Depopulation 2000 – This reference to the Agenda document below may be what brought us to our current events= Audio and Text

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Depopulation Program

The Plan to Kill Three Billion Entities
and what you can do about it, if you don’t like the idea

“We are going to get Global 2000 implemented,
one way or another by famine, starvation, or by choice…
We need a real economic shock,
a depression to get our message across.”

Statement of a Zero Population Growth spokesman (9/18/81)
Source: The Spiral Report Vol. 111 – March 31, 1982

(From Revelations of Awareness 82-4)

How Global 2000 Came into Being

This Awareness indicates this as associated with the Global 2000 plan of diminishing the population on the Earth.

This Awareness indicates that this plan was devised some time back, approximately 10 years previously, and has been in development for some time. This Awareness indicates that this as having certain justification from a particular viewpoint, if entities can accept such justification.

This Awareness indicates that in looking at this from the viewpoint of the world planners, (those who manipulate the masses), to understand their thinking, (not to condone their thinking); this Awareness wishes you to give at this time, the scenario of why and how they came to this conclusion. This Awareness indicates that the resources of the Earth are quickly being depleted by the consumers of the Earth, who are multiplying at alarming rates, mushrooming in terms of population growth so that proportionally, they are increasing in numbers in quantum leaps. The resources on Earth, being in limited supply, are being depleted by these increasing number of entities, of hungry and desirous beings who, to the world planners, are of little more significance than numbers on a computer.

This Awareness indicates that the use of these entities, the labor force of millions and billions of laborers to create cities, highways, homes, parks, waterways, ships, trains, airplanes, vehicles, to service and create these systems; the use of these many laborers to create such wealth and civilization has essentially run its course, and now machines, or few laborers are necessary for the maintenance of that which has already been created; and further creations are only necessary to accommodate the increasing population which is depleting the resources, such as food and oil.

This Awareness indicates that these world planners, therefore, see that to now reduce the population, rid the Earth of approximately 3 billion entities, would be an economic move that would leave a kind of paradise for those remaining, whereby all the fruits of labor from those entities now removed would fall to those who remain, whereby each nation around the world would have its own cities, its own resources in plentiful supply, and the choice of many places to go and to be. This Awareness indicates these entities would inherit the Earth with all its goodies.

This Awareness indicates that these world planners see that the alternative would be to watch the population continue to grow, to develop from 4 billion (in 1984) to 7 billion within approximately 20 years, From 7 billion, the energies would be depleted much more quickly, starvation would follow, chaos and social strive would follow, and still population would continue to rise, unless some program were developed to stop the population growth.

This Awareness indicates that the world planners see the future as being black if they do not take some drastic action to limit population growth; and yet they see little efforts by those third world countries to take such action, to educate the people to limit the population growth. This Awareness indicates that therefore, they see the necessity to bring about the destruction of these entities through famine, pestilence, biological warfare.

This Awareness indicates that this concept was briefly mentioned in the movie called Executive Action, that which dealt with the fictionalized version of the assassination of John Kennedy, wherein it was described in terms of the necessity to rid the world of undesirables in the future. This Awareness indicates that this program as that which has been planned, and has been put into operation in various ways, and which is growing in momentum.

This Awareness indicates that the Medical Association is involved, the governments of many nations are involved.

Global 2000 Population Reduction Plan officially began during the Carter Administration – the current plan stems from the “Global 2000 Report” to the President., an 800 page study submitted by the State Dept. and the Council on Environmental Quality to Carter (first printed in Great Britain in 1982) However, the mass-genocide idea was originally started about 10 years ago by members of the Club of Rome according to the Spiral Report Volume 111, #3 – March, 1982.

Letter of Transmittal
(Excerpts from the first page of
The Global 2000 Report to the President)
Sir: In your environmental Message to the Congress of May, 1977, you directed the Council on Environmental Quality and the Department of State, working with other federal agencies, to study the “probable changes in the in the world’s population, natural resources, and environment through the end of the century.” This endeavor was to serve as the “foundation of our long-term planning.” The effort we then undertook to project present world trends and to establish a foundation for planning is now complete, and we are pleased to present our present report to you. What emerges are not predictions but rather projections developed by the U.S. Government agencies of what will happen to population, resources,
and environment if present policies continues.

Our conclusions, summarized in the pages that follow, are disturbing. They indicate the potential for global problems of alarming proportions by the year 2000. Environmental, resource, and population stresses are intensifying and will increasingly determine the quality of human life on our planet. These stresses are already sever enough to deny many people basic needs for food, shelter, health, and jobs, or any hope for betterment. At the same time, the earth’s carrying capacity — the ability of biological systems to provide resources for human needs is–eroding. The trends reflected in the Global 2000 Study suggest strongly a progressive degradation and impoverishment of the earth’s natural resource base.

If these trends are to be altered and the problems diminished, vigorous, determined new initiatives will be required worldwide to meet human needs while protecting and restoring the earth’s capacity to support life. Basic natural resources–farmlands, fisheries, forests, minerals, energy, air, and water–must be conserved and better managed. Changes in public policy are needed around the world before problems worsen and options for effective action are reduced.

* The Federal agencies that cooperated in this effort were the Department of Agriculture, Energy, and the Interior,
the Agency for International Development, the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the National Science Foundation, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration,
and the Office of Science and Technology Policy.

GLOBAL 2000 (Part 2)

The Plan to Kill Three Billion Entities
and what you can do about it, if you don’t like the idea


“We are going to get Global 2000 implemented,
one way or another by famine, starvation, or by choice…
We need a real economic shock,
a depression to get our message across.”

Statement of a Zero Population Growth spokesman (9/18/81)
Source: The Spiral Report Vol. 111 – March 31, 1982

Poison now being put into beef to deliberately create cancer and other illnesses
(Depopulation by slow death is good business for A.M.A. (American medical Association)
(From Revelations of Awareness 82-4)

This Awareness indicates that for entities to hope to survive through the end of the century, the survival will require that entities be very much aware of what is occurring. This Awareness suggests for example, the program is in effect whereby beef is used to poison entities with certain additives put into the beef which has a growing effect on the system of creating various physical problems, including heart conditions, cancerous conditions, and a dullness of the mind, whereby the mind ceases to lose its ability to think clearly; these additives in the beef as that which has been introduced with the knowledge of the medical profession. (The Cancer $$ Industry – Read about how the billion dollar “War on Cancer” is going nowhere)

This Awareness indicates that this type of program can be expected to continue in other areas also; that these additives may be added to chicken, turkey, pork, and other areas (such as dairy products-Ed.). This Awareness indicates that during the future years, those entities on a vegetarian diet will survive best in terms of food intake. This Awareness indicates that also those who raise their own or receive food from known sources, not using commercial feeds. This Awareness indicates that there are also programs being prepared whereby masses shall be destroyed through plagues and biological warfare.

This Awareness indicates that there is not a great deal of hope for the masses of humanity at this time, depending on whether new levels of awareness and planning can be brought upon this plane. This Awareness indicates that entities seeking security upon this plane shall find it is a fleeting guest; and entities identifying with the physical, shall find it a poor foundation. Entities who are aware, and identify with consciousness itself, who are aware that the universe is teeming with life, that space itself is alive, and that to identify with the Akasha or spirit of the universe is the only security and stability that is permanent and lasting; these entities can survive psychologically, without great stress and fear, until that time when they leave this plane. This Awareness indicates that those who cling in fear to the physical matter, these entities shall not enjoy the plane, the physical life in which they reside.

This Awareness suggests that you not make your permanent home the physical plane, but consider this as a brief visit from higher dimensions, and that you consider your true home that which is in Celestria, that which is in the Spirit, the Akasha, the consciousness of the universe. This Awareness indicates that wherein this is experienced, this becomes a new level of awareness, a new reality, one which can give you the sense of being Who in Fact, You Really Are.

This Awareness indicates that meanwhile, you may enjoy the vacation upon this plane, or the sentence which you are enduring upon this plane,–depending on how you wish to view your presence here.

“In many ways rampant population growth is an even more dangerous and subtle threat to the world than nuclear war. The commitment of government to deal with the population issue is of course essential.”

“There are only two ways of preventing a world with 10 billion inhabitants. Either the birth rate drops or the death rate will rise.
There is no other way.”

There are, of course, many ways to make the death rate increase. In the thermonuclear age war can take care of this very quickly and in a definite way. Famine and disease are the oldest.”

Robert Mc. Namara, former U.S. Secretary of defense and former president of the World Bank, is presently a member of the board of directors of the Washington Post.

“I have already written off more than a billion people. These people are in places in Africa, Asia, Latin America. We can’t save them. The population crisis and the food supply question dictate that we should not even try.
It’s a waste of time. These people will suffer from continuous cycles of natural disaster, famine, hunger, flood, drought. Some old fools and young ones may talk of trying to mount a noble effort to help these people.
But they can’t be saved.”

General Maxwell Taylor is the former commander-in-chief of the U.S. forces during the Vietnam war, and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under President John Kennedy.

(From Revelations of Awareness 1982-4)

Mass mismanagement and ignorance the basic reason for mass poverty

This Awareness indicates that this is the result of mass-mismanagement upon this plane, brought on in part by lack of education, lack of funds for education, through manipulation of money and its power, whereby certain nations were left to flounder in ignorance and poverty, while certain segments grew rich and wealthy and gained power, whereby education has been limited or curtailed by religious dogma, and by lack of energy, money, or dedication to the principles of healing and teaching.

This Awareness indicates that the mismanagement as that which began hundreds of years ago, and has continued in the pursuit of power, rather than in the pursuit of teaching, sharing and cooperation among entities, among nations, among cultures.

Success or failure of Global 2000 depends on how fast consciousness awakens

This Awareness indicates that It wishes to also inform entities that the degree of success of the Global 2000 program and the annihilation of 3 billion entities or more will depend largely on the speed at which consciousness upon this plane awakens. This Awareness indicates that in some areas,, it is awakening quickly; in other areas, it is no further evolved than it was one thousand or two thousand years ago. This Awareness indicates that It does not see any miraculous solution available to make a perfect world without intense changes occurring on this plane. This Awareness indicates however, that the degree of chaos and change is that which can be considered. This Awareness indicates that changes are coming, these coming soon; and the intensities and degree of change is that which may vary, according to the level of consciousness and the responsiveness of entities to the urgencies which come forth.

“With the collaboration of Unesco and other institutions, including education ministries, we must develop… youth apprenticeship programs… to foster mistrust of the physical science, humility of the human conditions, and the hatred of the nation-state –among other things– for those intellectual attitudes are the premises to comprehend the grave problems of demographical explosion and resource limitations.”

Aurelio Peccei, chairman of the Club of Rome, in his released book, Hundred pages for the Future.

(From Revelations of Awareness 1982-4)

GLOBAL 2000 (Part 3)

The Plan to Kill Three Billion Entities
and what you can do about it, if you don’t like the idea

The Good News – The Alternative to Global 2000

The Alternative to Global 2000
(From Revelations of Awareness 82-4)

This Awareness suggests that this present reading be a continuation of that which ended previously in regard to the Global 2000 program for population reduction by the year 2000. This Awareness suggests that when printing up the material, you may consider or designate this in two parts; first the bad news, then the good news, which may be presented at this time.

This Awareness indicates that the information given in the previous discussion regarding the Global 2000 program, which is being planned and implemented by the world planners,–those who have appointed themselves as guardians of the human race upon this plane,–this Awareness indicates that this program It described previously as that which would lead to the annihilation of at least two-thirds or more of the population of this planet through plagues, through biological conditions, famine, war, and other types of annihilation, and through birth control programs; this as that which is a movement and does have much power in its movement.

This Awareness indicates that on the other hand, this as that which is being promoted by a small number of entities; though this number of entities holds great power upon this plane,–enough to move mountains with their control, power and influence. This Awareness indicates enough to annihilate masses with their control, power, and influence, unless the masses awaken and realize who these entities are who are pulling the strings, the triggers, the manipulations; who these entities are who are dispensing the poisons, who are giving the medicines which are annihilating, who are pushing the buttons which are destroying, who are manipulating the nations and economies to lead to starvation and warfare.

This Awareness indicates the masses are beginning to stir, and there are many entities who are aware of these intentions. This Awareness indicates there are many in levels of power who do not approve or condone this plan, and whose consciousness are beginning to stir and to cause them to respond and react in ways which are not conductive to the plan. This Awareness indicates there are others who are aware of the plan and are outright opposed to the plan, and are taking action to prevent continuation of such implementation of the plan.

The Elemental Kingdom is getting disturbed

This Awareness indicates that apart from the entities upon this plane who are offering the beginnings of awakening and resistance to such a plan, there are also entities from the elemental kingdom, those associated with nature forces, who are greatly disturbed by the forces who have violated the laws of nature on this plane, and who are now beginning to join together in certain purposes to have an effect, which will be felt upon this plane in some short time. This Awareness indicates this in various ways within the next 20 years.

This Awareness indicates that these forces have much power and can turn the energies away from the artificial constructions of man, whereby the natural forces of nature may be affected to bring about great changes which can cause the best laid plans of mice and men to go awry. This Awareness indicates that there are also other unseen forces and there are potentials in consciousness which can emerge among the masses, bringing about changes in attitude, creating new leadership which can bring forth new plans and programs of these self-appointed annihilators of humanity, and bring about new programs to accommodate entities who are present upon this plane.

This Awareness indicates that if land were managed properly, if the seas were managed properly, if the air was managed properly, wherein production was turned from war-making machinery and industry to industrial and agricultural programs designed to feed and house and clothe the needy,–both on land and sea; whereby the sea was managed in a balanced way, so that the entire planet maintained its ecological and biological harmony,–then indeed, it would be possible to support the 10 billion entities who are on the physical plane of the Earth, and in the astral surrounding the physical plane of the Earth.

This Awareness indicates that the proper management would require that entities turn their concerns away from greed structures to that of a social consciousness, whereby the concern moves to service for all, rather than service for the elite at the expense of the underlings. This Awareness indicates that this would be a radical change in consciousness, which under present circumstances is not likely to occur.

This Awareness indicates that therefore, in order for this to occur, circumstances must change; there must become incidents and circumstances which shock consciousness into awakening and demanding that better management upon this plane be brought into position of authority. This Awareness indicates that for this to occur, there must be the communication that allows entities to recognize the possibility for an alternative to that Global 2000 program; and the opportunity of the alternative must be given in such a manner as to allow entities to envision and understand what steps must be taken to bring about these changes.

This plane is due for a deep karmic cleansing,
that this shall occur with the blessings of the entities
who are willing to accept the cleansing,
who are willing to take cleansing upon themselves,
who are willing to clean themselves;
or this shall occur from forces outside
which shall clean the earth of its scum.
This basically is the message which
this Awareness wishes entities to understand;
that there is a great need upon this plane for change…

Revelations of Awareness 78-26

Go Out and Plant Some Tree
(remember this is from a reading in 1982)

This Awareness indicates that there are seeds planted upon this plane in terms of ideas, concepts, motives, and desires to see a unified world wherein entities are fed, clothed and housed in lands whose purposes are to bring forth cooperative actions among citizens of all nations. This Awareness indicates these seeds are scattered in different groups, in different places, in the minds of individuals, artists, writers, teachers, communities in various nations. This Awareness indicates there is that program being suggested whereby entities plant fruit trees and nut trees in public parks, in public places, in forests, in areas where entities ten years from now and thereafter may walk along and have at their own disposal the fruit from these trees. This Awareness indicates this as one concept which can feed hundreds or thousands, depending on the responsiveness of entities to this idea, to this concept, and to the urgency which brings this in.

This Awareness indicates that these concepts need to be brought to the attention of civic leaders and of others who have places, or who donate land to allow such trees to be planted. This Awareness indicates that similarly, these concepts need to be spread to other countries, whereby trees and other vegetation can be planted which will allow others to feed themselves and future generations through public concerns and programs of this type.

This Awareness indicates that there also need to be greater efforts toward the energy programs,–particularly solar, wind, geothermal, and other alternative inventions and devices which can create alternatives to the use of petroleum and other polluting forms of energy.

This Awareness indicates that there need to be programs which educate the masses to understand the ecological balance of forces upon the earth, the need to have clean rivers, the need to have soil which is not polluted, the need to use nature to improve upon natural methods of farming and of developing produce from the land. This Awareness indicates that there need to be educational programs to teach entities to respect the balance necessary in the sea, in the rivers, in the forests, and in the air; to maintain proper oxygen, proper nitrogen and the proper balance so that pollutions and poisons do not destroy lakes and fishes, animals and vegetation.

This Awareness indicates that there need to be educational programs to teach the masses about the manipulations of corporations whose sole interest is in raping the Earth to gain whatever power and economic advantage can be gained at whatever expense. This Awareness indicates that these programs, educating the masses, can lead to better informed citizens who can cast their vote, voice their concerns, express their feelings, and make known their demands to a leadership, so that the leadership must recognize that its days are numbered unless the voice of the people is heard.

This Awareness indicates the only way these programs and changes in consciousness can occur is for entities to begin putting forth extra effort, –to support, to focus on, to express interest in, to advertise, to talk about and to share with others their information and concerns, and to give their energies to those programs, groups and individuals who are dedicated to bringing about the alternative to those destructive forces.

This Awareness indicates that though the future for mankind looks black at this time, it has been even more bleak in other times; and there are now glimmers of light which are ever-increasing upon the face of the Earth, giving a hope for the future, even as the Forces of Darkness gather momentum. This Awareness indicates this likened unto the darkness just before the dawn, but whereby entities with keen perception, can see the coming light on the Eastern horizon of the future.

Why Awareness has come to this plane

This Awareness indicates that It is not able to give assurance which entities may wish to have; It can only give assessments of the energies which are in motion and which could be brought into motion. This Awareness indicates that many entities are not willing or capable of listening or learning what is occurring. Many entities would prefer to drink their beer, to watch their television comedies, to lie in the warm arms of their friend, to hold onto their Raggedy-Ann security blankets, and to remain totally ignorant. Many entities would pay not to know what is going on. This Awareness indicates It cannot appease these entities; for to be aware requires that entities be vulnerable, willing to become somewhat insecure in order to know how to deal with situations which may occur, or which are already occurring.

This Awareness indicates that therefore, It cannot give any present-time security and lull entities back to sleep, to rest easy, or to inform entities that all is well upon this plane; It cannot force these energies to cease to exist, for this is that what occurs when entities become aware. The more entities become aware of the dark shadows, the more the dark shadow forces are brought into the light of awareness; the less force and power those dark energies can have. This Awareness indicates that Its purpose in communicating is to turn the light upon those shadows, those areas of darkness, so that entities can see full well the motives, intentions, activities which are occurring, or being planned. This awareness is that which can have its effect on changing the future of those plans.

This Awareness indicates that the actions to dealing with these conditions as that which requires mass education of entities. This Awareness indicates that much of the military appropriation for educational needs to be disseminated throughout the world. This Awareness indicates that to solve problems with the simplistic approach of mass-murder is that which is most appealing to many in power, rather than enhancing educational opportunities throughout the world.

This Awareness indicates that many entities in power do not relish the thought of the masses becoming more educated than is necessary for them to function as servants or robot beings. This Awareness indicates that when a nation begins curtailing its education and healing systems for military operations and development, it reflects a change in values from humanitarian to utilitarian approaches.

This Awareness indicates there ARE ways and there ARE means which can bring about results, and these can be more human than other ways and other means. This Awareness indicates that this needs greater attention from the press, from the masses so that these means, these methods of education can replace the means and methods of war.

A Shock in Consciousness must occur

This Awareness indicates that the energies are such that there will be,
some degree of chaotic experiences
which can alter to become greater or less,
depending on the changes which occur in consciousness
in reference to the mass mind of entities on this planet,
as well as to those who are involved with manipulating those energies.

This Awareness indicates that still another force which has not been mentioned in regard to the destiny of this planet is that force from the inner planes which is essentially pulling the strings of the manipulators and others. This Awareness indicates that even as manipulators
on this plane manipulate the masses,
so likewise there are what may be termed
“political manipulators” on the inner planes who have
their effect on entities on the physical planes.
This Awareness indicates that these forces are on the march,
are moving to have their effect, and part of that movement
requires a shock in consciousness, or a series of small shocks.

Revelations 82- 10

Planet Earth, itself, is being prepared for a kind of rejuvenation

This Awareness indicates that the planet Earth, itself is being prepared for a kind of rejuvenation, for this planet has been tended likened unto a garden by many entities from many systems, not only within the created realm, but also from areas of the immortal realms, and that entities from various intergalactic systems have put much energy into preparing this place to be beautiful, to be harmonious and in a balance, and these energies existed and were placed into this planet long before the modern warfare machines and greed forces gained control, and these entities do not intend to allow these greed forces and the modern competitive war machines to destroy this planet as Maldek was destroyed.

But, rather, these entities shall find that before they are given the opportunity to destroy themselves and the planet, they shall be removed from this planet and placed upon that other planet wherein they may make war upon one another to their heart’s content. This Awareness indicates that the peace-loving entities of this plane, on the Earth, shall be given another opportunity, and shall be given that garden which they may enjoy and may express as a new world likened unto other worlds which exists on other planets.

This Awareness indicates most entities do not realize that the Earth and its consciousness is likened unto an abomination to most of the other worlds in the universe, for it is so degraded in comparison to their levels of existence that it is considered likened an outcast of the universe. The Dark Force may be Celebrating Victory Prematurely


The Depopulation Bomb

“[Sterilization could] be applied to an ever widening circle of social discards, beginning always with the criminal, the diseased and the insane, and extending gradually to types which may be called weaklings rather than defectives, and perhaps ultimately to worthless race types.”

From The Passing of the Great Race by Madison Grant, co-founder American Eugenics Society   

R.J. Rummel
Professor Emeritus of Political Science
The web site on democide (murder by government, such as genocide), war, and other forms of collective violence

Moreover, I have made a new attempt to get visitors to intellectually and emotionally grasp the incredible amount of democide in the 20th Century–174,000,000–by visualizing it through ten experimental graphics at: