79,717 views – Yep that would be me on the video from the 2005 UFO Crash retrieval conference with Linda Moulton Howe- This is how it all began

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This is a text audio that I recently put together that is all about how this case more or less became an obsession to me and what ultimately happened to it. The story is not over, contrary to what some would like.
I have removed the link to the video file from YouTube but if you research, you will find it. Copyright laws are applied to this video from YouTube so I am not going to put it here.  In the search engine type

UFO Crash Con – New UFO Crash Retrieval – Linda Moulton Howe LIVE FEATURE


This is the video of Linda Mouton Howe at the Fall of 2005 UFO Crash Retrieval hosted by Ryan Woods in Nevada. To say that this set off an enormous controversy, including a major debunking mission by the then MUFON Utah Director Ron Regeher, and Ryan Layton, the old friend and for a long time cohort in field research who turned sour on me after the whole affair. For the record, I want to say that this was not only unnecessary, but unfortunate on Ryan’s part. He let his emotions, in my opinion, cloud his judgement by doing what he did. Linda  made a statement to him on the road (which I discuss in the audio file above) that really pissed him off and unfortunately soured our relationship after being friends for over a decade. I hold absolutely no animosity towards him. He has always been a very volatile person for as long as I have known him. I, on the other hand, do have some strong opinions and questions about Mr. Regeher. From my experience with another man back in Northern California, who had a very similar background and temperament, I take anything that he says with a grain of salt. These folks are often retired employees of either an agency or a contractor, sometimes both. They blow into the field of UFO research and pump up their status with their credentials, often belittling those of others. Unfortunately, those in the field give them a lot of leverage to criticize what they are doing. I, for one, watch what they are doing with a jaundiced eye, particularly where they show up. Regeher made a trip out to the DRES site to interview the current (at that time) custodian of the property. Although MUFON completely, even after several attempts, refuses to send me a copy of Regeher’s report, I seriously doubt that the report got into anything other than the observations that I had made of the site, and not the impact area and the related testimonials. My research into this case has, nor will it, stop.  I am particularly interested in what happened up at Dugway and what I feel was the subsequent transport to S-4.

The Kingman UFO incident is the core event that relates to all of this. The official story is that only one small craft crashed.  A local historian researched this event further and found out that there were actually several craft that came down and there were more than a dozen aliens on the ground, several of which were actually put in the local jail. Ref. https://www.amazon.com/Kingman-UFO-Crashes-Presentation-Author/dp/B00DUONH80/ref=sr_1_1?crid=S1KHZC49Z1BO&keywords=kingman+ufo+crash&qid=1694065482&sprefix=kingman+ufo+crash%2Caps%2C207&sr=8-1  I strongly suspect that a craft that was disabled proceeded north and put down by DRES.

In an interview with Dr. Steven Greer, AFOSI Agent Richard Doty speaks about a case that he was involved with that occurred out in the Fish Springs, Utah area where aliens had put down and were looking for some of their people. If the military, as John Lear states, ultimately got the craft up to Dugway (logistically quite easy on back roads paralleling the Nevada and Utah State line) this makes perfect sense.

NOTE- The DRES Site has recently become off limits to the public and has a lock on the entrance



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