A very deep rabbit hole

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    Go to YouTube and enter this site- lensman137 There is a series of videos on that site that feature videos of discussions that go on between one of the worlds preeminent physicists-Jack Sarfatti and another gentleman by the name of Dan Smith who was trained in physics at Princeton and whose father was the head of the physics department at Stanford. Get yourself a cup of coffee and expect to be sitting listening to these two for several hours discussing the nature of the universe, reality, and yes, UFO’s. Dan Smith, whom I have had over at an 8 hour meeting with several of Northern California’s UFO researchers, is very much into the very esoteric site of this subject. In fact, he was accompanied in the meeting with the late Rosemary Ellen Guilley, one of the worlds most knowledgeable researchers and writers on the paranormal. Dan was and is very close to Dr. Ron Pandolphi, the then Science and Technology Director of the CIA, and was unofficially sent out to our area at the apparent request of the President (Clinton) to get a sense of what was going on out here.

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