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Fritz Springmeier – Be Wise As Serpents 2 (1991)


13 Satanic Bloodlines Worldwide Misery Springmeier



War in Heaven Now

Human Hybrids


The Kolbrin Bible

Archko Volume=  Ancient documents from Biblical Times

Unauthorized Biography of George Bush

This page is designed for storage of documents that pertain to the subjects discussed here.  All of these are downloadable.  If you do not see what you are seeking, please contact me at    I have been around these subjects for decades and generally know how to find reliable information on them.  All of the files are translatable into any of the listed languages on the front page of this website. Once you click on them, they will automatically download.

The Empire Strikes Back 

The Rothschilds

Missing Children


Orwell was Right

Part of the Omega File

Agenda 21

Aliens and Cointelpro


Holographic Universe

Globalism 101A

Dulce Book

Dr. Michael Wolf

Crash Retrieval

Controlling Ancient Technology


Omega File   This is the complete file