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From The Ashes was the name of my original Computer Bulletin Board system that I operated out of my home back in the early 1990’s. It was created then, as this website has been, to be an open forum and source of information on the subjects surrounding UFO’s, Bigfoot and Conspiracies. Back in those days, I had about 250 active users who where from all over the world. Because of it, I formed a local discussion group called SUFOG that met monthly at a pizza parlor. It was great fun and I made lots of new friends and learned that the interest in these subjects was out there. The group became quite robust and I also communicated with similar groups in the San Francisco Bay Area.

This website has been formatted towards an open ended blog along with the ability to link to viable webpages, videos, etc.

Although it is not necessary to register to view the material on this site because of what I have determined to be security issues. This occurred via a bulk advent of bogus, or pseudo logins, which were are cover for access for the purpose of spamming and malware attacks (as I later found out). Because of this, I have made this site an open access, view and listen online website. There are no places to comments such as in Group Discussions (which appears to be a weak point for security) or uploading data for this reason.

You are more than welcome to send me an email at the admin email address  –  admin@fromtheashes2.com There is a


Thanks and have fun. There is a huge amount of information here and lots of references. I have designed this place to give you essentially a university level education on what is going on. Some is delightful and others are very, very Dark. I am sorry for this, but reality is what reality is. We, as a species are not who we think that we are, but a whole lot more complex. I have tried to remain neutral on such subjects as religion and other belief systems. I have been educated in Cultural Anthropology and Psychology where my specialties were Folklore, Cults and Fringe Religious Groups in the former, and Perception and Information Processing on the later. This education has gifted me with a way of looking at what is around us and that is why the nature of this website is what it is. 

With Deep Respect

Steven  Jones