Conspiracy 201 – Advanced level – Post who you are (at and after approval, I will give you access to the Protected files, or those that are way too intense for the General Public

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This area ( which is listed up in the header area of the website) is for those who are not new to these subjects. There may be some posts that have restrictions and will require a special password, but I have opened up most of them. You will need to request access to these with information about yourself and your interests.  Just send me an e-mail at and I will give you the password for access. If you look around this place you will see that I am far from being a newbie at this. Since around 1968, when I first got involved in the various subjects here, up through the 1990s when I was really steep and deep into it, right up to the present. I have been an active and private (not aligned with any organization) researcher for a very long time and am close to Les Velez, the retired Asst. MUFON Director for Northern California and Sharon Cornet, who shares a common educational background with me and who is the author of a wonderful Bigfoot book that is advertised here. I have degrees in Anthropology and Psychology and have done graduate work in Anthropology (I discuss this in my Mentor section). I have done fieldwork with Linda Moulton Howe, and casework with Darrell Simms that involved a three-generational abduction case that likely involved the Reptilians. I met and had dinner with Dr. Steven Greer to discuss one of my contacts who had been the loadmaster on a C 141 that did UFO recovery for years.