A Word About Security on this Website – I Would Like to Introduce Everyone to Brutus – He Protects this Place

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When it first started, this Website underwent some pretty intense attacks because of the nature of the posts here. In those days, I allowed people to register

as Users and I found out very quickly that many folks love to screw with websites like this one.  The amount of Spam I received was enormous and took me days to clean up. Also, because of the realities of Internet Censorship, especially by Big Names, the source server for this website is not in the US.  And then there was the Mass Organized Spam Bot Attacks, most notably from the hacker central in St. Petersberg. Because of all of this, I chose to make the entire website Read and Listen Only. There are no places to post other than by me alone. No comments either. I learned back in the newsgroup days in the ’90s that turns into a giant garbage heap. As of today, I estimate (and my Counter verifies this) that I have had over 600,000 visitors and everyone except me remains anonymous. That is the way that I want it. The Mission here is to provide the largest library out there on the Net with a wide variety of posts on the subjects of UFO’s, Big Foot and Conspiracies, and make them as easily accessible as possible, both in Audio and Text formats.  I have accumulated much of this information over 60 years. It paints an interesting picture of reality (or the lack of) on this planet. I do not expect you to accept the information, but I do want you to consider it. Einstein said to “Question Everything” and I totally agree with him. Especially in these times. You will find a large amount of information on this throughout this website. This place has become huge with over 600 posts, with audios often over an hour in length.  Enjoy—–

swede1344 – webmaster and admin