief-system to defend, please don’t waste your time and money. This is not for you.
    But, in truth, what you are going to hear is not outrageous at all. It just appears to be so because it is so different from the conditioned “norm”. Crazy and insane are words used throughout history to describe people and ideas that are simply different. And different does not mean wrong. So many condemned and ridiculed ideas in the past have later become conventional wisdom.

    First they ridicule you; then they condemn you; then they say they knew you were right all along.

    This book is designed to pull together the evidence and background of the extraterrestrial, inner-terrestrial, and interdimensional control of Planet Earth for thousands of years to the present day. To do this, I have weaved together information in The Biggest Secret with a mass of new historical and modern accounts, to present as clear a picture as possible of the forces that daily manipulate and direct the lives of the human race. This is not the whole story, however, just part of it. There is still so much more to know.
    Readers of my previous books will see information they already know fused with the latest knowledge and developments because it is important that my books are self contained so that new readers will have all they need to follow the plot. I have endeavored to keep the book simple and to the point for those billions of people who have never had access to such information before.
    For more fine detail and sources on the various inter-connected subjects, see:
    …And The Truth Shall Set You Free
    I Am Me, I Am Free
    The Biggest Secret
    Please remember that what you read here is simply information. It is not compulsory to accept it and the last thing I am trying to do is persuade you to believe anything. What you believe is your business, not mine. Have I got all the answers? Of course not. Do I have some of them? See what you think.

    David Icke
    Ryde, Isle of Wight
    January 1st 2001
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    The Matrix
    Let me tell you why you’re here.

    You’re here because you know something. What you know you can’t explain but you feel it. You felt it your entire life. That there’s something very wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is -but it’s there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad. It is this feeling that has brought you to me. Do you know what I’m talking about?

    The Matrix?

    Do you want to know what it is? The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work, when you go to church, when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.

    What truth?

    That you are a slave Neo. Like everyone else you were born into bondage. Born into a prison that you cannot smell or taste or touch -a prison for your mind. Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is -you have to see it for yourself…

    … I’m trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it.
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    The challenge

    Don Juan, the Mexican Yaqui Indian shaman, tells Carlos Castañeda the following:
    “We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives. Human beings are its prisoners. The predator is our lord and master. It has rendered us docile, helpless. If we want to protest, it suppresses our protest. If we want to act independently, it demands that we don’t do so… I have been beating around the bush all this time, insinuating to you that something is holding us prisoner. Indeed we are held prisoner!

    “This was an energetic fact for the sorcerers of ancient Mexico … They took us over because we are food for them, and they squeeze us mercilessly because we are their sustenance. Just as we rear chickens in chicken coops, the predators rear us in human coops, humaneros. Therefore, their food is always available to them.”

    “No, no, no, no,” [Carlos replies] “This is absurd don Juan. What you’re saying is something monstrous. It simply can’t be true, for sorcerers or for average men, or for anyone.”

    “Why not?” don Juan asked calmly. “Why not? Because it infuriates you?… You haven’t heard all the claims yet. I want to appeal to your analytical mind. Think for a moment, and tell me how you would explain the contradictions between the intelligence of man the engineer and the stupidity of his systems of beliefs, or the stupidity of his contradictory behavior. Sorcerers believe that the predators have given us our systems of belief, our ideas of good and evil, our social mores. They are the ones who set up our hopes and expectations and dreams of success or failure. They have given us covetousness, greed, and cowardice. It is the predators who make us complacent, routinary, and egomaniacal.”

    ‘”But how can they do this, don Juan?’ [Carlos] asked, somehow angered further by what [don Juan] was saying. “Do they whisper all that in our ears while we are asleep?”

    “‘No, they don’t do it that way. That’s idiotic!” don Juan said, smiling. “They are infinitely more efficient and organized than that. In order to keep us obedient and meek and weak, the predators engaged themselves in a stupendous maneuver, stupendous, of course, from the point of view of a fighting strategist. A horrendous maneuver from the point of view of those who suffer it. They gave us their mind! Do you hear me? The predators give us their mind, which becomes our mind. The predators’ mind is baroque, contradictory, morose, filled with the fear of being discovered any minute now.”

    “I know that even though you have never suffered hunger… you have food anxiety, which is none other than the anxiety of the predator who fears that any moment now its maneuver is going to be uncovered and food is going to be denied. Through the mind, which, after all, is their mind, the predators inject into the lives of human beings whatever is convenient for them. And they ensure, in this manner, a degree of security to act as a buffer against their fear.”

    “The sorcerers of ancient Mexico were quite ill at ease with the idea of when [the predator] made its appearance on Earth. They reasoned that man must have been a complete being at one point, with stupendous insights, feats of awareness that are mythological legends nowadays. And then, everything seems to disappear, and we have now a sedated man. What I’m saying is that what we have against us is not a simple predator. It is very smart, and organized. It follows a methodical system to render us useless. Man, the magical being that he is destined to be, is no longer magical. He’s an average piece of meat.”

    “There are no more dreams for man but the dreams of an animal who is being raised to become a piece of meat: trite, conventional, imbecilic.”

    The Active Side of Infinity
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    The plot

    Many thousands of years ago, way back in “pre-history”, there was a highly developed civilization in the Pacific, which has become known as Lemuria, or Mu. These peoples and others also founded another great culture on a landmass in the Atlantic, which we know as Atlantis.

    The knowledge that created these advanced societies, the knowledge that built the fantastic and unexplainable ancient structures like the Great Pyramid and other amazing sites across the world, came from the stars-extraterrestrials of many varieties. Some were tall blond-haired, blue-eyed, types, while others took a reptilian form (see picture section for artists’ impressions of these beings). These and others came here from constellations like Orion, Draco, Andromeda, Lyra, and Bootes, and other locations like the Pleiades, Sirius, Vega, Zeta Reticuli, Arcturus, Aldebaran, and elsewhere.
    Australian aborigines, African tribes, the Babylonians, and South American Indians are just some of the diverse peoples who claim ancient connections with such places. The reptilians are a tall, mostly humanoid-type race, with snake-like eyes and skin and they are connected to the classic “greys” with the big black “eyes”, which have become the very symbol of the “ET”. Often these various extraterrestrial factions battled for supremacy in the legendary “wars of the gods”.
    These technologically advanced beings were believed to be gods by the human races because of the apparently miraculous feats they could achieve with their technology and flying craft. By the way, for those who find it impossible to conceive of “intelligent” life forms and humanoids taking a reptilian form, ponder on the words of the cosmologist, Carl Sagan:
    “There are more potential combinations of DNA (physical forms) than there are atoms in the universe.”
    On that basis, given the fantastic diversity of the reptilian species on the Earth alone, it would be more amazing if there were not reptilians of a humanoid and intelligent variety.

    These “gods” interbred with each other and the more primitive Earth people and these unions are recorded in endless ancient accounts. These were the Sons of God who interbred with the daughters of men to seed the hybrid race, the Nefilim, as described in the Old Testament book of Genesis. The most important interbreeding was between the reptilians and the blond-haired, blue-eyed, Nordic peoples, both of extraterrestrial origin, as an alliance was formed between factions of these races.
    The union produced what has been called the Aryan or “noble” race – the “master race” of the Nazis. This is the fusion of the Nordic and reptilian DNA (the genetic code that decides physical characteristics) and, as the ancient records confirm, it was these “royal” bloodlines, the reptilian-Nordic hybrids, that were placed in the positions of ruling royal power in the thousands of years before “known” history.
    They were the kings and queens who claimed the “divine right” to rule because of their bloodline – the bloodline of the gods. These ancient royal lines in places like Egypt, Sumer, and the Indus Valley, had a white skin and often blue eyes, yet they were known as the Dragon Kings or Serpent Kings by those who knew the secret of their hybrid nature.

    Lemuria was destroyed by a staggering cataclysm that struck the Earth, maybe 11,500 to 12,000 years ago. Atlantis went the same way, in stages, over the thousands of years that followed. The universal stories of the Great Flood are related to this. When Atlantis came to an end amid more enormous geological upheavals, the bloodlines and their “gods” began again in the Near and Middle East from about 4,000BC with an empire based in Sumer in what is now Iraq, between the rivers Euphrates and Tigris.
    Sumer, according to official “history”, was the start of human “civilization”, but, in fact, it was merely the re-start after the Atlantis upheavals. The seeding of extraterrestrial-human bloodlines continued and so did the policy of placing the purest of these hybrids, the reptilian-Nordics, into the positions of royal and administrative power over the people in Sumer, Egypt, Babylon, the Indus Valley, and, as the Sumer Empire expanded, much further afield. Similar seeding went on in other parts of the world, like the Americas and China, but the Middle Eastern area was the most important to these extraterrestrial factions (at least at that time). These factions were dominated by the reptilian or “serpent race”.

    Over thousands of years these peoples expanded out of the Middle and Near East into Europe and the “royal” bloodlines of Sumer, Egypt, etc., became the royal and aristocratic families of Britain, Ireland, and the countries of mainland Europe, especially France and Germany. Wherever they went, these “royal” lines interbred obsessively with each other through arranged marriages and secret breeding programs.
    We see the same with the ruling families of today because they are seeking to perpetuate a particular genetic code, which can be quickly diluted by breeding outside of their hybrid circle. In the ancient world, one of the headquarters for the secret society network or Illuminati, through which these bloodlines manipulate humanity, was Babylon, also in the lands of Sumer.
    This Illuminati network then moved its headquarters to Rome and during that time came the Roman Empire and the creation of the Roman Church, or institutionalized Christianity. The headquarters moved on into northern Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire and for a period was based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This was when the Dutch began to build their empire through the Dutch East India Company and they settled South Africa.
    In 1688, one of these hybrid bloodlines, William of Orange, invaded England from The Netherlands and took the British throne as William III in 1689. William ruled jointly with Queen Mary and alone after her death in 1694. From this time, the Illuminati moved their centre of operations to London. What followed, of course, was the “Great” and enormous British Empire.

    This vast expansion of the British and other European empires to all parts of the world exported these Nefilim hybrid bloodlines to every continent, including, most importantly today, to North America. When these European empires began to recede and collapse, especially in the 20th century, it appeared that these lands, like the Americas, Africa, and Australia, had won their “independence”. Instead, the Nefilim bloodlines and the Illuminati merely exchanged overt control for the far more effective covert control.
    While these empires apparently withdrew, they left out in those countries, including the United States, the bloodlines and the secret society network through which they operate. Ever since they have continued to control events in these former colonies as part of a long-planned agenda for the complete centralized control of the planet through a world government, central bank, currency, army, and a micro-chipped population connected to a global computer. This is the very governmental structure that is now staring us in the face.

    The bloodlines that control the world and our lives today are the same bloodlines that ruled Lemuria, Atlantis, Sumer, Egypt, Babylon, the Roman Empire, and the British and European empires. They are the presidents of the United States, the prime ministers, the leading banking and business families, the media owners, and those who control the military.
    We have been ruled by the same interbreeding tribe of extraterrestrial or inner-terrestrial hybrids, the Nefilim, for thousands of years and we are now facing a crucial time in their unfolding agenda:

    The time when we, the people, either bring this hidden dictatorship to an end or face a future, very shortly, in a global fascist state.

    That’s the summary of what has happened and is happening. Now consider the detailed evidence…

    To the prison born
    There are none so enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free.
    Then a few people wish to control and direct a mass of humanity, there are certain key structures that have to be in place. These are the same whether you are seeking to manipulate an individual, family, tribe, town, country, continent, or planet.

    First you have to set the “norms”, what is considered right and wrong, possible or impossible, sane or insane, good and bad. Most of the people will follow those norms without question because of the baa-baa mentality, which has prevailed within the collective human mind for at least thousands of years. Second, you have to make life very unpleasant for those few who challenge your imposed “norms”.
    The most effective way to do this is to make it, in effect, a crime to be different. So those who beat to a different drum, or voice a different view, version of “truth” and lifestyle, stand out like a black sheep in the human herd. You have already conditioned that herd to accept your norms as reality and so, in their arrogance and ignorance, they then ridicule or condemn those with a different spin on life. This pressurizes them to conform and serves as a warning for those others in the herd who are also thinking of breaking away. There is a Japanese saying that goes: Don’t be a nail that stands out above the rest because that’s the first one to get hit.

    This creates a situation fundamental to the few controlling the many in which the masses police themselves and keep each other in line. The sheep become the sheepdog for the rest of the herd.* It is like a prisoner trying to escape while the rest of his cellmates rush to stop him. If that happened we would say the prisoners were crazy, how could they do that?
    * I know that strictly speaking the collective word for sheep is flock and not herd, but I prefer herd so sod convention.
    But humans are doing precisely this to each other every day by demanding that everyone conform to the norms to which they blindly conform. This is nothing less than psychological fascism – the thought police with agents in every home, everywhere. Agents so deeply conditioned that most have no idea they are unpaid mind controllers. “I’m just doing what’s right for my children” I hear them say.

    No, what you have been programmed to believe is right for them and the belief, also, that only you know best. I remember debating with a former Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom at the Oxford Union debating society and he simply could not see a difference between education and indoctrination. It was a wonder to behold.

    We see this same theme in our daily experiences of people in uniform and others from the masses who are promoted to power over the masses. It’s summed up by the satirical version of the British Labour Party song, The Red Flag, which goes:
    “The working class can kiss my arse, I’ve got the foreman’s job at last.”
    This is all part of the divide and rule strategy so vital to ensuring that the herd will police itself. Everyone plays a part in everyone else’s mental, emotional, and physical imprisonment. All the controllers have to do is pull the right strings at the right time and make their human puppets dance to the appropriate tune.
    This they do by dictating what is taught by what we bravely call “education” and what passes for “news” through the media they own. In this way they can dictate to the unthinking, unquestioning, herd what it should believe about itself, other people, life, history, and current events. Once you set the norms in society, there is no need to control every journalist or reporter or government official. The media and the institutions take their “truth” from those same norms and therefore ridicule and condemn by reflex action anyone who offers another vision of reality.
    Once you control what is considered “normal” and possible, the whole system virtually runs itself.

    The Illuminati

    The elite families, no more than 13 at the peak of their pyramid, created and manipulate this system of control through a network of secret societies. This network and the bloodlines it serves have become known as the Illuminati, the “Illuminated Ones”. In other words they are illuminated into knowledge that everyone else is denied.
    The Illuminati is an organization within all significant organizations. It’s like a cancer. All the major secret societies feed carefully chosen recruits into the Illuminati and these are the ones you find in positions of power throughout the world. They infest all colors, creeds, and countries. Most Freemasons never progress higher than the bottom three levels of degree, the so-called Blue Degrees.
    They have no idea what their organization is being used for. Even most of those who make it to the apparent peak, the 33rd degree in the Scottish Rite, know relatively little. Only the tiny few, all from a particular bloodline, move through the top of their “individual” secret society into the Illuminati degrees above that. These are the levels into which all the major secret societies feed.
    Yet at least 95% of their members have no idea that these levels exist, never mind who is in them.

    The bloodlines

    The Illuminati bloodlines are all genetically connected through hybrid DNA, a genetic fusion caused by the interbreeding of a reptilian race with humanity and the Nordic extraterrestrial race. This interbreeding began hundreds of thousands of years ago and continues to the present day. If you are hearing this for the first time,

    I know how bizarre and crazy it sounds to the conditioned view of reality. But you will see in the pages that follow the scale of the evidence to support this apparently ridiculous story and how it explains a stream of ancient and modern “mysteries”. So many things that later turn out to be true appear at first hearing to be impossible and insane. That’s because people only hear the opening line and don’t read on to see the detailed evidence to support it. When people first suggested the Earth was round, they were called crazy because it was thought that those living on the bottom would have fallen off.
    The critics dismissed the idea at this point and walked away convinced that the Earth had to be flat. Yet when you introduce the law of gravity, what seems at first to be crazy suddenly becomes far more credible. So it is with the truth that a non-human race is controlling and manipulating humanity through hybrid bloodlines – the same bloodlines that have been placed in positions of power since ancient times.
    The supporting evidence is there if only people are prepared to open their minds, as you will see in this book and my others.

    It is these reptilian-Illuminati bloodlines, manifesting as political leaders and administrators of government, that introduce the “laws” that will best serve their plan to keep humanity in ongoing servitude. These laws, which the masses have no say in creating, are then enforced by members of those same masses -soldiers, policemen, security guards, and so on. These guys, and many women today, are just system-fodder.
    They are not encouraged to think for themselves and it would not be good for promotion if they did. They are paid to do as they are told, carry out orders, and administer the letter of the “law”: the law of the elite families. My father used to say that rules and regulations were for the guidance of the intelligent and the blind obedience of the idiot.
    But how many of those in the peaked caps administer the law in a sensible, every-case-on-its-merits, think-for-yourself manner? A mere fraction. And often they are far from popular with those higher up the ladder. Soldiers don’t ask for justification for blowing away men, women, and children they have never met and know nothing about. They don’t question their superiors about why they have to commit genocide. They just do it because they are told to do it and those doing the telling are themselves carrying out orders from those above them.
    In the end, all roads of command lead ever upwards to the 13 family bloodlines and their offshoots that are orchestrating an agenda to take over the planet. That agenda demands a world government, central bank, currency, and army, underpinned by a micro-chipped population connected to a global computer network. A ridiculous conspiracy “theory”? Oh really?
    Well have another look around you and you’ll see that this is happening today, NOW.

    The sheeple

    The self-policing of the human herd goes far deeper than people in uniform or administrators of government. It starts with conditioned parents who impose their conditioning on their children and pressure them to follow their religious, political, economic, and cultural norms. There is no more extreme example than those who insist their offspring succumb to arranged marriages because of the rules of their ludicrous religion; or the children of Jehovah’s Witnesses who have been denied life-saving blood transfusions because their brain-dead parents insist on conducting every aspect of their lives according to the contradictory dictates of a book purveying stories of pure fantasy.
    The creation of the mental and emotional sheep pen of norms, which imprisons 99% of humanity, goes on minute by minute in subtle and less subtle ways. There are children of Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or Hindu parents who don’t accept the religion, but still follow it because they don’t want to upset their family.
    Then there is the almost universal fear of what people think of us if we speak a different version of reality or live a different kind of life. Note that the fear for those who wish to break out of the sheep pen is not the fear of what the elite families, the Illuminati or “Illuminated Ones”, will think of them. Most have no idea that such a network exists. No, the fear is for what their mother or father will think, or their friends and workmates – the very people who are conditioned by the system to stay in the pen.
    The sheep are keeping the other sheep in line and making life unpleasant for anyone who tries to escape. It is so easy for a small group of interbreeding family bloodlines to control the lives -in other words the minds – of billions, once the key institutions of “information” are in place, as they have been for thousands of years in their various forms. There are not enough of these manipulators and their stooges to control the population physically and so they have had to create a structure in which humans control themselves through mental and emotional imposition.

    Once you have the herd mentality policing itself, there is a third phase in this entrapment of human consciousness. You create factions within the herd and set them to war with each other. This is done by creating “different” belief systems (which are not different at all) and bringing them into conflict. These belief systems are known as religions, political parties, economic theories, countries, cultures, and “isms” of endless variety.
    These beliefs are perceived as “opposites” when, as I pointed out in my book, I Am Me, I Am Free, they are opposames. The vision of reality and possibility within the pen is so limited that it contains no opposites. So the elite have to create the perception of them to manufacture the divisions that allow them to divide and rule. I mean, what is the difference between a Christian bishop, Jewish Rabbi, Muslim or Hindu priest, or a follower of Buddha, imposing their beliefs on their children and others? There is none because while the belief they seek to indoctrinate may be slightly different, often very slightly, the overall theme is exactly the same – the imposition of one person’s belief on another. Look at the opposames in politics.
    The Far Left, as symbolized by Josef Stalin in Russia, introduced centralized control, military dictatorship, and concentration camps. The “opposite” of that was the Far Right, as symbolized by Adolf Hitler. What was he into? Centralized control, military dictatorship, and concentration camps. Yet these two opposames were set at war with each other amid propaganda that claimed they were opposites.
    The only difference between the Soviet Union and the so-called “West” during the Cold War was that the Soviet Union was openly controlled by the few and the West was secretly controlled by the few.
    And, when you get to the capstone of the pyramid, you find they were the same few controlling both “sides”.
    The same force operating through Wall Street and the City of London funded all “sides” in the two world wars and that’s provable (see …And The Truth Shall Set You Free).

    So let us summarize the scam.
    a. You need to first imprison the human mind with a rigid belief and a fundamentally limited sense of reality – the sheep pen. It doesn’t much matter what these beliefs may be, so long as they are rigid and discourage free thought and open-minded questions. Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and all the rest, each make their contribution to human servitude while apparently claiming different “truths”.
    b. You encourage those who follow these rigid beliefs to impose them on others and make life very difficult and unpleasant for anyone who does not conform.
    c. You bring these beliefs into conflict, so ensuring the divide and rule you so desperately need for control by the few. While the masses are so busy fighting each other and seeking to impose their beliefs and views on each other, they don’t see that the Illuminati have strings attached to all of them. Humans are like moths buzzing around a light, so mesmerized by their religious belief, the football scores, the latest row on a soap opera, or the price of friggin’ beer, that they fail to notice the preparations being made to smash them on the arse with a swatter.
    Pyramids within pyramids

    The Illuminati have created a pyramid structure throughout society that allows them to operate a global agenda that only a relative handful of people know exists. It is like those Russian dolls with one doll inside another with the biggest one encompassing all of them. The Illuminati replace the “dolls” with pyramids (Figure 1). Every organization today is a pyramid. The few at the top know what the organization is really about and what it is trying to achieve.

    Figure 1
    The interconnecting pyramids that allow the few to manipulate the lives of billions.
    At the highest level, all the major political, financial, and media institutions are controlled by the Illuminati
    The further you go down the pyramid the more people work for the organization, but the less they know about its real agenda. They are only aware of the individual job they do every day. They have no idea how their contribution connects with that of other employees in other areas of the company. They are compartmentalized from that knowledge and told only what they need to know to do their work.
    These smaller pyramids, like the local branch of a bank, fit into bigger and bigger pyramids, until eventually you have the pyramid that encompasses all the banks. It is the same with the transnational corporations, political parties, secret societies, media empires, and the military. If you go high enough, all the transnational corporations (like the oil cartel), major political parties, secret societies, media empires, and the military (via NATO, for instance), are controlled by the same pyramids and the same people who sit at the top of all the pyramids. In the end there is a global pyramid that encompasses all the others, the biggest “doll” if you like.
    At the top of this you will find the most elite of the Illuminati, the “purest” of their bloodlines. In this way, they can co-ordinate through apparently unconnected, even “opposing” areas of society, the same policies. This is how they have created the explosion of centralization in every area of life: government, finance, business, media, military. It is not by accident or natural occurrence. It is by coldly calculated design.

    Jim Shaw, a former 33rd degree Freemason, exposes the Craft in his book, The Deadly Deception (Huntington House Inc., Lafayette, Louisiana, 1988). He describes how Freemasonry is based on the same compartmentalized pyramids. At the bottom are the three degrees known as the Blue Degrees and the vast majority of Freemasons never progress beyond that through either the 33 degrees of the Scottish Rite or the 10 degrees of the York Rite.*
    * The 33 degrees of the Scottish Rite and 10 degrees of the York rite, both include the Blue Degrees, of course.
    Even at the 33rd degree of Freemasonry you still don’t know the real secrets unless you are one of the chosen few (bloodline). Shaw says he was surprised when a fellow 33rd degree Mason said that “they” had told him he was “going higher” and the guy left the temple by a “different door”.1 There is, officially, no higher than the 33rd degree. But, of course there is. The top levels of the secret societies are only the top of their pyramid. They are also encompassed by a bigger pyramid, which includes all the secret societies and they feed their chosen bloodline initiates into the unofficial Illuminati degrees where the real action and the real secrets are.
    But even at that level, the knowledge is still compartmentalized. So you have this vast web of secret societies with millions of members worldwide who think they know what they are involved in, but, in truth, only a tiny few have any idea of what is going on and who, ultimately, is calling the shots. Albert Pike, who died in 1891, was one of the most pre-eminent figures in world Freemasonry. Among his titles were Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council of the 33rd degree and Supreme Pontiff of Universal Freemasonry.
    In his book, Morals and Dogma, written for higher degree Freemasons, he reveals the way the lower levels are misled:
    “The Blue Degrees are but the outer court or portico of the Temple. Part of the symbols are displayed there to the initiate, but he is intentionally mis-led by false interpretations. It is not intended that he shall understand them, but it is intended that he shall imagine that he understands them… their true implication is reserved for Adepts, the Princes of Masonry.”2
    Exactly. Jim Shaw says that there are two kinds of Freemason. One just sits through the meetings and doesn’t make much effort to understand the ritual, and the other does all the work, but only keeps to the ritual and memorizes or reads the words without understanding what they really mean.
    That’s correct, but there is a third kind: the very few who know the truth of who really controls Freemasonry and what the rituals and initiations are really designed to achieve. Shaw also confirms from his own experience how the Freemasons manipulate their own into whatever positions they choose. At work, his department director, a fellow Freemason, advised him to apply for a particular job. Shaw felt he was under-qualified for the post and would fail the test paper.3 Only through the urging of his Freemason boss did he apply.
    When he arrived to take the test he was amazed to see that there were only two other applicants for a job he believed would be keenly contested. When he turned over the test paper, he saw that the questions were very easy and he finished them quickly. His two rivals, however, were clearly finding the paper very tough and could not complete it in the allotted time. Shaw got the job. Why? Because he was not given the same paper as the other two. When he walked out of Freemasonry, the opposite happened. He found his bosses far less supportive to say the least.
    This is just one small example of how the Illuminati and their secret society web ensure that their guys are in the positions that matter. It is actually astonishing how few people you need to control to dictate your agenda through the whole system if they are:
    a. in the key positions of decision-making
    b. they have the power to appoint those in the important positions below them.
    An example: you control the chief of police who decides the policy and he can appoint the heads of the various departments in his force. He introduces Illuminati policy and chooses his major subordinates from the secret society initiates. They, in turn, can appoint the people within their departments and can thus choose more secret society initiates for the positions below them. So it goes on.
    Once you have control of the top man in any organization, the pyramid is built in his, i.e. the Illuminati’s, image.
    Governments are structured in the same way.

    Mind over masses

    There are two techniques of mass manipulation that people need to understand if they are to begin to see through the game. One I call “problem-reaction-solution” and the other I term the “stepping-stones approach”. These have been used for thousands of years to advance the agenda and, together with fear, they remain the two most effective weapons of the Illuminati. The first technique works like this: you know that if you openly propose to remove basic freedoms, start a war, or centralize power, there will be a public reaction against it.
    So you use problem reaction-solution. At stage one you create a problem. It could be a country attacking another, a government or economic collapse, or a terrorist bomb. Anything in fact that the public will think requires a “solution”. At stage two, you report the “problems” you have covertly created in the way you wish the people to perceive them. You find someone to blame, a patsy like Timothy McVeigh in Oklahoma, and you spin the background to these events in a way that encourages the people to demand that “something must be done”.
    These are the words you wish to hear because it allows you to move on to stage three, the sting. You then openly offer the solutions to the problems you have yourself created. These solutions, of course, involve the centralization of power, the sacking of officials or politicians that are getting in your way, and the removal of more basic freedoms. With this technique you can so manipulate the public mind that they will demand that you do what, in normal circumstances, they would vehemently oppose.
    The Oklahoma bomb at the James P. Murrah Building on April 19th 1995 was a problem-reaction-solution classic. In …And The Truth Shall Set You Free, I expose how McVeigh was set up by forces he did not understand and how a fuel fertilizer device in a Ryder truck could not possibly have caused that horrific damage.’4
    And what followed this death and destruction? “Anti-terrorism” laws went through Congress without challenge that removed fundamental freedoms from American people. I have no sympathy with the political views of McVeigh and the Christian patriots in general, except to the extent that they seek to expose the basics of the global agenda. But that’s not the point.
    Establishing the truth of what happened is the point, no matter what the views and attitudes of those involved. I think it is called justice. If you are wondering why McVeigh offered no defense and later asked to be executed, see the section on mind control. The two most effective problem-reaction-solutions in the 20th century were the two global wars. They changed the face of the world, as wars always do, and led to a massive centralization of power. The United Nations, like its predecessor, the League of Nations, was an Illuminati creation to act as a Trojan horse or stalking horse for world government.

    The media play their part to perfection in these “P-R-S” scenarios. At ownership level, people like Conrad Black at the Hollinger Group know what is going on and use their newspapers to pursue the Illuminati agenda. The key editors they appoint might know something of it and also certain columnists. But most of the journalists will have no idea. The editor is always there to block anything they write that is against the interests of the Illuminati and if they insist on pursuing an unwelcome story they find themselves looking for another job.
    And, anyway, most of what journalists write comes from official (Illuminati) sources. In the immediate aftermath of a major event such as Oklahoma, where are the reporters getting their information? From official sources. We are told that White House sources say this and FBI sources say that. This is how the Illuminati transmit through the media the version of these events that they wish the public to believe. These reports are blazed across the front page of newspapers and the top of radio and television news bulletins throughout the world and what they say becomes the “norm”.
    In the weeks and months that follow, researchers who are interested in the real truth begin to dig away. Over and over they establish and document the proof of how the official version was a lie from start to finish. But where are their reports published? In small-circulation newsletters and on radio stations that operate with a fraction of the money and audience of the Illuminati empires. Years after the official version has been demolished it still prevails in the public mind. Stop people in London, New York, Cape Town, Sydney, anywhere, and ask them what happened in Oklahoma, the Second World War, or Kosovo. Every time they will give you the official story because that is the only one they have heard.

    The bedfellow of problem-reaction-solution is the stepping-stones approach. You know where you intend to lead people, but you realize that if you gave them the true picture you would, once again, face substantial opposition. So you travel to your destination in little steps and each one is presented in isolation and as unconnected to all the others. It is like a drip, drip, drip, to global centralization.
    This technique was used most obviously with the fascist super-state now known as the European Union. If the politicians had suggested a centralized Europe with common laws and currency there would have been an outcry. People would have said they had been fighting Hitler to stop just such a European dictatorship and there was no way they were accepting another.
    To overcome this, the Illuminati offered a “free-trade area” and even used the problem of their manipulated world wars to encourage more cooperation between the countries of Europe. Once they had the free trade area, however, the foot in the door, they began to expand its powers until it became the fully fledged fascist political and economic dictatorship it is today.
    The same is happening with NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement, and APEC, Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation, the “free trade area” for Asia and Australia.
    Look at today’s newspapers and television news bulletins and you’ll see problem-reaction-solution and the stepping-stones technique played out day after day. One extremely effective way to see through this scam is to keep asking yourself:
    “Who benefits from me believing this version of events or accepting the solutions and changes being offered as a result?”
    The answer will be almost every time: anyone who wishes to centralize power and suppress more freedoms.

    Blind faith

    Over thousands of years, religion has best served this structure for human control and I will highlight later in this book the historical background and present-day manipulation of these “faiths”. But, in short, they have created rigid belief systems that should never be questioned; imposed those beliefs through fear, indoctrination, isolation, and the mass genocide of non believers; and fought each other for dominance of the human mind, thus producing an orgasm of opportunity for the Illuminati to divide and rule for millennia.
    Another question. Is it more likely that an Illuminati which has its origins in the ancient past, long before these religions were created, just happened to “get lucky” when such a perfect vehicle for human control independently emerged? Or is it rather more probable that these institutions of human enslavement were purposely created by these very same Illuminati to advance their agenda?
    But religion is not the conspiracy, and nor are economics, politics, and all the rest. They are part of a vast web of interconnected manipulation designed to persuade the masses to put themselves in prison and throw away the key. The Illuminati work through every belief system -religious, political, economic, racial, and cultural – and through every side in the major “debates”.
    The reason is simple: If you want to know the outcome of a game before the game has even started, you need to control all sides. The manager of a football team cannot dictate the result if he only controls one side. If, however, he is managing both sides, he can decide the result before a ball is kicked. So it is with the Illuminati, the hidden hand behind the events that affect our lives and our world every day.

    But, by the end of this book, if you are open-minded enough to complete it, the hand will be hidden no more. The truth is not only out there.
    A lot of it is right here.

    1 Jim Shaw, The Deadly Deception (Huntington House Inc, Lafayette, Louisiana, 1988), p 103
    2 Morals And Dogma Of The Ancient And Accepted Scottish Rite Of Freemasonry, p 819
    3 The Deadly Deception, pp 65 and 66
    4 …And The Truth Shall Set You Free, pp 321 to 324
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