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    I transferred over to Cal State Sacramento in January 1970 from Sacramento City College where I had studied various subjects including Mechanical Engineering, Accounting and Social Science. My very first Anthropology class was from Dr. Phillip Onstott, the brother of Kyle Onstott, who wrote the book Mandigo. He left a very big impression on me, so when I transfered to CSUS, I majored in Anthropology and Psychology. Although I really enjoyed Psychology, my heart was with Anthropology.
    My first exposure to Folklore was with Dr. George Rich, who became one of my main mentors at CSUS. George was a major icon at CSUS, where he taught for 37 years and was the department head for 9 years. Here is a wonderful tribute to him in the CSUS college newspaper, which my daughter Melissa was the editor of for several years. He passed in 2010 and I seriously miss him.
    Dr. John Conner was my graduate school mentor. He specialized in Asian cultural studies. Even after I had left the university in 1974, he had me give a lecture in one of his upper division classes, which I very much enjoyed. When I was doing grad research on the metaphysical schools up at Mount Shasta, he was the class moderator and instructor.

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