Did Armegedden Already Take Place in HyperSpace? Audio and Text

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from O’Brien’sExtraterrestrials Website

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“YEAR 1998.04.04 – Armageddon took place. This took place on the 4th dimension. (Excerpt from “An Overview of Extraterrestrial Races by Rolf Waeber” – Note the matching dates)

Did the Biblically-prophesied Battle of Armageddon occur on Sunday April 4th, 1998?

Some Lightworkers have good reason to believe it did. However, many people may not have even noticed! The events took place on the 4th density on this date and were, in the estimate of those participating, mind-boggling. Two battles were waged on this date, with a preliminary skirmish the day before, the outcome of which started the ultimate abandoning of earth takeover plans by several Extra Terrestrial (ET) races.

This week’s events became the culmination of a long plan by the light forces to stop this planned Alien takeover. It was done in a surprising and a very powerful and ultimately beneficial way.

This series of letters from Jack O’Brien and Ruth Angela PICTURE PAGE shows the buildup to the battle. Other Lightworkers were participating without knowing why they were being drained of energy or the sequence of events that led up to these battles. Jack has written about his friendship with the Devas and in particular Sir Henry, a Deva assigned to him. (See RETRIEVAL OF LOST SOULS)

This was his first experience using his growing intuition outside of this area. It turned out to be a very interesting adventure.

To Jack from Ruth: Saturday 4th April 1998
My boyfriend, “Fred” has had his free will taken over by people in the government who do not want him to say anything about what he knows. They have been very clever in taking away his choice to be free, they have used mind control and torture and have threatened him. In the meantime it is possible they might kill him …which I guess is the illusion of the darkness… that death is possible at all.

However this would leave me with a broken heart.

To Ruth, same day:
I had an Email letter from a friend who was complaining about the heavy work load she and her fellow employees are under at the public library where she works. So I wrote her that I had placed a dome of peace and tranquility over the library and she could add to it. She wrote back that the day after the dome was in place, her fellow employees had remarked about how calm and peaceful the atmosphere had become.

I am leading up to my having received permission from my Higher Guidance (can I, should I, may I) to create a protective shield around Fred to produce an area of safety and mental clarity if he would accept it. This should prevent prying psychics from monitoring his thoughts, but should allow his reaching out in love to you.

If this shield holds despite anything the aliens or the psychics can do, they may decide to release him from their grip on him. If this power I am using is indeed from a Divine source, they will come to realize that it has ultimate power and fooling with it could create a backlash they could not anticipate. So nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Note: Fred is a brilliant astronomer specializing in Mars, and Ruth, through her telepathic communication with him, is convinced that he has been on Mars several times helping build underground cities for the military/alien conspiracy. Considering what he knows about their activities, they could not release their complete control over him.

Jack’s letter continues:
By the way, one of the entities around me, who the psychic portrait painter described, is a Guardian Angel 15 feet tall (she was looking up at the ceiling as she described him). She said that he would fold his wings around me to protect me from any harm when needed, and that his protection had already been used without my being aware of any danger.

(This may not be a coincidence, but this is the second time I have composed this letter. My computer made a fatal error and wiped out my first attempt.)

Note: This was the beginning many breakdowns in correspondence apparently caused by the aliens involved in the secret military/government coalition, in their attempt to thwart correspondence between Ruth and Jack to indicate that it was being monitored and that they did not like what we were doing. Once Jack’s typewriter started printing letters which did not correspond to the keys he was pressing. He finally had to reboot his computer to correct the problem. Other times letters were sent but not received.

About twice a week Jack’s phone would ring, there was no dial tone and there was no answer. During the latter part of this adventure, Jack became aware that the CIA had started monitoring this correspondence on a round-the clock basis since Ruth lives in Hawaii and Jack lives in the central US, and they are both late-nighters, and sometime sleepless. So their correspondence could have occurred almost any time during any 24-hour period.

Jack wrote Ruth the first names of the three people taking shifts monitoring these writings, their location, and described the office they were working in. The fact that this correspondence was being monitored live and sent on to headquarters suggested its importance. By then we were making big waves, and the CIA was vitally interested.

To Jack: Same day
Back in April of ’97 the aliens had come to me and asked me to leave Fred alone and I refused.

They said,

“He belongs to us.”

And I said,

“He belongs to himself… and he chooses to be with me.”

The barrage of attacks began and I was abducted in June and implanted with things in my leg… I still have 3 neat holes where they put some instrument in to the hole and took my tissue; I had plates put into my heart chakra to stop me from sending love to my beloved… so much stuff and they have done all this to Fred and a lot more so his body only functions to keep him alive.


To Ruth: Same day
The shield around Fred is apparently in place and holding. I was told a couple of hours ago to get ready to witness a battle. Then about a half hour later Freckles, my little one-eyed Cocker Spaniel started barking in the direction of my stove. She walked over to it with her ears as erect as a Spaniel’s ears can get, and when she got within about two feet away from the stove, she slowed down and then looked around as if she had just walked through what she was looking at.

I was later told that this was a guardian angel getting ready to protect me. Freckles is apparently psychic. She can see and hear entities and bring them to my attention by barking and looking at them. I can tell how tall they by how high up her head is tilted. If she barks frantically, I know it is a negative alien. Just a growl indicates someone she knows. This alerts me to turn up my intuition and get more details. Sometimes I sense her conveying additional information.

During the entire episode which followed I felt absolutely no uneasiness, only a feeling of complete protection. Then I was told that protective angels were gathering around me.

A little while later I received the message that “it has begin.” All I sensed was like a collision of ideas and a couple of minutes later I was told “it is over.”

Upon tuning in on this episode, I was told that 50,000 Reptilian forces, involved in protecting the Anunnaki ET control over their mental slaves such as Fred, had mustered their strength and charged towards me, but were stopped by a massed group of Warrior Angels numbering about 100,000, who were protecting me. There was only one charge by the negative forces, but when they saw the massive show of strength pitted against them, they retreated. None of the warrior angels were injured

(I questioned this statement and was told that yes indeed, angels can get injured in that they can lose a considerable amount of their strength.)

I then received the message that the aura of secrecy Fred was involved in had been broken and he is now free of their influence and control.

I received some confirmation of this confrontation from the Deva who is in charge of the “wee folk” (one-foot tall people) who inhabit the area. She told me that she had seen the gathering of Warrior Angels and then the “clash of ideas” which took only a few seconds. Then it was over. She said that I have great power, such that I could kill all her little people in one angry glance.

I’m getting the impression that the more I use whatever power I have been given in a responsible manner, the more is allotted to me. Also the show of protection suggests that there is more for me to do. What with all the angels around me, I shouldn’t feel lonesome leading a hermit’s life on top of a small remote mountain.

As I contemplate this situation, I believe that the negative forces are thinking all will be lost if they lose this challenge, so they will strike again.

To Jack: Same day
Jack my dear friend:

I concur with all you have said. I felt the SAME thing today. I knew I was being Used and Abused on some level, but I am not sure how many angels protected me, but I always know how far I can go and how far I cannot go. I found a phone number on my caller ID from a gov. agency that is an unlisted phone number.

I know that building this phone is in, it used to be my ex-husband’s office building and is now used for spying on American citizens… monitoring phone calls etc… and joint task force operations for the Fed operations; so they called my home for some reason but left no message. So I figure they are getting anxious about Fred. Your Sir Henry seemed to be the best hope left.

THANK YOU and now you know what we are all up against.

To Jack; Same day
I sure hope that you are all right. I am aware as I write that something is like an attack here.. but I did not feel this before now. I hope that you are all right. I have to report carefully to you as I am aware that our mail is not private and may be monitored. How else could they know so much about your helping me?

The improvements have been incredible to my friend. Fred says that he is “very, very, very, very, very happy with what I did yesterday.” I had to tell him it was not all my work. When we work as a team in concert, you and I, we can effect great improvements. This particular type of evil that my friend is involved with is the essential key to breaking the cycle of power and control that has for so long governed this part of the world. It is over now. The castles are crumbling and the power base is being eroded. We are being given the tools to do this.

I do hope I hear from you today so I know you are okay.

From Jack, same day
I am OK. Last night I started getting the sniffles, so I stopped them by moving an imaginary filter through my body designed to remove all cold-causing energies. Then this morning I started getting the sniffles again and once again did my clearing, both times removing some negative energy.

But this time I started to spread my filter out into my personal reality area outside my aura, and was immediately warned not to do this. Beyond my shield there were camping many negative entities who were trying to break through Had I extended my filter outside my shield of protection, it could have opened the opportunity for negativity to creep in big time.

Apparently my personal shield is holding, and the best the negatives could do was to affect the air I was breathing. So I just sat tight, then suddenly everything brightened and I felt a lot better and was informed that the negativity had gone.

Since a large convocation of angels protecting me during the first and brief onslaught, I feel sure that they are on standby to form another defense line if another attack is forthcoming.

So the bottom line is I feel protected, but that does not mean that I can let my guard down.


I do not believe that I would ever have been led into this project if there were any chance that we would lose. When Mother Earth (Gaia) moves into the 4th, and the 5th density, any negativity will either be destroyed or else moved into another dimension appropriate for the entities involve, which means that their complete hierarchy and defense system on earth will be dismantled in the process.

So any victory for them would be short lived anyway. I hope that they can see that. I would not want to be an instrument of their total destruction which is what will happen if they strike again.

The angelic forces know what the negative forces are up to. This why they were ready and waiting when they attacked the first time. Can this negativity not see that the moment they formulate another attack, it will be immediately detected and ultimately neutralized by the same Angelic forces whom they confronted the first time?

The angelic forces also feel that they cannot risk loss and so they won’t lose. I am rambling, but I feel inspired to put this in writing, hoping that this message actually is monitored. I put my life completely in the hands of All that Is which is Unconditional Love.

No power can prevail against it.

To Jack: Same Day
The morning of the attack against you, I had just done that… PUT EVERYTHING into the hands of God and did what came through me to do. It is always unexpected, unique.. out of the blue and spontaneous. My friend is MUCH happier… he is happy! I have not heard these words from him in a very, very long time. If we were a king and queen and had a court, we would give you a knighthood for your help!!

I know Fred feels much release and great happiness, the first in about, well since October of 96 I guess.


To Ruth, Sunday 5th of April, 1998
You were justified in your concern over my safety. I have been in the midst of a battle. I have copied below the notes I took as it was going on and immediately after because I did not want to lose any details. I will copy these notes without comment. This is what I was either told or what I felt. It is so unbelievable that it needs verification by your strong intuition.

It is 10:00 PM CST. I have had the shakes for about a half hour. I asked my guides if I could go outside and water my dog, and was told “No, not now.” then I asked if there was something going on, and was advised to hush (apparently there was a gathering of warrior angels again and they didn’t want me to reveal their presence by my thoughts. So I waited silently.

Then I was advised “When we give you the word, go outside and lock the door behind you. You can witness the battle.” A minute later I was told “Do it now!” So I went out into the eight-foot wide breezeway between my house and garage. I could see nothing but clear sky and stars and normal darkness surrounding my back yard. But I was still shaking and not from fright but apparently from the tremendous clash of energy.

I was told what was transpiring as it occurred. There was an enormous group of fighting warrior angels extending far beyond the approximately five-acre flat top of the little mountain on which I live. They were in a pitched battle with the negative reptilians numbering about 50,000 who had retreated previously without engaging in battle. This was what was causing my shakes.

Then the shaking ceased for a moment and I could hear a voice saying “We must retreat, we have lost.”

I was told that the area around my house and into the sky was strewn with abandoned reptilian light swords and shields.

Then I heard a voice say,

“We must return and fight. We have lost and the only thing left for us to do is die. We have lost everything.”

I started shaking violently again as the battle apparently started up once more. I was told that they kept coming on, marching over their abandoned weapons in the face of withering energy from the angels’ weapons.

A high-ranking Warrior Angel explains.

“Now there are none left. It is a disastrous defeat unheard of in the annals of positive forces versus negative forces.” The opposition was not only negative, it was totally evil.”

“There are many of our soldier angels wounded, stripped of their power but able to get up and move toward shelter where they will be reenergized over the next several days. There is nothing to compare this defeat of their forces and victory of ours. They poured all they had into the fray but it was not enough and they knew it. Yet they chose death rather than admit defeat. There was no love left in them so they were not able to be salvaged. What a tremendous loss. It didn’t have to be. You told them in your letter to Ruth that they didn’t have a chance and would be destroyed. Yet they came willing to meet their death. It was an unbelievable act of misplaced, even stupid bravery from our viewpoint, but from theirs it was a noble sacrifice for a lost cause.”

“Now we must warn you, there are still remnants of negative forces drifting around. We must round them up and transmute their energy in order to eliminate any remaining negativity. Otherwise this area will be scheduled for destruction in Mother Earth’s blind and desperate effort to throw off this unbearable yoke of negativity she has been carrying for so long. The agonizing desperation of the enemy has even permeated the soil here.”

But now Gaia is speaking:

“I would never abandon anything Jack has done in my defense. All will be made right and you do not have to worry about destruction. Jack is one of my favorite people. He will never be harmed in any way by anyone or any negative force. He still has much to do in my freeing the world of sickness and death. When we reach the 5th density in two years, death will be vanquished. You may live out your life in serenity, knowing that you can make your transit at any time you so desire and take your earth body with you since it will be imperishable.”

“As soon as the entire earth is vibrating with the swept clear frequencies of Slim Spurling and his coworkers, the transition to the fourth density will start. It will be much milder than originally anticipated due to the sudden and complete change of mankind in relation to the destruction of my body. Many will transit when I start my land/water rearrangement in order to balance the new rotational speed and axis of the 4th density earth. It will not be long now.”

(Note: the latest word is that the earth’s rotational axis will not change in relation to itself but will change in relation to the sun, producing less seasonal change.)

“You are my beloved workers and I honor you in what you have done in my behalf. Be at peace”.

(Note: the predicted earth changes have not occurred on the anniversary date of the second battle. But several signs point to its beginning in earnest before the middle of 1999)

To Jack From Ruth (after having received the above message)
Salutations to the Goddess Gaia… and her forces of LOVE and her being now awake and in control of HER property… Yes!!!~~

To Ruth Monday April 6 1998
My dog Freckles has been barking constantly most of the day. when I let her out the front door this morning, she would face different directions as she barked. Then I received a message,

“We have cleaned off your driveway and are working our way around your house, picking up littered swords and shields. We carted off the bodies last night after the battle was over. It was a real mess, bodies and armor stacked two ors three bodies high.”

Then around 1:00 PM Freckles started barking out the large solar collecting picture windows facing south. So I finally decided to check on the Deva named Alice who is in charge of the Elementals or wee folk who live in a nearby area. She said that there was a great battle raging around my house last night and even inside my house which is why I was told to get outside and lock the door.

This small area between the garage and house was the only place where there was not hand-to-hand fighting. The entire area around my house and even in my house was littered with bodies and armor. But it is pretty well cleared off now.

Alice said,

“Your dog is barking at the tall pile of armor just outside window (the first of eight solar windows which are located 10 feet off the ground.).

She said the armor is stacked up to the window and spreading across to adjacent windows. About then I noticed Freckles moving over to the second window while she continued to bark, substantiating this statement.

Alice continued,

“I can’t believe the carnage that was taking place.

“The Negatives were running right into the light ray weapons used by the Warrior Angels.

“They made no attempt to dodge the fire.

“They simply ran into it and dropped dead.

“My Elementals were scared to death, but they went underground and didn’t come out until I called them out this morning. So they missed the battle. It is just as well as they are very peaceful creatures.”

Then I asked my guides what they were doing with the bodies and the armor. I was told that a hot fire was created which broke these down into energy elements which were dispersed into the atmosphere.


Jack continues Tuesday April 7
As I type this report, my dog starts barking and I become aware of a group of high level entities standing in front of me and I was given this message:

“We salute you for your bravery in facing this challenging experience. We knew that you would rise to the occasion. The world is a different place now that Sir Henry, Ruth and you have broken the seal on government secrecy. You will indeed read about the release of people held in captivity underground in Nevada. Thanks for a job well done”.

Then the spokesman indicated that this message was from my guides.

Confirmations of these battles have come from lightworkers.

This is a report from “Fuzzy” in Oregon:

Interesting report.

The only error I can see with it the extreme personalization. That is, the reports you sent imply that Jack was alone in assisting spirit or even in feeling the battle. This happened, not just at Jack’s house, but at everyone’s house (in spirit, one place is all places – a matter of relativity – time and space are not separated in when and where except in the perception of lower densities).

What I am saying is that thousands of us felt it was us involved, though Jack is the only one I am aware of who claims to have personally communicated with the angels who were engaged in the battle.

Yet all those whose goal is to raise Gaia were tapped for energy inputs. I have friends all over the world who each claim to have been drained Saturday and Sunday , though few of us seem to have known it involved an astral battle. We could all feel some tremendous deadly energy. It felt kind of like standing in the middle of a psychic war zone.

I congratulate Jack for his personal commitment and participation and for the report of his perceptions of the events. I, personally, am still a bit down from all this and it might take me a while to clean off my spiritual/mental sword and resheath it. Much sorrow at such destruction (our judgment of their evil does not change the fact that termination of any living energy is a waste).

Jack’s response
This is the most amazing thing I have ever heard of or participated in. Actually we were all personally involved in the mass effort to overthrow this source of evil.

You remember Ruth, that in some recent letters I asked for input to confirm these events since I am a relative newcomer in this field, and I was questioning the reality of it all. But now I have overwhelming confirmation with Fuzzy saying that thousands all over the world had been drained by “something” that occurred Saturday and Sunday. That’s all the confirmation I could hope for.

Now my mind is really boggled, but I feel greatly honored in having played a part in this awesome struggle in which intuitive people from around the world were apparently involved.

Please convey to your other correspondents my sincere thanks for their contributions, and they should realize that as they read my Email correspondence describing my experiences, that they were there in spirit. It was a unified effort.


Jack continues his report
4/9/98 Thursday noon

A while ago my dog Freckles started barking furiously at something standing in front of my picture windows. The windows were sealed with a 1″ thick reflective insulation cover to block out excess heat. So what she was barking at was not outside.

Then I sensed the presence of my 20-foot tall Guardian Angel I have named Big John. My dog has gotten used to his presence so that was not the problem. Then Big John said I would be visited by some Reptilian envoys when I was ready. I said I would be happy to receive them and I surrounded the house with an aura of love.

Then the spokesman of the Reptilian group stepped forward and laid his sword and shield at my feet. I told him that I was defenseless since I had nothing to defend. He said he could see that. Then he said that he wanted to make peace with me. He said they had attacked me without good cause since I was only carrying out orders from a higher authority and they now could see that using force to win battles was not the way any more. Diplomacy and cooperation was the better way.

So they offered peace in exchange for acceptance. I said this was a good trade and offered my hand to seal the agreement. It was met with the envoy’s hand and we made contact. I thanked him and honored him for his intelligence and peaceful intent. Then the group left.

My dog had quit barking as soon as our meeting started. I could only barely sense the presence of the Reptilian envoy, but I could hear him very well. Somehow, using telepathic communication automatically translates thoughts into the language of the receiver. This is the only way I can explain this and other communications with several different alien races described in this report ever taking place. When they mentally projected their thoughts, it was as if I was hearing myself speak. However as this Reptilian envoy spoke to me several times since then, I have been able to sense his presence or personality a little.

As I write this report, I can “see” in my imagination his sword lying on top of the shield left on the floor where we stood. So in my imagination I took them and placed them on the wall over the picture windows where we had talked. I’m glad Roger Kerr went into detail in describing his making peace with several alien groups.

It gave me advanced instructions on how to handle the situation.


I believe that I cam see physical signs of the battles that had apparently occurred in and around my house in the etheric plane. There are wild dogwood trees scattered through the woods around my hilltop house. They were starting to blossom and form leaves during the time of these battles. The dogwood trees less than a hundred feet of my house started producing smaller and badly distorted blossoms and leaves on branches facing my house.

One dogwood branch had been bent to the ground by a fallen limb. It produced normal blossoms and leaves, having been protected by the ground and a large tree trunk shielding it from my house. In addition the closest hickory trees to my house all showed leaf growth retarded in direct proportion to their proximity to my house. See PICTURE PAGE.

So I contacted the Dogwood tree Deva about these anomalies. She said that the nearby dogwood trees were seared by the intense heat during the battles and that they were permanently damaged.

I have just had a short conversation with the “wee people” leader named “Amicus” whose clan lives a short distance from my house in a little valley. He said that he was present when my Guardian Angel ushered in the group of aliens as soon as they expressed their peaceful intent. My dog is starting to growl now. Amicus says that it is not one of his group.

But he sees the tall alien who just visited me. So I tune in and the Reptilian says that it was surprisingly easy to talk face to face with a human. He wants to do it again on a friendly basis. I tell him it is a good idea and I am looking forward to the meetings. I remind him that I am only one person. But he says this is not true, that I am a representative of all humanity. (He was not aware that humans operate independently, and do not have the “hive” instinct which they do, with a mental connection with each other)

He says he wants to bring his leader to meet me soon. I tell him I would welcome the opportunity to meet such a high ranking authority. Then I mention that I have seen several of his cousins, the snakes around my property. He says he wants nothing to do with snakes. He doesn’t like them any more than I do.

I show him the sword and shield displayed on the wall. He turns the sword from horizontal to angling downward across the shield, symbolizing a sheathed sword. He says he likes this arrangement better.

I ask him what I should call him. He says that it would be just as well that I not call him by name. He prefers cooperation between the two races, but separation and not intimacy. So be it. He says he does not like the aura of love around my house. He is not used to this feeling. So it is removed and replaced with cool but friendly respect.

This suits him just fine.

He says he will be back.


4/9/98, 1:30 PM
I just got another visit from the reptilian envoy. I suspected it was he because I became aware of a presence behind me as I sat at my desk, and my dog was looking up behind me and barking softly, indicating a familiar personality. The Reptilian brought along his superior who had a rank equivalent to a Major.

The Major said,

“My Lieutenant told me that you had the keys to the Kingdom.”

This stunned me for a moment, then I said I wasn’t aware that I had those keys.

He answered,

“Yes you do, and we want you to open the door so we can speak to your God you call All That Is.”

I told him that you did not need keys. We are all living creatures having access to All that Is inside us. We only need to know that he is Unconditional Love, and by opening to this, he is present.

He said,

“We would like to be exposed to this. We do not have it in our culture or in our being.”

I answered that every living creature has this Unconditional Love, but most of us have forgotten. I told him,

“If you want to receive it, close your eyes and say ‘To All that Is, I wish to receive your Unconditional Love’.”

He did. So I asked,

“What do you see or feel?”

He said

“I see a ball of glowing energy approaching me very fast.”

I could see it, too. It was a oval about 3 feet high and covered with small yellowish tongues of flame. Then I saw it impact his chest and he staggered back a step. He actually started glowing a little. It took him about a half minute to regain his composure.

He said,

“I have received it but it is a strange feeling. I will take it back to my race and share it.”

I told him this gift was only mine to give, not to keep.

“As you share, it will grow.”

A little while later I was standing at my island counter in the kitchen and noticed Freckles looking up behind me and growling a little again. So I tuned in and received the following message:

“We want to thank you for sharing your secret on how access All that Is.

“We are spreading this love all over our kingdom and everywhere our race is now present.

“We may never be able to thank you for this gift, but know it is changing our culture and traditions. Barriers are starting to fall.

“We do not how much change is occurring but we know it is removing barriers to our advancement which we could otherwise not overcome.

“We are well advanced technically but primitive in our relationship to others in our own race and to other races. This will open up new avenues of contact. Our whole race will one day pay you homage. The courage you showed when we approached you and you said “I am defenseless” and faced us unafraid will go down in our history books as a display of the utmost courage. At the time we did not know that you had the power of All that Is behind you. Now we know.”

Saturday 4/11/8:25 AM

I just had another visit from the Reptilian representative. Among other things he said that I should prepare for another attack, this one from a renegade group who believe I have betrayed their race by giving them access to the Unconditional Love source.

So I sent a message in my imagination to this group that if they try to attack, they will be destroyed just as 50,000 of their brave warriors were, since I have the power of Unconditional Love behind me which is invincible. They must join their fellow warriors who have given up their swords and shields for negotiation and diplomacy. Since they cannot win by force, they must choose peaceful means to affect their goals and they cannot do this without the power of unconditional which is available to them for the asking, just as it for all sentient life forms.

As I write this, I am given the information that they have received this message and they now see that their cause is futile. They will allow themselves to be led into the light by their fellow warriors who have surrendered to this flaming light of love.

[A friend asked Jack in a later Email if there had been another battle last night between two other alien groups over jurisdiction over the earth now that the Reptilians have released their control. I was told that these two groups ready to do battle ran into the organized warrior Angels who are now increased in number to approximately 1,000,000.

They cannot, they will not allow the earth to be dominated again by any other than those led by unconditional love.

So the battle apparently didn’t last long. It would have been interesting to see these two alien groups starting to battle each other and finding themselves being surrounded by a force of 1,000,000 Warrior Angels, ready to take on the winner. I am also given to understand that the angel guard that has been stationed around me since last week end, has been called off and reassigned. The danger is apparently over.]

Freckles growls again and I am receiving thanks from the Reptilians for the message to the renegade group. They have agreed to lay down their weapons, but have not come to grips with the reality of what they must do to join their comrades. Freckles is now barking furiously and I feel surrounded by this renegade group who wishes to be given the gift of Unconditional Love.

So I ask them to say,

“To All that Is I wish to received the gift of Unconditional Love.”

As I wait, they do this and immediately they indicate that it has been received just as I had promised. They say they will leave now so my dog will quit barking, and they thank me for the gift I have bestowed on them. They number about 2,000. But wait – there are more – thousands more.

They have come from different parts of the Reptilian’s universe to receive this gift of Unconditional Love. They come from the star system Rigel where there are two planets they inhabit. Now Freckles has calmed down. She still growls a little but the continuous barking is over. She is a good watch dog. She watches intently as this ceremony progresses.

Freckles starts barking a little again. I am told that a total of 50,000 have just been “baptized into the light” of God’s love. This completes the transformation of their entire race.

Saturday 4/11 11:00 AM.
It’s been busy around here. About a half hour ago after receiving all these guests, Freckles started barking loudly and looking straight out of the south-facing picture windows located about 10 feet off the ground.

I was thinking,

“Oh no, not another Reptilian!”

Then impressions started flooding my mind. This was no Alien. It was a female Warrior Angel, of high rank.

She walked toward me, knelt down, bowed her head with her sword pointed toward me with the tip touching the floor, her shield held vertically at her left side. As I was getting over my surprise and wondering what was going on, she remained in the kneeling position for perhaps 15 seconds, which seemed like forever, not speaking.

Then I realized that she was paying homage. She then rose and started a brief conversation in which she said that she held me in great honor in facing the onslaught of Reptilian warriors, with my calmness warding off any attack as her warriors were busy doing battle. She said they didn’t have to shield me because I put up no resistance so there was nothing to be attacked.

I commented that I got us all in trouble when I placed an impenetrable shield around Fred. She said that it was important to do this because they were sure it would mobilize the aliens into attacking and they were preparing for this for months. There had to be a showdown and this was the time for it.. She thanked my for my willingness to take on the whole government/alien combination. My so stating in my letter to Ruth and my also stating that I had put my trust in the Unconditional Love of “All that Is” got their attention.

They didn’t know what this was, but they soon learned.

When they were defeated so soundly, they realized that this was a force far greater than they could muster. It was for this reason that they came to me asking to receive this Unconditional Love. Their leader was correct in his stating that neither his culture or his being had this. And since it represent a power beyond theirs which up until then they were justifiably proud, they wanted it. So they got it.

Their leader was well chosen to receive the impact of the flaming “Presence” of God without flinching. It was not what he had expected. It was more, far more than he could ever have anticipated. But he knew his race needed it in a world (the earth) which was apparently governed by it. So he was willing to endure whatever it took to get it.

The Warrior Angel ended the conversation by stating that since she was no longer needed on earth she will go to another planet in need of her help.

Based upon this last statement, this battle I had witnessed as did so many others around the world, may actually have been the long-awaited Battle of Armageddon in which Good was pitched against Evil with the whole world at stake.

I had only a few moments rest, then Freckles announced another visitor. I was hesitant about receiving any more but I was told that this was for my own good. So I tuned in and was told that I no longer had any more obligations to enter into conflicts or negotiations.

This was over and done with.

“However there are other projects for which you have already signed up, but they will all be pleasant. “So Have a nice day.”

The speaker did not identify himself. But it doesn’t matter, I needed that. All is quiet for a while.

Freckles starts her furious barking again. I hear my guide say that there is a small creature who wants to see me. He insists on it. So I say if he comes in peace, I welcome him. I start to put an aura of love around the room and am told not to do that. The visitor doesn’t understand this.

So I sense a short being I assume to be a “Gray” alien who walks up to me, kneels, and asks for this gift of Unconditional Love from All That Is. I suspect that he represents one of the two races who have just battled over who controls the earth after the Reptilians relinquished control, and they, too, were soundly defeated by the overwhelming power of the massed Warrior Angels.

So I ask him to say on behalf of his race the simple prayer of acceptance,

“To All that Is, I thank you for giving me your gift of Unconditional Love.”

He says he has received this gift and he will give it to others of his race.

All is quiet once more.

The Freckles announces another visitor. I am told this is the enemy of the Grays, who also want this gift since he has come to respect its unbelievable power which they have witnessed.

I cannot make out the form, but as I start up the same spiel, I am transported to a platform surrounded by these beings. I tell them that I have a gift to give them, the same one I have just given to the Grays, their former enemy. When I finish leading them through the short prayer, I ask if they have received the gift. They say that they have and they will spread it to the rest of their race.

Freckles is quiet, then barks again. I sigh and tune in. I am told it is an envoy from the Pleiadian Council. She says that what she has witnessed today is the most remarkable transformation she could ever hope for..

“Race after race received the infilling of unconditional love.

“They now feel totally accepted as one with All that Is.

“You could not have given this gift had you not believed so completely in its reality and power.

“We will now leave you but we will be back with another gift.

“This one you can see and feel.”

I see a bright pinpoint of light next to my computer for an instant apparently as a sign that this is true. Freckles has finally quit barking…

It is almost 2:00 PM.

To Jack from Ruth: Saturday April 11
I am so thrilled about this reconciliation. How amazing Jack. Today… more developments… I had gone to my therapists and entered a sky council with Quan Yin again from last week. Therapist took notes for me. The aliens coming to me to receive this gift and return to their people transformed, transmuted, filled with this wonderful light.

With this little white piece of love inside them, they change instantly from being so warrior-like and dominant, and then go back shining with light and love. It is so thrilling..! They are indeed noble.

One tall being like Darth Vadar in black leather said,

“We do not want to offend you anymore with your forces against us. I am an emissary and I came here because we do not know what else to do.”

More emissaries came including the grays. They surrendered, too. They just wanted to find a source of energy they explained because they were dying. I saw them as a very thin gray… This was all the life force they had and it was shared by the whole race of them.

(Ruth directed them back in time to the intersection where they chose to remove all the emotions from their genetic makeup. They had determined that this was necessary to prevent another civil war using nuclear weapons which just about annihilated their race and drove them underground to escape radiation poisoning… But this had also removed the source of love energy from All that Is, and without it they had started losing their racial group energy. She had them choose a new alternate path of unconditional love which she saw go all the way up to the Pleiades)

The gray emissary said,

“We thought we had everything just as we wanted it to take over your planet.

“We had the politicians, the scientists, the food supply and the market all under our control. And then this force came that we have never known before.

“We know we are defeated.

“We have no more control..”

It was incredible to feel this ability to heal and love these beings who have so little love in them… Jack this is so thrilling.. I feel like a kid.

Quan Yin said of Saturday 4th April, 1998,

“this is a day that will go down in the history of the Universe as a super wonderful day for light workers together as ONE we said to these warriors ‘Go and sin no more.'”

This made me weep.

I am awed and full of wonder. I am so thrilled to be alive to see this.


From Jack’s log, 4:00 PM same day
Freckles has spent the entire afternoon periodically going to the picture windows and barking loudly. I would calm her down, and soon she would start up again. I finally asked my guides what was going on, and I was told that there were thousands of Reptilians touring the area where the damage of the two battles last week end is still apparent in the 4th density where they exist…

I was told that one group would tour the area and leave, then another group would take its place. The fact that Freckles calms down briefly about every 20 minutes is due to the calm when there is no alien ship on my lawn. I understand that this will come to an end after tonight.

That will be a relief for both Freckles and me.

5:30 PM

I have added the light-proof insulating covers in all windows. Freckles has now quit barking.

Note: I must add that this receiving of unconditional love is not the same as the infilling of the Holy Spirit, God’s go-between connection to our false world in which we believe He is not present.

Instead this is actually the waking up to God’s presence already dwelling in every sentient creature, but apparently most alien races have no awareness of this presence.


Easter Sunday afternoon 4/12, from Jack’s log
Freckles has been barking for short periods since early afternoon. Then I notice the more or less regular timing intervals between barks. So I start timing. She would jump up from napping, run to the picture window area and look straight ahead (12 feet off the ground) and start about 3 minutes of barking at least 25 times since early afternoon, in 6 to 10-minute intervals. It is now 4:45 PM.

I finally had to ask my guides what was going on and was told that a large UFO craft landing and taking off periodically at the downward sloping edge of my south lawn in front of the picture windows. So I tuned into this situation and said that this was my property and I would appreciate knowing what is going on.

I receive the answer apparently from a Reptilian representative:

“No it isn’t.

“It is our property.

“We have been given permission by All that Is to build a memorial to our fallen comrades.

“We were defeated in what was our greatest military humiliation, but it turned out to be our greatest victory, since we have all been filled with unconditional love by Jack’s God All that Is.

“Actually it is everyone’s God since we are all a part of All that Is, but we did not know it until now.”

I was really curious about what this memorial looked like. My “third eye” was just opening and I could not see 4th density reality very well. So I contacted Scott Eldridge, an Email friend who is an instructor at a school for psychic development, and asked him to tune in on the memorial erected by the Reptilians in my back yard.

Here is his report:


I took a look at the structure in your property, and this is what I saw psychically. I’m not good on the specific visual look of things seen from my sixth chakra. I more get information about the energy with a few 3D-type impressions.

The thing seem skewed in terms of its orientation to your house. It appears to be oriented on or aligned somehow to a star system (or something) that is at about 290 degrees (little north of west) and maybe 60 degrees up from the horizon. (I suppose the orientation could change depending on the time. I was looking in real time at 12:30 PM on Saturday.)

The bottom part of the structure appears to be made from or filled with war stuff from the battle. Around the top part is an energy that I would call a variation on what you called, I think, unconditional love, God’s light… The variation is that its vibration is of a kind that they can have, that resonates with a similar spark within them (those who visit). It’s a different energy from what works for you but then they’re in a different place, on a number of levels.

The “elevators” go up to a space in which I see a wall or plaque covered in “writing.” Seems to be the story of the battle. The purpose, as I see it on an energy level is that it allows those who visit to move some energy within them that needs to move, and move out, before the energy that surrounds the room can come in and begin to feed their own matching spark. I see grief over the battle and old anger, possibly so old they don’t recognize its presence within them any longer, as energies needing to move. Each visitor takes back what they can.

Seems their race has been really shaken up by the occurrences. Some few were injured in the battle and survived, but most seem to be gone, their life force neutralized back to non-individualized energy, no longer a part of the race… Somewhat like the scene in star Wars where Obi Wan feels the shock in the “Force” when a whole planet is destroyed.

I also see visitors, as they pass your house on the way to the memorial, making a bowing gesture of respect. You appear to have become an intergalactic holy man.

Of Course everyone sees and reads energy differently, and your mileage may vary. But food for thought. You might want to check with Sir Henry, another source, about what I said before passing it on. I an, in fact curious, as to the meaning of the structure’s orientation.


Jack replied
Wow! During a lot of these episodes I wrote to you about, I seemed to be sort of “out of it”, like I was following a script I had been rehearsing for a long time, and I was playing a role I had signed up for a long time ago. It still seems unreal. But your letter adds confirmation from an authority which I greatly respect. So I deeply appreciate your looking into this situation for me.

Here is a subsequent letter to Scott from Jack:
Scott: It seems that I have a Reptilian adviser, the one who first appeared to me and laid his sword and shield at my feet. He is now the official curator and guide to the memorial his race erected in my back yard. Here is his description of it:

He says that the sword part of the building is indeed tilted at 60 degrees from vertical because that is the angle of their sword when it is in its sheath. They have found that it can be drawn quicker by the opposite hand if the sword is angled downward and backward when hanging on their belt, instead of straight down. In other words the tilted angle is meaningful to those in his race as being a peace symbol. This makes perfect sense, and confirms your impression.

The 290 degree orientation takes advantage of a group of house-sized rocks located directly west of my house with the tallest located a little north of west of my house which is apparently the anchoring point of the sword handle.

The visitor’s area is made of a large transparent hemispherical dome (made in four 90 degree sections) which encloses the lower end of the stainless steel blade. The elevators go up to the smaller hemispherical dome on top of the larger one where the energy transfer takes place. This dome has a dark blue tint. By the way, the Lieutenant says the steel sword is symbolic. They use light energy swords ala Star Wars.

He also says different races have different days allotted to them so there will not be intermingling of the races, but the memorial has done a lot to reconcile any differences because they all have great respect and honor for their war dead.

From Jack’s log, April 15
This is a letter channeled from Sir Henry, the Deva. It pretty well summarized his work in this effort, and provides some predictions for the future.

Dear Jack:
Much has transpired since I last reported in. We have been up to our eyeballs in work, saving the planet from the “bad guys” who have now left the earth clean and unspoiled, ready to be occupied by the “good guys” who are immersed in unconditional love from, as you call Him, “All that Is”. Actually that is a good name because it says it all and is not connected with any denomination.

I was with you both times the battles raged around your house. You acted wisely and responsibly to this display of power, by ignoring it. You were defenseless so you were out of it, despite the fact that it was you they were after.

But all is peaceful now. I am still working with the Aliens, making the feel welcome in a brand new world without their domination. In fact that is my new assignment, to be Earth’s ambassador to alien envoys from all over the galaxy who are interested in reviewing the battle ground and observing the magnificent structure being erected in your back yard.

I wish you could see it, it is beautiful. It has your name engraved on a plaque in the entrance, and the gifts showered on you by the forgiven aliens are on display in the entrance also, as you requested. With your permission, I will take the sword and shield off your wall and also place it on display with this group.

In regard to what I have been up to, I have visited Fred in his negative prison and led him into the light as I have done so many times before for others. This time he had enough experience with the negatives, since he was powerless to neutralize any of their power. He had to come out into the light in order to regain his strength and be re-inserted into his physical body.

Some day he will provide all the proof that you need that the experiences you have had over the past couple of weeks were very real, and were of utmost importance as you and many other Light Workers completed their assignments in bringing about the overthrow of the negative aliens who have so long ruled the earth, going back centuries, as is chronicled in several channeled reports on Spiritweb.org.

(Note: a year later Fred feels he is still not completely free of alien domination, though I feel it is reverting to old habits rather than true reality, and he still cannot remember any details of his more than two years of total mental domination and control by the Anunnaki Aliens.)

I have also had conversations with Mother Earth as to her plans for this area in the immediate future.

She says she has developed an aura of protection around Southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas in addition to several other places that are not going to experience any appreciable changes. But not so for the rest of the world. All outside this shield will experience various degrees of damage and death, for reasons not known to me, but as part of Her plan to establish a Heaven on Earth. She did not think it would be possible for centuries, but it will happen within the next two years, before the year 2,000 is ushered in.

You will be contacted by the Government to tell what you know about the complete about face of the Reptilians and some of the Grays who have had a strangle hold on the governments and economy of not only the U.S. but most other nations of any global importance.

It is time now to rebuild and look forward to a meaningful existence on earth. It’s about time.

But for me and my band of Elementals, we shall be assigned to different galaxies to carry the seeds of Unconditional Love which is the essence of All that Is, into the worlds around the universe. The seal of this secret has been broken by you and your fellow workers, and released to the entire universe. It is a long time coming. This is similar to the work I just completed in spreading the Spurling wave forms around the world, but on a galactic scale. I am really looking forward to these assignments, as I travel from one galaxy to another, bringing this gift to those who are ready to receive. Most are, as the word continues to spread.

Goodbye for now, and I will keep in touch with you and your coworkers.

You are not finished with me yet!

Yours in love, Unconditional Love,
Sir Henry

Further notes from Jack’s log
I had hoped at the time it would be the final ending. But I was wrong. Subsequent adventures were still to come. In addition the following information on the future of the Reptilian 4th density Memorial located in my back yard is included here for continuity.

Postcript: This morning, August 6, 1998, I was becoming annoyed at my psychic Cocker Spaniel going to the south picture windows from which I had removed the insulating covers, and barking every twenty minutes. I knew she was barking at the arrival of another 4th dimensional shuttle craft loaded with visitors going to the shrine erected by the Reptilians behind my house. Then a group of high ranking Andromedans requested an audience with me, which was immediately granted. I was told that this memorial shrine was only temporarily located in my back yard.

The shrine is scheduled to be dismantled and moved to a permanent location in the Andromeda Galaxy and on the Andromedan home planet in the near future, where it would be on display on a similar hill, a replica of its present surroundings. They said that it had served its purpose, in that it and its history is now permanently recorded in the archives of all alien races who have had any dealings with the earth at any time period in the past, amounting to seventeen races in all.


Was advised that the six reformed Dark Lords were creating an addition to this memorial in honor of Roger for all the work he has done in opening them up to the concept of Unconditional Love. They said they would never have accepted this gift from All that Is had it not been for his work.


This addition was a gold crown around the upper sphere composed of six scallops with a large diamond at the intersection of each scallop, representing the six Dark Lords, 3 in our universe and three in the Dark Universe. As of the posting date of this story, the shrine has been moved to the Andromedan home planet as scheduled.

But the THE R AND J MONUMENT has more than taken its place, where a model of this Memorial is on display.

Letter received on 12/28/00 from someone reading the Armageddon Chronicles

Jack O’Brien:

Your website page of: PART 2 Freeing Mental Slaves from Captivity seems to be down, probably the gov’t trying to stop the info… Would be great if you could bring it back up….

Thanks again.

I reinstalled this file, and immediately my internet connection locked up, preventing Email letters from being received or sent, and also locking up all programs using USER32.DLL which was apparently moved to an inaccessible location in my computer. I asked my Guides to locate in the astral plane a person knowledgeable with computers and with physical manifestation capabilities to fix this problem.

This was apparently done, because within a few minutes I was told to test the computer, it still had the problem. Then I was told to shut off the computer and re-start it. When I did, the problem was fixed. Uploading this note to my website was the first project I tried in order to be sure. Your being able to read it is proof of the repair job being done from the “other side”. It’s great to have friends in high places.

Here is the answer I sent to notify of this problem:

“Part 2 is re-installed and the monitoring and control equipment used to delete this file is fried. The dudes doing this deletion and computer lockup under the direction of the secret gov’t have all turned in their resignations as a result of a very shocking experience they had.

Thanks for the info. I’ll check on the integrity of this file occasionally”

This was not the end of the secret government’s interference. I will add a little detail to this adventure. Every time I have logged onto my Index page for about a month, just after the New Additions appeared on my monitor, I would get a sign “Transfer interrupted” for about a second, then the remainder of the Index page would appear. (Apparently this part of my Index page was being monitored so any new additions could be checked out.)

So after getting my Netscape up and running again, I searched out the cause of the interruption. It was coming from Denver. About a year ago I did the same astral search job and found a room in downtown Denver full of eavesdropping equipment, and intuited the names of the three men taking shifts in monitoring the equipment. I wrote a letter to myself in which I told them I was aware of my monitored email and I was flattered that they thought I was a sufficiently valuable source of information that the CIA (I thought) was monitoring my Email.

But when this computer glitch happened and I traced it to the same source, and this time I knew it was the Secret Gov’t behind it, I mentally fried their equipment and temporarily locked the door to their monitoring room as the room filled with smoke. I finally unlocked the door, and gave them each a shock that stunned them and one hit his head on a desk as he dropped to the floor and is hospitalized with a head injury.

They have all resigned their jobs. I placed a protection around them so they would not be killed by their former employer for fear they would reveal to the public what they were up to and who they were working for, with the edict that anyone trying would be electrocuted.

I logged onto my Index page and the “Transfer Interrupted” sign didn’t show up, and the complete page was downloaded immediately. But the next day the same sign appeared. This time I traced the monitoring device to the Pentagon. I received permission from my Guidance to fry their equipment also, and to stun the operators with an electric shock. Immediately after, I logged onto the Index page and the “transfer interrupted” message was gone and the complete page was loaded without any interruption.

I have intuited that those who were stunned and watched their monitoring equip go up in smoke have all requested transfer to another department. I will continue to check for further monitoring and continue my smoking and stunning edict until the monitoring is halted. If you find that those in the Secret Government are successful in terminating me, I am laying a clear trail to their doorstep.

This secret government headquarters is located on the second floor in the north wing of the Pentagon building. It is disguised as a records storage area with access to this section from the first floor directly below. You may check the floor plan and find that the records storage area is much smaller than the complete north wing area. Also if you find this file inaccessible at a later date, advise me. This would be another obvious secret government attempted coverup.

In order to check the validity of this adventure, I described it in an Email letter to my intuitive friend Jaya (Alara) Andrews which included in part:

A few days later I checked into this and and my guidance indicated that this whole monitoring scheme had been completely dismantled and the conspiracy had been shut down with key members hauled off to jail and charged with innumerable counts of conspiracy, etc., and there would be no more snooping. What do your guides say about this?

Jaya’s Guides’ answer:

“Correct… there should be no more snooping.

“The monitoring program has been shut down… since you had put their location on the net, those in charge couldn’t believe that someone hadn’t notified you, or “betrayed” them in some way.

“So, they shut down and made a show of taking key members away to “jail”… supposedly… in actuality, they were taken to hospitals to be “de-programmed”.

“They won’t see the light of day for quite some time, if ever again.”

So most of my information was correct.

But now I am picking up the thought that “those in charge” have gone into hiding and ultimately the entire operation will be exposed and they will be hunted down and charged with conspiracy to overthrow the government. No doubt “those in charge” will be reading this further revelation, and they may elect to turn themselves in and do a plea bargain attempt in return for “telling the whole story” which otherwise would never be told.

So I need to add that this terminates my involvement in this story and I am letting others put an end to it.



What follows are excerpts of Email letters between Ruth (ruth@aloha.net) and Jack (jobrien@yournet.com) plus comments added later by each, starting Thursday afternoon June 25th.

It involves the problems Ruth’s friend Fred was continuing to have in X, a town in the desert southwest, working for the secret government/alien coalition in that area. Apparently there is a vast network of laboratories located beneath a nearby mountain (and elsewhere) in which workers are programmed through injections, hypnosis and implants to be under the total mental control of the aliens they work for.

Their minds are compartmentalized so they will forget what they are working on when they go home and then recall this information when they return to work the next day.

Received from Ruth

4:18 PM Thursday June 25th 1998
I had a really Bad night with visitors of every type of ET creature I can think of.. they were so bossy and once again told me “We own Fred.” I am sure it is the Anunnaki. I really wish there was some way to deal with them and take care of them once and for all. We must have to learn something here.. and we are not getting it. Do you think? I am so sad that all your work only got Fred a new job and not complete freedom, but at least he has his life.. some do not have that even.. and some do not even have the ability to communicate at all with the outside world.. being shut up.

[Ruth had taken a trip some weeks before this to Fred’s place of work in a small college in X to try to see him and help him, but he was not allowed to see her. She went to his college driving a dismal 300 miles alone. She did magic and chants all the way to try to bring some energy into the desert where only depression seemed to hang.

Her guidance said just to go to places where the energies would be altered by her presence and energy. So she went with the intention of sending love into Fred’s office. Just as she entered the town of X a fox dashed in front of her car and she took it as a sign that she would be protected from harm. She was. She found the college on a small hill and her intuition sensed it was a cover for an underground access to a nearby airport.

So then she could understand how he had been taken away on weekends. Although she was observed by someone all the time she was near Fred’s office, she took her shoes off and did a Goddess spin on the grass and sent joy energy down into the ground and then linked it up to the Pleiades above. She never saw or heard from Fred]

Ruth’s letter continues
My little trip to X to put some joy into the place was a big deal for me.. but I wonder how much I can do on a larger scale..! We’ll just have to do it and trust that my work and your work and everyone’s work counts. Everyone knows their Gov. is doing illegal things with our money.. WE ALL know. What and who is going to blast it open? Some how I feel I am going to be part of that.. and YOU. I do not know how yet.

I spent the night calling on all my buddies out there to come here and straighten these F***’s out… Sorry about the language.. but I am sick of them… Totally!.

Sent by Jack 5:38 same day
I checked with the Galaxy Being (a Group Spirit of all sentient creatures in the Milky Way) who said she would check into the Anunnaki group. It was my gut feeling that there was a small group still doing dirty tricks, not realizing that their main body had left a few weeks ago. She was back in less than a minute saying that there were just a few left doing their thing and she thought I could speak directly to them without getting covered with negativity.

So I mentally called them together and said that the main body of their race had received the gift of Unconditional Love from All that Is (God) and left for home. I said I could give them the same gift and this would allow them to also go home. They agreed. I could feel the impacts of the power of Unconditional Love hitting them.

After it soaked in, they thanked me for the gift and I told them this would be their ticket through the Stargate which Roger had opened, if this is the path home.

Also I asked that they contact Fred and tell him directly that he was released from any contracts that were in force.


I am receiving info on the Anunnaki.

A group has gathered around me and their spokesman indicates that they have gathered all of their group from all over the world (numbering over 2,000) and have passed on the Unconditional Love gift, which they could do since they have telepathic interconnection they can use when needed.

They thanked me profusely and said that they know now why their leaders had left in such a hurry. They were expecting them to be back but they never showed up. They said that they had their own route back to their home world, not the Stargate. So they are gone, and no remaining negativity.

When I started this investigation, I realized that this could place Fred in deep trouble, but I had an inner conviction that it would have the opposite effect. Also the shield I had placed around him is still intact, but he may be acting as if it isn’t.

I am getting impressions and comments that there is lots of activity in X. People are packing up and leaving the town in droves.

The spell is broken.

Sent by Jack

6:35 PM : Same day.
A while ago I felt X was in utter confusion, people coming out of underground laboratories some having been imprisoned for years. They are having a hard time adjusting to the light. Then I could visualize everybody grabbing cars and heading out of town.

Now I believe that X is a virtual ghost town. There are no cars left. Everyone has gone. My spirit adviser commented in almost bewilderment a while ago,

“You really threw the manure in the fan at X. Congratulations. We were hoping someone would step in and shut that city down.”

My dowser is going wild confirming all this.

Received from Ruth

7:00 PM: Thursday 25th June, 1998
Jack this came from Fred (quote from Jack: I believe that it is a totally new ball game.)

Fred’s answer: “It IS a totally new ball game since this Monday! Do you “know” what happened?”

[Ruth discovered after this letter that Fred was referring to a being – a tall light being from the Pleiades who came through the facility and basically changed the whole energy of it, releasing all the held prisoners and dismantling the power source.]

(quote from Jack: I am getting impressions and comments that there is lots of activity in Yuma. People are packing up and leaving the town in droves.)

Fred’s reply: “They actually are. One quarter of my whole Division faculty is leaving now.”

Sent by Jack

7:10 PM
It’s hard to keep up with the activity around here. Freckles (my psychic dog) started barking her fool head off. I tuned in and sensed that a crowd was gathering outside my house. I was told that there were aliens of all descriptions who were in charge of getting the world back in order, gathering and milling around, not knowing what to do, except to rejoice at what has been transpiring at X and apparently other places in the world formerly controlled by the Anunnaki.

So following your [Ruth} suggestion to go ask a tree if you want the truth, I went outside and leaned against my favorite tree to focus my attention. I received the message that I had just broken the back of the secret government/alien conspiracy and it was no more. It said that there were so many entities around, both alien and spirit, that I was walking through them, there being no room for them to move out of the way.

They were all around my house. (They exist in the 4th or higher densities, which are vibrating at a higher rate and thus invisible, like fan blades disappearing when the fan is turned on.)

I am beginning to feel the excitement of the moment is ebbing and being replaced with a happy glow as everyone returns to their regular activities, apparently all over the world.

Sent by Jack

7:30 PM

I need to write these things down as they occur or I will forget them.

As I mentioned to you on the phone, shortly after the crowd started dispersing around my house, I sensed the presence of Gaia. She congratulated my breaking open the long-festering spiritual sore of X which I had apparently cut into when I worked with the Anunnaki group to give them the Unconditional Love treatment.

She said that it has been a pain in her side for years, and now it is gone. Your work Ruth pouring love energy into the area, and no doubt others also, apparently started the sore coming to a head. I didn’t have to do much convincing the Anunnaki to receive the Love treatment, it was as if they were expecting it. So a lot of groundwork must have been done to allow this to come off so smoothly.

Fred said he detected a strong shift last Monday, the summer solstice, and today is Thursday, so I apparently gave it the final touch.

Ruth replies
This day should be called VICTORY day! I have called everyone I can think of to tell them it is OVER the worst is over… I am so glad to get the story of Gaia… I love her. I met her here I Hawaii at the eclipse last Feb. She was so androgyn. It was she who I planted everywhere that I went… I literally stuck her into the earth at each of my stops.

Fred still seems pretty locked into his state of having to lie and hide his true self. Do you think even he knows his true self?

Jack Answers
Freckles has been barking frantically for the last half hour. I finally tuned in and discovered that several of the Anunnaki had a message for me. They said that they had remained behind, and were still releasing all the contracts and obligations they had placed on the many people who worked for them, but within the next day or two, everything would be leveled, energy-wise.

They said that they felt that this was the least they could do, in view of the terrible things they were responsible for during the past several years. The presence of Unconditional Love in their being has completely turned them around in their agendas. They are showing great compassion to stay around to fix as much damage as they can.

The power of Unconditional Love is truly amazing.

Your mentioning making a movie of this whole affair is a nice idea, but with the entire story woven around the power of Unconditional Love which is the essence of God (All that Is), each major religion would insist on inserting some of their doctrine and the name of their Deity in order to make it a “truer” description of God, which would only add distortion. This is why I referred to God as “All that Is”. It is a neutral but as complete a description as I could find.

And then with Charlton Heston playing God, the feminists would be up in arms. You can’t win.

Received from Ruth

1:08 AM Friday

(Ruth lives in Hawaii, 4 hours earlier than CDT)
(copy of letter to a friend)

IT is over.. The work we have been doing to release this really bad stuff there is complete. People there were imprisoned in their bodies.. unable to control their own destinies.

They were robots in every way. They had to work and do just as they were told and all this from inside their heads. They had implants which allowed them to only see one particular type of way. A programmed way. It was like a mind control Nazi camp gone to hell in a basket. The words will come out now and reveal all that was really happening there. It was also a sort of Area 51 with Fred’s college as a front for the underground machinations and secret experiments.

I am quite sure that it will be discovered that he has gone to Mars from there. But it is OVER… and with it the beginning of the fall of whole secret gov. entity. I have been working to this end for years as have many of you. IT is here.. It may not appear to be different in the daily news but if you tune in you will probably confirm that something shifted this week… after the Solstice.

It is wonderful. IT will make all the difference to the planet now. I was really mad last night and invited every being I could think of to come and help… The Andromedans, the Ashtar Command, the Federation, Quan Yin, my guru Muktananda and Bhagwan Nityandand, Jesus, Shiva, Ganesha, Uli, you name it..

I was pulling them all in to get the secret gov. out of this country and to have them be gone permanently.

Received from Ruth 4:00 AM Friday
Message from Springs (a highly evolved Lightworker in Hawaii) Aloha Ruth.

My you have been busy in the last 24! I am very pleased that you are participating and witnessing the changing of the forces. As of the eclipse on Feb. 26, the Federation of the Higher realms made a decision to enter the “game of life” we created for ourselves and ordered all ET’s to leave this dimension of the 3rd.. they all have to be off by the year 2000.

When the Galactics were voting on whether to enter our free-will zone to help us, many voted “no” because we have created our victimhood by giving away our power thru fear. We got a reprieve because it was accepted that we had been tampered with and it was not entirely our fault. Once all ET’s are gone it will be shown (to the higher realms) what our intent really is and if we are in Divine alignment. You can rest now and celebrate completion of the battles.

EnJOY your new life free of fear and filled with Light in total peace and abundance. I’m proud of you!!

Jack Friday 26th June, 1998
I had a visit by the Anunnaki at 10:30.

Their spokesman stated,

“we have unlocked 200 cells under X and freed the inhabitants. There are no more controlled humans. They have all been set free. A total of 10 secret areas worldwide, involving over 2,000 Anunnaki have been released from our control.”

“We are all going home now. We are sorry for all of the damage we have done and suffering we have caused to humanity. It was all selfishly motivated. We thought we could conquer the world by controlling the stock market, banks, military, even the religious institutions. But we failed to take into consideration the enormous cost in grief and suffering. For this we are truly sorry.

To help make amends, we had planned on giving you the technique of total conquering of all diseases by the power of thought. We originally understood that these were all caused by weakness in the body but we understand now that in a free-will society, sickness has a purpose, so the person must face up to the emotional causes before a permanent cure can be had. This will be the future goal of all religions: to remove all semblance of fear, shame and guilt which are the primary causes.

These emotions cannot exist when we are all filled with Unconditional Love from All that Is. We bid you goodbye now, and we thank you for giving us the greatest gift imaginable: Unconditional Love from All that Is. It is changing our whole society. We have a new purpose in life: to spread love, not fear-based control.”

At 11:00 AM Friday a representative of the Pleiadian group arrived, introduced as always by my dog Freckles barking. I was told to be sure to include the above message in my report.

She said that it is exactly the message the Anunnaki wanted to convey.

Ruth’s add on ending
While I was meditating in my home today, Friday, a group of American Indians from the desert area I traveled through to see Fred came to visit me and they thanked me for my work for them and clearing their land of the evil energies of the secret government. They said that my salutations to their sacred places as I passed through, woke up the energies beneath the earth and helped them activate their own methods for clearing the area.

As of this point my friend Fred is about to take on a new job elsewhere.

I am not sure he is entirely clear about what he has been involved with. He is still somewhat unable to grasp the situation fully. From my guidance about his state of health, it indicates that he is probably worse off than most of the victims of this horror chamber as he had been more conscious of the dreadful violations of human and universal laws that were being perpetrated on his friends and colleagues.

The others were not so conscious. He has had the hardest task as he knew what was going on and he was trying to help others. He has fought the hardest to maintain his sanity and control of his life and heart and he has had the most damage done to his mind. I do not feel the story is over for him yet.

But for the city of X, and the beleaguered victims of that hell-hole, the worst is over.


From the 26th of June to the 23rd of September 1998, Fred was still under the mind control of the military/civilian /ET conspiracy although the ETs had long ago checked out. He was provided with a woman “keeper” named Angie also under mind control, to keep track of him since the mental shield Jack had placed around him prevented their maintaining complete control over him. He was given the mental suggestion that they were married.

Ruth flew from Hawaii to the U.S. and drove to X to see Fred, but he was not there. Fred and Angie moved to California where he joined the teaching staff of a college. Ruth once again flew from Hawaii to the U.S. and drove to his college and had lunch with Fred and renewed their close friendship.

Then on the 23rd of September, Ruth sent the following letter to Jack:

Jack I have very clear communications with Fred. He is in bad shape again. They do not allow the letters and the phone calls are being monitored by a psychic force now. I feel the negativity again. It is not as strong as it was before… but something is “back” and trying again to control him. He was sort of let lose in the early part of Aug. He says that if I do not hold on to him… he will be totally lost as no one else has a clue what he is going through.

He says that “she” is acting so badly and it is all as she is programmed to do (she does not have a clue) and it is all designed to destabilize and humiliate him so he will keep off balance and feel “controlled.” Until we find out who is doing this… he will not be free. I urge you to turn all your energies on the controllers of this situation… they are human probably with robotic negativity and could be the ones that Carol has identified.

It was very clear that there is an active – force field between us now… to keep us apart…

Both Jack and Ruth had become intuitively aware of their Email being monitored by the CIA. In fact Jack intuited that this was being done in Denver and described the details of the room that three agents plus a backup were working in.

The fact that this monitoring was going on round the clock suggested that the CIA was vitally interested in the information we were passing to each other.


Of all the stories in my Website, this one is the least verifiable, at least as the time of posting.

By its very nature, the conspiracy lived on secrecy, and it apparently died in the same manner. Great efforts are still being taken by those formerly involved, both human and alien, to hide the details. So, until the day verification is forthcoming, I suggest that this be considered a Science Fiction story.

As a matter of fact, this may be the best way to treat most of the information in my Website. In the meantime, the information sources listed at the beginning of Part 1 above, make good bedtime reading.

Happy nightmares!

Jack O’B

Jack wrote the following letter on Sept. 23, 1998
Ruth: I concentrated on Fred and detected human manipulation. I had been looking for ‘ET’ manipulation which is gone. So I followed it back to the source in the Pentagon.

This is the remnant of the secret government/military/alien conspiracy. They are trying desperately to keep a lid on this whole affair. I confronted them with a growing sense of enormous power being accumulated. I told them that unless they released this control completely NOW the Warrior Angels would destroy them and their life energy would dissolve into neutral energy and their souls would be gone. Utterly vanished. Like they never existed.

This is how the Warrior Angels handled the 50,000 Reptilians in the first battle of Armageddon. The professional psychic Scott Eldridge confirmed that there was nothing left of the Reptilian organized life energy, as did the lightworker nicknamed Fuzzy (now Rich, richamab@ioa.com) who said of this episode “our judgment of their evil does not change the fact that termination of any living energy is a waste.” It was returned to the source.

I mentioned that sometimes I hear a loud POP when I think of some important truth, an indication that my Guidance agrees with what I am writing… Well I just got one. This is a physical manifestation that I had been waiting for to confirm that I was doing the right thing.

They said they needed a day to release all these controls. So I said that tomorrow evening at 3:00 PM I would have to have some indication that they have disbanded, or the Warrior Angels would disintegrate their offices which I understand are in the east wing of the P***gon. It will simply disintegrate and fall in a rubble heap. I understand that it will take one hour for this to happen.

I was inspired to do this, and I felt I shook them to their foundations. So I will hope to read or hear something about this revelation tomorrow, or the threatened destruction mentioned above would happen. This is a very real threat which I was asked to make.

They are aware of the power I was accumulating since some of them are clairvoyant. I had reestablished a shield around Fred several days ago in which only those in the light could enter, so I am sure this has made some difference. but it has become put up or shut up time for their releasing not only their controls of Fred but also of his buddies.

My CIA buddies need to take heed of this plan of either revelation or destruction because the P***gon will look odd with only four sections and a rubble heap. They are aware of the spiritual power I can muster. The spirit of all those remaining with the secret government will simply cease to exist tomorrow evening. Running away will not help.

They are in one place as far as Spirit is concerned if they remain a part of this coalition. It will be as if they never existed. So tomorrow evening the secret military/government will no longer exist, one way or another, because there will be nobody left to run it, one way or the other.

I was inspired by All that Is on this one.

Jack wrote to Ruth

I am glad that you have detected a difference in Fred. I just tuned in on him and he told me he feels completely free, like a new man. I asked the “free spirit” (who describes himself as a junior angel) to check in at the Pentagon and see what was going on. He reported the same thing as I had felt, that there was desperate activity in the secret government branch of the P***gon, with files being opened to the legitimate military personnel.

I contacted Gaia and asked if there was something of a permanent nature in front of the building, such as a marble or concrete statue or sign which she could disintegrate to show what she could do to an entire wing of the P***gon. She chose an entrance sign of some kind, and proceeded to first crumble it to dust in the 4th density followed by its crumbling to dust in the 3rd. I had remembered reading some writings of a channeler Tom Smith dated 1992 about Gaia having to pulverize all concrete structures and bridges in her attempt to return earth to her former pristine beauty.

Much of this destruction has been eliminated or greatly modified since then due to the efforts of the Lightworkers, but I was reminded of this when I reviewed my warning letter to the secret military/government conspiracy. It was this type of destruction I had visualized which would happen to the secret government wing of the P**agon if they did not disband immediately and remove all controls from such people as Fred.

I believe the requirements for disbanding have been or are being met, so I asked Gaia to just produce a sample of what she said she could do if necessary. She said that she had wanted to destroy the entire P***gon Building, but had held herself back to enable humanity to mend its ways and stop its trashing of her and humanity itself.

So let me know if you see pictures or reports of the entrance sign to the Pentagon being converted to a dust pile from some unknown cause.

(There has been no public confirmation of this action as of early 1999. I feel the press was told that the entrance sign was being revised and was intentionally demolished to make room for the new one.)

I just made a final check and was told that this division of the Pe***gon had shut its doors for the last time. There are no more personnel working there. It is now an archive for research and reference only. If this turns out to be true, the secret government/military/alien conspiracy is no more.

[As of early 1999 there has been no public confirmation of the P***gon sign replacement, nor the closing down of a section of this building. However I feel that this section has been gutted of all records having to do with the secret government/military/alien conspiracy, which are stored in the vast records warehouse. With this wing now dedicated to legitimate military activity, there would be no remaining physical evidence of the presence of any former secret activity, unless the records could be found.]

So it is probably better to close the book on this part of the story.

Jack wrote on 9/15/98
I was told a while ago by a Warrior Angel that during a group meeting of those working on the secret government/military/ET conspiracy (minus the ET connection because they are no longer a part) one of their chiefs was disintegrated into a pile of dust in a flash of light as he was walking to the podium to address the group.

The Warrior Angel said he had been authorized by All that Is to perform this deed in full view of the assembly in order to let them know what they would be in for if they continued to hold this conspiracy together. This meeting took place yesterday afternoon for the purpose of explaining what they would have to do in order to not be annihilated. This was a graphic demonstration of this bleak prediction.

The Warrior Angel said that this particular person was at the very head of the conspiracy, and his Higher Self had volunteered to submit himself to this treatment in order to accelerate the disbanding of this coalition. His soul was not snuffed out. Only his physical body was. But this so electrified the rest of the attendees, that they submitted their resignations immediately and fled the premises.

On the way out, many of them drove by the sign in front of the P***agon, made of concrete and steel and marble, which was earlier reduced to rubble by Gaia as a sample of what would happen to the east wing of the Pentagon if this conspiracy was not immediately disbanded.

I did a mental check of the P***gon this morning and I could see a sort of “black hole” in one wing in an otherwise active environment in which no regular activity was going on. Instead there were people poring over records and making notes. The Military was writing up a detailed synopsis of what they were uncovering, and all members of Congress and the President were to be briefed. (the latest as of Sept. 24 is that this whole affair will be bottled up until it is felt that the public would be able to handle this open admission that a secret government/military/alien coalition had existed for years under the very noses of the legitimate military high command.

The final message I received from my Guides was that I was not to do anything else. I had performed exactly as I was supposed to, and the only disappointment was in my postponing this action so long. It had been planned for some time. Ruth called on the phone earlier this evening and said that Fred had not showed up at the college all day and she was worried. I immediately picked up that he was ill.

The Warrior Angel said that when all the controls were lifted last night, he became fully aware of all the atrocities he had witnessed and it was too much for him. He sort of went off his rocker for a while. But he is in control of himself now for the first time in a long time, and he would be back on the job tomorrow. He is still pretty shaken by this experience, but it had to happen, and he was well enough along on his return to reality that it didn’t take long for him to sort things out and get hold of himself.

So I plan to do nothing more, as I was requested, and just see what develops. Sue said that she had picked up a lot of negativity down deep in the earth.

It is my understanding that it will gradually dissipate because its energy source has been disconnected.


As of early April, 1999, the latest word on Fred, the scientist formerly under the psychic control of the Anunnaki ETs, and who is the central figure in this story, is now starting to remember his experiences which up until had been totally blocked from his mind.

This message to Ruth from Jack

dated 5/6/99 is the latest on Fred
Ruth: I just came across your snail mail letter dated 4/24 in which Fred was greatly concerned about your safety if you continue to contact him in any fashion. If he divulges anything of his past to you, both he and you are in grave danger. He was apparently doing OK but still was unable to connect with his past.

I picked it up planning to file it and received an intuitive message not to put it away. Fred was being attacked big time. So I tuned in and he was absolutely covered from head to toe with implants, and there one Anunnaki who was still putting them in. So I immediately started removing them and placing them in the Anunnaki doing the dirty work. But it was slow going and I sensed that he was not going to make it. So I pulled my trick of going back through time in my imagination, to before he started receiving them, about two hours, switched to an alternate reality, put multiple shields around him and went forward in time to the present moment, adding internal shields as the outer shield became saturated with implants.

I kept removing the implants from the shields and putting them in the Anunnaki. He started weakening, and I told him any he removed he wouldn’t get back.

The bottom line is that the Anunnaki died from his own implants, and when called to the scene, my insectoid friend Olivia with healing powers, checked Fred over and said he would have died also had I not gone back in time and placed the shields around him to receive the implants. I feel that there was some divine intervention in this episode because beside getting a sudden warning that he needed help, I am sure there were still some unremoved implants in Fred when I returned with him from the past, but they simply disappeared. He seems to be OK now. It’s as if it never happened.

Then I tuned in on the 19 Anunnaki who were also behind this murder attempt, and found they were a part of about 50,000 Anunnaki who had not received the Unconditional Love gift and were on their own planet. But the 20 had been sent to do away with Fred because he was improving much faster than his fellow former mental slaves, and at this rate the Anunnaki knew that he was starting to get his memory back and would start spilling the beans pretty soon about the dastardly deeds many of their fellow Anunnaki did in one of their underground cities near X in the desert southwest.

I understand that the Anunnaki are desperate to establish a colony on earth in order to escape the harsh environment of their planet and have petitioned the Galactic Council for this privilege… And this unreformed group were doing everything in their power to keep this human mental slavery story from getting out. I suspect they would have wound up killing the rest of the 2,000 humans their fellow Anunnaki had enslaved before they started remembering.

So I first invited the 19 to receive the UL gift, and they were ready, in view of what had happened to the other member of their team. Then I contacted the approximately 50,000 holdouts, who were also eager to receive the gift, in view of what they had just been told. So they also received the gift. They were apparently not part of the Anunnaki group who we had been dealing with in the past, and could not be convinced to receive the UL gift from those returning to their home planet from earth.

Then I checked on the removed implants and found they had come from a large stash in a storage room back in the underground city of X. I gathered them all up and asked the Galaxy Being* if she wanted them. She said they could kill her if she absorbed them all. So I contacted the Quasar Being**, and he said he would take them off my hands but I got the feeling that he really didn’t want to.

* Galaxy Being: The Collective Consciousness of all Sentient life in the Milky Way galaxy.
** Quasar Being: The Collective Consciousness of all Sentient life in ten Galaxies.

So I decided to toss them into the 4th density sun, which would consumed them. But when I checked the storage room, I noticed that they were exiting the room in a single file line, and they were strung out in a long line as they approached the Sun, allowing them to enter one at a time. I guess the one-at-a-time approach reduced the harmful effects even to the 4th density sun.

As things stand now, I believe there are no longer any Anunnaki who have not received the UL gift. So this whole scenario was set up to provide this outcome.

Fred is OK, and was never in real danger since in a higher level all the players had volunteered to play out their roles, knowing the positive outcome in advance. And all the Anunnaki are no longer hostile. I get the impression that things are moving along quite fast toward the ascension. Things keep speeding up. Sue says she is feeling etheric earthquakes, which I believe are precursors of 3rd density ones.

Some day the final chapter of this conspiracy will be written. It will include the long term rehabilitation of the approximately 2,000 robotized people who were under the complete mental domination of the Anunnaki ETs in their pursuit to dominate the whole earth, until they received the gift of Unconditional Love from All that Is.

The expansion of this Unconditional Love throughout the entire Universe, and into Alternate Realities and Universes is continuing