Channeling and Lemuria – Featuring Lyssa Royal, one of the Best Channels out there – Audio and Text

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Interview with Lyssa Royal
November 1998

This interview was conducted by

Lyssa’s Japanese interpreter, Ms. Kazumi Hoshina

in Tokyo, Japan, July 3, 1995
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Channeling is the process of receiving information or inspiration from realms beyond our physical reality.


There are many forms of channeling such as vocal trance channeling and divination (using tools such as tarot or runes). Even the simplest form of creativity can be considered channeling such as music composition, dance and movement, and artistic endeavors. The specific source of channeled inspiration is not nearly as significant as the essence of the gift brought through to this reality.

From where does channeling come?


Most people have heard of the process of channeling spirit guides, angels, extraterrestrials and ascended masters. But perhaps the most important aspect of channeling is each person’s ability to connect with his or her own unique spiritual energy – that of the Higher Self.


Without that ability, the process of connecting with spirit guides may seem two-dimensional or shallow. As we develop our relationship with our own Higher Selves (thus committing to the process of our personal growth) the universe comes alive with consciousness that helps us learn about the wonders of God’s universe.

This article is taken from an interview with Lyssa Royal on the subject of channeling and its connection with the Higher Self. Many subjects are discussed but an overall theme is explored – that the channeling process can only be as clear as the channel. To achieve clarity a channel must commit herself to a journey of intense personal growth and discovery.

It is important to remember that each channel is unique. Just like musical styles, a channel and his/her guide learn to create a symphony of ideas and experiences for the listener. Every channel has his or her own style. If you are seeking a channel, it is suggested that you participate in several styles of channeling until you find one that inspires joy and awakening in your heart.

The following interview was conducted by Lyssa’s Japanese interpreter, Ms. Kazumi Hoshina.

Q: How did you become a channel, and what kind of training did you go through? Please be specific about your training.

It seems like the circumstances in my life guided me to learn the skills that I needed to learn to become a channel long before I even knew what channeling was. In 1979 I had a UFO sighting with my family in New Hampshire. Though I had been interested in psychic phenomenon before that experience, the UFO sighting really accelerated my interest in paranormal subjects. I was in college at the time. Shortly after that I was studying hypnosis in college and learned to place myself in an altered state of consciousness, mostly for stress management.

Those early situations (the UFO sighting and learning to put myself in an altered state of consciousness) helped to lay the foundation for what happened later.

In 1984 I began to see a channel named Darryl Anka who channels Bashar. The channelings by Bashar had a very profound impact in my life. During that time I had a dream in which an entity materialized and touched all of my chakras. The entity said to me, “You will be a channel.” That experience both scared and excited me. I immediately went to Bashar and asked him what this was all about and what I could do to develop my channeling.

Bashar actually recommended a channeling class that he knew of in Los Angeles that was just beginning. I called the teacher and it turned out that there was only one opening left. The class began a month or two after my initial phone call. During the interim I felt like I wanted to continue to learn about channeling before the class began.

An exciting process began happening. I began to feel the presence of other entities and a lot of energy around me. I would go into that self-hypnotic state that I had taught myself years before and the spirit guides began teaching me the early stages of channeling. They would blend their energy with mine, move my hands and head, and they would exercise my vocal chords so I could feel what it was like to speak with a new energy in my vocal chords.

That really got me ready for the class.

Q: So the channeling began even before you took the class?

That is true, yes. I was channeling already before I began the class, but I felt that I needed some type of formal guidance. It is a very frightening experience to be opening to something like channeling without assistance.

I entered the class in January 1985 and I studied with five other individuals once a week with the teacher for about 4-5 hours. Then we met independently without the teacher once or twice per week for about 4 hours. The class itself taught a wide range of approaches to channeling – all of which are very important aspects of the channeling experience.

One area that was stressed was the area of Personal Growth, which is what I focus on now when I teach channeling. This aspect is important because it is what allows a channel to be clear. If a channel processes his/her own fears, issues, and blockages, then they become clear as a person and thus will become clear as a channel.

(A channel who is not clear, loving, and nonjudgmental in life will not be a clear, loving, and nonjudgmental channel.)

We also did a lot of work having to do with the subconscious. There were a lot of guided meditations that were for the purpose of releasing blocked energy that resides in the subconscious. This energy is expressed through an archetypal language understood mostly by the subconscious and unconscious aspects of ourselves. This includes the areas of fear, love, judgment, and the integration of polarity (whether it be male/female or dark/light).

There were many lessons having to do with the blending of spiritual energy with ourselves in human form and the expression of that energy through speech, movement, or music (depending upon the individual channel’s talents). A lot of focus was placed on the Higher Self and how everything we need can be accessed within us without even having to work with entities outside of ourselves.

We also did basic work having to do with the development of our psychic abilities and the stimulation of our chakra (energy center) energy. We worked on divination using tools such as tarot cards, runes, etc. Our lessons were comprised of a whole mixture of teachings designed to shape us into flexible and clear channels.

Q: So this was some serious study.

Yes. Even late in the year we accelerated our class time and spent even more time practicing. We were very dedicated.

Q: Eventually you began to work with the entities Germane and Sasha. Before they appeared, what other entities were guiding you? Were they with you only to help you learn to channel?

The very first entities I began channeling (who came through before the class began) were a mixture. The first one I remember was a Chinese philosopher named Kwan. The entity Ra came through also. There were quite a few. I don’t remember them all. The first entity that stayed with me and helped me develop as a channel called herself Raydia. I channeled her for three years. She was the entity that my Los Angeles clientele knew the most. I became known first for channeling Raydia. The whole time I lived in Los Angeles and I was channeling publicly, I was channeling Raydia, along with several others.

Q: What was Raydia like?

She is a female version of the guide I work with now named Germane. Just before I left Los Angeles [in 1988] and moved to Arizona she did her last channeling. She said to the group, “You will never see me in this form again.” I had no idea what that meant. Eventually she integrated herself into Germane. Like Germane, she was a collective consciousness, but had a strong affiliation with the star Arcturus. Germane has many different aspects to him, but Raydia was very heart-centered and strongly affiliated with Arcturus.

I also channeled an entity called “the One” at that time, who had a strong connection to the energy being worshipped by Ahkenaton in his attempt to introduce monotheism in Egypt.

Q: You mentioned an entity named “Ra”. Was that the same entity mentioned by the Egyptians?

It is not the same entity as the one discussed in the later dynasties of Egypt. The original Ra evolved into something else later in the mind of the later Egyptians. Ra was another collective.

Once I moved to Arizona, everything changed. Surprisingly, I began to channel Merlin. He was very enigmatic and kept telling us that he was just a temporary guide and that he was getting me prepared for a new frequency. About six months later, Germane appeared. He was very hard to channel at first, and had a bothersome accent. I begged him to work with me so that the accent could be dropped.

He said the accent had something to do with the way his energy interfaced with my speech centers. It took a few years, but eventually the accent was lessened. Now it is just slightly perceptible. For people who have listened to my tapes since 1989, they will notice that the accent diminishes after about 4 years. This is indeed a long process!

Q: Could you tell us how contemporary channeling developed in America?

In the late 1800s the spiritualist movement in both Europe and America increased. The interest in mediumship strengthened. Back then, it mostly focused on channeling the entities who had died – deceased spirits who return to give information. In the 1950s there was a surge of channeling from supposed extraterrestrial sources. One channel named George Van Tassel was a real pioneer in terms of ET channeling. At that time, it was very simplistic channeling but quite profound for the listeners.

I would say that the main influence for many of today’s contemporary channels would have to be Jane Roberts who channeled Seth. She began channeling in the 1960s but her material wasn’t well known until the 70s and then it experienced another surge in the 1980s. Her material is very intellectual and deals with the nature of reality as well as our connection with God, reincarnation, etc. It comes from a very well-balanced and well-rounded perspective. I feel she is the pioneer of modern day channeling in America.

In the 1980s another channel influenced channeling called J.Z. Knight who channels Ramtha. Unfortunately, her channeling style is very dramatic and there has been controversy around her. So, when channeling became popular in the 1980s and the media got a hold of it, J.Z. Knight was the one everyone focused on. The media portrayed her in a very bad light which influenced the way the world perceived channeling. Shirley Maclaine wrote about her as well. Channeling was distorted by the media immensely in the 1980s. Even J.Z. Knight’s material was distorted by the media.

Another channel that influenced us in the 1980s was Kevin Ryerson who was also popularized by Shirley Maclaine. But, he did not get as much negative press as J.Z. Knight.

Right now, everyone involved in metaphysics or self-help pretty much knows what channeling is (but their true understanding of it is most likely inaccurate). Therapists are now using channeling in their practices. However, I still find that unless someone has experienced channeling firsthand and have had a good experience, they still do not understand what it is and judge it from a place of being misinformed.

Q: Isn’t Edgar Cayce well known as well? Is he considered a channel also?

I forgot to mention him! I’m sorry about that. Edgar Cayce influenced American channeling a bit, but he is extremely unique. His material could be corroborated and often was validated, whether it was prophecy or medical remedies. His channeling wasn’t known necessarily for philosophy and spirituality as it was for practical, down-to-earth information. He has done a wonderful service for channeling.

Q: Is there a hierarchy among the entities who are channeled?

You will get a different answer to this question depending upon who you ask.

I will preface this by saying that this is my opinion, but I do believe it is true. For those of us in the physical plane, reality is linear. We always need to put things in a hierarchy in order to understand them. This is even reflected in our corporate structure. From the spiritual realms, the entities tell me that there is no hierarchy. The entities all view each other as equal, but perhaps with different areas of expertise.

So the most common labels for the different types of entities channeled in America would be the following:

  • Extraterrestrials

  • Angels

  • Ascended Masters

  • Spirit Guides who have lived lives on Earth and who have passed on

  • Collective Group Consciousness

  • Light Beings

  • Nature Spirits

  • etc…

I have found that channels who are very good and clear do not channel about the concept of hierarchy. Some channels who are not as clear or developed might tend to focus on the idea of a hierarchy or on forms of separation. Each entity has their area of expertise that is reflected in the type of information that they bring through.

Q: Channeling has existed for centuries but has taken on different styles. Why do you think that the popularity of channeling has risen in conjunction with the growth of the New Age movement?

I think there are several reasons.

One has to do with species evolution. If you look at human history there is always a resurgence of paranormal interest at the end of a millennium. This is both positive and negative. The negative is that there is a resurgence in apocalyptic prophecy. The positive is that there is a spiritual revival in one way or another. The boom of the New Age movement at the end of the 20th century falls in line with historical trends.

Also, we are living in an increasingly technological world that is leading us away from nature and our connection to the universe. I think people are trying to fill a need to feel connected again. Connection is our natural state of existence! People are looking for any activity or philosophy that can make them feel that connection.

Channeling is providing a service, but it is certainly not the only way for people to make that connection.

Q: Do you think also that this resurgence in channeling is connected to the transition that many people feel we are now experiencing?

I think it is connected with the transition. If what is being channeled is true – that the vibration or energy of the planet is accelerating and that we are transforming ourselves in response to this acceleration – then it seems only natural that we will make use of the brain’s capacity more than we have in the past.

There is now some research about what happens in the brain to one who is channeling. However, this research is not complete. Channeling is indeed connected to this transformation because the transformation is causing us to want to reach out and expand our potential, especially in the areas of thought and consciousness. Channeling is one way to do that.

Q: It is amazing that no one is doing serious research into channeling.

I think there has been some research done, especially at UCLA. The research that I am familiar with was done by Ph.D.s. One doctor studied the psychological changes in those who are developing as channels. She wrote a dissertation on her findings. [The late Dr. Margo Chandley.] There are also brain wave studies in which channels have been hooked up to EEG machines. [These are not released to the public yet.]

When channels go into the channeling state and begin channeling an entity, all the brain waves peak. For instance, when we are awake in normal life, only the beta brain waves peak. It seems that channeling uses more of the brain because all the brain waves peak. The brain becomes more active. This is exciting because it may confirm the idea that, in fact, channeling is expanding the human potential.

Does this mean that everyone needs to learn to channel to expand their brain capacity? No, I don’t think so. If the theories about the morphogenetic field are correct, there will only need to be a certain number of channels to reach critical mass. At critical mass, the brain evolution will be passed to the majority of the species, thus creating an evolutionary leap.

Q: From your experience as a channel since 1985, do you find any similarity in the messages that are being channeled?

There is definitely a similarity in the messages. It seems like each channel has their own area of expertise, but the overall message is the same. These basic messages include the following ideas:

  1. We are all the creators of our own realities, and reality is created through our thoughts and emotions

  2. We are part of a galactic family of which we are not yet totally conscious. Beings of immense diversity have visited and
    continue to visit us whether in physical form (such as UFOs) or on the spiritual levels (such as angels)

  3. There is a transformation happening that called different names by different teachers. This is a real, tangible event

  4. We all have our connection to God within us and need not worship something external to us. We are all a part of God and
    need no one outside of ourselves to serve as a “cosmic messenger” – no priest, no church, no guru, and certainly no trance

Q: You often mention that channeling is a process of cooperation between the spirit guides and the channel. What do you mean by that? What determines the quality of a channel?

In old school mediumship, the mediums were just vehicles for the spirit’s messages. Often the medium would enter a sleep state and not be present for the relaying of the message. When the entity would leave, the channel would collapse from exhaustion. They would then have to recharge themselves. It was a process of separation between a channel’s life and their spiritual work.

In present day, channeling is much more a cooperative effort between the channels and the entities. Ultimately, I think this is healthier and a lot better for the growth of the channel. Most channels now enter a semiconscious state and don’t surrender control to the entity. The entity can’t do anything that is against the moral code of the channel. The channel enters a receptive state and allows the entity to do the work. While the channeling happens, the channel benefits also. They don’t just go to sleep. They benefit and grow and the energy channeled through somehow also transforms the channel on very deep levels.

The channel is in partnership with the entity, so we as channels can say,

“Your energy is too strong. Can you please give me less?”

The channel can make requests of the entity and the entity is more than willing to comply. This is also extremely important because as we see ourselves as equals to the channeled entities and work in partnership with them, the idea of separation is decreased.

Now for the second part of your question. The aspects that determine the quality of a channel might be surprising to some people. One of the incorrect belief systems out there is that all “good” channels must be unconscious while channeling so the mind does not get in the way. However, I see far too many unconscious channels who are unclear and their channeled information is judgmental and, in some ways, hateful.

What seems to determine the quality of a channel is how much personal processing they have done in their life. Have they worked on their fear and resistance, and their fear of victimization? Have they learned to relinquish judgment? If they have done work to become self-empowered, can become humble, and are committed to their personal growth (even if they have to see parts of themselves that they don’t want to see) then they can make very good, clear channels.

It doesn’t matter whether a channel is unconscious, semiconscious, or conscious. The state of the channel’s heart, mind, and emotions is of utmost importance.

Q: So a channeled entity must use the vocabulary of the channel and is limited by their humanness?

That is correct. Whatever belief systems or discriminations that we as humans have, they are encoded in our very cells. If a human leaves his/her body and lets the entity fully merge into this reality, the entity still has to use the channel’s brain and use the coding that is in the channel’s cells in order to speak and express. It is a biochemical process as much as it is a spiritual one. The coding can act like a distortion mechanism.

If you wear glasses that are coated red, then everything you see will be tinted red. The coding within us always “tints” or distorts the energy coming from a spiritual source. Unless we learn to lessen at distortion, it will always be distorted no matter whether we are conscious or unconscious as channels.

Q: So that can only be cleansed through the personal work?

For the most part. In the research I’ve done during the last decade the answer would have to be yes. The channel must be willing to commit to their growth and work through their most challenging issues in order to become clear.

Q: Some people have the conception that once one learns to channel and can access wisdom from other dimensions, all of one’s problems will be solved. They won’t have to do anything except listen to the advice. This belief isn’t really correct, is it?

No. Believe it or not, many of my students have had that assumption! Some have believed that if they became channels that they would never, ever have another problem in their lives! The entities are not here to stop us from learning and growing. They are actually here to stimulate our growth. They will always tell a channel that they are here to be of service but that they are not here to take away our problems.

We must learn and grow, thus strengthening ourselves as humans. These human challenges make us clearer channels. If a student wishes to learn channeling because of that expectation, they will find the process very difficult indeed.

Q: As a very public channel since 1985, what do you feel are the biggest misconceptions about channeling?

There is a lot of discrimination that goes on regarding channeled material. One of the biggest challenges has to do with general society. Most of society understands what channeling is only through how it is portrayed in the media. The media portrays it in an extremely distorted way. Because the media likes to promote sensationalism and tabloid journalism, they focus on the dramatics rather than the actual information and the beautiful experiences that people have had.

The biggest distortion portrayed by the media is that channels are in it for the money. I can tell you that I have not gotten rich off of this, and I could be making more money as a secretary, which is what I was doing before I was channeling!

Many people also believe that the people who channel are simply crazy or have personality imbalances. The exact opposite is true! I’ve been fortunate to have been very close to the research of a Ph.D. who studied channels and found that, for the most part, the healthy ones are very balanced people. These people usually have higher education and are emotionally stable as well as having a good relationship with physical reality.

I would say that if people would just take the time to do the research about what channeling is before they make a judgment, they would come to understand that it is something very different from their preconceived notions. Of course, there are some unhealthy channels out there which, unfortunately, makes it harder for other channels who are committed to their personal growth and clarity.

Q: How has channeling changed your life? How has it enriched your life?

That is a difficult question because since 1984 channeling has been such an integral part of my life that I don’t know what my life would be like without it. I would say that when I started to channel, I began to feel more in control of my life. I began to feel that I created my reality and I had the power to create a positive reality that I preferred.

Any challenge that comes up, I have the power to walk through it and learn from it. Channeling has encouraged me to always learn from everything that I experience and it has made me a lot more optimistic — probably more than I ever could have been in this life if I wasn’t a channel.

Q: Do you get to benefit from channeling? How do you ask the entities questions?

There are several different ways. The easiest is for me to write the question down and have someone else ask while I am channeling. The area that I would like to improve in my own channeling is in answering my own questions.

Sometimes I put the question out there to the universe and usually very shortly after that I get the answer either through inspiration or through a life circumstance that shows me the answer.

At other times, the guidance comes very clearly in the form of a “thought ball” that seems to drop into my consciousness. Once I unravel this (like a ball of yarn) the answer presents itself.

I enjoy the process of learning the answer rather than being told. Several times I have gotten answers to questions easily, but if I wasn’t ready to hear the answer, it usually made no sense anyway. When you learn for yourself (rather than being told), it is a lot more profound.

Q: Channels have often said that they made an agreement to work with their spirit guides before they incarnated in their current life. Is this true for you?

I don’t know if I’ve made an agreement to do it so publicly, but I do feel I’ve made an agreement to channel. One of the entities that I work with now (Sasha) says she is a physical extraterrestrial from the Pleiadian star system. When I was a child, my cousin and I used to make a lot of jokes about being ETs. We used to say we were from both the Pleiades and Orion.

Even as a child I had this connection and fascination with the stars — especially the Pleiades.

I had an experience when I first started to channel even before I joined the class. I was in a sauna and I was relaxing. I heard communication that said to me,

“Are you ready?” It startled me and I said, “Ready for what?” The voice said, “Are you ready to do what you’ve agreed to do?”

I don’t know who sent this communication. It was very clear that they were “calling my number” and it was time for me to begin the work. It was frightening because it put a lot of pressure on me!

So yes, I do think I made an agreement before I was born, but I don’t know any of the specifics.

Q: Could you describe the UFO experience you had in 1979 that was your turning point?

My father’s house was in a rural area of New Hampshire. It was the first snowfall of the season and I looked outside to see how much snow had fallen. It was dark and I saw a very large ball of light that looked like a miniature sun. I would say it was about 500 yards away in the forest across the street. Perhaps it was closer. It was hovering. Every once in a while it would make some angular movements that no aircraft can make. It was very overcast because it was snowing, so it had to be something very close.

When I called my family to the window, they witnessed it as well. By the time they got to the window it began to release something that looked like a teardrop of fire from it. It fell toward the ground. When I opened the door I heard a very unusual sound like a whine that started low in pitch and then went higher in pitch and intensity until it disappeared.

I was only 18 at the time and I desperately wanted to go out into the forest to see it. I had no fear at all. I was so excited. My father would not let me go to investigate. There was no noise that would even come close to a conventional aircraft. The area in which I grew up, in New Hampshire, was known for its UFO activity. This really left an impact on me.

Q: Do you have any advice for anyone who wishes to develop their channeling abilities?

The number one thing that channeling will do for you is accelerate your personal growth. So, be prepared! If you choose to develop yourself as a channel, you will be transformed and you will become a different person. The best possible reason to choose to be a channel is to become a better person. If you choose that goal and pursue it while using channeling as a tool, you will become a very clear and good channel.

I would not recommend that people choose channeling in order to become a professional or to solve all of life’s problems, or for any other reason that is not one of humble service. It must be a path of the heart. The path becomes difficult for those whose main focus in not on their own growth. This is because in order to become a good channel you must be willing to look into the mirror of your soul and embrace even the most horrific aspects of self. Not everyone is willing to do this.

Finally, at the risk of sounding like a school teacher… if you are going to do it, you must practice, practice, practice! That is the way you become clear. When you practice, you will have periods of doubt. Continue to practice during those periods of doubt because the doubt eventually fades. But you have to have the will to get through those challenging periods.

Q: People also have a misconception that channeling is just a process of connection with entities and spirit guides. You have emphasized often however that channeling spirit guides is actually a byproduct of learning to connect with the Higher Self, which is actually much more important. Could you elaborate on this idea?

When you focus on your personal growth and clear your blockages the natural result is to make a connection with the Higher Self. Once you make that connection with the Higher Self many doors will open. The door to your creativity opens along with the door to many hidden talents that you might not know you had. One of these talents might be the talent to channel spirit guides. If you choose to learn to channel spirit guides and focus only on that and do not focus on your personal growth, it will be a difficult road. If you choose the path of your Higher Self, then the door to the universe opens widely before you.

The Higher Self is, simply, the part of us that we all have that connects with God. It is our own individual Christ/Buddha consciousness that we possess within us. It also represents the pinnacle of human potential. That Higher Self exists for all of us and is the higher point of view of life on Earth. From the point of view of the Higher Self, our confusing world makes sense. When you make your own intimate connection with the Higher Self, your life begins to make sense.

Q: What role does the Higher Self play when you channel other entities?

Higher Self is like a gatekeeper or a big cosmic switchboard. The HS knows your path in any given life even when you don’t know it consciously. HS always guides and protects you and makes sure that you move in the direction you need to move for your own growth.

When you are channeling another entity, the HS will be the switchboard that brings in the entity or gives permission to the entity to come through and communicate.

Q: Is the Higher Self energy then blended with the spirit guide who is speaking through you?

Yes. The entity’s energy is funneled through the Higher Self. I describe the process as follows: I go into the altered state. The personality I know of as Lyssa goes to sleep in the back sleep. My HS is the driver of the car. The entity is a passenger in the front seat. The HS drives the car and guides the channeling experience. The entity is the navigator. It is a cooperative process between the Higher Self and the entity. So, when the entity comes through, it is blending of both.

Q: What if two different channels channel the same energy? Will the channeled entity have the same personality?

Yes, but there may be subtle differences. I’ve channeled Bashar (who is primarily channeled by Darryl Anka). The Bashar that comes through me and the Bashar that comes through Darryl are noticeably the same entity. However, the subtle aspects of the entity are colored by either my Higher Self or Darryl’s. There have been interesting things that have happened. Darryl and I have both channeled Bashar and channeled the same information within the span of a couple of days, not knowing what came through the other channel. There is indeed a sense of continuity between us.

Q: Could you describe your unique form of channeling?

I do a form of channeling that I call semiconscious channeling. This means that I do go into an altered state, but I do not leave my body. It feels like I am asleep and dreaming. My eyes are usually closed, and my speech patterns slightly change. When I awaken, I may or may not remember what was said.

Sometimes I have my own experiences or teachings given to me while the guides are speaking to the audience. I usually only remember about 50% of the material. If I do not discuss it after the session, it fades from my memory much a like a dream would fade as we busy ourselves with our daily lives.

Before we close the interview I would like to stress again that it doesn’t matter whether a channel chooses to do conscious, semiconscious, or unconscious channeling. All forms can produce clear and profound channelings. The most important key is the quality of the channel as a person and as a vehicle.

In choosing a channel, you must ask yourself questions such as the following:

  1. What is the channel’s personal life like? Does the channel walk his talk?

  2. How clear is the channel in his/her waking state? Does he/she create a lot of chaos in life or is the channel a relatively balanced individual?

  3. Does the channel deal with the basics of 3D life on Earth easily or is he/she seeking to escape from this reality?

  4. Is the channel or channeled entity subtly or blatantly telling you that he/she has the only truth and that you must follow it in order to be “saved”?

These questions and more will open a window into the quality of the channel and the channelings. Do not be afraid to use discernment (rather than judgment) when looking for a channel who gives clear and useful information. There are different styles for everyone. Keep looking until you find the right channel for you.

If you approach channeling with an open heart and mind it can be amazingly rewarding. Keep in mind that most channels are not providing this service to prove anything. Since channeling cannot be “proven” it is ridiculous to try to use it as a method of validation. Instead, it is meant to be a spiritual service that leads an individual back to the God within.

In our distant past, channeling in its many forms was a natural part of life practiced not only by shamans and spiritual teachers but by anyone with a sincere desire to connect with the greater part of themselves. Today’s western world has rigid and dogmatic scientific perspectives that leaves many people feeling the void of spirituality within them. People in increasing numbers are turning to their inner selves for guidance.

This quest will serve to strengthen the individual as a spiritual being and, when practiced with humility and an open heart, will always lead the seeker back Home.

by Lyssa Royal

from TheLyssaRoyalPage Website

Sasha through Lyssa Royal Holt

We would like to begin by discussing some things that may be of concern to some of you.

When the “powers that be” who are attempting to control the ET situation in your world are feeling as if they and the extraterrestrial issue itself is out of control, a way for them to regain that control would be for them to stage their own extraterrestrial event. Thereby, this would sway public opinion in whatever way they desire.

This is a very real concern and it is something that for the last five years or so I have spoken about. I haven’t really gone into length about it because it still was a possibility that was far off in the distance. However we would like to say at this time that as we read the energy right now it is possible within the next two years (as the first probability), and the next five years (as the second probability) that some type of extraterrestrial event will be staged in order that the “powers that be” will feel more in control of the situation itself.

In terms of the outcome of this staged event, or shall we say, how it will be presented, there are several options. The more dire option which we must truly state to you has to do with the staging of some type of hostile event in order to depict ETs as enemies and gain public sympathy and attention for the furthering of space-based weapons. It could also be for the purpose of lumping all extraterrestrial life forms into the hostile category. That is a very real possibility, should some factions of the fractionated power structures be more dominant in the power struggle at any given time.

Recognize that the fractionated structures on your world are stratified in many different ways. Some are very dark, but some are actually somewhat on the lighter side, looking for the greater good. There are some fractionated aspects who are looking to stage an event for the opposite reasons than we have just said.

Let us go back to the more dire scenario for a moment. At the risk of sounding as if we are saying the sky is falling, please listen to these words. We speak them from the heart and we are very serious about this. If within the next 2-5 years your media or your government makes some type of announcement about hostile actions on the part of extraterrestrial life forms, 99.9% of chances are that this is a total untruth. If it were to happen, it is your responsibility to do damage control.

Obviously this type of propaganda will cause a lot of panic and the individuals who are of the mindset of “Dark or Light: You must be one or the other” will be thrown into imbalance and into a lot of fear and terror. That vibration of fear and terror is just what the fractionated groups need to seize power. It is highly, highly, highly unlikely there would ever be any real attempt by “negatively-oriented ETs” at some overt hostile act. As you know, humans are much more capable of those types of events.

If this scenario is displayed in your media, please know that 99.9% of it is untruth. It will require you to go within to balance yourself and to process the fear. Not only will you need to process the fear, but also balance it out through your own positive energy connections to the Source. It will be required of you to really balance that energy out very quickly before it goes out of control.

Another scenario which is somewhat less likely is that the fractionated groups who are working very covertly to bring this out into the open in a benign way may also stage some type of event that is peaceful in nature in order to throw the balance of power out of the fear category. The reason for doing this would not be for the purposes of swaying public opinion. The reasons for doing this would be to disempower the other fractionated groups.

The reasons would have nothing to do with us or you, but simply be a war between the fractionated groups themselves. Do you understand this? This is important. It is all a power game. You and we, at times, are used as pawns in order for them to play their power games.

Another scenario that is possible and somewhat more likely than the more benign announcements that may be staged is a simple neutral announcement which is staged. Let us give you an example of this. It may take the form of the “final disclosure” about Roswell being real, or an even earlier event where all the witnesses are conveniently dead.

Or, there may be a disclosure that some military group in some far corner of Siberia had some type of brief exchange with extraterrestrials who then left for their planet, never to return. It may be something like this, where the contact cannot be ongoing. Because it is purported to have happened in some remote corner of Siberia, no one is likely to ever go there to investigate it. That is a possibility as well.

The key for all of you if any of these scenarios happen is to find a way to make each scenario work for you. Obviously if it is a benign announcement that is given, then you can make that work for you even though it wasn’t intended to empower you. It can work for you because it can speed up your true and sincere contact efforts because more people will then want to get involved with working groups. The ground will become fertile for many true educational projects.

If it is a neutral announcement, then again it is like planting seeds in fertile ground, especially for people who have been sitting on the fence, not deciding about the ET issue one way or another. If the negative scenario comes about, there is a power in this for all of you as well. You must find it yourselves because it will be different for each of you. Wield that power. Yes, we can say to wield it as a spiritual warrior, but please understand how we mean this.

We do not mean it in the form of attack or offense, but in the form of moving with the flow of energy. The best example we can give you is that in some forms of martial arts when an attack is coming you do not resist it, but instead move with the flow of it and thus use that energy for your own means. It is very possible to do that. It will require all of your skill and focus and trust in yourself, but you can do it.

On our end, we will do what we can but we are very aware of not making it worse for all of you by becoming involved. It is very, very, very touchy. For instance, let us use this negative scenario as an example. It is not so much that we are afraid of coming in and getting shot at because we have ways of defending ourselves from that type of hostility. However, there are ways where our intentions can be used to insidiously twist public opinion even further, demonizing us even more.

Therefore, it would hurt all of you who are attempting to bring all of this information out into the light. So, we must tread very, very carefully. Mark my words on this one, we will not sit by idly. There are things we will do within our own integrity and within our own power structures to not allow that manipulation to take root. But, it is up to us to decide the best ways to implement that. In whatever way possible, we will protect you, knowing also that you are responsible for acting wisely as well.

You don’t often hear of me talk of these things. I would never talk of these things to individuals to whom it would frighten, who would take this information and use it to build the fearful scenario. That is something I refuse to do. I will not give it that power. But, at the same time, to those of you who understand the so-called politics of the situation and how precariously you are all poised right now in this moment in history, you must become aware of the fractionated groups and their intentions should they begin to feel a sense of losing control of this issue — which might be coming very soon.

Do not think of this as really dire. Do not become depressed. Do not give it that energy. But simply prepare yourself for all scenarios. At this point in time, the best way for preparation is education. The more people who become aware of the possibility of a hostile staged event, the more they will be ready for it and the more it won’t take root if it happens. The element of surprise will work to their advantage if many of you are prepared for it and have blown off the steam on it before it ever takes root. It will make a significant difference.

You have a saying in your world. We [Pleiadians/ETs] did not just fall off the turnip truck! We have been dealing with civilizations much more insidious than yours for millennia. We know the tricks that are played in an attempt to grab for power. We are ready for them.

(When I say “we” I am not necessarily referring to myself and my contact team. This isn’t my department. I am “relaying” a message if you will, from the “strategists” on our end.)

So, have we thoroughly depressed you for the evening?

Q: Not at all. I think it is very hopeful, myself. Is it more accurate to say that it will be a staged event by earthlings for earthlings? What is the possibility of an ET group actually initiating contact?

It is more likely at this time that a staged event will take place by earthlings. That is the higher probability. There may be some ET groups coerced into it, but not necessarily of their own choosing. The media and the spin doctors within the UFO field have done a very good job of making you believe that there is a negative ET under every rock. There is not. If you believe there is not, you are called naive. You are labeled ignorant.

But think of it the other way.

How naive are you to believe that everything is negative? How naive are you to believe that everything is positive? It is a matter of how you look at things. It is very unlikely that any ETs involved in this would be negatively-oriented and be orchestrating it. It is much more likely it will be orchestrated by humans. If ETs seem to be involved, they will be coerced in some way or made to appear as if they are involved.

Recognize that there are ETs who have interacted with you from various evolutionary levels of development. Some are not all that much more developed than you and therefore can be manipulated because they simply have less experience. Some of those ETs may get caught in the human web. That is unfortunate and we attempt at times to assist them out of the human web, but sometimes that is not possible.

Q: Are some of those groups right now in communication with the darker human groups who would coerce them into participating?

There are some ETs who are simply attempting diplomatic relations who have gotten caught up with black fractionated groups and because the ET groups have not necessarily done their homework on the human government and people structure, they simply “fell in with the wrong crowd” and got their feet a bit tangled in the web.

Again, in some ways the situation is a lot more complex than it seems on the surface. In some ways it is much more simple. But the bottom line is that most of you involved in the UFO field have already known that you cannot trust your media or your government to handle this with tact and truthfulness. That lesson has been learned time and time again. That lesson is going to be invaluable in the next 2-5 years.

Q: Sasha, it seems to me that your presence as well as the whole Association of Worlds is present and working in the different slices of society. You are integrating with us as best as possible whatever our particular focus is. For the individual and this time that is coming, there are many challenges. All of the interactions that are taking place seem to be for the purpose of finding balance and integration. I feel like your contact team is working with each of the strata in helping us to bring that about in ourselves.

The bottom line in all of this is evolution. You cannot get any more simple than that. At this time in your history you are given the opportunity of your own evolution. You may choose the method of fear and fractionation, or you may choose the method of unity and love. These are not airy-fairy non-tangible ideas. They are very real.

The bottom line is that if you give into fear and you empower fractionation, you will learn your lessons through that road and they will be painful ones. This doesn’t mean rejecting fear though. You must be willing to face it and walk through it, and transform it. Only then can you get to unity and love.

This is not philosophy. This is truth. You will all be called upon in this time to make those choices. These are not just internal choices. They must be coupled with action. If you can couple your inner choices with the actions that you take in your life, you literally anchor a vibrational reality around you and no other can touch you. But you must be willing to do that. This entire ET issue in a sense (though it is real unto itself of course) is the latest test of the proverbial external demon coming to get you.

Through the fractionation of your own governments and egos, you choose how much power to give that external demon (which is an illusion of your own creation) by how much fear you choose to wallow in. If you do not choose the road of fear, then it no longer becomes a demon but a tool of transformation. When you use that tool of transformation and you emerge on the other side, then you find those entities who have been trying to contact you all along. You cannot see them for who they truly are unless you first see your own demons because they are much closer standing in front of you than we are.

You must walk through them to get to us.

Q: What advice can you give to some of us here about how to proceed with the contact research?

Some of you have had a lot of experience with some of the physical, tangible, yuckiness of the fractionated groups. The way that this can be dealt with in the easiest and most non-harmful way is difficult because it is very delicate. You cannot respond on the level that you are being given. You must take yourself above that. This does not necessarily mean to stand naked for the arrows to hit you. But it does not mean wearing armor. So then, what does it mean? It means setting a field around yourself or your groups (preferably in groups).

The field that you generate then dictates the reality that you experience. So literally no matter what experience is coming toward you, it won’t penetrate your field of intention. There are many things you can use to augment this process besides your own thoughts and love and meditational energy. Of course you can use meditational techniques that you already know, such as the group Merkabah techniques. On the physical level there are ELF (Electromagnetic Fields) protectors you can wear. We cannot tell you the configurations but there are people who can show you how to use magnets to set up fields that make it difficult for penetration.

There are various creative ways through the use of physical technology and light consciousness energy that are useful. It is up to you how much discipline you wish to use, but it can be done. The bottom line is again, not to take the attitude that you need protection, otherwise you will create something to be protected from! It is a matter of not feeling the need for protection, but rather simply choosing the reality you wish to become.

Q: How much validity should we place in messages given to us by friends that are warnings of danger?

Much, much, much of this input is not coming from the probability stream. It is coming from the fractionated groups attempting to cause fear. If you get caught in fear, you lose your footing. If they can’t get to you directly, they get to those close to you. So, please know that much of this is simply a method to get you to lose your footing.

Of course your loved ones care about you so when they say these things it is important not to invalidate them. But let it be an affirmation for you to choose the reality you wish to become. Once all of this tangled mess is over with, the outcome is quite extraordinary.

Q: Is it true that there is a space city/base in South America that the Pleiadians are using?

Not just Pleiadians. All allied groups are using it. It has been kept covertly and has been covered from your fractionated black groups as well. It is being allowed to be seen by some contactees now as a political move, so to speak. Unfortunately you have a saying, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

Sometimes in order to communicate with some of the fractionated fear-based groups in your world, certain methods must be used to communicate with them because they do not understand the universal forms of communication. The revealing of this city was a way to reveal some of the ET activity on Earth that is not harmful or negative.

This shows that we go about our business and offers the opportunity for an awareness that there is an ET presence that goes far beyond their abilities to manipulate. Please know that any groups of a fractionated nature seeking to find the base will not find it.

Q: How many more of those space cities are there currently on Earth?

There is one in Tibet, one in Asia but more in eastern Russia/China area, South America… at the poles, both poles. We are just telling you some of the main ones. There are more but it is not all that necessary for us to go into it because the point is that there is a presence. Many, many of these ETs have been born on Earth!

Though their DNA is ET, in some ways they consider themselves Earth beings. Earth beings have many definitions and they are not just humans. Although humans would like to think they are the most advanced species on Earth, that is simply not true.

Thank you for compassion and dedication for what we all wish to create together. We can feel it.

Much love to each and every one of you.

February 09, 2004

from FourWinds Website

Germane, a group consciousness energy, states that “his” orientation is from a realm of integration that does not have a clear-cut density/dimensional level. The term “germane” in the English language means “significant relevance” or “coming from the same source”. Germane therefore chose this term to somewhat personify his energy.


Neither male nor female, he views us as evolving to become him as we begin the process of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual integration, which leads us back to the Source of All.

Note: This tape was from a session for a Japanese tour group touring both Sedona and Santa Fe. This is an excerpt from the complete tape which includes a Japanese translation.



Greetings to you. This is Germane.

We’re going to tell you a little story. Approximately 14,000 years ago, the culture known as Lemuria was thriving. There were also other cultures on Earth, such as Atlantis, which were thriving as well. The holy people or the prophets of the Lemurian culture began to be aware that something was going to be changing. They began receiving information that the Earth was going to go through a very dramatic shift. The shift that they were referring to was what you call the Great Flood.

You’ve also called it the destruction of Atlantis. These holy people of Lemuria were very much in touch with the land. They were the ancient ancestors of the Native Americans. They began to be aware that it was very important that the knowledge from Lemuria be preserved. And so for about 2,000 to 3,000 years, they were preparing for this great cataclysm.

They began spreading their teachings about the Earth and about mankind’s history to as many people as they possibly could. They believed that if they could spread this information to as many people as possible, the information would be stored within the cells of the human bodies. Then it would never be forgotten.

They also began to store information in crystals. These crystals were taken deep within the Earth to be stored and preserved. These ancient Lemurians also began to create detailed maps of the underground tunnels that existed between power points on your planet. They also took the time to prepare their plans. They knew that they would receive a sign telling them it was time to go underground before the floods came.

So they prepared themselves for these several thousand years to be the sacred keepers of the records of Earth. They knew it was very important that the information they held be saved for when the waters receded, otherwise the entire history of Earth and the sacred teachings of the Lemurians would have been lost forever.

These holy people received their signs and began going underground. This occurred approximately one year before the flood. While underground, they learned to live there and use the underground environment for their sustenance. They built very supportive and loving communities underground. During that year, they did the final work involved in preserving some of the knowledge that they knew needed to be preserved.

Then the flood came. All these people who were underground were safe from the waters, even though many, many people on the surface of the Earth perished. When the waters receded, the people emerged from underground. The land they once knew was now very different. This emergence from the Earth is the point at which the Native Americans’ creation history begins. In a very literal sense, they did emerge from the Earth. Most of the native peoples have lost the exact literal memory of this emergence, but within the highest ranks of the shamans, this knowledge is still passed on.

Now, we tell this story from the point of view of the Native Americans, but they were not the only people who went underground. The holy people all around this planet went underground. For instance, the Aborigines in Australia and those who were later to become the Druids in England were all preserving their knowledge underground as well.

The Druids were preserving the ancient Atlantean information, as were the Egyptians. But the native peoples of the Pacific area, including Asia, were preserving the Lemurian information. These native peoples, even today, hold within themselves this sacred knowledge. Some of it is conscious but most of it lies in the subconscious. The Ainu of Japan are one of the tribes that preserved some of the knowledge.

There was a great cooperation among all of these peoples on Earth to make sure that the sacred teachings were never lost.

The Ancient Knowledge – Is Rising to Consciousness

The prophets also knew that when the new time came, after the flood, mankind would move away from the sacred teachings. The prophets knew that there would be a very long period of time during which the teachings would have to be kept hidden. They knew that one day that cycle would end and the teachings would once again emerge from each and every person.

That is what is happening now for all of you. You are drawn to visit places like the Native American sacred spots or Peru or Egypt because you are feeling this ancient knowledge beginning to rise to the surface within you, and you seek to find a vehicle through which that memory can be activated.

As the memory is activated in each of you, it will not necessarily take the form of information. Instead, it will simply take the form of your own spiritual and inner wisdom. The ancients never had religion and never felt the need to make someone else believe the way they did. That pattern happened only after the flood. The ancients all had an inner wisdom and an inner spirituality that was never discussed or argued about. Even though everyone is unique and has his or her own spiritual beliefs, ultimately those beliefs all are the same idea on the most basic level.

Those basic beliefs are the belief in a higher power, love and respect for each other and love and respect for the Earth. That is the very basic foundation of spirituality. That was the spirituality of the ancients, and that is the spirituality that is awakening within you. It doesn’t matter whether you are Buddhist, Shinto or Christian. All that matters is that basic foundation of spirituality.

Belief in a higher power, love and respect for each other and love and respect for the Earth. It is really that simple. As you travel to these hallowed spots and you get back in touch with the Earth, that’s how the spirituality gets awakened within you.

Do not underestimate the power of the experiences you have while you are on this trail. They awaken within you something that was lying asleep for quite a long time. Reincarnationally, you are those ancient Lemurians. You are fulfilling your agreements by being here now and helping in the awakening. You all carry those memories within you. Honor that and trust that you do have them within you.

The question that has been asked of us so many times is,

  • What’s going to happen now?

  • Is there going to be another cataclysm like the flood?

  • How is this new awareness going to be activated on Earth?

You are all working very hard on an energetic level so that you will not bring about another cataclysm. We do not perceive that you are going to experience another flood or destructive earthquake.

This time the change is going to happen within you. You are going to experience, in a sense, your own personal internal earthquake, your own crumbling of belief systems that no longer serve you. So in a sense, there is going to be destruction and the ending of a cycle but it’s not going to take place around you in the physical world; it’s going to take place in an even more powerful place – within you. So do not fear if old things you carry begin falling away. Do not fear if old relationships can no longer be the same.

Most of all, do not fear exploring the unknown, for the deeper you go within, the more profoundly you are going to experience this. Know that all that happens to you, even the things that may be disturbing, is part of your own personal release of the old. As you are releasing the old, you will be exposed to new ideas. They may feel strange or foreign to you, but just keep yourself open and allow whatever is there to come to you before you assume that it is not for you.

Stay open and explore.

During this tour, the ancient energies that you are exposed to are going to accelerate this process even more, for it is time now for the awakening to happen. You have all chosen to be the pioneers who help to lead the planet in this age.

There is a very powerful site in Santa Fe called Bandolier.

To describe what the energy is like there is very difficult, so please bear with us. Bandolier is one of the places on Earth that integrates the star energy and the ancient Earth energy, so when you visit there, you may feel strong ET energy, but at the same time you may feel the presence of the Earth Mother very strongly too.

It is very important that on each planet there be sacred spots that integrate both the star and the planet energy. Bandolier is one such place. There are many. For instance in Japan you have Mount Kurama. So as you are walking through Bandolier, feel your feet planted firmly on the ground and at the same time feel your star connection.

One of the themes of your time in Sedona has been grounding. You allowed yourself to take a very difficult hike. You succeeded because you allowed the Earth to support you. You became one with the Earth. From the Earth you drew strength, and it is the strength that is now going to help you as you go to the second part of the tour. The energy of Santa Fe is going to be different but it is very closely connected to what you experienced this morning. When the tour is over you will see how they fit together.

We would like to take some time to answer your questions, but first we would simply like to congratulate all of you on the great acceleration you have all experienced in the past few days. So many things have moved within you. You cannot really understand how much has occurred within you with your mind, but you will notice, when you go back to your normal life in Japan, that things have changed.

Earlier, I felt that I knew exactly when all the people were going to leave the place we were exploring.

That experience, especially with the crowds, was showing you what it’s like to be one with the Earth. You knew when the crowd was going to disappear because you could sense the energy of the Earth. You were a part of the environment, and that is exactly what the ancients experienced.

The Native Americans do something called the Rain Dance. Today much of the significance of that ceremony has been lost; today the belief is that the dance makes it rain. However, in the ancient days, the Rain Dance was very much like what you experienced with the crowds.

The Native Americans would do a Rain Dance not because they wanted it to rain, but because they could sense the energy of the environment and they were moved to become part of the environment and celebrate the rain. There is a subtle difference. We hope we have explained it. You experienced that feeling of being one with the Earth.

It was very important to bring up that ancient knowledge.

What is the significance of the Snake People?

Snake People are very, very ancient. They existed approximately 5,000 to 6,000 years ago. They were descendants of the Lemurians, in particular, descendants of the original record-keepers of Lemuria. The snake, in terms of symbology, has always been used on Earth to mean wisdom, so you find many cultures around Earth in which the snake, as a symbol, plays a very important role.

Now today, you were taken to a place called Montezuma’s Well. The myth is that that was one of the emergence points of the ancient Lemurian/Native American. Sedona is one of the places that was first inhabited by the people who were keeping the records. After they emerged, their civilization lived mostly high in the cliffs.

At that time Sedona was a chain of islands, so they had to live on higher ground. This original group that came from beneath the Earth lived here and, of course, procreated, so there were many generations here. The Snake People are descendants of those original ones from beneath the Earth.

Now you’ve all seen the large amount of quartz crystal that is in the red rock, and you all know that quartz crystal can hold information and knowledge. Sedona was chosen as an emergence point because of all the quartz crystal in the area. It would be very easy to use all the quartz crystal in the rock to hold the knowledge of Lemuria, so the Snake People living in this area were committed to programming that knowledge into the rocks. This is why so many people are now drawn to Sedona. Anyone who has a Lemurian connection will naturally be drawn here.

All of you, at one time or another, belonged to the Snake People tribe.

Are there any ruins of Lemurian temples in the Sedona area?

There are some physical remains of those temples but they are so eroded now that you really couldn’t recognize them as remains of a temple. However, energetically those temples still exist. They can only be accessed on the inner planes through your dream state or through your meditations, but they are still very active. That’s another reason why people feel so drawn to come to Sedona. They have traveled here in other states of consciousness so even though their physical bodies haven’t been here, they feel familiar with it. There are many Lemurian temples here interdimensionally.

Is there any connection between those who survived the Great Flood and extraterrestrials?

What a wonderful and creative question. No one has ever asked this before, and it is one of the particular areas of interest for us. We assume that a good number of you have read The Prism of Lyra, but we will attempt to keep it very simple in case you haven’t.

The people who went underground during the flood could be associated with what we call the Sirians or the Sirian energy. Their symbol was the snake. They were the keepers of knowledge throughout. As to whether there were people who survived the flood on the surface, the answer is yes. You have a Biblical story about a man named Noah who built an ark. That story is very true with one exception. There was not just one Noah but many people around the planet who built arks or boats to survive the flood. So when the flood finally receded, there were those who had gone underground and there were those who had stayed aboveground. And yet there was contact.

Among those who stayed aboveground, there were two factions. There was one faction that we would say was oriented toward the energy from Sirius. Those people had a love for mankind and a desire for peace and knowledge. But there was another faction that was more aligned with what we would call the Lyran influence. They were the ones who wanted power. Some of those people were the ones in powerful positions in Atlantis. Now we’re talking about those who stayed aboveground.

For the most part, those who went underground were all of one orientation.

Native Americans Have Remained Separate to Preserve the Knowledge

All through history, you have had conflict between the knowledge-keepers and those hungry for power. That still happens today. So as soon as the floods receded, the conflicts started again. That is why the people who are now considered Native American did not integrate themselves with the rest of the world.

They kept themselves separate in order to assure that the knowledge would be preserved; they allowed the power struggle to continue while they simply sat back and tried to preserve the knowledge. You can see that is happening now. But the cycle is finishing, because so many of you now are beginning to realize how important that spiritual knowledge is. As more and more of you begin a spiritual search, those in power will have to change their ways because they won’t be able to manipulate people anymore.

So your individual search for your own spiritual truth eventually affects the entire planet. This time on your planet that you are calling a new age is the completion of many thousands of years of conflict.

We perceive that the conflict will be healed.

How long did people live underground? How long were their lives?

When the flood receded, about half of those who were underground emerged. Half stayed underground because they were not quite sure it was safe to emerge. Those who emerged saw that conflict was already beginning on the surface once again, so they retreated and kept to themselves. They refused to become part of that conflict. That’s why today there is such a division between
Western society and the native peoples. The Native Americans do not want to play the game of conflict.

The people who stayed underground remained there for several more generations. At one point, half of the half emerged, but there was still a group who remained underground. They are still there. They are the people you call the Inner Earth people. They have evolved quite rapidly over the past several thousand years.

They have built their own society totally independent of yours, and in a sense they have mutated to allow themselves to adapt to life below the surface. They do not want to play the game of conflict either. Their lives are quite long, a life span averaging approximately 600 to 800 years. They do not procreate at the rate you do so there is no population problem.

In terms of the longevity of people during the period of the flood, their life span was longer than yours. It really depended upon the genetic characteristics of the individual. If a person had a genetic makeup based on a strong extraterrestrial background, he had a longer life span. This information is spoken about very clearly in the Bible. It is given that the ages of certain Biblical figures are well over 100 years, like Moses. Some are given quite long lifetimes. Those records are out there.

Over time, as you all have evolved away from being a part of the Earth, your life spans have gotten shorter. This is because when you are one with the Earth, you channel the life force of the Earth and it rejuvenates you. But when you cut yourself off from your life force, you deteriorate faster. This is why Native Americans have such long life spans and yogis who live up in the Himalayas do, too. They have, as much as they could, kept their connections with Earth. Your life span will grow longer the more you reconnect with the Earth.

As your consciousness changes, your life span will grow.


Now allow yourself to sit comfortably and close your eyes. Take three deep breaths. We’re going to take you through the chakras very quickly.

  • Imagine a red ball of energy at the base of your spine and let it begin to spin.

  • Imagine an orange ball of energy below your navel and allow that to begin to spin.

  • Imagine a yellow ball of energy at your solar plexus and allow that to begin to spin.

  • Imagine a green ball of energy at your heart and allow that to begin to spin.

  • Imagine a blue ball of energy at your throat and allow that to begin to spin.

  • Imagine an indigo ball of energy at your third eye and allow that to begin to spin.

  • Imagine a violet ball of energy at the top of your head and allow that to begin to spin.

In your mind’s eye now look down at your feet. Imagine that you are wearing leather moccasins. You are walking along a dusty path. Imagine the sound of your feet as you walk along the path. Become aware that you are walking in single file as a group. You step as one. The steps are the beat of the heart of the Earth.

Now I’m going to help you access your group energy, for your group has a very powerful connection. In the next few days you will learn how to access the power of these energies. For now, feel as if there is a golden thread that is running through each of you around this circle and connecting you together. It is as if we breathe as one. It is as if your hearts beat as one. There is strong trust among all of you.

This night, we’re all going to meet in the dream state. In the dream state, you are going to begin activating the memory of your group connection. When you awaken tomorrow morning, the energy will be different. You will perceive your connections as stronger. You will feel a new and different powerful energy. Allow yourself to take three deep breaths. Continue to feel that golden thread that runs through all of you and that connects you to God. When you go to sleep tonight, that thread will become even more powerful.

Now slowly bring your consciousness back to the room. When you feel ready you may open your eyes. Your energy is accelerating. You are changing and growing so very fast we hardly recognize you. We look forward to seeing you again.

Much love and good dreams this evening.