Conspiracy 101 – Yes they are real!!

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This part of the website is for Newbies. Many are skeptical of “Conspiracies” because of the media handling of them. In many ways, they (the media) are a major source of the problem. To get a feel for this, listen to the audio post on the front page of this site about the Illuminati and how they operate. Although they are just part of the history of this issue, you will get a taste of the mechanics of how it works.This site has an extensive set of audio files that have been created to make learning easier. There are also text documents to view and all are downloadable. The idea behind this website is to provide a basic and later advanced learning curve for those who are interested in these subjects and want to take the time to educate themselves.

By definition, a conspiracy is when more than one person puts together a plan and carries it out behind the backs of anyone who might be looking. This has gone on for thousands of years. That is why when the media tries to trivialize the fact, it is a joke.